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Home Alarms – Buying and Comparison Guide in 2022

All previous studies indicate that thefts and home invasions have been on the rise in recent years, so keeping your home protected is something you should not overlook, especially since thieves always find new ways to break into homes. In this case, we present one of the most requested home alarms today, the Blaupunkt Q3200, a complete intelligent alarm system with IP that has a camera included. If, on the other hand, you are looking for a GSM/SMS system and a central unit with an LCD screen, the ideal option would be the THUSTAR QXC-0023.

Opinions on the best home alarms


Whenever you are looking for a new security system for your home, you should worry about choosing the best home alarm and the best way to do it is by making a small comparison between the different models that can be found on the market.

home alarm kit

Blaupunkt Q3200

This home alarm kit is one of the best alternatives on the market thanks to the fact that it includes a complete set of accessories such as a door contact, a central control panel, a motion sensor and an RC-R3 remote control..

This model works with a ZIGBee protocol, which constantly sends notifications to the mobile thanks to a security alarm, using an application that you can install on any smart device. In addition, this alternative is considered one of the best home alarms of 2022.

On the other hand, this kit stands out for having an A+ energy efficiency class, which will help you keep your electricity bill low, while helping to protect the environment.

If you are interested in knowing which is the best home alarm, it is important that you look at all the important features of this model.


Control panel : This product includes an alarm control panel that works completely intelligently.

Complete kit : With the purchase of this system, you will get a window contact and a motion sensor with integrated camera.

Installation : These types of sensors come preconfigured for quick and easy installation.

IP : This device is configured to monitor your home’s alarm system and is compatible with up to 50 accessories, which is why it is considered the best home alarm.


Instructions : Includes an instruction manual that is poorly translated into Spanish, so it is preferable to use a translator to understand it.

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Youralarmsinquotas.es TA-1

If you are looking for a home alarm kit that has a triple security connection that combines WiFi + LAN, Ethernet + GSM / mobile, this is your best alternative, since it works in an exceptional way, being able to control the entire system from your phone. mobile thanks to an application that you can download for free.

This device has an ARM Cortex CPU processor. A7. On the other hand, it has an autonomy of approximately 6 hours when fully charged. It is made of ABS/PC and has dimensions of 25 x 15 x 9 cm, with a total weight of 308 grams.

This model has an inhibitor detection system that is incorporated internally. This feature also provides a higher level of security to your alarm and without any extra fees. On the other hand, the installation of this device is extremely simple.

If you are looking for the best home alarm of the moment, it is important that you take into account all the positive and negative characteristics of this device.


Installation : This model stands out for its ease of installation, since it does not use any type of complicated cables to connect.

Range : Thanks to its 433 Mhz connectivity, you can extend the distance between the central unit sensor up to 200 meters.

Connection : This model has a type of triple connection that brings together an alarm system, video surveillance and mobile telephony.


Application : This device may have an incompatibility with some versions of operating systems.

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home alarm system


If you are looking for a home alarm system that works with GSM/SMS technology, this model will allow you to communicate with up to six different phones. This is an anti-theft system that provides a lot of security both at home and in the office.

On the other hand, this model has a central unit that incorporates a practical LCD screen with which you can easily view all the information regarding the activation status of your alarm. The central panel with alert includes a fully rechargeable AAA battery that you can use for up to 8 hours in the event of a power outage.

The volume that the alarm will emit reaches up to 110 dB, so it helps to alert people in the house and the surroundings. On the other hand, it incorporates up to 5 sets of RFID keys to activate and deactivate the alarm.

If you are looking for the best value for money home alarm, we recommend you look at the positive and negative aspects of this model, which is considered one of the cheapest.


Volume : This device has a volume level of up to 110 dB, which will help keep intruders away.

GSM : You can install a GSM SIM card to be able to send and receive emergency alerts on frequencies of 850, 900, 1800 and 1900 MHz.

Central unit: The central unit of this model incorporates a practical LCD screen and keyboard for activating and deactivating the system.



Mobile : This model only allows activation and deactivation by SMS or manually, so no smart mobile application works.

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This home alarm system stands out for providing users with the ability to make calls using the central unit’s keyboard, just like using push-button telephones or voice intercoms.

This device has high compatibility with most of today’s smartphone applications, whether for Android or iOS operating systems. In addition, it has an emergency SOS button that, when pressed, will alert all connected devices immediately.

On the other hand, if you have a large home or need security for a building, this model allows you to control up to 100 zones wirelessly thanks to the sensor kit. To avoid having to give the disarm number, RFID cards are a convenient alternative in case you have children at home.

OWSOO is considered the best brand of home alarms on the market according to the opinion of the majority, so we recommend that you look carefully at the positive and negative features of this model.


Application : Allows control of the entire alarm system from your mobile phone by installing a special application.

SOS : It has an SOS emergency button, which, when pressed, will alert all connected devices and users.

Price : This home alarm is one of the cheapest on this list, so if you’re strapped for cash, it’s an ideal option.


Installation : This device can be a bit complicated to install due to the fact that no documentation in Spanish is included to guide you.

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Home alarm without fees


If you still don’t know which home alarm to buy, we recommend you look at this model that stands out for being a complete system with WiFi, GSM and 3G connection. This is a home alarm without fees, which will provide protection and security to your home 24 hours a day in a completely efficient way thanks to its free application for smartphones or digital tablets.

This device stands out for being very easy to use thanks to its intuitive menu in Spanish and full touch keyboard. A complete home security kit that includes a central unit, 9 door sensors, 2 remote controls and 2 RFID cards.

It has a wired siren that reaches a sound of 110 dB, with which any intruder will be quickly driven away. It is a model with simple installation, in addition to being able to store up to 30 records of activated alarms in one of its 10 wireless zones.

If you still don’t know which home alarm to buy, we recommend you look at the positive and negative aspects of this model.


Panel : It has a central touch panel, which has dimensions of 20 x 14 x 2 centimeters, so you can easily place it in compact spaces.

Current : This alarm system works with a current of 450 mA for the alarm and 180 mA for the central unit.

Battery : Includes a rechargeable lithium battery that is built-in to work in case of power outage.


Sensors : Although they can be purchased relatively easily in many specialized stores, the price is a bit high.

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Booster LCD TFT

If you are looking for a home alarm without fees, we recommend you take this model into account, which incorporates a 2.4-inch color TFT LCD screen with an ultra-thin and compact design, sporting an elegant and modern appearance, so it will look very well in any environment.

It has a secret SOS button for emergencies that will be easily activated by pressing it once, making a call to users who are connected. Also, this device works in multiple languages ​​such as Chinese, German, English, Korean, Portuguese, French, Arabic and Russian.

You can control this alarm system through a WiFi network thanks to a mobile application, by phone call or SMS text message. In addition, it has a double alarm system that has a dual speaker and a built-in speaker that reaches 110 dB. 

If you are still not sure about the purchase you want to make, given so many models that the current market offers you, we invite you to look at the positive and negative characteristics of this product.


Battery : It has a backup battery that keeps the system running, even if a power outage occurs.

Volume : This model has a built-in speaker in the alarm, which reaches 110 dB of sound.

Triple system : This device connects in three different ways, via WiFi, GSM, GPRS, so it stays connected to the most secure network.


Set : If you are looking for a more complete alarm system kit, which has more than three sensors, we recommend looking at another model.

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WiFi alarm for home 


Considered the best home alarm of 2022, this model has a full-color TFT LCD screen with icons for more intuitive handling, making it a very easy-to-use model, and you can maintain up to 99 secured zones.

It is important to remember that this WiFi home alarm model requires an internet connection, either 2.4G WiFi or network cable for the security camera, so you can see what is happening from your mobile.

On the other hand, the control of the central unit is achieved through a phone call, text message or SMS and even through an application for Android and iOS smartphones. In addition, it has an SOS emergency button that is indicated for children or the elderly who are in danger.

It is important to look at the ease of configuration offered by the device, so we recommend you see the pros and cons of this model.


Sensors : Sensors can be configured so that the system will activate if it detects motion twice within 30 seconds to avoid false positives.

Installation : The control panel and the sensors stand out for their ease of installation, so the help of a technician is not necessary.

Battery : It has a 3.7 V rechargeable lithium battery that works when the power supply of your house is disconnected.


WiFi : It is important to note that the G18 model does not connect the alarm via WiFi, which the W18 model does.

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Biaobiaoc PG130

This WiFi alarm system works with GSM or GPRS networks, so you will have different ways to keep your home safe and connected with your mobile phone, in addition to having up to five people connected to this alarm.

This WiFi alarm for home is made of plastic and metal, so it is very resistant and sports a modern black and white design. In addition, it incorporates a very practical TFT touch screen to know various data such as the time and the status of the house quickly, as well as a 32-bit Cortex-M3 CPU.

With this model you will not have to worry about the areas where you can connect the sensors, since you will be able to place them in multiple areas prone to invasion, such as the main door of your home, the internal doors to the bedrooms and living room, windows, balcony, and the external perimeters of your home.

Before making the final choice, it is important that you take into account the important aspects of this model.


Frequencies : Work with wireless frequencies of 433 MHz EV1527 and frequencies of GSM 850, 900, 1800, 1900 MHz.

Kit : This package includes a main panel, three infrared sensors, three door or window sensors, two remote controls, two RFID cards, a wired siren, a power adapter and an instruction manual.

Battery : This model includes a 3.7V 500mAh battery that kicks in when your house power goes out.


Sensors : If you have more areas that you need to control and keep an eye on, you will need to purchase more sensors.

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Guide to buying a home alarm

Keeping your home protected at all times is something that is very important for your peace of mind when you are away from home. Therefore, the ideal is to acquire a home alarm and, given so many models that the market offers you, it is important to make a comparison of home alarms, so that you can know the characteristics of each model. That is why we have taken the initiative to prepare a small guide to buying the best home alarm and to make the task of choosing the model that best suits your needs easier.

purchase guide


One of the main characteristics that you must take into account is the connection that you will have with the central unit or control panel. As much as no-fee alarms work great, and are now an acceptable option, often having to monitor your home security system on your own isn’t the best option. If you are taking a trip with your family to the beach or you are incommunicado in the mountains, you will have no possible way of receiving an alert notifying you that your house is being attacked and even being able to verify that everything is fine there.

Keep in mind that the control panel or central receiving unit is the device in charge of controlling and verifying any activation of the alarm and, in many cases, depending on the system you have, it will have the ability to make a call to the police. Therefore, it is very important that you take into account the company you choose and that it offers you an efficient service and response time. This is why it is so important to choose a model that offers these features so that your walks with the family are full of tranquility.


Another of the most important aspects that you should take into account, aside from worrying about how much the device you are purchasing costs, is the communication channel that you will have with the central unit and with your mobile phone. Among the most well-known models and systems are those that work with a fixed telephone line, also those that work with GSM and, lately, interesting options that work with WiFi and IP are on the market.

The best thing to do before buying your next home alarm system is for it to have at least two communication channels, such as GSM and IP communication. The models that work with GSM will continue to operate normally in the event of a power outage in your home, since these models use the battery of the central unit itself. 

On the other hand, in normal cases, systems that work with an IP connection offer, in addition to a much higher communication speed, the possibility of continuing to function normally by cable, in case they use some type of GSM frequency inhibitor to interrupt the communication. communication between the control panel to be able to enter your home, so you will be very protected.


This is a requirement that is really essential when you are looking at the home alarm options that the market offers you. Even if you are looking for a good and economical alternative, this aspect should be among your priorities. Normally, backup batteries are integrated into grade 2 alarms and will always be connected to the control panel or receiving unit so that it is activated immediately when a power outage occurs, whether it is due to a general breakdown or sabotage by an intruder..

It is very important that, even if some of these two situations occur, your security system can continue to operate normally, at least for a few more hours. Normally, the most common types of batteries that we can find on the market are gel/acid or Lithium-Ion, which are similar to the batteries that are found in smartphones today.

Duration and coverage

In case you decide on an alarm that has radio-type sensors, it is very important that you take a good look at the coverage they allow or, what is the same, the range of action, in addition to the battery life of each one. of the sensors included in the system. It is important to bear in mind that the consumption of the battery is not only related to the capacity of the battery, but also to the energy efficiency that the radio chips and their technologies incorporate.

Frequently asked questions

Q1: How to use a home alarm?

First of all, you must install the entire system, making sure that the sensors are installed in strategically designed places so that they can perceive the movement of any threat, and then you must proceed to the configuration of the system, such as synchronization with your mobile phone and the operation of RFID cards and radio controls. Finally, you will only have to turn on the central unit and activate the alarm when you leave your house. In the event of a home invasion, your alarm will instantly notify you on your mobile and activate a siren to alert your neighbors.


Q2: How to install a home alarm?

To carry out the installation of a simple alarm, you must first draw a plan of your house or the place where you are going to install the alarm system, marking the entry and exit points. Next, choose the places where you want to place the sensors, which are recommended to be in an area that is not very visible, however, that they are close to doors or windows.

Then, proceed to install the central unit, making sure that it is at a convenient height and that it can be used by all the members of your family. Then proceed to program the control panel and the siren by creating a security code to activate the alarm. Finally, we recommend that you carry out a test to make sure that the entire system works correctly. If a problem occurs, it will be necessary for you to connect directly with the manufacturer of the alarm for some guidance.


Q3: Which is better, WiFi or GPRS home alarm?

Actually, to know which is the best security system for your home, you should take into account, mainly, your needs. If you are looking for a model that you can control from your smart devices and from wherever you are, the best thing for you is to lean towards a WiFi model. However, if what you are looking for is a cheaper product, the ideal is that you acquire a GPRS model, however, in this you must have a cloud service, which is usually free and reliable. Both systems are practically the same, however, the WiFi models are usually much faster than the previous ones. 


Q4: Which is better, home alarm or IP camera?

Although each of the two devices has a different function, you can find models of home alarm systems on the market that incorporate a complete kit of accessories, among which IP cameras are commonly found. The advantage of an IP camera is that you will be able to know what is happening around your home from your mobile phone. A simple home alarm will only alert the neighbors with some sort of siren in the event of a home invasion.


Q5: How does a home alarm without fees work?

It is a type of home alarm that does not require a monthly payment or fee, however, not paying any fee will reduce the amount of benefits, such as not being connected to the central unit, which reduces security to the system.


Q6: Can I connect a camera to a home alarm?

First of all, it is important that you bear in mind that to install a surveillance camera to an alarm for your home it is not necessary to have a SIM card. This will connect directly to the internet through a router.


Q7: Is it necessary to have WiFi at home to install a home alarm?

No, to install a home alarm system you do not need to have WiFi. Some GSM type alarm models only need a SIM card for their operation. However, you can also choose models that work completely over WiFi.


Q8: What sensors does a home alarm use?

Among the most common sensors that we can find on the market, several types stand out, such as movement sensors, which are the most common and are divided into infrared sensors, which measure the thermal and electromagnetic radiation of moving objects. What is indicated with these models is to prevent the heat from pointing directly at the sensor, since the presence of pets could activate it. On the other hand, ultrasonic sensors emit ultrasonic waves that humans cannot hear and are activated by detecting the rebound of said waves.

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