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Hoover Vacuum Cleaner – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis


Since its inception, Hoover had in mind to facilitate the hygiene of surfaces, especially for those who suffer from allergies. For this reason, it currently has a varied catalog of vacuum cleaners to adapt to the preferences and requirements of each person. Among its most outstanding models we can appreciate the Hoover Sprint Evo SE61, a device equipped with cyclonic technology and Hepa filters for convenient hygiene and energy efficiency in the home. Second, the Hoover MBC500UV Ultra Vortex is a handheld vacuum, with convenient suction power and a UV lamp, qualities that reduce dust and mites on furniture fabrics.

The 9 Best Hoover Vacuum Cleaners – Opinions 2022


If you are thinking of buying a vacuum cleaner from this brand, our complete selection could help you find a model that fits not only your tastes but also the requirements of the occupants of your home, since these devices, in addition to providing a safe environment, they are ergonomic and easy to manoeuvre. 


Hoover Sprint Evo Vacuum Cleaner


1. Hoover Sprint Evo SE61 Cyclone Bagless Vacuum Cleaner


The Hoover Sprint Evo SE61 vacuum cleaner is specially manufactured to clean any type of surface, since it has 700 watts of power, a 1.5 L tank and is equipped with accessories that increase its functionality, allowing the hygiene of the home or car to be fast, efficient and effortless.

To do this, it has several suction tips, a mini turbo, convenient for picking up pet hair; a smart, which adapts to all surfaces; and another special one, for the hygiene of parquet floors. It also includes 2-in-1 corner attachments and a dusting brush.

As for its operation, you might be interested to know that, in addition to the cyclonic technology it has, its energy consumption is low. Therefore, it could be considered the best Hoover vacuum cleaner, because it is a device that provides performance and functionality without affecting the household budget.

If you are looking for a functional vacuum cleaner, this model could be the most convenient; know other aspects of it.


Accessories: Includes a complete set of accessories, which allows you to cover different cleaning tasks in the home.

Low maintenance : It does not require strict cleaning after each use, as its cyclonic technology and filters prevent clogging due to dirt.

Durable filters: The quality of their filters and their quality of being washable give them durability, so they do not require frequent change.


Noise: Having a fixed power and a hearing level of 85 decibels, the noise it generates can bother you.

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2. Hoover Sprint Evo SE41 Cyclonic Bagless Vacuum Cleaner HEPA Filter


This model could be seen as the best value for money Hoover vacuum cleaner, because in addition to being effective when cleaning, its cost fits any budget. It is a sled-type vacuum cleaner equipped with a 7.5 meter cable and a tank with enough capacity to store dirt. Qualities that can be of great help in large homes.

Other aspects to consider about the Hoover Sprint Evo SE41 vacuum cleaner is that it has a light and small design, which facilitates both its maneuverability and storage.

Similarly, thanks to its cyclonic technology, it offers good suction power, low consumption, efficient filtration and reduced maintenance tasks. On the other hand, its washable HEPA filter is reinforced with mesh, in order to fulfill its mission for longer.

This model has attractive qualities, it is also one of the cheapest. Therefore, we invite you to know in the following summary more details that complement it.


Power: It has a fixed power of 700 watts, which gives you enough suction power to clean all types of surfaces.

Tank: Its tank has a capacity of 1.5 liters, so it does not require frequent emptying.

Energy efficiency: As it is regulated by the new energy labeling, it provides greater performance with low electricity consumption, reducing its cost.


Accessories: It is only accompanied by basic accessories for the hygiene of carpets and hard floors.

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Hoover handheld vacuum


3. Hoover MBC500UV Ultra Vortex Handheld Vacuum UV Lamp


The combination of its fast central brush, plus the germicidal UV lamp system and its advanced cyclonic technology, make this model a Hoover handheld vacuum capable of reducing up to 99.9% of dust mites, being a convenient option for those who suffer from of allergies. In addition, it has the endorsement of the British Allergy Foundation.

As for its field of use, you should know that it deeply cleans sofas, cushions, curtains, mattresses, pillows and removes animal hair from these surfaces, providing a healthy environment for the entire family. Reasons why it could well be considered the best handheld Hoover vacuum cleaner.

Finally, we must mention that it is a device that seeks to benefit the user in all aspects, since, in addition, it offers power, energy efficiency, storage capacity and ease of hygiene.

This version could be the best Hoover vacuum cleaner of the moment, so we invite you to learn more about it.


Multifunctional: Vacuums, removes mites and prevents their growth by acting as a germicide, thanks to the UV light incorporated in its format.

Design: Its design, equipped with a wide suction channel, allows easy cleaning of cushions, sofas, mattresses and pillows.

Roll & Beat function: It has a high-speed motorized brush to deeply clean the fibers of the fabrics.


Suction power: Although it is enough to pick up dirt, it requires several passes in the case of pet hair.

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4. Hoover Jazz SM156WDP4 Handheld Wet & Dry Vacuum Cleaner


The Hoover Jazz handheld vacuum integrates design, technology and economy, to quickly deal with uncomfortable spills, both liquid and solid, that occur unexpectedly in the home. On the other hand, it is one of the cheapest appliances in this category, it does not have a cable, it is compact in size, ergonomic and easily manageable.

It should be considered that it has been designed for quick cleaning. To do this, it has a NiMH battery, which gives it a good level of suction and a range of 18 minutes. In the same way, it is equipped with an LED display to be aware of the state of the charge and the power level. In addition, it is accompanied by a practical charging base to place on the wall. 

Regarding its maintenance, it is very simple, you just have to wash and let your microfilter dry to prevent it from losing efficiency.

Quickly cleaning up spills around the home with this vacuum is a breeze. Therefore, you should know everything it offers.


Dual: Cleans both liquid and solid spills, allowing a quick solution to unforeseen events at home.

Tank: It has a double tank, to store liquids separately from solid dirt, thus facilitating its emptying.

Accessories: It is accompanied by brushes for cleaning corners, integrated into its structure to keep them close at hand and avoid losses.


Size: Since it is a handheld vacuum, its capacity and power could limit the cleaning of large spaces.

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Hoover cordless vacuum cleaner


5. Hoover H FREE 100 HF122RH Cordless Broom Vacuum


Versatility is the main attribute that characterizes the Hoover H FREE 100 cordless vacuum cleaner, since its 2-in-1 design allows you to clean all areas of the home. To do this, this broom has different accessories and tips, which make it easy to sanitize high areas, ceilings, carpets, hard floors and parquet. Likewise, once it is transformed into a handheld vacuum cleaner, it allows access to difficult areas, removing dust from furniture and even from inside the car.

This model is among the best Hoover vacuum cleaners of 2022, since it is very complete, since its rotating flat & drive head equipped with LED lights allows you to find dust in dark areas.

Likewise, it incorporates a visible tank of good capacity and a removable lithium battery that provides 40 min of autonomy. Qualities that allow vacuuming an entire house of conventional size.

This model could be adjusted to those users who are looking for a functional vacuum cleaner that provides sufficient autonomy.


Power: It has two modes, standard and turbo, to increase the suction power depending on the type of dirt or the surface you want to clean.

LED lights: Its main brush has front lights, which allows optimal visibility when cleaning dark corners.

2 in 1: Its broom-type format allows the extendable tube to be removed and used as a handheld vacuum cleaner, which increases its versatility.


Color: Although the color of the vacuum cleaner stands out, it may not integrate with the other household appliances.

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6. Hoover HF722PTLG Anti-Allergy Cordless Broom Vacuum


If you are still wondering which is the best Hoover vacuum cleaner, this product might catch your eye. It has a modern design with sober colors that are easy to combine with other appliances. In addition, it is cordless and lightweight, with a battery life of up to 35 minutes, so you can maneuver comfortably and turn the tedious task of vacuuming into an easy routine. On the other hand, its suction capacity makes it a good option to clean carpets effectively.

In this sense, the Hoover cordless vacuum cleaner has a broom format, but it can also be used as a handheld vacuum cleaner. In addition, it includes a series of special accessories that make it easy to remove pet hair, dust and allergens from any textile surface, hard floors and corners. In addition, it has a control panel that allows you to customize the operation and control the battery status.

If what you are looking for is a comfortable and modern vacuum cleaner, this is an option to consider.


Power : It has 4 suction modes, to achieve a deep cleaning depending on the level of dirt.

Ergonomics: Its weight is light, which makes it comfortable, recommended for people with health problems.

Anti-allergy Treatment: Both its accessories and the extensible tube have been treated with silver ions to eliminate and prevent allergens.


Autonomy: It can be short to vacuum large spaces, but acquiring an additional battery doubles the vacuuming time.

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Hoover broom vacuum cleaner


7. Hoover Freedom FD22G Cyclone Cordless Stick Vacuum


This Hoover broom vacuum cleaner stands out among other models of the brand for being one of the lightest, weighing only 2.3 kg. This means that you can move it to where you need it without considerable effort. In the same way, we must mention its practical wall support, which will allow you to organize your cleaning implements without taking up space. Also, you might be interested to know that, thanks to its 2-in-1 quality, you can transform it to clean different areas comfortably.

In addition, it is a Hoover product that allows access to the latest technology in cordless vacuum cleaners, since it has a cyclonic separation system that reduces the frequency of maintenance of its filters. Plus, it gives you the freedom to clean cordless for at least 25 minutes, and to enhance the effortless cleaning experience you can activate continuous mode, so you can vacuum without interruption.

If you are wondering which Hoover vacuum cleaner to buy to enjoy more free time, this product could be the one for you.


Versatile: It is an efficient 2-in-1 vacuum cleaner for cleaning all surfaces and areas of the home, as well as inside the car.

Practical: Its different accessories allow you to reach all places for complete hygiene.

Comfort: It has a soft grip handle, a system that quickly releases its accessories and an easy-empty tank for comfortable handling.


Charging time: It should be anticipated that its charging time is considerable in relation to its autonomy.

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Hoover robot vacuum cleaner


8. Hoover RBT001 Robot Vacuum Cleaner Kyros 90 min Autonomy


The trend today is to reduce more and more work. Tasks that previously required a great deal of time and effort have been simplified with the use of equipment such as the Hoover robot vacuum cleaner , because while this little assistant cleans the floor, the user can perform other household tasks.

Speaking of its operation, it has a patented AAI navigation system and four automatic cleaning modes, which detect dirt and choose the best way to efficiently clean the floor. In addition, its technological design is made in such a way that noise is not a problem, since its 65 db and rubber wheels make it a silent appliance. On the other hand, its short height allows it to clean under furniture or shelves and its removable 0.5 L tank prevents it from being emptied periodically.

Many users could consider Hoover the best vacuum cleaner brand, offering functional products. Therefore, learn more about the qualities of this model in the following summary.


Autonomy: This appliance has a lithium battery that provides up to 90 minutes of continuous operation.

Security: It has bumpers, anti-fall sensors and a “No Touch” system that detect unevenness and obstacles avoiding inconveniences.

Aesthetics: The product has a good finish and an appearance that makes it sophisticated and attractive.


Programming: The robot lacks a system that allows the user to program and adjust the features to their preferences.

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Hoover Bagless Vacuum Cleaner


9. Hoover Reactiv RC60PET Bagless Vacuum Cleaner Carpets Hard Floors


The Hoover Reactiv bagless vacuum cleaner has all the characteristics that define this brand, such as: ergonomics, quality and a good price. In this sense, it has a modern and maneuverable design, thanks to the circular handle and 360-degree wheel.

On the other hand, the Reactiv RC60PET model incorporates a washable HEPA filter, which is highly appreciated by users, since it efficiently traps unwanted particles such as pollen, mites, spores, bacteria and mold. Providing a healthier environment.

In terms of its operation and features, it has high-quality cyclone technology, which, together with its 450 watts of power, provide constant suction power to ensure efficient home hygiene at low power consumption. Also, its deposit treated with silver ions and Mini Turbo tip, provide great functionality in homes with allergic inhabitants and pets.

This model could be one of the most complete on the market. For this reason, we invite you to learn about its additional benefits below.


Silent: Its Intense Silent Power system guarantees a noise level of 75 dB, which does not bother when it is put into operation.

Capacity: You can clean as many times as you want without having to constantly empty your tank, due to its 2L capacity.

Multifunctional: Cleans different surfaces such as hard floors, carpets, parquet and ceilings, among others.


Power: It can be low, so it requires several passes to obtain good results when cleaning textiles.

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Hoover Vacuum Cleaner Accessories


Hoover Vacuum Bags


Hoover H63 Pure-Epa Vacuum Bag


Bags are one of the Hoover vacuum cleaner accessories that may be required at some point.

For this reason, the brand makes this pack of 4 bags available.

They have a capacity of 1.7 liters and are compatible with various models of sled vacuum cleaners, such as capture, sprint, flash, freespace, among others.

On the other hand, these Hoover vacuum cleaner bags are convenient for those who suffer from asthma and allergies, because being made of Pure Epa microfiber, they effectively retain dirt and dust, as well as mites and bacteria.

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Shopping guide


As acquiring an appliance is not only about appreciating its aesthetic qualities, but also taking into account the characteristics that are oriented towards versatility and functionality, among others, our guide to buying the best Hoover vacuum cleaner has been designed to identify the aspects that every user must analyze to make a safe choice.


Hoover is characterized by offering a wide variety of vacuum cleaners. Hence, it is possible to choose a sledge-type model, since its rigid body equipped with wheels facilitates its handling when cleaning large spaces and having a long tube, to which different accessories and nozzles can be assembled, allows Cleaning the different areas of the home. In addition, depending on the sensitivity of the occupants’ respiratory tract, you can opt for a traditional bag or a more modern one (cyclone) with a removable tank.

On the other hand, there are the handheld vacuum cleaners, convenient for the hygiene of furniture and the car. Versatility is their strong point, since most of them are easy to take anywhere, and they can even have special functions to reduce allergens that can affect health by up to 99%.

This renowned brand does not leave aside the vertical type, because having a similar format to the traditional broom, it provides greater comfort not only when using it but also when storing it. In addition, some have a 2-in-1 design, allowing you to have a handheld vacuum at the same time. Finally, Hoover also offers more modern models such as robots. These stand out for working autonomously by programming the time when you want to do the cleaning.

Given so many types, it is recommended to make a good choice not to worry first about how much the Hoover vacuum cleaner costs, but to opt for the one that ensures functionality, practicality and a hygienic environment through its design.


Suction power and filters

These are two important aspects to consider when making a comparison of Hoover vacuum cleaners, since both the suction power and the filtration system vary depending on the model. As for the power, it should be taken into account that the greater the suction power it offers, the easier it will be to clean by not having to make several passes in the same place. It will also be able to efficiently vacuum all types of surfaces.

Hence, it is advisable to opt for those models that have various power levels or extra turbo function, so that the work is not only carried out depending on the level of dirt and energy savings, but also on its durability.

On the other hand, the types of filters are vital, since the greater the number of filters, the greater the capacity to retain dust particles and allergens. However, whether it is a bagged or cyclonic vacuum cleaner, both systems require regular cleaning.


Autonomy is an important aspect to analyze, especially if you have a large house, since more cleaning time will be necessary to sanitize all its spaces. In this sense, if you opt for a wireless model, it must provide enough autonomy to complete the task. Hoover products typically offer between 18 and 40 minutes, although newer robots can double that time.

Now, if you prefer traditional, with direct connection to the current, you should consider that the vacuum cleaner has a power cable long enough to reach all corners. However, Hoover vacuum cleaners have the advantage of having a radius of action close to 8 meters.

Lastly, it should be noted that the capacity of the tank could also affect the duration of the vacuuming sessions, since if it fills up quickly it limits the working time as it has to be emptied continuously. For this reason, Hoover offers capacities from 0.3 to 10 liters in its products, to adapt according to user requirements.


Finally, the accessories that come with the vacuum cleaner add efficiency, as they allow you to better access or work on the different surfaces for cleaning. In this sense, Hoover vacuum cleaners can be very complete, as they have been provided with accessories to meet the requirements of users who are sensitive to dust or those who have pets as part of their family nucleus; as well as for all types of floors and textiles. In fact, there’s a good chance you can buy a cheap Hoover vacuum cleaner that’s versatile in this regard.


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