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Jacuzzis – Buying Guide and Comparison in 2022

After a long day of work, nothing better than taking a few minutes to relax, enjoying a pleasant hydrotherapy from the comfort of your home. So having a Jacuzzi is a good idea. For example, the Arebos AR-HE-SPA6RA ​​is an inflatable Jacuzzi with a capacity of 1,000 liters of water and room for up to six people. In addition, it has been provided with an intuitive screen for programming the temperature. Another highly positioned model is the Bestway 54175, which offers optimal water quality, due to the fact that it incorporates a convenient chemical dispenser and a filtering system.

Opinions on the best hot tubs

Currently, there is a great diversity of brands in charge of patenting Jacuzzi-type bathtubs, so you should stay tuned and verify the quality indicators of each model so that you make a good purchase. In the next section, we detail some equipment that has earned positive feedback from buyers.

outdoor hot tub


For many, this could be the best Jacuzzi, made by Arebos, since it offers a highly resistant structure, due to its manufacture in polyvinyl chloride, known as PVC. It is a robust, durable material, with a pleasant soft touch and free of toxic agents that can affect people’s health.

In addition, this is an outdoor Jacuzzi that can also be used indoors, because its structure swells and deflates easily, which allows the person to handle the equipment comfortably to place it in the garden, on the terrace or in any desired area..

Also, it should be mentioned that the Jacuzzi has a maximum capacity for 1000 liters of water, while its interior is spacious enough to accommodate six people. Likewise, there is the digital control screen, from which the temperature and the water output of the 130 jets that make it up are adjusted.

This is a jacuzzi with adjustable temperature and automatic shutdown system, whose pros and cons we discuss right away.


Capacity: Its spacious interior is suitable for use by up to six people.

Hygiene: The built-in 80-layer filter provides optimal water treatment.

Jets: Thanks to the 130 jets, you will enjoy a relaxing massage throughout the body.

Cover: With the removable cover you will keep the interior of the Jacuzzi clean and you will conserve the heat of the water for longer.


Color: If you are looking for a product with a vibrant black color, you should know that this Jacuzzi has a low intensity tone.

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inflatable hot tub

Bestway 54175

With so many designs on the market, you may not yet know which hot tub to buy, so you might want to know about this model, designed with a combination of robust PVC plastic and a special two-layer polyester mesh core. In addition, the exterior area has a finish similar to the shape of rattan, which gives the structure a highly attractive vintage appearance.

On the other hand, this inflatable Jacuzzi has been provided with a chemical dispenser, in charge of reducing the level of chlorine present in the water, while the attached filtering system maintains the purity of the water through integrated cartridges. 

Likewise, there is the digital type control panel together with a small screen, through which the person can intuitively program and monitor the temperature of the water and its output through the 140 jets.

This is a Jacuzzi whose synthetic exterior simulates the appearance of rattan, giving the structure an elegant appearance. Here, more details.


ChemConnect: You will not have to worry about the chemical alteration of the water, since the ChemConnect treatment controls the level of chlorine.

Nozzles: Its 140 nozzles provide graduated jets for a comfortable and therapeutic massage.

Settings and configuration: The control panel provides intuitive programming of the functions of the hot tub.

Capacity: This product is suitable for use by up to seven people.


Instruction manual: The incorporation of an instruction manual is missing.

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indoor hot tub

Whirlpool Florence

With a weight of 75 kilos, this Jacuzzi is one of the alternatives that are most often recommended because it is from a recognized brand such as Whirlpool and has good attributes. This model has a support frame made of dense stainless steel, while its faucet is chrome, including an extendable hose, as well as fiberglass reinforced plastic and a sanitary acrylic surface. 

Its measurements are 150 cm wide, 64 cm high and 181 cm deep. It is equipped with 14 nozzles designed for hydromassage. In addition, it has water heating, ozone disinfection, lighting and a waterfall for the falling water. 

On the other hand, the Whirlpool Florence Jacuzzi includes a drainage system, overflow mechanism, flexible connections and adjustable bases that adapt easily. At the same time, it has a removable cover and its installation is simple.

Some alternatives stand out for being made of resistant materials and having an affordable price. Learn more about this model.


Weight: The product has a weight of 75 kilos, with capacity for two people.

Design: Its design is elegant and it is available in white, its shape being circular.

Materials: It is made of resistant materials with a steel support, reinforced plastic and fiberglass, with an acrylic surface.

Functions: It has functions such as hydromassage through 14 nozzles, drainage system and even lighting.


Heating: Although it has heating, this function is poor and takes a long time to heat the water.

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inflatable hot tub

Bestway Lay-Z-Spa Miami

This is a portable hot tub suitable for use by up to four people, as the structure has a spacious interior. In addition, it is a product of adequate resistance, due to the fact that it combines several quality materials. Such is the case of a pair of layers of polyvinyl chloride or PVC polymer, inside which there is a special polyester mesh core. 

On the other hand, there is the practical method of controlling the equipment, by means of a digital panel. In this way, it is possible to adjust the temperature of the water and the output of bubbles through the 81 jets distributed inside the Jacuzzi.

Likewise, it is worth commenting on the incorporation of a purification system for the water contained in the structure. To do this, the Jacuzzi releases a moderate amount of chlorine, enough not to alter the chemical balance of the water or cause skin allergies.

This is a jacuzzi of recognized quality, simple operation and quick assembly, whose pros and cons we present below.


Cover: A cover is incorporated to prevent dirt from falling onto the water.

Resistance: Due to the combination of robust body materials, the Jacuzzi provides a high level of resistance.

Purification: Its purification system by means of chlorine maintains an adequate chemical balance of the water.

Capacity: The structure has a spacious interior, which is suitable for a maximum of four people.


Instruction manual: The information in the manual may not be very detailed, for the rapid assembly of the structure.

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Intex hot tub

Intex 128404

For those who want to acquire the best value for money jacuzzi, they cannot fail to consider this Intex model among their purchase alternatives, positioned among the cheapest.

The structure has dimensions of 196 x 71 centimeters and is capable of holding up to 795 litres, being a recommended space for four people of medium build. For its elaboration, a PVC lamination technique was used, which in turn incorporates Fiber Tech technology.

In this way, the hundreds of filaments that make up the bathtub will have greater resistance, flexibility and softness to the touch. The temperature level is programmable between 20 and 40 °C and the manufacturer provided a cover with a secure fit system.

This Intex Jacuzzi is suitable for use inside or outside the home, its design is quick to inflate, it has 120 pressure outlets and incorporates a polyester storage bag.

In this opportunity, we present the pros and cons of a spacious, resistant, safe and easy to handle design, which in addition to everything stands out as one of the cheapest hot tubs on this list of recommended products.


Dimensions: The structure of the jacuzzi measures 196 x 71 centimeters, being a spacious unit capable of containing a volume of water of 795 liters.

Temperature: You can intuitively program the temperature acquired by the water, selecting between a range of 20 to 40 °C.

Storage: You will have a waterproof storage bag made of resistant polyester, so you can transport the hot tub comfortably.

Cover: In order to maintain the temperature of the water and avoid incidents with the little ones in the house, a cover with a secure fit has been incorporated.


Materials: A commented disadvantage is the low quality of the material used in the realization of the drain cover, since it depigments easily.

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portable hot tub

Shachi C-MO069

With this portable Jacuzzi you will be able to provide your body with an effective hydromassage, to release all the tensions accumulated after a long day of work. This is because the structure has been equipped with a total of 138 nozzles with a powerful air outlet. 

In addition, this model has a spacious interior, with a diameter of 173 centimeters and a height of 65 centimeters, which will allow you to share it with five more people.

For greater comfort, the Jacuzzi has been provided with a heating system adjustable to a maximum of 42 °C, which works together with a timer and whose purpose is to allow energy savings. There is also the integrated filter, to improve the condition of the water with respect to chlorine and lime.

On the other hand, the resistance of the product stands out, thanks to the composition of the manufacturing raw material, which consists of a core of intertwined threads covered by a layer of PVC.

Learn about the advantages and disadvantages of this fast-heating inflatable hot tub for comfortable and effective use.


Aesthetics: You will enjoy a jacuzzi with an elegant aesthetic, thanks to the exterior engraving that simulates the geometry of wood.

Remote control: Its remote control allows you to program the Jacuzzi remotely.

Hygiene: A cover capable of maintaining the temperature of the water for longer is incorporated, which saves energy.

Capacity: The Jacuzzi has a containment level of 930 liters, which is suitable for up to six people.


Wired controller: The remote controller must remain connected with the cable. However, it offers comfortable use while you enjoy the Jacuzzi.

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jacuzzi tub

Vasa-Fit Whirlpool W-195S

This model could be the answer to the question of which is the best outdoor hot tub, since it has been manufactured with a combination of high-end materials that provide resistance and, therefore, durability. It is a 100% stainless steel frame, on which a bathtub has been built with sanitary-type acrylic treated, in turn, with fiberglass.

In addition, this Jacuzzi bathtub has been provided with a total of 35 metal and interchangeable nozzles, which provide a series of powerful jets, so that you can enjoy a hydromassage capable of releasing any accumulated tension.

Among other favorable aspects of this model is the integrated ozone disinfection technology, which treats the water constantly to improve its quality and hardness. Likewise, its intuitive and completely identified control panel stands out, together with an easy-to-read screen, to monitor the water temperature.

Below you can find out the pros and cons of this model, which also allows you to obtain a good level of relaxation.


Pads: The pads arranged inside the Jacuzzi provide extra comfort when sitting.

Jets: The jet system can be adjusted independently, according to the needs of each person.

Water quality: Due to the built-in filters you can maintain the purity of the water.

Settings: You can easily program the jacuzzi, thanks to its intuitive control panel.


Instruction manual: An instruction manual in Spanish is missing.

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Other products

AeasyG M-hotspa-Gray

Among other products to recommend in this selection of hot tubs, this model with an internal volume of 700 liters stands out, which is suitable for up to four people. The structure has a resistant body, thanks to the high level of rigidity of the polymer used to make it, which is why it is a recommended product to be used outdoors.

This Jacuzzi is easy to assemble, since it is only necessary to inflate it with the help of the pump included in the purchase package, to then fill it with water and program the jets and the water temperature. Both functions can be programmed through the integrated control panel, whose buttons are duly identified for greater practicality.

In addition, this design has been provided with a special cover, which helps to conserve the heat of the water for longer and, in turn, enhances energy savings, by not having to keep the Jacuzzi on for long periods.

If you are looking for an easy-to-assemble Jacuzzi that you can place outside your home, you will be interested in reviewing the pros and cons of this model.


Assembly: Its assembly does not require tools, so it is completely intuitive.

Configuration: The control panel offers a fast programming, because all the keys are identified.

Hygiene and energy consumption: Thanks to its cover, you can avoid heat loss and, therefore, save energy.

Accessories: You will not have to make an extra investment acquiring the filling pump, since it is included in the set.


Color: Due to the light gray tone of the hot tub, you may have to constantly clean it to avoid stains.

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Guide to buying a hot tub

If you are planning to spend a romantic night with your partner or enjoy an afternoon in the pool with your friends, purchasing a jacuzzi will allow you to spend many pleasant moments while you relax in confidence. So that you can choose the model that best suits your needs, we have prepared a guide to buying the best hot tub, so that you can choose the most economical and functional model.

Shopping guide


Before asking ourselves how much the Jacuzzi costs, we must look carefully at its dimensions so that we can guarantee available space for our guests. Likewise, it must be considered that a model that is too large may require more space, so it is necessary to look at its location and its dimensions before choosing.

If you intend to enjoy a relaxing bath together with your partner, it is advisable to purchase a jacuzzi model that is at least 180 cm wide so that you can have a comfortable space to sit. You can also choose a model approximately 80 cm wide, in case you need a one-person model.


When we refer to any electrical device, it is important to choose a model that provides us with intuitive and simple operation, with which we can easily control the device. For this reason, we recommend you to be attentive to this feature.

Keep in mind that there are advanced models that have a complete control panel, even with a digital screen, with which you can choose and adjust the temperature and other special functions. For this reason, it is recommended that the control panel be easily accessible and easy to manipulate so that you do not have complications.


Design is an important aspect that we must take into account before choosing our new Jacuzzi, so that it does not break with the style of the room where you plan to install it. The market offers from elegant and modern models, made of acrylic or fiberglass, which offer strength and durability, to inflatable hot tubs made of PVC.

Regardless of the model you choose, ergonomics will be a feature that you should take care of, since the location of the water and air jets plays an important aspect in the quality of the massage and hydrotherapy. The design of the backrest and the seat must provide comfort and stability, so that we are not constantly sliding inside the bathtub.


On the other hand, the accessories included with the purchase of a product play an important role when making a decision, since they complement its operation and provide a better user experience.

Among the most useful accessories included in jacuzzis, the cover that is used to protect the interior of the bathtub stands out. Some models include a kind of protective lining that is placed to prevent children and animals from entering the Jacuzzi. Also, they are usually used to maintain the heat of the water, since they are made with thermal materials that help conserve heat.


Another of the characteristics that we will undoubtedly have to take into account before choosing a new model is the temperature, since jacuzzis normally work with hot water. The temperature level that the device reaches will depend on the quality and materials with which the jacuzzi is made, since they must withstand high temperatures.

Logically, the level of heat must be completely tolerable, so it is advisable to pay attention to the temperature range it handles. These devices often offer a heat range from as low as 20 degrees up to around 40 degrees Celsius. In any comparison of hot tubs, temperature will be a key factor in our decision.

Frequently asked questions

Q1: What to do first, Jacuzzi or sauna?

The jets of hot water produced by jacuzzis relieve muscle pain efficiently, relaxing them and undoing the muscles thanks to therapeutic massages, so it is recommended to use a jacuzzi after each workout. For its part, a sauna is recommended to detoxify the blood, cleanse the skin, relieve stress and help with weight loss, among others.

Taking this into account, it is advisable to use the jacuzzi first and then go to the sauna to finish, especially if it is after your training day.

Q2: Can the hot tub be used when you are pregnant?

Some doctors recommend that pregnant women avoid hot tubs altogether, so that they can avoid risks or any kind of pregnancy complication. However, at present this indication is not paid much attention, so the following advice must be followed to reduce any risk.

The Organization of Teratology Information Services recommends that you keep the temperature of the water below 38 degrees Celsius to avoid any risk in pregnancy, controlling it with a thermometer. You should also limit the time in the water to a maximum of 10 minutes.

Q3: What benefits does the Jacuzzi have?

Nowadays, everyone knows very well the relaxing and de-stressing effects that jacuzzis or hydrotherapy baths offer you and that take advantage of the healing properties of water in favor of our body.

Hydrotherapy massage also offers a series of benefits, among which is calming muscle pain, since it reduces muscle tension and activates blood circulation, helping to prevent anxiety, stress and insomnia, among other things.

Q4: How to empty the hot tub?

To clean a hot tub, the water must be completely removed so that you can do a deeper cleaning, taking care not to leave any dirty corner. To achieve this, some hot tubs traditionally incorporate a drain that will help you perform this task easily. In other cases, if your model does not incorporate any type of drainage, you will have to use a water pump with which to suck the water accumulated in the bathtub.

Q5: How does a hot tub work without installation?

A jacuzzi without installation is how inflatable models are also known, since to use it you only need to inflate the jacuzzi in a clear place in your house, fill it with water and connect it to a power outlet, avoiding the complicated and laborious works necessary to carry out the installation of a Jacuzzi in the house.

The water jet and heating systems, among other special functions, are adjusted from a waterproof digital control panel, with which you can modify the values ​​to your preference.

Q6: Is the Jacuzzi the same as hydromassage?

Currently, the market offers a wide variety of different models of hydromassage systems that differ in color, shape, manufacturing materials and brand, so it is very common for there to be confusion when it comes to differentiating between a Jacuzzi and a hydromassage bathtub.

Both Jacuzzis and hydromassage bathtubs work by generating jets of pressurized air or jets of hot water that work to give users therapeutic massages, so the biggest difference between products is the name under which it is available on the market.

Q7: Who invented the Jacuzzi?

Jacuzzis are those bubble baths that we frequently see in spa salons or some luxury hotels, which are currently within the reach of all needs and users. His inventor was the mechanic Cándido Jacuzzi, who together with his brothers founded a company in California dedicated to the manufacture of aircraft propellers and hydraulic pumps.

After his son was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis, Cándido had the idea of ​​connecting one of his pumps to a bathtub to provide hydromassage for his son, thus creating the first Jacuzzi that began to be used in hospitals and rehabilitation centers. Cándido’s brother, Roy, was the one who added nozzles to provide the bubbles that characterize hot tubs.

Q8: How to make a wooden hot tub?

Jacuzzis are considered by many people as very expensive and luxurious objects that only a few are lucky enough to have at home, but now we can tell you that nothing is further from reality, since currently, manufacturing a Jacuzzi at home it is a simple task to perform.

What you must do is acquire the removable pool of the size of your preference and place it in the space that you have arranged for its installation. Then, you must build a fixed structure of wooden boards around the removable pool using your tools. If you consider yourself a real handyman, you can adapt a water pump and heater hidden in its base or walls so you can enjoy a warm bath.

Q9: What is the difference between Jacuzzi and bathtub?

Historically, we remember bathtubs as one of the utensils most used by users, standing out for their intimate and relaxing use when taking a shower. On the other hand, the much higher priced Jacuzzis, although they have a similar design, differ in that they have a hydromassage system by injection of hot water or air jets that provide a multitude of therapeutic benefits.

Q10: What is a Jacuzzi with chromotherapy used for?

Chromotherapy is a revolutionary technique that harnesses the power of colors to produce a positive mood, balance the mind, reduce stress and relieve ailments. It has been shown that each color has the property of improving an ailment, for example, blue transmits tranquility and peace, helping to eliminate anxiety, making it very useful for treating obesity.

For its part, the color red is associated with activity, so it is ideal to provide a little energy, stimulating blood circulation. Green is another color that transmits tranquility, being indicated for people who suffer from insomnia. And finally, yellow stands out for its detoxifying and purifying properties, which is why it is recommended to stimulate the digestive system.

Q11: What does a Jacuzzi need?

It is important and necessary that the house where you are going to install your jacuzzi has various conditions of space and construction, as well as the advice of a professional or even hire the appropriate personnel for the installation.

Also, it is important that you look at the materials with which the jacuzzi is made, as well as the power, quality and adjustment of the water jets. The level of safety and hygiene will guarantee a use without any type of health risk.

How to use a hot tub

There is nothing better than coming home from a tiring day of training at the gym and relaxing in a hot hydromassage shower. It is your best option to wake up the next day totally refreshed to carry out your daily activity.

The benefits of hot tubs are not limited to relaxation, but provide a wide variety of therapeutic benefits ranging from regulating blood circulation to helping reduce obesity. Next, we have prepared a small guide for you to know how to install and use a jacuzzi.

Check permissions

Many cities will ask you for special construction permits to install an outdoor hot tub, so we recommend you check if you need any type of special permit where you live, in case you want to install the hot tub in your garden. Some building codes dictate that a hot tub requires at least 5 feet of clearance between your hot tub and your home.

Choose the location for your Jacuzzi

After verifying that you have permission to install a jacuzzi, proceed to determine the location that it will have in your garden or where you are going to install it, keeping in mind that it is important to leave an additional margin around the jacuzzi to be able to move comfortably when doing it. the maintenance. Although this depends on the size of the hot tub you have, about 3 x 3 meters is recommended as a safe length.

Prepare the surface

Next, it must be taken into account that it is necessary to prepare a site on some occasions, since some models of hot tubs can weigh up to 1,300 kg when completely full, so if you do not have a prepared surface, you run the risk of damage the tub, thereby voiding any warranty.

You have two options: prepare the base of the hot tub yourself using concrete, or you can purchase a set of pre-made hot tub tiles, which have an interlocking grid that makes installation easy. In case you want to install your jacuzzi on a terrace or simply the construction issue is not your thing, you can contact and hire a specialist to do the installation work.

Install the hot tub

Next, proceed to assemble the jacuzzi, initially carrying out its electrical connection, taking into account that the voltage of the jacuzzi is higher than that of the power outlets of traditional houses, so you will have to make an electrical adjustment to connect 240 volt appliances. If you do not have much experience with electrical installations, we recommend hiring an electrician to help you make the connection correctly.

fill the hot tub

Now, the only thing left to do is fill your new hot tub with water and take into account the follo

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