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Humidifiers – Buying Guide and Comparison in 2022

In the event that you suffer from the consequences of living in a dry area or that the approaching season of the year causes dry skin, chapped lips and other skin problems, the ideal solution is to have a steam humidifier. These useful devices contain a water tank that evaporates when it reaches a high temperature, distributing the steam throughout the room. Among the favorite models of users, the 1 by One 701DE 0001 stands out, a humidifier that stands out for being ultrasonic and does not generate annoying noises when it is turned on. It has a large capacity in its tank that generates several hours of operation and can also be used as a night light, thanks to its LED bulb capable of changing color. On the other hand, if you are looking for a model that is easy to clean and that allows you to add flavoring essences thanks to its practical container, we recommend the Chicco Humi Fresh.

Opinions on the best humidifiers

To choose between the best humidifiers of 2022, it is necessary to make a detailed comparative list where we can see the most outstanding positive and negative characteristics of each model, as well as we must distinguish which are the cheapest. In this way we can choose the model that best suits our needs.

baby humidifier

1 by One 701DE 0001

1 by One offers you a very practical humidifier with an ergonomic design that will provide you with easy handling, as well as being relatively compact so as not to waste space.

Its size is 20 x 20 x 29 centimeters and it weighs 989 grams, while it is empty. The tank, meanwhile, is 2.8 liters, being one of the largest among those mentioned and capable of lasting all night without problems, so you can enjoy the right level of humidity when you rest.

On the other hand, it can be very useful as a humidifier for babies considering the ultrasonic technology it uses to generate steam, since this considerably reduces the noise produced by the equipment, so as not to affect the child’s rest. It also has an automatic shut-off system and a steerable nozzle, which you can adjust according to your needs.

To make the most of your investment, you should know in depth what the humidifier of your interest can offer you:


Technology: This model uses ultrasonic technology to minimize the noise level produced by the equipment.

Lighting: It is accompanied by an LED bulb that generates a dim light tone for sleeping.

Reservoir: Your reservoir is large enough to last all night on.

Functions: You can program it to turn off by itself at a certain time.


Spillage: The humidifier reservoir is positioned in such a way that it can be a bit awkward to fill, causing some drops to spill.

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Chicco Humidifier

Chicco Humi Fresh

This Chicco cold mist humidifier model works with the latest ultrasound technology and combines a powerful electrical resistance and a ventilation system that helps distribute the mist throughout the room. It does not reach the temperature of the room and is very practical for small houses. It integrates a small tank for 2 liters of water.

Its use is ideal for those hot summer days and when the weather is dry. The noise level it generates is very low, so it doesn’t bother you when you’re resting. This model integrates a technology that protects against burns for the smallest of the house. It can be placed in the baby’s room without fear of danger.

This Chicco humidifier model is very easy to clean and includes a practical container for essences that aromatize the entire room for optimal relaxation. Thanks to its touch button you can select between the four levels of intensity flow.

It is advisable to know in detail the main functions of each model, such as its autonomy, so that we can make a selection that meets our needs.


Autonomy: This model has an autonomy of up to 8 hours, so it will help you keep your electricity bill low.

Protection: This model has an anti-burn system that protects us against accidents in case any of our family touches it improperly.

Silent: This humidifier has a very quiet operation thanks to its ultrasonic system.

Essences: It has a useful container of essences that helps aromatize the room and is easy to clean.


Instructions: Several users comment critically that this model includes confusing instructions for use, so it can be difficult to get it up and running.

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Ultrasonic Humidifier

Victing 050218

This is the best value for money humidifier that works perfectly for aromatherapy treatments, as it allows you to use essential oils with cold mist just by adding a few drops into the 300-milliliter tank of the ultrasonic humidifier, distributing the aroma and smoke throughout the room. This model has several advantages such as: it helps against coughs, improves our breathing and promotes sleep.

The Victsing has a very silent operation, since it works with ultrasound technology, which generates very little noise while facilitating breathing and helping to sleep better, being ideal to place in the baby’s room. It has a very colorful design and is made with wood coating.

Thanks to its practical timer you can adjust the operation of this ultrasonic humidifier in four times so that it turns off automatically after one hour, three hours, six hours or has continuous operation, also turning off when the humidifying liquid runs out.

When we are looking for the best humidifier, among so many cheap models that exist on the market, we must assess its main and relevant characteristics such as the capacity of the tank.


Silent: This model works very quietly, since it uses an ultrasonic system.

Light: This diffuser has seven colored lights adjustable to two intensities each, which act as ambient light as they are very soft and pretty.

Timer : It has four levels of time adjustment for automatic operation of one hour, three hours, six hours and continuous steam.

Tank: It has a large 300-milliliter capacity tank with an aroma diffuser with an output of 30 milliliters of humidity per hour.


Batteries : This model does not work on batteries, therefore it must be placed near a power outlet, which can be a problem.

Lid: It does not have a mark that serves as a guide to place the lid correctly as indicated in the instructions.

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Medisana humidifier

Medisana UHW 60065

This practical Medisana humidifier integrates a large water tank with a capacity of up to 4.2 liters and a maximum nebulization of 230 milliliters per hour. This product works with an input voltage of 220 to 240 volts.

This humidifier is designed in a beautiful silver color with a blue selector wheel with which you can adjust the functions of the device and set the timer so that it turns off automatically. Includes a practical cleaning brush at the base of the device.

It has an automatic shutdown system when its tank is emptied, which prolongs the useful life of the product. It measures approximately 26.5 x 20 x 33 centimeters and weighs 1.8 kilograms. It is made of high quality plastic and has an electrical power of 45 watts.

Whether we are deciding on the best humidifier brand or trying to decide between the cheapest models on the market, it is important to know the essential features of each model. We recommend knowing the range power of the model to know if it will meet your needs.


Capacity: This model has a large tank capacity of up to 4.2 liters of water.

Space: This product works well for rooms up to 30 square meters.

Ultrasonic: It has an innovative ultrasonic technology that allows you to rest peacefully at night, since it does not emit any annoying noise.

Adjustable: The selection knob is completely adjustable, with which you can adjust the operating times and automatic shutdown.


Operation: A user critically comments on the network that after a short time of use this model begins to emit an uncomfortable sound and stops humidifying correctly.

Steam: Another user points out that with maximum power it emits a large amount of steam but it does not disperse it correctly, so the floor ends up wet.

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radiator humidifier

Com-Four Ceramics

If you are looking for an economical and efficient alternative to a radiator humidifier, we recommend you take a look at this practical product. This ceramic humidifier is specially designed to easily hang in front of a wall radiator thanks to its S-shaped hook.

This model creates a much healthier environment, helping to correctly humidify the room that is heated by a radiator, since dry air becomes more pleasant due to the evaporation of water. This product includes two ceramic humidifiers with a beautiful floral design on the front.

The size of each ceramic humidifier is 20 x 13 x 3.8 cm and they weigh approximately 1.71 Kg. This is the healthiest alternative and does not generate extra consumption, so if you have a reduced budget it is a great option. Purchase option.

Before choosing a new humidifier, it is important to consider its price and the amount of money you have to invest in a cheap and efficient model.


Kit: The product includes a set of two efficient ceramic humidifiers for radiators.

Hook : Thanks to its practical hook, each humidifier can be easily hung.

Healthy : This is one of the healthiest alternatives for room humidification due to its design and method of use.


Hook: The hook that holds this model to the radiator could be improved, as it is too open, so the humidifier does not make proper contact.

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aromatherapy humidifier

Homasy 500 Milliliters

Homasy has an aromatherapy humidifier that you can comfortably have in your room, considering its compact and attractive design.

This model measures 18.2 x 18.2 x 13.7 centimeters and has an approximate weight of 750 grams, being small enough to have it on the nightstand without being too much in the way. It is made from BPA-free materials and is fairly quiet.

Aesthetically it is also attractive, given that it can light up in 8 different colors, depending on your preferences, and can easily be adapted to the decoration of its surroundings.

Checking its capacity, it has a 500-milliliter tank which can regulate the amount of water to make it last up to 20 hours if only the aroma diffusion mode is selected. If used as a humidifier, you can enjoy between 1 to 6 hours of operation, depending on your configuration settings.

The Homasy model is attractive and eye-catching, which is why you should review its features in detail:


Oils: You can use this device to enjoy aromatherapy sessions and essential oils whenever you like.

Light: The LED bulb allows you to choose between 8 different colors to light up.

Modes: Among the available modes, Sleep will be able to minimize the noise level, so as not to disturb your rest.

Safety: If it runs out of water, the humidifier will automatically turn off to avoid incidents.



Filling: The indications and recommendations for filling the tank are not clear enough and could confuse some users.

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jane humidifier

Jane 050195C01

Jané 050195C01 is a humidifier with a simple and discreet design, which will be able to regulate the levels in the room, to guarantee better air quality and comfort.

This device can generate steam at room temperature, thus increasing the humidity parameters. At the same time, it works with negative ion technology, being able to spread them into the environment.

Likewise, the Jané humidifier stands out for its aesthetic appearance, which offers a discreet screen that shows the time and some touch buttons, to manage the operation of the device.

As for its size, it measures 28.2 x 15.8 x 15.6 centimeters and weighs 400 grams, being one of the most compact models on the list, in case you are interested in purchasing a compact humidifier.

You can use it with essential oils for aromatherapy and it lasts approximately 9 to 12 hours with each charge of its reservoir.

With so many models available it is difficult to choose just one, but the following advantages could convince you:


Technology: Jané’s equipment is capable of emitting negative ions to the expelled steam, improving air quality.

Size: It has compact dimensions, which will allow you to place it on any nightstand or desk.

Clock: Its screen is able to show the time, being useful at all times.

Outlet: You can change the orientation of the steam outlet, so that it is directed where it suits you best.



Handling: The touch buttons built into the humidifier to control its functions sometimes do not respond as quickly as expected.

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Miniland humidifier

Miniland Humitouch

Among the best humidifiers of 2022, this modern device from the Miniland brand undoubtedly stands out, since it is an ozone humidifier that helps prevent the formation of bacteria, eliminating bad odors from the room. Also, it incorporates a touch panel that you can use to select between its functions and programs.

This practical Miniland humidifier incorporates a 5-litre water tank, providing a range of more than 30 hours, allowing you to spend a couple of nights without worrying about recharging. You can also program the relative humidity and the level of steam flow to create the environment you want.

This model is suitable for spaces of up to 40 square meters and includes a practical compartment that allows you to use any type of essence on the market. Its approximate dimensions are 32.6 x 17.5 x 34 cm and it weighs 2 kg.

If you are looking for a humidifier that allows the use of essential oils, we recommend this modern and complete model.


Oils : You can incorporate essential oils of all kinds thanks to its special compartment.

Touch : It incorporates a practical touch screen, with which you can control all the functions of the device.

Capacity : Thanks to its large capacity, you can forget about filling the compartment with water, since it is 5 liters.

Range : This model has a range of 40 square meters, ideal for a room or office.


Water : Depending on the water level and the level of operation, this model may splash some water around it.

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Other products

Tao Tronics TT AH001Es

The Tao Tronics TT AH001Es integrates large capacity, optimal functionality and is suitable for all ages. This model has a water capacity of 4 liters and gives you operation for 15 hours of continuous work. It integrates an LED screen that shows the current humidity level in the atmosphere.

You will be able to control the amount of steam that this model emits at three levels: low, medium and high, you can even turn the knob 360 degrees for a distribution of steam in all directions. It integrates a useful timer with which you can control the level of humidity for automatic operation from 1 to 24 hours.

It uses a ceramic filter that makes the mist clean and friendly to the environment. It is an ideal solution for winter or when the weather is dry, it is even recommended to place it in rooms with air conditioning.

If you still want to find the best humidifier of the moment, you should be very attentive to its most relevant characteristics, being important to know if it has any indicator that allows you to know the level of humidity in the environment.


Levels: This model allows you to vary and adjust the amount of mist at three different levels: low, medium and high.

Timer: With the timer function you can control the automatic humidity level so that it works from 1 to 24 hours continuously.

Ceramic: Thanks to its ceramic filter, the steam emitted by this model is completely clean, ideal for people of all ages.

Screen: This model integrates a useful LED screen that shows the current humidity level and the operating mode at all times.


Noise: A user comments on the network that, over time, this model generates an annoying noise that does not let you sleep.

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InnoBeta HTJ-2118B

Faced with so many options that the market offers us, we often wonder which is the best humidifier, therefore we recommend you look at this product as one of the recommended options. The ultrasonic technology of this model avoids annoying noises, allowing you to enjoy sleep comfortably and thanks to its 3-liter capacity it lasts much longer.

It is an appropriate model for people of all ages, since it is very safe and easy to clean. It has an automatic shutdown function that protects the device and its large opening in the tank makes it very easy to clean.

It integrates an LED touch screen and an ideal remote control to operate this product at a distance of up to 8 meters. You can also adjust the timer, steam flow and the built-in night light. It integrates an aromatherapy diffuser that with just a couple of drops of aromatic oil you can enjoy a relaxing fragrance with steam.

If you are still wondering which humidifier to buy, we recommend you take a look at this model and its outstanding features, which offer you great benefits such as large capacity and low noise level.


Silent: This model uses ultrasonic technology, so it avoids generating annoying noises, allowing you to comfortably enjoy your night’s sleep.

Clean: Thanks to the large opening in its tank, you can easily clean the water reserve.

Screen: It integrates a useful LED screen with which you can control and adjust the steam flow, the timer and the night light.

Diffuser: With just a couple of drops of your aromatic oil in the diffuser tray you can enjoy a relaxing fragrance.

Charger: Allows you to use the mobile’s USB power cable to charge this model.


Spill: A user critically comments that this model spills water everywhere when changing it.

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Accessories for humidifier

Essences for humidifier

Vic Tsing Top 6

If you are looking for an essential oil kit to enjoy with your humidifier, we recommend this product with which you will obtain fabulous results, achieving a relaxing environment full of pleasant aromas. The use of these oils can improve sleep, relieve rhinitis, relax moods, among others.

This kit of 6 10ml humidifier scents includes scents of orange, lavender, tea tree, lemongrass, eucalyptus and peppermint, an ideal combination if you’re a bit on the fence about scents. It is a product made with the extract of natural plants and fruits, making it a healthy product.

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Guide to buying a humidifier

There are times when extreme heat forces us to acquire a humidification system that helps us balance the amount of moisture that can be lost on those dry days, resulting in dry skin and throat problems. In these cases, we recommend you purchase a practical humidifier that also allows you to enjoy a pleasant aroma in the environment. For this reason, it is advisable to make a comparison of humidifiers and choose the model that best suits your needs. In this sense, we have prepared a guide to buy the best humidifier that will help you in your selection.

Shopping guide


One of the most important aspects that defines a humidifier as a good model is its storage capacity, since the larger the tank, the longer we will obtain humidification, allowing us to enjoy humidification for longer.

There are models for all needs, from humidifiers with tanks of about 300 milliliters, to models of approximately 5 liters, which allow you to enjoy a continuous operation of approximately 30 hours. It is important not to exceed the filling limit to avoid water spills, so we recommend choosing a model that has a good tank capacity.


A great advantage that some models have is their vaporization function, which allows you to add a few drops of any of the scented essences currently available on the market, which help create a calmer environment with a more pleasant aroma, in a way that that you will achieve a level of relaxation in a shorter period of time.

Essences for aromatherapy are made with natural extracts from different flowers and fruits, so you can choose any scent to your liking, from citrus to sweet. There are special essences for deep aromatherapy treatments, commonly used in spas and massage centers.


One of the most important aspects that we must take into account when we refer to a humidifier is its level of protection, especially if there is the presence of children in the place where we are going to install it. There are even models specially designed to be placed in baby rooms because they have a complete protection system that guarantees the well-being of the child.

Before thinking about how much a humidifier costs, it is necessary to see if the device is safe enough for the well-being of your family, so it must have a shutdown system in case of tipping over or an anti-burn system and, in case you have children in house, it is recommended that you incorporate a special lid with a lock that prevents it from opening easily.


When an appliance incorporates a timer system, it definitely makes our lives much easier, since it allows us to concentrate on other activities while the appliance automatically continues to perform its function for a while longer. This undoubtedly increases comfort and user experience, making it an essential feature if you are looking for comfort.

In the case of humidifiers, they also incorporate different timer systems, some short one-hour programs to long programs of approximately 30 hours of continuous automatic operation, so you can rest or work in peace without worrying about having left the humidifier on.  


It is very important that the appliances we have provide us with efficient but silent operation, so that they do not alter our tranquility and we can continue our activities and even rest without disturbing noises that interrupt sleep.

You have to consider that, normally, every electrical device generates a noise level that is measured in decibels, a value that you should keep in mind if you are looking for a silent model. In the market, you can also get ultrasonic models, which generate a much lower sound level than traditional humidifiers.  


The screens are very useful and practical additions when using and controlling any electronic device, since they provide us with a constant visual of information relevant to the user, such as the power-on indication, the programmed operating time or even the selected function.

Currently, there are more recent models that integrate a practical touch screen that greatly facilitates control of the device and improves its user experience, however, it must be considered that these humidifiers are a little more expensive, so if you are looking for a model cheaper, you should choose a traditional model.


A relaxing environment is achieved not only with the use of a humidifier and an aromatizer; pleasant lighting is also necessary to achieve a desired mood, so that you can achieve a level of deep relaxation.

It is important to look at the lighting function as a result of the colored LED light that integrates most of the humidifier models on the market. Normally, you will be able to vary the LED light in approximately 7 different colors, so you can choose the color that best suits the environment. The type of lighting is very dim, so it will not be a nuisance at night, and it is even an excellent accessory for your bedside table.


An easy-to-control device is highly appreciated by users, so complicated selection systems have been left behind. More and more brands have been concerned with reducing the complexity of using household appliances, simplifying the operation of devices and focusing on providing a better service.

Although humidifiers are extremely simple devices to use, there are much more complex models that use touch screens instead of buttons but are nevertheless just as simple and intuitive to operate. In some cases, the controls are very well concealed in the structure itself, remaining very well hidden.

Frequently asked questions

Q1: What is a humidifier for?

There are times when the level of humidity in the environment is dramatically reduced, causing different respiratory problems for users, such as in winter, when we are forced to use a heater to subtract the cold from the outside, avoiding the renewal of fresh air.

Humidifiers improve the environment thanks to the increase in humidity in a room, returning the values ​​of temperature and humidity in the environment that are suitable for users. On the other hand, there is also a lower risk of respiratory infections caused by some microorganisms that accumulate in the environment.  

Q2: How to clean a humidifier?

Keeping our equipment clean at all times is a way of prolonging its useful life and guaranteeing correct operation of the device, so it is highly recommended to carry out the appropriate maintenance on the device from time to time. Carrying out basic maint

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