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Pressure Washer – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis


When you are looking to clean dirt from surfaces and furniture in outdoor and indoor spaces easily and quickly, a pressure washer can be your ally. It not only helps you save time, but also water and money, while keeping your home clean and neat. For example, if what you want is a basic, light and compact piece of equipment, the Karcher K3 Premium Full Control would be a good purchase option as it meets these qualities. For its part, the Bosch AdvancedAquatak 140 is a model that combines mobility and power to deal with typical household dirt.

The 9 Best Pressure Washers – Opinions 2022


Removing dirt from interior and exterior spaces, as well as from the car, motorcycle or bicycle is much easier and faster if a specialized machine is used. In this sense, we have prepared a compilation with the 9 best pressure washers on the market to help you in your choice.

Karcher pressure washer


1. Kärcher K3 Premium Full Control High Pressure Washer

If the best pressure washer for you is the one that helps with household cleaning tasks, as well as being light and easy to use. This model could be the purchase option you are looking for. In this sense, its design has an extendable telescopic handle, support foot and wheels for greater stability and ease of transfer.

This Karcher pressure washer has a power of 1600W and a pressure of 120 bars, adjustable to three levels. Aspects that allow it to release a water flow of up to 380 liters per hour, enough to remove deep dirt from any surface.

Likewise, you may be interested to know that it has a practical detergent tank, to obtain better cleaning results and a wide hook that keeps both the hose and the spray lances tidy and close at hand. in addition to facilitating its storage.

This cleaning machine may have qualities that you are looking for and therefore, you may be interested in knowing its pros and cons.


Gun: Your gun has a manual indicator to monitor at which level it is working, providing confidence and security to the user.

Hook: Thanks to the practical winding hook, the high pressure hose can be stored properly.

Filter: Includes a water filter to protect the pump, for greater durability of the equipment.


Material: It may seem less robust than other models on the list, but for housework it is recommended.  

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2. Karcher K5 Premium Full Control Plus High Pressure Washer

This renowned manufacturer presents us on this occasion the K5 Premium Full Control Plus model, with a power of 2100W, 145 bars of pressure for effective cleaning and a volume of 500 l/h. Therefore, it has been specially designed to be used for cleaning outdoor spaces.

The most remarkable thing about this Karcher pressure washer is that it is equipped with an 8-meter-long high-pressure hose and a spray lance with 3-in-1 multi-jet technology. Elements that allow a wide range of distance to be covered. And to enjoy greater control, the gun has an LED indicator through which the level of pressure adjusted according to the surface to be cleaned is displayed.

Finally, we can add that its design includes a support foot that provides stability and can also be used as a carrying handle for greater user comfort.

The best pressure washer brand develops machines to facilitate cleaning tasks, as is the case with this Karcher model that we invite you to analyze in detail.



Control: An LED indicator is located on the gun to check the level of pressure used and thus enjoy greater control.

Hose: This model comes with an 8-meter-long high-pressure hose for greater freedom and mobility on cleaning days.

Detergent tank: This pressure washer incorporates a tank with a Plug `n` Clean system for detergent, thus allowing effective cleaning. 


Power: Being mid-range it may not be enough for demanding tasks. In this case, it is advisable to do several cleaning sessions.

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Bosch pressure washer


3. Bosch AdvancedAquatak 140 High Pressure Washer

Some consider the Bosch Advanced Aquatak 140 among the best pressure washers of 2022, because it combines power, performance and mobility for effortless cleaning, regardless of dirt and surfaces.

This Bosch Pressure Washer has a power of 2100W, a pressure that reaches 140 bars and provides a flow rate of 450 l/h, which, together with the range of compatible nozzles, provides cleaning power capable of tackling household dirt.

For this purpose, it has a rotating nozzle that can be used against difficult dirt, especially for hard surfaces such as stone or masonry. It also has a variable flat jet nozzle to remove dirt from cars, bicycles and outdoor furniture. It also incorporates a high pressure detergent nozzle, which connects directly to the lance for deep cleaning.

If you want to purchase this Bosch cleaning machine, we recommend you review its pros and cons in the following section first.


Order: The accessories are hooked on the structure of the machine, which prevents any loss and allows them to be close at hand.

Reel: Its hose winding system through a reel makes its preparation and storage easier.

Mobility: Its design incorporates a telescopic metal pole and large wheels for greater mobility and ease of storage.


Nozzle: The absence of a turbo nozzle could reduce its effectiveness in areas with embedded dirt.

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Gasoline pressure washer

4. Wilks-USA TX625 Gasoline High Pressure Washer

It is a gasoline pressure washer with a 210 cc OHV 4-stroke engine and 7 HP. Due to this, it achieves an outlet pressure of 272 bars and a flow of 720 liters of water per hour. These qualities allow faster cleaning of commercial and industrial spaces and with low fuel consumption.

This machine comes with 5 nozzles for different functions such as high pressure spraying, fan spraying, cleaning, rinsing and applying detergent. All this to be used according to the most favorable action in the cleaning process. It also includes an angled lance, a turbo nozzle and a drain cleaner, which will help combat any dirt present.

On the other hand, it has a sturdy handle and wheels for safe transportation, even on uneven terrain. It also comes with an 8-meter hose, plus an additional 12-meter hose for greater freedom of movement.

If you are wondering which pressure washer to buy, this robust and powerful product could be a good option. Your details below.



Power: This pressure washer has a 7 HP motor that gives it the power to remove any embedded dirt.

Flow: Thanks to its flow of 720 l/h, it allows this machine to drag dirt quickly and easily.

Suction: The suction function allows feeding from the water network or a barrel, to be used wherever you are.


Weight: Due to its components it weighs approximately 32 Kg, but the robust handle and wheels allow it to be moved without inconvenience.

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Nilfisk pressure washer


5. Nilfisk Pressure Washer D 140 Bars

This pressure washer stands out for being for domestic use, compact and with a 2400 W motor. In addition, its pump is made of aluminum for greater reliability, offering a pressure of up to 140 bars and a maximum water flow of 550 l/h, to help make your cleaning tasks faster and easier.

With the Nilfisk high-pressure cleaner you can carry out everything from the gentle cleaning of delicate surfaces to the removal of encrusted dirt in the outdoor spaces of the home. On the other hand, thanks to the 9 meter length of the high pressure hose you will be able to cover larger cleaning tasks.

We do not want to forget to mention that this model includes additional accessories, such as the patio cleaner, for effective cleaning of smooth surfaces, as well as the drain and pipe cleaner, to easily clean clogged pipes and rain gutters.

Due to its power and compact design, this product could be considered the best pressure washer of the moment. Here is a summary.


Functionality: Thanks to its 2400W motor and 140 bar pressure, cleaning tasks at home can be easier and faster.

Scope: Its 9-meter hose, plus the 5-meter cable, allow it to cover larger areas.

Versatility: The pipe and gutter cleaner is included, which expands the cleaning options of the home.


Purpose: Although it is a powerful and robust pressure washer, it is not recommended for intensive use.

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Stanley pressure washer


6. Stanley SXPW16E 1600 W Universal Motor Pressure Washer Base

If you are looking for a practical cleaning kit to clean surfaces indoors and outdoors, this could be a good purchase option. It is a tool designed to conveniently remove all types of dirt typical of the home, office and car. In addition, its design has dimensions that do not generate inconveniences when it comes to storing it. 

This Stanley pressure washer is a basic model designed for domestic use, since it offers a power of 1600W with a pressure of 125 bars and a maximum flow of 420 l/h. It also comes with the accessories you may need, including a 6 meter long hose, two nozzles to regulate and diversify the water jet; a patio cleaner to easily clean larger surfaces like floors, walkways and balconies; plus a foam kit applicable to the gun.

This pressure washer stands out among the cheapest on our list. You can read the details below.


Function: Its self-priming function allows water to be extracted from a tank, providing cleaning even when the water network is not available.

Order: The accessories can be hooked to the supports at the rear of the machine, to keep them organized and close at hand.

Transfer: Thanks to the wheels and the handle with non-slip inserts, it can be moved easily and safely.


Power: This equipment is mid-range and although it is sufficient for domestic use, it is recommended not to use it for a long time.

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Lavor pressure washer


7. Lavor 8.086.0076C Cold Water Pressure Washer 

This Lavor pressure washer model has been designed to be an ally in cleaning surfaces and furniture in home spaces such as porches, garages, gardens, as well as washing cars, motorcycles, bicycles, etc.

For many, this equipment is the answer to which is the best pressure washer, since it is an easy-to-use mid-range machine for domestic use, with a power of 2500W, a pressure of up to 160 bars and a maximum flow rate of 510 l/h., capable of cleaning embedded dirt without inconvenience.

It also comes with useful accessories, such as a patio cleaner, rotating and fixed brushes, to make cleaning easier, and an 8-meter-long high-pressure hose for greater reach. All this in addition to the rapid attack pistol and the lance with a double nozzle arranged on the side of the equipment.

Here is a rundown of the pros and cons that this pressure washer has to offer.


Power: This model has a power of 2500W and a maximum pressure of 160 bars to remove the most difficult dirt in the home.

Length: The high pressure hose measures 8 meters in length allowing greater freedom in cleaning tasks.

Attachment: The patio cleaner is useful for horizontal or vertical flat surfaces, making it easier to work on.



Coupling: Since the male connector is made of plastic, it is recommended to assemble it carefully to avoid damaging the piece.

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hot water pressure washer


8. Cecotec HidroBoot 1400 Compact powerful and portable pressure washer

Another pressure washer considered among the cheapest on our list is this Cecotec brand model, whose lightweight design of only 6.09 Kg makes it practical to take it wherever you need it. In addition, it has a power of 1400W, 105 bars and a maximum flow of 408 l/h; aspects that allow surfaces to be cleaned quickly, even those that are less accessible or higher up.

It is a hot water pressure washer, since it can use water at a temperature of up to 50 ºC for more effective cleaning. On the other hand, thanks to its radius of action of 9 meters and the adjustable spray nozzle, you can comfortably move around and remove dirt from home spaces.

You may also be interested to know that this pressure washer, in addition to having an aluminum pump for greater reliability, also comes with a 3 meter long hose for greater mobility, a spray nozzle and a nozzle cleaning kit to avoid possible obstructions.

This compact machine may have qualities you are looking for, so we present a summary of its pros and cons.


Temperature: Its design allows the use of water at a temperature of up to 50 ºC, for a more effective cleaning action.

Pump: Its aluminum HardPump pump provides greater durability, for the user’s peace of mind.

Kit: This pressure washer comes with a cleaning kit to maintain the nozzle and thus avoid possible obstructions.


Wheels: As it does not have wheels, it must be transported by the handle, but it will not be a difficult task since it is light.

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Black Decker pressure washer


9. Black+Decker BXPW1600PE High Pressure Washer

In addition to allowing effortless cleaning, this equipment is also functional, lightweight, easy to transport and store and includes 8 useful accessories that will make cleaning tasks easier. For all these qualities, and its convenient cost, it is promoted in our list as the best value for money pressure washer.

Specifically, the accessories that this Black Decker pressure washer brings are the lance, gun, 6-meter-long hose, adjustable jet nozzle to configure, which allows you to choose a cylindrical or fan-shaped water outlet, rotating jet nozzle to clean the most resistant dirt, foam kit easily applicable to the lance, fixed brush to make washing more efficient, and the mini patio cleaner brush that will be your ally in cleaning flat surfaces.

In conclusion, it is a 1600 W, 125 bar and 420 l/h machine, capable of cleaning persistent dirt in the home.

So that you do not miss any detail of the team, we bring you a list of pros and cons.



Wheels: The equipment has wheels with a 16 cm diameter rubber band for greater durability and stability in transport.

Weight: This model weighs approximately 8.9 Kg, a feature that favors its easy handling.

Storage: The accessories are stored in the supports located at the back of the equipment, in this way they can be organized and space is gained.


Instructions: The instructions for assembling the machine are generic, so some people may require additional help.

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Shopping guide


Today pressure washers are present in homes, businesses and industries, as they facilitate cleaning tasks, especially outdoor spaces where dirt usually accumulates. In this guide to buying the best pressure washer, you can find guidance on the most important features to take into account when choosing one.

Cleaning Power

A pressure washer is a machine that takes water from a tank or directly from the pipe network and drives it through a pump to be expelled at high pressure, which runs through a special hose, a gun and a lance with a specific nozzle, to go out at high speed.

The cleaning power of these machines is determined by the power, pressure and flow they offer, and according to these three technical data it will be possible to establish the type of work they can carry out, so it could be said that they are aspects of the utmost importance to when choosing one, which are often not taken into consideration, since only its appearance or how much the device costs is analyzed.

Power is measured in Hp, Kw or W and refers to the force of the motor to drive the pump. Regarding pressure, it is measured in bars (bar) or air pressure per inch (psi) and it is the force with which the water comes out. While the flow rate is measured in liters per hour (l/h) and refers to the amount of water expelled to drag the dirt particles.

For intense cleaning tasks, a higher pressure is needed in the water jet to loosen the dirt, and a higher flow rate to make the work faster.


These machines are very useful in the home, office, commercial establishments, and in industry in general, since they are used to clean dirt quickly, saving water, and with less effort on the part of the user.

Before buying one you should know that there are different types of pressure washers. In this sense, there are those for domestic use, which are useful for occasional or sporadic cleaning, since they offer efficient results for short periods of time. They are generally electric, compact and lightweight, as they are made of plastic.

There are also those for professional use, which have the capacity to work for several hours daily; and there are also those for industrial use, which are appropriate for daily and prolonged cleaning tasks. In general, these types of machines are heavier and more resistant, since they are made of other materials, such as metal, for example, and they can use fuel for greater autonomy, although in this case they must deal with exhaust gases and greater noise..

On the other hand, there are cold water pressure washers, which expel water at the same temperature as they receive it from the source; and those with hot water that, thanks to their system and components, are capable of increasing the temperature of the water, to remove the most difficult dirt.

That is why to make a good choice, it is important to know if the use will be occasional, frequent, for a few hours or for long working hours.

design and accessories

In order for you to choose a good and economical pressure washer, as well as being effective at removing dirt, it is recommended that you carry out a comparison of pressure washers. In this way you do not make a hasty purchase, but rather you will be able to evaluate the main attributes of the models that have caught your attention.

Therefore, when it comes to design, it varies between the different brands present in the market. In the case of portable high-pressure cleaners, at a general level, they include elements so that the mobility of the machine is with the minimum effort on the part of the user, such as a handle, support foot and wheels.

Likewise, they bring a minimum of accessories included in the purchase, such as the gun, lance, nozzle and hose; and other accessories that may or may not be included, and may be optional or complementary, such as fixed and rotating brushes, floor cleaners, angled lances, turbo nozzles, among others.

Most of these equipments come with a detergent tank or kit, which is convenient when cleaning dirt and grease, helping to make the soap distribution faster and more uniform.

Likewise, the accessories are installed with quick connections, without tools, and are usually stored in the equipment, so it is easy to move all the elements, keep them organized and take up little space. 

Frequently asked questions


Q1: What oil does a pressure washer use?

Pressure washers that work with fuel engines must use a high-viscosity oil in hot weather for greater lubrication; while in climates with cooler temperatures a lighter oil should be used.

The manufacturers indicate in the instruction manuals the recommended oil for the machine. In general, the gasoline engine should be lubricated with 30W four-stroke oil, but if the pressure washer is going to be used in areas with variable temperatures, 10W-30 oil is recommended.

Q2: What detergent to use for a pressure washer?

The detergent that can be used is usually liquid, on the market they are available for various uses and materials, such as universal, for cars, stone, wood, among others. In any case, the important thing is that the product specifies that it is suitable for pressure washers.

Q3: How to make a homemade pressure washer?

To make a homemade pressure washer, you simply need to add a nozzle with a small hole to a garden hose connected to the water network so that it produces a jet of pressurized water, capable of cleaning floors, cars, outdoor furniture, etc..


Q4: How to use a pressure washer?

To use a pressure washer, it is advisable to first review the advice in the manufacturer’s instruction manual. The process is generally simple. Before putting it into operation, the water must be allowed to pass through the irrigation hose, fill the pump completely and exit through the nozzle of the gun, and also tighten all the connections between the tap and the machine, so that no air enters To the system.

Then the tap is opened and the water is allowed to run for at least one minute, activating the gun but without starting the engine. Afterwards, the electricity cable is connected, the pressure washer is started and the nozzle is adjusted according to the most favorable type of spray according to the work to be carried out. Thus, you can use it simply by keeping the gun pressed and directing the high pressure jet towards the surface to be cleaned, keeping a distance of approximately 30 cm.

Q5: How to make detergent for a pressure washer?

To make homemade detergent for pressure washers, simply pour 3 liters of water into a pot over high heat, letting it heat up but not boil. Over low heat, add 250 g of flake soap, which will dissolve quickly, to also add 125 g of baking soda, which stands out for being a natural stain remover, it must be done little by little to control the bubbles.

Later, add an additional 2 liters of water, while mixing everything in the pot, and add little by little ½ cup of white cleaning vinegar, also controlling the bubbles. Turn off the heat and let it cool. Finally, it is rinsed with more water until the desired consistency is achieved, approximately 3 litres, for a total of 8 liters of water used in the recipe.

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