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Ice Machine – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis

Although we all have a freezer at home, the truth is that loading the water trays to prepare ice, preventing them from spilling and ensuring that the ice does not take on flavors or smells from the freezer is not easy. For this reason, ice machines are becoming a quality alternative to have good ice almost instantly, and can even create specialties such as ice for granitas or mojitos, for example. Among the best products of the moment, we have the H.Koenig KB12 model, the favorite of consumers, capable of making 12 kg of ice in two different sizes and in just 24 hours. Another interesting option is the Vpcok HZB-12B19 machine, which has an intelligent detection system to increase the safety and service life of the product. It’s also worth mentioning that it produces round cubes that don’t have any sharp edges.

The 5 Best Ice Machines – Opinions 2022

Having ice to refresh your drinks when you need it is very important, as well as having a machine that allows you to make ice in the shortest time possible, that’s why we will show you the ones most recommended by users so that you can choose the one you prefer.

1. H.Koenig KB12 Silent Ice Maker

Main advantage:

Its large production capacity will allow you to extract up to 12 kilos of ice cubes in just 24 hours, with a production interval of between 6 and 13 minutes depending on the size of the cube.

Main disadvantage:

Some users comment that the size of the cubes may be somewhat small compared to the industrial cube that we are used to, but that they fulfill their function correctly.

Verdict: 9.7/10

If you are looking for an ice machine that allows you to have enough ice ready so that you can use it in any celebration or meeting, this model, with its great capacity and resistance, will allow you to get all the ice you need in a few hours and with a quality higher.

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power and capacity

Ice machines do not need high performance to work properly, what’s more, with reduced power they can be very efficient and do their job well. With a power of 90 w, this ice machine might seem a bit low for the large production capacity it has.

Nothing could be further from reality, and the truth is that this power allows the device to produce up to 12 kilos of cubes in just 24 hours. In addition, you can choose between two sizes of cubes, 1 and 1.5 cm, so you can use them for all kinds of drinks and other preparations, you decide.

This size may seem small to you, but the truth is that the smaller the size, the faster your drink will cool down and the less watery it will remain over time.

production cycle

So that you can have up to 12 kilos of cubes ready in just 24 hours, this ice machine has a production cycle of between 6 and 13 minutes per batch, depending on the size of the cube chosen among other factors, so if you find yourself without ice and you need it urgently, you can have it in just 13 minutes maximum, being able to make more in a short time as you need it. 

Ease of use and durability

To make the process of obtaining ice easy for you, this product is easy to use and can be used by anyone. You just have to fill its water tank and start the machine so that it starts generating ice cubes in a few minutes. Being a silent machine, this process will end without you knowing.  

In addition, the body of this machine is made of stainless steel, very resistant to both use and water, so its durability is greater than in other models on the market. And so that you can see how the process is going at all times, its lid has a transparent area that will allow you to see how much ice you have available without having to open the device.

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2. Vpcok ice makers 

This machine has the capacity to produce 12 kg of ice per day, with a speed of 9 cubes every 6 minutes. In addition, it produces very solid pieces that do not melt easily. For this reason, it is recommended to meet needs in homes and offices where drinks are prepared with some frequency.

It incorporates a 2.2 liter water tank, so you don’t have to constantly add. It also has a protection system that stops production when the tank is empty. This is why many users have commented that it is the best value for money ice machine.

It incorporates an easy-to-use control panel, where you can select between 2 sizes of cubes. As if that were not enough, it has an attractive rectangular design with a black finish, as well as a transparent window to see how the process is going.

If you are looking for the best brand of ice machines, you may be interested in this model from the Vpcok company. Let’s take a closer look at the most important pros and cons of the product.


Infrared: It has an infrared system to automatically stop ice production once it has reached maximum capacity.

Panel: Includes a simple control panel with two buttons: one to turn on the machine and the other to select between two sizes of cubes.

Performance: It is capable of producing 9 ice cubes in a 6-minute cycle. In this way, it is possible to obtain up to 12 kg of ice per day.


Cubes: Although cubes are very hard and do not melt quickly, they may be too small for some purposes. In this case, the largest ones measure approximately 2.5 x 2.6 cm.

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3. TecTake 400474 Professional Dicer

In case you want to make a wise investment in a low-cost product that maintains a good level of quality, the TecTake 400474 has been qualified as the best value-for-money ice machine, thanks to its ice cube processing capacity. in their basic small or large sizes.

The production process is quite simple, you just have to connect the machine, turn it on, fill the tank, select the size of the bucket and that’s it. So it’s very easy to use and you won’t waste much time setting it up to have ice cubes quickly.

In fact, the production time ranges between six and 10 minutes, and the water tank is 2.2 liters, enough to produce several cubes and chill your drinks without problems. On the other hand, it has an ice reserve of 800 grams, while you refill the tank and start a new production cycle, so you don’t run out of refreshing your drinks when you need it.

Generally, when we are looking for any device, not only the models are what attract us but also the manufacturers. For many, the best brand of ice machines is TecTake and we will show you, below, what this model developed by it offers.


Capacity: You can store 800 g of ice in its container and up to 2.2 liters of water. Its ice production cycle is between 6 and 10 minutes.

Energy consumption: Users comment that this machine consumes little energy, making it ideal for those who are thrifty on utility bills.

Size: It is one of the most compact and smallest on the market: only 24.2 x 35.8 x 32.8 cm. Its weight is only 9 kg.

Sound alert: Incorporates a warning sound when the tank is full and when there is no more water to continue working.


Noisy: Some users comment that this machine makes a somewhat audible noise, but that it is not very noticeable if it is placed in a suitable place.

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4. ProfiCook PC-EWB 1007 Ice cube maker

To know which is the best ice machine, you must evaluate the largest number of options, therefore, you must know the Proficook EWB 1007, which has a robust design with stainless steel inlets that give it a higher level of resistance.

It also has a high level of processing capacity and cube generation, since it is capable of producing about 12 ice cubes, in a period of 12 minutes, so it is ideal for homes, offices, camping, bars, etc., because generates ice quickly and efficiently.

To easily control the machine, it includes a simple touch screen where you can turn the machine on and off. It has its respective warning signal when the water tank is empty and when the ice cubes are ready, so you can easily distract yourself and wait for the signal to look for the new batch of cubes or refill it with water.

If you have not yet decided which ice machine to buy, we invite you to continue reading this list to discover the virtues and disadvantages that this Proficook brand machine has for you.


Capacity: It can make approximately 10-15 kg of ice in 24 hours. This means that its production cycle is about 12 ice cubes every 12 minutes.

Sound alert: It incorporates an acoustic signal for when the ice tank is full or when the water to continue working has already run out.

Durability: It is made of plastic with stainless steel inserts to resist water wear and corrosion.

ECO mode: It has an energy saving system that is activated with a button, allowing you to save electricity.


Cube size: Users state that the size of the cubes is less than what they consider ideal and that it can be achieved on other machines.

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5. Winkel Kw12 Ice Cube Maker

If you want to make a purchase among the cheapest machines, you should know that the Winkel Kw12 model is pointed out by customers as one of them, with adequate operation, thanks to its processing capacity, with a large water tank with a capacity for 2.2 litres.

This machine allows you to observe the ice production process without having to interrupt it by opening the lid, since it has a simple window where you can check the status of the process.

On the other hand, it also generates a sonic alert so that you go to refill the water tank, or to extract the cubes once they are ready, in this way you can always have ice on hand in a few minutes and cool your drinks when you consider it necessary.. In addition, the user panel is quite simple, and has an LED screen for better viewing, accompanied by quick action buttons so you can use the machine comfortably.

When you need an efficient option that meets all expectations and is also in the cheapest category, we can tell you to consider purchasing it. Read below what it offers you.


Capacity: It is capable of making 12 kg of ice in 24 hours and a capacity of 2.2 liters of water in its storage compartment.

Sound alert: It incorporates a special sound to indicate when the ice tank is full and when the water has run out so you can recharge it safely.

Automatic: The machine does not need adjustments to work: it is connected and it will start making ice immediately.

Size: The size is similar to the others on the list, being compact and not very heavy: 24 x 33 x 35.5 cm and 9.7 kg in weight.


Small Cubes – Users complain that the cubes it makes are smaller than they should be.

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H.Koenig KB12 Silent Ice Maker

It is a machine capable of generating up to 12 kg of ice in a 24-hour period, thanks to its design that allows ice cubes of at least two different sizes to be made, which is very useful for being able to use different sizes of glasses and cool different sizes. types of drinks.

It offers a high level of speed in the generation of ice, which is a fundamental requirement in this type of device. Once you have connected it, the process of freezing the water will begin and every ten minutes you will be able to have a new batch of cubes, since its production cycle goes from six to 13 minutes, so it is ideal for a meeting between friends or with the family.

So that you can handle it comfortably, it includes a simple panel where you can turn the machine on or off and select the operating stage, whether you are going to add water or request the generation of cubes. For all this, it has been classified as the best ice machine.

At the top of our list, we have what is considered the best ice machine of the moment. A fairly efficient machine that figures in this position thanks to its capabilities and characteristics that distinguish it from the others.


Operating stages: It has two operating stages to facilitate its operation and operability: a stage for filling the water in the tank, and the stage for making ice.

Capacity: It can generate up to approximately 12 kg of ice cubes in 24 hours. Its production cycle varies between 6 and 13 minutes per batch.

Cube Size: It has the ability to generate ice cubes in two different sizes to fit different types of glasses and cups.

Durability: It is made of stainless steel for greater durability and resistance to water. The top cover is made of transparent plastic to see the progress of the process.

Size: It is a fairly compact device, so it is very easy to transport and will not take up much space in the place where it is placed. Its measurements are 31.5 x 24 x 34.5cm.

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Buying Guide – What is the best ice machine on the market?

Making ice is a task as simple as having water and a cold space to store it. However, when we need ice in certain quantities, the process seems much more complicated. So if you want to have different ice preparations or have the supply you need, all you have to do is read our guide to buying the best ice machine, in which we discover the key aspects of this type of product.

Production capacity

Since not everyone needs the same amount of ice, the first thing to consider is the ice production capacity that we need. A production that varies depending on the machine, so that we can find from models of about 10 kilos of production to products that can reach up to 25 kilos of ice generation, with short cycles for cases of greater product demand..

Since this is one of the aspects that has the most influence on how much the machine costs, it is up to us to verify it precisely and adjust it to our demand, although, as always, with a little extra security, for those cases in which we can. need. In any case, in any comparison of ice machines we can find precise references of what the market offers in this regard.

By the way, in addition to the production capacity, it is convenient to consider its cycle. That is, how often the machine is expelling ice once prepared. This is the time it takes for the product to lower the water to the temperature necessary to launch a new batch of ice into the tank. Something that should also be considered in order to know how often you will have new ice cubes available inside the product.

Capacity and feeding system

Another important aspect of the ice machine you are evaluating is the power system and its capacity. In domestic and small production models, the product usually includes a tank to put the water in, which is spent as it is used. In the higher capacity models, the machine is directly connected to a pipe, allowing uninterrupted power.

Starting with the first, the truth is that these machines usually have variable capacity tanks, which are around 3 or 4 liters of water, approximately, which make the preparation process easier. The tanks usually have a relatively simple filling system, so you do not have to make too much effort in the process.

This aspect can be avoided with professionally cut ice machines, which are directly connected to the pipe network in your home. In this case, it is the machine itself that takes the water according to what it needs, without the need for tanks or other elements. In this case, the amount is higher, although the truth is that the final result of the product is worth it. Especially if you have a great need for ice production.

Type of cubes manufactured

To finalize our advice, beyond other important aspects such as the size or material of the machine, among others, we cannot fail to assess the type of cubes manufactured by the machine. Nowadays, the simple traditional ice cube is no longer enough, with models of all kinds that make it easier to add the amount and type of ice you need to your drinks.

Starting with the type of cube, it is usual for most machines to cover the conventional demand for cubes, suitable for all types of drinks. However, it is already possible to find a good and cheap ice machine, capable of preparing flake ice, for example. A type of ice that is used in cocktail shakers and in all kinds of drinks of this cut. An increasingly fashionable type of ice for all types of users.

The other aspect to assess within the cubes is the size. It is not the same to have large solid cubes ideal for your large cups and glasses, as it is to have smaller cubes for shots, to give you a couple of examples. Another aspect that you can verify in a simple way, it is convenient to bet on products that have at least a couple of sizes of cubes, at least. The more complete the offer, the better for your drinks.

How to use an ice machine

It is always very useful to have ice whenever it is necessary, at your parties and gatherings with friends and family or anywhere you want. Now this is possible, thanks to the fact that you have just acquired your own ice machine. That is why we present this article, where we will explain how you should use your ice machine and give you some recommendations to use your ice maker efficiently.

Check the product instruction manual

It is very important to read the user manual of the machine, in order to become a little more familiar with each of its parts and functions. In addition, it explains the type of power source to use and other features that are necessary to know before using your product for the first time.

Clean the inside and outside of the appliance

Before using your ice machine for the first time, all protective films and stickers that protect it must be removed. It is necessary to clean the outside of the appliance with a damp cloth to remove dust. Next, the interior must be cleaned, adding water to remove dirt or packaging remains. To remove this water, locate the drain plug and uncover it, let the dirty water come out of the machine.

Add the amount of water to the container

Connect the machine to the power outlet indicated in the manufacturer’s user manual. Lift the top lid and remove the basket. Add the maximum amount of water up to the indicated limit. Try not to exceed this limit because it can be counterproductive, affecting the quality of the ice. Put the basket back in place and close the lid.

Select the size of the desired ice cube

Before turning on the appliance, you can select the size you want your ice machine to produce. Some ice maker models include three sizes, S, M, L, others include only two. Locate the function selection button and choose the one indicated for the occasion. Turn on the appliance and wait around 10 to 15 minutes for the ice to be made.

Remove the ice from the basket and serve

Once the regulation time is over, the machine generally has an LED and an audible alarm indicating that the ice is ready to be used. You have the option of removing these ice cubes and placing them in a tray. You can repeat this process until you fill the tray or serve the ice from the machine itself. The ice maker also has an indicator showing that the water container is empty and needs to be filled with water.

Clean your ice machine

When you have finished using the appliance, turn it off and unplug it from the power outlet. Proceed to drain the excess water. Wipe the surface and interior of the appliance with a clean cloth, removing any moisture. Now your machine will be ready to be used again.

Final considerations

If your machine was transported from one place to another, it is recommended to let it rest for at least 30 minutes before connecting it, avoiding any electrical accident that could damage the device.

The most popular brands

An ice machine is a very useful appliance both for the home and for businesses and stores, so if you are thinking of purchasing one of these pieces of equipment, keep in mind the following selection of some of the best brands, made after a careful review of the features of the best-selling models and user reviews on the net. These brands are H.Koenig, ThinkGizmos and Winkel.

The brand of German origin H.Koenig has become one of the most important manufacturers of household appliances in the world, characterized by its focus on small appliances for domestic use, which facilitate household chores with the use of the most advanced technology.

It originated in 1960 in the Ruhr region, in western Germany, thanks to the initiative of the craftsman hardware store Helmut Koenig when he created his workshop for the manufacture of small electrical appliances. Over the years, the company accelerated its expansion, thanks to the industrial momentum in the region at the time, opening new factories in various cities in Germany. Today the brand has gained prestige and has become a reference for the reliability, ease of use and advanced technology of its products.

The brand offers the market a wide variety of devices for different uses in the home, in particular its kitchen robots are emblematic, with functions of processor, mixer, cooker, food manufacturer, in addition to other equipment such as coffee machines, juicers, ice, ice cream, toasters, mini ovens, cooktops, grill, vacuum cleaners, sweepers, ironing centers, among other products.

As for its ice machines, it offers several models that stand out for their modern and compact design, efficiency and speed in manufacturing, ease of use and power. Therefore, these products are among the best valued by buyers on the Internet.

Think Gizmos

ThinkGizmos is an English brand based in West Sussex, established in 2005 as a high-tech toy and robot manufacturing company. Today the company also sells household appliances and other gadgets. Although the brand is in the process of booming and developing, it has gained recognition especially on Internet sales pages. Its products are characterized by advanced technological design, innovation and practicality, in shapes and prices accessible to the general public and with efficient advice and customer and consumer services.

Among the most emblematic products of the brand are its high-tech toys such as remote-controlled helicopters and cars, robots and various models of drones. In addition, they have an extensive line of household appliances such as cleaning robots, ice machines, lamps, digital clocks, popcorn machines, warming cups, alarm clocks, among other products.

Its model of ice maker is one of the most efficient on the current market, due to its great capacity and speed in manufacturing, practicality and ease of use, which is why it is one of the most recommended by buyers on the net.


The Winkel company has its headquarters and origin in Illingen, Germany and is one of the most important companies in the manufacture and implementation of industrial systems and components. It was born as a factory specializing in implements for industrial vehicles and linear guides for heavy loads and today they have expanded their service offering to a wide variety of solutions for industrial processes and other electronic equipment.

Today the company offers the market among its appliances, coffee makers, blenders, vacuum cleaners, fryers, mixers, irons, food processors, sewing machines, ice makers, among others.

As for its models of ice makers, the brand offers state-of-the-art equipment, with great manufacturing capacity and ease of use, filling and cleaning. For this reason, it has achieved great success in sales and in the evaluation of buyers on the web.

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