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Ice Crusher – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis

When buying an ice crusher, to crush this product and cool different drinks for our consumption, there are a series of elements to take into consideration, such as the design of the crusher, its dimensions, depending on the volume of ice that We hope to handle the manufacturing materials, knowing that they must be very resistant to maintain continuous and constant use and the capacity of ice that can be crushed in a given time. Thus, the model Lacor 60327It is emerging as the best option in this category because it has a practical design, is handled manually and is made with resistant blades to manage an efficient cut in the shortest possible time, in addition to having ideal dimensions to process ice at a level domestic. If you want to evaluate another alternative, then users agree that it can be the Clatronic MZ 3560 model, with 1 liter capacity and a power of 300W.

The 5 Best Ice Crushers – Opinions 2022

What about those evening gatherings at home with your friends, those fun and sentimental talks? There is nothing better than accompanying them with some very cold cocktails, or those hot mornings where you only want to cool off with a great smoothie iced drink.

Enough of wasting your time and spending work crushing the ice with a mallet, we will present below a list with the new technologies of ice crushing machines, we will show you various models from which you can choose the best ice crusher and you will know the same It forms which equipment not to acquire, all according to the opinion of consumers, all to reduce your stress and give you greater comfort.

1. Lacor 60327 Manual Ice Crusher

Main advantage:

Its large suction cups allow the machine to be fixed on any surface to maintain adequate stability during ice crushing.

Main disadvantage:

It only allows you to obtain one type of crush, cocktail style, which may not be enough if you want ice for other preparations

Verdict: 9.7/10

Despite being a manual model, the comfort of use and the resistance offered by the Lacor 60327 ice crusher allow you to have all the crushed ice you need with little effort and with adequate production capacity.

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chopping system

The crushing system of this machine is completely manual, so it is necessary to make some effort to obtain the crushed ice. However, both the materials and the crank turning system are designed to make the process much more comfortable, so that the effort required to obtain the ice is considerably reduced. Something that is helped by its blades, made of high-quality metal material, and which, moved by the axis activated by the crank, are responsible for leaving intact and properly cut ice fragments.

Something important since many machines are not dedicated to cutting the ice but directly break or disintegrate it, leaving a large number of shards and remains that end up watering down the drinks where you put it.


The materials with which this ice crusher is made responds to the usual standards established by Lacor for all its products. That is, maximum quality with almost professional quality. However, it should be remembered that this product is designed for the domestic market, so the materials may not have the necessary resistance for prolonged professional use.

That said, we note that the body of the product is made of high-resistance plastic material, so that the cutting area is not scratched or damaged due to continuous friction with the ice.

We have already talked about the blades, which are highly resistant and allow us to make more comfortable and easy cuts. As for the gear and cutting system, given its simplicity and strength, this system allows comfortable turning with material specially designed for the handle area, which is responsible for relieving pressure and making chopping work easier.

product stability

Given that ice crushing tasks require considerable effort, it is important to opt for products that have the necessary stability so that the force is “suffered” by the ice and not by the crusher. This is what we get with this product, which has a resistant system of four suction cups, with which we can make all the efforts we need to chop, always keeping it glued to the surface.

The suction cups, in addition to being made of highly adherent materials, have a large surface area, which also helps to distribute the forces between each one of them, preventing them from becoming unstuck and causing the machine to overturn during chopping. An additional help that makes this task somewhat easier, even being manual as is the case.

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2. Clatronic MZ 3560 Glass bowl mincer


With measurements of 17.5 x 17.5 x 28 cm and a weight of 2 kilograms, it is necessary to mention that the Clatronic MZ 3560 ice crusher has a power of 300 watts, which has been called a 2-in-1 model, since it is capable of crushing ice through a special function, as well as any other type of food.

Likewise, it has a capacity of up to 1.2 liters, making it ideal for small quantities or the preparation of certain cocktails. Similarly, it includes a glass container that is completely suitable for the microwave, so you can use it to heat any type of mixture.

However, best of all, it includes 2 removable high-quality stainless steel blades, so cleaning is very easy and its useful life is long, which is very important in this type of equipment.

Now, if what you are interested in is knowing the benefits of this Clatronic brand ice crusher, as well as its possible drawbacks, then we invite you to take a look at the following pros and cons of the MZ 3560 model:


Blades: Its greatest advantage is its blades since they are made of high-quality stainless steel, which is extremely important when assessing the useful life of a piece of equipment. On the other hand, it should be noted that they are fully removable to facilitate cleaning of both the equipment, its blades and its container. Of course, it should be mentioned that it not only includes one blade, but two to provide a better service.

Cleaning: As previously mentioned, cleaning this model is very simple, since both its container and its blades are completely removable to facilitate cleaning and care of the equipment, and that is why you should not worry much about this factor.

Power: Another of its advantages is that it offers 300 watts of power, with which you will be able to crush the ice very well without much problem, thus obtaining your cocktails at the moment you like.


Weight: Its only drawback is that it weighs 2 kilograms, so it could be a bit heavy compared to other models.

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3. Princess 282984 Ice Crusher

If you are looking for the best quality-price ice crusher, do not be dazzled by the design of the Princess 282984, it is not among the cheapest, but you will like its innovative design, silver in color, weighs 1.8 kg, It measures 24 x 23 x 15 cm, it has a power of 55 watts, and a voltage of 230, that is, if you are ecological or you like to reduce energy, this machine is not ideal, due to its high electrical consumption.

However, despite being one of the most expensive, consumers say that the power is not enough to crush ice, its design in terms of the blades could be said to be one of the most deficient on the market, and you will be make it difficult to use, due to how extremely noisy it is. Despite this, this model has various accessories, such as a large ice container, a locking lid, a safety filling lid, a removable lid and a transparent lid that will adapt according to your expectations.

Doing some more research to find the best ice crusher brand, we found that the Princess model 282984 may be a good candidate for this category. Learn a little more about its advantages and disadvantages:


Power: The most remarkable thing about the Princess 282984 ice crusher is the fact that it has a power of 55 watts, so you can have all the crushed ice you want in a very short time and without making too much noise.

Design: Another of its advantages is that it has a simple but modern and elegant design, so it will look simply incredible in your kitchen and will combine perfectly with your other appliances.

Dimensions: As a next advantage we must mention that it has dimensions of 24 x 15 x 23 centimeters, which make it respectably compact and will allow you to place it anywhere without problems.

Deposit: In addition, it has a deposit for crushed ice with a capacity of 0.6 liters, which will be enough to prepare a few drinks.


Ice size: Some customers allege that the Princess 282984 ice crusher requires that the ice to be crushed be small to avoid jams in its blades.

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4. Zodiac 503005 C Chrome Ice Crusher


The Zodiac Sunnex 503005C ice crusher has dimensions of 22.8 x 16 x 15.8 cm and weighs only 100 grams, making it extremely light, ideal for transporting from one place to another. Thus, it should be noted that it is a model with a manual system that works through a removable crank.

Likewise, it is designed primarily to be used in the preparation of cocktails, since it has stainless steel blades to easily crush the ice, which also prolongs their useful life.

On the other hand, it is worth mentioning that it has a chrome lid that gives the product a unique touch and, as if that were not enough, its base is totally transparent, so you can observe the process when crushing the ice and have an idea of how much ice you carry, especially considering that its container has a capacity of up to one liter, just enough to prepare up to 5 or 6 cocktails, although this factor can vary depending on their size, of course.

Similarly, in case you want to know a little more about the pros and cons of the Zodiac Sunnex 503005C ice crusher, then we suggest you review the ones listed below:


Blades: Its biggest point in favor is its blades since they are made of stainless steel, and since, thanks to these, you will be able to cut the ice without any problem. In addition, it should be noted that it is a manual ice crusher, that is, it comes with a rotary mechanism with a removable crank and since it is not electric, you must carry all the work by hand, so its blades symbolize a great point to consider.

Cover: It has a chrome cover that, in addition to giving it a hint of elegance, also provides durability to the product. Likewise, it is possible to add ice easily through it as the rest is chopped.

Base: Another of its advantages is its base, which is transparent as it is made of polymethylmethacrylate (acrylic), which not only makes it very resistant, but also, thanks to this, you will be able to see the amount of ice you have crushed so that it does not get stuck since it has a capacity of up to 1 litre.


Materials: Users have let it be known that although the product meets expectations, it should also be noted that its materials do not seem robust.

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5. Tefal K13212 Ingenio Cordless Manual Chopper

When it comes to practicality and efficiency, this ice crusher could be the most recommended option if you need a portable device to use on the go. Thanks to its manual mechanism, it is a product that works without batteries and without electricity; so you don’t need a power outlet.

It has an ergonomic soft-touch handle, with which you can chop in no time and with a minimum of effort. You just have to pull it and immediately its sharp blades are activated by a propulsion system; the more you throw, the smaller the pieces you can get. Likewise, it is a device that not only crushes ice efficiently, but also any food.

It has a capacity of 900 ml and thanks to its transparent container, you can see and control the level of the minced meat, depending on the preparation. In addition, it has a non-slip base that provides stability when using it.

Regardless of whether you want to prepare a frozen drink or chop vegetables for a salad, with this device you can do it inside or outside the home. Next, know its most outstanding characteristics.


Manual mechanism: It is a manual machine provided with a handle that activates a propelling mechanism, thanks to which its blades rotate up to 7 times with a single movement, chopping ice and food into large, medium or small pieces.

Blades: It has blades made of stainless steel, efficient and highly resistant, so you can quickly crush, grind or chop.

Design: It has a modern design, equipped with a 900 ml transparent container, which allows you to control the preparation.

Non- slip: It has a non-slip base that favors stability and prevents accidents due to the device tipping over.


Preparations: If what you are looking for is a device that prepares purees or jars for your child, you could consider other options available on the market.

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Lacor 60327 Manual Ice Crusher

If what you are looking for is a machine that fulfills its function perfectly, is durable, effective, resistant, comfortable, with a modern design, and easy to use, handle, and clean, then the Lacor 60327 is the best mincer for ice on the market according to consumers and the most recommended.

This machine has a plastic body with 18/10 stainless steel, which will guarantee a greater durability of the product. It measures about 23 x 12 x 16 cm, and weighs about 962 g, which means that it is light and ideal for small kitchens. Likewise, it includes steel blades that break the ice easily, and a crank that is easy to use.

In addition, it is one of the few machines that has a handle which is fixed to the table and prevents it from moving, with these features you will understand why it is one of the best ice crushers of 2022.

If you want to know more, take a look below to read the characteristics of this model appreciated by many as the best ice crusher of the moment:


Design: With its attractive and modern design, this ice crusher will perfectly match your kitchen or bar, giving it a distinctive and elegant touch.

Dimensions: It has dimensions of 23 x 12 x 16 centimeters, so it does not take up too much space and you can easily place it on top of any counter or if you wish, it will also be very easy to store it.

Type: This ice crusher is manual type; It has a special crank that will allow you to turn the internal blades to crush the ice as far as you want.

Stability: Regarding stability, we can mention that the Lacor 60327 ice crusher has special suction cups that will allow it to adhere strongly to the surface to avoid slipping and accidents.

Blades: Finally, it is necessary to point out that the Lacor 60327 ice crusher has powerful blades that will be able to chop the ice quickly and without requiring too much effort.

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Buying Guide – What is the best ice crusher on the market?

There are a number of reasons why you may need crushed ice. If you are a home user, to prepare cocktails or smoothies and if you own a business such as a fishmonger or greengrocer to better preserve your products.

Whatever the reason you want crushed ice, this guide to buying the best ice crusher will come in handy. Not everything is knowing how much a good ice crusher costs, but also knowing how to choose the one that best suits your needs.

Types of ice crushers

We can say that you can find manual ice crushers and electric ice crushers. The first group is useful when the amount of ice to be crushed is small or is done very sporadically. However, the second group is recommended when ice is crushed frequently and there are different capacities in terms of the volume of crushed ice that they can produce.

Manual mincers usually operate by turning a crank that can be the Achilles heel of the mincer because, depending on the use you give it, it could break or dull, making the process more difficult.

Obviously, electric or automatic mincers are easier to operate, they only require placing the ice cubes and turning them on.


There are some with a retro look and others with ultra modern designs that combine perfectly with the most avant-garde kitchens.

If you are going to place the grinder in a mini-bar or on your kitchen bench, then you will have to take more care of the appearance of it. Likewise, in terms of design, take into account its ease of use.


All the devices that we buy for our kitchen must have a space to place or store them, so we must take their size into account when choosing it. Now, in the case of the ice crusher, this size is directly related to the number of cubes that you can place in each batch and therefore the amount of crushed ice that you are going to obtain.


This is undoubtedly the most important aspect when selecting an ice crusher. You must be clear about the reason why you want an appliance of this type and how much crushed ice you will need. To give you an idea of ​​how variable this characteristic can be, we can tell you that some ice crushers can produce about a liter of ice in two minutes or 25 kilos in an hour.

Of course, this last type of grinder is not the one that a home user is going to need, but it can be very useful if you have a bar, a cocktail bar or a sale of fresh products such as meat, fish, fruit, salads, etc.


Whether you want it for occasional use or you need the chopper more frequently, you should not neglect the material they are made of. Some are totally metallic, others have a plastic body and only have metal parts in the area where the ice is ground.

Generally, the ones made of stainless steel are more expensive, but if you want it for more frequent use, you should invest in one of these.

How to use an ice crusher

Ice crushers are very useful to be used in bars, restaurants and even in butcher shops to keep meat fresh. There are also ice crushers that are special to be used in homes where the capacity of crushed ice is less, but they allow you to cool your drinks for the enjoyment of your family. In this article you will learn the correct way to use an ice crusher, whether manual or electric.

Choose the type of ice crusher to use

Depending on your budget and need for use, you can opt for a manual or electric ice crusher. The manual ones have the great advantage that they are quite portable and do not require electricity to work, but if you need to crush large amounts of ice, an electric crusher is your best option, since they generally have a great capacity to crush ice in a greater proportion and faster and more comfortable way. There are also mixed models that have a manual part and an electric part for the grinding process.

Check the instruction manual

Whether your ice crusher is manual or electric, and depending on the make and model, you need to read the instruction manual to understand how the crusher works and the features it offers.

There are several models of electric choppers that are versatile and offer not only the main function of crushing ice, but also serve as a grinder for other types of food such as vegetables and greens.

Place the amount of ice you want to crush in your crusher

Most models of ice crushers, whether manual or electric, have a tank where the ice cubes to be crushed are placed, depending on their capacity. Place the amount you need to cover the maximum capacity. Electric models and some manual models usually have a protective lid that must be opened to place the ice and then closed firmly, for added safety.

Proceed to crush the ice cubes

If the model of your ice crusher is manual, proceed to turn the crank with a little force and place the resulting ice in a bowl. Most of these models include this accessory by default so that the resulting crushed ice is stored.

In the case of an electric grinder, close the protective cover, select the size of the crush, turn on the grinder and wait a few minutes while the ice is crushed and little by little the resulting crushed ice is generated. If you want more crushed ice, you can repeat the process for both.

Carry out the cleaning process of your chopper

Once you have finished using your ice crusher, proceed to wash and dry it properly. Many chopper models have removable parts, which you can wash together in the dishwasher or sink. It is recommended to pass a dry cloth on the surface of your chopper to remove moisture and guarantee the life of the device.

The most popular brands

If we want to buy a good ice crusher, the first thing we should do is review the characteristics of the best models and compare them with the opinions of users on the Internet. But having done this, we must then analyze the main brands, that is why we have made a small list in which we include Lacor, Princess and Clatronic.

The Lacor company, based in the Basque Country, has more than 60 years in the market, providing solutions for kitchenware and hospitality. During its long experience, this brand has managed to position itself among the main ones at the national level.

Good service and satisfying user needs have been the main concerns of this company for more than half a century, which is why it is currently one of the most recognized Spanish manufacturers.

The Lacor product catalog is very extensive, they have a line of products for household items at an industrial level in which they offer pots, pans, saucepans, frying pans and large paella pans, made of stainless steel and aluminium. It also sells kitchen utensils such as colanders, strainers, saucepans, food mills, slotted spoons, trays and fountains.

As for the field of the cafeteria, Lacor offers everything from teapots and coffee makers to cups of ice cream buckets. For the kitchen, a range of frying pans, roasters, crepe pans and roasters are available, all with non-stick coating. It also has various appliances such as juicers, grill plates, knife sharpeners, coven ovens, toasters, among others.

The Lacor brand manual ice crusher has a very good score on the Internet, since it allows you to crush the ice for frappé or for some frozen liquor drink, it has capacity for two glasses and best of all, it has a good price.

This is currently one of the main brands of the Tristar Group in Spain, which is in charge of marketing Princess. This Dutch brand produces small household appliances that are well known in the world for the use of chrome in their products.

Princess was created in 1994 by an entrepreneur named Aad Ouborg and although it has changed owners, the brand has remained constant so it has grown steadily over time, and today its products reach more than 70 countries around the world. the world, its human team is made up of around 100 workers, who have contributed their efforts to the success of the company.

As part of Tristar, Princess bets on simple but highly functional devices. User comments on the Internet confirm that Princess products have the particularity of being reliable but also accessible.

From the Princess brand we can find products for the kitchen such as multi-casseroles, mixers, toasters, sandwich makers, crepe makers, waffle makers and rice cookers, while for the home in general they have vacuum cleaners, kitchen scales, vacuum packing machines and electric knives. In the field of personal care, offer electric shavers for men.

The Clatronic company was born in Germany in 1985, and is headquartered in the district of Viersen. Its European distribution center is 60,000 m² and has the most modern warehouses. Clatronic is a wholesale electrical appliance company, engaged in the import and distribution of consumer appliances from China.

One of the characteristics that define this brand is that all its products go through rigorous quality control. Among Spanish users, Clatronic products are known for having a good price and being very functional.

The product catalog of this brand is quite extensive, it offers rice cookers, fryers, barbecues, kitchen scales, meat grinders, sandwich makers, coffee makers, blenders, ice makers, mini-washers, cyclone vacuum cleaners, toasters, blenders, irons, among other appliances. As if that were not enough, its range of products is complemented by a line of spare parts for its devices.

Clatronic has a series of multi-purpose choppers that can crush ice, fruits, vegetables and seeds. One of the ways to get these products is through online discount stores, but they can also be found in physical stores such as large supermarket chains.

» Review information from previous years

These products used to be among the most recommended, but now they are no longer available

Jago manual ice crusher with blades


Para finalizar, encontramos la picadora de hielo Jago, la cual cuenta con unas dimensiones de 26 x 16 centímetros y está fabricada especialmente para la preparación de cócteles, al tratarse de una picadora de hielo de acero inoxidable.

Primeramente, hay que hacer mención a que se trata de un modelo que trabaja de forma manual, es decir, no requiere de energía eléctrica para su funcionamiento y para funcionar necesita de la fuerza del hombre, haciendo uso de su manivela. Aun cuando necesita de mayor tiempo para picar el hielo, al momento de hacer los cócteles, quedarás encantado.

Por otro lado, si bien su carcaza está diseñada con plástico cromado, sus cuchillas son de acero inoxidable, cosa que le brinda durabilidad al producto, alargando su vida útil. Ahora bien, cabe destacar que incluye un recipiente para el hielo picado y, por si fuera poco, trae consigo una cuchara para que puedas agarrar el hielo y utilizarlo, o servirlo.

Por último, si buscas mayor información sobre la picadora de hielo Jago, entonces a continuación te brindamos los pros y contras del mismo, los cuales te sugerimos revisar antes de tomar una decisión sobre su adquisición:


Material: Uno de los aspectos más importantes de este equipo es que está fabricado con acero inoxidable y plástico cromado, lo que no solo la hacen duradera, sino que también le otorgan un gran diseño estético para que combine con tu cocina.

Accesorios: A diferencia de los modelos anteriores donde únicamente traen como accesorio sus recipientes, en este caso, además del envase para colocar el hielo picado, también incluye una cuchara que puedes utilizar tanto para servir el hielo como para preparar los cócteles sin necesidad de meter las manos en el hielo.

Cócteles: Este modelo está diseñado y pensado para ser utilizado como un picador de hielo para llevar a cabo todo tipo de cócteles, teniendo hielo disponible para cualquier trago. Lo mejor de todo es que al ser un equipo manual, no importa si hay fallas eléctricas, la diversión continuará.


Manual: Para quienes este factor pueda ser decisivo, cabe resaltar que utiliza un mecanismo giratorio de manivela que se pone en funcionamiento con la fuerza del hombre, es decir, se pica el hielo de forma manual, tardando más el proceso de picado y requiriendo de un mayor esfuerzo que con picadoras de hielo eléctricas.

ZHG Rondo

Si lo que estás buscando es una máquina que cumpla su función de forma eficiente, y no solo eso, sino que además sea accesible econ

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