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Integrated Microwave – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis


If you are modernizing your kitchen, you should think about buying an integrated microwave, because it has a greater number of functions, its energy consumption is quite low and it is highly resistant. In this sense, the Balay 3WMX1918 model is an interesting microwave, which has 800 W of power, distributed in 5 heating levels and a capacity of 17 liters, also including a 24.5 cm plate so you can heat your food with ease. You could also opt for the Teka MWE 225 FI built -in microwave, characterized by its modern black and gray stainless steel design, as well as its 20-litre capacity and its grill function. 

The 9 Best Built-in Microwaves – Opinions 2022

We know how important it is today to take advantage of spaces in the home, especially if we want to enjoy an elegant kitchen, with a minimalist style and maximum comfort. It is for this reason that a built-in microwave is a good purchase option for many users. In this context, we bring you a list of the 9 best built-in microwaves, according to their positive ratings on Amazon, in order to help you make a smart investment and provide you with benefits adapted to your culinary requirements.

Balay built-in microwave 

1. Balay 3WMX1918 Microwave Stainless Steel 800 W 17 liters

If you are looking for a cheap built-in microwave, you should take a look at the characteristics of the Balay 3WMX1918 model, since it has a delicate and avant-garde design in stainless steel, all silver in color and with a structure created to be installed on a column. 60 cm wide or in a tall piece of furniture with that measure.

Additionally, the integrated Balay microwave comes with an operating power that reaches 800 W, adjustable in 5 different functions through a mechanical control of rotary knobs, very practical and intuitive for your maximum comfort.

On the other hand, the turntable of this appliance has a diameter of 24.5 cm that facilitates the rapid heating of food. Another advantage of this appliance is that it has an internal capacity of 17 liters, which will allow you to defrost, cook or heat your meals comfortably.

For those who want to modernize their kitchen but without spending a lot of money, we recommend this Balay microwave, because it is one of the cheapest in our selection. Know its pros and cons.


Compact: This equipment is quite compact, as it has dimensions of 28 x 45.3 x 32 cm, being suitable for small kitchens.

Frame: To facilitate the assembly of this device, the built-in frame for its integration with the furniture is included with the purchase.

Programmer: Additionally, this microwave has a 60-minute cooking time programmer.


Grill: It does not have a grill to grill food, but this does not affect its functionality at all. 

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Teka built-in microwave 

2. Teka Integration Model MWE 225 FI Microwave with Grill

In the category of the best price-quality built-in microwave, this model from the renowned Teka brand stands out, an electronic microwave with a fairly affordable cost, which incorporates a grill capable of providing combined cooking to your food, so you can gratin your recipes and please your family with their favorite dishes. 

Among other features of the integrated Teka microwave, we highlight its 20-litre capacity inside and a 24.5-cm-diameter turntable. Likewise, it has five power levels distributed in 800 watts of heating power, and can reach up to 1,000 watts in the grill function.

On the other hand, its innovative design in black and gray colors, with a wide glass door, highlight its anti-fingerprint stainless steel structure. In addition, it has a panel with electronic controls and digital display, intuitive and easy to use. 

It should be noted that this built-in microwave is one of the most valued by users, being recommended for its quality and good price, so we explain its advantages and disadvantages.


Capacity: Teka offers this microwave with a large capacity of 20 litres, being highly efficient for heating large portions of food.

Defrosting: It has the function of defrosting by time and by weight, a very interesting option to prepare your food faster.

Lock: Includes a safety device that allows the control panel to be locked, appropriate when there are children at home.


Door: To open the door you must press a button, missing a handle that facilitates the opening. 

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Bosch built-in microwave 

3. Bosch BEL523MS0 Built-in / built-in microwave 800 W 20 L 

The Bosch BEL523MS0 model is a microwave that has an elegant stainless steel structure, with a black design and made with high-quality materials, so you don’t have to worry about its resistance or wear, being highly recommended by many users. 

This Bosch built-in microwave has an internal capacity of 20 litres, which, combined with its 25.5 cm diameter turntable, will allow you to prepare different recipes without too many space limitations. In addition, it includes a practical grill, reheat and defrost functions, as well as an electronic clock that you can program at your convenience to stop cooking at the desired time.

Likewise, it has LED lighting inside the microwave to observe the cooking process and its strength reaches 800 watts of maximum power, distributed in 5 different levels, although the grill mode can reach up to 1000 W of heating.

Many users consider that Bosch could take the place as the best brand of built-in microwaves, so we invite you to learn more about it through this model.


Grill: We highlight its grill function, which allows you to obtain gratins quickly and easily, thanks to its 1000 watt power.

Door: The electronic door system allows you to access the interior of the microwave just by pressing a key.

Controls: Its innovative control panel has a LED display with red light and intuitive controls that facilitate the use of the microwave.


Price: This microwave has a somewhat high cost compared to other models on the market, but it is efficient and simple to heat food quickly.

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White built-in microwave 

4. Infiniton Electronics Microwave Integration Infiniton IMW-1825 25 L

Do you still have doubts about which is the best built-in microwave? We recommend you review the characteristics of this Infiniton Electronics model. A white built-in microwave with an internal capacity of about 25 liters and a 31.5 cm turntable, dimensions that are suitable for heating several portions of food quickly and efficiently, being the largest unit in our selection.

Its functions are combined between the microwave and the grill, with a heating power of 900 W, and can reach up to 1000 watts in the gratin function. Additionally, it incorporates the defrost alternative and you can choose between 8 power levels according to your needs.

Another interesting feature of this model is that you can program it for up to 95 minutes, through digital control and view the time through the integrated LED display screen.

This IMW-1825 model from Infiniton Electronics could be a great purchase option, so we present its main benefits and disadvantages:


Microwave/grill: This model offers you the grill function so you can use the microwave in the traditional way, with the grill mode or by combining both functions.

Size: It is one of the largest microwaves in this selection, as its dimensions are 38.8 x 59.5 x 40 cm, while the turntable measures 31.5 cm.

Design: Its white color and straight lines add elegance to its design, so it could combine perfectly with the aesthetics of your kitchen.


Color: If you don’t like white appliances, then you should look for another model, as this one comes in that color and with a tempered glass door.

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Siemens built-in microwave 

5. Siemens HF15G561 Microwave 1270W 10A 50Hz 230V

Among the cheap models offered by Siemens we find the HF15G561 microwave, a modern contemporary style appliance made of stainless steel, with an elegant silver tone and that incorporates the integration frame with the same finish, being the special touch that would be missing to your kitchen.

This Siemens built-in microwave has an interior capacity of 17 liters and a 24.5 cm diameter turntable, so you can cook your food in no time. It also incorporates a stainless steel grill type grill, in case you want to enjoy a tasty gratin or give your meals a roast effect.

In turn, it has 5 power levels and thanks to the AutoCook function, you can program your recipes to obtain perfect results in minutes. In addition, this device has a control panel with simple controls and easy to use.

Currently, it is almost essential to have a microwave at home, as it is a piece of equipment that makes your work in the kitchen easier and saves you time when you are in a hurry. Learn more about this model below.


Power: The HF15G561 has two power alternatives: 800 W for microwave and 1,000 W for the grill function; giving you the desired heating power.

Capacity: It has a capacity of 17 liters inside, which is comfortable to introduce any container.

Grid: It also incorporates a stainless steel grid, which will allow you to cook your food on the grill directly in the microwave.


Quick button: This model does not include a “quick” button to start the microwave, having to select the power and press start to start heating. 

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25 liter built-in microwave 

6. Whirlpool AMW 160/IX Built-in 25L 900W Stainless steel 

In the search for the best built-in microwave that you can find on the market, we recommend the Whirlpool AMW 160/IX model, because it has a modern built-in box design in black, which fits harmoniously into the decoration of your kitchen. 

Its structure is made of stainless steel and has innovative technology combined with special functions, such as the grill function, the Jet Start button that gives you high-speed reheating, as well as the safety lock button, which prevents any accident in the handling of the device by a child. 

It should be noted that it is an integrated microwave with a capacity of 25 liters, so it could be a great helper in preparing your favorite dishes in the shortest possible time, which is why it is considered by many users as a good option. shopping.

This Whirlpool microwave model is intuitive, easy to use and has unique aesthetic elements in its design, so we invite you to learn about its most outstanding pros and cons.


Capacity: Its 25 liters of interior capacity allow you to introduce almost any container without problems.

Grill: It has the grill function so you can give that roast or gratin effect to your culinary preparations without much effort. 

Power: It has a heating power of 900 watts in the microwave function, reaching a maximum power of 1000 W in the grill option.


Noise: The fact that there are five beeps to notify that the heating process has finished, may not be pleasant for some people.

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Integrated microwave oven 

7. Siemens BF634LGW1 iQ700 Built-in / built-in microwave without frame 

If you want to obtain the best built-in microwave of the moment, we recommend you check out the built-in model BF634LGW1 iQ700 from Siemens, designed in a new white color on the outside and its stainless steel interior, highlighting its frameless integration technology, with the endorsement of the quality of a brand that has many years of experience in the home appliance market.

Thanks to its high power of 900 W, this integrated microwave oven offers the possibility of saving a lot of time in the preparation, heating and defrosting of your meals. Also, for greater comfort, it has a cookControl panel that allows you to cook up to 7 recipes automatically.

Regarding its installation, we must point out that, thanks to its left side opening, this appliance can be installed on columns or furniture with heights of 60 cm. Additionally, it has an easy and intuitive TFT touch screen control, which makes handling this microwave oven more comfortable.

For those looking for an efficient built-in microwave, with a contemporary and easy-to-use design, we recommend paying attention to the qualities of this Siemens model.


Design: It has an avant-garde design in white and a frameless built-in structure, adaptable to any decoration.

Capacity: It is a comfortable microwave to use, since it has 21 liters of internal capacity, enough for a couple or a family of few members.

Automatic: Among its special functions, it has the cookControl option, which allows you to automatically cook up to 7 different recipes.


Price: It is the most expensive model in our selection, so it probably does not fit most budgets, but its quality and heating efficiency must be highlighted.

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Built-in AEG microwave 

8. AEG MSB2548C-M Integrated Combination microwave 23 L 900 W

For those who want to acquire one of the best built-in microwaves of 2022, it is convenient to review the characteristics offered by this model, which stands out for its 23-liter capacity; having dimensions of 59.5 cm wide, 47.1 cm deep and 46 cm high, measurements that easily adapt to the space where you decide to install it. 

Also, this integrable AEG microwave offers two power levels associated with its operation. On the one hand, we have the conventional microwave mode with 900 W, and on the other, the grill mode, with a heating power that reaches 1000 W. In addition, this power is distributed in 8 levels for optimal performance.

In addition to the combined microwave/grill function, this model has the convection mode included, as well as the defrosting program by time and by weight. On the other hand, it has the auto cook option and the quick start function.

This built-in microwave could be a good purchase alternative, so we invite you to learn more about this device and its benefits.


Results: With the grill function you can obtain results with a professional finish, a good flavor and texture, with the push of a button.

Design: It has an attractive black design with stainless steel lines and a simple and intuitive touch control panel. In addition, it is lockable.

Performance: Its capacity of 25 liters and its maximum power that reaches 1,000 W of power in its grill function, gives you optimal performance when cooking your dishes.


Shutdown: It does not include the automatic shutdown option, but it has different functions to choose from, which will allow you to heat or defrost your meals more quickly.

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Beko built-in microwave 

9. Beko MGB 25332 BG Integrated Microwave with Grill 900 W 25 liters

This Beko built-in microwave model is an interesting option when buying a product in this category, because it has four functions in one: microwave mode, grill function, auto-cooking and weight-sensing defrost function.

It also has a 25-litre capacity, which allows you to put all kinds of containers inside it without further complication. Additionally, the model has a timer and for the safety of the little ones in the house, it includes a child lock system.

Finally, we highlight that this microwave incorporates a fully electronic LED digital display, which makes it easy to control the functions, so that you can get the most out of it. In addition, its 900 W power is adjustable to 5 levels for the microwave and 3 for the grill function.

If you still have doubts about which built-in microwave to buy, we recommend you analyze other characteristics of this model, so that you have all the necessary information.


Cooked: You can choose between 4 combined cooking modes, such as: microwave, defrost, grill/microwave and auto cook menus.

Integrated: Its integrated design fits properly into any space in your kitchen without complications, matching your oven.

Digital control: This model has a digital Display Touch control panel, so you only have to press the button of the function you want and it will start its work.


Adjustment button: The adjustment button is not hidden as in other models to facilitate cleaning, but this does not affect its operation at all.

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Shopping guide 

Currently, the microwave has become an almost essential appliance in any kitchen. We have even seen how over the years this appliance has evolved in terms of its design, allowing it to be incorporated into the wall or into a piece of furniture in our kitchen, optimizing space efficiently. 

For this reason, we bring you this guide to buy the best built-in microwave, in order to help you know the most relevant aspects that you should analyze to make a smart purchase, without having to invest a lot of money and obtaining quality equipment, which add a modern touch to your kitchen.


One of the main aspects that you should review is the power of this electronic device, because thanks to this feature you will be able to obtain efficient performance in its operation. If the microwave has a high power, it will heat the food more quickly, as well as speed up the process of the rest of the functions that these appliances usually have.

So, depending on the brand and model of the built-in microwave, it can have a power that ranges between 700 and 1000 watts. Probably, the appliances that have the grill function have a higher maximum power, to guarantee that the food will obtain the golden effect that we want in grilled foods. 

However, it should be noted regarding the size of the microwave, that the power influences this aspect, since you can find in the market that a microwave with a maximum power of 700 W has an internal capacity of 17 liters, so it is considered that it is a small microwave compared to other higher power models.

design and size

If you are remodeling your kitchen in order to modernize its style, the most convenient thing is to buy an integrated microwave, because it is a device capable of adapting to specific furniture in this area, since it has the appropriate aesthetics to harmonize with the decoration of your kitchen. In the market there is an extensive range of microwaves with avant-garde and contemporary designs, made with stainless steel, in black and silver colors, or if you prefer classic white, which can be comfortably adapted to your spaces and give it that elegant touch in combination with the other appliances.

You should also consider the size of the built-in microwave, because although it is true that this appliance will be built into a column or in some piece of furniture, you have to check if its size adapts to the space that we have allocated for it, it is advisable to buy the microwave before start the remodeling so that you have greater certainty as to the dimensions of the place where it fits, because if you buy it after the remodeling, you have the task of looking for the device that fits perfectly in the allocated space, which can be somewhat problematic. 

Remember that most built-in microwaves come with a built-in frame that must also be adjusted to the space available in your kitchen. In this context, we can mention that the standard measurement of microwaves in this category is 60 cm. 


When making a comparison of built-in microwaves, you will realize that there are small microwaves that are very cheap and that their functionalities can be even better than those of larger microwaves, so we consider that capacity is an element that influences how much it costs. this appliance. 

This is how we see that there are microwaves with capacities of 17, 20, 25 and they can even reach up to 35 liters or more of space inside, which also affects the size of the plate or container that you can put inside the microwave for the food heating process. This element must be taken into account in the case of a large family, where you need to heat several portions of food, and it is more convenient to choose an integrated microwave with greater capacity.


If you are interested in purchasing a cheap appliance, it is advisable to choose a conventional built-in microwave, with the sole function of heating food and that has a mechanical control panel with rotary knobs, which do not require greater technological knowledge to make them work. 

You can also opt for those with digital controls, with LED screens, timers, a clock and many more functions, among which we highlight the default menus, self-cooking, automatic shutdown, those that have a memory of your favorite recipes, they even have the function of defrosting by weight of food.

In addition to this, there are other models that combine the conventional version of the microwave with the grill function, which will allow you to gratin lasagna or other gastronomic preparations, so that you can give your delicious dishes a golden effect.

Frequently asked questions 


Q1: How to use a built-in microwave?

If it is the first time that you use an integrated microwave, you will see that its operation is very similar to conventional appliances, so the first step to take is to open the door of the appliance and insert the container with the food you want to heat on the turntable.. Remember that the container to be used must be heat resistant. Next, you must choose the operating option, that is, if you want to defrost, cook or heat the food.

For this process to be automatic, it is necessary to establish how much the food weighs and the type, so that the microwave works effectively. Now, press the start button or start and wait for the full operating time to elapse. Once finished, a warning beep will sound, open the door and with a glove or cloth, take out the container with the ready food. 

Q2: How to install a built-in microwave? 

It is very easy to install an integrated microwave, you can even do it yourself. To do this, it is necessary to be clear about the measurements of the space where the device will be embedded, which must coincide with the model you bought. The cable should go through the back of the cabinet, which usually has a hole in the back designed for that. Now, place the device in the integration space or furniture and make sure it fits well. Then, the built-in frame is placed, because this will prevent the microwave from moving from its place. 

Q3: How to know if my microwave is integrated?

In general, the built-in microwave has a much larger design than a conventional model, most have a frame that is built into the wall or furniture. Unlike the free-standing microwave, which can be placed on the countertop and does not require any additional installation, as you only have to connect the cable to the power outlet and it is ready to use. In addition, the dimensions of this device are usually smaller than in integrated microwaves.

Q4: How to clean a built-in microwave?

If you do not use a special lid to heat food, it is common for the microwave to get dirty easily. To clean its interior, it is convenient to remove the turntable to wash it with soap and water. Next, with a damp cloth, clean the interior until the dirt is removed. Do not use scouring pads or oven cleaners that can damage the internal surface of the microwave. In any case, it is advisable to clean the microwave after each use to prevent dirt from settling on the surface.

Q5: What can I prepare with a built-in microwave?

This microwave is not only used to heat and defrost food, with this device you can make numerous recipes. You can prepare stews, boil vegetables, make pasta or sauces and creams, melt chocolate, soften fruits, gratin, cook fish and other meats in their own juices, temper butter, delicious desserts, among many other things. 

Q6: Where to place an integrated microwave?

This type of microwave is usually placed in a column module in the kitchen, which have cupboards, both above and below, it being advisable to install the oven at eye level and the microwave above it, to have a concentrated cooking area In one single place. It can also be placed on a tall piece of furniture to the size of the microwave, or in a suspended place, so as not to occupy the shelves of the cabinets. 

Q7: Is it safe to use a built-in microwave?

Currently, it is safe to use a microwave, whether conventional or integrated, because most have protection systems to prevent accidents due to electric shock or overheating. In the case of built-in microwaves, which are installed in a heat column or in a piece of furniture, these places are equipped with vents that facilitate the operation of these devices and provide the necessary ventilation so that they do not heat up.

Although, there is likely to be some risk if the manufacturer’s instructions for use are not followed, especially when we take hot food out of the interior. In such a case, it is always convenient to have gloves or a cloth on hand to avoid suffering burns. Regarding the manipulation of this appliance by children, most of these devices have a blocking system that prevents the child from being able to put it into operation on their own.

Q8: Can I use a regular microwave as a built-in microwave?

Functionally, both microwaves are in equal conditions, since they can be used to heat or defrost food, as well as to make different gastronomic preparations. But if you want to use your normal microwave as a built-in one, you can search the market for a frame that adapts to the model you have at home to integrate it into some furniture. The good thing about the built-in microwave is that it is more visually aesthetic, it looks more elegant and it is specially designed to be integrated into the wall or a piece of furniture, although it is much more expensive than normal microwaves.

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