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Ham Holder – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis

Whether for a big event or to surprise your family and guests at home, a dry-cured ham will always be an exquisite delicacy to offer. A very sharp knife and a ham holder to keep it in place are the necessary tools to display it and cut it into slices of perfect thickness to taste and enjoy. The Lepanto Basculante is an elegant and highly functional option when it comes to a ham holder that allows you to access the best cuts. To have an attractive design, apart from being functional, the Quid 7519000 is the answer. Its varnished natural wood can be the support of the most delicious hams and shoulders.

The 8 Best Ham Holders – Opinions 2022

Ideally, a good ham matches a good support and thus show it off both in restaurants and at events with family and friends. These are the best ham holders on the market among which, surely, there will be a suitable model for you.

rotating ham holder 

1. Lepanto Rotating Tilting Ham Holder

This list of the best ham holders of 2022 could not start any other way than with this model. Not only is it a rotating ham holder, but it also has a tilting system that allows you to position the piece in different ways. You can turn or lift it without any effort so you can make perfect cuts. Although your kitchen at home can perfectly welcome it, it is mainly intended for the use of professional cutters.    

The combination of the shine of the chromed steel and the darkness of the wood highlights the elegance of this ham holder. However, if it is your preference, apart from black, you can choose white or walnut-colored wood. In addition to his obvious first class finishes, another point in his favor is his stable base. It has four discreet non-slip feet that will prevent movement during the cut, keeping the base firmly placed on the surface.

This is definitely a design that combines the elegance, robustness and maximum practicality of a ham holder. 


Materials: Chrome steel is not only highly resistant to corrosion, but also stands out with its level of brightness. 

Colors: You can display the elegance of its design in three different colors to choose from: black, white or walnut. 

Tilting system: Allows the piece of ham to be raised or lowered at convenience to be able to make cuts both horizontally and vertically. 

Use : It is perfectly usable for both ham legs and smaller shoulders.


Screws: It is necessary to make sure that the screws in the rotating system are well tightened, since they could loosen during the turning movement of the ham.

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vertical ham holder

2. Quid Aroche Ham Holder with Wooden Support 

You will like this fantastic model at first sight. It offers all the advantages of a vertical ham holder, in addition to the fact that you will immediately see it with its pleasant cherry brown color holding the most delicious ham. Your palate will be able to taste slices of the leg or shoulder with different cuts that differ from the horizontal one. So get ready to try different nuances of flavors. In order to make these cuts safely, an effective press system works to immobilize the piece and almost completely reduce any risk of unsafe cutting. 

There will be no hooves that cannot grip well or move. This ham holder has a small horizontal wooden base that makes contact with the surface and, in turn, supports two vertical wooden bases that have the steel parts in charge of pressing. It is not complicated at all in its action and it is very easy to assemble.

Its design of wood combined with steel and, additionally, one of the cheapest costs on the market make this ham holder a very attractive option.


Vertical: The space it occupies to place and store it is much less than that required by a horizontal one.

Varnished wood: The beautiful color of the wood is enhanced with a layer of varnish that, of course, will protect it from the accumulation of grease and make it easier to clean. 

Mounting Wrench: Includes the key you need for easy, hassle-free mounting.


Non-slip studs: The wood of the base does not have any non-slip studs or rubber to reinforce stability.

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professional ham holder 

3. Jamonprive Ham Holder Elite Inox Buarfe 

Talking about which is the best ham holder on the market has no competition with this model. It is a two in one that offers all the benefits of a professional ham holder. It can be used both horizontally and vertically, so it cannot be missing in your restaurant or in those events that you offer regularly. All its hardware is made of stainless steel and PE-500 black polyethylene. Definitely, materials that characterize quality, hardness and durability.

Apart from a flawless finished design, there is its useful operation. In its lower central part is the system that you can adjust to position the piece of ham just as you need it to achieve the best cuts. You can make a complete turn of the piece without letting go thanks to its folding head and rotating skewers that adapt, without problem, to any type of ham leg. 

The quality of a Spanish product cannot be better represented than with this ham holder. It has many advantages to offer.


Design: An attractive design made with high quality materials. In addition, it has a non-slip base. 

Functions: It is a rotating, rotating and tilting ham holder. Holding, lifting, lowering and turning the ham are functions that this model easily achieves. 

Professional: All its features have been carefully tested for a perfect drive to help professional cutters.


Price: Without a doubt, it has a fairly high price but it is consistent with all the benefits it offers for professional use.

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Afinox ham holder

4. Ham HolderSilestone Ham Holder Afinox Green Marble

This Afinox ham holder, without a doubt, is distinguished from any other by using a unique and impactful material such as marble on its base. For those who like natural materials, this green veined marble makes a gorgeous impression that obviously becomes more spectacular when you mount the piece on it. The ham holder has a completely minimalist design that looks beautiful and solid, but is also highly functional. 

Afinox describes it as an intelligent system tool that allows the positioning of the ham to be varied and makes cutting fine and appetizing strips an art. The solidity is due to the pure steel of its structure and the rotating head that allows the rotation of the ham. The polished aluminum piece that joins it to the base is an open hemisphere to move the position of the leg and adjust it with the accompanying lever.

This could be without question the best ham holder of the moment for environments where you want to display a succulent piece with total elegance and distinction.


Front tips: The tips of the ham holder where the ham is placed are rounded so that they do not stick to the ham. 

Materials: Stainless steel and marble make a ham holder very resistant to weight, oxidation and scratches. 

Cleaning: Its cleaning is simple and without special products. A hand wash with warm soapy water will suffice. 


Weight: Despite the advantageous detachable feature of the base, its luxurious material is very heavy to handle, especially when washing.

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Buarfe ham holder 

5. Rioja Ham Buarfe 

This Buarfe ham holder is one of the most affordable products you could find from this brand. Its simple design and operation offer the ideal space and system to place and fix a leg of ham or shoulder in a horizontal position. With the pressure-mode clamping procedure, it keeps the part firm and secure in an effective way. Checking that the tourniquet has been used correctly, you can be confident that the ham will not move and the cuts can be made without risk.

It is a Spanish quality product in which its manufacturer uses the properties of distinguished pine wood brought from Chile. This pine, together with steel with a gloss chrome finish, are its main manufacturing materials. It is a ham holder that has quality natural wood as its characteristics, with detailed finishes and a simple and easy assembly.

If you are wondering which ham holder to buy, which has a stable design and a good price, this model offers you both. 


Design: It is a practical but very simple ham holder. Assembling its pieces to assemble the ham holder will only take a few minutes.

Wood: Apart from the benefits of pine wood in terms of lightness and price, it comes lacquered for protection and durability.

Non- slip: Its original design has been improved with four silicone feet at its base.


Basic: It is a perfect ham holder for those who just want a place to place and hold the piece of ham. There is no rotation or twist assist for cuts.

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Ham holder Flores Cortés 

6. Flores Cortés Rocker Ham holder 

This Flores Cortés ham holder is an excellent example of the experience these manufacturers have. This brand has evolved technologically in its designs, being able to offer options for domestic use, as well as satisfying the demands of the most demanding professional cutters. This model, in particular, is designed for fairly frequent use, offering durability thanks to its manufacturing material.

It is made of 100% stainless steel with the only exception being the silicone on the bottom of the base. AISI 304 steel offers hardness to the structure and, at the same time, durability and ease of cleaning. To enjoy the ham holder, it has a very simple assembly procedure that only requires the placement of a few screws. Its star point in favor is the rocker system that by simply loosening and tightening you can raise or lower the ends of the ham at your convenience.

Flores Cortés has earned a position as the best brand of ham holders with more than 40 years as designers and manufacturers.


Effective grip: The forks with wing nuts at both ends of the ham holder ensure a better grip.

Multiple positions: You can move the piece of ham and fix it in the position that you think is most convenient to cut comfortably. 

Base: Apart from a wide base that contributes to stability, four silicone studs reinforce it.


Base Finishes: When handling the base by mounting or washing it, care should be taken with sharp edges and protruding edges that could cause cuts.

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Stainless steel ham holder

7. Flores Cortés Ham holder

If your kitchen is decorated in the best modern style, this 100% stainless steel ham holder will fit in perfectly with its silver-colored design. It is a model for horizontal cutting, specially designed for comfortable domestic use, with which you can pleasantly surprise your guests by showing the ham that you will give to taste.

No sudden movements will stop you from cutting perfectly thin slices, as the silicone pads at the base keep it firmly on the surface. With its economical cost, the Flores Cortés brand has among its range the best value for money ham holder. 

At both ends it has effective grip areas that fix the ham properly. At the bottom, there is a V-shaped grip and a C-shaped grip on the cylindrical steel base. This achieves a perfect hold thanks to a pointed rod that works as a wing nut. 

The simplicity of its design does not detract from any requirement to achieve perfect cuts, making it a great alternative.


Material: It is made with the correct food-grade stainless steel alloy that ensures hygiene when in contact with the ham.

Assembly: Its assembly and disassembly are very simple, and disassembled it occupies very little space to store it.

Price: This ham holder is very well priced for the combination of design and construction it offers. 


Cutting edges: The design of the base is open at the bottom, with steel edges from end to end that could mean a risk of cuts.

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folding ham holder

8. Jamonprive Lacquered Folding Ham Stand

The Jamonprive signature that can be seen on the base of this folding ham holder shows its pride in this product of its range. It is also an expert manufacturer of Iberian, Serrano and Italian hams and presents this model as its best folding ham holder to hold and display them. It has a fantastic price for the elegance and robustness it offers. Any size and weight will have excellent fixation between the two fittings to support the piece.

All hardware and spikes are made from the highest quality steel. The chrome finish gives them a shine that stands out in contrast to the walnut color of your table. This base is made of distinguished Chilean pine wood and has been lacquered to ensure its durability and resistance to grease. Similarly, four non-slip pads strengthen stability and safety when proceeding to cut the ham.

This is a ham holder that stands out as one of the cheapest alternatives made in Spain.


Foldable: Folding and unfolding it easily show its practicality of use and also its ease to find a place to store it.

Use: Its manufacturer recommends it as a support for boneless or non-boned Iberian, Serrano and Italian hams.

Assembly: Although at first glance the simplicity of assembly of its parts can be appreciated, it comes with assembly instructions.


Table: The lacquer only has the upper part of the table, the lower part is completely natural. Frequent washing or placing it on wet surfaces can prematurely deteriorate the wood.

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Shopping guide

Being able to turn or comfortably access the ham is what will allow you to achieve the perfect cut into thin strips. You take care of choosing the tastiest ham or shoulder on the market, and we will help you with this guide to buy the best ham holder. In this way, you will be able to cut ideal slices so that everyone can appreciate the intense taste of these foods.


When you start with the comparison of ham holders, it is surprising to see the diversity of designs for a tool that has the same purpose. The variables to consider are all important, but what will prevail is the security you feel when placing the ham in the ham holder. The market offers you supports for horizontal or vertical cuts where the basic difference between them lies in the type of cut that can be made to the piece.

Also, you find designs with a skewer, telescopic arm or clamps as options for gripping and holding the ham firmly, as well as skewers or locking systems that ensure its immobilization while it is being cut. There are simple models that only support, and other more sophisticated ones such as those with a tilting and rotating system that even allow the leg to be turned to find the best cutting angle. They are also available as fixed or folding pieces that fold and allow them to be easily transported.  


This is an aspect that cannot be neglected if you want safety when cutting. It is useless that your piece of ham looks temptingly displayed in the ham holder and that when you try to cut it, it moves causing accidental cuts. Failing to prevent errors where unintentional slippage occurs can lead to unnecessary scares. Therefore, making sure that the model you like has a non-slip base, in addition to a suitable system that firmly grips the piece, is the best.

If it does not have it, as may be the case, see how its surface is underneath and if it allows you to solve it by placing some type of rubber or silicone in the part in contact with the surface. In this way, you would be sure to have a ham holder that will not give rise to accidents that occur due to sudden movements.


Just as the ham holders show different designs, they also offer a variety of sizes. A good choice of size depends a lot on the use you are going to give it and the storage space you have in your kitchen. For example, for only shoulders, a small ham holder will work perfectly, however, if you think about it for ham legs, then its size should be larger.

In case you need a large one, but don’t have ample space to store it, you have two options. You can search among the folding ham holders. One of these can be worn comfortably and then reduced in size by folding it for easy storage. The other option is to acquire a vertical ham holder. In addition to the fact that it is generally cheaper, the size of its base is much smaller than that of a horizontal one, so you will surely be able to find a place to store it more easily.


You can find ham holders made entirely from the same material or that combine another type for their base. The quality of the base is key, since it is not wanted that when the weight of the ham rests on it, it does not resist and becomes deformed or sink. At this point, unlike occasional domestic use, a person or restaurant for whom the cutting of Iberian or Serrano ham is frequent should not skimp on how much the ham holder costs, but rather ensure that its materials guarantee durability over time and not a rapid deterioration.

Wood, stainless steel or chrome, food plastic in different and striking colors and even quartz or marble can be found among the manufacturing materials of the ham holders and their bases. There are many options that you can find with a mixture of materials with proven solidity to receive all the kilos of the succulent piece.


The material not only offers good strength and durability, but it will also determine how clean the ham holder is. Regardless of its material, it is necessary to thoroughly clean the ham holder every time the ham is changed. If you are looking for an easy to wash ham holder with which you only need soap and water, those made with stainless steel are the best alternative. In addition, you will be calm with its easy drying with a cloth. 

Polyethylene and quartz are also very easy to clean and hold up well with soap and water. With quartz ones, you have to be careful about how heavy it feels to handle their base during cleaning. If you like a wooden ham holder, try to choose a varnished model before cleaning it. The pores of the wood absorb grease when there is no varnish to protect it, and can accumulate dirt that is difficult to remove.

Frequently asked questions 

Q1: How to use a ham holder?

Whether you have purchased a basic or rotating ham holder, the first thing before trying to place the ham leg is to observe where the fixing or pressing points are and understand how they work. If it has a seesaw, try first without the ham how to loosen it to go up or down and how to fix it in a specific position.

When you become familiar with the ham holder, take the piece and proceed to place it on it. Before taking the knife to start cutting, check the stability of the board and if, when trying to move the ham, it gives way. When you have verified everything, proceed to show off with your cuts.

Q2: How to place ham in the ham holder?

Following good advice from the experts can make for a delicious tasting experience for you, your family and guests. If you want to start by making cuts from the most cured part of the ham, then place the ham in the ham holder with the hoof down.

If you want the most tender meat, the hoof-up position is best. There are recommendations that aim to start with the cured part, which is the one that dries faster, and when finished, the meat of the mace will still be juicy and delicious.

Q3: How to cut ham without a ham holder?

The inventiveness to solve not having a ham holder is varied. There are those who ask another person for help to be the one to hold the piece raised by the hoof while they cut or, in other cases, use the knobs of tall cabinets to tie it so that it hangs vertically. 

Contemplating these possibilities and attempting to take action is a high-risk situation. The market is full of options that are quite affordable, comfortable and in different sizes so that you do not need to expose yourself to accidents with very sharp knives.

Q4: How to place a shoulder in the ham holder?

Basically, there is no difference with placing the ham. The only thing is that it may take a little longer to adjust, since the shoulders are usually smaller than the legs of ham. Regardless of this, to place it correctly is to position the shank facing upwards so that the widest part rests on the ham holder. For this, the hoof at the other end of the ham holder must be facing down. In this way, the piece is better used.

Q5: How to make a homemade ham holder?

Even if it is homemade and given the weight it must withstand, a ham holder must be made with special carpentry and blacksmith tools and procedures. Start by choosing a table. Mark the measurements you want for the base and cut with the jigsaw. Flat bars are used to make the headstock, mast and V-bracket for the skewers. Draw the shapes, cut with a radial and join with solder. The pieces are polished to shine.

For its part, the pores can be covered with putty to the wood and then it is varnished. Once finished, proceed to screw and fix the mast and support from the bottom, and the ham holder will be ready. 

Q6: How to cut ham in a ham holder?

Cutting ham itself is an art. The first thing you need to consider is the need to have an appropriate stainless steel knife. Next to it, a sharpener should not be missing. In order to achieve strong cuts, you have to make sure the knife is sharp at all times.

Start first by debarking to clean the leg. If you are sure that all of it will be consumed, it is completely debarked. If not, then the rind is removed only from the part that will be eaten so that the rest is protected. When you get to the white or pink, the ham offers you its best flavor to cut the slices. Ideally, they should be neither too thick nor too thin, but just enough to appreciate with the greatest taste.

Q7: How to assemble a ham holder?

Each ham holder comes with its kit of parts and assembly instructions. Depending on the model and brand, some will bring more elements than others, but, in general, they all come with their table, arm and hardware to assemble. The first thing is the table. Check if it comes with the non-slip studs on or for you to put on. In the table, you can see the holes where you can place the spikes or the piece to hold the rocker. Be sure to turn and tighten the nuts and bolts snugly. These usually include a special key. The same step is done with the arm or bases for pressing. So everything is screwed well and you will have before you an excellent and strong ham holder.

Q8: How to start a ham in the ham holder?

Once the piece is placed in the ham holder and, depending on the part chosen to remove the slices, the ham must be cleaned. It is a calm procedure, both for safety and to have optimal results. Professional clippers recommend first locating the hock bone close to the hoof and measuring about two finger widths towards you from there. This will be the place to make the first deep incision down to the bone. From there, the cuts that must be directed towards you, that is, in the opposite direction to the hoof, begin. This shape must be followed both when derinding and extracting the ham.

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