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The jugs are one of those elements, simply, essential in our kitchen. They have become such useful pieces that we see them in daily use serving a delicious cold drink, an energizing hot coffee, indicating the exact measure for a recipe and, also, as excellent decorative drinking containers. The Luminarc Arcoroc Quadro, in addition to keeping the flavor of the juice intact with the sealing of its lid, stands out visually with its transparent glass with a ribbed design. The Pyrex Classic, on the other hand, tells you in milliliters or ounces the amount of ingredients that you must place to show off the preparations of a true chef.

The 9 Best Pitchers – Opinions 2022

Quality pitchers are made from materials that can make them last forever. Get to know these 9 proposals that, apart from being made with excellent material, provide good storage space and preserve the freshness of drinks.

Pitcher of water


1. Luminarc Arcoroc Quadro Fridge Jug with Lid

The one that heads the list of the best jugs of 2022 is so transparent that it reveals its versatility of use with the purity of the water that you are going to drink or the vivid color of the fruit of the juice that you are going to enjoy.

Its 1.7 L capacity makes it suitable for a quantity that covers several diners. One of the advantages that its users like the most is that it fits perfectly in the refrigerator door. So with this pitcher of water or juice you won’t have to take up or subtract as much space inside it. 

When taking it out with its very cold drink, you can place it in the center of the table where it will look aesthetically very pretty with its tall, ribbed design, with a lid and a handle. In addition, its pouring spout will make it very easy to transfer the liquid from the jug to the glass. 

This is one of Luminarc’s special fridge jugs. Here, more to learn about the versatility of this model.


Design: Its wide mouth makes it comfortable to pour and quickly fill with more drink if needed. 

Lid: It can be used perfectly for a breakfast in the garden, since its lid protects the content.

Handle: Its handle is part of the same structure as the jar, so there is no fear of it coming off.

Material: Luminarc has a glass with a beautiful ribbed model, robust, resistant and difficult to break.


Drip: If while you serve its content, the cap is turned or is not properly seated, it could leak.

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measuring jug


2. Pyrex Classic Glass, Measuring Jug

Searching among other brands for the best measuring jug is time that you can save with the proposals that Pyrex offers you. This model is the 0.5 L one and is ready to indicate the measurements with its large and clear red letters made with a special material that will not fall off after washing. 

The quality of its tempered borosilicate glass makes this measuring jug suitable for both home and professional use. It responds well to extreme temperatures that can range from -40º C to +300º C without thermal shocks that could damage its resistant material. 

Therefore, it is a jug that will be perfectly useful for heating milk in the microwave, putting it in the oven or placing it in the freezer. Given these properties, it is used to prepare, store, but also to cook and serve.

It is a product whose characteristics show the reasons why Pyrex glass has been a reference since 1915.


Glass: Apart from being a glass of special resistance, it is considered very hygienic without retention of flavors or odors. 

Handle: It has a large handle that facilitates its grip, as well as an ergonomic design with comfort to position the thumb.

Quality: It belongs to a prestigious brand with more than a century of experience whose products are considered to be of superior quality. 


Measurements: You do not have the option to measure the amounts in cups, only measurements in liters and pints are identified.

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pitcher with straw


3. VonShef Set of 4 Drinking Pitchers

Fashion creates trends not only in clothing, but in everything that surrounds us that can vary and be practical and beautiful. A jug with a straw and a handle is the most chic container with which you can offer your guests a delicious cold drink. Go ahead and change the glasses for these jars made of transparent glass with a screw top and eye-catching straws, especially if it is a youth event or party.

The size of each jar has a capacity of 450 ml and thus the most delicious cocktail will be presented in a very original way. So, if you are looking for some decorated glasses to impress and that, in addition, have one of the cheapest costs, this option is great. It’s a great price for a set, so no more wondering which pitcher to buy. 

This set of 4 pitchers has more standout features for guests at beach parties, barbecues or picnics to enjoy their beverages. 


Straws: In addition to having the ideal length and attracting attention with their white and red colors, they are perfectly reusable. 

Lid: The lid screws on preventing the drink from spilling and is also BPA free.

Handle: The handle of each jar is complete from end to end, which means an easy and comfortable grip.


Straw thickness: You cannot change the straws for normal thickness ones, since the ones it comes with are thicker and the holes are adapted to them.

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thermos jug


4. Emsa Thermo Eleganza Stainless steel thermal jug

With this thermos jug you can have at hand the most delicious aroma of coffee or tea as freshly made. Whether in your home or office, it guarantees you with its insulating action 12 hours of a hot drink without its heat escaping, but rather it is maintained thanks to a double stainless steel coating. 

If you are on hot days, this same technology keeps drinks cold and refreshing for 24 hours. So whether in the middle of the morning, noon or afternoon, it will be enough to have a glass and with one hand press the lever so that the lid easily opens and the liquid can be poured.

Additionally, its elegant aesthetics will make it look regal on any table or place where you decide to place it. Its high-quality stainless steel has a shiny exterior finish that is impossible to miss. 

With 70 years in the market manufacturing the best in household items, Emsa can be referred to as the best pitcher brand. To sample, this great thermos jug. 


Capacity: It has a good storage capacity allowing you to place 1.3 L of drink in it. 

Hermetic closure: When its lid closes, it protects 100% that neither the temperature nor the aroma and flavor escape. 

Cleaning: You will have a jar just as beautiful and ready for use by washing it by hand or in the dishwasher. 


Price: It is a thermos jug with excellent features, but whose high price differs widely from other options.

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Sangaree jar


5. Dkristal Pitcher Sangria

Just as its name indicates, this brand is specialized in glass products that surprise with an unparalleled brilliance. This sangria pitcher, like other products in its line, is characterized by being made of a glass that differs from conventional glass in that it has a higher density for higher resistance and high light refraction for true transparency.

It has a capacity of 1.5 L to place enough ice in it for a refreshing lemon water, beer or, of course, a cold and delicious sangria. It has a comfortable wide mouth to add the ingredients and prepare the drink in it without any difficulty.

Its extra point is that this mouth narrows until it forms a well-pronounced spout to pour into both glasses and cups without spilling or losing any of the liquid. 

This jug is among the most used on those days of intense heat given the important details it offers.


Design: Although it is a simple pitcher, it is still elegant and its handle and very narrow spout make it very comfortable to serve. 

Capacity: The volume of liquid that can be placed in it gives enough quantity to serve several times.

Light: The thin glass of its wall and edges make it a very light jar without losing its high resistance. 


Lidless: By not having a lid, you want to make sure you don’t see flying insects that are attracted and fall into the drink.

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Crystal jar 

6. Boqo Glass Jars

His brand has been showcased with this model that enchants a large number of users. Although it was originally designed for water, the resistance of its material to temperatures ranging from -18º C to 150º C make it versatile and useful for hot and cold drinks.

This glass pitcher combines classic and modern in one of the most beautiful designs you can find on the market. It combines borosilicate glass for its body and stainless steel for its lid, which also has a silicone rubber that surrounds it to prevent any dripping when serving in the glass or cup. 

Additionally, it has a very elegant height that goes from thin at the top and widens until the end ending in a wide and thick base that gives it solid stability when standing.

All its description joins more details that make this pitcher an excellent purchase for your home or a nice gift.


Lid: The lid offers two outlets for liquid, a full opening or small filter-style holes. 

Coaster: It comes with a beautifully designed coaster made of silicone rubber to place the mug on it. 

Capacity: It is a jug that provides 1.5 L capacity and offers a comfortable handle to grab it. 


Washing: Although it indicates that it is dishwasher safe, the same manufacturer recommends washing by hand for care that will make your glass last.

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universal coffee jug

7. Doja Barcelona Universal non-drip coffee jug, Tecnhogar Conica 

This universal coffee jug could become the best replacement option for an original one that has been damaged or broken. Borosilicate glass is used for its elaboration, thus being able to provide several attributes that make it a jar superior to other possibilities. 

For example, it is unquestionably resistant, as it ensures that it can withstand the heat of the microwave, the cold of the refrigerator and washing in the dishwasher without worrying that it will crack or be damaged. In addition, its glass guarantees food quality without lead, cadmium or any other element that could be harmful or toxic. 

Among other options, this is listed as the best value for money jug to replace the original model in several drip coffee machines. This way, you don’t have to deprive yourself of that delicious coffee every morning or after a meal to get going.

In addition to its advantage of being one of the cheapest alternatives to make a good replacement for your coffee maker, other interesting aspects are added. 


Base: The small circle at its base allows it to be adapted as a replacement carafe for a large number of coffee makers. 

Lid: The lid of this one-liter capacity jar is adjustable in height through a screw system in the central part. 

Material: Both the glass and the plastic of the handle and lid are very resistant and durable materials. 


Size: Although it claims to be a universal coffee maker, its size may not be comfortably functional for certain model coffee makers.

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milk jug


8. OneChois Milk Jug

It is known that in a delicious cappuccino more of its drink is milk than coffee, so both the processing and the experimentation of mixtures that is done with milk and coffee deserve all the attention. The first thing is to have the best pitcher so that the steam or foam is the desired one. 

Although this product made of premium quality stainless steel is so versatile that it could be used for teas and other hot drinks that you want to prepare, its use in the hands of baristas becomes an outstanding instrument to give creaminess to your coffees and thus make them impact. 

With this milk pitcher, you will be able to show off as the most expert barista, surprising everyone with the different nuances that you achieve by making latte art and that will be shown in each of the cups that you serve.  

Along with other important details, its 304 stainless steel and guaranteed food quality make it the best pitcher of the moment. 


Design: The stainless steel gleams with a mirror finish that makes this jug very eye-catching and will not corrode. 

Measurements: You can guide yourself precisely with the interior measurement scale in milliliters and ounces. 

Spout: It has a tip or spout that is long and narrow enough so that you can pour the milk with total precision.


Capacity: Its 350 ml capacity allows it to be used only for one cup for each time of use.

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Jug with lid and straw


9. Schramm 4-Pack Tumblers with Lid, Handle and Straw

Just as its raised letters indicate, if you want the best glasses to serve the most refreshing and cold drinks, these 4 pitchers are the ideal option. A jug with a handle, a colorful checkered screw-on lid and a beautiful bright colored straw are part of the three-piece design that will make you stand out as the organizer of any event, party or special occasion with friends and family. 

Each pitcher with lid and straw comes in a different color and has a unique rustic charm. In addition, being made of glass provides the great advantage of being very durable and can be used over and over again. Without a doubt, this could be the best pitcher to join the innovation of new ways to present cold drinks at any celebration in a terrace or garden setting.

So you just have to take the jug by its resistant handle and you will be able to drink in a very comfortable way. Here are more important features of this option. 


Design: Its glass draws attention with its embossed design with lids and straws in assorted colors.

Lid: Each lid prevents insects or dirt from falling into the drink if you need to leave it on the table for a moment. 

Capacity: There are 500 ml of capacity for each jar, which provides a sufficient amount of drink per person. 


Glass: It is a glass designed for cold drinks, perhaps extremely hot liquids could damage it.

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Shopping guide


The word jar, in general, can be described as a container that can be used for multiple things. With the idea of ​​guiding you according to your needs, this guide to buying the best jug has the task of showing you the different characteristics that you must take into account so that it is a fully functional protagonist.


Just as it was mentioned before, to refer to a pitcher and understand the purpose of its purchase, it is necessary to specify the utility that you want to give to that container. So the type of jug and all the characteristics that describe it depend directly on the function for which it was intended when it was manufactured and only in this way can it be known if it is a useful, good and economical alternative. 

It is indisputable that its presence in the kitchen is one of the main purposes for which this product is made. However, even in the same place, there are different occasions to use it. In the market you can find pitchers to store and pour water, juices, cocktails, sangria, lemon water and many more drinks.

Also, there are a variety of types to place in a coffee maker, to help you in the preparation of food such as measuring jugs and, even today, they are widely used as original glasses for drinks at celebrations. In short, its multiple uses give this utensil an important place in the daily development of the dynamics in your kitchen. 


When comparing pitchers, the first thing that jumps out at you is the wide variety of designs that exist. They are available in different materials, different shapes, with or without lids, with handles and many other additional details that give a plus to the design and often determine the purchase. 

The cylindrical shape is the most common, however, many models play with their presentation form, being all of the same thickness or thinner at the top and progressively increasing at the body and base. Except for those made with stainless steel, there are transparent and also, of different colors. 

The lid can be a decisive element for many. It is not only essential to know the material it is made of, but also how it fits so that there are no spills while pouring drinks. They can be pressure to lift, screw or fit, have silicone rubber around them and have large holes for the liquid to come out or small holes as a filter. 


Of course, the type of material from which the jug is made gives a clear idea of ​​the durability it will have and also of the security it generates each time it is used. Without a doubt, plastic is one of the options that cannot be missing. Both the body, lid or handles of the jar could be made of this material. If it is a pitcher for beverages, it is essential that you ensure that it is made of a material that is free of BPA or any harmful element that the FDA warns about.

On the other hand, glass seems to be one of the most popular alternatives. According to many users, the transparency of the jar and that you can see what is stored in it is highly valued. It generally does not absorb odors, allowing it to be used, washed and reused for different flavored beverages. If you decide on this material, check its thermal resistance if you need it for your purpose. 

The use of stainless steel has also spread within the proposals. Their designs with polished finishes are truly eye-catching. Among its advantages could be considered how durable it can be and how intact it can remain. However, like plastic, it is very important to check its food quality. 


Just as they have different functions, they also provide different capabilities. Taking into account before the purchase how much the pitcher costs is as important as whether its size fits your family needs. The good thing is that most brands offer various capacities in liters of the same design. 

For example, a jug that offers to be stored in the refrigerator can generally store 1, 1.5, 1.7 and up to 2 L. It is advisable not to forget to compare its height and width measurements with those of your refrigerator, in special, if what you want is to be able to place it on the door of this. 

The number of milliliters or liters is just as important when you take into consideration the usual number of people served when eating together at the table so you don’t have to get up to make more drinks or refill multiple times. 

Frequently asked questions 

Q1: How to use a jar? 

Regardless of the type of jug you have bought, it is highly advisable to wash them before preparing or serving the drink in them for the first time. If you want to prepare a fruit smoothie directly in it, make sure that its material, especially if it is glass, will not be damaged, cracked or broken by the use of a hand mixer.

If it is a jar with a lid, check that it is properly placed, so there will be no accidents when serving. In the case of a measuring jug, verify that you are guided by the correct scale. Remember that there are pitchers that have their measurement scales in cups, milliliters or ounces.

Q2: Where to buy a coffee pot? 

It all depends on the coffee pot you want to buy. If the carafe that came with your coffee maker was damaged or broken, you may want to buy an original brand again. For this, you have the option of going to the physical store or looking for the official online stores authorized to sell spare parts or original spare parts. 

In the same way, you have the possibility of searching among the offer of excellent alternatives of universal jugs for coffee machines that could work very well in yours. Remember that, for either of the two options, Amazon is one of the best choices.  

Q3: How to clean a glass carafe? 

Unless the manufacturer suggests different instructions, hand washing with warm water and a mild dishwashing liquid is sufficient. You must take into account that not all glass is recommended to be washed in the dishwasher. 

For deep cleanings, mixing white vinegar and water will create a very effective solution for cleaning your glass carafe. Moisten newspaper sufficiently with the mixture and you will see how it is left clean and with extra shine. 

There are those who use as a trick the use of a little toothpaste rubbing with their fingers inside the jar, at the end it is rinsed with enough hot water, it dries and the transparency will return. 

Q4: How to remove scale from a pitcher? 

It is fully expected that after so many uses and washes, mineral and lime deposits from the water accumulate in the pitcher, showing a whitish appearance that reduces the transparency of the glass. The magical element at hand to remove this sediment is white vinegar. 

All you have to do is rub a clean cloth previously moistened with vinegar all over the inside of the jar. When you see that everything has already taken off, rinse with hot water and that’s it. 

Q5: How to decorate a glass jar? 

Both the pitcher with a refreshing cold juice on the terrace or garden table on those summer days and the pitchers to drink it can be highlighted with some decoration. The ideas and shapes are numerous and your creativity can guide you. The important thing is to make sure you use material that will not deteriorate or fade from moisture. 

For example, personalization with names or special drawings can be done directly on the glass with acrylic paint or colorful felt-tip pens or indelible markers. Glitter-covered double-sided tape and twine are also great for decorating.

Q6: How to make a clay jug?

Although you may think that making a clay pot looks easy and fun, pottery is an art in terms of technique and skill. Likewise, working with clay can be, at the same time, something very entertaining that will make you forget about stress.

If you have access to a potter’s wheel that is foot or electric, then you can encourage yourself to make one. Leveling the consistency of the clay comes first and is achieved by wetting it and kneading it until you feel no lumps or air bubbles.

Keep water nearby to moisten your hands as you work, dry the lathe, and throw the mud into the center. It begins to turn and with your hands you are holding the mud so that it does not come out. You are giving a conical shape and with your fingers you press and work the hole until you achieve the desired shape. 

Q7: What is the difference between pitcher and jug? 

Although it could be said that the difference is very subtle, it certainly depends a lot on how people use it. The carafe is generally referred to glass, metal or plastic containers that you put in the refrigerator with water or other drinks such as juices. Also, it is used to prepare or serve sangria, cocktails and beer, among others. 

Decorated jug-type drinking glasses are very much in vogue these days, so that’s another use for the word as well. For its part, the jug is more for a container made with materials such as clay, ceramics and porcelain that comes in different sizes.

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