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Karcher Vacuum Cleaner – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis

Vacuum cleaners are household appliances that make cleaning easier, absorbing dust and dirt in a hygienic and efficient way. If you are looking for a good vacuum cleaner, among the aspects that you should consider is the prestige of its manufacturer. For example Karcher, which is a brand that stands out for the quality of its products; In this sense, we present two of its best vacuum cleaners. Starting with the Kärcher MV 6, a high-end multifunction device. Another widely accepted model is the Kärcher KB 5, a modern cordless broom that is light and easy to handle.

The 8 Best Karcher Vacuum Cleaners – Opinions 2022

Karcher is a brand that offers you a wide range of vacuum cleaner models, each designed to meet different cleaning needs. Here is a select list of some of their best vacuum cleaners; machines that stand out in their category for their suction power, modern design, easy handling and simple maintenance.

Karcher industrial vacuum cleaner

1. Kärcher MV 6 P Premium Multi-Purpose Vacuum Cleaner

The best Karcher vacuum cleaner is the one that suits your needs. In this sense, this model is one of the best in its category, given its multifunctional quality and its powerful suction motor. It is an ideal device to be used at home and in professional environments; since it is a high-end Karcher industrial vacuum cleaner.

It is a team capable of dry and wet vacuuming without the need to change the filter and with a power of 1300 watts.

Because of this, you will be able to empty large amounts of water or remove fine or coarse dry dirt, without making much effort. It also has a stainless steel tank that offers you up to 30 liters of capacity, so you won’t have to empty it frequently.

On the other hand, if you work with a polisher or a saw, this machine supports connection with power tools; which favors cleanliness in your work environment. In addition, it has wheels that allow you to move it easily.

For all its great features and ease of use, this could be the best Karcher vacuum cleaner of the moment. Evaluate its pros and cons.


Power: It offers you 1300 watts of power that give you great suction power and efficiency for cleaning tasks.

Multifunctional: It can vacuum dry and wet with the same performance, a quality that allows you to face various scenarios.

Capacity: It is a vacuum cleaner that has a 30-liter stainless steel tank, so you will not have to waste time emptying it frequently.


User manual: Although it has a user manual, better presented instructions that favor the use of the vacuum cleaner are missing.

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Karcher broom vacuum cleaner

2. Kärcher Electric broom KB 5 1.258-000.0

When it comes to practicality and efficiency, this Karcher broom vacuum cleaner could be the most convenient solution to keep your home always clean in an easy and fast way. It is a machine designed to replace the use of the traditional broom, since it vacuums without raising dust; which favors the health of allergy sufferers.

It has a light and slim body that allows you to reach practically every corner and thanks to its mobile handle with flexible double joint, you do not need to bend down to leave your home impeccable.

On the other hand, you will no longer have to deal with cumbersome cables, since this wireless device works with a powerful lithium battery, which gives you a range of up to 30 minutes.

Likewise, given its compact size, it has a removable 370 ml tank, which you can empty without coming into contact with dirt. In addition, it is designed for all types of floors.

This model could be the best Karcher vacuum cleaner if what you are looking for is one of the cheapest machines and also with good performance. Here is a summary of its pros and cons.


Portability: It is a compact electric broom with a weight of 1.21 kilos and a cordless operation that favors portability.

Set: You will receive the vacuum cleaner, a removable brush and the charger for the battery; which improves the user experience.

Flexible handle: Thanks to its flexible handle you can clean under furniture, tables, beds and without having to bend down.


Wires: You could snag any wires and suck them in, so vacuum carefully in these areas.

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Karcher ash vacuum cleaner

3. Kärcher Dry and ash vacuum cleaner AD 4

To clean your fireplace comfortably and effortlessly, this Karcher ash vacuum cleaner will make this exhausting task no longer a problem. It is an efficient vacuuming machine considered among the best Karcher vacuum cleaners of 2022, since it not only works efficiently to clean ashes, but also all kinds of dry dirt.

To do this, it is equipped with a double self-cleaning filter, so it will not lose suction power while you work; one of them retains the smallest ash or dust particles and the other is designed for coarse dirt.

Likewise, it has a 17-liter capacity metal tank made of fire-retardant material, just like the inside of its hose; which gives you maximum security.

You will also receive a suction nozzle, two tubes, a 170 cm hose and a flat pleated filter. Also, for added convenience, it has a compartment built into its case to store the included accessories.

Karcher might be the best vacuum cleaner brand as it offers efficient products for all needs. Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of this model.


Utility: It is a vacuum cleaner that you can use to clean the home, external areas and also to remove ashes from the fireplace.

Filters: It has three filters: one for dust and ashes, another for coarse dirt, and a third to guarantee the exit of clean air.

Power and accessories: It offers you 600 watts of power, enough for household tasks and you will also receive a set of useful accessories.


Hot ashes: To avoid misuse of the equipment, try to avoid vacuuming ashes or embers that are still hot.

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Karcher vacuum cleaner with mop

4. Kärcher FC5 Corded Electric Scrubber


If you are looking for the best Karcher vacuum cleaner that can provide you with optimal cleaning and leave your floors sparkling without having to use a conventional mop, this appliance could meet all your expectations.

It is a Karcher electric vacuum cleaner with mop, equipped with two highly resistant microfiber rollers, removable and easy to machine wash; which vacuum and clean at the same time.

Thanks to its 2-in-1 function, it will no longer be necessary to vacuum beforehand and then clean, since in a single step you can remove dry dirt and moisture, whether it is on wooden floors, linoleum or tiles. In addition, you will have easy access under furniture, since it has a head with flexible joint.

In the same way, it has a 4-liter tank that continuously recycles water and moistens the rollers, maintaining the operation and high performance of the equipment.

For deep cleaning with little effort, this electric mop could be an excellent option. We present a summary of its pros and cons.


Tanks: It has a clean water tank and an independent dirty water tank, which keeps the rollers in optimal operation.

Rollers: It is a mop equipped with two microfiber rollers, easily washable and resistant, which absorb wet and dry dirt.

Power: With a power of 460 watts, it is capable of turning the rollers up to 500 rpm; which gives you speed and efficiency.


Exterior cleaning: It is a machine designed for interior floors, so its use on external surfaces is not recommended.

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Karcher water vacuum cleaner

5. Kärcher Vacuum cleaner with water filter DS 6

If you have to deal with pet hair or dust mite allergies, this Karcher wet vacuum could be what you are looking for.

It is a vacuum cleaner equipped with three high quality filters: Hepa 12, intermediate and an innovative water filter, which retain up to 99.5% of particles and also, thanks to this efficient filtering system, the outlet air is cleaner. and fresh.

It has a suction power of 650 watts, so you can clean your home quickly and with little effort. Similarly, it is a vacuum cleaner that has energy classification A, so it helps you save electricity.

On the other hand, its water filter tank offers you 2 liters of capacity and if you prefer, you can use some aromatic essence to improve the environments. In addition, you will receive it with three nozzles: for grooves, floors and another for upholstery.

If you don’t know which Karcher vacuum cleaner to buy, which gives you high performance and efficiency to remove dust and bacteria, this model could be the most suitable. We present its pros and cons.


Efficiency: It is a vacuum cleaner that traps up to 99.5% of particles; which favors allergy sufferers.

Operation: It can suck up dry and wet dirt on hard floors and carpets, allowing you to carry out deep cleaning.

Automatic winding: For greater comfort of use, it has an automatic mechanism that winds the cable after use.


Antifoam: In order to guarantee optimal operation of the equipment, you must buy antifoam separately and use 2 ml in the water filter.

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Other products

6. Kärcher WD2 12L wet and dry vacuum cleaner

The Karcher WD2 vacuum cleaner is a multifunctional, practical, powerful and classified with the energy efficiency label A, which additionally gives you significant energy savings. In addition, it is one of the cheapest on the market, for this reason, it is considered the best Karcher vacuum cleaner with a value for money at the moment.

It has a 12-liter capacity tank, a quality that helps you save time; since you will not have to empty it frequently.

In addition, it is a device that is very useful for vacuuming fine or coarse dirt, dry and wet, which is why you can clean carpets, sofas and various types of floors.

It is made with a shock-resistant plastic casing, which favors intensive use. Likewise, it has a cable that gives you a radius of action of up to 4 meters and given its compact size, you can store it without taking up much space.

Due to its affordable cost, its performance and its multifunctional quality, it is a vacuum cleaner that you could take into account. Next, its pros and cons.


Multifunction: It is a vacuum cleaner that provides efficiency and performance against dry and wet dirt, so you can easily clean any environment.

Range of action: Karcher has equipped this machine with a 4 m long cable, in order to provide more work area.

Power: It has a power of 1000 watts, which ensures high performance.


Accessories: If you want to vacuum car upholstery, you will need to purchase the accessory kit separately.

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7. Kärcher WD 5 25L wet and dry vacuum cleaner

If you are looking for a vacuum cleaner that has extra features to keep your work environment or the external areas of your home clean; This Karcher WD 5 vacuum cleaner, with its innovative blowing function, could be the most suitable to provide support in these tasks, particularly when vacuuming is difficult to perform.

It is one of the most powerful Karcher vacuum cleaners, since it has 1100 watts of power; which helps you with cleaning tasks in a fast and efficient way.

Likewise, because it is a robust model, it is equipped with a plastic tank that gives you up to 25 liters of capacity, an especially useful advantage when you need to vacuum large surfaces.

It also works with a bag and without a bag, depending on your needs, a quality that offers greater versatility. Likewise, it is designed to vacuum wet and dry with the same efficiency and, to facilitate its manoeuvrability, it has wheels and a practical carrying handle.

Blowing and vacuuming is possible with this powerful and handy machine. We present below its advantages and disadvantages.


Performance: With a motor that generates 1100 watts of power, it is a high-performance vacuum cleaner for both blowing and sucking up dirt.

Compatibility: It is a machine compatible with various power tools, allowing you to work and keep your environment clean.

Blowing function: With the push of a button, you can activate the blowing function; especially useful in places where vacuuming is not possible.


Ash suction: A filter that allows you the function of sucking ashes is missing. However, it is a team that delivers what it promises.

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8. Kärcher WD 4 20L wet and dry vacuum cleaner

With this Karcher WD 4 vacuum cleaner, the exhausting tasks of vacuuming and cleaning your entire house could be a thing of the past.

It is a powerful appliance with which you can easily vacuum the entire interior of your home; as well as the terrace, garage, gardens, balconies and even your workshop, in a short time and without making excessive efforts.

It is a multi-purpose vacuum cleaner with 1000 watts of power, so it can handle intensive work. It also has a robust tank made of stainless steel that stores up to 20 liters of dirt, this being a valued advantage when you do not want to interrupt the vacuuming task to empty it.

Likewise, it is a product designed to deal with various scenarios, since it is capable of vacuuming dry and wet dirt at the same time. In addition, when it comes to finishing its functions, you can store it conveniently without taking up extra space.

This vacuum cleaner could be described as “all terrain”, so it will be of great help for endless cleaning tasks and deserves your consideration. Know its pros and cons.


Tank: Thanks to its metal tank with a 20-litre capacity, you can suck up coarse dirt outdoors and without having to interrupt the task to empty it frequently.

Bag: It also works with a bag, especially when you only vacuum dust or small dirt inside the house.

Suction power: It is one of the most powerful Karcher models with 1000 watts of power, which ensures performance and efficiency.


Carpet brush: The accessory that allows you to vacuum carpets or rugs efficiently is missing.

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Accessories for Karcher vacuum cleaner

Karcher vacuum cleaner bags

Kärcher Felt Filter Bags 4U

If you have a multifunctional Karcher vacuum cleaner belonging to the WD4 to WD6 series or any of the models ranging from the MV4 to MV6 range; These original Karcher vacuum cleaner bags are the most recommended to provide optimal performance to your equipment.

However, they are not suitable for a Karcher MV3 vacuum cleaner or a Karcher WD3 vacuum cleaner.

They are made of strong felt capable of capturing small dust particles.

Likewise, unlike paper bags, this product allows you to easily wash and reuse it without losing its qualities.

In addition, for your convenience and savings, the manufacturer offers you a presentation in a pack of 4 units.

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Shopping guide

Next, we present the following guide to buying the best Karcher vacuum cleaner. Although these are products that have the backing of a prestigious brand and that offer power, versatility and a long useful life, it is advisable that you evaluate some aspects, which could help you choose the model that best suits your cleaning needs.


Karcher is a German company founded in 1935 by Alfred Kärcher. It is oriented towards the cleaning market with great success and worldwide recognition, given the high quality of its products. That is why Karcher is present in more than 150 countries and among its wide range of models designed to make people’s lives easier, high-pressure washers and vacuum cleaners stand out.

Karcher vacuum cleaners are electrical appliances manufactured with high quality standards and designed for all cleaning needs, both domestic and industrial; Likewise, they are products that adapt to all budgets. For this reason, you can always find a good and cheap vacuum cleaner that meets your expectations.

Utility and space to clean

Before betting on a specific model, it is essential that you analyze the use that you are going to give your Karcher vacuum cleaner. You may only need it to vacuum your car, for which a handheld model might suffice. If, on the other hand, you are looking for a light and wireless machine for the maintenance of your house, an electric broom is the most recommended. Likewise, if your home has large surfaces and does not have many obstacles, it is advisable to invest in a robust multifunction vacuum cleaner, with wheels and cable.


When it comes to vacuum cleaners, we all know that the higher the power, the greater the suction power; In this sense, Karcher stands out for equipping its models with a powerful engine that offers high performance, efficiency and performance; qualities that distinguish them from other similar products. For this reason, if what you are looking for is a powerful vacuum cleaner, you could bet on a corded model that gives you 600 watts or more.

Also, if you are worried about how much the electricity consumption of these appliances costs, the good news is that most Karcher vacuum cleaners have an “A” energy efficiency rating, which classifies them as energy-saving appliances. On the other hand, since these are vacuum cleaners that stand out for their high performance at a professional level, Karcher has become one of the preferred brands in the industrial sector.

tank and filter

It is important to evaluate the capacity provided by your deposit or collection bag. The greater the capacity to store dust and dirt, the fewer times you will have to empty it or change it so that the vacuum cleaner continues to function optimally.

Some vacuum cleaners use a bag that usually offers a variable capacity from 1.5 to 6 liters. While other models have a removable tank that could offer a capacity from 300 ml to 30 liters.

On the other hand, Karcher vacuum cleaners are equipped with Hepa filters, an efficient filter capable of retaining up to 99.99% of dust particles and harmful substances that affect the body; For this reason, it is an especially useful quality in cases of people allergic to dust mites or with respiratory problems.

Noise level and accessories

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), the maximum level of noise tolerable by humans should not exceed 85 dB in a maximum period of 8 hours per day. In this sense, although most of these appliances do not exceed this level, those that approach this range could cause discomfort to sensitive people. A vacuum cleaner is considered silent when its noise level does not exceed 68 dB.

With regard to accessories, these complement the functionality of a vacuum cleaner. For this reason, in a comparison of Karcher vacuum cleaners, make sure that the chosen model has all the accessories you need for your cleaning task. Some models include brushes for surfaces such as carpets or upholstery and different nozzles depending on the dirt to be removed.


Karcher offers you two types of vacuum cleaners: corded and cordless; So if you are looking for a model that maintains a constant suction power, it is advisable to choose a corded vacuum cleaner. However, it is convenient that you look at its length, the longer the cable, the better maneuverability and range you can have.

If, on the other hand, you want to get a cordless vacuum cleaner, it is essential that you analyze the autonomy provided by its battery. Lithium Ion batteries are more recommended than Nickel ones, since they are capable of maintaining the suction force for longer.

Frequently asked questions


Q1: How to use a Karcher vacuum cleaner?

If you have purchased a new Karcher vacuum cleaner, you may have some doubts regarding its operation. You should know that the Karcher brand is characterized by designing appliances that are intuitive and simple to use, so in a short time you will be able to familiarize yourself with your appliance. However, it will always be convenient for you to review the instruction manual in detail. There you will find the way to make the correct assembly of its parts, to adapt its operation to the different cleaning needs that arise.

Our recommendation is that, in a special way, you pay close attention to the time of continuous use that you can make of the device, since exceeding it could shorten the useful life of its motor.

Q2: How to clean the filter of Karcher vacuum cleaner?

For your vacuum cleaner to work properly, it is necessary to periodically clean its filter. To do this, first unplug the machine from the power outlet. Then, remove the container that serves as a deposit for dirt and proceed to remove the lid. Continue removing all traces of dust and dirt that are present there.

Remove the filter and with the help of a brush, proceed to clean it thoroughly in all its corners, especially at the inlet and outlet, which is where dirt accumulates the most. You can also wash it with hot water without using detergents, finally let it dry completely in the open air before mounting it again.

Q3: How to assemble a Karcher vacuum cleaner?

This task is quite simple and usually just involves putting the filter in place. Then you will have to correctly fasten the clips that will hold the vacuum cleaner cover and prevent leaks in the tank when it is put into operation. Next, it will be necessary to place the suction tube in the corresponding nozzle.

Some Karcher vacuum cleaners have the dual functionality of vacuuming and blowing, but the nozzle is not the same. Therefore, you must identify which is the corresponding one, depending on what you want to do with your vacuum cleaner.

After this is done, it will only be necessary to connect the vacuum cleaner, if this is the case, and press the power button.

Q4: How to change Karcher vacuum cleaner bag?

Before proceeding with the change of the bag, it is advisable that you read the user manual that accompanies each Karcher model. However, in general it is a simple process that you can do yourself. First, you must disconnect the vacuum cleaner from the electrical network. Then, you must open the compartment where the bag that you are going to remove is located, pull it gently and try to keep the opening upwards, in order to avoid spilling the powder.

Next, dispose of the bag in the corresponding rubbish bin and, with the help of a damp cloth, clean the compartment and remove any dust that may have remained there. Next, use a new bag and mount it correctly on the opening of the vacuum tube. Finally, close the compartment and now you can start it.

Q5: How to charge a Karcher cordless vacuum cleaner?

As with many other lithium-ion battery powered devices, you will need to identify the connection cable supplied by the manufacturer at purchase and the port for this purpose on the appliance.

Subsequently, it will be enough to connect both ends in their corresponding place, so that the energy is transferred from the electrical network to the energy accumulator. Check in your instruction manual how long this process can take and if there is an indicator to know the exact moment when the charge is complete.

Q6: How to empty the Karcher broom vacuum cleaner?

Emptying the tank of your broom vacuum cleaner is an easy task and the best thing is that you can do it hygienically and safely. You just have to open the compartment and remove the tank, throw the dirt and everything that has been vacuumed into the trash.

Then, you can pass a clean cloth and remove any traces of dust that have remained. To finish, put the tank back in its original position and you are ready to continue your work.

Q7: What is the most powerful Karcher vacuum cleaner?

Among the wide range of Karcher vacuum cleaners, the models belonging to the MV 5-6 series have turned out to be the most powerful of the brand, since they are multipurpose vacuum cleaners that vacuum dry and wet. They’re also equipped with energy-efficient motors, improved nozzles and powerful filters, making them up to 20% more powerful than the WD series.

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