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Kettle – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis

Having a kettle is very helpful when you want to have boiled water to prepare an infusion or any use that we intend to give it. So to choose one, it is recommended to take into account different characteristics such as the power level, the size and the capacity to process the liquid, the grip level of the device or the anti-limescale protection. When evaluating the different alternatives on the market and comparing them with the opinions of customers and connoisseurs, we highlight the Philips HD9350/90 model, which is made of stainless steel and has a micro mesh filter, indicated to prevent the passage of very fine particles. little. Another option may be the Cecotec 350 ThermoSense Clear, which has a high quality glass body, resistant to stains and does not transmit odour, in addition, it integrates a cool-touch handle for greater security.

The 5 Best Kettles – Opinions 2022


Many will wonder why buy the best quality-price kettle if the water can be boiled in any pot or even in the microwave. The main reasons are speed, comfort and safety. Here are our proposals for you to choose among the best kettles of 2022:

1. Philips HD9350/90 kettle 2200 watts 1.7 liters stainless steel

Main advantage:

It is a kettle for daily use that has a capacity of 1.7 liters and has different accessories that increase its functionality, such as an indicator light for activation and another that shows the water level.

Main disadvantage:

This model could keep heat on the outer surface for a short time after turning it off, so it is not cold to touch. However, the temperature is not too strong to cause burns.

Verdict: 9.9/10

This model provides great functionality, since it has been made with stainless steel, a material that is resistant and at the same time adds elegance to the device.

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One of the main advantages of this kettle is that it has a micro-mesh filter, indicated to capture from large elements to minute fractions, such is the case of lime particles, which can measure as little as 200 microns, in this way, it favors the durability of the kettle while ensuring easier and faster cleaning.

The appliance turns off automatically in 3 situations; when the water is ready, when it rises from the base and when there is little water inside. This happens thanks to the fact that it has a multiple security system, indicated mainly to avoid accidents that can occur when we forget that we turned on the kettle, something that usually happens with traditional boiling containers.

On the other hand, it integrates an elegant pilot light, capable of turning on when you activate the switch located on the side of the base, in this way, it allows you to confirm its operation in a more practical way.


Its structure is made of stainless steel, which offers excellent resistance to shocks and scratches. Therefore, you can take it camping or traveling without fear of diminishing its lifespan along the way. Likewise, stainless steel is a material normally used in food utensils, so this kettle can be used on a daily basis without this implying long-term damage to our health.

For its part, the resistance is also made of stainless steel, which favors faster heating. The other parts are made of polypropylene, a highly resistant and durable thermoplastic polymer.


It has a handy water indicator on the back of the kettle, next to the handle, where you can easily check the status of the water, which ranges from 3 cups to its maximum capacity of 1.7 litres. 

On the other hand, it is good to know that this kettle works without a cable and has a 360° rotating base, where you can place the equipment and pick it up again in a more practical and immediate way. As if that were not enough, it has a hidden cable storage system, which allows you to wind the cable under the base.

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2. Cecotec 350 ThermoSense Clear Electric Kettle

It is a kettle with a removable filter to make cleaning easier, which allows you to maintain optimal equipment performance. In addition, it incorporates a protection system that automatically turns off the appliance when it runs out of water or when it reaches too high a temperature, therefore, providing security to the user.

In the design, its high-resistance neutral glass body stands out, which does not transmit odors or flavors, making it a material suitable for food processing. Likewise, it is free of BPA and toxic elements, so it will not cause health problems and it has an LED light, capable of indicating the status of the kettle.

On the other hand, it has 2200 W of power, which allows you to boil water in a few minutes. In addition, it offers a maximum capacity of 1.7 liters, which is more than enough to heat up to 8 cups of water.

If you are looking for a functional kettle that can stand out among the appliances in your kitchen, then you may want to know the pros and cons of this Cecotec model.


Glass: It is made with neutral glass, which does not transmit odors or flavors and is free of toxic agents, making it an attractive and safe kettle at the same time.

Spout: It has a non-drip spout that allows you to pour the water without fear of causing accidental spills, which increases safety.

Base: Its base has a 360º rotation to facilitate its use by both right-handed and left-handed people, in the same way, this allows you to place it and remove it in a more practical way.


Cleaning: Cleaning can be complicated, since its structure has many narrow compartments that are difficult to access, therefore, it requires time and attention to be completely clean.

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3. Aigostar King 30CEA Kettle with led lighting

This sophisticated design kettle is made with high quality materials, such as polished stainless steel and a type of plastic specifically made for food utensils, as it is 100% free of BPA to take care of your health. In addition, it has the capacity to store up to 1.7 liters of water.

It has a fast and efficient boiling system, since it has a power of 2200 W, which will save you a lot of time. It also has a protection method to prevent accidents caused by dry boiling, which turns off the kettle when the water accidentally runs out.

It includes a transparent side window that allows you to check the water level and illuminates with LED light when the kettle is turned on. Likewise, it has a comfortable cool-touch handle, a pouring spout, a removable ultra-fine filter and a base to store the cable.

Having hot water quickly and safely to prepare coffee or tea is possible if you have this kettle. Reason why we invite you to know its most outstanding characteristics:


Accessories: Incorporates a removable filter, cool-touch handle, cable storage base and transparent side window with LED light to indicate that it is in use.

Capacity: This kettle has a capacity of 1.7 liters, which will allow you to obtain approximately 7 cups of tea or coffee.

Power: It has a fast and efficient boiling system, since it has 2200 W of power to offer you hot water in a few minutes.


Mouthpiece: A user thinks that the mouthpiece of the kettle could be smaller than expected, so it takes some time to clean it.

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4. Reer 3908 Electric Kettle

After reviewing hundreds of opinions about this kettle, we can say that most agree that it is a kettle that does its job very efficiently.

It has a power of 1,000 W so it might not be as fast as other kettles already mentioned but on the other hand it has a very affordable price and low energy consumption.

It has a capacity of 0.5 liters so it is enough to heat enough water for a bottle or a couple of infusions but not much more.

It has an anti-limescale filter, this will result in a better quality of water for you and yours. Many people also use them to heat milk, although manufacturers do not offer it for this purpose. It has a small size which if you have little space can be a great advantage.

Reer may not be the best kettle brand, but its 3908 model is another option highly recommended by users.


Durability: It is a kettle made of stainless steel almost entirely, with some plastic parts. So it is very durable.

Practicality: It has a capacity of half a liter of water, so it is very practical to boil a small amount of water.

Safe: It has a special safety system, designed so that the device does not turn on if there is no liquid inside.

Auto Shutoff: It also has the ability to automatically shut off when the water boils.

Light: It is very light, since it only weighs 721 grams. It also does not take up much space in the kitchen or wherever it is carried.


Without base: The fact of not having a base can make it difficult to use, since in some cases you have to disconnect the cable to serve the water.

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5. Tristar WK-1323 Kettle

Among the best cheap kettles we would like to suggest this option. Made almost entirely of stainless steel, it guarantees you a more resistant and hygienic appliance.

With the ideal size, in just a few minutes you will have the water ready to prepare the best infusions, coffee, baby bottles or even speed up the cooking process of certain foods.

Two of its features provide security because if it doesn’t have water it doesn’t work and when it boils it turns off. In addition, the lid has a locking system that prevents accidental spills that could be dangerous when the water is hot.

As the jug is removable, you can move with the boiling water to the table or place in the kitchen where you need it. Ideal for the home or also for the office, fast, safe and comfortable.

In case these options still do not convince you and you are looking for cheaper kettles, the Tristar WK-1323 is a proposal that you should consider. Review its benefits and disadvantages:


Resistant: It is a high-resistance kettle, also made of stainless steel and plastic.

Protection: It incorporates the dry protection system, so that it does not work if there is no water inside.

Indicators: Includes the indicator system for the amount of water, with a capacity of 1.2 liters.

Automatic shutdown: It turns off instantly when the water has boiled.

Removable jug: It is wireless, since the jug can be separated from the base.


Internal marks: Some users point out that the jug tends to have some stains inside after a certain time of use.

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Buying Guide – What is the best kettle on the market?


When preparing infusions, hot milk or heating water, we can use the microwave, the induction hob or opt for a kettle as a specific solution. A well-known product that saves us time and inconvenience when it comes to heating what you need. Update your knowledge with our guide to buying the best kettle and discover how this small appliance can help you.

heating power

The kettle is a product that, by means of an electrical resistance, is responsible for heating the water that we have poured into the jug that it includes. In this case, the higher the power, the shorter the time we are going to use to heat the water. For this reason, it is common for power to go hand in hand with capacity, which we will talk about below, with higher capacity products having more power.

This power usually starts at 1,000 or 1,200 watts for models with a capacity of one liter and reaches 2,000 watts for models with a capacity of 1.7 to 2 liters. These would be the basic power levels that we can find in any comparison of kettles, although, if you want, you can find products with a higher power, to heat the water more efficiently.

One of the advantages offered by the mid-range and high-end models is that this operating power is adjustable, so that the product has a built-in thermostat with which to choose the heating temperature. This temperature can be regulated from 30 to 100 degrees, with different levels that usually range from 10 to 10 degrees approximately. Something that helps you save energy and time in case you don’t need to have the water too hot.

product capacity

Since not all families are the same, neither are all kettles. For this reason, in the market we find kettles with different sizes and capacities, which make it easier to have hot water or liquid for the whole family at once. Something that does not affect too much how much the kettle costs.

In this case, the base capacity of a kettle is around one liter of water, in terms of effective capacity. The effective term refers to the safe capacity, since, although it is possible to introduce a little more water inside, in the models that have safety marks, it is advisable not to exceed them to reduce the risks when using the kettle..

This one liter capacity is enough for a couple or three or four people. If you want something bigger, there are kettles on the market, both cheap and conventional, that increase the capacity to 1.7 or even 2 liters. Models with adequate capacity for your meetings with friends or for larger families.

kettle safety

Since the kettle is a product that uses electrical energy and where high temperature water is stored, it is necessary to choose a kettle that is safe, in order to minimize the risk of accidents during the use of the product. A security that, before talking about security measures, must begin with a selection in which we must assess only products that have the seals of the CE or of some other recognized control entity, as the first element to give us peace of mind.

Going into the safety measures that a kettle should have, protection against overheating should not be missing. A system that prevents the water or the kettle itself from exceeding a certain temperature, which can be dangerous for the user. A system that must be complemented with the dry-running system, which prevents us from accidentally activating the kettle without there being water inside.

It is also necessary to have cold-touch exteriors, so that all the parts that we can touch are at a safe temperature to avoid burns. Something that we must also look for in the pouring process, so that the risks of liquid spills are reduced when serving it. Something in which the closing system, if possible with a child lock, will also give us extra peace of mind when using the product.

How to use a kettle

When it comes to boiling liquid, why not use an appliance such as a good kettle that is ideal for this function, especially for preparing tea, coffee, among others. But what would happen if we misuse the kettle? We would end up missing out on functions that improve the results of the drinks we enjoy, which is why we leave you some tips below that will help you with it.  

why a kettle  

A kettle is not just an appliance for boiling water to prepare aromatic coffee or good tea, it can also be used for quick desiccated meals such as: soups, noodles, vegetables and other foods. We can use hot water to add it to the pot or pan since being hot speeds up time and cooking.  

In a short time I will have liquid hot enough   

If we use a kettle we will be sure to have hot enough water thanks to the power that the equipment will supply to boil the liquid in just a few minutes and that will give us more time to make the preparations, in general this type of equipment is usually very rapid.  


No matter how much you use the kettle, it will always remain in perfect condition if you follow the manufacturer’s recommendations, since these equipments today are made with the highest quality materials (stainless steel, glass, plastic) that give them strength and durability. In addition, the designs are made to offer comfort and ease in terms of handling.  


You will not have to worry about the amount of boiled water that the kettles will offer you, since they are designed to meet the needs of a standard family in most of the models available on the market. And another fundamental aspect in many boiling pots is that they have easy-to-read water indicators that will allow you to heat the liquid according to the amount for the occasion.  

The kettle fits in my kitchen  

The most appropriate way to obtain a kettle is to combine it with the design of your kitchen, since the different models that we can find in stores are not exactly small or go unnoticed, therefore there must be this combination that seems pleasant and harmonious in our kitchen.  

How do I know when the water is boiling?  

Good kettles include safety systems that signal when the water reaches its boiling point, making our task easier and, in turn, allowing us to obtain the best boiled water to prepare a good coffee or tea.  

Safety when serving water  

Another important aspect when using a good kettle is that it offers you greater safety when serving water, thanks to its special precision spout that prevents splashes and guarantees ease of use. It is important to consider this point when we are going to buy one.  

Provides better quality water  

Kettles will not only be useful for heating water, they also have anti-lime filters, which will allow you to use high-quality water to prepare the best drinks or foods that will give us a healthy and quality life.  

The most popular brands

Certainly, the range of kettles is becoming more extensive, and although this is a benefit, because the user has more options to choose from, it is also a disadvantage, because the customer feels a bit lost in assessing one product or another. For this reason, we present three brands that enjoy prestige among other buyers, so that you take them into account when selecting this product.

It is one of the most important brands in the market when it comes to products and equipment designed to process food. It was founded in 1952 and is headquartered in England, although it has managed to expand to a large number of countries worldwide.

Its founder was Bill Russell, a creative engineer who provided his services for other companies and companies manufacturing electrical equipment for everyday use, which was also innovative. But finally Russell managed to associate with Hobbs and form this company from where they began to make history in the home appliance market, producing the first coffee maker with a built-in filter, as well as the first electric kettle. So, logically, when looking for a kettle, you should always go to the brand that developed the first model of this device to evaluate it.

However, its catalog is extremely wide and includes products for the kitchen, such as toasters, coffee machines, hand and glass blenders, thermos-type kettles, irons, with special variations according to the design line, since it has products designed only in black, others with a special luminous band that is activated to indicate the status of the process that the device is carrying out, etc.

In 1886 Robert Bosch founded the Electrical Engineering and Mechanical Precision Workshop, conceived as a space for scientific research to develop products, devices and equipment that help in the different tasks of our daily lives. Thus, Bosch is currently one of the most important electrical equipment companies in the world, with its headquarters in Germany.

Its equipment proposal is very varied and consists of products for innumerable commercial branches, such as the automotive sector, industries in general, kitchen equipment and appliances, cleaning devices, hygiene and beauty objects, among others. Best of all, its proposal is not one model for each category, since in some cases it is possible to find up to 20 different options for the same product, hence its ability to adapt and the alternatives it makes available to the customer, make it one of their favorite brands.

Equipment such as 12 V kettles, kettles, laptops, etc., always have a high power level in common, a design that facilitates their mobilization, either when traveling, or having easy use in the car, the products from Bosch will always have a design that offers comfort and performance in a single copy.

Another reference when buying electrical appliances and more specifically household appliances, Philips always appears among the recommendations, thanks to its outstanding experience in the market that has occurred since 1891.

In this sense, although the brand plays an important role in the development of audio and video equipment such as televisions, radios and also electrical objects such as lamps, its line of products for the home enjoys great prestige among customers, so if If you are looking for kettles, fryers, juicers, or similar equipment, you will most likely come across a model developed by this brand, due to its quality.

These are devices with great electrical potential designed to make the most of energy, reducing operating times. On the other hand, they are designed to be intuitive to use where the user does not need to read various manuals to understand how they work and they also have an elegant but compact design that facilitates their placement in the space intended for it.

The company not only covers the home equipment market, but also has a special line for health, baby care and breastfeeding, offering mothers and children a series of items for their greater comfort and well-being during this important stage.

Frequently asked questions

Q1. How to clean my electric kettle?

The easiest way to clean an electric kettle is to rinse it with soap and water like you would any other piece of crockery. However, this may not remove all the dirt that usually builds up in kettles, such as scale, etc.

Because of this, it is better to mix natural ingredients to be able to do the cleaning correctly. Boiling water combined with things like vinegar, baking soda, and lemon can be the key to getting rid of all the kettle residue. After doing this, dump the water and rinse with cold water to remove everything.

Q2. How to descale a kettle?

Calcification of kettles is a common problem that can be annoying and, if not resolved, can lead to damage to the appliance, as well as looking unsightly due to  limescale build-up. Fortunately, it is not very difficult to get rid of this problem.

Fill the kettle with water, making sure that all the corners that have limescale are covered, and proceed to turn it on. At the moment that he boils, he continuously adds white vinegar until he notices that it effervesces and, at that moment, he turns off to let the water rest. You will notice that the lime will begin to dissolve.

Q3. How to remove scale from the kettle?

A situation that kettles present, unfortunately frequently, is the accumulation of scale. Although it can be considered common, this does not mean that it is good, since consuming water with tartar residues can lead you to develop serious health problems, such as kidney stones. You could even suffer from blood problems.

In order to get rid of this, you need to fill the kettle with water, along with a little lemon juice and about 5 tablespoons of vinegar. Turn on the appliance and, as soon as the mixture boils, turn it off and proceed to get rid of the water. This process will cause all the accumulated tartar to begin to loosen, so that just by rinsing and washing it, all the dirt can come out.

Q4. How to remove the plastic smell from an electric kettle?

Because of all the time they are in storage before they arrive at your home, new appliances take on a plastic smell and taste. This is completely normal, however, it can be unpleasant to feel strange flavors in the water and, in order to enjoy the liquids we pour into the kettle, it is necessary to get rid of this smell. Fortunately, it is possible to do it and you just have to follow a few very simple steps.

You have to rinse the kettle with cold water and dishwasher. After that, proceed to add some baking soda and let it sit for 5 minutes and then repeat the first rinsing process. When finished, let the kettle dry and get some air. If this does not work, it is possible that a touch of lemon and subsequent washing can help.

Q5. What temperature does the water reach in an electric kettle?

As its name suggests, the objective of these products is to make the water boil so that you can make infusions, coffee or anything you need with it. In order to achieve this, it is necessary for the kettle to reach the boiling point of water and this is exactly 100 degrees Celsius.

100°C is the maximum temperature reached by a kettle before turning off automatically, because in this way, the device prevents the water from spilling and causing, in addition to a disaster, dangerous accidents due to high temperature.

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Estos productos solían encontrarse entre los más recomendados, pero ahora ya no están disponibles

Russell Hobbs Chester 20220-70 Hervidor de agua

Ventaja principal:

El hervidor que te ofrece Russell Hobbs con su modelo 20220 – 70 Chester es un producto con una alta calidad de fabricación al estar elaborado en materiales resistentes, duraderos y muy atractivos visualmente.

Desventaja principal:

Este producto cuenta con una alta valoración y una gran cantidad de reseñas positivas en los sitios de compra por lo que no parece contar con desperfectos importantes salvo algunas menciones de que es fácil que se marquen los dedos en el hervidor por el acabado.

Veredicto: 9.9/10

Entre hervidores, el 20220 – 70 Chester de Russell Hobbs te ofrece una alternativa al momento de desear disfrutar de una taza de té o café ya que podrás calentar el agua rápidamente y además, con la cantidad justa.

Caracteristícas Principales Explicadas


En toda cocina siempre es bueno contar con herramientas que te permitan realizar tareas específicas, sobre todo cuando son de tipo personal. Por ejemplo, el calentar agua para una taza de té, leche o café podría ser mucho más fácil de lo que te imaginas ya que existen productos que te ayudarán a calentar la cantidad justa en poco tiempo.

Un hervidor como el 20220 – 70 Chester es una gran opción en esta categoría. Este modelo cuenta con la ventaja de estar fabricado en acero inoxidable, por lo que no deberías preocuparte por oxidaciones o desgaste prematuros. Asimismo, sus líneas sencillas y acabado brillante, le otorgan un aspecto bastante llamativo, moderno y atractivo.

Como bono adicional, podrás adquirir este hervidor en una variedad de colores (chester, classic cream, flamed red, royal blue o storm grey) para que puedas combinarlo con tu cocina.


Cuando se trata de hervidores de agua, uno de los aspectos más relevantes a considerar es su capacidad. Debes tomar en cuenta un aproximado de la cantidad de agua que usualmente requieres para que puedas considerar adquirir el hervidor que más se pueda aproximar a satisfacer tus necesidades.

Por ende, queremos que sepas que el hervidor 20220 – 70 Chester de Russell Hobbs es un modelo ideal para ser utilizado de forma doméstica. Esto debido al hecho de que tiene una capacidad máxima de 1 litro de agua, lo que es más que suficiente para satisfacer las necesidades de una familia estándar. Asimismo, sus usuarios también indican que también es práctica cuando se reciben visitas ya que cuenta con un indicador de agua de fácil lectura que te permitirá calentar la cantidad adecuada.

Por otra parte, hay quienes también recomendaron su uso pa

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