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Kitchen griddles are equipment that promote the healthy preparation of food, since, to carry out the cooking of meat, fish and vegetables, it is not necessary to apply oil or any other type of fat. In this way, the flavors are not altered and the nutrients are used to the maximum. For example, the Severin RG 2343 kitchen griddle has a natural stone surface under which there is a resistance that provides the necessary heat to cook food evenly. For its part, Royal Catering 1250 is equipment for professional use that has high-end power adjustable at various levels.

The 9 Best Kitchen Griddles – Opinions 2022

The models of kitchen plates are usually varied, so we must be careful when reviewing their specifications, so that we can take with us a product that suits our needs. Below, we present nine kitchen griddles that have been positively commented on the web and widely recommended as the best of this year.

kitchen electric griddle

1. Severin RG 2343 Raclette Partygrill with Natural Stone

If you check the purchase portals specialized in electrical appliances, you will find this product valued as the best kitchen griddle, made with high-quality materials and provided with a medium-high range power suitable for cooking meat, fish and vegetables evenly.

For the surface of this electric kitchen griddle, natural stone with a non-stick coating was used and a resistance is placed under it, which works with a power of 1400 watts and whose purpose is to heat the griddle evenly. For its part, the casing of the equipment was made of robust polymer with insulating properties, to resist heat without deforming, while the bases with non-slip rubbers give it great stability on any table or worktop.

In addition, the iron incorporates a thermostat with which you can easily adjust the heat level of the surface, as well as the working time, which will allow you to cook the food correctly and save energy.

This is a product valued as the best kitchen griddle of the moment. Learn about its positive and negative aspects, below.


Surface: Its nonstick natural stone surface promotes healthy cooking because it does not require oil.

Thermostat: You can adjust the heat level and work time with the built-in thermostat.

Mini pans: Eight mini pans are incorporated that will help you in the preparation of various recipes.

Bases: Thanks to its non-slip bases you can place the iron on any surface without fear of tipping over.


Cooking: The cooking process could take a long time, but it will be worth it since the food cooks evenly.

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2. Cecotec Black&Water 2500 Electric Grill Pan

Getting an electric kitchen griddle that is capable of satisfying our needs when carrying out each preparation is not that difficult, since with this model from the Cecotec house you will be able to cook various foods in a short time and in complete safety.

It is a product with a modern and resistant design, whose structure you can take to the table to eat directly from its surface, because it conserves heat for longer after turning it off. In addition, the power supply cable can be detachable for greater practicality and the built-in bases are non-slip, which gives the equipment greater stability to place it on any table.

On the other hand, we have the spacious surface of the corresponding 45 x 25 centimeters appliance, made of non-deformable aluminum with a thickness of 2.5 millimeters and non-stick protection, ideal for cooking meat, fish and vegetables without sticking.

The pros and cons of this model could be quite attractive for those looking for a modern and efficient kitchen griddle.


Removable cable: By removing the power cable, you can take the iron to the table to eat directly from it.

Cleaning: You can easily clean the iron by simply rubbing a damp cloth and a dry cloth on it.

Non-stick: The non-stick surface allows you to cook various foods without using oil.

Power: Its maximum power of 2150 W allows fast cooking, saving time and energy.


It collects fats: It is likely that the fat residues from the food do not drain completely to the collection tray, so you will have to clean them manually.

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Professional kitchen griddle

3. Royal Catering Electric Grill Plancha Fry Top Industrial Grill

Rated among the best kitchen griddles of 2022 is this model patented by the prestigious Royal Catering house, which usually offers high quality standards through its designs.

The structure of this professional kitchen griddle has been made of cast iron with antioxidant treatment, so you won’t have to worry about contact with water. In addition, it has a robust and aesthetically attractive body, in which four non-slip bases stand out for greater stability and a tray that collects grease that will always keep the worktop or table clean. 

Similarly, in this 3000-watt power unit you will find a small front control panel, made up of an ergonomic rotary button for you to adjust the temperature level from 30 to 300 °C and a couple of light indicators. Thus, you will be able to be aware of the ignition of the device and the operation of the thermostat.

Royal Catering is for many the best brand of kitchen griddles. Here, the details of one of their models.


Plate: The size of the plate allows several portions to be cooked simultaneously, saving time and electricity.

Indicators: Its pair of indicators alert you to the start-up of the appliance and the thermostat.

Temperature: You can adapt the temperature according to the needs of each food between 30 and up to 300 °C.

Collection tray: Thanks to its grease collection tray you can keep the worktop or table clean.


Cleaning: Its cleaning can be a bit messy, so you will need to use a specialized product.

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Jata kitchen griddle

4. Jata GR195 Griddle

This product has managed to be considered the answer to the frequently asked question of which is the best kitchen griddle, since it has an attractive design in black, resistant and with a powerful performance for cooking vegetables, meat and fish.

Thus, by purchasing this Jata kitchen griddle, you will be taking with you a product of adequate quality, whose purpose is to help you make healthier recipes, by not having to use oil. This is because the surface is covered with a non-stick, but PFOA-free material. 

In addition, you will be able to cook food in no time because the appliance has been provided with a power of 2300 watts, adjustable to provide the level of heat that each food needs.

Among other interesting data we have the incorporation of cold-touch handles for safe handling, an adjustable thermostat and the possibility of incorporating the tray into the dishwasher for cleaning.

Those who do not know which kitchen griddle to buy will be interested in reviewing the details of this model.


Non-stick: The addition of a non-stick coating to the cooking surface prevents food from sticking and, therefore, you do not have to use oil.

Handles: Its cool-touch handles allow you to handle the iron comfortably and without burning yourself.

Cleaning: You have the option of cleaning the iron with a damp cloth or putting it in the dishwasher to save time.

Surface: You won’t have to make your guests wait, since you can cook several portions of food simultaneously.


Thermostat: The thermostat changes could be a bit abrupt for some people, slowing down the cooking time.

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Industrial kitchen griddle

5. Kukoo Stainless Steel Electric Griddle

Kukoo presents us with this opportunity an industrial kitchen griddle made of high-quality stainless steel, which withstands high temperatures without deforming and allows quick cleaning. In addition, the structure incorporates non-slip rubber bases for greater stability when placed on the table, counter or work surface, as well as a splash protection area, designed to keep the kitchen clean.

On the other hand, you will be interested to know that its 50-centimeter cooking surface is spacious and provides even heat distribution from 50 °C and up to a maximum of 300 °C, given its 2.5 kilowatt power. 

The temperature can be easily adjusted through the built-in rotary button on the front, next to which there is a pair of LED indicators for monitoring the start-up of the equipment and the operation of the integrated thermostat.

This is a product with high-end power and robust durability design. Other details below.


Use: It is an iron with adequate power to be used domestically or industrially.

Manufacturing: The stainless steel used provides resistance to the high temperatures acquired.

Thermostat: Its thermostat allows effective temperature control for proper cooking.

Anti-splash: You will be able to keep the kitchen clean thanks to the incorporation of an anti-splash protector in the structure. 


Surface: You will probably have to apply oil or some type of fat to prevent food from sticking.

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gas cooktop

6. FireFriend BQ-6395 Gas Grill Three Burners Stainless Steel

If you are looking for a gas cooktop griddle with an elegant, robust, safe and easy-to-use design, you should consider this FireFriend product among your main purchase options.

The first thing we should mention about this grill is its manufacture, for which high-end cast iron has been used with an enamel finish that prevents corrosion. In addition, it is an easy-to-clean metal, which only requires you to slide a damp or oily cloth over it. 

Regarding the design in general, we have the incorporation of a tray that collects fat and four non-slip bases, which enhance greater stability when placed on the counter or table. In addition, its three burners, of 2.4 kilowatts each, give you greater control of the temperature through its ergonomic rotary buttons arranged in the front area of ​​the structure. Thus, you will obtain a correct distribution of heat.

This is a kitchen griddle with an enamel finish and gas operation. Here, more details.


Resistance: Thanks to its manufacture in cast iron you will enjoy a non-deformable equipment.

Cleaning: The equipment is easy to clean, so you only need to slide a damp cloth over it.

Burners: Its three burners give you the opportunity to better control the heat throughout the cooking area.

Piezo: You will not need to use matches, since the equipment has been provided with piezo ignition.


Tube: The model does not include the respective tube, a piece of great importance for the gas connection.

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Small kitchen griddle

7. Jata GR205 Griddle Perfect for Two People

Jata is a brand with a Spanish quality seal that is used to providing its followers with products with high quality standards, efficient and simple operation. Therefore, it is not surprising that this model is recommended as the best value for money kitchen griddle.

About this equipment, you will be interested to know that it has a resistant and elegant design, which you can take directly to the table so that, together with your companion, you can taste the prepared meats, fish or vegetables.

It is worth mentioning that this small kitchen griddle has a power of 1000 watts and a thermostat for temperature adjustment with a removable design, which makes it easy to add the tray to the dishwasher, if necessary. 

In addition, the cooking area with non-stick and anti-scratch coating offers a format of 28 x 32 centimeters, which is suitable for preparing at least two portions of food simultaneously.

Among the cheapest kitchen plates, this model stands out. Learn about its positive and negative aspects, below.


Handles: Its handles have a cold touch for safe handling at all times.

Thermostat: You can adjust the temperature as required by each food, since the equipment incorporates a convenient thermostat.

Cleaning: The equipment is suitable for being incorporated into the dishwasher, so it is quick to clean.

Non-stick: Due to its non-stick surface you will not have to worry about food sticking.


Cable: The power cable is a bit short, so you might need the help of an extension cord.

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Ceramic plate for kitchen

8. Novohogar Plancha Cocina Thermo Stone Grill Plancha

More and more people are betting on the preparation of healthy recipes in which they do not have to use oil, butter or any other product, to prevent food from sticking. In this sense, this ceramic griddle for the kitchen is a very good option, since it has a non-stick surface suitable for cooking meat, fish and various vegetables. Thus, you can surprise your guests with appetizing recipes.

It is a kitchen iron valued among the cheapest in this list of recommended products, which has a power of 1000 watts and a convenient regulating thermostat adjustable to a maximum of five levels. 

In this way, you can select the temperature according to the needs of each of the foods to be cooked. In addition, you should know that the equipment incorporates a detachable power cable, which is favorable when cleaning the iron and storing it.

With this griddle you will prepare several foods without the flavors mixing. More product information below.


Coating: The ceramic coating of this model allows cooking to be uniform and reduces the adherence of food.

Handles: A cool-touch coating is incorporated into the handles for safe handling.

Thermostat: You can adjust the temperature through the thermostat according to the needs of the food, since the iron reaches up to 280 degrees.

Base: Its four non-slip polymer bases will allow you to place the iron on any surface with total safety.


Size: The size of this model has been smaller than expected by some users, although this does not limit its performance.

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Princess kitchen griddle

9. Princess Table Chef Premium 103110 Large XL Griddle

The Princess kitchen griddle has a spacious, elegant and quite safe design, which you can place in the middle of the table so that each of the guests prepares their food while they talk and share a pleasant time.

This cooking plate has been made of aluminum with a non-stick coating that will allow you to make healthy recipes without using any type of oil. For its part, the pair of ergonomic handles incorporated into the structure are cool-touch, so you can handle it without fear of burning yourself. All these materials stand out for being high-end, resistant and non-deformable.

It is also important to mention that the cooking area measures 46 x 26 centimeters, making it adequate space to prepare up to six portions of food simultaneously. Likewise, the work force of the equipment must be mentioned, corresponding to 2500 watts and suitable for cooking meat and vegetables.

Learn about the pros and cons of this spacious, modern and safe Princess kitchen griddle.


Thermostat: Thanks to its thermostat you can control the temperature, as required by each food.

Handles: You will be able to manipulate the structure comfortably and safely, since it incorporates cold-touch handles.

Surface: With its spacious plate you will save cooking time by being able to place up to six servings simultaneously.

Nonstick: You ‘ll enjoy healthier recipes because the nonstick surface doesn’t require oil to prevent food from sticking.


Cleaning: To clean the griddle, it is not recommended to place it in the dishwasher, so it must be a strictly manual process.

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Shopping guide

Acquiring a kitchen griddle is a task that requires time, since you should not take with you the first model that captures your attention. In this sense, it is best to review a guide to buy the best kitchen griddle, which allows you to document a little about the subject and be able to get equipment that really suits your needs for use.

cooking surface

The cooking surface of the kitchen griddle is an area of ​​great importance, which will determine the number of portions to prepare and the correct cooking of each of the meats, fish and vegetables placed on it. Therefore, it is important to carefully verify this issue, when making the respective comparison of kitchen plates.

In general, manufacturers use cast iron and aluminum for the construction of this area of ​​the equipment, since these are metals with an adequate level of resistance to high temperatures. Likewise, natural stone is another very popular material for this type of product. All of them have great properties, with regard to the ability to offer a correct distribution of heat, in order to enjoy rapid cooking of food. 

Also, it is important that you take into consideration that some brands add special non-stick treatments of titanium or Teflon, among others, to these surfaces in order to prevent the preparations from sticking and even favor the cleaning process.


The issue of safety is of great importance when purchasing any electrical equipment and kitchen griddles are no exception, so, before the imminent purchase, you cannot forget to check how convenient its use is for you and your whole family..

Thus, in this same order of ideas, you will have to start by verifying that the structure incorporates non-slip bases, which allow you to place the device on any table or countertop, without fear of it slipping and causing an incident while being manipulated. Similarly, this area must isolate the heat generated by the tray, so that it is not transmitted to the surface and deteriorates it.

On the other hand, we have the well-known cold-touch treatments applied to the casing and grip handles, which protect us from burns. Thus, you will not have problems transporting the kitchen griddle from one space to another, without having to wait longer, until the structure cools down.


Regardless of whether it is a highly positioned kitchen griddle, valued as good and cheap, you should take into consideration that, if it does not incorporate a thermostat, then its purchase is probably not worth it.

In this sense, you will be interested to know that the thermostats fulfill the function of regulating the temperature supplied to the resistance that is under the iron of the appliance, which is favorable not only for the correct cooking of food, but also to avoid overheating. internal. Similarly, among the functions of the thermostat is the adjustment of cooking times, which can be controlled according to the food prepared.

With regard to the functions mentioned above, they will depend on the type of thermostat incorporated by the manufacturer in each model of kitchen griddle, so it is convenient that the purchased product has at least one of them to help extend the useful life of the kitchen griddle.


Kitchen griddles are equipment designed to be in direct contact with meat, fish and vegetables, which, when cooked, will begin to release juices and particles from the condiments and fats of each food. In this way, it does not matter how much the iron costs or if it is a model of great positioning, since it will inevitably end up getting dirty and will need to be washed. In this sense, the only solution is to try, as much as possible, that the product to be purchased offers a quick and easy cleaning, that does not take too much time.

In general, to clean the kitchen plates, it is enough to slide a damp cloth over the cooking surface or, in some cases, it is necessary to apply a special product. It all depends on the type of material. Likewise, there are manufacturers who, thinking about practicality and saving time in carrying out this messy task, offer the option of being able to incorporate the iron into the dishwasher, without fear of it suffering any deterioration.

Frequently asked questions

Q1: How to use a kitchen griddle?

Starting up your kitchen griddle is a fairly simple task, which will initially depend on the type of power required by the appliance. In this sense, if your equipment is gas, you will have to make the respective connection, verifying that there are no leaks to avoid future incidents. Then, with the help of the piezo, you can turn on the respective burners and adjust the heat level by turning the buttons on the front panel.

For their part, those who own an electric iron will only have to take the power supply cable and connect it to the nearest alternating current source, adjust the temperature and wait for the cooking surface to heat up. Thus, you will be able to place the food so that it is cooked, keeping an eye on it to turn it over and prevent it from burning.


Q2: How to clean an iron kitchen griddle?

Cleaning a kitchen griddle made of cast iron is not unconventional, so you will need a damp sponge or soft cloth to carefully slide it over the entire cooking area. In this way, you will remove the residue from the food, but remember to go over that area again with an absorbent paper to get rid of excess water. Thus, you will prevent corrosion.

Likewise, you can rub a small amount of oil to carry out the cleaning or, if you consider it pertinent, you have the option of applying a special non-abrasive product for this type of metal.

Q3: How do you change the resistance of the Jata cooktop?

The resistance of your Jata kitchen griddle is located under the cooking surface and is responsible for transmitting the heat throughout said plate, so its correct placement is very important.

Although there are a large number of tutorials on the web that will help you successfully remove the damaged resistor and place a new one, it is also true that it is best to contact an expert, so that there is no margin for error and you avoid the generation of a short circuit because of your inexperience.

Q4: How to remove rust from a kitchen griddle?

If your kitchen griddle has been a victim of corrosion, you can quickly remove it by rubbing abrasion paper over the affected area. Then, clean the residue and apply a specialized product to seal the porosity of the metal. In this way, you will avoid the new appearance of oxidation and you will give the surface a smooth and enameled appearance. 

Q5: How do you cook grilled tofu?

To prepare tofu on the griddle, all you have to do is turn on the equipment and preheat it to a low temperature. This way, you can place the previously seasoned tofu on the cooking surface, being careful to turn it over and remove it when it has cooked correctly on both sides.

Q6: How should I keep the professional kitchen griddle?

To preserve the good condition of your professional kitchen griddle, it is necessary that, after each preparation, you clean the cooking surface carefully, either with a damp cloth or with oil. In this way, you will remove the residues and prevent them from taking root.

In addition, it is important that before storing the equipment you make sure that there is no trace of moisture on it, by rubbing a dry cloth over the entire structure. Thus, you will avoid the generation of corrosion and, therefore, you will extend the useful life of the device.

Q7: How to polish a kitchen griddle?

If your kitchen griddle looks dull and unappealing, you can make it look like new without much effort. You will only need to check the type of material with which it has been made, whether it is steel, aluminum, stone or even polymer, in the area of ​​the casing. Then, check the web which non-abrasive products are suitable for said materials, as well as some homemade recipes that you can apply to carry out said polishing process. This way, you will have more options to choose from.

Once the product to be used has been selected, you will have to apply it and rub it in circular movements with a soft cloth, let it act, remove it or leave it on the surface, as indicated by the recommendations. 

Q8: What temperature does a kitchen griddle reach?

The temperature reached by the kitchen griddle depends on the low, medium or high range to which it belongs. For example, you can find equipment with a maximum power of up to 3000 watts, capable of offering a maximum heat of up to 300 °C. So, finally, it will depend on the make and model selected.

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