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Kitchen Robot – Buying Guide, Opinions and Comparison in 2022

Preparing food at home is probably the best way to ensure that your family eats healthily and with high-quality ingredients. But if you have little time, don’t worry, since technology has come to your kitchen to help you with this task by designing sophisticated and efficient appliances. But this is not all; they are also robust and easy to use, like the Moulinex ClickChef HF4SPR30, which offers 3.6 liters of capacity and has a power of 1400 W to provide optimal performance. Another good alternative to buy could be the Bosch MUM58720, which has 7 speed positions and has multiple accessories for greater versatility.

Opinions on the best kitchen robots

Whoever has used a device of this type could share their experience and have a preference for a certain brand, but if you want to carry out an objective search, to find just that model that meets your expectations, you should know several options on the market. For this reason, we present you with a varied selection of robots, with the common characteristic that they have all been well rated by users. 

Moulinex food processor

Moulinex ClickChef HF4SPR30

It is a Moulinex kitchen robot that has 32 different functions, so it can cut, crush, chop, grind, fry, pulverize, blend, reheat, beat, stew, boil, melt, among other options, to prepare dishes with professional results.

It is important to note that it offers a power of 1400 W for greater efficiency. In this sense, it can reach cooking temperatures between 30 and 120°C. In addition, it has a large capacity of 3.6 liters, which is why many consider it to be the best kitchen robot today, since it allows you to make food for several people in a few minutes.

Regarding its size, it is only 28 cm wide, so it can be stored in any corner of the kitchen without taking up much space. As if that were not enough, all its accessories are dishwasher safe, thus favoring practicality.

If you want the best kitchen robot of the moment, it is appropriate that you carefully review some of the most outstanding features of this equipment.


Programs: Offers an intuitive interface with 5 automatic programs and 32 functions for greater versatility.

Safety: It has a safety cover that cannot be removed while the device is in operation.

Temperatures: It easily reaches temperatures between 30 and 120 °C, which can give you different cooking options.


Book: It is possible that the recipe book is not clear enough in terms of the preparation of some dishes, which makes it less useful.

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Bosch food processor

Bosch MUM58720

Continuing with our selection of options to find the best kitchen robot of 2022, we have found this model of the Bosch brand, which also stands out among other appliance manufacturers due to its high quality standards.

To describe it, we will start by mentioning its robust structure, since it has a large 3.9-liter stainless steel bowl, where you could place enough dough to prepare bread for your whole family. Also, it should be noted that it has 7 positions on its controls to choose the speed and a turbo function, for those ingredients that are difficult to knead. 

In addition, this Bosch kitchen robot is complemented by including mixing rods, mixers and a kneading hook, so you can easily give your preparation the necessary texture. On the other hand, we cannot fail to mention its powerful 1000W motor, which allows it to process a large amount of food in a very short time. For all this, this model could well be considered one of the best kitchen robots of 2022. 

Next, we will analyze its best features in a list, so you will be more sure that it is the model you need.


Utensils: Because it has 7 types of accessories, it is a versatile and practical robot.

Functions: Thanks to the fact that it can grate, cut and chop, it provides full use in the kitchen.

Use: The assembly of parts is simple, in addition, its start-up only involves pressing a button, so it is comfortable.

Space saving: Its many functions can supply many kitchen utensils, saving space in your home.


Instruction manual: One of the users mentions that the DVD included in the set does not allow him to choose the Spanish language, which could be a disadvantage when trying to take advantage of all the advantages of the device.

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Kenwood food processor

Kenwood KHH326

We know that many people are looking for the best value for money food processor, which is why we have included this model in our selection, because it incorporates among its functions the possibility of mixing, but it can also knead flour to carry out different types of cooking projects. pastries and food processing to later incorporate them into your recipes.

All this, thanks to its versatile accessories for grating and blending, and even grinding or extracting juices. Thus, there is nothing left to do but define it as a really complete Kenwood kitchen robot. However, that does not mean that you have to spend too much money to incorporate it among your favorite everyday appliances.

As for its power, it has a 1000W motor, which is combined with a solid structure of resistant plastic for the body of the device. In addition, their utensils have been positively rated due to their quality and resistance.

We invite you to review the best features of this model in our list of pros and cons that we have prepared for you.


Use: Due to its ease of use, it is a device that could considerably reduce the effort you spend every day preparing your food.

Capacity: Its bowl that can hold up to 4.3 liters, allows you to prepare both small and large portions. 

Speeds: Thanks to its 6 speeds, you can process your food just the way you want it.

Versions: It is possible to choose a version with 5 or 7 accessories included, which gives you a greater chance of choosing the one that best suits your needs.


Color: Currently on the market we find robots of different shades so you can choose the one that matches your kitchen, however, this Kenwood kitchen robot is only available in one color option, which can be inconvenient.

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Taurus food processor

Taurus Mycook Touch

In the event that you lack options to add to your kitchen robot comparison, and you are looking for an intelligent device that helps you prepare your food in a simple way, a good alternative could be this Taurus kitchen robot. Among the attributes that distinguish it is the fact that it has a great power of 1600W, which can be enough to reach the necessary temperature to process foods that need up to 140ºC to achieve a smooth texture.

In addition, it is very interesting that it is a multifunction robot, since it could cook at the same time on 4 levels. Not forgetting to mention its attractive color LCD touch panel and multi-device WiFi connectivity.

On the other hand, you won’t have any problems knowing what to cook, since it has unlimited free recipes upon purchase. Certainly an attractive appliance that kitchen lovers and those who want to experiment could wish for.

If you have already decided which food processor to buy after reading the description of this model, be sure to read our analysis of advantages and possible disadvantages.


Quality: As it is a brand with a great presence in the market and experience in the design of articles with advanced technology, it could meet your expectations.

Design: The model has an attractive aesthetic, so it will look great in your kitchen.

Manual: It is also possible to choose a manual preparation of your food, thus expanding the options of use.

Guided mode: If you need help when making the preparations, the same device can provide it step by step.


Beginners: Some expert cooks might not be totally satisfied with the presentation of the ingredients in the final dish, but for beginning users, it may be the best way to cook for themselves and get good results.

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Cecotec kitchen robot

Cecotec IronMix

With an affordable cost among the options on the market, the Cecotec kitchen robot is proposed as a very effective solution, especially for those who want to have their food ready without having to invest too much effort in the work. This smart device can, among other things, ferment food, making it useful for making homemade yogurt or even confit. This is because it has 22 functions, which allows you to select just what you need for each occasion.

Its power allows it to reach temperatures between 20 and 120ºC and for food processing it has 12 speeds, which may be more than enough for many foods.

In addition, it has a capacity of 3.3 L in its jar made of stainless steel, so it could be the robot that efficiently covers the needs of a family of several members.

You will have more information at your disposal in our pros and cons section, with which you could objectively determine if this is the best food processor for you.


Usage: By providing easy selection of functions via push and turn buttons, you can control the device without any hassle.

Energy saving: By including Low Gear technology, you can get good efficiency even at low revs.

Security: Thanks to its Check System technology, the risks due to an incorrect closure of the device are reduced.

Recipe book: The set includes a recipe book, with which you can experiment and obtain good results.


Temperature: Some kitchen robots could reach temperatures higher than the 120ºC offered by this model, which could be inconvenient if you prepare dishes with ingredients that require a higher temperature.

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Mambo food processor

Cecotec Mambo

With a modern and elegant design, the Cecotec Mambo robot could be an option that will allow your kitchen to look well equipped and at the same time be both efficient and practical. In addition, by having 23 functions, this model allows you to prepare an infinite number of dishes, sauces and desserts. While on the other hand, the quality of the materials that make it up is enough to define it as a device that can be useful for a long time.

To speak more objectively about it, we will mention that it is quite powerful, due to its 1700W performance, with this you will be able to knead up to 2.5 kg of preparation, something that implies a considerable effort for this type of device. 

On the other hand, you can set its timer for up to 12 hours, an ideal quality for fermenting dairy products, for example. In addition, among other functions, it can also keep food warm.

To decide which is the best food processor, it is necessary to evaluate each feature in detail, which is why we have prepared a summary in the form of pros and cons, so that you can get to know the model better.


Capacity: Because it has a 3.3L container, it is a robot with enough capacity to obtain portions for up to 4 people.

Timer: Because you can adjust long-lasting preparations, the recipes you can make are expanded.

Materials: Thanks to its resistant components, this robot can last over time despite frequent use.

Use: Its use is intuitive and is well explained in the manual and videos related to the model, so you will not have problems using it.


Recipes: It could happen that the recipes provided with the set are not to the liking of all users, but you could solve this by looking for other options even on the internet.

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Kitchen robot NEWCOOK


If you are looking for an alternative so that when you get home after your work day, the food is ready, the best thing is to opt for a programmable food processor that allows the ingredients to start their process just in time. This can be achieved with the NEWCOOK kitchen robot model, since you can program it for up to 24 hours, and its use is as simple as adding the ingredients, choosing the type of preparation and determining what time you want the food to be ready..

In addition, it includes the option to prepare automatically with its 8 preconfigured menus and allows you to cook both steamed and over low heat or in the oven, making it quite versatile.

On the other hand, we do not want to fail to mention that it is a cheap kitchen robot, a feature that could be of interest to you. That way, getting food on time doesn’t have to cost you too much money.

We invite you to review in detail the most relevant aspects of this model, which is one of the cheapest in our selection.


Value for money: Because it is a robot that is offered at an affordable cost, and that is manufactured while maintaining good quality, it is recommended.

Simple: Its use is very intuitive and easy, something that has earned it many positive reviews.

Cleaning: Due to its non-stick container, cleaning this device is very simple.

Delay Start: Thanks to this trait, you can choose to have the food start preparing at the appropriate time.


High pressure: In case you are looking for a programmable pressure cooker, this model does not meet this quality.

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Masterchef kitchen robot

Moulinex Master chef

If you need a professional type robot, it is well worth checking out this model presented to us by the Moulinex brand, which for many is a company synonymous with quality and resistance.

On this occasion, it is your Masterchef food processor, an outstanding device that you can choose from in 2 different capacities, 6.7 L for those who must frequently prepare a considerable number of portions, or in its 4-liter mode., suitable for home use. Both cases have options to knead efficiently thanks to its powerful 1500W motor, but at this point it should be noted that it can perform this function in both directions, so you can get smooth and fast results.

On the other hand, it has 8 speeds, to adapt to the type of preparation and its stainless steel bowl with handles is very comfortable and resistant, as are the accessories included in its set. 

It is possible that this is not one of the cheapest models, however, there are those who believe that Moulinex is the best brand of food processors, so we are going to analyze in greater detail what this option can offer.


Durability: The choice of materials for this model makes it a very resistant option, especially for those who need a frequently used device.

Easy to use: Because you just turn the knob, you don’t have to go through complicated steps to get your preparations just the way you want them.

Elegant: Its exterior design is, in addition to being robust, very elegant, one more attribute that users value positively.

Powerful: Thanks to the fact that it has a 1500W motor, it is capable of preparing up to 2.2 kg of bread dough without mishaps.


Cost: You might find more affordable options, but because it’s robust and powerful, those looking for these attributes might be willing to pay for it.

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Food processor accessories

Food processor recipes 

Squeeze your kitchen robot Marta Carnicero Hernanz

Whether it’s because you sometimes lack options to delight your guests or because you like the possibility of experimenting with new ideas, a food processor recipe book can be a very useful complement if you have purchased a device of this type, or, if a loved one uses this type of device on a daily basis.

This special edition presents you with 94 very varied recipes among which you can find alternatives for breakfast, dinner and lunch, you can even make some exotic and unusual ones that you could enjoy.

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Guide to buying a food processor

Although there is the possibility of eating away from home every day, the truth is that the homemade taste is still attractive. In addition, it represents a saving of money and allows you to select only quality ingredients and according to the type of diet you want to follow, therefore, if you want to prepare your food in a simple way without investing too much effort, then you should carry out a comparison of kitchen robots, as they are practical and versatile devices that meet the needs of more and more users in the world who seek to eat healthy.

Shopping guide


We will begin our guide to buying the best food processor by talking about the versatility that this device could offer, since this is perhaps one of the characteristics that best define this type of appliance in particular. The brands that manufacture them have taken special care in designing them in such a way that they are devices that are capable of providing more than one function, so that you do not have to purchase so many accessories separately. Thus, with a single device and using a powerful motor, you can forget about many of the manual tasks involved in cooking.

To classify them in some way, we could divide them into 2 large categories: those that process food for later cooking and those that offer us a dish ready for consumption.

Some of the most common functions of those that help us prepare the ingredients prior to cooking are:

chop and grate





For their part, those who offer us finished dishes can, among other things:




Keep food warm

Cook over low heat

In addition, we cannot fail to mention that there are some that are capable of grinding or blending at the same time as they cook, making them even more versatile. We recommend that you carefully analyze what type of robot you might need and the functions that are most convenient for your food.


In the event that the number of portions to prepare is abundant, you should not fail to analyze the capacity offered by the model that has been of interest to you. In the event that the number of people who will benefit from the acquisition of the food processor is few, it could be worth choosing an alternative that is not so limited, since it will be useful to have it when you have guests to eat in a special way..

Durability and specifications

So that you do not have to do without your device after you have become accustomed to all its advantages, it is best to look for a model that, in addition to being economical, is also robust. Look especially for this quality in the containers, housing and accessories that help process food. These should hold up to wear over time, so you don’t have to look for replacements.

In the same way, check the power of its motor, so you can get an idea of ​​how efficient it will be to get the food to its point and in the case of those who cook food, you should look at the temperature it is capable of reaching. Remember that some foods require more or less heat to achieve the expected texture.

Ease of use and accessories

Today, among the most modern options that we can find on the market, we can even choose those that have WiFi connectivity. Of course, this makes a notable difference in its cost, because if you wonder how much a model of this type costs compared to a more basic one, you will find a variation of up to 200 euros. But if this trait solves your problems enjoying delicious food, you may be willing to pay for it. Our recommendation in this case is that you verify very well that it is compatible with your mobile or device with which you plan to interconnect your robot.

On the other hand, due to the large number of accessories that come to be included in these appliances, it is recommended that you evaluate if they really are the ones you need, since some models include versions with different parts. Thus, you can select the ones that will be most convenient for you.


It is inevitable that a food processor will get dirty when preparing food, but the difference is established between models due to the ease with which you can remove any remaining food from its accessories and containers. For this reason, we recommend that you analyze if these are suitable for washing in the dishwasher, or if you should clean them when they are placed in the appliance. Thus, you will be able to evaluate the complexity of this work.

Frequently asked questions

Q1: How to use a food processor?

Although this will depend largely on the model you have purchased, basically, what you should do at first is choose the type of accessories that you will need for the preparation. Now, follow the manufacturer’s instructions to make sure that you have properly placed these accessories in place, respecting the security measures. When it is ready, add the food to be processed and set the type of program that the robot offers you based on what you want to do. Wait for the robot to finish its work and remove the food. Finally, don’t forget to clean the robot and disassemble the parts for storage.

Q2: Which food processor is the same as Thermomix?

Among the models that offer functions similar to those offered by the Thermomix is ​​the Taurus Mycook Touch, since it also includes connectivity via WiFi, the possibility of accessing unlimited recipes and has an equally attractive exterior design, which can be used through a comfortable color touch screen.

Q3: What can be done with a food processor?

The preparation options are very varied, you can get everything from desserts to main dishes. The important thing is that you evaluate what your needs are so that, from this perspective, you can find the food processor that best meets your expectations, reviewing its temperature range, speed levels and included accessories, in this way you will have a clearer idea of ​​what is I could prepare with it and in combination with your imagination the options will increase exponentially.

Q4: What to buy, programmable pot or food processor?

Everything will depend on the amount of manual work that you want to invest in your preparations. Generally, a programmable pot is more limited in terms of crushing or processing the ingredients, being necessary to add them ready for cooking. While on the other hand, the kitchen robot could carry out more complex processes to result in a finished dish from ingredients without further preparation.

Q5: How to make yogurt in food processor?

To get this type of dairy fermentation, you will only need a portion of milk and a little yogurt as ingredients. The proportion is approximately 250 ml of yogurt for every liter of milk. Now you must place the milk in the container of your kitchen robot and add the yogurt, mix briefly and turn on the robot at a temperature between 43 and 48 degrees. Program the robot to maintain this temperature for about 4 hours and once the time is up, you can pour the result into a container for storage in the refrigerator, thus obtaining a creamy and pleasant texture. 

Q6: Is there a food processor that can fry?

In the market there are multiple options of food processors, designed by different brands, but there are few that clearly specify the possibility of frying among their functions. One of them is the Moulinex Cuisine Companion, so if this is one of the qualities you are looking for, you could choose it without problems. In addition, it includes many other advantages that could be of interest to you.

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