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Knife Set – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis

The knife is one of the utensils that cannot be missing in any kitchen, as it is essential for handling and processing food. Your choice requires a certain rigor, having to consider the size of the knives, the design, the manufacturing material, its ease of cleaning and the resistance of the blade. And if they include accessories to store them, even better. The Zwilling Twin Gourmet knife set is an interesting option, which has 7 pieces of different sizes, designed for each cutting task that must be performed and including good resistance, thanks to its quality manufacturing. Another interesting proposal is the Home Hero HH7KS set, which includes 5 knives of professional quality and great ergonomics. In addition, the purchase also adds a sharpener, an essential accessory that positively complements the experience of using the package.

The 6 Best Knife Sets – Opinions 2022

When it comes to cooking, you have to take into account the cut of the food. The knife is an essential tool in the kitchen. In addition, all foods need a proper cut, and that is why a good set of knives should not be missing in your kitchen, since these will greatly facilitate the work of cutting and chopping.

So we dedicate a list of knife sets to you, which according to the opinion of consumers cannot be missing in the preparation of your dishes and recipes,
so that you also have the opportunity to choose which is the best knife set on the market.

1. Zwilling Twin Gourmet Knife Block

Main advantage:

In a world with more and more disposable products, users highly appreciate that a set of knives like this one is made of stainless steel, which, in addition to providing a quality finish, guarantees durability over the years.

Main disadvantage:

Some of its buyers indicate that the wooden block in which the knife set is placed, although useful, is a bit lacking, because the knives do not remain fixed, but have a margin of movement.

Verdict: 9.8/10

The Zwilling Twin Gourmet knife set represents an currently unbeatable option according to the criteria of users due to its stainless steel, which gives it a useful life of many years, in addition to having a large number of knives, each one manufactured with a specific cut.

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Stainless steel

It is extremely necessary to know what the material of the knife sets is, because their quality will depend on it. The best material, according to the experience indicated by users, is stainless steel, because it allows knives to last many more years because they can have constant contact with different substances without being victims of rust.

The Zwilling Twin Gourmet knife set has been highly applauded by users, because its material is precisely stainless steel. The durability that this guarantees to the product is much higher, because the deterioration of these knives in domestic use can begin to be noticed several decades after their manufacture.


If you are looking for a set of knives, it is important to know how many knives will be available and what is the function of each one, because it is not at all convenient to buy a set of knives with most of its members being very similar. Each knife should have a cut assigned to it, so that it can be used to its maximum power.

Specifically speaking of the Zwilling Twin Gourmet knife set, this set has nine pieces to its credit, each with a specific function. Knives include: a utility knife, a chop knife, a meat fork, a bread knife, a utility scissor and a sharpening steel. All this combination makes the knife set a complex and complete set of instruments.

storage block

Order is one of the most essential characteristics in most aspects of life for many people. The kitchen is a space that, in order to function properly, needs order, because the activity of cooking requires a large number of instruments and food that must be found quickly.

That is why knife sets usually have a block, usually made of wood, in which all their pieces are kept. The Zwilling Twin Gourmet is no exception, as it has a wooden storage block with nine spaces: eight at the top for knives and one at the bottom for scissors. Some users have been disappointed to find that the holes where the knives are placed leave more space and the knives are not fixed when they are stored.

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2. Home Hero 7 Pieces Professional Kitchen Knives 

The purchase of this interesting set includes 5 professional-type knives, so you can choose the most convenient one depending on the case. Another aspect highly rated by users is the design of its display case, which allows you to quickly identify the knife you need and always have the set at hand.

On the other hand, it should be borne in mind that a set of knives can stop working properly if you do not have a good sharpener at hand. To cover this need, the Home Hero set includes this accessory but, in addition, such a device provides two types of edge. In this way, you can use it to give a fine or coarse finish to the cutting blade.

In addition, you do not have to worry about the ergonomics of the pieces, since their handles offer a suitable design. In this way, they adapt well to the shape of your hand and you can avoid slipping during use.

If you need more information to decide which knives to buy, you can read the following section.


Presentation: The set comes in a nice display, which makes it easy to choose the knife to use.

Pieces: There are 5 knives that make up this complete set, so you can choose the most suitable according to the cutting project. Also includes a sharpener.

Ergonomics: Because the handles are slightly textured and ergonomically designed, they allow for a comfortable grip.


Exhibitor: Since this support is made of acrylic, you must be careful when cleaning it, to avoid scratching it and losing its transparency.

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3. TopStar 175478 Knife Set 4 Units

Are you interested in a set of knives at a very affordable price that fulfill their cutting function? So consumers suggest the Top Star 175478 as it is one of the best cheap knife sets in the entire market. Like the previous ones, it is made of stainless steel, and they have an original colorful design which specifies, through drawings, what kind of food it is used for.

It consists of plastic handles, with an original design. It is a basic knife set, which can be used by children who love cooking or even you, who have a young spirit and love colors.

It comes with four units, which cut very well, among these we find the knife for filleting, the knife for cutting bread, the one for slicing, and the smallest one, which is used to cut fine vegetables. Its handles are not the most comfortable, but for the price at which you can buy it, they will be super useful.

Continuing with this short list, the Top Star 175478 knives have been considered by users as the best brand of knife sets. It is a simple game with the essential tools to cut in your kitchen. Know its pros and cons.


Decoration: They have an avant-garde design that can also be used to decorate the kitchen.

Cut quality: According to users, these knives have an excellent cut quality, making it a recommended investment.

Design: The modern design allows each knife to be identified by different colors.

Guide: Thanks to the creative design, the knives have a simple guide to use, where the colors are identified with the group of foods that can be cut with each one.

Grip: The grip is also ergonomic, so it will not be a problem to manipulate them.


Size: According to the opinion of some users, the size of these knives is a bit large, and this sometimes makes it difficult to use.

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4. Arcos 856400 Table Knife Set 

When it comes to looking for knives, Arcos is always one of the companies that serve as a reference. And within its wide range we find options such as the Arcos 856400 table knives. This model has been manufactured in high quality Nitrum stainless steel, consisting of 110 millimeter long blades. These blades have a good saw, so we are not looking at the typical knife that does not cut anything. 

On the other hand, the handle is made of polypropylene, giving a good adherence to the knife. Both elements can easily be cleaned in the dishwasher or by hand, so leaving the perfect knives is not a problem either. In fact, the brand offers a 10-year guarantee on the product, as proof of its high quality. 

The model is presented in a batch of six units, in a cardboard box and with the usual plastic covers for the cutting blades.

Enjoy a good experience at your table with this complete set of Arcos knives.


Blade: The stainless steel blade has the Nitrum treatment, to offer better quality during cutting.

Handles: The handles are made of high quality polypropylene, with which to cut more comfortably.

Presentation: The knives are presented in a cardboard box with a plastic cover, so that they are well protected until you use them.


Saw: The saw blade is not that of a trencher or meat knife, so if you need one of these models, another product suits you.

Measurement: The handle is rather narrow, which can make it a bit difficult to apply the correct force to the cut.

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5. Wanbasion Kitchen Knife Set 

Designed so that you don’t need anything else when it comes to cooking, this complete set of Wanbasion knives includes everything you need to carry out any cutting task comfortably. In this kit, we have the 8-inch chef’s knife, the 7-inch Santoku, the trencher, the bread knife, the onion knife or the classic 5-inch knife, among others. 

All these knives have been manufactured with high hardness stainless steel, so that the blade does not break or lose its properties, no matter how much you use them. Regarding the handle, it has an ergonomic design and a good quality material, thus complementing the quality of the blade that we have just analyzed. 

This quality also makes it easy to clean the product, which can be washed by hand or in the dishwasher, depending on your convenience.

Working comfortably in the kitchen requires a quality knife set like this one.


Kit : This complete set has all the necessary knives to cook and prepare any dish.

Materials : The high-quality steel of its blades facilitates cutting, while the handles generate good grip.

Appearance: Its black paint changes the final finish and gives a nice finish to each piece.


Sharpening: Some comments indicate that the sharpening of the factory knives can be improved, and it is convenient to review it.

Finish : It is recommended not to clean them with aggressive scourers, to avoid damage to the exterior paint.

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6. Appetitissime Swiss Q Stainless Steel Coated Knives

Are you interested in acquiring a set of quality knives at an affordable price? Then the Generic Swiss Q, may be an option to consider, since it is among the best value-for-money knife sets.

It is an original set of stainless steel knives, long lasting, and with an exclusive modern, avant-garde and original design, in different colors that will make you want to use them all.

You will want to have a set of them, because of the beautiful and striking structure. In addition, they are very sharp and give you a perfect cut.

This set includes 5 knives and a single ceramic peeler, we find the chef’s knife, the meat knife, the closing knife and two universal knives. They come in a magnetic closure box, for an attractive presence.

On the other hand, it should be mentioned that some consumers agree that when cutting certain foods, they notice that the blades fade a little.

Not sure which set of knives to buy? This option has also been highly recommended by users, because it is one of the cheapest knife sets. These are its characteristics.


Practical and modern design: This is a series of knives with a practical and modern design, since they are covered with ceramics in different colors to make them more attractive.

Additional peeler: The set includes among its accessories a special peeler for various fruits and vegetables, manufactured with the same quality as the knives.

Resistance: The blades of the knife are made of stainless steel, and have a ceramic coating, so they have a high level of resistance.

Storage: It has a good storage system, in a box with a magnetic closure and a practical design to preserve the knives for longer.

Ergonomic Handle: The ergonomic handle with a ceramic coating ensures premium handling, so using the knives won’t be a problem.

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Zwilling Twin Gourmet Knife Block

A good investment that you will not regret is undoubtedly the Zwilling Twin Gourmet knife set, it is designed based on stainless steel with a “Friodur” cold-hardened blade, so you do not have to worry about breaking or rusting, not even for their sharpness, because they are extremely sharp.

They also stand out for their synthetic plastic handle, which is completely firm and resistant, so it does not break when dropped, unlike others.

This set of knives gives you 9 multiple pieces, each one for a specific type of food, one of which is a scissors, with a beautiful design, and offers you a wooden block to store them and keep them in better condition, they are very elegant, especially on a countertop.

The best thing is that you don’t have to be an expert to use it, consumers say that its quality is immediately noticeable, and that they qualify it as the best Knife Set of 2022, because its cuts are precise and effortless, which which allows a subtle cut.

If you want to know more about the best set of knives, as recommended by users, here we show you the characteristics of the Zwilling Twin Gourmet.


Multisizes: Includes seven knives with different sizes, which will adapt to the need you have when making a certain cut. Sizes include 4-, 5-, 6-, and 8-inch blades to achieve various depths of cut.

Durability: They are highly durable knives, because they are made of stainless steel, which will never deteriorate.

Multipurpose scissors: To complete the set of knives, a multipurpose scissors is included, ideal for making different cuts in the kitchen, when preparing various recipes or for making various cuts in general.

Storage block: This set includes its respective wooden storage block, which gives a modern and elegant touch when storing knives anywhere in the kitchen.

Precise cut: The perfectly sharpened steel blades guarantee the execution of a precise cut, whose results can be seen from the first moment.

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Buying Guide – What is the best knife set on the market?

To enjoy more in the kitchen and prepare your dishes in a simpler and more pleasant way, it is necessary to equip yourself with the best tools. With our guide to buying the best set of knives on the market, according to your preferences and needs, you will have those tools with which you can prepare dishes more comfortably and safely. And surely at a cheaper price than you think.

game distribution

When talking about a knife set comparison, the fundamental element is the distribution of the different pieces that are part of the set. It is recommended that the chosen set has at least four or five pieces, which are usually the basic ones for working in the kitchen: a lace for fruit, a large knife for all types of cutting, a serrated knife for various uses and a knife conventional in plain size.

Some models include the fifth piece that can be a scissors or an ax for meat and bones, although today the variety is so considerable that there is practically everything. Therefore, it is recommended that you choose a game that is distributed according to the pieces you need and that provides you with all the complete material you need to work.


Today we find two trends in terms of the materials used in knives. On the one hand, we find the most traditional models, made of high-quality stainless steel, and on the other hand, the ceramic knife models, which do not need sharpening and have a cutting edge that is always sharp. In the case of steel models, these offer excellent resistance, with reinforced blades to prevent them from bending or deteriorating, although it is true that they usually require occasional sharpening to maintain their cutting properties.

As for ceramics, although they cut very effectively, they are very fragile products that can break under certain pressure circumstances and are not compatible with all foods. Since there is a notable difference in how much each of these models costs, evaluate the advantages and disadvantages depending on the type of cuts to be made and choose accordingly.

stand and case

So that your knives and other accessories are well stored, the set of knives often includes a case to store them or a support. In the case of the case, it is prepared to keep the knives protected, free of scratches and avoiding dust and dirt, being able to store this case directly in any drawer. In the case of the supports, called cleats, these are usually made of wood or plastic, they have a fairly stable support and are made up of a piece of considerable size where we insert the knives and other pieces when they are not being used.

These cleats are usually made of wood, although we are also seeing more and more those made of plastic material, which makes it easier to clean and extend their useful life. In both cases, these cleats allow you to always have your knives organized and close at hand, without having to touch the blades, just the handles.

How to use a set of kitchen knives

A tool that cannot be missing in your kitchen is a knife. This utensil is one of the most used and therefore you have to learn to handle it correctly. In order for you to get the most out of this tool, I am here to show you how to use a set of kitchen knives so that you can cut the food you need and do it easily and safely.

Select the appropriate knife according to the type of food to be cut

A good knife set includes several types, to be used depending on the food to be cut. If you need to cut meat and fish, select the most robust and largest of the set because meats need more power to cut. If you need to chop into cubes, chop dressings and slice, select the medium size from your set of knives. For slicing bread, the ideal knife is identified as a long, serrated knife. A knife to peel fruits and vegetables is usually a small knife, with a fine point and a little elongated.

Hold the right tide knife

Grab the handle of the knife so that your middle, ring, and little fingers, along with your thumb, make the grip, while your index finger is placed on the right side of the blade. Your fingers should be as close to the blade as possible, allowing for better control and precision in your cuts. Use a cutting board to support food.

How to dice

If you want to cut vegetables into squares, hold the knife in the way described in the previous paragraph and with the other hand hold the chosen food (it can be a vegetable, a piece of meat or a bread). Place the knife on top of the food while you guide it with the other hand and make movements from top to bottom, without taking the tip of the knife off the board. Then repeat the operation from another angle, to form the squares.

how to slice

Hold the vegetable firmly with one hand, placing your fingertips with light pressure, and with the other hand hold the knife. Make the cuts downwards, with a slight movement back and forth to make the slices.

How to mash smaller dressings

To crush dressings into very small cubes, cut into cubes as above, then do the same operation several times from front to back until the pieces become very small. Finally, they will be ideal dressings to cook any meal.

How to make fine julienne cuts

Applicable for carrots, zucchinis, cucumbers, beets, among others. Cut the vegetables into thin slices about 5 mm thick and length of equal size. Then form stacks of 2 to 3 slices and cut into thin strips.

Clean your knives after use

Once you have finished using your knives, take them to the sink and wash them with soap and plenty of warm water. Pass a dry cloth carefully with the part of the edge so that you do not cut yourself. Do not let your knives soak, as it can loosen the handle or stain the steel part.

The most popular brands

Achieving convenient and fast cuts in slices, cubes and pieces like the kitchen professionals, requires having the ideal knife set. To help you choose, we have reviewed the most relevant features of some models and compared them with user comments on the Internet. We are also going to briefly analyze some of the most important brands. These are: VICTORINOX, WUSTHOF and ZWILLING.

Symbol of functionality and ingenuity in the world, Victorinox is a brand that began manufacturing knives and pocket knives in Switzerland. It was founded by Karl Elsener in 1884 with the opening of a cutlery workshop in Ibach-Schwyz. With the production of pocket knives and knives, it is promoted as a leader by expanding its production stock in Switzerland and the rest of the world.

In 2005, Victorinox acquired its closest competitor, Wenger, thus becoming the main supplier of knives to the Swiss Army. This brand has managed to diversify its products into lines such as watches, fragrances, luggage and clothing with reach in markets such as America, Europe and Asia.

With factories and partners in different countries, Victorinox ensures high quality standards in the production of all its lines. Within these there are various cutlery options such as: kitchen knives, for bakery and pastry, for vegetables, for meat and pizza, for chefs, as well as a line of knife blocks.

As for the kitchen cutlery line, it varies in terms of functionality, design, materials, weight, color, type of edge and price. Victorinox provides a lifetime guarantee on its products if they were to present manufacturing or material defects.

The Wüsthof fine steel goods factory is a company with a family tradition, born in 1814, it was founded by Abraham Wüsthof in Solingen, Germany. This company has a history of more than 200 years and is recognized worldwide for its quality in the production of knives and other kitchen and manicure items. Commercially it is called Ed. Wüsthof Dreizackwerk KG.

Wüsthof has a business network in about 90 countries such as the United States and Canada, through which it markets its products. This brand maintains the artisan methods in the manufacture of its knives and at the same time makes partial use of robots.

Wüsthof uses a standard alloy in the manufacture of its stainless steel knives: chrome-molybdenum-vanadium. This can be verified by reviewing the engraving on its sheet with the inscription “X50CrMoV15”. Likewise, since 2010 this company has developed and used precision laser technology for sharpening the edge of its knives, better known as: Precision Edge (PEtec).

In this way, WÜSTHOF has managed to manufacture attractive and efficient high-quality knives, either individually or in sets ranging from 6 to more than 12 and 14 pieces. In addition, this brand provides a guarantee for defects in the manufacture or materials of its articles. For this reason, professional and amateur chefs prefer them.

One of the oldest and most traditional brands in the manufacture of knives in Europe is ZWILLING JA HENCKELS. This cutlery manufacturer was founded by Peter Henckels in Solingen, Germany, in the year 1731. Since 1970 this company belongs to the Werhahn group from Neuss dedicated to producing equipment for construction, consumer goods, as well as the area of ​​financial services.

ZWILLING is a brand that is characterized by creating premium products, with demanding design and functionality. It is dedicated to the manufacture of cutlery, glassware, kitchenware, beauty, manicure and pedicure items. It has subsidiaries in the United States and Canada, Japan, China, Taiwan, Spain, France, Italy, among others.

Within its line of kitchen items, it has developed a variety of knives that are easy to handle, guarantee cutting durability, and provide safety and hygiene. ZWILLING combines excellent materials and state-of-the-art technology to produce an innovative collection of knives.

From its special formula with high carbon content, ZWILLING guarantees the removal of stains on the steel blades of its knives. Each of these articles is a pleasant experience that exceeds the expectations of its users.

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Pradel Excellence BL005 Juego de 4 Cuchillos

Este es un conjunto de cuchillos muy ligeros diseñados en base a cerámica, por lo que debes tener un excesivo cuidado con toda clase de caídas y golpes, puesto que podrías romperlos, sin embargo, con un buen cuidado y uso te durarán muchísimo más que cualquier otro juego de cuchillos.

Recuerda que todo puede prevenirse, al momento de utilizarlos procura usar una tabla de madera o plástico y listo. Lo mejor de estos cuchillos es que su filo perdura más que los de acero inoxidable, así que te ofrecerá cortes como ningún otro cuchillo y de una manera muy sutil.

Este juego trae para ti cuatro cuchillos de cerámica, uno para filetear  y  tres cuchillos de cónica de hoja. Además, por si fuera poco, incluye un pelador de hoja, con un diseño moderno y con mangos de ABS de tacto suave, trayendo consigo un bloque, para preservar por mucho más tiempo los cuchillos y guardarlos.

El precio también es un factor importante al momento de elegir, por lo que si buscas el mejor juegos de cuchillos por 50 euros, esta opción de seguro te interesará. Lee aquí sus pros y contras.


Mango ABS: El mango de estos cuchillos, están fabricados con tecnología ABS y cerámica de suave contacto, que permiten manipularlos con total comodidad.

Hojillas de acero: Los cuatros cuchillos poseen hojillas de acero, por lo que son muy resistentes y afilados para obtener un corte exacto y mayor tiempo de vida útil.

Tamaño: Incluyen el tamaño ideal dependiendo de lo que vayas a cortar. Así, tienes cuchillos de 7.5, 10 y 13 cm de hoja, para elegir el que necesites.

Pelador extra: El juego de cuchillos posee un pelador de frutas y verduras, para facilitar también esta tarea, a fin de hacerla en menor tiempo y con menos esfuerzo.

Base de almacenamiento: La base de almacenamiento está fabricada en plástico, y posee un moderno diseño que encajará perfectamente en tu cocina.


Material delicado: Para algunos usuarios, el hecho de que los mangos estén hechos de cerámica, los hace muy delicados y susceptibles a partirse con cualquier golpe, así que deben manipularse con precaución.

Beem Germany Kyu Kabu Juego de cuchillos de 7 piezas

Si buscas el mejor juego de cuchillos en cu

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