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Knife Sharpeners – Buying and Comparison Guide in 2022

When a knife becomes dull, there is no need to throw it away and purchase a new one. Believe it or not, knives can last for many years if they are given proper care and sharpened from time to time. For this, it is advisable to buy a knife sharpener that in a short time will leave them impeccable and ready for use. Among the electric models, the Lacor 69141 stands out for being able to sharpen knives, scissors and screwdrivers alike, with a power of 60 W. But, if you prefer a manual model, the AnySharp Silver has won great positive reviews for its small size, its resistant suction cups and their precise angle for sharpening.

Opinions on the best knife sharpeners

Electric or manual? Professional or domestic? By reading all the characteristics of these products you will be able to make a decision more easily. Focus on what you need and check if any of these models is for you.

electric knife sharpener

Lacor 69141

If you are looking for an electric knife sharpener it is practically impossible not to find this great model from Lacor. This product is small, since it only measures 14 x 15 x 9 cm, however, its 60 W of power allows knives to be sharp with just one or two passes through its slots. The silver frame comes with 6 slots so you have room for various items. Two slots for roughing, two more for fine finishing, one for smooth snips, and a smaller one for sharpening flat-head screwdrivers.

Bring suction cups to adhere to the surface, and just by pressing the power button you can enjoy its operation. The sharpener weighs 640 grams, making it easy to move around. The 1 meter long cable allows you a little more freedom of movement and when finished, the automatic rewind button will take care of it.

This product is definitely one of the best knife sharpeners of 2022 as it has only gained positive feedback due to its great quality.


Versatile: Scissors, knives of all kinds and screwdrivers can be sharpened on this machine.

Weight: The 640 grams of weight make its use and storage easier.

Cable: With automatic winding and one meter in length, the cable is comfortable and practical.

Power: The power of 60 W makes the knives can be like new with two passes in each slot.


Heating: The constant rubbing of the knives and the work of the motor makes the appliance heat up a bit and this can be uncomfortable.

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Orbegozo CU 7000

If you need to sharpen your knives at home, then this alternative from Orbegozo may suit your needs. Made of a combination of plastic and steel, this product has been created for durability, while its 649 grams of weight are responsible for giving you comfort of use. It has dimensions of 15 x 14.5 x 10 cm, common for these small models, to be easy to store.

It comes with a cable collection system for better comfort and has 6 slots to be able to sharpen both smooth knives, scissors and screwdrivers. The 60 W with which it works offer enough power to sharpen your domestic kitchen utensils in a suitable time. So you won’t have to buy another product for everything. The base has suction cups to give you greater stability and safety when using this device. In addition to that, it is quite easy to use, just turn it on and place the knife inside the slot.

It is difficult to crown an electric knife sharpener as number 1, but this model stands out in the market with its great features and can be considered the best knife sharpener.


Small: Its dimensions and weight make the product easy to use, move and also store.

Versatile: You will be able to sharpen scissors, knives and screwdrivers in one place with this device.

Suction cups: The suction cups found on the base provide greater grip and stability of the product on the surface.

Design: The silver contrasts elegantly with the black details.


Noisy: Some people have complained about the noise this product makes when operating.

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professional knife sharpener

AnySharp Silver

Among the most complete manual models, this professional knife sharpener stands out as one of the cheapest. With this tiny 6.2 x 6.2 x 6.7 cm and 68 g model, worrying about a place to store your gadget is a thing of the past. PowerGrip technology with suction cups adheres strongly to surfaces when you use the protection handle. With 3 passes of light pressure, your knives can be as good as new, even those serrated and serrated models.

It is very easy to use and the materials used in its creation are of excellent quality. Tungsten carbon technology provides a smooth finish on even the hardest steel, and luckily, no matter how you position the knife, it will be in the 20° position, set as the optimal angle for the job. The guide is made of durable polymer, while the frame is made of ABS plastic.

The word “Sharp” means sharp, so it is not hard to imagine why AnySharp is considered the best knife sharpener brand, as this is their specialty.


Angle: As the optimal tuning angle of 20 degrees is preset, it is much easier to use the product.

Materials: Long-lasting polymer, ABS plastic and Tungsten Carbide are responsible for providing durability and good performance.

Knives: Serrated knives can also be sharpened with this great product.


Edges: Some buyers have complained that the edges may have an uneven finish.

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KKmoon B0113VCJB2

If you have experience sharpening knives and are looking for which knife sharpener to buy, this product may be what you need. This item is made of 100% stainless steel to prevent rapid wear and weighs about 900 grams, making it lightweight. This manual knife sharpener has approximate dimensions of 15.8 x 2 x 1 cm, therefore it is considered small.

Unlike other sharpeners this one requires assembly, however with 4 different sharpening stones it is one of the most complete products as it will handle knives, saws, scissors and much more. Manual work can be tiring, however, its safety design prevents your hands from suffering and minimizes damage as well. The lever mechanism is comfortable and allows you to move the knives to sharpen them in the best way. Being a professional knife sharpener, it is also suitable for more complex jobs.

For professional jobs, this product is the best manual knife sharpener. For a reasonable price and with incredible durability.


Steel: Stainless steel provides greater resistance to constant use. That way, it will last like new for longer.

Stones: With 4 different stones, each utensil will have one that works with it in the best way.

Electricity: You will not need electricity and limited power to use this product, you will only require your own effort.


Assembly: This product does not come with instructions, so if you are inexperienced, it may take some effort to assemble.

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manual knife sharpener

Wanbasion Holuck

In order for knives to do their job correctly, they must always be sharp. Therefore, to keep them this way, you need to have a manual knife sharpener. In this case, this Wanbasion model is one of the most outstanding, as it provides a 3-stage job suitable for amateurs and kitchen professionals.

When using it, you can grab the sharpener by its non-slip and ergonomic base to have a better grip, regardless of whether you are right-handed or left-handed. The diamond slot will allow you to prime the knife, then you can run it through the tungsten slot to sharpen it, and finally the ceramic slot will finish polishing and brightening.

The combination of materials provides durability to the product and resistance to constant use; In addition, it allows you to adapt it to different types of knives so that you can sharpen all the ones you have in your home.

With this sharpener you will be able to give new life to the worn knives that you have at home, therefore, it could be a very good option to have in your kitchen.


Grip: The ergonomic grip handle provides comfort and a good grip for righties and lefties alike.

Grooves: The 3 diamond, tungsten and ceramic grooves allow the process to be done in several stages, preparing the knife before sharpening and polishing it afterwards. 

Knives: This sharpener is suitable for both kitchen professionals and beginners, as it provides easy operation.


Sharpen: There are certain professional knives that may not be able to be fully sharpened with this product.

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Arcos knife sharpener

Bows 610600

Among the cheapest alternatives on the market you can find this Arcos knife sharpener. Made of ABS for greater resistance to daily use and for a long life. The material also makes the grip more comfortable and ergonomic, as the handle prevents slipping and will give you greater security when using it. It has two slots, one for roughing and one for fine finishing for the last details. That way, the knives will achieve a more complete result.

The edge will be completely sharp, as it will have to go through the two crossed alloy rods for a better finish. The rollers are ceramic and carbide. This manual sharpener can be used with a wide variety of knives, even in professional settings. It weighs only 150 grams to give you easier handling and its dimensions of 19.8 x 6 x 6.5 cm will make it fit perfectly in knife cases and easy to move and store in the kitchen.

If you are wondering which is the best knife sharpener for you, this can be a great option, since, regardless of whether it is for home or professional use, this product offers a good final finish.


Materials: ABS plastic is quite strong, so you don’t have to worry about rapid wear.

Size: Its dimensions and design make it fit easily in knife cases and anywhere else in the kitchen.

Weight: This product is really light, so to use and transport it you will not need any excessive effort.


Large Knives: The blade on these products, being wider, does not achieve the same level of sharpness as the others in this product.

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Guide to buying a knife sharpener

Buying the perfect knife sharpener for you depends on many things, including small details that can go unnoticed. Therefore, to make the best choice, it is recommended that you take your time to evaluate the options and determine exactly what you are looking for.

Shopping guide

sharpener type

When making a comparison of knife sharpeners, you will notice that in the current market there are a large number of models to adapt to the needs of people who need one of these items. A manual knife sharpener is a bit cheaper and also more sought after, however, for those who have no problem with how much such a product costs and want a more advanced version, an electric knife sharpener is also an available alternative.

In addition to the price, there are other differences. For example, a manual model gives you more freedom when it comes to sharpening the knife, but it also usually requires more effort on your part. Tuning on an electric model is just running the blade over the corresponding spot a few times while the product does its job.

Some of the models, manual and electric, are universal and these are considered the best good and economical option, since they allow you to sharpen scissors, small knives and even screwdrivers in certain cases. Other cheaper products may limit the items to be sharpened on them, so for more versatility, it is advisable to choose those universal products. Although, if you only want to sharpen your kitchen knives to have them ready for the preparation of your homemade dishes, then the most basic models can be useful.

practical use

In your guide to buying the best knife sharpener, you should take into account ease of use and also safety. Sharpening a blade is a process that you should do with caution to avoid accidents that could hurt you. For this reason, it is recommended that, if you buy a manual sharpener, it comes with a handle that has a good grip to prevent it from slipping out of your hands.

If you decide on an electrically operated model, then a good recommendation is to purchase a product that has suction cups on the bottom. This will prevent accidental movement when sharpening the blades and give you the security you need to get the job done.

Another aspect to have more comfort is how easy it is to use the product. For this you should look at the small features, such as an adequate cable length for the electric sharpener to allow you to locate the device away from the outlet, if you wish.

The size should also be taken into account, because if it is a small artifact, then it will be easier to handle, store and move when necessary. However, if you want a sharpener that can handle multiple knives at once, then a full-size product is a better option for you. That way, you can take care of many of your kitchen utensils, and even, if it is one of the universal sharpeners, you can also sharpen scissors, screwdrivers and knives.

Practicality ends with weight. The heavier the product, the more difficult it will be to use, especially if it is a manual sharpener that you need to grip in order to use it safely. Although a knife sharpener is not made with you in mind to be carried around, having a lightweight product makes it easy to port and this can come in handy if, for example, you are in cooking classes or work in the culinary industry and need to transport it around your area. of work.


In the case of electric sharpeners, a comfortable operation is one that maintains a low noise level so as not to bother you but that works with a high enough power to take care of the knives in a short time and leave them as good as new. Please check these two things to avoid inconvenience after purchasing the artifact.

As for the materials, you can find various options. The most common and recommended is the alternative made of stainless steel, however, there are some that use plastic or other metals. Although steel makes the appliance last longer without wear and tear, the plastic models can also do the job if you’re looking for something casual for home, non-professional cookware. This also affects the price.

There is no need to purchase the more expensive model if you don’t work in professional kitchens or need to constantly sharpen knives.

Frequently asked questions

Q1: What does a knife sharpener do?

As its name suggests, this product sharpens the blade of these utensils. The blade is subjected to an incredible force from materials such as tungsten so that, when passing through, these scrape and sharpen the knife again until it is as good as new.

Q2: How to sharpen knives without a sharpener?

Sharpeners, both manual and electric, work using very hard stones that sharpen the blades by constantly rubbing them. Therefore, one of the easiest ways to sharpen a knife without a sharpener is to find a sizeable stone.

Add a little water to the sharp edge and start scraping the knife, getting rid of the rust and following diagonal movements, alternating between each side so that both sharpen.

Finish by running the knife through wood a couple of times to get rid of excess, and finish by running the knife over the rubber of a shoe sole.

Q3: How to build a knife sharpener?

Get some wood, a miter saw, a drill and drywall screws, a jigsaw, sharpening stones, and lastly, a good knife.

Cut a base for the sharpener, the same width as your main support, i.e. the stone. This last one you can cut it with the chop saw, approximately two inches. Continue cutting a side rail of wood marking about 22 degrees on the saw. Fasten the stone bracket to the base with the drywall screws, leaving about 3 millimeters between the end of the base and the start of the bracket.

Cut two thin wooden slats and make a center hole in each one. These will hold the stone to the stand. Use a 3-inch bolt and wing nuts to make the adjustment. Tighten until the stone is in the holder but not too tight. Now you can sharpen your knives by passing them through the stone while the wooden support keeps the device stable and gives you a good grip.

Q4: How to make a homemade knife sharpener?

If you want something more sophisticated than the trick stone, then there are ways you can get yourself an unusual homemade sharpener in no time. Many, for example, use the hard drive trick that requires no assembly other than removing the casing and rubbing the knife against the drive.

Following this same principle and adding a little more effort it is possible to create a more powerful knife sharpener but with an old washing machine motor. Install a long shaft on the motor that ends in a thread on the outer end. Add a bolt and have a nut handy. Install an emery wheel and secure it. This will sit on the axle, between the bolt and the nut.

Connect the motor leads to a capacitor, and when energized, the motor will turn on, spinning the stone rapidly, giving you ideal speed for sharpening all types of knives.

Q5: How to sharpen knives with an electric sharpener?

In most cases, it is only necessary to turn on the device and bring the knife close to its roughing slot, usually marked with the name “Coarse” and, depending on the model, pass the blade on both sides. When finished, run through the fine finish slot for the finishing touches.

There are certain more modern artifacts that do not need this sharpening of two or more stages. In a groove and with a few passes you could manage to leave the knife as good as new.

Q6: How to make a knife sharpener with a hard drive?

If you have an old hard drive that you want to throw away but still works, then you don’t have to do much to use it as a knife sharpener. All you need is the hardware hard drive.

Using a small screwdriver, pry the casing apart at the top until you can see the entire drive. Plug it in like a regular computer and then the drive should start spinning at high speed.

Carry your knife and hold it over the disc at a distance where rubbing occurs but the knife does not limit the movement of the disc.

Q7: Which is better: manual or electric knife sharpener?

It all depends on what exactly you are looking for and need. For less effort and speed, it is recommended to use an electric sharpener, however, manual sharpeners also have several advantages.

Manual sharpeners are very dependent on you and for that reason you have more control when using them. In addition, they are usually smaller and more portable, since they do not need cables.

How to use a knife sharpener

A sharp knife is much safer than a dull one, as the former will be able to cut everything effortlessly and without bending things. Keeping it that way after a few years without sharpening it again is nearly impossible, and to avoid buying a new one, if you learn how to use a knife sharpener you can give new life to your older utensils.

Plug it in

When you have the electric knife sharpener in your hands, find a place to plug it in. Try to use an outlet that is close to a stable surface, and if that’s not possible, then it’s best to purchase a power strip or extension cord before choosing an unstable location.

turn on the device

The ignition only consists of a button. As soon as you turn it on you can hear the slight sound of the motor that indicates that the product is ready.

Rough the knife

Whether electric or manual, all modern knife sharpeners come with a grinding slot. This process repairs certain deformities that may be on the blade and gets rid of rough edges while giving the most damaged areas a bit of shape.

The sharpener may name this slot coarse, 1, or “coarse.” It all depends on the model.

have a right move

Do not move the knife back and forth within the slot, as the steel can damage the stones and the structure of the sharpener. Also, the knife will not achieve an even and proper sharpening.

You must place the knife, from above, horizontally, bring it towards you through the slot and remove it to repeat the process. Do this two or three times, depending on the materials used for sharpening or the power of the product, if it is electric. Do not add pressure or downward force, as this could damage the knife or sharpener.

Always keep a good grip on the handle or make sure you have adhered the suction cups well to the surface, as it is dangerous for the device to slip.

Proceed to do the finishing and polishing

There are certain sharpeners that have more than one slot, but the most common ones only have the roughing and polishing slots. This is identified by the word fine, “fine” or the number 2. Here the blade will be sharpened more precisely and the excess material left on the blade at the end of the first process will be polished.

The movement you must carry is the same as the one explained in the previous step.

Rinse the leaf and dry

When you’re done sharpening, rinse the knife well to get rid of any residue and dirt. Use a clean cloth to dry everything to prevent water from sitting there for too long, wearing down the handle of the product.

Disconnect the device

Carefully unplug the sharpener for storage. If it has an automatic winding function, press the button so that the cable stays in its place.

Save it

Take it to a place where it will be kept clean and leave it there until its next use.

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Dohomai Non-slip

This manual knife sharpener is the best value for money knife sharpener if you are looking for a product that will give you an impeccable result. Its system has three slots to divide the process into repair, restoration and polishing. Tungsten steel, diamond and ceramic rods are the elements responsible for the modification of the knife.

El agarre que ofrece el producto te dará mayor control y seguridad cuando estés afilando el cuchillo, además de eso, su diseño cuenta con ergonomía que mantendrá tu mano relajada, sin necesidad de aplicar tanta fuerza. La parte inferior es antideslizante para evitar que el afilador se mueva por accidente al usarlo. Muchos cuchillos y pequeñas navajas pueden afilarse con este producto. Su peso es de 181 gramos y mide 8 x 4 x 3 cm por lo que tanto moverlo y guardarlo serán procesos sencillos.

Este podría ser el mejor afilador de cuchillos del momento, porque combina la comodidad con un resultado excelente.


Base: La parte inferior antideslizante es una característica importante, ya que provee más estabilidad y seguridad.

Fases: Las ranuras de tres fases ofrecen un proceso de afilado más completo para reparar la hoja del cuchillo en todo sentido.

Agarre: Con el agarre ergonómico podrás tener más control del producto para evitar accidentes al usarlo.


Instrucciones: Algunos usuarios se han quejado de la falta de instrucciones en español, pues el proceso de afilado puede ser complicado para alguien sin experiencia en este tema.

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