The best low consumption electric radiators

Low consumption electric radiators – Buying Guide and Comparison in 2022

Providing our family with a good quality of life is a supremely important issue in our daily lives and when winter approaches we have to make sure we have a good heating system in our home or office that provides us with a warm and pleasant environment., while being conservative with the environment and our pocket. Currently, the market offers us innovative and energy-saving low-consumption electric radiators, since manufacturers are becoming more aware of energy efficiency every day and try to adapt to the needs of users. Among the most outstanding models is the Aigostar Pangpang 33IEJ, oil radiator with 11 elements and has three power levels between 1,000W, 1,300W and 2,300W, which you can select to achieve the desired temperature. If, on the other hand, you are looking for a model that does not use oils and manages to heat up in less than a minute thanks to its mica panels, we recommend the Duronic HV220.

Opinions on the best low-consumption electric radiators

Low-consumption electric radiators have become the ideal alternative to cope with the cold of winter in a totally ecological and economical way. Deciding between the best low-consumption electric radiators of 2022 will be a simple task if you follow our advice and recommendations, as well as knowing the positive and negative characteristics of each model.

Aigostar Pangpang 33IEJ

This practical model can be considered the best low-consumption electric radiator on this list because it has great power and temperature control, being fully adjustable in three levels of 1,000W, 1,300W and 2,300W. Thanks to the useful thermostat you can select the desired temperature and the radiator will maintain that level for maximum comfort.

It integrates a practical indicator light that stays on when the thermostat is trying to achieve the desired temperature, then turns off and indicates that it is in standby mode until the temperature drops again. It is approximately 69 x 57 x 17 centimeters in size and weighs about 11.23 kilograms.

It has a security system that automatically turns off the radiator if it were to suffer an inclination greater than 45 degrees, so that you will be calm in the event of a possible fall. Also, it integrates a second security system that turns off the device in case of overheating. It has four lower wheels and a handle that allow easy mobility.

If you are looking for the best low-consumption electric radiator of the moment, we recommend you look at its main functions as well as its price, since choosing between the cheapest models has a great advantage.


Power : This model has great power and has the possibility of adjusting it to three different levels of 1,000W, 1,300W and 2,300W depending on your need.

Thermostat: It is very important to integrate a thermostat that helps regulate the intensity of the heat continuously.

Indicator: Includes an indicator light that lights up when the thermostat is reaching the selected temperature, turning off to indicate standby status.

Safe: This model has a safety switch that automatically turns off the radiator if it is tilted more than 45 degrees, as well as if it overheats.


Consumption: A user comments on the network that using this model on a daily basis generates a huge waste of energy.

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Duronic HV220

This electric radiator can be considered one of the cheapest on this list, since it has a cheaper price than other similar models. This product integrates variable power heating panels from 1,000W to 2,000W and provides completely oil-free operation. This radiator stands out for using mica panels that heat up in less than a minute.

This model has small dimensions of 37 x 7.5 x 50 centimeters, giving you the opportunity to place it comfortably almost anywhere in your home thanks to its extra-slim size, which does not take up much space.

This radiator is much lighter than traditional models and has fast heating, spending less energy. The mica panels and the ventilation grille help to disperse the heat evenly throughout the room, as well as allowing you to reach the desired temperature in less than a minute.

The most indecisive users seek to buy their products mainly taking into account which is the best brand of low-consumption electric radiators or which are the cheapest models currently. However, we recommend that you know its positive and negative properties as the material used to manufacture the panels.


Manufacturing: The panels of this electric radiator are made of mica, which allows faster heating with the help of the ventilation grill.

Power : This model has a variable power in two levels from 1,000W to 2,000W.

Thermostat : This radiator integrates a useful thermostat that allows you to maintain the desired temperature in the room.

Protection : To avoid any risk, this model includes a practical protector against overheating.

Extra slim: Thanks to its small size it can be placed comfortably in any space in your home or office.


Smell : A user comments online that this model continues to smell funny even after three months of use.

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If you are wondering which is the best low-consumption electric radiator, we recommend you look at this model. This radiator is lighter and more respectful of the environment thanks to the fact that it is an ecological model that operates without oil, weighing 7.9 kilograms and for subtracting a third of energy consumption compared to similar radiators.

This floor product has a double function, allowing the temperature or power to be adjusted at two levels from 1,000W to 1,500W. It includes a practical operating indicator light and a thermostat that helps you regulate and maintain the desired temperature.

It is a fast heating model without any delay, achieving it in a pleasant way and distributing the heat well throughout the room. It has an approximate size of 37 x 28 x 62.2 centimeters.  

If after analyzing several models you are still wondering which low-consumption electric radiator to buy, we recommend you pay attention to this section. It is important to know how much energy consumption you can save with the use of the radiator.


Ecological: This electric radiator, unlike traditional models, works without oil, reducing energy consumption by up to a third.

Power: This versatile electric radiator has an adjustable power of 1,000W and 1,500W.

Thermostat: Thanks to the thermostat that it includes, this radiator will be able to regulate and maintain the desired temperature in the environment.

Protection: You can avoid accidents or damage to the system thanks to the integrated overheating protector.

Weight : This model is one of the lightest on this list thanks to the fact that it is an oil-free radiator.


Space: A user comments that this model does not efficiently heat very large rooms.

Unevenness: Another user points out that the scroll wheels are of poor quality and the device is not completely firm.

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AEG RA 5520

This model is the best value for money low consumption electric radiator that we can find on this list. It is an oil-free radiator of up to 1,500W with three adjustable power levels of 600W, 900W and 1,500W.

Thanks to its integrated thermally adjustable thermostat you can adjust the temperature you want in your room and it will take care of keeping it the same while you are using the device. It integrates a useful safety device for fire protection.

This model includes four practical lower wheels that make it easy to move around the room comfortably and has a useful compartment to wind the cable and keep your radiator tidy. Its approximate size is 64 x 37.5 x 24.5 centimeters and it weighs around 9 kilograms.

It is important to know the positive and negative characteristics of each model in order to be able to choose wisely the electric radiator that meets your needs. The thermostat is a key piece that helps maintain and regulate the desired temperature in the room, so that the selected heat level is not exceeded or reduced.


Thermostat: This device allows thermal regulation thanks to the integrated thermostat.

Compartment: It integrates a practical compartment on the outside of its structure to easily roll up the cable.

Safety: It has a practical safety device specially developed for fire protection.

Power: This model has a power of 1,500W with the possibility of adjusting it to three different levels of 600W, 900W and 1,500W.


Transfer: A user of this model comments on the network that it is difficult to transfer if it is on, since it does not have a handle to avoid burns.

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Orbegozo NMR 2050

Another prominent model on the current market is the Orbegozo RMN 2050, a mica radiator with fast convection that reaches its maximum performance in less than a minute and with optimal heat diffusion that evenly distributes the temperature throughout the room. This radiator has adjustable power at two levels 1,000W and 2,000W according to your needs.

It incorporates a practical adjustable temperature thermostat, which will help us achieve and maintain the ideal environment in each room. It integrates an anti-tilt safety device and protection against overheating.

This is an optimal heating system without fluid and its operation does not consume any amount of oxygen. It incorporates practical pivoting wheels in the lower part that facilitate its movement around your home or office. It measures approximately 26.7 x 54.5 x 61.5 centimeters.

To choose an efficient electric radiator that will help you cope with cold winter days, you need to know the most important characteristics of each model, such as the power it offers.


Power: This model has a great caloric power adjustable in two levels of up to 2,000W of maximum power and 1,000W of minimum power.

Thermostat: It incorporates a useful thermostat that helps to achieve and maintain the environment at the ideal temperature.

Material: This model is an electric mica radiator that helps to reach the desired temperature more quickly.

Versatile: It has four lower pivoting wheels that facilitate its movement on the floor.


Heating: A user of this radiator comments negatively online that the only fault that can be attributed to it is that this product generates heat on both sides of its structure, so you have to be careful with nearby objects.

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Guide to buying a low consumption electric radiator

When it comes to your family’s well-being, you can’t skimp on spending what you need to protect your loved ones on those icy winter days. However, if you have a limited budget, we recommend you look at how much a low-consumption electric radiator costs, in order to acquire one of the innovative and practical low-consumption electric radiators. For this reason, we want to help you choose the model that best suits your needs, making a guide to buying the best low-consumption electric radiator. If you are looking for a good and cheap purchase option, continue reading the following article.

Shopping guide


In any comparison of low-consumption electric radiators, power is a characteristic that you should review at all times, since it is in charge of generating both the operating force and execution of functions as well as energy consumption, for which it would directly affect the our monthly electricity bill. In this sense, it is important to know that there are devices with different degrees of power, from about 600 W to approximately 2,000 W, being able to choose the model that is right for you and your budget.

It is highly recommended that the electric radiator has the possibility of varying the power, which will allow you to vary the heat intensity of the device, offering a more personalized experience for the user, by being able to choose the level of heat within the room.

On the other hand, a high power generates a high level of electrical consumption, therefore resulting in a higher bill. Faced with this inconvenience, manufacturers have developed technologies that are increasingly efficient and kind to the environment, in a way that helps users to have regulated energy consumption and electricity bills.


If you are looking for an electric radiator that allows you to save a little in terms of consumption, we recommend choosing a model that includes a practical thermostat, which helps you maintain a constant temperature throughout the time you are using the product, without temperature increases or decreases.

Thermostats have the main function of regulating and maintaining a temperature established by the user after adjusting a chosen power in the electric radiator, so when they detect an increase or decrease in heat in the environment, the device automatically turns off or on to balance and returns to the selected temperature.

In this case, the thermostat is a feature that you should not overlook in any comparison, since it offers the user a great alternative for energy and economic savings that will benefit you at all times.


When we think about acquiring an air conditioning system for our home, such as a low-consumption electric radiator, it is very important to observe the level of security offered by the model, so that we guarantee the safety of people who move near the appliance.

Most manufacturers of electric radiators have been concerned with incorporating different security systems that guarantee the well-being and protection of your loved ones and your home, such as the anti-tilt system, which stops operation in the event that the device suffers a large incline or full drop to the ground. On the other hand, being devices that generate a high level of heat, it is mainly necessary to take care that the manufacturing materials are resistant to heat.

On the other hand, there are models with automatic shutdown systems in case the thermostat fails and overheating occurs, stopping operation instantly and protecting it against a fire.


Finally, the design must be mentioned when you make a comparison between electric radiators, so that you are attentive, among other aspects, to its size, which determines the ease or comfort with which you will install the device, without the need for remodeling. or how far the radiator covers the room.

The design also involves the transportable feature of the device, since an electric radiator that has a compact and lightweight design is recommended, as well as pivoting wheels, which allow you to easily take it anywhere in the room and without any effort. They also include Carrying handles help move the device across the room.

It is highly recommended that the design include some kind of light indicator, which lights up when the device is in operation and has an easily accessible control panel, but that does not break with the style of the device.

Frequently asked questions

Q1: What are the advantages of a programmable low consumption electric radiator?

This type of electric radiators, also known as the famous digital electric radiators, differ from traditional models by having an integrated thermostat that allows you to adjust the consumption of the appliance. The thermostats of these devices regulate the temperature of the radiator, while allowing you to choose its level to achieve greater thermal comfort.

On the other hand, these models allow greater control over energy consumption, since you can make daily, weekly or weekend time schedules for turning on, off and temperature adjustment, among others.

Q2: Where should a low consumption electric radiator be placed?

First of all, it is important to know how electric radiators work, so that you can find an ideal location. These practical devices heat the air that is around them, therefore, the best place to place them inside a house is under a window, so that the air that is heated is optimally distributed inside the room thanks because, after rising due to the increase in temperature, it is pushed by the cold air that enters through the window. In this way, both saving on heating and achieving greater thermal comfort in the home are achieved.

Q3: How much do A+++ energy efficient electric radiators save?

Low-consumption electric radiators are devices that use a special fluid that has been specifically developed to maintain heat for a longer period of time and thus take longer to cool down, so the radiator continues to emit heat after having been turned off, thus generating less consumption. However, it must be taken into account that, in this sense, the fluid takes time to reach the desired temperature, so the general consumption may be the same.

Q4: How is a low consumption electric radiator with WiFi different from one that does not?

There are several differences between low consumption radiators that have WiFi and those that do not, among which we can highlight the possibility of controlling the equipment remotely, just as if you were using a remote control, allowing you to carry out several basic actions, such as the on, off and special programming.

In the same way, these devices learn our daily routines and frequent habits, optimizing the operation of the radiator and allowing us to save considerably, since they will be put into operation only at the scheduled time. Such wireless connectivity is not provided by traditional low consumption electric radiators.

Q5: Is it worth buying a second-hand energy-saving electric radiator?

Acquiring any second-hand electrical device has its pros and cons, but the main reason why it is good to acquire one of these devices new is because you would not be losing the user guarantee, as well as you could run the risk that some internal component of the device is defective, due to the use that the previous owner gave it.

On the other hand, the most relevant positive aspect is the possibility of saving a little money with the purchase. Taking these and other relevant factors into account, we do not recommend purchasing this device second-hand.

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Bendex LUX White

Among the best electric radiators of 2022 is the elegant Bendex LUX Blanco, as it sports a minimalist design that combines the possibility of using it on the wall or on the floor thanks to its versatile wall bracket, managing to integrate perfectly with the decoration from your room

This model integrates a special temperature control for day and night, reducing energy consumption by up to 20%, helping you to keep your electricity bill low. It has an approximate size of 37 x 79.4 x 7.5 centimeters and a power of 1,000 W.

It is made with an IP24 coating that protects against splashes, allowing you to clean it easily. It integrates a useful security function for children that locks the control of the device. You can view and control the selected temperature thanks to its screen and digital thermostat with a range of 5 to 35 degrees Celsius.

If you still have doubts and want to know which is the best brand of electric radiators that currently exists, we suggest you continue reading this article so that you can compare the most outstanding functions of each model.


Design: This elegant model has a minimalist and modern design and is available in three different colors to easily harmonize with the decoration of the room.

Versatile: Thanks to its versatile support, it can be easily installed on the wall or on the floor.

Waterproof: This electric radiator is made of a material that resists splashes thanks to its IP24 coating.

Thermostat: It has a very useful digital thermostat, with which you can adjust the temperature of your room thanks to its range of 5 to 35 degrees Celsius.

Screen: It will allow you to visualize the selected temperature at all times thanks to its useful digital screen.


Power: The only negative opinion that can be added is that this model is not functional in very large rooms.

Tristar KA-5911

The Tristar KA-5911 portable can be considered the best value for money electric radiator in this list, as it has great functionality and a low price compared to other similar models. At the same time, it has an A energy classification, so that it uses electrical energy efficiently.

This model is a very versatile convector heater that works with 1,500 W and that allows you to adjust its temperature in three different positions 650 W, 850 W and 1,500 W and integrates a fully adjustable thermostat.

It includes a useful protector against overheating that will prevent damage to the system in case the temperature is too high and thanks to its indicator light you will be able to know if the device is on or off. It has integrated handles that increase the portability of the radiator so that you can easily move it from room to room.

The Tristar company has been concerned about your comfort and well-being with the manufacture of this model, since it not only offers you power control, but also has a security system and one of the cheapest prices on the market.


Power: You can adjust the power of this model in three different positions of 650 W, 850 W and 1,500 W.

Thermostat: It has a fully adjustable thermostat that allows you to manually adjust the desired temperature.

Overheating: Includes a handy overheat protector that will shut down the unit in the event the radiator overheats.

Portable: This small and light model integrates a pair of handles that will help you move the device from one place to another.


Stability: A user comments that the only negative point is that the legs have to be screwed until they are balanced.

Orbegozo RA 2005C

If you are still wondering which is the best electric radiator, we suggest you keep in mind the use that you will give the device and then compare its main functions. The Orbegozo company presents a very functional oil radiator, which facilitates its transfer thanks to the four lower wheels, allowing you to comfortably bring heat to any room.

It has a power of 2,000 W and a fully adjustable thermostat with its rotary selector with four temperature positions. This is a totally silent system that will allow you to rest all night without generating disturbing noises.

The Orbegozo RA 2005C integrates a practical security system that protects the device from any overheating and has a tab that will help you keep the cable collected and well wound. It has dimensions of approximately 17 x 44.5 x 62 centimeters.

Next, we present a list of the most outstanding positive and negative characteristics of this model, so that it is easier for you to select the product.


Power: This electric radiator has a power of 2,000 watts, so your room will always be at a pleasant temperature.

Thermostat: It has a high-precision adjustable thermostat at four levels, giving you the possibility to choose the desired temperature.

Portability: It integrates four practical wheels and a handle that will help you move the product easily and comfortably.

Security: Includes a practical security system that limits the maximum heat, turning off the radiator when overheating occurs.

Pilot: When this radiator is working, it tells us by turning on its pilot light.


Time: A user comments that this model takes longer than normal to fully heat the room. However, you have to take into account the size of the room.

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