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Donut Maker – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis

Enjoying delicious donuts with your best recipe is something especially easy with the new homemade donut makers. These machines are perfectly assembled to offer the perfect finish for these donuts, just by depositing the dough and waiting a few minutes. Many of these machines also allow you to make muffins, cupcakes and other products just by changing the accessory. This is what the Clatronic DMC 3533 model offers, the most recommended by users. Among its functions, it includes three non-stick plates for various preparations, as well as a safety handle that helps you not burn yourself during handling. Another model with good feedback is the Bestron DCM8162 machine.. Although it looks like a sandwich maker and almost has the same dimensions, inside it we can easily prepare up to six donuts, thanks to its highly non-stick surface and its homogeneous heating system.

Top 5 Donut Makers – Opinions 2022

Do you like donuts? The cupcakes? The cupcakes? Imagine being able to prepare them from your own home very easily and with all the flavors you can create. If you are interested, then you must get the best donut maker! And luckily, we have for you a compilation of the best donut makers:

1. Clatronic DMC 3533 Cupcake Maker

Main advantage:

One of the main advantages of this product is that it can be considered multifunctional since it allows you to prepare different types of dough-based desserts in addition to the classic donuts. It can be an ideal acquisition for children’s parties and family gatherings.

Main disadvantage:

You must be very attentive to the cooking times since the dough must be at a specific point in order to have the recommended texture and finish. Therefore, some buyers advise to practice a little to know the operation of the machine.

Verdict: 9.7/10

Having a large capacity, good design and being multifunctional, the Clatronic donut maker could well become a more practical piece of equipment than you might imagine.

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To begin with, you should know that when purchasing any appliance for your home, you should make sure that it is capable of doing exactly what you need. Even if you are lucky, you can find models that allow you to perform different tasks for the same price.

As such could be the case with this donut maker. The Clatronic DMC 3533 has obviously been designed to prepare savory or sweet donuts. But, in addition to this, taking advantage of its design and capacity, it can be used to prepare cake pops and cupcakes.

This feature will help you get the most out of your equipment and also offer a variety of desserts for your family and guests. Thanks to this, the use that you can give to the donut maker is quite wide because you can give the dough a personal touch and obtain different colors, shapes, and flavors.


With a machine to prepare donuts, it is imperative that you evaluate its capacity. Many times, these types of desserts are prepared to share, so it is necessary that the machine of your interest has the necessary spaces for all the ones you want.

Donuts are one of the favorite desserts of some people and with the Clatronic DMC 3533 you can prepare them for your whole family. Specifically, this model has a capacity to cook seven donuts at the same time. Likewise, twelve cake pops and seven muffins can also be baked.

And so you don’t have to spend extra on accessories to make your favorite cake pop recipes, 50 sticks are included so they come out ready to serve. It should be noted that with this dessert you can also complement a children’s party. Very useful for savings and children love them.


The quality of the materials of the donut machine of your interest is also of vital importance. Since this equipment must be in constant contact with the liquids found in the masses, it is necessary that it be resistant, anti-corrosion and also non-stick. In this way, you avoid the inconvenience of finding residues that are difficult to clean.

Clatronic’s DMC 3533 does not seem to have any problems in this regard. This donut maker has a non-stick coating on the entire cooking structure. This structure is made up of trays that you can place and remove depending on the type of dessert you prepare. Therefore, they will facilitate the task of cleaning.

And so that you can pick up the machine without risk of burns, the handle has been made with thermal insulation so it stays cool to the touch.

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2. Bestron DCM8162 Waffle makers 750W

If you are still looking for the best donut maker, this model from the manufacturer Bestron will not disappoint you. Its DCM8162 machine guarantees you to have your desserts ready in just 7 minutes! And best of all, this machine has a series of different interchangeable surfaces that will allow you to prepare from donuts, muffins, cupcakes, cakes, biscuits and much more.

Its surfaces have non-stick properties to guarantee the best performance and prevent the donut dough from sticking.

Its lower legs have a series of special pads that will prevent the machine from moving from its place to avoid accidents and its easy cleaning will save you a lot of time and effort.

It has a pink presentation and its ability to be stored vertically will make it easier for you to place it in the cupboard without taking up too much space.

So, if you are looking for the best donut maker for 30 euros, then an option could be the Bestron DCM8162 model, so here are the pros and cons of the equipment, so you can decide if it will suit you or not:


Non -stick: Like the previous model, the surfaces of this machine also have non-stick properties, providing a better finish on your desserts and greater ease when cleaning.

Dimension: Thanks to its dimensions of 26.8 x 25.2 x 13.2 cm, this machine can be stored almost anywhere and also allows it to be stored vertically, thus saving the space it occupies.

Design: Another point in favor of this equipment is its design, and that is that in addition to having a pink casing, its walls are resistant to heat, which gives the equipment durability. In addition, it has pilot lights that tell you if the equipment is on, and likewise announce the cooking of your recipes.

Non- slip: The legs of this machine have certain pads allowing it not to slide or move from its place while it is being used, thus avoiding unwanted accidents.


Small: On the other hand, users allege that the sizes of the desserts are smaller than expected, even though this equipment is not one of the “mini” models.

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3. Silva Homeline CM 303 Donut Maker

It is a versatile device that allows you to choose between making donuts, waffles, cake pops and sweet snacks. In this sense, it has 3 plates of different designs to use the one that best suits your type of recipes. In addition, it offers a power of 700 W that provides optimal performance.

On the other hand, this model can be easily cleaned, since the plates are non-stick and dishwasher safe, which provides greater practicality. Likewise, its casing is highly resistant to heat to increase its useful life.

In terms of design, it is a machine that is 13.3 cm wide, 10.2 cm high and 29.9 cm deep, so it can be stored in any corner of your kitchen to save space. As if that were not enough, it has a top light that lets you know when the equipment is working.

If you are looking for a high-quality donut maker, but at the same time it is one of the cheapest, it is convenient that you review in more detail the most outstanding characteristics of this product.


Versatility: It allows you to make 6 donuts simultaneously, but it can also be used to prepare 11 cake pops or 2 waffles with 12 holes, which increases its versatility.

Non-stick: Each plate is made of non-stick material, which prevents doughs and mixtures from sticking to the surface. In the same way, this facilitates the cleaning of the device.

Design: It has a compact design, so it does not take up much space in your kitchen. In addition, it incorporates a front handle that allows you to open the machine easily and safely.


Tabs: The side tabs that help support the plates may not be very strong, so it is important to use them with due care.

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4. Russell Hobbs Fiesta 3-in-1 Waffle Maker

It is a 3-in-1 machine for making donuts, waffles and muffins, since it has 3 plates with a non-stick surface, which can be easily cleaned with a damp cloth or directly in the dishwasher for greater practicality.

Regarding safety, this model has an automatic locking lid, which prevents contact with the hot plates once the appliance is in operation. It also offers heat-insulated handles to safely open the cooking compartment, so you can cook with the kids.

It is important to mention that it offers a power of 900 W, so that food can be fully cooked in a few minutes. As for its design, it has a rounded structure of approximately 25 cm in diameter and can be stored vertically for greater practicality.

If you are wondering which donut maker to buy, this Russell brand model might interest you, as it offers good performance and does not cost too much money. Let’s see its pros and cons.


Coating: All the plates have a BPA and PFOA free coating, so they do not release toxins and it is possible to use them frequently.

Closing: It has an automatic closing system that prevents the opening of the machine while it is in use.

Book: The package includes a recipe book to make gluten and gluten-free foods. In addition, on the manufacturer’s website you can find more recipe options just by registering the product.


Cable: The cable is only 1 m long, so it may be shorter than expected. In this sense, it is necessary to place the equipment near a socket or use an extension.

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5. Steba CM 3 800W 

This device has 3 non-stick plates to make muffins, cake pops and donuts, so you can choose the one you need. In addition, it has 800 W of power, enough to cook the dough in the shortest possible time.

This model has the Easy Clic Off system, suitable for safely and quickly disassembling the plates with the push of a button, which provides greater practicality. Also, it has two light indicators that let you know if the equipment is working and if it has finished cooking.

On the other hand, the plates have a non-stick coating, so that the mixture does not stick to the surface, thus facilitating cleaning after each use. To increase practicality, it has an area to store the cable, allowing you to keep your kitchen more organized.

If you are looking for a multifunctional and efficient donut maker, then it is recommended that you learn more about some of the most outstanding positive and negative aspects of this product.


Versatility: It allows to make 12 muffins simultaneously, as well as 12 cake pops or 7 mini donuts. In this way, it is suitable for making appetizers for several guests at family gatherings.

Practicality: It has the Easy Click Off system, suitable for exchanging the plates quickly and easily.

Resistance: It has aluminum parts that provide resistance to shocks and constant use. In addition, the plates have a non-stick coating to prevent the different doughs from sticking.


Handles: The handles to open and close the appliance could be very close to the cooking area, so it is advisable to use hand protection when using the machine for greater safety.

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Clatronic DMC 3533 Cupcake Maker

The Clatronic DMC 3533 is an excellent option if you want to acquire what is possibly the best donut maker, since this model also offers you the possibility of baking cake pops and muffins! So you will have access to a wide range of flavors, shapes and colors.

It has the capacity to bake 12 cake pops, 7 donuts or 7 muffins at the same time! Saving you effort and shortening the minutes so you can enjoy your desserts quickly.

It has a couple of surfaces with non-stick properties so that you completely eliminate the risk of dough sticking to your machine.

The handle of this machine has a thermal insulation which will prevent you from getting burned if you want to manipulate the machine during use or immediately after turning it off and its two temperature and energy control lamps will notify you of the exact moment in which your desserts will be ready. ready.

On the other hand, if you are looking for more information about the best donut maker of the moment, as is the case with the Clatronic DMC 3533 model, then we invite you to take a look at the pros and cons of this equipment below:


Multifunctional: This machine is not only designed to prepare donuts, on the contrary, it also gives you the possibility of making cake pops and muffins, so you will have a 3 in 1 with this machine.

Capacity: Since this model allows you to prepare cupcakes, donuts and cake pops, you will have a maximum capacity of up to 12 cake pops, 7 donuts or 7 cupcakes, depending on the accessory you choose.

Non- stick: Its surface has non-stick properties, so you won’t have to worry much about its cleaning after use, much less because your preparations stick to the equipment.

Handle: As if that were not enough, the handle of this model has thermal insulation, which will prevent you from burning yourself while making your favorite desserts.

Lamps: Another of its advantages is that it has two lamps for energy and heat control, which will let you know the exact moment when your donuts, cupcakes or cake pops are ready and you must remove them from the equipment.


Practice: According to users, a negative point that this model has is that it is necessary to practice with it as far as time is concerned, since if the time is not taken correctly, the mixtures could overcook if you wait too long or leave a slightly undercooked if you take them out ahead of time.

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Buying Guide – What is the best donut maker on the market?

I am sure that both you and your children will be able to enjoy eating freshly made donuts, that is why we have prepared this guide to buy the best donut maker.

With it we intend to help you choose the model that is most functional, since not everything is how much a good donut maker costs; They are actually very cheap and we can get a lot of use out of it.

If you have a machine to make donuts at home, you will avoid having to go out and buy them every time your children, your friends or yourself want a few. In addition, you can eat your freshly made donuts, even choosing the coverage you prefer. It is a very fun activity to do with children.


We are talking about small appliances, but you should pay attention to their power because some reach 1,500 watts while others barely reach 700 watts. A higher power implies a faster cooking process and also allows the product to have more functions. But, on the other hand, it means a little more expense on your electricity bills. We advise you to review and assess the product you want to buy in this comparison, so that it meets your needs and budget in the long run.

It is also important that you consider this if your kitchen has any limitation in terms of voltage, today we have so many appliances and electronic devices at home that sometimes the voltage we have at home is not enough for everything.

size and capacity

These two characteristics are linked. On the one hand, we talk about the size of the donut that they can make, since some make normal size donuts, while others make mini donuts; your choice is more a matter of taste than convenience.

On the other hand, capacity refers to how many donuts you make in each batch. A mini donut maker usually has the capacity to make more units than a regular sized donut maker. There are even machines that include interchangeable accessories to prepare both small and normal size donuts, depending on the preference of your guests. This capacity usually varies from 4 to 6 for donuts and from 7 to 12 for mini donuts.

Security measures

The main safety measures that these donut makers have are, on the one hand, the ability to wind up the cable when it is not in use to prevent it from touching other appliances that are in operation or that can cause things to be thrown due to the cable.

On the other hand, it is convenient that they have indicator lights that the machine is on and that it is hot because it is in operation. This to avoid that if there is residual heat or because it is in operation, someone could be burned by accident by not realizing such a situation.

Other features

They are quite simple machines, so perhaps the only thing we would like to recommend as an extra feature is that you look for a model that has a non-stick surface, as this will give the donuts a better finish and make it easier for you to clean after use..

Some manufacturers also offer models in which you can make other products such as pop cakes and with accessories such as a tool to decorate or to fill the donuts.

How to use a donut maker

Making donuts at home is very easy with the donut maker, you can even prepare your own recipes to please your family and friends. To get the most out of this machine, this article has been written with some recommendations on how to use it.

Check the versatility of the machine

In many cases, donut makers are also used to make other types of pastries. That is why it is convenient to review its versatility and see what other products can be prepared with the same machine. The more products that can be made, the better, if you don’t know how to execute any, this is a good motivation to start making new recipes.

Keep accessories handy

In most cases, the versatility of the machine depends on the attachments. Just by changing a plate, a different product can be made; The more accessories you have, the more products you can make. For this reason, it is recommended that you always have these implements at hand, so that once you decide to try another preparation, you do not give up because you cannot find the right accessory for it.   


The capacity depends on the make and model of the machine. Whatever the capacity of yours, learn to use it to your advantage. It can always be planned according to the user’s needs to make delicious donuts to serve as a snack or family celebration.

Pay attention to the indicators

Some donut makers indicate when they are on or when they have reached a certain temperature. If this is the case, keep an eye on the indicators, this way you will have better control of the cooking. These indicators are very useful when cooking, they prevent accidents and facilitate the task of having perfectly cooked donuts.   

crafting materials

In this type of machine, the material not only speaks of resistance and durability, but also of practicality both when cooking and cleaning. This is the case of donut machines with plates made of non-stick material, which allow cleaner cooking, without the dough sticking or burning, while at the same time making cleaning easier.


The power is related to the speed that the donut machine has to heat and cook. The more power the machine has, the faster it will cook the products that are put in it, saving time and energy in the preparation.   

arm yourself with patience

To cook the donuts, you must be patient until you find the exact cooking time needed in each machine. As with ovens, the user must familiarize himself with the temperature and time required by his equipment to cook each food, as it varies according to the machine.

clean it regularly

After the use of the donut maker is finished, it is recommended to clean it. This way, it’s ready to store and use when needed. This cleaning should be done according to the manufacturer’s recommendations, to make sure not to damage it.

The most popular brands

Donut makers will allow you to make delicious desserts and snacks for your children. There are home-made machines on the market that allow you to make a large number of donuts without having to use oils or fats. We will show you the Clatronic, Tristar and Bestron brands, which have this machine. We have taken as a guide the comments and characteristics of the models available on the Internet.

Clatronic is a wholesale company of German origin, it was established in 1985, although it was not until the end of the 90s that it achieved international success. It manufactures small electrical appliances for mass consumption, sales are directed especially at retail and wholesale in China, where you can find Clatronic products in all Chinese supermarkets and discount stores.

Due to the constant growth of the company, it has chosen to establish different branches in the European continent, the distribution of all its products is by land through the races that cross the Netherlands, Eastern Europe until reaching the Asian continent.

In addition to appliances, you can also find products for the home such as large appliances, heaters, fans, washing machines, clothing and cosmetic lines, and a wide variety of products and accessories for the kitchen.

The Donut Maker is very versatile and heats up very quickly, it has a power of 700W. It comes included with 3 interchangeable non-stick surface plates where you can cook up to 7 donuts and 7 cupcakes. This machine is very easy to use, just plug it in and its temperature control bulbs will notify us when the machine is ready to bake the dough. Its legs have anti-slip rubber so that it is well supported while cooking this delicious dessert.

Tristar was founded in 1977, it has a wide range of products at low prices through online sales, its products are distributed to more than 30 countries with an increased demand in European countries.

Its extensive range of products includes appliances for hair care, personal care, appliances for cleaning and air conditioning of the home, appliances for culinary arts such as grills and mixers, among others.

Tristar has a small section of electrical appliances to prepare delicious desserts at home, where you can prepare crepes, donuts, chocolate fondues and even a chocolate fountain. The donut maker is easy to clean thanks to its non-stick pan in which you can prepare up to 7 donuts, its outer casing does not get hot so you can work with it safely and its legs have an anti-slip coating. It has a power of 1,200 W and can be stored vertically to save space.

Bestron is a brand of modern appliances and utensils for international consumption. Its articles are a mixture of the most advanced technologies and an avant-garde design for the most demanding clients in the market. The products are designed in the Netherlands and massively manufactured in East Asia.

The company has more than 300 items approved and tested by a group of professional engineers who control everything from design processes to manufacturing and packaging. Beltron products are distinguished by being original, useful and innovative and have a 5-year guarantee. They are available throughout the European continent where more than 100 million copies have been sold over the course of 40 years.

Among its products we can find electrometric and culinary accessories, items for household cleaning and hair and body care. The Bestron cakemaker is multifunctional, in it you can prepare up to 7 donuts, 7 muffins or 12 cupcakes thanks to its three interchangeable plates, and a fairly fast way, in just 7 minutes it heats up enough to cook these delicious desserts thanks at its 700W power. This is the perfect solution for children’s birthday parties since you can prepare numerous desserts in a single batch, thus saving time and energy.

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TriStar DM-1147 Donut Maker

TriStar’s DM-1147 is possibly the best value for money donut maker. This excellent tool has an incredible 1,200 watts of power to guarantee fast and perfect cooking.

You can cook up to 7 donuts at the same time, so you will save a lot of time and effort when preparing that mid-afternoon dessert.

Sus superficies con propiedades anti adherentes le garantizan que no volverá a sufrir por la masa residual de sus donuts y su práctico diseño le facilita el proceso de limpieza por lo que será un placer utilizar esta máquina siempre que lo desee.

Sus pies cuentan con almohadillas especiales anti deslizantes para evitar el movimiento del equipo mientras se usa y evitar accidentes. Podrás almacenarla con mucha facilidad gracias a su disposición vertical, lo cuál te ahorrará mucho espacio en la alacena.

Ahora bien, la TriStar DM-1147 es una de las máquinas de hacer donuts baratas de las redes, por lo que no estaría de más revisar los pros y contras que te presentamos a continuación para que cuentes con mayor información sobre el equipo:


Capacidad: Esta máquina para preparar donuts te permitirá realizar hasta 7 donuts al mismo tiempo, por lo que en unas pocas sesiones contarás con las donuts necesarias para compartir con tus amistades o familiares.

Potencia: Una de sus ventajas es que posee una potencia de 1.200 vatios, por lo que trabaja rápidamente gracias a su temperatura regulable. Dependiendo de la receta que planees llevar a cabo, deberás adaptar la temperatura del equipo.

Antiadherente: Por otro lado, tiene propiedades antiadherentes, permitiéndote así una mejor limpieza de la máquina y a su vez, te garantiza no dejar rastros de donuts dentro de la máquina. Así mismo, al igual que el modelo anterior, las patas inferiores de la máquina poseen almohadillas con las cuales la máquina no se moverá de su sitio mientras la estás usando.


Opciones: A diferencia de los modelos previamente descritos, con esta máquina solo podrás preparar donuts, puesto que no tiene la capacidad para preparar otros postres.

Tamaño: De igual forma, los usuarios concuerdan en que las donuts salen de un tamaño pequeño, tomando en consideración que el equipo tiene unas medidas de 22,5 x 27,5 x 13,5 cm.

Taurus 968.377 Máquina para hacer rosquillas

Una de las mejores opciones en máquinas para hacer donuts sin duda es la 968377 del fabricante Taurus. Este modelo te ofrece la posibilidad de tener tus donuts listas en tan solo ¡5 minutos! Gracias a sus 950 Watt de potencia.

Cuenta con placas anti adherentes para garantizarte las donuts perfectas al evitar que la masa se pegue a las superficies. Sus placas poseen 7 cavidades por lo que podrás cocinar 7 donust ¡al mismo tiempo! Ahorrandote un esfuerzo increíble.

Cuenta con un panel de comando en el que podrás visualizar 2 lámparas que te indicarán los niveles de temperatura y conexiones ideales para que puedas agregar la mezcla en el momento indicado y también retirarla apenas estén listas, evitándote así que se sobre pasen en cocción o se quemen.

Por otro lado, si bien la mejor marca de máquinas de hacer donuts varía dependiendo

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