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Magazine Rack – Opinions, Analysis and Comparison in 2022

The magazine rack is a versatile accessory in any office, which allows us to offer magazines so that visitors can spend time, to have a large space where you can easily place catalogs and other publications for daily use. A wide variety of uses that is reflected in the variety of magazine racks that we have at our disposal and that also fit properly in any environment. This is what the Homfa HS011 model offers us, which is placed on the floor and has four large compartments where you can put everything you need, offering up to 10 kilos of resistance. For its part, the Balvi 26538 modelIt has a somewhat more compact design but adds the elegance of its padding, being able to become a stool just by putting its lid on. In addition, it can be used as a filing magazine rack if you prefer.

The best magazine racks on the market

When it comes to entertaining visitors to your office or properly organizing catalogs and other publications of interest to your business, the magazine rack is the most efficient solution. And although it is not clear which is the best current brand of magazine racks, the offer is wide enough to find quality models without much difficulty. You have the proof in our selection of the best magazine racks of 2022 that we present below. A list that includes all kinds of models, materials and sizes to make it easier for you to decide which is the best magazine rack according to your specific needs.

Home HS011

The Homfa HS011 model is a worthy candidate to be the best magazine rack of the moment. And it is that this product not only has a wide design and five different shelves, but also the publications are visible, so that it is easy to see them.

This modern wooden magazine rack comes in an elegant dark tone finish on the sides, with shelves made of soft material that does not damage magazines, withstands humidity and has good resistance when placed or used. A very elegant product with a floor design that you can comfortably move and take it wherever you want. And you don’t have to worry about the weight either, since the magazine rack supports up to 10 kilos of weight on its surface.

So that you are clear about everything you need to know when looking for the best magazine rack, get to know this model and its characteristics in detail.


Capacity : According to users, around 20 different publications can be placed on its five shelves, although it depends on their size.

Weight : The magazine rack supports up to 10 kilos of weight so you will not have to worry about placing heavy publications on it.

Metal bars: The metal support bars give the product extra strength when it comes to supporting the weight of your publications.

Finish : This stylish modern magazine rack offers a dark colored finish, which will fit in seamlessly with any setting.

Floor: Being a floor model, you don’t have to worry about drilling holes in walls and you can also move it around whenever you want.


Assembly: The assembly of the product can take around 45 minutes, so you must have some patience.

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Balvi 26538

If you don’t want to have the usual open-fan style magazine rack, the Balvi 26538 model is a good alternative. This magazine file cabinet offers you a tight space to place different publications. A model with a tall format, measuring 40 centimeters high by 40 wide and 20 deep, also finished off with an elegant white finish. Very suitable therefore to give a different touch to any room.

A product topped with a beautiful material that you can clean by simply wiping it with a damp cloth when necessary. The design is finished off with the cover, padded in the same material that we have, so that you can close the magazine rack whenever you want. Something that also allows it to be used as a stool or footrest. And since it is delivered already assembled, you will only have to take it out of the packaging to start using it.

To give your office a different look without taking up a lot of space, all you have to do is get this interesting magazine rack that we analyze in detail below.


File cabinet: Thanks to the included lid, this model can become a file magazine rack if you need it, also using it as a stool.

Maintenance : In addition to being elegant, the quality of the material used in this upholstery does not require more than a damp cloth to leave it as new.

Portable : The weight of the magazine rack is about two kilos, making it easy to move if necessary while maintaining the necessary stability if you use it as a stool.


Visibility : It’s not the easiest magazine rack to make the process of viewing the magazines inside, though it’s not too difficult to do so either.

Resistance : Although the product can be used as a stool, it is necessary not to go overboard with the weight that we carry to avoid accidents.

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Durable 8586/19

In order to cover the entire current offer, the Durable 8586/19 model is an interesting wall-mounted magazine rack made of transparent plastic with which it is easy to have all the publications you need close at hand and in sight. This model has five different spaces in which to place your magazines, leaving them at hand without problems. Its assembly is simple, since the weight of the magazine rack is not very high.

So it can even be mounted on drywall or similar walls without risk. A professional style model with measurements of 24.2 centimeters wide and 28.8 high, also having a recess on the outside of each tray, which makes it easy to remove and place the magazines. And by the way, you can turn it into a desktop model if you wish, including the necessary accessories.

This magazine rack is the best option to give a different and professional touch to any office. Let’s see some more details about its characteristics.


Spacious : This model has five XXL-sized A4 shelves, in which it is easy to store any publication that fits this size.

Convertible : If you wish, the product comes with two support feet to convert it into a desktop display or magazine rack.

Mounting : Given its light weight, you will have no problem hanging the magazine rack on any wall, even plasterboard.


Fragility : Some comments suggest that the plastic with which the product is made has a somewhat fragile appearance, so it should be treated with care.

Height : It is convenient to take into account the height of the assembly, so that it is not excessive since it can penalize the comfort of use of the product.

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Zeller 17718

When looking for your favorite magazine rack, you also have cheap quality options with which you do not spend more. We are talking in this case about the Zeller 17718 model, which has a resistant as well as elegant steel mesh construction. A simple and versatile model, which you can use as a table or floor magazine rack since it is not too big.

Something that limits, in part, its capacity, but still has space for a good number of magazines. Additionally, it has the advantage of not requiring assembly since the product is delivered already assembled, being built with a one-piece design. And as we have mentioned, since it is among the cheapest options, it could well be the best value for money magazine rack that we have included in our selection.

Let’s see some more details of this magazine rack and what it offers you in exchange for the adjusted price of the product.


Versatile: Due to its compact size and elegant design, this product can be placed on the floor, on the table or wherever you want.

Resistant : Despite its mesh construction, it has enough resistance to load your publications without difficulties.

No assembly: Due to its construction, this model does not require assembly, it is simply unpacked and placed wherever you like.


Capacity: The capacity of the product is somewhat tight, although it can accommodate between 5 to 10 publications depending on their thickness.

Finish : Although the product has adequate quality, for some users the product could have a slightly better finish.

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Relaxdays 10015644

If you don’t feel like resorting to modern Ikea designs, the Relaxdays 10015644 model is a very different proposal. A magazine rack with a beautiful vintage design reminiscent of the usual products. Something that can be seen with the naked eye, since the product is made of bamboo with a narrow grid of the same material and a handle on the top that makes it easy to place it wherever you want.

A nice model with measurements of 42 centimeters wide by 21 deep and 35 high, which you can place anywhere without problems. The best thing is that the storage space of the magazine rack is ample, so you will not have problems to see what the magazine rack keeps inside as well as to place a good amount of magazines.

For those who still do not know which magazine rack to buy, with the data of this model you will have all the necessary data to make an efficient decision.


Traditional design: Its beautiful traditional design is very suitable to fit it into more classic decorations.

Easy to clean: The maintenance of the product is very easy, so you will only have to wipe it from time to time to make it clean.

Complete : The product includes both the screws and the key necessary to mount it.


Screwing : You must be careful when screwing the pieces to avoid over-threading, which can damage the wood.

Instructions : Although the instructions are accompanied in Spanish, some users comment that they are not entirely useful.

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