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Magnetic whiteboard – Opinions, Analysis and Comparison in 2022

The magnetic whiteboard is a tool that, when used well, can become the control panel for your home or office. A space where you can write down your appointments, the shopping list, hang important papers and have everything in sight. To make the most of the features of this product, it is convenient to choose models that are easy to clean, with good magnetic capacity and a size and design that fits properly in the space where you want to place it. If you are looking for a large magnetic board, the Bi-Office Maya model offers us a work surface of 120 centimeters wide by 90 centimeters high with a steel construction with an aluminum frame that has a 10-year guarantee. If you prefer something smaller, the SwanSea model BC98900600It offers you measures of 90 centimeters wide by 60 high.

The best magnetic boards on the market

If you want to write down appointments, place papers and have a command center where you can organize your activity, the magnetic board is the most suitable tool. A product that comes in different sizes, so it can fit almost anywhere, and is also very easy to assemble and maintain in good use. Learn more about these boards and their current design with the selection that we present below.

Maya Bi-Office

If we search among the best magnetic whiteboards of 2022, the Bi-Office Maya model is one of the first we find when looking for the largest ones. This product measures 120 centimeters wide by 90 centimeters high, offering a large work surface where you can paint or perform all kinds of tasks. A spacious space built with a magnetic surface of coated steel, which is guaranteed by a 10-year guarantee.

The model is finished off with an anodized aluminum frame, which adds elegance to the design without adding too much weight. A small support is also included where you can leave the eraser or markers and better organize your things. Regarding assembly, the board also includes all the necessary elements in order to obtain a secure fixing on the wall, which is key considering its size.

If you are looking for the best large magnetic whiteboard, let’s see some details about this model and everything it offers you.


Measurements: The model has a size of 120 centimeters wide by 90 long, equivalent to two boards of conventional size together.

Surface: The magnetic surface is made of coated steel, which has a very easy erase and a finish capable of withstanding the most intensive use.

Eraser tray : The product includes a tray where you can leave the eraser as well as the markers and always have them at hand.


Accessories: Beyond the tray already mentioned, the product does not include magnets, markers or an eraser, so you will have to look for it separately.

Protective plastic: The writing area is protected with a thin layer of plastic that must be removed before using the whiteboard, which is not always easy as it is attached to the frame.

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Swansea BC98900600

When deciding which is the best magnetic board that we can find for our home or office, one of the elements to consider is the size. That is why we have included the Swansea BC98900600 model, which has intermediate measurements compared to traditional and larger models. Specifically, this product measures 90 centimeters wide by 60 centimeters high, making it suitable for all kinds of uses, especially professional ones.

A product that offers you a smooth quality surface, easier to use and to clean completely and without residue. This surface is surrounded by an aluminum frame with plastic corners, which avoid risks when hitting them. And so that you don’t have to buy anything else, this product is accompanied by a tray for the markers and the eraser, as well as 12 magnets of different colors, with which to better organize the space.

Let’s find out more about the characteristics of this product, which would be close to being the best magnetic whiteboard of the moment within its size.


Installation : The installation system includes a sliding hook, which allows us to install the product both horizontally and vertically.

Colored Magnets : The included colored magnets, 12 in total, make it even easier to organize the space and the notes you want to hang.

Corners : The plastic corners protect this area and will prevent you from the occasional unwanted blow with them.


Initial review: Some users have noticed creases in the surface of the whiteboard when they receive it, so it is convenient to check it when you receive it.

Accessories : The accessories for the installation are not included, so you will have to find the necessary plugs and screws for the assembly.

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Be!Board B1500

Glass boards with a magnetic function, such as the Be!Board B1500 model, are the latest on the market. Some magnetic boards that are not particularly cheap, but in return they give a different touch to any room and offer some advantages. Among them we have those of a writing surface that does not deteriorate over time and that, being a model made of white glass, we can use with any conventional erasable marker.

This surface is also easy to clean, just by wiping the surface with a cloth. A model that has everything necessary for its installation, being well fixed to the wall without complications or risks. In addition, it can be installed both horizontally and vertically, depending on what suits you, since the product does not have a frame.

Although there is no consensus on which is the best brand of magnetic boards today, with products like this one, which we analyze below, Be!Board is winning a lot of points in that “battle”.


Glass panel: The glass panel has a higher quality when writing, while offering a different finish and is easier to clean.

Dimensions : It is one of the largest products on the market, with dimensions of 150 centimeters wide by 100 high, so you have plenty of room for your ideas

Warranty : The manufacturer offers a 7-year warranty on its products, which adds extra peace of mind to the board.


Type of magnets: Due to their characteristics, it is necessary to use high-power magnets so that they remain in place.

Installation : Due to its characteristics, it is recommended that the assembly process be carried out by two people, to avoid risks.

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Navaris Wooden Planks

If your office or workspace has a rustic finish, the Navaris Wooden Planks magnetic board is an alternative with an elegant design that will give a special touch to any room. This blackboard has the usual measurement of 60 centimeters wide by 40 centimeters high, in a design with a gray wood finish reminiscent of a wall made of this material.

A blackboard where we can write everything we need, as well as properly hang all kinds of notes using the conventional magnets typical of any blackboard of this type. To erase the messages, just use a damp cloth, leaving the surface clean and ready for the next use. A model with a wide range of options for exterior design that, as it is also presented at an adjusted price, could well be the best value-for-money magnetic board at the moment.

Located among the cheapest options on the market, let’s see some more detail about the characteristics of this elegant whiteboard with a wood finish.


Finishes: The wood-type finish gives a different touch to the room where you place the product, being highly recommended for rustic or vintage environments.

Metal base: The metal base of the board allows you to fix all kinds of notes and papers just by using suitable magnets.

Assembly : The blackboard has a simple assembly and all the necessary elements to leave it fixed safely and comfortably.


Marker : Some user comments that the included marker has an improvable quality, although it is not something new in this type of product.

Vision of the writing: Depending on the color of the marker used, the vision of the writing may not be as good as it should be.

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Zeller 11661

In a world of metal and magnetic whiteboards, the Zeller 11661 is a pleasant surprise. And it is that this model changes white for black and metal for glass, which gives the product a different and much more elegant appearance.

This whiteboard has measures of 60 centimeters wide by 40 high, in line with other models on the market, also having magnetic capacity to hold notes with magnets or keep the marker-holder eraser in place, as is the case with the conventional models. The model also includes the necessary accessories for its fastening, with the necessary change of hooks and hooks for threaded elements that fit on the glass. Something that, in part, simplifies the process.

If you still don’t know which magnetic board to buy, let’s see some details about this model, in case this elegant design could be a good alternative.


Elegance: Thanks to its black finish, the glass base gives a different and very elegant touch to any room.

Cleaning : The glass finish makes it even easier to clean the product, without leaving the usual remains of marker over time.

Magnets : Three images are included as well as the magnetic eraser with pen holder, easy to place on the board.


Care: Since we are talking about glass, although reinforced, it is advisable to maintain the corresponding precautions during use to avoid breakage.

Markers: Due to the background color, it is necessary to change the color pattern that we use to write on it, if we want to see the notes clearly.

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Buying guide for magnetic boards

The magnetic board is an alternative to the traditional cork bulletin board, which adds the advantage of having a surface on which we can write. An aspect that gives it extra versatility when it comes to training or announcing topics of interest in our office. If you want to equip yourself intelligently, our guide to buying the best magnetic whiteboard includes the most important aspects of these products, so you don’t waste time looking for the model that suits you best.

Shopping guide

board size

As with other office products, size matters here too. And it is that a magnetic whiteboard to mount it in a corridor or in a small room is not the same as the one we will need for a training classroom or a meeting room. Luckily, when looking for a good and cheap magnetic whiteboard we have a good variety of sizes and formats to choose from.

Among these sizes that we have at our disposal, we start with the most standardized, which are the usual rectangular sizes. Among them we have those of 60 x 45 or 90 x 60, on the smaller side, up to the format of two meters long by one high, which would be one of the largest that we can find. In between we have other intermediate sizes that can fit any space.

In any case, when determining the size, it is important to consider both the space available on the wall and the use that we are going to give the product, as we have mentioned before. As a piece of advice, if the board is going to be used mainly for teaching, it is always a good idea to opt for larger models. But if we are going to use it as a bulletin board, there is no problem in resorting to models that are not so large.

board type

When we think of a magnetic whiteboard, the conventional model surely comes to mind: the traditional metal whiteboard, with a white background and a somewhat bulky frame. But the truth is that there are more and more novelties that we have in this section, as is the case with glass-based magnetic boards. Something that is obvious when reading any comparison of magnetic whiteboards that falls into our hands.

These whiteboards have the novelty of changing the metal surface where you write for a glass surface, on which the markers are well marked and that is very easy to clean. These crystals are usually black or white and give a touch of elegance to any room in which they are installed, without much difference in how much the product costs compared to traditional models.

In any case, if we prefer the conventional models, these are still the most common on the market. However, conventional models have also evolved. Today it is easy to find frameless magenta boards that make better use of wall space when placing it. And many of them include small shelves, where you can place your marker or eraser and always have them close at hand. A little extra comfort that is always appreciated.

Installation and assembly

Although it is the first thing we will do with the board, we have left the product assembly and installation process for last. An aspect in which there have been no major changes, and it should be, in general, a simple and accessible process for any product you are considering buying.

The good news is that in most current models, specifically those that do without the frame, they are placed like a conventional painting or board. Specifically, the product includes some hangers that barely separate the board from the wall and leave it firmly placed on it. Something fundamental in order to prevent the board from moving while we write.

As for the models with a frame, the hanging process is somewhat similar, although slightly more complex. In any case, these models are also betting on the closed hook system that we mentioned before. And since we are talking about installation, although it is not strictly on the subject, do not forget that if you have to buy more magnets for the board, they must be neodymium. And there are many products in which conventional magnets do not have the strength to hold on and end up falling to the ground.

Frequently asked questions

Q1: How to clean the eraser of a magnetic whiteboard?

The process of cleaning a magnetic whiteboard eraser is simple and does not take much time. Simply place the eraser in a bowl of hot water and a teaspoon of mild soap and let it soak for around 15 minutes. After this time we just have to rinse the eraser under the tap, preferably with warm water, so that the remains of ink come out. Once the water comes out clean, we will let the eraser dry, preferably in the sun, draining it well before leaving it to dry.

Q2: Is it possible to buy a custom magnetic whiteboard?

Currently it is possible, since there are several manufacturers that offer this service. However, it is important that before making the decision to order a made-to-measure whiteboard, you verify that the market does not offer you a whiteboard with measures that can be adjusted to your specific needs, since this service is not exactly cheap. And it is that the fact of manufacturing a single board of a specific size means increasing the cost of the product, especially the smaller the measures that we have decided on.

Q3: Can chalk be used on a magnetic board?

Due to the characteristics of the chalk, it cannot be used on a conventional magnetic board. In fact, since the surface of this blackboard is completely smooth and free of pores or roughness, the “scratching” required by the chalk for writing does not occur. In any case, thanks to the properties of the pens used for writing on magnetic boards, you probably won’t need to resort to chalk either.

Q4: How to take care of a magnetic glass whiteboard?

The care of a magnetic glass whiteboard is the same as that of any window that we have in our office as well as that of any conventional whiteboard. It is enough to clean it with alcohol or some glass cleaner, in case it is very dirty, to restore its shine and original image.

On its surface we must avoid elements that can scratch it, such as magnets with an irregular surface and poorly fitted to the base. And what we must be careful with is the blows, since a bad blow given to a magnetic glass board can break it. In any case, the glass used to make the board is more resistant than conventional glass, to give you extra security.

Q5: What is a monthly magnetic whiteboard for?

The main difference between a monthly magnetic board and a conventional one is that it includes a design based on days of the month, with space to make notes for each of those days. A design that is useful for different professionals, such as commercials, shift work positions and other similar positions, in which it is convenient to organize aspects such as visits, purchases each day, the box for those days or work shifts. The possibilities are many and, as it is a fixed guideline that is not erased, it makes long-term organization of work easier.

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