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Makita Vacuum Cleaner – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis

A vacuum cleaner is a product responsible for simplifying cleaning in the different spaces of the home that, depending on the model, removes accumulated dust on furniture surfaces, hair left by pets, and dirt on windows, corners and edges. from the ceiling or the floor. Likewise, many models have advanced technology to combat mites and bacteria. For example, the Makita DCL182Z is ​​a vacuum cleaner with a light body, for comfortable handling, whose work force can be adjusted in two speeds, according to your cleaning needs. You can also bet on the purchase of the Makita VC1310LX1, which is an industrial vacuum cleaner with a convenient bearing system and adjustable suction force.

The 9 Best Makita Vacuum Cleaners   – Opinions 2022

Due to the wide range of Makita vacuum cleaners, selecting a team could be a bit of a messy task, so here are nine models that have been recommended as the best Makita vacuum cleaners of 2022.

1. Makita DCL182Z Battery Vacuum Cleaner

This is a product with a functional design, which you can use as a handheld device or add a small telescopic tube to said structure to which you can attach the vacuum head, to reach places with limited access such as the edge of the ceiling, for example. In addition, it is a recommended device as the best Makita vacuum cleaner for value for money.

The equipment has been provided with a couple of adjustable speeds. In this sense, you will have a first level with power of 11 watts and a second of 30 watts. Likewise, the structure incorporates an 18-watt lithium-ion battery with autonomy from 20 to 40 minutes, depending on the power range used for the cleaning session. Also, it is important to mention that the vacuum cleaner can be used with a paper or cloth bag, so you will have more options to acquire the spare parts for the dust collection tank.

Among the cheapest vacuum cleaners is this cordless model with adjustable power. Here, the details.


Handle: Due to the built-in non-slip handle, you can hold the equipment comfortably and safely.

Collection: You will not have to worry about constantly changing the paper or cloth bags, since they have a capacity of 330 to 500 milliliters, respectively.

Handling: Its light body allows quick handling without causing fatigue in the hand.

Design: You will be able to access any space, since the vacuum cleaner can be adjusted to enjoy a handheld device.


Noise: The computer might seem a bit noisy to some people.

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2. Makita VC1310LX1 Industrial Vacuum Cleaner

For many people this equipment could be the best Makita vacuum cleaner, specially designed to be used with sanders, routers and all kinds of tools that generate a considerable volume of dirt particles.

In addition, it should be mentioned that this is a workshop vacuum cleaner with a robust and resistant structure, to which is added a convenient upper handle and a bearing system with a locking mechanism to prevent unexpected slippage. In this way, it is possible to move the device comfortably and safely.

With regard to other technical details of the product, we have its suction power of 1,050 watts, which in turn provides an air current equivalent to 3,500 liters per minute of work. Likewise, there is the “L” classification filter, which traps particles of two microns in size; and the storage tank, whose capacity offers a maximum of 13 liters, so you won’t have to constantly empty it.

This could be the best Makita vacuum at the moment, due to its high level of power and safe design. Next, its pros and cons.


Bearings: Bearings are incorporated into the base, which allow the vacuum cleaner to move quickly.

Handle: The upper handle has a non-slip texture, in order to provide a secure grip.

Filter: Thanks to the integrated filter you will be able to eliminate 99% of the existing dust on the different surfaces.

Tank: You will not have to worry about constantly emptying the tank, since it has a capacity of 13 liters.


Storage: Due to its robust format, it could take up more space than expected when stored.

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3. Makita VC2012L Tool

With this equipment you will be able to improve the hygiene of the workshop or workspace when changing the wooden beams or sanding some surfaces, since it incorporates a powerful motor with a suction force of 1000 watts and a spacious paper bag, with a volume of corresponding storage 20 liters, which you can reuse several times.

In addition, this device considered the best Makita vacuum cleaner, has a compact structure for easy storage with dimensions 39.6 x 40.4 x 62 centimeters. Likewise, the structure incorporates an adaptable base and a bearing system, which allows quick and safe movement, while the upper handle is convenient for the person to lift the equipment comfortably.

On the other hand, as for the attached accessories, three interchangeable nozzles with different designs stand out, which you can adjust to the mouth of the hose intuitively and without the need for tools.

Here, the details of a product rated as the best Makita vacuum cleaner of the moment.


Bearings: At the base you will find two pairs of wheels, so you can easily move the equipment.

Noise: You will not have to worry about the noise generated after the equipment starts up, since it is low.

Format: The format of the structure is compact and light, so it is possible to handle it comfortably.

Accessories: You will have three different nozzles, which you can adjust at the mouth of the hose at your convenience.


Hose: Some type of accessory is missing that allows the hose to be kept collected while it is not in use.

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4. Makita DCL281FZ LXT BL Handheld Vacuum

This model is positioned among the best Makita vacuum cleaners of 2022, which has managed to surprise the followers of the brand, due to its ergonomic design and great suction power, which will allow you to remove dirt from any surface with ease.

The equipment has a stylized and light structure, which you can comfortably manipulate when performing the different vacuuming tasks. At the top of the structure there is a rubber-coated handle, which provides an ergonomic and secure grip. Likewise, this area has some buttons for turning it on, turning it off and adjusting the three work levels.

It is worth mentioning the device’s locking mechanism, which allows the pipe to be released for the purpose of using the device as a handheld device. In addition, the removable nozzle has a swivel joint, which provides a 360 ° rotation angle, designed to access any space without limitations.

Makita could be the best brand of vacuum cleaners and, next, you will know the advantages and disadvantages of one of its models.


Handle: You will have an ergonomic handle, for a comfortable and safe grip.

Tank: You will not have to constantly empty the tank, since its containment volume is 750 milliliters.

Power: Its 55-watt power is adjustable to three different levels, according to your cleaning needs.

Autonomy: After its start-up, you will have 42 minutes of autonomy to carry out a cleaning session.


Batteries: Despite being a product that requires batteries, these are not included with the purchase.

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5. Makita DVC261ZX15 Battery Vacuum Cleaner

With so many products on the market, you are probably undecided about which model to select, so you should consider this device among your options, which, according to some users, could answer the question of which is the best Makita vacuum cleaner.

It is a compact size and light weight equipment corresponding to 5.6 kilograms, which you can carry on your back to facilitate its mobilization during the cleaning session. This is thanks to the fact that it incorporates a practical backpack, designed with padded shoulder straps and an adjustable lumbar strap, which will prevent unexpected slipping.

Among other aspects to comment on the vacuum cleaner, is its brushless motor, which is more resistant and quieter than other models. In this sense, you will enjoy only 70 decibels of sound and a maximum power of 105 watts, which you can regulate in three levels, for a maximum air flow equivalent to 2,300 liters per minute.

When asked which Makita vacuum cleaner to buy, you should review the details of this model.


Use: You can use the equipment on the floor and on upholstery, thanks to the fact that it incorporates special nozzles for each of the tasks.

Motor: By incorporating a brushless motor, you will not have to worry about its rapid deterioration.

Autonomy: You will be able to clean without interruptions, since the autonomy of the batteries is 140 minutes if it is configured at the minimum power level.

Backpack: You will have a comfortable backpack to carry the equipment on your back while you clean.


Weight: The vacuum cleaner could be a bit heavy to be carried on the back of some people.

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6. Makita DCL180ZW LXT White Vacuum Cleaner Body Only

Among the cheapest models in this selection of Makita vacuum cleaners is this product, which has a simple, compact and lightweight design that you can manipulate with one hand. This structure incorporates a straight tube together with a pair of easy-to-adjust nozzles, designed to help you access any space.

In addition, this cordless type vacuum cleaner offers an air flow of up to 1.3 meters per minute of work, and incorporates a convenient fabric filter, which effectively retains the sucked dust particles. For its part, the collection tank has a capacity of 0.65 liters, so you won’t have to worry about constantly emptying it.

Similarly, there is the low level of noise generated after the start-up of the equipment and the grip handle with an integrated non-slip rubber coating, which adapts to the shape of the hand for greater comfort when cleaning.

This is a vacuum cleaner positively valued on the web, whose pros and cons you can learn about below.


Handle: You will be able to hold the vacuum cleaner without mistreating your hands, since it incorporates a soft rubber coating.

Filter: The integrated fabric filter is easy to clean, so it can be reused.

Tank: Its 0.65 liter tank is spacious enough to collect the dust from a full cleaning session.

Nozzles: A pair of interchangeable nozzles are incorporated, so you can easily access any space.


Power supply: You must independently acquire the battery and charger required to power the vacuum cleaner.

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7. Makita DVC750LZX1 Battery-free Vacuum Cleaner without Charger

Makita, on this occasion, presents a portable type vacuum cleaner, which you can easily manipulate, since it incorporates an ergonomic grip handle on the upper part of the casing and a comfortable removable strap, so that you can hang the structure on your shoulder and be able to move around. quickly while cleaning the different spaces. Similarly, a pair of tubes, connectors and nozzles are attached to the package.

On the other hand, we must mention some technical specifications of interest, such as the integrated HEPA filter, to provide effective retention of dirt particles.

There is also the brushless motor, designed to offer a long useful life, while, thanks to the 18-watt battery required to power said machinery, you will enjoy autonomy of up to 35 minutes. This is if you start the vacuum cleaner at its maximum power, since at the first speed the load lasts for 70 minutes.

This is a Makita vacuum cleaner, which has a series of positive and other less favorable characteristics that you will be able to know below.


Power: You can adjust its power to two levels, according to your cleaning needs.

Autonomy: You will not have to stop the cleaning session to recharge the equipment battery, since it has an attractive autonomy.

Filter: Thanks to the integrated HEPA filter, you will trap a large percentage of dirt without it returning to the environment.

Accessories: With the purchase, a series of elements are incorporated that will improve the user experience with the product.


Battery: You will have to purchase the batteries separately, because they are not included.

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8. Makita VC3011L vacuum cleaner 2600W

This Makita vacuum cleaner is specially equipped to be used from the first day, either in domestic work in any of the rooms of the home or industrially, by sucking up the waste produced by some tools such as the sander, milling machine, polisher, cutter, among others. others. 

In addition, there is the work force of the motor, equivalent to 2600 watts, and the power supply is through an alternating current cable with a 230-volt input, which allows you to always have the equipment available.

The structure has a format of 78 centimeters high, a diameter of 40 centimeters and a weight corresponding to 6.4 kilograms, which are compact and light specifications. These allow practical handling both when cleaning and when storing the equipment. 

In addition, in the lower part it incorporates a convenient base with four bearings for quick movement, while in the upper area of ​​the casing there is an ergonomic handle, ideal for lifting the vacuum cleaner when necessary.

Here, the details of a Makita industrial type vacuum cleaner, equipped with accessories that will improve the cleaning process.


Power: Its high-end power offers effective suction of dust and dirt particles.

Noise: You won’t have to worry about bothering people when starting up the equipment, since it emits a low noise level.

Bearings: Due to the built-in bearing system, you can move the structure effortlessly.

Handle: Your hands will not suffer abuse when holding the handle, because the piece has a pleasant touch and anatomical format.


Bag: The bag made of felt may not be resistant to reuse.

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9. Makita DCL184Z Battery-free Vacuum Cleaner without Charger

With this equipment, belonging to the Makita vacuum cleaner line, you will be able to eliminate all the dust particles accumulated on the different surfaces, since it has a medium-sized nozzle and a high level of suction.

The equipment has a wireless operation, which carries out its power supply by means of a rechargeable lithium-ion battery. In this way, you will not have to deal with any type of cable that makes the vacuuming process difficult, or easily deteriorates.

Likewise, the device incorporates a handle with a design line that adapts to the shape of the hand, which allows a comfortable grip. To this is added the compact format of the structure, corresponding to 20.2 x 13.8 x 36.5 centimeters and the light weight of 2.8 kilograms, which offer a structure of practical handling, which will not generate fatigue when carrying out sessions. long cleaning.

This vacuum cleaner has attributes that may be interesting for those looking for a portable and intuitive operation equipment.


Bases: The four rubber bases fixed to the structure prevent tipping when placing the vacuum cleaner on the ground.

Handle: The handle design adapts to the natural shape of the hand, for greater comfort.

Format: The compact and light format of the casing facilitates vacuuming, since the structure can be held with the hands.

Hose: Its flexible hose allows comfortable handling in any direction.


Suction: The suction power might be a bit low for some people, but it is considered effective for household cleaning, to mention an example.

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Shopping guide

The acquisition of a Makita vacuum cleaner is a task that requires prior verification of its main quality identifiers, since in this way it is possible to take home a product with high standards of heat and operation, adapted to the needs of each person. Here is a guide to buying the best Makita vacuum cleaner.


The design of the vacuum cleaner to select not only influences the aesthetics of the structure or the use that the product can provide, but it is also a feature that can influence how much the device costs. For this reason, it is important to avoid hasty purchases and, instead, inquire about the types of vacuum cleaners, to acquire a model that adapts to the specific needs of each person.

In this sense, we refer to industrial-type vacuum cleaners, which have a structure with a somewhat robust format, but generally with a stylized design line and a light body, to improve handling. These types of devices are designed to be used together with tools such as sanders, milling machines, among others, with the purpose of vacuuming all the residues during the development of the work.

On the other hand, there are vacuum cleaners for domestic use, made up of a vertical, thin and light structure, which in most cases incorporate an adjustment system, so that you can enjoy two pieces of equipment in one. This means that, with the push of a button, you can free the handle area from the rest of the structure, to enjoy a manual vacuum cleaner. Thus, you can access any space you want to clean.


Regardless of how cheap the Makita vacuum cleaner you have decided to buy, you should check that said device has been provided with some accessories, which improve the user experience and, in turn, avoid extra expenses by having to purchase them separately..

For example, it is necessary for the vacuum cleaner to incorporate some nozzles with different formats, so that you can easily access surfaces, corners, narrow places, among others. In this way, it will be possible to effectively vacuum the accumulated dirt and dust.

In addition, if the device has a hose, it is convenient for the manufacturer to offer some parts to keep it collected while it is not being used, to avoid deterioration. Likewise, keep an eye on the incorporation of the batteries required to start up the vacuum cleaner. Of course, if it is a wireless model.

Energy feeding method

The energy supply method is an aspect to review in any comparison of Makita vacuum cleaners, since said system varies depending on the model. In this sense, you can find wireless equipment, which incorporates a lithium ion battery, while other designs are wired, that is, they have been provided with an alternating current cable.

If you bet on the wireless model, you will have to verify the autonomy time offered by the energy accumulator. This can be between 10 and up to 150 minutes. Similarly, there is the loading time, which should be adjusted to your needs. In this sense, the shorter it is, the better.

On the other hand, those who prefer traditional designs with a power cable will have to verify the extent of its extension. Remember that, if the cable is very short, when connecting it to the power source and moving, the person will experience limitations to easily access all corners.

For this reason, the ideal is for the cable to be as long as possible and to incorporate an automatic winding system, to avoid internal deterioration of the filaments due to constant handling.

grip and carry

Both the grip and the transport of the vacuum cleaner are characteristics of great relevance when verifying the main quality indicators of the product, so, whatever the design of the device, you should try as much as possible to integrate an ergonomic and non-slip handle.. In this way, you will not have problems to hold the structure securely when handling it to clean.

Likewise, in the most robust or industrial-type models, it is convenient to incorporate a base with two or four bearings, which allow the vacuum cleaner to slide quickly without making a greater effort. If this is the case, you will want to check that the small tires have a locking system, to avoid worries about unexpected slipping.

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