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Mandolin – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis

Within the instruments of modern cuisine, the mandoline allows us to make all kinds of cuts in slices, strips, julienne and much more. These manual tools are very easy to use, although it is important that we bet on a product with a quality blade, as well as a resistant support to be able to make the cuts safely. These issues are present in the Harold Imports 20638CHB model, the most valued of the moment. This stainless steel mandolin is effective, durable and guarantees perfect stability. Highly recommended is also the Börner V3 TrendLine model, which is among the most recognized on the market. In addition to its excellent value for money, it can also be used as a juicer.

The 7 Best Mandolins – Opinions 2022

Cooking has always been considered an art and like all art, it requires time and skill, but nowadays there are a series of tools that can allow you to reduce those times and one of them is the kitchen mandoline and that is why we have created for you a list with the best mandolins of 2022:

1. Harold Imports Dermatophagoides Mandolin Slicer Blade

main advantage

Its stainless steel design is one of its main advantages. Having a tool with this type of material will allow you to work safely and comfortably, as well as being able to clean without leaving any residue adhering to the surface of the mandolin.

main disadvantage

According to some users, one of the biggest disadvantages is that its levers to make the different adjustments are very hard and difficult to handle at first. However, after using it and getting to know it, each adjustment becomes easier.

Verdict: 9.8/10

A very light tool and a great help in the kitchen to prepare the best dishes and salads, with the cuts of gourmet and international cuisine, very resistant material, non-slip and adjustable base, and includes a trolley that will help you protect your hands while make the desired cuts.

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It has a protective carriage that will allow you to slide vegetables, cheeses, among others, on this mandoline and thus avoid accidents or injuries that cause bleeding or skin damage.

On the bottom of each foot it has non-slip rubbers that will provide greater support, and you will not need to apply so much force just to keep the machine in your hands.

The last pieces of each food you want to pass through the Harold Imports 20638CHB Mandoline will not be able to reach the blades, so you must take precautions on how you will make those cuts if you want to continue doing it on this great tool. Remember that your health and safety are very important.

material and dimensions

This tool has been made of stainless steel to provide greater strength and durability, making it stand out from other mandolins. The fact of having a kitchen utensil with this type of material ensures a long time of use and great efficiency in each of its cuts.

The dimensions of this mandolin are 40 x 14 x 7 cm and it weighs just 2 Kg, which makes it very compact and light so that you can locate or store it anywhere in the kitchen without complications.

The adjustment levers are also in stainless steel, so there will be no problems of getting residues or rust that can alter the taste of your food, or cause damage to your health and that of your family.


With this Harold Imports 20638CHB mandolin you can adjust the cutting height, so you will give the desired dimensions to each of the foods that you are going to add to your favorite recipes and you will be the best chef in the family.

If you wish, you can adjust the feet of the mandolin to use it on a bowl or any other container that you consider suitable for food preparation. This way you won’t have to waste time transferring ingredients from one bowl to another, and you’ll bring the best bites to the table in less time.

The cutting blades are quite sharp, so you must be very careful when the thickness you want to achieve is very fine and could injure you.

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2. Börner V3-Hobel TL Starter Set

Preparing and cutting all kinds of vegetables, with different shapes and cuts, is much easier thanks to the mandolines.

These products allow you to be able to cut them into different shapes with which to prepare your dishes in a much more pleasant, fun and easy way. All this saving time and with the necessary security so that you do not have to worry about anything during the cut.

This is a summary of some of the features found in models like the Börner V3 TrendLine mandolin. This model is a timeless classic, which now returns properly prepared according to the new times with such resistant materials and a design as pleasant as the one it has been offering its users for more than 20 years.

A product with which we can cut French fries, sliced ​​or julienned vegetables by simply mounting them on their cutting frame and starting to move them.

And when we finish, all we have to do is run the product through the tap or put it in the dishwasher so that it is perfect and ready to be used again, so that you save time and work in all your preparations.


Resistance: This product is so resistant that some users have kept it in use for more than 20 years without any failure.

Safe: the location of the cutting blade avoids risks when working and cutting, preventing you from even touching it during the process.

Accessories: the system of interchangeable accessories helps you to be able to carry out cuts of a simple or even complex type, without having to do more than place the appropriate accessory and fit it.

Cleaning: both under the tap and in the dishwasher, the product is very easy to clean and is always perfect, free of food debris that can contaminate it.


Cutting thickness: unlike other models, it barely allows the cutting thickness to be established, beyond the two levels present in the accessories it incorporates.

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3. Lacor 60331 Plastic Mandoline 5 blades

One of the best cheap mandolins is the 60331 model from Lacor. This household mandolin offers you a modern and attractive design that can be placed anywhere in the kitchen without affecting your decoration. Its folding system will allow you to store it in any space you have available since it takes up very little.

Thanks to the design of its front legs, you can place it directly on a bowl or plate so that the vegetables or fruits that you are cutting fall inside, saving you a lot of time and effort.

They come with five different blades made of stainless steel to guarantee the reduction of sharpness loss due to constant use, so you will be investing in a product that will be useful for many years.

In addition to all the blades and graters, this excellent mandoline has a device that will allow it to be used as a juicer so you can enjoy those natural juices and add them to salads or sauces.

Fan or not to the kitchen, if you came to this guide it is because you are interested in acquiring the best mandolin of the moment so we have for you a selection of excellent models starting with the best mandolin for 20 euros, the 60331 from Lacor:


Design: we will begin by highlighting the design that the Lacor 60331 mandolin has because thanks to it, you can use the mandolin directly on top of plates or salad bowls so that the fruit, vegetable or any food that you scratch falls directly served.

Blades: it is also very important that you know the material and type of blades that can be used with the mandolin since in this way you can obtain several artifacts in one. On this side, the Lacor 60331 mandoline has five different blades to offer you various types of cut so you can create a wide variety of dishes always with the best presentation.

Adjustments: the system of adjustments of the mandolin that you decide to buy also represents a great decisive factor in determining the quality and performance of the product, so the mandolin 60331 from Lacor has a system that allows you to adjust the thickness of the cut so you can choose the size that best suits your plate.

Press: as a bonus it is also quite appreciated that the mandolin has external uses, so we want to mention that the Lacor 60331 model includes a special press that will allow you to use the mandolin as a juicer.

Cleaning: finally, it has also been quite appreciated and taken advantage of the fact that the blades of the Lacor 60331 mandoline can be washed in a dishwasher, thus saving a lot of time and resources as well as facilitating the task of cleaning.

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4. Oxo 1119100ML Good Grips Hand-Held Mandoline

If you want to know which is the best mandolin, you have to know a little more about the model 1119100 from the manufacturer Oxo. This excellent and practical mandolin is used by chefs all over the world thanks to its low level of skill required and the speed with which it allows you to slice whatever you want.

It has three different levels of thickness to slice so you can choose the thickness you want your vegetables or fruits to have.

It has a protective pusher to prevent accidental contact of your fingers with the blade to avoid accidents and its ergonomic handle allows you to hold it securely and firmly.

The surface of the 1119100 is made of a material with transparent properties that will allow you to see the slices and thus be able to decide when enough is enough without having to lift the mandoline from the bowl or plate. It is very easy to wash as it is dishwasher safe.

If you are still in doubt about which mandolin to buy, you can take a look at the pros and cons of the Oxo model 1119100:


Design: one of the advantages presented and most appreciated by the users of the Oxo 119100 mandolin is that it is hand-held, which makes it much easier to use and store and takes up practically no space.

Thickness: In addition, it has three different thicknesses to slice the fruit or vegetable of your choice, thus giving you the possibility of creating different and delicious dishes.


Colour: users of the Oxo 119100 mandoline have been commented that the fact that it is white makes it easy to stain if food with dyes is used.

Blades: You should also keep in mind that unlike our previous models, this mandolin does not have interchangeable blades.

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5. Fullstar 11 in 1 Professional Kitchen Mandolin 

Versatility is one of the features we look for most when it comes to saving space in the kitchen. In this sense, the Fullstar 11-in-1 mandolin, due to the large number of options it offers and its cost, can qualify as the best value for money mandolin.

Its 10 interchangeable blades and additional accessories will help you slice and grate vegetables, fruits, eggs, peel and much more. On the other hand, to contribute to your health, the cutting blades are made of stainless steel and the accessories are made of BPA-free plastic. In addition, so that you maintain the hygiene of the set, the purchase includes a cleaning brush.

This is not all, since its non-slip base favors grip and prevents discomfort. In the same way, the order of all the pieces is preserved, since the purchase includes an organizer.

Fullstar may be the best brand of mandolin for many, due to the qualities of this practical model. Know its pros and cons.


Number of pieces: It is a very complete cutting kit, which allows you to slice, grate, peel and give your food a different presentation every day.

Safety: The pieces are made of BPA-free and rust-resistant materials, as well as being ergonomic and preventing accidents.

Hygiene: The accessories in this set are dishwasher safe, so you don’t have to worry about spending time cleaning them.


Spiralizer: Compared to other models, this part may not be as efficient. Still, it does its job.

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6. Kitchen Craft Mandoline and grater 7 in 1

The KitchenCraft 7-in-1 Mandolin could become the best mandolin for you if you are looking for an easy and intuitive tool to use and that can also be stored without taking up too much space.

Thanks to its blades and their positioning, this mandolin allows you to obtain up to seven different types of cuts in your fruits, vegetables, cheeses, chocolates and others, so the originality of your dishes is guaranteed.

It also includes four blades made of stainless steel that will offer you grids of different sizes that will allow you to crush, chop or slice.

The body of the mandoline is made of plastic so you can easily clean it just by putting it in the dishwasher, saving you a lot of time and effort.

Do not hesitate and get the best mandolin and we guarantee that you will not believe the amount of time you will save!

We continue with a very good option from the Kitchen Kraft brand, which is 7 in 1 and may adapt to your needs to help you prepare incredible dishes:


Cleaning: the main advantage of acquiring the Kitchen Craft 7-in-1 mandolin is the fact that it is perfectly capable of being washed in the dishwasher, so you should not worry about this task.

Uses: thanks to the four included steel blades, you can use the mandolin to coarsely, thinly, shred, chop and slice according to your taste and needs.


Materials: as a disadvantage, we have the fact that the Kitchen Craft 7-in-1 mandolin is made of plastic, thus reducing its durability and resistance, however, there is no evidence of major problems due to this.

Safety: furthermore, comments have been found among users expressing the need for the different accessories to be adjusted very tightly to avoid jumps due to inertia of the cut.

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7. Ibili 458 Stainless Steel Mandolin

Interested in acquiring one of the best representatives of domestic mandolins on the market? Your search is over: the mandolin

Ibili Easycook offers you a guarantee of at least 19 years due to the robust structure of the tool and the quality with which its blades have been manufactured. Made of plastic with stainless steel blades, this incredible mandoline guarantees perfect performance for many years.

It has five different blades that will allow you to access different types of cut so you can decorate those dishes with incredible salads, delicious sauces and attractive vegetables and fruits.

You will be able to cut, chop, slice and slice Juliana without any inconvenience and very easily. Forget spending time washing it as it is perfectly suitable to be placed in the dishwasher.

But if you are interested in acquiring one of the cheapest mandolins on the market, perhaps the Ibili model, Easy Cook, will convince you to learn a little more about its advantages and disadvantages:


Warranty: first of all, you should know that when you purchase the Ibili Easy Cook mandolin you will be investing in a product with a 19-year warranty against manufacturer defects, so your money will be safe.

Blades: it is also recommended that you know the fact that this model of mandolin has five different types of blades to offer you various types of cut depending on the dish you prepare.


Thickness: one of the main and most repeated complaints among users of the Ibili Easy Cook mandoline is that the thickness cannot be adjusted because this model does not have an adjustment system.

Stability: It has also been mentioned in the comments that the blades of this model of mandolin could move a lot for some people, thus causing the possibility of an accident.

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Buying guide – What is the best mandolin on the market?

If you are thinking of buying a new mandolin but so many different brands and models confuse you a bit, you may find this guide useful to buy the best mandolin on the market.

Mandolins are one of the most dangerous kitchen utensils, if they are used incorrectly of course, since they are sharp objects that are used to cut and grate foods with different shapes and thicknesses, sliding them over the blades of the mandolin. So security is one of the features to be highlighted because none of us wants a bloody gratin.

There are many models of kitchen mandolins, but there are certain characteristics that the mandolin you choose should have. We want to share with you some of these characteristics that will allow you to buy a good and cheap mandolin.

What kind of mandolin is better?

The mandolin has become a practically indispensable tool in any kitchen, because it makes the work of slicing and cutting vegetables easier. Who doesn’t need to cut vegetables or even some cheese while preparing a lunch for their loved ones? But before deciding anything, we recommend you pay attention to these features that cannot be missing in the mandolin you choose.

Easy to use

Watch out for tricky mandolins! As we have pointed out, this is precisely a tool to make the task easier, not to make it more difficult. Check well in the product specifications that it is a mandolin that requires little effort to install and use. Check how the blades are changed, what the slicing settings are like, and if it can be easily cleaned.

Ease of cleaning

Make sure your mandolin has generally smooth surfaces. The more holes it has, the more likely it is that food will get trapped there and then washing it becomes a complicated task. Some models, although very attractive, can be an additional workload when cleaning, so simplicity is preferable. If the mandolin is dishwasher safe, all the better.


The main objective of acquiring a mandolin is that you have the possibility of cutting the vegetables in a simple way, achieving uniform slices just by gently sliding the vegetable over the blades, so that you do not have to make a great effort.


Although we always want to know how much it costs first, in this case how safe it is may be more important. This may be the big problem with mandolins: many people have suffered small and medium accidents on the one hand, due to misuse, as happens with any dangerous tool. But on the other hand, there are unsafe mandolines that tend to cause accidents.

The hand guard is essential in the use of this tool. This is the protector in which you fix the vegetables before sliding them over the mandolin blades. Make sure your mandolin has a wide and comfortable hand guard, which keeps your skin away from sharp metal blades that could hurt you.

To conclude, the mandolin can be a wonderful tool in your kitchen. With it you can make creative and sophisticated dishes that look like a gourmet restaurant, but it is good to take into account at least these basic characteristics to make a comparison of mandolins and choose the best one.

How to use a kitchen mandolin

The growing boom in healthy food has catapulted the predilection for the use of mandolins in domestic kitchens, even though until very recently, these food-slicing practices were almost exclusive in professional kitchens, in the hands of the chef and all his troop of helpers. Today, in an incipient number of homes, you can see families enjoying colorful and delicious salads made – thanks to the virtuous mandolin – with precious slices of potatoes, carrots, beets, boiled eggs and mozzarella cheese, which show off the versatility of this culinary instrument..

Caution and precision

The first thing to take into account if you are starting to use the mandolin is caution and precision during handling, since it is a sharp cutting tool. So much so that, initially, it would not hurt to use a glove or, failing that, a kitchen towel placed just like a pad between the food you are slicing and the blades. Little by little you will acquire such confidence and skill that you will slice more and more accurately.

Materials and ergonomics

Opt for stainless steel mandolines as the predominant component (provides greater stability, durability and ease of cleaning). Make sure that its ergonomic design provides you with a reliable grip while you manipulate it (here the relevant component is the plastic with an anti-slip cover).

Characteristics of the cuts

Another aspect to ponder is that the mandoline allows you to make different cuts (julienne type, for example), as well as different thicknesses in food. In this particular of the thickness of the slices, you can always make test cuts (with a potato, or carrot) until you decide on the most suitable thickness for your purposes. The experts reiterate that, the thinner the slice, the more delicacy and precision the lunge requires.

Always use the protective handle

Even by the time you consider yourself a kitchen mandolin virtuoso, always use the protective handle when slicing, no matter how rushed you are. This gives you safety and reliability that translates into efficiency and precision when cutting, avoiding hurting yourself in a cumbersome way.

How to cut food with a mandoline

Using the mandolin as a cutting instrument is a matter of rhythm. You must undertake smooth and firm movements from the beginning and until the end of the food. Interestingly, certain cheeses and soft vegetables (cucumber, zucchini) are more “deceptive” to slice, given their consistency, forcing you to dose your strength. Harder foods give you more precise handling on each slice, while still keeping an eye on your enthusiasm for cutting.

Maintenance and cleaning of the mandolin

The best way to preserve the sharpness of the blades and the general good condition of the mandolin is to rinse it thoroughly immediately after use, removing any food residue; then you must dry all the components and protect them, leaving it impeccable for its next use.

The most popular brands

To save time when cutting vegetables and fruits, there is no better help than a good mandolin. This product has different blades to obtain the different cuts that are most used in the kitchen, although for this it must be resistant and have adequate blades. So that you do not fall for a poor product, we present three prestigious brands in the sector whose products will never disappoint you.

The Lacor brand belongs in its own right to the group of the great purely Spanish kitchenware brands. This company was founded in the 1950s, due to the need to cover the demand for household products different from those that had been used until then, as well as to meet the incipient demand of professionals, in a country that at that time was committed to tourism as a source of income.

In all these years Lacor has continued to maintain these two lines of work, personal and professional, forging a high-quality brand image and which has also been able to adapt to the times by incorporating products such as silicone molds for confectionery, wine cellars or bakeries.. However, this has not caused the more traditional products, such as mandolins, to be left aside.

In fact, this commitment to quality has made this product one of the most resistant and adaptable, offering models with different blades depending on the type of cut to be made, as well as a resistant and fixed foot system.

In the case of Fackelmann we are also dealing with a company with a long tradition behind it. This company was founded in 1919 to distribute mainly furniture and household products throughout Germany. It would not be until 1958 when the company made the necessary investments to start manufacturing its furniture, making the leap to new product lines within domestic and professional household items, becoming one of the favorite brands of consumers.

In the 1980s, the first plastic products arrived within a new line of kitchenware, cheaper and healthier, while in 1995 the company jumped onto the international market in a mixed option of its own companies and acquisitions that would take its products throughout Europe.

Something that has led the company today to have a worldwide presence and to have numerous followers due to the wide range and quality of its products. Among them we find from the traditional cutters with adjustable width to the complete mandolins with different types of cut and thickness, so that you can always choose the most suitable one for your dish. And always with the quality of the brand, of course.

The Oxo brand has its origin, like so many others, in the needs of users. Specifically in those of Betsey, wife of Sam Farber, founder of the company, whose arthritis made it difficult for her to peel any vegetable with traditional systems. After many experiments, prototypes and study, Farber ended up creating some peelers that did not harm the hands of his wife and that soon became a milestone among consumers.

Under these principles, the customer first, the company decided to produce a wide range of household items, in a range that currently also includes small appliances, baby products, bathroom accessories and much more. However, all these products maintain the original idea of ​​being comfortable and adapting to the user and not the other way around, as Farber wants.

Therefore, we can only expect good things from their mandolins, such as a sharp cutting blade, simple operating systems and resistant materials that will accompany you for a long time. If you want a product designed for your hands, at Oxo you have a good option.

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