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Bed Base – Opinions, Analysis and Buying Guide in 2022

A bed frame is an element that has gained popularity over time, being a functional element to place the mattress, made up of transverse slats that can be made of wood or metal. There are many options today in terms of quality, brand and models that are convenient, but there are two that are most frequently recommended. The first is Somg Wood, a model measuring 190 cm long by 132 cm wide, which is made of high-quality and resistant materials. Next, the Gerialife Plateado appears, a bed base that has an electric motor and an integrated control to change the position in five planes.

Opinions on the best bed bases on the market

A bed base is used to get better support and to be able to recover vitality with hours of comfortable sleep. It is usually a cheaper alternative to traditional beds and, in addition, it is versatile. In the market you can get many models, which makes it difficult to choose. For this reason, we present the most relevant characteristics of the models that are recognized as the best bed bases on the market.

bed frame 135

Somg Wood

The model marketed by Somg is usually recognized by many users as the best bed base, considering its attributes and competitive price. This alternative has a relatively light weight of 11 kilos and is a 135 cm wide by 190 cm long bed base, being a convenient model to place a mattress with capacity for two people.

It is made of high-grade quality and resistance materials, with a strong structure made of metal, with dense wood crossbars, thus providing an adequate contact surface. It has a classic and conventional design. Does not include head or bases.

Its manufacture has been careful with a delicate painting method and subsequently oven dried for a better finish. Due to its specifications, this 135 bed base has the capacity to support the considerable weight of two people.

When buying, you should look for quality and the Somg Madera is considered by many users to be the best bed base of the moment. Here its pros and cons.


Capacity: It has a capacity for a single seat and approximately 90 kilos of weight.

Weight: It has a relatively light weight of only 11 kilos, making it resistant and practical.

Materials: It is built with a metal structure that is integrated with wooden boards.

Design: It has a classic design, without a headboard, which is not appreciated when the mattress is placed.


Sound: Some users claim that it emits annoying noises when the boards make contact with each other or with the metal.

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articulated bed base

Gerialife Silver

Considered an articulated bed with multiple plan possibilities, this alternative from the manufacturer Gerialife is usually considered one of the best bed bases of 2022, due to its attributes of quality and versatility. It has a double Germany Motions 4,500 N electric motor, which allows the user to change the planes of the mattress at five levels through an integrated cable control.

Its structure is made of high quality and resistance metal. The manufacturer has used reinforced steel for greater robustness, with silver thermosetting epoxy enamel, this being a Spanish-made piece. In turn, the bed supports are made of flexible material and beech wood, with lumbar regulators.

The articulated bed base has been equipped with a silent system in the joints, so it does not cause discomfort. To use it, you must add the four metal bases, each 25 cm high.

Many companies compete to be the favorite, however, Gerialife is listed as the best brand of bed bases. Here details of your model.


Design: It has a simple and practical design, made of a steel structure, with flexible bars and beech wood.

Dimensions: It is of individual type, being its dimensions 90 cm wide, by 190 long.

Assembly: Its assembly is simple: it only requires placing the four metal bases that are included.

Levels: It is equipped with a motor that turns it into an articulated bed for five planes.


Protection: Some users miss the fact that it does not include protective bars on the sides of the bed base.

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Bed frame 90×190

HOME24 Basic90x190

For those who are wondering which is the best bed base currently on the market, it would be appropriate to take a look at the attributes of this model marketed by Hogar24. It is a product that has been built as a 90×190 bed base, with a steel structure and steel tubes with dimensions of 3 cm by 3 cm.

For greater safety and stability, the 90 bed frame has two central steel bars that are attached to the rest of its structure. Also, to improve support, it has a set of four 26 cm high square metal bases, with non-slip material and protectors at their tips so as not to mistreat the floor, while two of them have wheels to facilitate their transfer.

Its weight is relatively light at 15 kilos. It also includes 10 cm poplar sheets that have been worked for a better finish.

There are those who do not know which mattress to buy, and it is necessary that the pros and cons of the alternatives are known.


Dimensions: It has dimensions of 90 cm wide by 190 cm long, suitable for a square.

Construction: It is built with resistant materials and a steel structure with 3×3 tubes.

Base: To improve stability, it has a support system made up of four steel bases, two of them with wheels.

Weight: It is relatively light and can be moved easily, because its weight is 15 kilos.


Noise: In the opinion of many users, it emits annoying and constant noises during movements.

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Bed base 150×190


If you want to buy a quality bed base, then you should consider this multi-layer model among your alternatives, which is an appropriate option because it has lumbar regulators. The 150×190 bed base is of the double type, with capacity for two people.

It has a resistant structure, which has been made of dense and treated steel, as well as sheets made of 3.3 cm wide beech wood and anti-humidity finishes. In addition, the model incorporates five round metal bases, for greater central stability and resistance. It has a weight of 25 kilos, so it is easy to carry from one room to another.

To control sounds, it has a pressure absorption mechanism, through studs that are coupled between sheets and structure. Meanwhile, rest and comfort are guaranteed through firmness regulators placed in the lower back.

Hasty purchases lead to poor decisions. Here you can read more about the ES MULTILÁMINAS150X190 model.


Structure: It has a structure made of steel, which includes sheets of flexible beech wood.

Bases: Includes five round metal bases that provide greater support and stability to the mattress.

Capacity: Its dimensions are 150 cm wide by 190 long, being a matrimonial type.

Regulators: It has a mechanism to improve rest through regulators with reinforcement in the lumbar areas.


Paint: Some users have commented that the paint falls off easily and the material rusts after a short time.

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folding bed frame

Evergreen Web 75 x 190

With a weight of 16.4 kilograms, this model is usually considered among the best bed bases for having attributes that denote quality and high standards. The EvergreenWeb brand makes a folding bed base available to users, so that its structure has properties that allow it to reduce its size to store comfortably, this being an option for a guest bed.

Due to its dimensions, it is a model for a single seat, with measurements of 75 cm wide by 190 cm long. The bed base is built with high quality and resistance materials, with a firm and stable structure made of iron, together with orthopedic wood slats.

At the same time, it has a set of bases that surround the structure for greater stability, with a total of six, two at the top, two in the middle and two at the bottom, which are integrated with a cross tube.

This model has quality attributes that make it an interesting option to analyze.


Dimensions: It has dimensions of 75 cm wide by 190 cm long, being suitable as a single bed.

Folding: Unlike other models, this one has a folding system to reduce its size.

Structure: It has a firm structure made of iron, with flexible wooden sheets.

Base: It incorporates a structure made up of six support bases, as well as a cross tube for greater stability and safety.


Noise: Although it is almost imperceptible, there are users who have indicated that they hear some annoying noises.

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slatted bed base

Bonitex metallic gray

If you are looking for a simple model, but at the same time functional, then you cannot ignore the attributes offered by this Bonitex model, which stands out among the favorites of the user community and is nationally manufactured. It is a slat or multi-slat bed base that provides greater comfort and safety to the user.

This model measures 90 cm wide by 190 cm long, making it suitable as a single bed. It has a strong, resistant and quality structure, which has been built with careful details, incorporating 40 x 30 cm metal tubes, which have been painted with an anti-corrosion treatment and silver-colored epoxy paint.

In turn, the sheets are made of natural vaporized beech wood and painted with a non-slip layer and herringbone with PVC. For greater comfort, it has adjustable reinforcement in the lumbar area.

This model has attributes that are worth knowing. Here are its attributes and drawbacks.


Measurements: It is a bed frame for an individual mattress, with measurements of 90 cm wide, by 190 cm long.

Structure: It has a resistant structure that has been manufactured to provide better stability during use.

Materials: Metallic materials and sheets of natural beech wood are included in its manufacture.

Painting: For greater quality, the wood and tubes have been varnished with a special treatment to extend their useful life.


Bases: The model does not include the bases, so they must be purchased separately, which means a higher investment.

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bed frame

Gigapur G1 29692

There are many models, but those that are recommended for their quality attributes are few and this Gigapur design is one of them. The G1 29692 can be summed up as simple, stable and natural. It has a basic but functional structure, which has been made of matching wood between the frame, the slats and the base, for an aesthetically pleasing design.

On the other hand, its construction is made from Nordic birch wood, being resistant and of quality, with a load capacity of approximately 195 kilos.

Meanwhile, the wood that has been used is natural, being treated in a noble way for better results in the product, without splinters but without ceasing to be natural. It has dimensions suitable as a single bed and, thanks to its style, by joining two, you can have a double bed. Due to its design, it is a light bed base of 21.5 kilos.

Not all models are suitable, so it is convenient to know their positive and negative attributes. Read those corresponding to this model.


Design: It has a versatile design, being due to its style a light bed frame with stable properties.

Capacity: It has a capacity to support a load of 195 kilos, its weight being 21.5 kilos.

Construction: It has been built to high quality standards from a dense wood structure.

Wood: Nordic birch wood has been selected, treated and varnished to extend its useful life.


Color: Some users have commented that this is a model that looks simple because it is made of natural wood.

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upholstered bed base

Dormio SL050309019

With a light weight of 16 kilos, Dormio presents a bed frame upholstered with stretch fabric, which improves air circulation and has been manufactured with a resistant structure in the shape of a metal frame, reinforced with five crossbars to improve stability during use., being a robust piece.

The model has dimensions of 135 cm wide by 190 cm long, being a convenient bed base for two people. In addition, for greater support, it includes a total of six cylindrical-shaped bases that have been made of metal.

Each of these bases has a non-slip plastic cap on the tip that prevents the metal from causing damage to the floor and the structure from moving. The bed frame comes from the factory pre-assembled, it is only necessary to add the bases to the structure through a screwing process, which requires the use of basic tools.

Some models have attributes that highlight their quality at an attractive price. You should know more about this Dormio model.


Design: It has a classic design in the form of a metal fence, with crossbars for more security.

Upholstery: It has an upholstery with 3D and stretch fabric, which improves air circulation and prevents the mattress from slipping.

Bases: Their bases have a kind of plastic cap that prevents the floor from being damaged.

Dimensions: Its dimensions are 135 cm wide by 190 cm long, being a double bed.


Noise: Some users have commented that with sudden movements annoying sounds are heard.

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Bed base 90×180

Sleeper ssol_105180

For whom the search engine is based on the lowest price, you should take a look at the properties of this model from the manufacturer Dormidán, which stands out for being considered the best value for money bed base, being the cheapest in our selection.

The model is made up of several vaporized sheets or slats, each 10 cm wide. It is a 90×180 bed base, being suitable for an individual mattress. It has a resistant structure with 3 cm thick steel tubes and, for greater stability and user safety, it has a reinforcement in the central part through a steel bar.

In order to protect the structure from corrosion and extend its useful life, the bed frame has been treated with a layer of textured gray epoxy paint, which has been worked and dried in the oven to have greater resistance properties in this cheap bed frame.

Some alternatives have competitive properties and prices. This option is one of them, being one of the cheapest bed bases on the market.


Structure: It has a resistant structure that has been manufactured with 3 cm wide steel.

Stability: For greater stability, the model incorporates a bar made of steel.

Slats: It has a set of vaporized wood slats, each about 10 cm wide.

Dimensions: It has dimensions of 90 cm wide by 180 cm long, being a single bed.


Bases: It does not include the bases, so these must be purchased separately, which is an additional investment.

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Bed base accessories

Base legs

Imex El Zorro 81402

Without bases, no bed will be high off the ground, but many designs come from the factory without them, so it is necessary to purchase them separately. For these cases, Imex El Zorro offers bed base legs that are made up of four units 25 cm long by 3 wide, weighing 1.38 kilos.

They are made of metal and are easy to mount on the bed base. They have an adequate anchoring system and are designed for 3 cm metal frames, so it is necessary that the bed base is 30 x 30 mm in the bars, otherwise they will not fit.

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mattress cover

Beautissu 34835

To extend the useful life of both the mattress and the structure, there are those who use a protector and the Beautissu brand presents a model of mattress cover that protects both elements through a protector with knots that prevent the mattress from slipping, as well as technology to make it anti-allergic, with properties that improve ventilation and reduce the concentration of humidity.

This mattress cover has dimensions of 100 by 200 cm, being a universal size, making it suitable for both single and double beds. Its color is white and, as it is made of textile material, it is machine washable.

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How to choose the best mattresses?

Rest and recovery of energy through the hours of sleep are important actions that require a comfortable and safe space to rest the body. This is where the bed bases come into play, elements to place the mattress that separate it from the ground and provide comfort. There are many models available, but for an efficient purchase it is necessary to know some attributes. For this reason, we have prepared a guide to buy the best bed base on the market.

Shopping guide


In the comparison of bed bases, it is observed that there are several measures or dimensions of these products, which must be analyzed according to the needs. For example, in the market you can get some designs with dimensions of 89 or 90 cm wide, by 180 long. These models are designed to be suitable for a single seat, that is, they accept individual mattresses for one person.

Likewise, there are other models with larger dimensions that are 1.50 cm wide by 1.90 cm long, so they are suitable for double or two-seater mattresses. In the same way, other larger alternatives can be obtained and, according to space and needs, the dimensions must be selected. Likewise, the larger the bed bases, the greater their load capacity should be, because they admit more people on them.

weight and design

Weight is an important factor when buying a mattress. There are from models that are light to others that are heavier. As long as the model remains static, the weight is not very important. However, when it is to be moved from one room to another or when it is received, it will have to be carried and carried to its place, which will require strength.

In addition, on many occasions, based on the weight, it is possible to have an estimate of its robustness, resistance and load capacity. It is convenient to select models with a standard weight between 12 and 25 kilos, which will allow better handling when necessary.

In relation to design, bed bases are basic elements, so they do not vary much from each other, only due to the issue of materials and bases. However, there are models that have been designed with collapsible property structures, which allows them to be reduced in size for storage. Other models have articulated structures, the levels of which are adjusted by a control.

Manufacturing materials

Many people may be wondering how much a box spring costs. The truth is that these are products with very varied prices, but an indication that could give an idea of ​​their value is the materials that the manufacturer used for their construction, since they provide resistance, quality and durability.

The most frequent and popular models on the market are those that have a structure made of metal, either steel or reinforced iron, with slats or sheets that can be made of some flexible material or wood, with birch and beech being the most popular types of wood. used. Similarly, there are some alternatives that are made almost entirely of genuine wood, seasoned and treated to be a comfortable and resistant piece.


A cheap mattress is a good investment, but beyond this it must be functional and safe. To do this, you can find some alternatives on the market that have solid bases and that incorporate more pieces for better stability. These bases are called legs. These can be made of metal or wood, the important thing is that they are resistant.

The most common are bed bases with four bases, one in each corner, but there are alternatives that include five: the traditional four and one in the center. In the same way, there are alternatives that incorporate a support of six bases, three on each side, that is, the four in the corners, plus two additional ones in the center, right in the middle of the other two.

The convenient thing is that these bases, in the event that they are metallic, are equipped with a plastic or non-slip rubber cap that prevents the contact of the metal with the floor from ruining it, while preventing the bed base from moving and sliding.. To these bases, which provide stability, some manufacturers have added more elements such as steel crossbars that improve safety and resistance.

Frequently asked questions

Q1: How to reinforce a bed base?

To reinforce a mattress, it is necessary to have a drill and basic knowledge of upholstery and carpentry. The appropriate thing is to place a board that is responsible for reinforcing the structure, being necessary to make some perforations with the drill in the structure of the mattress. Next, a board of a material such as chipboard must be cut and holes made in the structure so that the mattress breathes. The board must be placed and the mattress base centered on it, to then drill and place the screws.

Q2: Which is better, a slatted base or an upholstered base?

Both models are suitable, so it will depend on the tastes of each user. However, there are those who suggest that the upholstered base is more versatile and functional for any mattress, as long as it is breathable. In the case of an environment with high humidity, it is recommended to choose a slatted bed base, because it has a breathable structure. The latter is recommended for latex or technical foam mattresses, as well as for non-spring mattresses.

Q3: Where to place the legs of a bed frame?

This will depend on the type of mattress and the legs. There are some classic models that have an anchoring system where the bases are fixed to the bed base support, being necessary to screw with nuts to keep them in place. In the case of a bed base with screw-in bases, it is much simpler because it does not have to be screwed. You just have to turn it over, place the points for the bases, insert them into the holes and screw them until they are fixed.

Q4: How to use a bed frame?

With a box spring, a protection is placed between the mattress and the floor. So to use it, the first thing is to assemble it. To do this, you must find all the pieces, spread the bed base on a flat surface and turn it over to add the bases, adjusting them well. Next, it is necessary to place the bed base in its normal position, add a bed base cover and the mattress centered, with the entire structure, on the bed base. In turn, the mattress must have all its sheets and covers. The person can then lie down and rest comfortably.

Q5: How to straighten a bed frame?

The wooden boards of the bed bases are usually flexible, so they do not break. There are those who advise bending them as if it were a bow, so that they return to their usual shape and fit correctly. Some people suggest placing the boards in a bathtub of hot water to make the material more flexible and can be straightened more easily. Remember that, in the event that it is a single board of the bed base, it is always possible to get a new unit or it can be done by a carpenter, who must be given the exact indications of the measurements so that there are no inconveniences. It is important that when you go to rest all the tables are used.

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