The best microwave ovens

Microwave Oven – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis

Despite its bad reputation, the microwave oven today is an essential tool in your kitchen. A piece with which you can heat breakfast, defrost or even make dishes in a simple and pleasant way. Among its modern functions are the possibility of frying, cooking, cooking or roasting whatever you need, leaving your dishes perfect with little effort and with notable energy savings. As an outstanding model on the market we find the Samsung MC32K7055CT/EC oven. A complete model with a 32-litre capacity and up to 2,100 watts of power, with which it is easy to prepare any recipe comfortably. All this without forgetting its additional functions such as fryer, yogurt maker or fermenter. Another interesting alternative is the Sharp R242BKW product.. In this case, it is a simple oven, with 800 watts and a capacity of 20 liters, with which to perform all kinds of general basic functions to cook better dishes.

The 5 Best Microwave Ovens – Opinions 2022

1. Samsung MC32K7055CT/EC Microwave oven with grill

Main advantage:

This oven is a complete tool with which to prepare all kinds of dishes, since in addition to the microwave and conventional oven functions, it includes others such as the fryer or a fermentation function.

Main disadvantage:

The door opening system is not lateral, but vertical, which can be somewhat annoying when accessing the interior.

Verdict: 9.8/10

This complete product gives you all the necessary power and a wide variety of cooking functions to place this model at the leading level in any microwave oven comparison of the moment.

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As we have mentioned, this model offers you one of the most complete ranges of functions in the sector. Something that goes much further than the basic functions of the microwave, among which we find both the oven mode and the oven with grill, separate grill or simply microwave.

Three functions that we can combine as we like, and can also access other cooking functions. Among them we have air frying, which reduces the amount of fat in your frying without worry. Or also the yoghurt function, suitable for preparing these dishes or even helping the fermentation of any dough you need.

Control Panel

To maintain control of this product, the front has a large button panel with which to easily access all its functions. You will only have to choose the mode of use that you need, adjust its parameters and start cooking. A setting that runs directly on the rotary wheel, with which to set times and other parameters of use.

All these details can be seen on its LCD screen, where you can see all that data as you select it. And so that you have all these functions at hand, the oven is accompanied by a guide to programs and modes of use, with an oriented selection process that makes it easier to set times according to each function and the weight of the food to be cooked.

oven power

To finish our analysis of this Samsung model, the time has come to review the operating power of the product. A power adjusted to its capacity of 32 liters, to achieve a homogeneous and efficient cooking. A task in which its 2,100 watts of convection power have a lot to do with it.

Sufficient power so that its HotBlast function is responsible for preparing your dishes more adequately. This function distributes the hot air generated by the oven for more flavorful results in less time. Something that also contributes to saving energy during use, by reducing the preparation time of these dishes compared to what a conventional model offers.

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2. Sharp R-242 BKW Microwave 20L Touch Control

The Sharp R242BKW microwave oven is an excellent option when what you need is an oven that makes your job easier and hassle-free. It has a capacity of 20 liters, 11 microwave power levels, 8 automatic cooking and defrosting functions. All its design designed to give you comfort and save time when cooking.

It has a turntable that measures 25.5 cm in diameter. It is a microwave oven that you can easily put on any table, cabinet or on the kitchen counter. It measures 35.8 x 43.9 x 25.8 cm and weighs 11 kilos. It is designed in black, which perfectly matches the decoration of any kitchen. It has a built-in clock that works as a kitchen timer and a child lock for your added security. It is a microwave model that is very easy to handle and easy to clean.

The Sharp R242BKW operates with touch controls, its microwave power is 800W and the electrical voltage is 230 volts. This microwave oven is equipped with the defrost function, which allows you to have a dish ready in a very short time, from the freezer to the table. In addition, it has an interior light that is activated every time you use it and when you open its door.

If you have doubts about which microwave oven to buy, the comparisons on the net have important information that will help you decide:


Power: the R242BKW reaches a maximum power of 800 watts, which you can adapt to work at eleven different levels depending on the type of food you are heating.

Automatic: its internal mechanism offers you a total of eight automatic programs to adjust both the time and the power, according to what you want. Among these functions are vegetables, pizzas, drinks, defrost, etc.

Light – The microwave oven is equipped with an interior light and a window, so you can keep an eye on your food while it’s heating up. This is also very useful in case you are not sure which power to use.

Extras: in its extras, the Sharp microwave oven also has a child lock system and an LED screen that will indicate both the time and the microwave activation time.


Capacity: one of its disadvantages is that it has a capacity of 20 liters, so it is more recommended for couples or people who live in apartments.

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3. H.Koenig VIO7 Microwave with Grill 23 Liters

This model of microwave oven is ideal for preparing gratin recipes. Thanks to its excellent grill function that allows you to brown and gratin dishes, to give that exquisite touch to your meals. It has a power of 900W for microwave and 1000W for grill. It is an appliance with a capacity of 23 liters and has a timer of up to 30 min.

The H.Koenig 80145 model has 9 different programs or settings: for the microwave in the cooking and defrosting function it offers 5, the grill setting and 3 combined settings. You can gratin a delicious plate of macaroni or a recipe with bechamel sauce and grated cheese.

It is designed in silver, easily combined with any decoration, its mirrored front offers you elegance. It operates with manual controls, 2 turning knobs to select the programs. Its analog time control is simple and intuitive.

Its door opens and closes under pressure. It is ideal for places where the little ones reach everything, since its door does not open easily for them. It weighs 15 kilos and measures 48.2 x 32.1 x 28 cm, it is robust and resistant. In addition, it has a manual in Spanish.

Being the one from H.Koenig possibly the best microwave oven for 100 euros, you can’t help but know its advantages and disadvantages:


Design: this model of microwave oven escapes the classic designs, offering equipment with a chrome finish and a steel handle to open its hatch, quite modern and attractive.

Functions: In addition to offering the microwave function, the 80145 is also capable of working as a rotisserie, so you can also enjoy cooking.

Timer: you can activate its heating or cooking timer for a maximum of 30 minutes, so you don’t have to add more time every moment.


Light: Although it has an internal light, some users let it be known that it is not very powerful and it is a bit difficult to see the interior of the microwave.

Dimensions – Others consider it to be a bit large, as it has dimensions of 19 x 12.5 x 11 inches.

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4. Candy CMXC30Dcs Combination microwave oven with grill

Located within the cheap microwave ovens, the Candy CMXC30Dcs model is another interesting option for those who want to have everything. A product that includes both the usual functions and different automatic programs, so you can cook all kinds of dishes efficiently.

An energy class A model, as corresponds to the best microwave ovens of 2022, to save energy in the process. As for its capacity, the oven has 30 liters, so that preparing what you want is not a problem in terms of space.

A complete product that, for its price, would be close to being the best microwave oven for value for money that we have valued.

Let’s get to know some more details about this model, manufactured by what a large part of the market considers to be the best brand of microwave ovens on the market.


Results: Depending on the reason for which it is used, visible results can be obtained as soon as 48 hours after starting to apply it.

Components: Among its components are various antioxidants and important vitamins such as E, A and C, which contribute to skin rejuvenation.

Effects: The oil has various effects on the skin, being used to reduce wrinkles, remove blemishes, treat stretch marks and improve the appearance of the face.

Manufacturing: The manufacturing of this product is almost artisanal, with carefully selected seeds, cold production processes, without distilling, etc.


Texture: Among users, there are contradictory questions about its texture, because for some it is very dense and for others it is a very volatile version.

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5. LG MJ3965BPS Microwave Oven Grill Smart Inverter

Although it is not its main product area, the LG MJ3965BPS model is another interesting option when looking for the best microwave oven of the moment. An oven that has four functions in one, thanks to its included convection mode.

A model that has a huge capacity of 39 liters, so you can put all kinds of food without complications. The model also has a Smart Inverter system, which regulates the temperature better and distributes the heat better for more pleasant cooking.

A model that is finished off with a wide range of control options, so that it is easy to get the most out of the product and its functions. And as for its cleaning, this is not complicated either, so that it does not take you more time than necessary.

Since having all the necessary information is important, let’s see some facts about this oven and its characteristics.


Smart Inverter: The Smart Inverter system helps you save time in cooking, while improving the preparation of your food.

Capacity: It is one of the largest microwave ovens on the market, with a capacity of 39 liters.

Grill: The charcoal grill adds an extra quality to the product, so that it takes better care of the food.


Ventilation: As with other models, the product may remain in operation for a few minutes to cool down the interior after cooking.

Noise: Both the casing and the interior of the oven tend to make more noise than is desirable, both during cooking and once it has finished.

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Buying guide – What is the best microwave oven on the market?

The time when microwave ovens were nothing more than tools for heating liquids is over. Nowadays, we talk about products with which to prepare complete dishes without complications. Something that makes it more difficult to choose the right model. Although at least, you have the help of our guide to buying the best microwave oven, where you can learn the fundamental aspects of an efficient and quality product.

Basic functions

If we take a look at a microwave oven comparison, we will discover models with different functions. These additional functions have the advantage of being able to prepare more dishes, save time in the process or even dispense with other appliances.

For these functions, it is best to look for models that include internal ventilation. This system allows you to combine the heat of the microwave and move it more efficiently, so you will save time and enjoy better prepared dishes. Something that is also helped by the use of the grill, which is practically essential in this type of oven.

Anyway, if you are looking for cheap and simpler models, it is not difficult to find them either. Microwave ovens with more basic functions, which are more or less the usual ones that these products have in their most typical designs.

Control system

Since the use of the microwave oven is usually more complex than the microwave or conventional oven, it is worth getting a product that has an easy-to-use control system. And it is that in these models we can even find formats in which to have program recipes, so the easier the handling, the better.

Within these control systems, it is usual for the product’s control panel to consist of a keypad, a wheel and a screen where you can see the times and the operating mode. This button panel allows you to choose the programs, while the wheel helps to adjust the times or move between the different options.

As for the economical cut models, you can find simpler products that simply work with wheels, to choose the temperature, the operating mode and the time. They are not the most advanced option, technologically speaking, but it is enough for those who do not need anything else.

Other interesting aspects

We conclude these guidelines with a summary of some additional features to look for in your computer. One of them is the capacity of the product. This capacity is measured in liters and, as always, we must adjust it to the amount of food that we plan to prepare. As a reference, a measure of 25 to 30 liters is usually enough, although there are larger products, if you need them.

Another issue to assess is the ease of cleaning the product. Something in which it is convenient to assess issues such as the materials of the product or its design. The higher that quality, the easier cleaning will be. Something in which it is convenient to look for models with non-stick interior or made of aluminum, easier to clean. In terms of shape, rounded corner products are always better than conventional corner products.

And for those looking for complete models, there are many microwaves that already include functions such as steam cooking, through an internal sensor, or the frying option. The latter works like an air fryer, so you can prepare different fried foods without the need for fat, gaining health without losing flavor.

How to use a microwave oven

Microwaves have undoubtedly become an essential appliance in everyone’s life thanks to their wide functionality in the kitchen. Since, in addition to using it as a conventional microwave, you can also use it through a variety of special functions to carry out specific cooking, as well as defrosting your meals. In this way, it would be prudent for you to be able to look at each of the specifications that we offer you below so that you can make proper use of it.

Position the microwave comfortably

First of all, after having unpacked the microwave, you must decide in which space in your kitchen you will position it in order to give it the use it deserves. Well, it should be noted that it generally comes with fully accessible measurements and weights, so that placing it on the countertop, a cabinet or even on the kitchen bar will be possible. In this sense, everything will depend on the choice you make.

Put the turntable in place

Once you have positioned the microwave, you must already include the turntable available in the package inside it so that you can use it without any inconvenience. In this sense, while you are positioning it you will have to do it very carefully, since the plate is usually made of glass.

Use the touch control or the manual control

If you want to have maximum control of your new microwave, you must use the control that corresponds to the model you have chosen. Well, it should be noted that some designs include a manual command control in their structure, that is, you can program the microwave using a couple of knobs.

Now, if the model you have purchased has a touch control, then it means that you have opted for a more advanced model that will let you maneuver it at your convenience.

It should be noted that to understand each of the existing functions in the touch control included in the microwave, you must use the instruction manual, since only in it can you find each of the specifications correctly and on time.

Enjoy special features

Some microwaves are characterized by offering you a variety of special functions so that you can carry out more complex tasks, such as frying the foods you prefer without using oil; This function will undoubtedly allow you to lead a much healthier life.

On the other hand, the fermentation function also stands out, which you can use to properly ferment the doughs that you prefer, whether you are going to use them to make some delicious breads or, on the contrary, to make desserts. Likewise, you could even ferment some delicious homemade yogurts to taste them whenever you want.

Clean the microwave periodically

After each use, it would be essential that you manage to clean the microwave to remove any remaining food present inside. In this case, you can easily remove the turntable to wash it more easily, while cleaning its structure with a damp cloth will be so easy that it will even take you a short time to complete this task.

The most popular brands

Having innovative solutions for home consumption depends on several factors, one of which is the brand of the product. If you are looking for a microwave oven that will revolutionize the way you prepare your meals, but you don’t know which brand to choose, in this article we will show you relevant information about the best brands that offer this product.

Samsung Electronics Industry Co LTD., is an organization founded in 1969 in Seoul, South Korea by Lee Byung-chul, being part of the Samsung Group.

For the year 1970, the first black and white televisions were born with the quality of Sanyo and the name of Samsung, quickly obtaining immediate acceptance in the market.

Later Samsung Electronics was born, which comes from the merger with the Japanese company with Sanyo, to later be named Samsung Electronics in March 1977.

From here arises the diversification and expansion of the company at great levels, considerably expanding the range of white line products such as microwaves, refrigerators, air conditioners and washing machines.

Samsung is one of the leading brands in the television market and, in 2009, the company overtook Hewlett Packard in the information technology and computer hardware sector, due to the excellent income that this company reported in that year. anus.

Samsung has also maintained a strong position in home appliances, such as washing machines, refrigerators, air conditioners, microwave ovens, and vacuum cleaners.

Orbegozo is a Spanish registered trademark, established on June 26, 2000, owned by the company SONIFER, SA.

Orbegozo is a very famous brand in Spain and the rest of Europe for manufacturing and marketing products in various market lines, among which the most popular are electrical appliances, lighting products, scientific apparatus and instruments, and kitchen utensils.

The products that Orbegozo offers are very diverse, among which are stoves, heaters, microwave ovens, fryers, mixers, hair dryers and irons.

This brand, in addition to providing quality, is the one with the lowest prices in the market, being one of the best worldwide.

Orbegozo, being a Spanish brand, has a technical service and customer service with a much faster response for the Spanish public, in addition to meeting the needs of the European consumer, with the trust and quality that buyers deserve. That is why Orbegozo is positioned as one of the best brands that offers microwave ovens in the world market.

Bosch is a German company founded in 1886 by Robert Bosch, starting as a mechanical workshop, with its headquarters in Stuttgart, Germany.

The company’s operations are divided into four market areas: industrial technology, consumer goods, mobility solutions and construction technology.

Bosch has remained in a privileged place in the preference of buyers, because the company offers transformative solutions so that households have access to appliances with new technologies, in addition to manufacturing and producing products that improve the quality of life of drivers. of vehicles and construction workers, providing the tools and solutions that allow quality work and work to be carried out.

The Bosch organization is one of the global leaders in offering technology and services, leaving users fully satisfied. The company had a globally distributed employee force of approximately 390,000 as of December 31, 2016.

For the year 2016, the company obtained revenues of more than 73,100 million euros, which consolidates the brand as one of the best in the market that offers household appliances worldwide.

» Review information from previous years

¿Cuáles son los mejores hornos microondas del 2022?

Si piensas amueblar tu casa y estás buscando tu primer horno microondas o quieres renovar tu cocina y cambiar tu viejo modelo de horno por uno más moderno. Sea cual sea el motivo, este aparato casi mágico, te facilita la vida. Aunque un horno microondas suele tener una durabilidad de aproximadamente 10 años, si el tuyo comienza a presentar fallas, la mejor opción es comprar uno nuevo.

El horno microondas se ha convertido en un implemento necesario en los hogares. Su función principal es calentar alimentos rápidamente, pero algunos modelos ofrecen mucho más. Te permiten cocinar algunas recetas en sólo minutos, además de tostar, dorar y hasta freír. Presentan muchas ventajas con respecto al horno convencional. Se ahorra tiempo y energía al momento de cocinar y sin ensuciar tantos cacharros.

Actualmente dispones en el mercado, de un amplio abanico de opciones para elegir un horno microondas, sin embargo para que tu compra sea la más acertada, debes elegir el modelo que más se adapte a tus necesidades y a tu presupuesto. Para empezar, tenemos hornos que se ponen sobre la barra de cocina (tipo encimera) y otros que son empotrables (se insertan dentro de estructuras). Si tu cocina es lujosa y tu bolsillo te lo permite, los empotrables son una excelente opción. Los de encimera, por su parte, son muy prácticos y no requieren de una laboriosa instalación.

El tamaño y potencia del horno microondas es un aspecto relevante al momento de tomar una decisión de compra. Debes tomar en cuenta el espacio disponible en tu cocina y el uso que vas a darle. Mientras más amplio mucho mejor. Usualmente estos hornos vienen con potencia desde 700 hasta 1200 watts. A mayor watts menor el tiempo de calentamiento. También hay modelos que te brindan botones de atajo para ahorrar tiempo (descongelar, calentar o cocinar) especialmente ciertos alimentos.

Algunos hornos microondas vienen diseñados con puertas que abren presionando un botón y otros con una manija para tirar de ella con fuerza. En ambos casos son fáciles de abrir, pero si tienes peques, es mejor la opción de la manilla que dificulte para ellos la apertura del horno. También hay modelos con platos de vidrio giratorios y otros con bandejas fijas. Es recomendable que sea giratorio ya que permite que el alimento reciba el calor de manera uniforme.

Si no te has decidido todavía a comprar un horno microondas, en tu comparativa presta atención a los siguientes modelos, cualquiera de ellos podría ser una excelente opción de compra.

Samsung MC32J7055CT

Ventaja principal:

A diferencia de otros modelos de horno microondas, este modelo de Samsung incluye funciones especiales de freidora sin aceite y de fermentación, con los que podrás cocinar tus fritos favoritos sin nada de aceite y tus panes caseros, convirtiéndolos en una opción más saludable.

Desventaja principal:

Los usuarios de este horno microondas se quejan de que el producto incluye las instrucciones de uso solamente en italiano por lo que, si no manejas el idioma, tendrás que utilizar tu sentido común y dejarte llevar por tu intuición para aprender a utilizarlo.

Veredicto: 9.8/10

Un horno microondas de buena capacidad, con multitud de funciones para que puedas realizar todo tipo de platos con él y con una gran ventana por la que observar todo el proceso.

Caracteristícas Principales Explicadas

Funciones múltiples

Una de las grandes ventajas de este horno microondas frente a otros modelos es su polivalencia, ya que se trata de un modelo multifunción con el que podrás cocinar todo tipo de platos y preparaciones en un solo producto. Entre estas funciones destaca su función de freidora sin aceite o “Slim Fry”, muy valorada en los últimos tiempos, que te permitirá freir sin aceite todo tipo de alimentos, consiguiendo resultados mucho más saludables.

También destaca su función fermentadora, pensada para que puedas fermentar, a una temperatura adecuada, todo tipo de masas, ya sean para panes como para repostería, lo que te permitirá realizar tus propios panes y bollos. Con esta función, además, podrás fermentar deliciosos yogures caseros.

Por supuesto, también podrás usarlo como un microondas convencional, asar en el horno de convección o gratinar con el grill incluido. Todo esto te da un sinfín de posibilidades con las que sacar un máximo rendimiento al producto en tu día a día.

Potencia y capacidad

Si nos centramos en la potencia del producto, podremos diferenciar tres potencias diferentes, en función del uso que le vayamos a dar. Por un lado encontramos la función microondas, con una potencia de 900w con la que cocinar y calentar todo tipo de alimentos en muy poco tiempo.

Por otro lado, su horno de convección cuenta con una potencia de 2100w, capaces de alcanzar los 200 grados centígrados para que puedas realizar todo tipo de asados y preparaciones en tu cocina. En cuanto a su grill, este es capaz de alcanzar los 1500 w, una potencia con la que podrás gratinar cualquier plato en minutos y de manera eficiente y uniforme.

En cuanto a su capacidad, este modelo cuenta con un interior de 32 litros, por lo que no tendrás que preocuparte a la hora de cocinar cualquier receta que se te ocurra, ya que tendrás espacio suficiente para cocinar cualquier plato.

Mantenimiento y seguridad

A la hora de hablar del mantenimiento de un producto como este, nos centramos, básicamente, en su limpieza. Este modelo cuenta con un plato giratorio que podrás sacar para lavar fácilmente y con paredes interiores muy fáciles de limpiar, por lo que, si realizas una limpieza diaria, te será tan sencilla como pasar un paño húmedo por su superficie.

En cuanto a la seguridad, este modelo cuenta con bloqueo infantil, que evitará accidentes si tienes niños en casa. Además, cuenta con un botón para parar el plato giratorio, que permite mantener quieto el interior mientras utilizamos funciones como el horno o el grill.

Samsung MC32J7055CT

Este magnífico horno microondas, bien podría ser catalogado como un horno multifuncional. La función fermentadora y la función freidora, además del sensor de humedad; hacen de este horno microondas

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