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Milk Frothers – Buying and Comparison Guide in 2022

Milk frothers are intuitive-use equipment that can be incorporated into everyday life for the purpose of preparing different types of beverages. The models are usually varied with respect to their format, projected aesthetics and offered functions. You will also find manual and electric equipment. Ikea 100.763.20 is a good alternative for those who want a frother with a simple design and operation, which will allow you to enjoy foam with a consistency similar to that of a cappuccino in a maximum of 20 seconds. For its part, with Nespresso Aeroccino 3 you can prepare a creamy foam or simply heat milk almost immediately, thanks to its high-end power.

Opinions on the best milk frothers

With so many milk frothers on the market, selecting a model that really suits our usage needs can take time, and it is necessary to carefully check the specifications of the models that have caught our attention. Next, we present what many consider to be the best milk frothers.

Ikea milk frother

Ikea 100.763.20

Ikea is a brand that is used to manufacturing products with a pleasing aesthetic, resistant structure and intuitive operation. These characteristics that could not be missing in this Ikea milk frother, whose body was built with high-end raw materials such as stainless steel, ABS polymer and food-grade silicone, being materials capable of offering a long useful life and a pleasant soft touch.

In addition, they are respectful of the environment, so you will not have to worry about the release of particles that affect your health due to constant use.

On the other hand, we have its appropriate format 28 centimeters long, weighing 680 grams and incorporating an ergonomically designed handle. It is important to mention that this model is considered the best price-quality milk frother and one of the cheapest on this list. Also, for its power it requires a pair of AA or LR6 alkaline batteries, which are easily available.

If you want to froth hot or cold milk in just 20 seconds, you could buy this model, because it has a high level of quality and is one of the cheapest.


Length: Thanks to its length of 28 centimeters, there will be no limitations regarding the depth of the container.

Manufacturing: You will not have to worry about the structure deteriorating soon, since the materials are high-end.

Handle: The ergonomic shape of the handle will allow you to froth milk comfortably.

Weight: Its weight of 680 grams will not make your hands tired when handling the skimmer.


Autonomy : The useful life of the batteries can be considered as short, being necessary to replace them frequently.

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Nespresso milk frother 

Nespresso Aeroccino 3 

If you are looking for the best milk frother, you cannot help but place this model among the first options on your shopping list, which will allow you to prepare a creamy foam in just a few seconds. Also, you can heat the milk quickly to make a rich coffee latte.

This Nespresso milk frother has a format of 17 x 9 centimeters, corresponding to its height and diameter. The design offers an attractive aesthetic in black, highlighting a series of detailed finishes in the structure that highlight the quality of manufacture. 

Among other specifications to comment on, we have the high power of 230 watts, as well as the internal storage capacity for 240 milliliters of milk to be frothed and 120 milliliters if you want to heat it, making it suitable for individual portions. Finally, its intuitive operation that only requires a few steps to complete the cycle.

If you want the best milk frother of the moment, you should review the positive and negative aspects of this Nespresso model, which will surely surprise you.


Capacity: You can pour from 120 to 240 milliliters of milk, either to heat it or foam it respectively.

Operation: It is very simple to use, since you only have to pour the milk, press the power button and wait a few seconds.

Power supply: This model is powered by alternating current, being necessary to connect its cable to the power source.

Power: Its high-end power of 230 watts allows you to froth or heat milk almost immediately.


Instruction manual: The incorporation of an instruction manual in Spanish has been missed.

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manual milk frother


Among the best milk frothers of 2022 is bonVIVO FOMO, a piece of equipment for manual use that has been made of stainless steel and glass. Its structure is cylindrical and elongated, incorporating a sieve with a double mesh system, responsible for generating foam in the milk. 

Likewise, there is the central rubber band for a correct and safe grip, which will protect us from burns due to the heat of the milk, while on the upper part there is a cover with rubber edges, designed to prevent splashes.

This manual milk frother has a holding capacity of 400 milliliters and a simple and intuitive operation, for which you only have to pour the previously heated milk and start pumping with quick movements. In this way, you will generate a creamy and light foam, suitable for the preparation of cappuccinos and latte macchiato. Likewise, you can foam any drink with chocolate.

bonVIVO could very well be the best brand of milk frothers. Proof of this is its FOMO model, whose pros and cons are explained below.


Capacity: You can prepare foam for two or more coffees due to its capacity for 400 milliliters of milk.

Manufacturing: The stainless steel, glass and rubber used for its manufacture provide resistance and elegant aesthetics.

Operation: Its use is very simple, since you only need to quickly pump the milk by raising and lowering the upper lever.

Grip: A rubber band is incorporated for a secure grip, protecting us from burns due to the heat of the milk.


Use in microwaves : The manufacturer recommends pouring the previously hot milk so as not to incorporate the frother into the microwave and prevent its deterioration.

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electric milk frother

Sedhoom 3574

With so many models and brands on the market, it’s no wonder you find yourself undecided as to which is the best milk frother. However, your doubts will be cleared up when you review the specifications of this model from the Sedhoom house. It is an electric milk frother with a double removable head and made of stainless steel, which is quite convenient to facilitate the correct cleaning of the parts after each use. Likewise, the design incorporates a food-grade ABS polymer, a material with a pleasant soft touch, resistant and respectful of the environment.

The equipment has a slim and elegant aesthetic that will attract your attention, while its light body and intuitive operation offer quick manipulation for the preparation of foam in just 10 seconds. In addition, its use is not only limited to milk but also to beat eggs or any hot or cold drink.

If you still don’t know which milk frother to buy, check out the pros and cons of this model, which froths milk and churns up any drink.


Heads: Its removable heads facilitate the washing process.

Use: You will foam milk or chocolate and beat egg whites or any type of drink, so it is versatile.

Foaming time: Thanks to its high power level you will obtain foam in just 10 seconds.

Materials: The stainless steel used for manufacturing is resistant, while the ABS polymer is environmentally friendly.


Waterproof: The handle area contains the electrical part, so it should not be exposed to water.

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Other products


At VAVA they are responsible for manufacturing products that improve people’s quality of life and that can be used by the whole family. Its product catalog is quite extensive, highlighting this functional and elegant VA-EE013ES milk frother. 

It is a piece of equipment made with high-end stainless steel, non-stick interior coating and an ergonomic and safe grip area. Its operation is programmable, being possible to prepare aerated, dense, hot or cold foam.

It is important to mention that this foamer has a favorable power of 400 watts, the auto-off function and an LED indicator for better use. Its containment capacity to prepare foam is 115 milliliters in a period of two minutes, while if you want to heat it you can pour 220 milliliters and obtain the results in three minutes. Also, it comes with cleaning brush and support base for stability.

This electric type frother has a programmable operation, which will improve your use experience when frothing and heating milk. More details below.


Accessories: The package includes useful accessories such as two whisks for frothing, another pair for heating, a support base and a cleaning brush.

Power: Its 400 watt power allows efficient operation when heating or frothing milk.

Use: You can program the equipment to prepare angry, dense, hot or cold foam.

Containment: The maximum level for heating milk is 220 milliliters, while for frothing it it is 115 milliliters, being adequate amounts for one person.


Cleaning: Sometimes the milk sticks to the bottom, which makes cleaning difficult, but this is more of a circumstantial problem.

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OZAVO 300 ml

This OZAVO milk frother has an attractive design in white, intuitive and safe operation, being features that will capture your attention from the first moment. For the manufacture of the structure, stainless steel was used on the inside with a non-stick coating, while the outside is made of food-grade polymer, free of BPA and with a pleasant soft touch.

The skimmer was provided with a power of 500 watts, a 75-centimeter power cable and a disconnection system when reaching the maximum temperature of 10 ºC, thus avoiding any type of overheating.

Regarding the operation, you will only have a couple of control buttons and an LED indicator. In this way, you can prepare cold or hot foam or, if you wish, simply heat the milk. Likewise, we cannot fail to comment on the containment capacity, which corresponds to 130 milliliters at the time of foaming and 300 milliliters when heating, being a favorable capacity.

Those who want an electric, powerful, safe, resistant milk frother with a nice design should review the positive and negative aspects of this model.


Operation: You will only need to press a couple of buttons to start the skimmer.

Use: With this equipment you can froth and/or heat milk for the preparation of different types of coffee.

Safety: A self-disconnection mechanism is incorporated when reaching a temperature of 10ºC, avoiding overheating.

Power cable: The cable reaches 75 centimeters, being an adequate measure to reach the nearest power outlet.


Foam: There are those who comment that the equipment produces too much foam, but this is a variable perception between each person.

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Aigostar 30KDF

Aigostar presents this milk frother whose structure was manufactured with high-end materials to guarantee a long useful life. This is the case of the stainless steel used in the structure, which gives the design resistance, while the non-stick interior coating facilitates cleaning by preventing the milk from sticking. In addition, it incorporates a food-grade polymer, which is a material free of toxic agents and with a pleasant touch.

The frother has a power of 450 watts and an auto-off system when it reaches 10°C, which prevents overheating. It also incorporates a 70-centimeter power cable with which you will access the nearest power outlet.

We cannot fail to mention its holding capacity for 200 milliliters of milk, fast operation to create cold foam in 90 seconds, as well as foaming milk without heating it or heating it without foaming it in just 120 seconds.  

With a spacious and elegant design you will find this Aigostar milk frother, whose main characteristics are discussed below.


Auto-off: You won’t have to worry about overheating, since the frother incorporates an auto-off mechanism when it reaches 10°C.

Containment: The frother has a spacious interior, in which you can contain up to 200 milliliters of milk. 

Use: The equipment is suitable for use with both hot and cold milk.

Frothing time: You can prepare cold foam in 90 seconds and froth milk without heating it or vice versa in just 120 seconds.


Temperature: The temperature reached by the milk when heated can be higher than the manufacturer’s guidelines, although it is not a major problem.

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Cecotec Power Latte Spume 4000

With this model from the Cecotec house you will have no limits when it comes to preparing a pleasant foam for your cappuccino, mocca, latte or any other drink you want. Thanks to its high-end power corresponding to 500 watts, you can froth whole, skimmed, lactose-free or vaporized milk, obtaining a creamy froth in any of the cases.

It is important to mention the operating modes offered, such as the cold or hot foaming mode, for which you have a containment level in the structure of 115 milliliters. Similarly, you can heat a maximum of 240 milliliters of milk.

Regarding the structure, we cannot let its elegant and ergonomic design go unnoticed, for which stainless steel, a polymer free of toxic agents and a non-stick interior coating were used. In this sense, you will enjoy a resistant, durable and easy to wash equipment.

With this foamer you can have a powerful, intuitive and highly attractive equipment, whose specifications are listed below:


Use: The equipment incorporates a hot and cold frothing mode, as well as the option of heating only the milk.

Foam: The foam generated has a creamy and light body, which is pleasant to the taste.

Containment: The frother has a maximum level of 115 milliliters to froth and 240 milliliters to heat the milk, enough for one person.

Power: Due to its 500 watt power you will not have limitations to froth any type of milk.


Grip: The absence of a grip handle has been missed, despite having an ergonomic design.

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Guide to buying a milk frother

If you are planning to prepare a delicious cappuccino, latte macchiato, mocha or simply froth, mix or heat your drinks, then you are surely in search of a milk frother. Although it seems like a simple task, its selection requires a prior verification of attributes that allows us to obtain the most suitable model. Therefore, here is a guide to buying the best milk frother.

Shopping guide

Power and power supply

The power of an electrical equipment is an aspect of great importance, because the level of performance offered by the device will depend on it. Therefore, when thinking about purchasing a milk frother, you will have to verify this specification and make sure that it belongs to a medium or high range.

You need to take into consideration that the higher the power, the shorter the foam preparation time. This occurs because as the work force increases, the central piece inside the frother responsible for turning the milk will move faster and generate a higher temperature for heating the milk.

In addition to this aspect, the skimmer’s energy supply method stands out. In this sense, you will find models that incorporate a support base that internally has a resistance system. 

In turn, others have a power cable that must be connected to an AC outlet. On the other hand, there are the skimmers that have been provided with a special compartment for the placement of a pair of AA, AAA or LR6 alkaline batteries. As you may have seen, these are highly relevant characteristics, so you cannot exclude them from the respective comparison of milk frothers.


The issue of safety is essential in any appliance and milk frothers could not be the exception. Therefore, if it does not have the minimum safety requirements regarding the electrical part and the composition of the materials, then the purchase will not be worth it, despite how cheap said skimmer is.

Thus, you should start by verifying what type of raw material was used to make the skimmer, whether electric or manual. In the case of metals such as steel or aluminium, they will have to have an anti-corrosive treatment, which allows direct exposure to water without fear of any deterioration. 

Likewise, for equipment that incorporates polymer into its structure, it is recommended that it be food-grade so that it is free of toxic agents such as BPA. In this way, you will not have to worry about the detachment of particles that can affect your health.

With regard to electric type skimmers, the incorporation of an auto-disconnection system is an initiative by the manufacturers that definitely favors the useful life of the device. For this reason, confirm that the frother that you are going to acquire has this mechanism, so that after the milk frothing time has elapsed, its operation stops immediately and overheating or even a short circuit is avoided.

Types of preparation

Not all milk frothers offer the same preparation options, so before making the purchase, you need to thoroughly review the working modes with which the product has been provided. In this sense, you will find manual equipment with which you will prepare hot or cold foam. Of course, for the latter it will be necessary to previously heat the milk in the microwave.

For its part, electrical equipment offers the possibility of making cold foam in just a few seconds, as well as frothing milk without heating it or vice versa. All these functions will logically depend on the selected model and will directly influence how much the respective skimmer costs.

Operation and design

Although the basic function of this type of equipment is the preparation of milk foam, it is also true that the market offers you various manual or electric models. Whatever the case, you should know that the operation offered is usually completely intuitive and quick to execute. In this sense, the design of the skimmer is of great importance, being closely related to the procedure of use.

For example, if the model is an electric rod, you will need to pour the milk into a cylindrical container with a medium depth. Then, you will have to insert the head and from the handle press the power button. On the other hand, other skimmers have a robust body that serves as a container with its respective upper cover and heating base.

Thus, this type of foamer varies its design by incorporating an ergonomic shape to the structure for proper support, as well as combining materials to create a modern and elegant aesthetic. However, the operation will not change, since to start it you will have to add the milk, adjust the lid, select the work mode and press the power button. You can find this same format in manual use options, incorporating a pumping system through some accessories.

Frequently asked questions

Q1: How to use a milk frother?

Regardless of which electric or manual model you’ve selected, using a milk frother is usually pretty straightforward. You only have to pour the milk until you reach the measure indicated by the manufacturer, always taking into account whether you want to foam or heat the milk. Remember that each of these options requires a different amount of milk. Then put the cover back on and press the power button. Of course, you must have previously plugged in the power cable or placed the respective batteries. Likewise, some models incorporate a couple of buttons and even an LED indicator, to program the preparation of hot or cold foam.

On the other hand, there are the rod-type skimmers whose head is inserted into the container and controlled from the handle. Likewise, the manual type equipment for which you will need to raise and lower the pumping piece located in the upper area.

Q2: How to froth milk with frother?

If your equipment is manual, you must previously heat the milk in the microwave, pour it into the frother and start the pumping process. Thus, you will prepare a creamy foam in less than two minutes. For their part, electrical appliances offer automatic operation for which you only have to pour the milk and press the power button. In this way, in a few seconds the hot or cold foam will be ready.

Q3: How to clean a milk frother?

The cleaning of the foamer depends on the model you have purchased. For example, if it is a rod whisk, you will have to remove the heads, in order to wash them directly under the water tap. For its part, if the equipment has a container for milk, you will need to remove it from its base and disconnect the power cable. Also, you must remove the interior accessories to wash them without fear of damaging the electrical part. Whatever the case, remember to apply detergent with a sponge and remove excess with plenty of water.

Q4: How does the Nespresso milk frother work?

The operation of a Nespresso milk frother is very simple. The first thing you should do is take the frother, remove the top cover and insert the small piece responsible for spinning the milk. Make sure you fit it properly, place it on the base, and proceed to plug the power cord into an AC power source. Then, pour the milk into the frother, but avoid exceeding the limit set by the manufacturer. Replace the lid and identify on the upper edge the operating option you want between hot foam, cold foam or simply heat the milk. Thus, you can press the front power button and after a few seconds the scheduled task will be completed.

Q5: Which milk frother is better, electric or manual?

The electric frother is fast and requires less effort, giving you the possibility of progressively heating the milk. However, it generates low energy consumption or a constant investment by having to purchase batteries for its power. The opposite is the case with manual equipment, which only requires you to raise and lower the pumping area. Of course, you will have to preheat the milk. Finally, the decision will depend on your taste and needs of use.

Q6: Can I use an electric milk frother to melt chocolate?

This type of electrical equipment is designed to heat milk and foam it. Likewise, some models offer the possibility of foaming chocolate drinks. However, incorporating melting chocolate into the frother is not a viable option, as it could be counterproductive to the proper functioning of the appliance. 

Q7: Is an electric milk frother safe?

Yes, electric skimmers are quite safe and reliable. This is due to the fact that most manufacturers have incorporated automated shutdown systems into their equipment, which stop the equipment from running when it reaches a temperature of 10 °C. Thus, you will not have to worry about damaging the frother due to overheating.

Q8: Which milk frother is better, Nespresso or Vava?

We cannot say that one frother is better than the other, since both belong to renowned brands and have a great position in the market, so they have high levels of quality in terms of their manufacture and operation. Certainly each of the models offers different foaming modes, power and containment capacity, but both coincide in providing optimal performance.

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