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Milk Kettle – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis

The milk kettle is a classic utensil that, despite time, continues to be liked by many people, due to the ease it offers to heat this and other liquids, such as chocolate and water, while maintaining a pure and fresh taste. If you plan to acquire one or renew the one you have, we can recommend two models characterized by their quality. The Severin SM 9688 is a kettle with a capacity of 700 ml and a power of 500 watts, usable for heating liquids such as milk and chocolate without boiling. It stands out for being easy to clean, thanks to its removable design and, in addition, it is made of stainless steel. On the other hand, the Nobebird Multifunctional milk warmerIt could be another good option, as it not only heats the milk, but also allows you to create foam for various recipes. Likewise, in order to prevent food from sticking, it has an internal non-stick coating.

The 5 Best Milk Kettles – Opinions 2022

In many households they still prefer the utility of a milk boiler with which preparing hot drinks is much faster. If your home needs one of these, we recommend you review the characteristics of the products that we have selected for you below.

1. Severin SM 9688 Milk Emulsifier 700 ml

Main advantage:

The structure of the kettle is made of stainless steel, which gives it greater resistance, even for cleaning in the dishwasher. Likewise, it is removable, ensuring that the equipment will be in optimal conditions for each use.

Main disadvantage:

The kettle, for safety reasons, does not perform more than one work cycle in a row. If you want to activate a second round, you will have to wait until it is completely cold.

Verdict: 9.9/10

The kettle fulfills all the functions that could be expected of it and with its 500 W power it is capable of heating milk in a very short time and emulsifying it to drink your foamy drinks such as a cappuccino.

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The kettle can be used to heat liquids such as milk or chocolate and also has a function to generate foam. For both cases, the user will have the respective accessories to carry out the work without problems.

As for the foam, it can be obtained cold or hot, indistinctly, giving the user the versatility they need to deal with different preparations at any time of their day. Thus, it will not only be for afternoon coffee, but also for all kinds of drinks that need this touch of heat.

heat system

To activate the work of the equipment, the connection to its power source must be made, a 360° connector that favors its use. The heating system is activated by induction and will be activated through the knob provided for this function and which allows the temperature to be regulated up to 4 levels, with the maximum point being 65º C. When deciding on the type of temperature more appropriately, the equipment will be activated by simply pressing the button with the start icon in the center of the knob.

After the process is complete, the device itself will automatically disconnect, serving as a safety mechanism to prevent accidents from occurring both at the product level and in the environment.

Design and dimensions

The functional structure of the equipment facilitates its use by anyone. To do this, it has a handle that maintains firm contact with the hand, ensuring a secure grip, even if the container is full of liquid. In terms of appearance, the kettle is presented in black and silver colors that provide a very elegant contrast and allow it to be part of any kitchen style. Likewise, the LED lights have an informative function, but they also make the kettle look more beautiful.

With regard to size, this appliance has dimensions suitable for use anywhere, whether in the kitchen at home or from the office. At 18 x 18 x 25.3 cm, it is suitable for storage anywhere that is available without causing major inconvenience. A similar case occurs with the weight, since when empty the product only reaches 1.6 Kg, being easy to handle by the user who needs it.

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2. Nobebird Milk Frother Electric Steamer and Automatic Heater

This milk boiler stands out for its multifunctional character. With a single product you will obtain hot milk with a temperature of approximately 60°C and you will also be able to enjoy a delicious foam. For its optimal performance, it has removable parts that froth and heat the milk, it also has a selector that allows you to choose the most convenient mode according to your needs. For this, you can prepare cold foam for various desserts or hot foam to enjoy an exquisite cappuccino.

It is a frothing kettle made of non-toxic, high-quality materials; as it features a double-walled stainless steel design and a non-stick coating. For this reason, it is not only safe and hygienic, but also easy to clean.

Its maximum capacity is 350 ml for hot milk and for foaming, it has 160 ml; indicators that you can find on its inner wall, in order not to exceed the limits and avoid spills.

Regardless of whether you want to drink a barista-style coffee, enjoy a sparkling dessert or a hot chocolate; this multifunctional and efficient product could be your best ally in the kitchen. Analyze the advantages and disadvantages of this kettle.


Utility: Thanks to its multifunctional design, you can prepare milk or hot chocolate; likewise, you will be able to obtain a dense and delicious milk foam for various desserts and different presentations of coffee.

Cleaning: Since it has double-walled stainless steel and a non-stick coating, it is an easy appliance to clean. In addition, with the purchase it includes a brush that favors this task.

Silent: It is a device that heats and foams the milk in a silent way; so you can use it at any time without disturbing the family’s sleep.


Dishwasher: The manufacturer recommends cleaning manually at the tap and avoiding taking the jug and base to the dishwasher.

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3. Jata CL819 Heater for Milk and Chocolate

This milk kettle offers a capacity of 1 liter and has a PFOA-free non-stick coating inside, so it does not release toxic agents when subjected to high temperatures, making it safer for food use. It is important to mention that it has a power of 400 W, which indicates good performance.

Also, it is capable of reaching a temperature of up to 80 °C, making it suitable for heating milk and preparing hot chocolate in a few minutes. In addition, it has a light indicator that lets you know when the device is on.

Design-wise, it has a white outer body with a cool-touch surface, which prevents burns and gives you added safety. Likewise, it incorporates a hidden resistance to avoid contact with the heat zone and protect the internal mechanism from humidity.

If you are looking for the best value for money milk kettle, then it is important to mention that this model is one of the cheapest. Let’s take a closer look at its most important pros and cons.


Security: It has protection against overheating to avoid accidents. In addition, the resistance is hidden to avoid direct contact with the heat source.

Performance: It is capable of maintaining the temperature at 80 °C, because it offers a power of 400 W, which provides good performance when heating milk and chocolate.

Non-stick: It has a black non-stick coating on the inside compartment, which prevents food from sticking. It is also a PFOA-free material.


Cord: Cleaning could be a bit inconvenient, since the power cord is built into the kettle, so it is important to keep it away from water.

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4. Solac Milk and Chocolate CH6302 Milk Warmer

This heater is appropriate to save time and money when we just want to enjoy a good hot drink, since we will not need to turn on gas stoves or electric stoves, which is why many users see it as one of the best milk kettles of 2022.

Among its main characteristics, it is found that it has the capacity to heat up to 1 liter of liquid, which facilitates the preparation of any recipe for the whole family at times such as breakfast, for example.

It also has a heat-insulating handle to prevent hand burns when serving. In addition, its cleaning is very easy thanks to its non-stick coating.

On the other hand, it has a removable anti-spill lid, with an anti-cream filter included so that this part of the milk can be removed if it begins to cool. And, as it is made with an elegant black and white design, it will be a product capable of combining with all types of decoration.

Several customers of this type of product show that this model could well be the best milk kettle of the moment, so we have no choice but to leave you a list of the pros and cons of this model so that you can assess this statement.


Time: The kettle is capable of heating the drinks placed inside it in a maximum time of one minute.

Cable: It has a power cable for the electric current that can be removed to facilitate the mobility of the kettle.

LED lighting: With the LED light that the equipment incorporates, the user will have full security when the kettle is on.


Without automatic shutdown: The user must pay attention to the moment in which the kettle finishes its work to turn off the equipment.

Swivel base: A user indicates that he would have liked the base to be swivel for greater ease when using the product.

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5. Vava Electric Milk Frother B

It is an electric milk kettle that offers 3 operating modes, heating, cold frothing and performing both simultaneously, which allows you not only to heat milk, but also to make macchiatos, cappuccinos, lattes, among other drinks. Likewise, it comes with a set of two frothing whisks that give you greater practicality.

As for its capacity, it offers a maximum of 240 ml to heat and 115 ml to make foamy drinks with milk, as long as it has more than 3% fat. Also, the inner glass has indicator lines to know exactly the amounts to use.

On the other hand, it has a non-stick coating that prevents residues from sticking to the surface and favors easier cleaning. As if that were not enough, it has an angled spout that minimizes spills while serving the milk.

It is normal to wonder which milk boiler to buy when you see the wide variety of models available. For this reason, we recommend that you analyze in more detail some of the main features of this device before making a decision.


Indicators: It has two light indicators, one for the frothing function and the other for heating, which allows you to easily recognize the operating mode of the device.

Materials: It is made up of a stainless steel casing and includes a non-stick coating inside to facilitate cleaning.

Measurements: It has measurements marked on the glass to know exactly the amount of milk that needs to be added.


Capacity: It has a maximum capacity of 240 ml to heat milk and 115 ml to make foam, which may be a small amount, especially if you want to make drinks for 2 or more people.

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Buying Guide – What is the best milk kettle on the market?

Appliances have the main function of making it easier for users to carry out certain activities. In addition, with the advances that have been made in terms of technology, it is increasingly common to find smart equipment that has various functionalities to provide a better user experience. In this guide to buying the best milk kettle, we will highlight the features that you cannot fail to review when choosing any of the models available on the market.


In general, there are two types of milk boilers: those with traditional operation and those that work with electricity. The traditional models, although they are rarely found on the market, are those that are placed directly on the stove, they are shaped like a jug and the waiting time for the milk to boil is directly related to its boiling point. This type of kettle is usually cheaper.

In the case of electric milk boilers, they work with a power cable that makes the entire process electrical. One of its peculiarities is that it allows regulating the times in some models, depending on the amount of liquid that the product has inside.


Milk kettles have a much smaller capacity compared to water kettles. Generally, this does not exceed two cups, since its use is restricted to a few people.

Another piece of information that must be taken into consideration in this regard and that will possibly influence how much it costs is whether the kettle has the frothing function, because if it is affirmative, this will have an influence on the capacity, since the foam will occupy the space that could be used for more liquid.

Some kettles include a safety line to reflect the maximum capacity. You must be very careful with it, because even if it seems that the kettle has some more space to fill, it can be very dangerous.


In most cases, these are products that range around a power between 240 and 400 W, sometimes even lower. For this reason, they are hardly items that truly boil milk, because although this is its name, the basic function is to heat.

But, you do have to pay enough attention to the choice based on this point, since at a higher power, the kettle will have the possibility of heating the liquid faster, avoiding that you have to have a lot of time before wanting to have the preparation ready..

In addition, by making a correct comparison of milk boilers, it will be ensured that the product will respond correctly to the needs that exist in this matter.


Being equipment that works with high temperatures, safety plays a definitive role when making a decision. Within these, protection against overheating must be included to avoid possible burns.

Also, the best kettles have a sensor that prevents the internal temperature from reaching higher levels than could be considered adequate. On the other hand, it will be necessary to consider with greater enthusiasm those devices that are only capable of being activated when there is liquid inside, in this way it is avoided that they can be activated by mistake without any liquid inside.

Finally, the external parts of the kettle must be covered by some insulation that prevents any burn from occurring when the product is being used.

How to use a milk boiler

Milk is a liquid that, when it reaches the boiling point, produces too much foam and quickly spills on the stove, complicating kitchen cleaning tasks. To avoid this inconvenience, we find milk boilers on the market and here we explain a little about their use.

Place the device on a flat surface

To avoid spills and for the device to work properly, it is important that you place it on a flat surface, which can be your kitchen counter or a table.

Select the appropriate accessory

In the case of kettles that have paddles to foam or mix the liquid inside, then you must select the most appropriate accessory as the case may be and insert it in its place.

add the liquid

Keep in mind that these devices are designed for specific liquids such as milk, chocolate, broths or water. Before adding any other liquid, you need to make sure that it is among those that you can heat in your device. Now, be careful not to exceed the limit set for the capacity of the model.

Place the jar on its base

In case your model is removable, you must place the jug in the specified position so that the mechanism that will heat the jug coincides with it and can work properly. At this time you must connect the plug of your kettle to the electrical network and verify that it is receiving power.

Turn on the device

Depending on the model, it is possible that you will find one or several configurations for its operation. Choose the one necessary for the liquid you have introduced and let the kettle raise the temperature until it is ready. To prevent cream from being generated in the liquids when heating, it is best to keep the lid on, so the liquids that are on top will not dry out and this inconvenience is avoided.

clean the reservoir

It is of the utmost importance that you clean the kettle after each use, this will help keep it looking and working properly for longer. We recommend that you do not let the remains of liquids dry inside so that this task does not get complicated.

To proceed with the cleaning, you must disconnect the device to avoid any passage of current. Many of the models of kettles cannot be separated from their base, so cleaning tends to be complicated. If this is the case for your model, then you should carefully follow the instructions to clean it, taking care not to get the base wet.

Fortunately, because the liquids do not reach high temperatures, food crusts do not form and it may be enough to rinse the jar with water and rinse several times. However, for the bases it will be necessary to avoid the use of water and only use a dry cloth, unless the manufacturer allows another type of cleaning.

The most popular brands

If there is something annoying when it comes to heating milk, it is the one that can be rolled in the kitchen if we do not stop the fire in time. Something that at certain times of the morning, in which we have not yet been able to have our first coffee, can happen, with disastrous consequences in terms of cleanliness. As an alternative, which also allows us to save time in the process and not dirty pans, we find milk kettles, which, thanks to their design, keep the milk hot for as long as necessary. Something easy thanks to the products of the brands that we are going to know below, as benchmarks in this market segment.

The Spanish company Solac is one of the great classics in the small appliance sector in Spain. A company that has recently celebrated its first centenary, since it was founded in 1916.

The first product that the company launched was an industrial-type coffee maker, which was accompanied by irons, both for the industrial level and for the domestic sector. Later, the first domestic coffee maker would arrive, in 1935, the first electric iron, in 1949, and other products such as toasters and the like.  

Currently the firm is within the group of brands of the Taurus company, after the bankruptcy of Cegasa to which it had previously belonged.

Nowadays, the firm manufactures not only electrical appliances, but also products for the home and personal care, with a complete and quality offer. Focused on the case of milk kettles, its products retain the traditional design of the old milk jugs but with the modern touch of its non-stick system and its high-efficiency operation.

The Russell Hobbs group, in addition to being one of the best-known small electrical appliance firms in the English market, is becoming a worldwide benchmark thanks to its elegant design and a wide range of products that cover any need. Its more than 50 years of experience in the market have allowed the company to continue developing its product line, while maintaining its essence of practicality and design.

Currently the firm is part of the Spectrum Brands conglomerate, where it shares space with other top-level brands in different sectors. As for their milk boilers, these products maintain the typically “British” style, duly adapted to today’s times, so that you can heat milk quickly and easily with little inconvenience.

The German firm Arendo is another of the benchmarks in the milk boiler market. This brand is currently integrated into the brand portfolio of the Ganz Einfach company, along with other brands of household items and appliances for the home. This brand aims to offer consumers simple products, sometimes forgotten, with which to make their lives easier.

All this with a commitment to quality that allows you to save time in much of the housework, in addition to having products with a useful path, which will accompany you for a long time. In the specific case of Arendo, these products are mainly focused on the world of breakfast, so that you can have all the small appliances you need so that the beginning of your family’s day is simple and pleasant. From kettles or coffee makers to egg cookers, everything is on offer.

And obviously we also have the milk heaters, which have evolved at the design level so that today they have become an elegant piece, which, in addition to heating milk, dresses your table with a touch of class.

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What is the best milk kettle on the market?

Aunque este producto ya había caído en el olvido para mucha gente lo cierto es que los hervidores de leche siguen teniendo sus aficionados y defensores. La comodidad de tener una jarra siempre caliente a mano, de no andarse quemando con cazos o cacharros del microondas y la higiene propia de este producto son elementos que los siguen manteniendo vivos.

Si quieres sumarte a quienes los disfrutan te ofrecemos una comparativa de hervidores de leche con tres productos de calidad a buen precio. Y de regalo algunos consejos útiles por si quieres buscar y profundizar sobre cómo funcionan estos productos.

El hervidor de leche se utiliza principalmente para este líquido alimento, pero en muchos casos también puede usarse para agua, chocolate y otros productos. En cualquier caso lo primero que debemos ver es el tipo de antiadherente incluido. Todos sabemos lo que cuesta eliminar la leche pegada de un cazo o similar, por lo que si el antiadherente es malo el producto no va a ser útil. Por cierto, el hervidor de agua no sirve para leche, precisamente por carecer de antiadherente.

En relación con el antiadherente es necesario referirse a la limpieza. Esta limpieza será sencilla si el antiadherente interior del hervidor es de calidad y sobre todo si se hace en caliente sin dejar que el residuo se seque dentro del producto. Un mal antiadherente complica la limpieza y se acaba deteriorando a causa de la misma. En cuanto al exterior, si está fabricado con materiales de calidad bastaría con usar un simple trapo húmedo para dejarlo limpio.

Finalmente no conviene olvidar la seguridad. Aunque el hervidor de leche trabaja a una temperatura menor a la del hervidor de agua sigue siendo necesario disponer de medidas de seguridad ante el sobrecalentamiento, así como termostatos que corten el calor cuando este exceda lo recomendable.

Solac CH6301 Milk & Chocolate

Ventaja principal:

El producto incorpora un filtro anti-nata en la tapa, que evita que esta se acumule en la superficie una vez que la leche empieza a enfriarse.

Desventaja principal:

Algunos usuarios mencionan que el proceso de calentamiento de la leche puede ser algo lento, aunque esto tiene la ventaja de que la misma no pega a las paredes por un calentamiento demasiado rápido, facilitando la limpieza.

Veredicto: 9.8/10

Siguiendo la línea de los hervidores de leche de carácter dual, el modelo Solac CH6301 Milk & Chocolate te permite tanto poder tener leche caliente cuando la necesites, como poder disfrutar de un agradable chocolate caliente, de forma sencilla y sin tener que preocuparte por la limpieza.

Caracteristícas Principales Explicadas

Resistencia de calentamiento

A fin de ofrecer un calentamiento estable en toda la zona de la vasija, este modelo cuenta con una resistencia empotrada, que no va en contacto directo con el líquido. Esto tiene la ventaja de no calentar excesivamente unas zonas y poco en otras, además de evitar que la citada resistencia se dañe con el paso del tiempo.

Esta resistencia tiene una potencia de 400 vatios, cuya activación simplemente precisa de pulsar el interruptor frontal del equipo para su encendido. Y una vez que el producto interior alcanza la temperatura correcta, en torno a los 80 grados, la resistencia se apaga, encendiéndose posteriormente solo cuando sea necesario para evitar un enfriamiento excesivo.

Materiales de fabricación

Ofrecer una buena calidad en los productos alimentarios es clave. Y es algo que se ha tenido en cuenta a la hora de fabricar el modelo Solac CH6301 Milk & Chocolate. Por eso este producto ya empieza con un planteamiento de resistencia empotrada, que alarga su vida útil y facilita la limpieza.

Lo mismo pasa con la cubeta interior para la leche, que está fabricada en aluminio anodizado y cuenta con un revestimiento antiadherente de alta calidad, lo que evita tener que usar elementos agresivos en su limpieza y prolonga su vida útil.

En cuanto al exterior del producto, este se presenta con una superficie de alta calidad, que lucirá siempre perfecta en tu cocina y que es resistente a los posibles golpes que pueda llevarse el producto durante el uso.

Limpieza del producto

Tal como hemos mencionado antes, el material antiadherente del interior del producto no solo ayuda a que la leche no se queme ni se estropee en el interior, sino que también facilita el proceso de limpieza.

De hecho, si la leche está fresca, el proceso es tan fácil como pasarle un trapo húmedo al interior del aparato para que este se quede perfecta. Debido además al proceso de calentamiento gradual que ofrece el hervidor, la leche no llega a tener un calentamiento demasiado rápido, que es el que suele provocar que la misma se pegue.

Por lo tanto no necesitas más que enjuagar con agua el interior y pasarle un paño húmedo a la parte exterior para tener el producto listo para el siguiente uso.

Fagor Cl1000 Hervidor Calientaleche 1L

El hervidor de leche Fagor CL-1000 destaca tanto por su diseño compacto como por su elegante exterior esmaltado, que garantiza una fácil limpieza al tiempo que da una imagen brillante al producto.

Tiene capacidad para un litro de leche, agua o del producto que queramos calentar. Para obtener el calentamiento adecuado dispone de una resistencia de 400 vatios y un sistema de cierre térmico que se activa una vez alcanzada la temperatura óptima a fin de evitar sobrecalentamientos.

El interior del hervidor es antiadherente lo que garantiza que el producto pueda limpiarse fácilmente además de garantizar la calidad del producto final.

La tapa viene equipada con una bisagra que facilita el llenado y un sistema de filtro en el pico vertedor con el que mantener alejada la nata de la leche, evitando que se vierta al servir.

Quizás Fagor se convierta en la mejor marca de hervidores de leche, ya que sus equipos son confiables, resistentes y con buen desempeño:


Capacidad: otra buena opción entre hervidores de leche es el de Fagor. Este equipo tiene una capacidad para calentar hasta 1 litro de leche por vez, suficiente para que puedas compartir con tu familia en las tardes.

Cierre: como medida de seguridad, el hervidor de leche CL – 1000 posee un cierre hermético automático que se activará cuando el contenido llegue a la temperatura máxima de manera que se eviten derrames y accidentes.

Funciones: según lo indicado por un comprador, la temperatura máxima alcanzada por este hervidor es de 80°C, lo que lo hace apto para calentar leche, bebidas con chocolate, sopas, infusiones para té e incluso biberones.

Antiadherente: en cuanto a su limpieza, el interior de este modelo tiene un tratamiento antiadherente que evitará que puedan quedar restos de leche pegados para facilitar su limpieza y mantenimiento general.



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