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Mini Oven – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis


If your kitchen does not have a conventional oven or you do not feel like using it too much, you can opt for the mini models, since they take up little space and are more convenient to use for certain dishes. In this space you will get to know some good mini ovens, among them the Ariete 979, an 18-litre capacity unit that works with a power of 1,380W and has a vintage design that will attract attention in your kitchen. Another good option could be the TM Electron TMPHO001WH, a smaller mini oven with a 10 liter capacity and a power of 800W for less demanding requirements.

The 9 Best Mini Ovens – Opinions 2022


Mini ovens are quite useful appliances to prepare dishes quickly. In addition, they usually have compact sizes that allow them to be accommodated without taking up much space or also to store them. If you are interested in acquiring one of these for your kitchen, we invite you to consider the following models available on the market:

mini electric oven


1. Ram Oven 979 18 Liters

979 is the model of a mini electric oven from the Ariete brand that, in addition to presenting a vintage and classic design, is also practical and comfortable to use at home.

This mini oven has a size of 47.5 x 40 x 24.5 centimeters and weighs 6.5 kilograms. It has support feet to raise it from the counter and its casing is made of plastic.

Aesthetically, the equipment has a vintage style that you can buy in a combination of blue, beige or green with white colors as you prefer. It also has a door with a handle and a tempered glass window to avoid problems with internal heat.

As for its capacity, it can hold up to 18 liters and has a power of 1,380W, which you can regulate with its rotary buttons according to the desired time, temperature or the function to be performed.

Since this equipment could be the best mini oven of the moment, now you will know better its pros and cons:


Design: The most remarkable thing about this model is its design, since it is striking, different and very stylish.

Power: It offers a power of 1,380W with which you can quickly roast or toast your food.

Settings: It has mechanisms to adjust temperature, cooking time and ignition zone.

Capacity: The 18 liter capacity of this mini oven will allow you to prepare food for yourself and a guest.



Light: It does not have an internal light, so to check the status of the food, you must open the door.

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2. Severin To 2060 Toaster Oven

Another option that might interest you is the one offered by Severin with its TO 2060 toaster oven, a mini oven with a modern and attractive design that is also intuitive to use.

It has a size of 44 x 39.5 x 29.2 centimeters so you can fit it in any corner of your countertop. In addition, its weight is 6.15 kilograms, which will help you move it or store it if you will not use it daily.

On the other hand, the Severin mini electric oven has a power that reaches 1,500W, offering a temperature that ranges from 100 °C to 230 °C adjustable thanks to the rotary buttons. These, in turn, will allow you to choose the mode of ignition of the resistances depending on the type of food.

As for the accessories, this model has a baking tray and a grill rack, which will be very useful to take advantage of the mini oven.

Severin could one day become the best brand of mini ovens, so we invite you to evaluate this option:


Design: This mini oven has a modern design and good manufacturing materials, such as stainless steel and plastic.

Capacity: It has a capacity of 20 liters, more than enough if you want to toast bread for breakfast.

Door: Its door is hinged and has both a handle and a window, allowing you to see the interior of the mini oven.

Feet: It has 4 feet on its base covered with non-slip rubber for greater stability.



Spare parts: Spare parts and accessories for this model are difficult to find in the market.

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mini toaster oven


3. TM Electron TMPHO001WH Mini Toaster Oven

If you are looking for a good model of mini toaster oven, we advise you to take a look at this product from the TM Electron brand, which, in addition to being among the cheapest, also offers practical functions.

The TMPHO001WH mini oven stands out for being compact. Its dimensions are 36 x 27 x 20 centimeters with a weight of 3.9 kilograms, taking up less space on your counter than other models mentioned. Aesthetically it is simple and can be purchased in two different colors depending on availability: white or black.

As for its performance, the mini oven has a capacity of 10 liters and a power of 800W, so it is recommended for personal use or for couples. It offers 3 cooking modes and has quartz resistances, which offer a long useful life so you can enjoy the equipment for a long time.

If you still don’t know which mini oven to buy, you can consider the advantages of this TM Electron option:


Compact: This model has compact dimensions that will allow you to easily accommodate it in your kitchen.

Temperature: It can reach a maximum temperature of 230 °C, enough to prepare all kinds of recipes.

Timer: It has a 60-minute timer and audible alarm that you can adjust according to your needs.

Accessories: The purchase includes a tray in which you can bake and a chrome rack.


Heating elements: Be careful not to place the tray too close to the heating elements, as they can burn the food.

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4. Taurus Horizon 9 Electric Oven 800W Steel

From the Taurus brand we present you a piece of equipment that could be the best mini oven for some netizens, thanks to the fact that it has a robust construction made of steel, which makes it quite resistant to wear.

The Taurus mini toaster oven specifically employs 18/10 steel in the casing of its 9-liter capacity frame, which is 40.8 x 28.8 x 24 centimeters in size and weighs 3.05 kilograms.

Evaluating its functions, you will find that you can choose between 3 cooking modes: traditional, inferior or gratin, as well as which areas of the mini oven to turn on to apply heat from a certain direction towards the food.

Its power, on the other hand, is 800W for a temperature of up to 230 °C, making it a comfortable and practical tool to use in the kitchen as it gives you the possibility of preparing a wide variety of dishes.

If you want to know more details about this mini oven, then you will see its advantages and disadvantages:


Materials: The Taurus mini oven is made of stainless steel, offering robustness for daily use.

Lightweight: It weighs just over 3 kilograms, so you can move it easily.

Cooking: The oven system allows you to choose between 3 cooking modes for your food.

Efficiency: Its energy administration gives it the A++ category so as not to cause excessive expenses.



Hot: The exterior walls of the mini oven can get very hot during use, so be careful.

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Orbegozo mini oven


5. Orbegozo HO 800 A Mini Oven 800 W

Orbegozo, being a brand appreciated by buyers, offers in its catalog a striking option in mini ovens that you may be interested in.

The HO 800 A model equipment works with a power of 800W which heats a couple of quartz bars that will be in charge of cooking your food. In addition, you can choose the firing of the pair of bars based on their position in relation to the tray.

On the other hand, this Orbegozo mini oven has an ergonomic and simple design. It has a capacity of 8 liters to be used domestically without problems and its size is 43 x 24.6 x 24.6 centimeters, weighing just 2 kilograms.

In addition, some users consider it the best value for money mini oven thanks to the fact that the purchase includes a baking tray next to the telescopic extraction grids, where you can place any other oven-compatible container.

Orbegozo offers you one of the cheapest options in mini ovens with this model so you can buy it without spending too much:


Design: This mini oven is ergonomic in size and light in weight for easy handling and storage.

Timer: It has a 15-minute timer to control the cooking level of the food.

Crumbs: It has a crumb tray that will save you work when cleaning it.

Resistors: The resistors of this model are made of quartz, so they will have a long useful life.


Settings: It is not possible to reset the timer manually, but must wait for it to finish on its own.

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Moulinex mini oven


6. Moulinex Optimo OX4448 Electric Oven 19L

In case you are interested in purchasing a Moulinex mini oven due to the recognition of its brand and the variety of its products in the category of household appliances, the Optimo OX4448 model could attract your attention.

It is a 19-litre capacity mini oven with a power of 1,380W with which you can make enough food for yourself and 2 more people. You can adjust the cooking temperature from 100°C to 240°C, as well as the heat direction and timer.

As for its design, it is black with a matte finish and has a hinged door with a tempered glass window with a handle so that you can open the mini oven safely and without risk of burns. It has a size of 46 x 32 x 28 centimeters and its weight is approximately 5 kilograms so that you can easily accommodate it on your counter or table.

Moulinex offers practical and comfortable equipment to use, which offers more benefits than you can imagine:


Settings: In this mini oven you can adjust the time, cooking mode and maximum temperature.

Casing: Its casing is robust, resistant and easy to clean so you can keep it looking like new.

Modes: You have 3 cooking modes to choose from: convection with grill, traditional cooking and defrosting.

Tray: The equipment comes with its respective tray to bake whatever you want.



Touch: It is hot to the touch when it is turned on, so you must be careful when placing it.

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De’Longhi mini oven


7. De’Longhi EO14552.W Electric Oven

Another model that could be among the best mini ovens of 2022 is that of the De’Longhi brand. Your EO14552.W model equipment is attractive for domestic use thanks to its 14 liter capacity and ergonomic design. It has dimensions of 32 x 53 x 44 centimeters and weighs just 2.5 kilograms, being the standard size of a regular microwave.

On the other hand, the De’Longhi mini oven stands out for being made of stainless steel, which minimizes wear and tear and facilitates equipment maintenance. In addition, its modern design in white with black and red rotary knobs makes it an eye-catcher.

Another important and beneficial detail for those who want to use it daily is that the equipment has a power of 1,000W, but a class A energy efficiency category, so you don’t have to worry about excessive electrical consumption of the mini oven.

In case the De’Longhi mini oven has caught your attention, we invite you to also take into account these pros and cons:


Design: The aesthetic design of the mini oven is attractive, with good finishes and intuitive to facilitate its use.

Power: Its 1,000W power will allow you to cook or toast food at its point.

Materials: The stainless steel casing contributes a lot to the useful life of the oven, as well as to its maintenance.

Handling: It is easily handled thanks to its rotary buttons fully identified with the temperature, time and cooking mode.



Time: Compared to other models, this mini oven cooks less quickly.

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mini pizza oven


8. Springlane Kitchen Peppo Pizza Oven

With this mini pizza oven from the Springlane Kitchen brand, it will be much easier for you to cook the dough and other ingredients to enjoy a delicious meal.

The Peppo model has a particular design designed to make pizzas. Its size is 41 x 21.5 x 37.3 centimeters, but, unlike other mini ovens, this one is round. Its weight is approximately 4.5 kilograms and it is a striking red color, easily standing out among other appliances that you have in your kitchen.

Regarding its power, the Springlane Kitchen equipment has a dedicated 1,200W, which allows it to reach temperatures of up to 350 °C, offering fast performance when cooking all kinds of meals. Therefore, if you still have doubts about which is the best mini pizza oven, the Peppo model could be a good answer.

If you want to know more about this practical pizza oven, then you will find more details about it:


Design: Its design is practical, comfortable to use and with a relatively compact size.

Utility: The Peppo mini oven is specially designed for pizzas, but it can also be used for different dishes.

Temperature: It can reach a high temperature in a few minutes to cook all kinds of food.

Time: Raw or frozen pizzas can be ready in just 6 to 8 minutes.



Coating: We advise you to be careful with the base stone to avoid scratching it when removing the pizza.

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Comelec mini oven


9. Comelec Oven HO6010ICRL 2,000W 60L

In case you are interested in acquiring a large capacity mini oven, the Comelec brand equipment could easily attract your attention.

The HO6010ICRL model offers a capacity of 60 liters so you can place a whole chicken to cook if you need it. It has a size of 63 x 63 x 43.5 centimeters, with a weight of 14.7 kilograms and is made of stainless steel with a matte finish. This makes it attractive, sturdy, and quite durable compared to others.

In addition to this, with the Comelec mini oven you can prepare all kinds of meals, mainly at its power, which reaches 2,000W and which you can adjust according to your needs. Specifically, the equipment will let you choose the temperature, the cooking mode, the activation of the resistances and the time. This will make it much easier for you to control the entire process for a better result.

Comelec has for you a practical, elegant mini oven with multiple possibilities of use in the kitchen:


Design: This mini electric oven has a modern structure, resistant and easy to combine in any modern kitchen.

Materials: Its stainless steel construction makes it attractive and easy to clean for your care.

Power: It is one of the most powerful models on this list thanks to its 2,000W.

Capacity: It is in the highest position in terms of capacity, offering 60 liters in total.



Ergonomics: By offering greater capacity and power, the mini oven is also much larger and heavier.

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Shopping guide


With a guide to buying the best mini oven it could be much easier for you to choose which model deserves your investment, therefore, below, you will know what characteristics we have identified as the most important when choosing which one to buy:

oven design

How much does a mini oven cost may be the first question that comes to the mind of any user interested in acquiring one, since they try to find a good and economical model. Similarly, one of the aspects that can most affect its price is the design, so you must evaluate it in depth to take advantage of your money.

However, it should be noted that most mini oven models have dimensions similar to those of a domestic microwave, so they are more compact than a conventional oven and do not need to be built-in.

Although, in order to acquire the most suitable one, in addition to its dimensions, you must evaluate its capacity. This is usually expressed in liters and will give you an idea of ​​the size of the container or the amount of food you can prepare at once.

On the other hand, you cannot neglect the aesthetic section. We advise you to choose a mini oven that matches your other appliances in order to maintain harmony. Fortunately, as with its size, the design-based options are also very wide and you will have many to choose from.

Manufacturing materials

Another of the characteristics that usually appear in a comparison of mini ovens is their manufacturing in general, including materials and finishes as relevant aspects responsible for determining the resistance and durability of the equipment. Therefore, it would not hurt if they were also considered when choosing which mini oven to buy.

In this sense, since it is a piece of equipment designed to work with heat, its manufacturing materials must be resistant to it, which must also be considered based on its maintenance, since it is possible that some foods spill liquids and these must be cleaned.

equipment power

Since we are talking about mini ovens, you should know that, for the most part, this type of equipment is electric and uses resistance to produce heat. In this sense, we advise you to evaluate the power of the model you are interested in buying in order to choose one powerful enough to meet your requirements.

Considering the utility that is usually given to a mini oven within a domestic environment, it could be said that models that exceed at least 800W of power are sufficient to satisfy the usual requirements. With this level, you will be able to make pizzas, breads, toasts and much more from the comfort of your mini oven.

At the same time, we recommend that you take into account the adjustment and thermostat mechanisms that the model of your interest may incorporate, since these tools will help you better control the operation of the equipment.

Practical functions

Some models of mini ovens may be equipped with automated systems or any other particular function that helps to facilitate the handling of the appliance. For this reason, they are also important when reviewing the options available on the market.

In the case of mini ovens, you can find options that have timer systems to leave the equipment running and turn off automatically when the counter ends. Others may also offer light or sound indicators, which will prevent your food from burning by letting you know in time that it is ready.

Also, if you want equipment with greater customization capacity when cooking, you can buy a mini oven that has a resistance activation system, through which you can activate certain heat zones, while others remain off.

Accessories and maintenance

Last but not least, we recommend that you consider if the mini oven you are interested in buying comes with integrated accessories and what they are, as these could facilitate some cooking processes. On the other hand, it would also be good to take into account the maintenance of the equipment and what tools you can use with it to avoid inconveniences at home.

As for the included accessories, in this category we advise you to choose mini ovens that include grids. These elements will allow you to easily accommodate a plate or a baking tray inside the equipment and thus cook with greater comfort. Likewise, those that have an internal light or a glass door will be more comfortable to handle when controlling the cooking process.

On the other hand, when evaluating maintenance, we advise you to take into account whether the mini oven comes with a crumb catcher, since one of the most common uses of this equipment is to toast bread.

Frequently asked questions


Q1: How to use a mini oven?

Using a mini oven is relatively simple if it offers an intuitive control panel, since its operation does not require more settings than simply switching on and adjusting the temperature.

In most recipes, the mini oven needs to be at a certain temperature before putting the ingredients to cook, so you must turn on your oven by pressing the corresponding button and then choose the recommended temperature using the selector or the rotary button depending on the temperature. your model.

Open the door of the mini oven to introduce the plate or tray that will contain the food and proceed to close it carefully. If possible, activate the timer so that you can better control the cooking process.

At the end, remember to clean your mini oven of any remaining food that may have remained. Of course, do not forget to wait a reasonable time for it to cool completely before starting to clean it.


Q2: What can be cooked in a mini electric oven?

Since a mini electric oven can offer practically the same cooking capacity in terms of temperature as a normal kitchen oven, this variety of recipes is based more on the size of the equipment.

In addition, taking into account the capacity that these types of appliances usually have, it could be said that the most practical and common recipes to prepare in it are, for example, those of brownies, bread, cookies, cakes, baked vegetables, among many others. plus.

As you can see, thanks to the functions and power of some models of mini ovens, the variety of recipes that can be prepared in it will only be affected by how big it is and how much capacity it has in liters.


Q3: How to make bread in a mini oven?

To make homemade bread you will need 1 ½ cup of water, 700 grams of flour, 20 grams of dry yeast, 2 teaspoons of salt and a little sugar, although the exact amount will depend on how much bread you want to make in your mini oven, as well as the size of the mold you are going to use.

Prepare a table by cleaning it and spreading a little flour on its surface before placing the flour on top along with the yeast and other ingredients to mix directly with your hands. Then, create a pile with a hole in the middle to add the water little by little and knead until you get a homogeneous mixture that does not stick to your hands.

Let it rest in a sealed bowl for an hour and turn on your electric oven to about 250 °C. While it reaches the temperature, knead a little and place the mixture inside the mold. Then, open the oven door and put the mold inside. Close it and wait approximately 30 minutes before turning off the equipment and taking out your freshly made bread at home.


Q4: How to clean a mini oven?

A very practical method to clean a mini oven is to use baking soda paste.

To do this, first unplug the appliance from the power supply and mix several tablespoons of baking soda with water in a bowl until you create a paste thick enough to spread around the interior of the mini oven.

Let it sit for 15 minutes and proceed to remove it with a dry cloth to remove the stuck dirt and leave your mini oven as new.

Q5: Where should I put the mini oven?

One of the advantages offered by a mini oven compared to a conventional model is precisely the freedom of location. Taking into account the standard design of this type of equipment, you can easily accommodate any on your countertop and there will be no problem if you want to place another appliance nearby, such as the microwave. Of course, you must take care that it maintains a space large enough so that the air can circulate freely.


Q6: How many guests can you cook in a mini oven?

Mini ovens have precisely that as a particularity: their compact size. Due to this, most of the models that can be classified as minis are those that do not exceed 20 liters of capacity and in them food can be prepared for a maximum of 2 or 3 people at the same time.


Q7: What operating modes does a mini oven have?

Depending on the model of mini oven you have purchased, you may find yourself with a multifunctional device capable of controlling both temperature and cooking time to offer functions capable of, in addition to baking, roasting, cooking, heating and defrosting food.

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