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Cake mold – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis

If you are a pastry lover, one of the essential tools you should have in your kitchen is a cake pan. In the market you can get various models in different shapes, sizes and materials. Thus, one that stands out for its functionality is the Lékué 2412323R01M017, as it is made of silicone that facilitates unmolding the preparations and has a safe anti-spill closure system. Now, if you like stainless steel molds more, the Zenker 7705 could be a good option, as it includes a rolling ring, knife and shovel to remove the cakes without damaging them.

The 9 Best Cake Pans – Opinions 2022

When choosing a cake pan, it is important to assess whether the materials are of good quality, whether it has a non-stick finish, as well as how easy it is to unmold easily and cleanly. Reasons why we have prepared a selection of 9 products that, perhaps, can be adjusted not only to these aspects, but also to your tastes and needs.

silicone cake mold


1. Lékué Duo Round Silicone Cake Mold

The model offered by the Lékué brand could be considered one of the best cake pans of 2022, since it has a belt made of platinum silicone, which makes it flexible, manageable and at the same time resistant. In addition, it has non-stick properties, a secure non-spill closure that can be easily opened and closed, and a rigid ceramic base, capable of withstanding cuts without scratching, which allows you to serve or present your desserts directly on the table.

As for its appearance, this silicone cake mold has a round design, created so that it can be quickly unmolded without any problem, it is even easy to use even in the preparation of more delicate cakes, such as yogurt, cheese or mousse. We do not want to forget to mention that it has a diameter of 230 mm, a capacity for 2.5 liters of mixture and is suitable for the microwave, oven, freezer and dishwasher.

If you are looking for a practical and functional mold, this product could be the one. Learn more about its features below.


Anti-scratch base: The base is made of anti-scratch ceramic, allowing cuts to be made on it without damaging it with the knife.

Spill-proof closure: The closure allows the cakes to be easily unmoulded, preventing them from being damaged and without any effort.

Handles: The Lékué mold has two handles to be able to grab and manipulate it more easily.



Temperature change: At high temperatures the silicone can expand a little, so it is advisable to let the mold cool before removing it from the oven.

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Cake laminating mold


2. Zenker 7705 Stainless Steel Laminar Cake Pan Set

Laminating cakes is a delicate process, which if not carried out with the proper technique can spoil the preparation. For these reasons, the Zenker cake laminating mold is specially designed to cut cakes into up to 8 sheets and fill them to our liking, due to the grooves around the adjustable ring that allow cutting evenly and without any problem.

Among other qualities, this set includes a knife and a shovel that can be useful for those looking for a practical and functional mold. With the knife you will be able to cut the cake easily; and with the shovel you will be able to take each one of the sheets of the cake, preventing them from splitting. Also, you may be interested to know that this mold is made of stainless steel, which guarantees quality, resistance, durability and functionality.

According to all the features mentioned above, this model could be considered the best cake pan of the moment.



Adjustable: The diameter of the ring of the mold can be adjusted without any difficulty from 26 to 28 centimeters.

Shovel: The shovel has non-stick grooves, and with it you can take anything out of the oven, such as cakes, pizzas, biscuits, and other preparations.

Application: The ring grooves work as a guide to cut a sponge cake or a cake in up to 8 sheets.



Laminar: The mold is designed to laminate a cake in several layers, not for baking, as the mixture can come out through the slots.

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Removable cake pan


3. Quid Sweet Gray Circle Springform Pan

If you are looking for a removable cake pan, you should take into account some factors, such as its size, shape and the materials with which it is made. In this sense, the model we are analyzing, in addition to being one of the cheapest, is made of painted carbonated steel, which withstands high temperatures in the oven, and in turn, can be put in the freezer and refrigerator. Its coating has non-stick properties that facilitate easy unmolding, and prevent the cakes from sticking to its surface.

Now, another point where you should pay close attention is the removable belt, as it has a stainless steel clasp that opens and closes safely, without spilling the content. Finally, we can highlight the diameter of the mold, which is 22 cm, which may be suitable for medium-sized cakes. But, you can get it in other sizes, if you require it.

This model is a good option to consider among your purchase alternatives, for this reason we recommend reviewing the pros and cons offered by the product.


Non-stick: The coating is non-stick, so you do not need to add substances so that the cake does not stick.

Versatile: Withstands high temperatures in the oven, but it is also suitable for the refrigerator and freezer, making it versatile.

Detachable: The ring has a closure to open it and detach it from the base, to achieve a comfortable and safe demolding.



Liquid mixtures: We recommend not using it with very liquid mixtures such as jellies, as they could leak out from underneath.

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Other products


4. Pyrex Classic Borosilicate Glass Cake Pan

Since it offers good resistance when in contact with high temperatures of up to 300°C inside the oven, the Pyrex cake pan is suitable for use in both the freezer and the microwave. It is made of tempered borosilicate glass, this material gives the product the ability to withstand thermal shocks and scratches, so you can create hot or cold recipes and serve them directly from the container.

If we focus on its appearance, we can see that the mold is round and has a diameter of 25 cm, it is transparent, and the outer and inner walls are smooth to prevent the mixture from sticking.

In addition, another advantage of this model is its easy cleaning, as it can be washed in the dishwasher and complies with all the norms and standards of the European Union 1193(EN) of hygiene and quality.

Being the cheapest products, we have prepared certain pros and cons that can help you when choosing.



Resistance: It can withstand high temperatures of up to 300°C in the oven, and low temperatures of -40°C inside the freezer, for versatile use. 

Anti-scratch: The material with which it is made makes it resistant to scratches, being practical to serve desserts in it.

Cleaning: It is easy to clean, since it is dishwasher safe, and any food residue comes off without any problem.


Adherent: This mold is not non-stick, therefore you must grease it before pouring any mixture that can stick.

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5. Decora 0062612 Circular Anodized Aluminum Professional Mold

The Decora brand has created a model that could enter the category of the best price-quality cake pan, due to its affordable cost, and that is made of anodized aluminum, free of welding points. This material allows the heat inside the mold to be distributed evenly, guaranteeing even cooking on the sides and bottom. The mold is available in different sizes, the most demanded being 20 cm in diameter and 10 cm in height.

Regarding its design, both the shape and the silver color of this model evoke the typical basic and classic cake pan that we can find in any kitchen. Now, if you are wondering about the safety and durability of this product, you should know that the anodizing process to which the aluminum is subjected gives it resistance and a longer useful life.

When you want to buy a cake mold, we advise you to read each of the pros and cons that the article can offer.



Anodized: The aluminum used in the production is sealed so that the surfaces are more resistant.

Straight Edge: Having a straight edge on the pan ensures that any mixture bakes evenly.

Material : This material heats up quickly and allows heat to spread to all sides of the mould.



Aluminum: It should not be scraped or scratched with another metal utensil, as it can release particles that can be harmful to health in the long term.

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6. Bekith Square Cake Pan 4 Units

If you want a set of carbon steel molds, with non-stick coating, this product has to offer 4 units of 20 x 20 cm, with which you can create multiple preparations without using much oil, butter or margarine; quality that you should consider when looking for the best cake pan. With it you can make all kinds of sweet and savory recipes, such as cakes, pizza, cookies, bread, etc.

On the other hand, one of the advantages worth mentioning is the thick and rounded edges of the molds, as they prevent their deformation at high temperatures.

Each mold has a depth of 5 cm and the base is designed to spread the heat evenly, reducing the cooking time and baking the dough evenly. Finally, we can add that this set is easy to clean in the dishwasher, thanks to the fact that the food easily detaches from its surface.

With this set you can prepare several recipes simultaneously. Read in detail the following pros and cons that it offers you.


Edges: Each mold has rounded and thick edges, which prevent the mold from losing its shape, thus prolonging its useful life.

Certified: These molds meet all Food and Drug Administration safety and hygiene standards.

Coating: The non-stick coating is made of food-grade silicone, without releasing substances that may be harmful to health.



Maintenance: The manufacturer recommends avoiding the use of metal utensils during preparation or cleaning, in order to avoid scratches.

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7. AllLeeGay Square Round and Heart Shape Cake Pans

When it comes to looking for different shaped pans, this set of 3 pans provides a good variety for creating round, square and heart cakes. Regarding the size, the square mold measures 26 cm, the round mold has a diameter of 24 cm and the heart mold is 22 cm, and the height of each of them is 7 cm. With this set you can make cakes for different occasions such as Valentine’s Day, or for events and celebrations that require a large multi-tiered cake.

To talk a little more about this set, we will say that the 3 molds are made of carbon steel, free of BPA (bisphenol A) and are suitable for use in the oven at high temperatures. In turn, the containers have an airtight seal, which allows the cake to be unmolded easily, without complications, and their removable bases allow you to prepare other recipes in them.

If you are wondering which cake pan to buy, we bring you the following pros and cons of the model.


Versatility: This set offers 3 different shapes of molds, in 3 different sizes, ideal for creating original cakes and any other recipe.

Unmold: Both the ring of the mold and the base can be disassembled, in order to unmold the cakes easily.

Latch: The closing system located on the sides of the molds can be opened and closed quickly, without much effort.


Cleaning: To avoid damaging the non-stick surface of the product, we recommend hand-washing each mold using soft sponges and neutral detergents.

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8. Aitsite 6 pcs Cake Pans

A more varied option could not be missing from this list when choosing cake molds and Aitsite was not far behind. On this occasion, it offers a complete set of 6 pieces, consisting of 4 removable molds with hermetic seals of different sizes, suitable for making tiered and individual cakes, a spatula, and a palette to decorate and add textures to the icing.

Speaking a little more about the molds, we will say that 3 of them have a circular shape, measuring 26 cm for the large model, 23 cm for the medium one and 18 cm for the small one; while the last one is a heart and has a size of 10 cm. Now, it should be noted that they are all made of carbon steel and have a non-stick surface. In addition, they are safe to use at high temperatures of about 230°C, and the manufacturer recommends washing them by hand to protect their coating.  

Leaning towards the best brand of cake pans is not only looking for quality but also functionality.


Set: This 6-piece set provides all the tools needed to create beautiful tiered or layered cakes. Or, bake several individual tarts.

Removable: Each mold has a closure that works with a practical spring mechanism, which allows the ring to be removed from the base.

Quality: They are made with premium materials, which provide resistance and durability.


Sealing: For very liquid mixtures, a baking paper should be placed, to prevent them from spilling through the base and the latch area.

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9. Grizzly Removable Rectangular Mold Reinforced Liner 

When looking for the best cake pan on the market, you may be overwhelmed by all the options available; however, one model worth evaluating is the Grizzly Rectangular Springform Pan.

In the specific case of this product, you no longer have to fear when unmolding cakes or other desserts, as the surfaces of this mold are covered with high-quality Swiss Ilag Ultimate ceramic, which prevents food from sticking. On the other hand, the outer layer is made of robust and reinforced carbonated steel, capable of withstanding temperatures of 250°C.

The design of this mold is specially thought to facilitate the process of baking cakes, since the high edges and its depth of 6 cm prevent the mixture from spilling; meanwhile, the outer closure allows the cakes to be separated from the walls just by opening it.

A cake mold is a utensil that cannot be missing in the kitchen. Find out more about the product soon.


Base: The removable base of the mold works perfectly as a plate to serve the preparations directly to the table.

Color: We can find it available in black or red, with the interior in a cream tone, which integrates with any set of containers and tableware in the home.

Size: The rectangular mold measures 24cm wide, 14cm long and 6cm high, a suitable size for baking a large cake.


Coating: The ceramic coating can be easily scratched, so the use of metal utensils or knives on it should be avoided.

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Shopping guide


If you are a beginner in the world of confectionery, you should know that to prepare any type of cake it is necessary to make good quality moulds; therefore it is essential that you know the characteristics that this utensil can have. To make your choice faster and easier, we have prepared the following guide to buy the best cake pan.


Mostly the quality of a cake pan depends on the materials it is made from and how much it costs. However, we can also find an economic model that guarantees resistance, durability and efficiency. To make a good choice, it is advisable to carefully analyze each of these materials and consider the use that you will give the mold.

Being a good alternative when it comes to safeguarding your health, food-grade silicone molds have become popular today, since thanks to their flexible qualities they are easy to unmold, and they work for recipes baked at high temperatures, but also for preparations cold that require the freezer or refrigerator.

On the other hand, there are also non-stick stainless steel cake pans. These are of good quality and are handy to unmold and clean. In the specific case of anodized aluminum molds, we must mention that these do not rust and withstand scratches. While those made of porcelain, vitrified stoneware or tempered glass, aesthetically they are designed to be used directly on the table after baking, due to their classic, simple and elegant styles. Lastly, carbon steel pans distribute heat evenly and heat up quickly.

shape and size

Another important aspect that you should consider when buying a mold is the shape. This decision is based on your needs and tastes. Therefore, when making a comparison of cake pans on the market, we can find a wide variety of designs. The most common and practical to make any type of dessert are the basic models, which are generally round, square or rectangular. On the other hand, if you want your creations to have special shapes, there are also hearts, stars, reliefs, animated children’s characters, Christmas or everyday objects, etc. The variety of models in this aspect is great.

In terms of size, we also get molds of various dimensions, from small containers for baking individual cakes, to large molds to make cakes suitable for events or family gatherings. 

To choose a mold, it is advisable to take into account the number of portions that we want to bake, the diameter, height and length of the cake; however, the most demanded by consumers are those that measure between 18 and 24 cm. That said, a mold with a diameter of 20cm has a capacity to bake approximately 18 servings. 

Design and unmold

Another feature that you should consider before buying a cake pan is its design. And it is that a well elaborated mold can facilitate the tasks of unmolding and cleaning it. For this reason, the finishes are a fundamental part to consider, as well as the pieces that these products bring. For example, if you want a mold that is simple and quick to unmold, there are models with side closures and removable bases, which facilitate the task without any inconvenience, preventing the cake from spoiling.

On the other hand, as we well know, silicone, glass and ceramic molds are made up of a single piece; however, the advantages they offer when unmolding a cake may surprise you, because as they have non-stick properties, and are flexible in the case of silicone, you will not have any difficulty getting a perfect unmold.

Maintenance and cleaning

Finally let’s talk about the maintenance and cleaning of cake pans. Currently, many pastry chefs use parchment paper inside the mold so that the dough does not stick to the surfaces, although this does not mean that after baking a cake the container should not be cleaned. On the contrary, it is important to wash it correctly and give it the maintenance it requires, without damaging it.

Before cleaning the mold, it is essential to follow the instructions that the manufacturer of the brand recommends. Pans with nonstick surfaces are generally easy to clean, but fibers that can scratch or cause damage should not be used. Other characteristics that you should check is if the mold you chose is dishwasher safe or if cleaning must be done by hand.

Frequently asked questions


Q1: How to improvise a cake pan?

To make a mold you will need a container of the size and shape you want and have, scissors and aluminum foil. The steps to follow are the following: first choose the container that you will use as a base to make the mold, it is placed upside down, and on top of it you will place 4 or 5 large layers of aluminum foil. Then, you are going to press and mold the aluminum foil with your fingers to give it the shape of the mold. Once you have the shape well done, you should set the container aside and turn the aluminum foil. Finally, cut the excess part of the paper with scissors, leaving 1 cm of margin to make the edge, you will do this by folding in that remaining part.

Q2: How to make a homemade cake pan?

When making a homemade tart pan, you need to have a roll of aluminum foil, scotch paper tape, and cardboard at your disposal. First of all, it is important to choose the shape that the mold will have, whether it is square, round, triangular, etc. After choosing the model, cut and fold the cardboard, so that it takes the selected design, sticking all the corners with paper tape so that it is fixed and secure. Next, with the aluminum foil we are going to cover the entire mold, from the outside to the inside. It is necessary that this process is repeated 4 or 5 times, pressing very well on the corners so that no space is left unlined.


Q3: How to transfer a cake from the mold to the tray?

To transfer a cake from the mold to the tray, once it has cooled, it is first important to check that it is not stuck to the walls of the container. If so, it should be detached from the walls of the mold with the help of a knife. Then, insert this same knife carefully and delicately around the cake, trying to lift it a little from the base. Next, proceed to place the tray on the mold, to turn it slowly, so that the cake mold is on top of the tray. To finish, give a few light taps to the base of the mold and lift it slowly.


Q4: How to unmold a cake from a silicone mold?

An easy way to unmold a silicone mold is to let the cake cool in the refrigerator. When it is already cold and rigid, proceed to move the mold little by little so that it comes off carefully. Another option to get the cake perfectly, is that before pouring the preparation into the mold, it is greased with butter or margarine and sprinkle all the walls and base of the same with wheat flour, as this will guarantee that the cake does not stick and be quick to unmold. In general, these types of molds provide easy, simple, fast and practical demoulding.

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