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Home cleaning influences the mood, comfort and health of its inhabitants. Sometimes scrubbing the floors can be a continuous and exhausting task, especially when there are children and pets; so it is favorable to have a mop that helps make this task easier, faster and carried out with the least possible effort. In this sense, the Leifheit 52101 has an efficient spin system that favors draining quickly. Another user favorite is the Ineibo Electric, a model that allows you to simply fill its tank to perform different cleaning functions, all easily controlled from its handle.

The 8 Best Mops – Opinions 2022


Nowadays mops are an essential element in cleaning floors and given so many options available, we have prepared a compilation with the 8 best mops on the market. The idea is to provide you with the necessary information so that your purchase is as accurate as possible.

spinning mop


1. Leifheit Clean Twist Disc Rotary Mop Set

If you are looking for a mop that allows you to do your job with a minimum of effort, the Clean Twist Disc Mop Ergo 2.0 could interest you. This model comes in a set of mop, stick and bucket designed with the purpose of facilitating the process of cleaning the floor.

It is a rotating mop with a washable microfiber head and a 360º swivel joint, so you can clean every corner and at the same time take care of your back. Also, the pole is extendable between 109 and 140 cm so that you can easily adjust it to the most favorable height.

This set allows you to clean the floor without getting your hands wet. To do this, it has a spin mechanism that squeezes the mop into its 6-liter capacity bucket; controlling the level of humidity that is required according to the type of soil.

Due to its practicality and efficiency, this product could be considered the best mop of the moment. Know the summary of its attributes.


Practicality: Thanks to the bucket spin system and the mop’s patented rotating mechanism, you can wring with a minimum of effort.

Adaptability: The stick is telescopic, being able to adjust to the most favorable height of the user who is using it.

Ergonomics: The handle design includes a space where the mop stick fits so that it is vertical and available for use.


Head: The set comes with a micro duo head and although it is washable, some people may need to buy additional refills.

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electric mop


2. Ineibo Cordless Electric Mop Electric Mop with Tank

The iNeibo electric mop has favorable characteristics for those who wish to have an ally in cleaning the house; easy to use and with which efficient results are achieved, without the need to carry a bucket and wring out the mop.

Its ergonomic design features a 300ml water tank that fills easily. Also, bring two batteries so you don’t stop in case the first one runs out without having finished the day. As for its use, the foot switch is simply unlocked and from the handle the different functions of start, stop, spray and LED light are controlled.

This equipment is practical, light, scrubs, polishes and you won’t have to worry about cables and plugs. For all these reasons it can be considered by many as one of the best mops of 2022.

If you want to buy this mop, we recommend you take a look at the following summary of pros and cons.



Multifunction: This equipment not only scrubs, you can also use it to polish surfaces with the two blue waxing discs.

Autonomy: Each battery provides an operation of approximately 40 minutes, which will allow you to clean an area of ​​considerable size.

Quiet: This mop provides its cleaning power quietly, so you can use it at night without waking others.


Corners: It may present certain limitations in some spaces that are difficult to access or in corners.

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industrial mop


3. Super Net Cali Professional Microfiber Mop

This Super Net Cali product could stand out as the best industrial mop on our list. The materials used for its manufacture are of high quality, which gives it durability despite frequent use. Because of this, you will not see lint or fibers from the mop coming off and being left on the floor during use.

Thanks to its polyester microfiber, this industrial mop cleans in less time, does not leave veils or water marks in its wake and, being absorbent, allows floors to dry quickly. On the other hand, as it is a professional model, it is designed to be placed in a clamp for industrial mopping and drained in a bucket with a press.

Regarding maintenance you will not have to worry, since this replacement is practical; It can be washed in a washing machine and subjected to high temperatures, since its fibers will not be damaged or shrink.

As we do not want you to miss any details of the product, we bring you its highlights.


Type of use: It is a professional product that can be used for cleaning interior surfaces of houses, establishments and offices.

Materials: Polyester microfiber offers high cleaning power, efficiently trapping both liquid and solid dirt.

Maintenance: To preserve the cleanliness of the mop, the washing machine can be used, and even subjected to high water temperatures, so you can not worry about rubbing.


Complement: For its use it is necessary to have a clamp for an industrial mop.

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mop mop


4. Bellababy Mop Mop with a Spray Bottle

If you are wondering what is the best mop to take on a trip, that does not take up space, is light, easy to assemble and solves the problem of cleaning, this product could be the answer.

It is a mop with a flat design and a flexible 360º rotating head, so you can reach every corner without any problem. Its microfiber pad is reusable and can be used on a variety of floors. In addition, it includes 4 spare parts and a glass cleaning accessory for smooth vertical surfaces. Therefore, you can clean floors and windows easily and quickly.

In turn, it has a spray function thanks to the 450 ml refillable bottle, so simply by pressing the trigger on the handle, it evenly sprays the surface while cleaning and absorbing moisture. With it, you will save water and you will be able to keep the floors clean and free of stains.

This product might have the qualities you’re looking for. Therefore, you may be interested in knowing a little more in detail.



Practical: It is a light mop, easy to assemble and use with which you can keep floors and windows clean.

Spray: Just by pressing the trigger on the handle, it evenly sprays the surface removing stains with ease.

Accessories: Includes 4 microfiber refills and a glass cleaning brush, with which you can extend the useful life of the mop.



Use: This mop may not be a solution for cleaning large spaces or for intense days.

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microfiber mop


5. Mery Microfiber Composite Mop

On this occasion we want to present the Mery microfiber mop, whose material is characterized by not leaving traces on the internal surfaces of the home, thus providing a clean and shiny final finish. Furthermore, it has the ability to absorb ten times its own weight in water.

This mop has a cross-shaped structure, which gives it greater durability and resistance compared to others on the market. On the other hand, due to its compact size of 26 cm, it is one of the cheapest on our list. In relation to the design, it has an attractive lilac color, whose intensity will not be affected, since the specifications indicate that it is resistant to bleach.

On the other hand, the head is extra large to allow proper draining. If you are wondering about the connector, the answer is favorable, since it has a universal thread so that it can be adjusted to any standard stick.

Mery could be promoted as the best mop brand for its extensive history and range of products. Meet a summary of this mop.



Design: Its exclusive cross-shaped structure provides greater resistance and durability to its fibers.

Material: It is made with high quality microfiber, which is characterized by not leaving traces on surfaces.

Color: It is available in an attractive lilac color to please those who use it in their homes.


Size: This is the compact model, so it may not represent a solution for those who require a larger mop.

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parquet mop

6. Super Net Cali Microfiber Mop

If you are looking for a mop that can clean effectively without damaging delicate surfaces such as parquet, marble or flooring and that is also durable, this product may interest you.

It has been manufactured with a type of microfiber that has a high absorption capacity, so it efficiently cleans the most difficult dirt. Also, you will not be left without a mop at the end of an intense cleaning, since it could last up to 10 times longer than most models on the market; In addition, its cost is competitive. For these reasons, this replacement is promoted as the best price-quality mop on our list.

In terms of its effectiveness, thanks to the design and arrangement of the microfibers, this mop for parquet leaves no residue behind. On the contrary, it is a model that absorbs liquids and collects dirt, hair, lint, etc., without leaving traces or excess moisture on the surfaces and allowing rapid drying.

In order to help you, we present below a summary of this Super Net Cali product.


Versatility: Thanks to its microfibers, it can be used to clean various types of surfaces, including parquet, marble or flooring.

Thread: It is attached by a universal thread so that it can be adjusted without inconvenience to standard connector poles.

Colors: This mop comes in various colors such as green, blue, pink, gray, yellow and white; for you to choose according to your taste.



Absorbency: Due to the robustness of its fibers, the mop must be wrung out energetically, so that it can carry out an adequate cleaning.

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Other products


7. Fregola Pack of Mops Synthetic fabric 4 units

If you have the Fregola robotic wringer and want to buy spare parts for the mop, this offer is for you. The material of this product is suitable for all types of surfaces, even the most delicate ones, such as wooden floors. Thus, you can confidently clean your home, office or commercial establishment.

It is a pack of 4 synthetic fabric mops in white and pink. In addition, it is a high-quality product of the Fregola brand, so you can be calm with the purchase by learning about the experience of using it.

If you do not have the Fregola wringer but you dare to buy this pack, you should know that to use them you will require the additional purchase of the adapter for the traditional mop handle and thus have its cleaning power.

If you don’t know which mop to buy, we bring you a summary of this Fregola pack, in order to help you in your decision.


Pack: The set is 4 units, so you will have several mops to alternate them on cleaning days and/or have in reserve.

Design: This is the synthetic mop that comes with the Fregola robotic wringer, so you can clean any room with confidence.

Versatility: It can be used on any type of surface, including wood, you will have clean floors in its path.



Adapter: For its use it is necessary to have the adapter for the traditional mop handle.

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8. Scotch-Brite Ultrasec Composite Mop

We may have sophisticated equipment designed for home, business or office cleaning days; But when we just want to quickly resolve a spill on the floor or dirt in a room, the best ally is the mop.

This is a product of the renowned Scotch Brite brand and is made with high-quality material so that you have a mop for longer. Likewise, it is soft, absorbent and easy to wring out, so you can do a quick and timely scrubbing in any room.

The dimensions of this ultrasec mop are 18x18x26 cm and it weighs only 20 g, for a favorable balance, as it is light, easy to use and suitable for all types of floors. On the other hand, the connector is a universal type so that it can be attached without any problem to any standard stick on the market.

Among the cheapest products on our list is this green Scotch Brite mop. You can read the details below.


Light: This mop weighs 20 g, which facilitates handling and reduces physical effort when cleaning.

Absorbent: Thanks to its material, it has a high absorption capacity to clean any spill.

Adaptability: Its connector is universal so that it can be attached to any standard stick on the market.


Use: Although it can be used for daily cleaning, it is possible that when doing deep and intensive cleaning a more robust product is convenient.

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mop accessories


mop bucket


Vileda Wring & Go Patented bucket for easier wringing

The Vileda brand presents us with the Wring & Go mop bucket that promises faster and easier wringing. It is a light bucket with a capacity of 7 liters and a practical size to be stored without inconvenience.

The special design of the twist wringer allows you to remove water from the mop with less effort. In turn, in order to provide greater safety in its handling, it has been made of resistant plastic material and with a metal handle.

In addition, it has a support to anchor the stick; which facilitates its transport and avoids accidents.  

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mop stick


Mery Plasticized metallic stick

It is a mop stick with a universal type connector, which can be easily attached to other cleaning implements such as brushes or standard type brooms. It measures 140 centimeters, a little more than others on the market for greater reach and comfort.

In addition, it has been made of metal to be resistant, it is laminated to take care of your hands and provide a safe grip when handling; such as wringing out the mop.

Like other similar cleaning implements, it has a hanger as an alternative to be placed easily and neatly.

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Shopping guide

The mop is an element that is used to rub floors, both in daily cleaning and at a specific time in the event of a spilled liquid or stain. The market offers various options, that is why we have prepared this guide to buy the best mop, with it you could know the aspects to consider when choosing a good and economical one.


Although in general a mop should fulfill the objective of helping to clean floors, over the years mechanisms and technologies have been created to make the task of mopping easier and require less physical effort. Below we mention the most common types of mops and their main qualities.

First, there is the classic design whose connections are generally standard and can be mixed between brands. There is also the professional mop, which is placed in a clamp inserted in the handle and the bucket has a press system.

Keep in mind that some types of mops have a certain proprietary mechanism, so you must purchase the set to enjoy the results that the design promises. Such is the case of spin mops and their spin system. On the other hand, there are the spray mops, which have an integrated tank and through a mechanism the spray of the cleaning product is activated.

Also, there are electric models which cost a little more, have a motor and tank, spray the cleaning product or work with steam. They can have an electric cable or use a rechargeable battery. And finally, there are also robots that scrub, in addition to having other cleaning functions, these are the most expensive.

For this reason, you can either opt for a classic and economical model with which you can scrub the floors and obtain favorable results or without skimping on how much it costs to choose a more modern one that avoids the effort of draining the fibers and loading the bucket.

Materials and surfaces

Mops can be made of different materials, which may or may not favor their use on certain types of floors.

The classic material for mops since its creation has been cotton, due to its finish and strength. The options made of this material are suitable for intensive use and can be used on hard or outdoor floors such as marble and cement.

Likewise, microfiber is a synthetic material and is currently widely used in the manufacture of mops. It is characterized by having a high absorption capacity, statically attracting dirt, promoting rapid surface drying and being durable. It can be used on all types of floors, even those that do not tolerate moisture well, such as flooring and parquet.

For its part, the mop is used to remove dust, it can clean with little humidity and is recommended for flat surfaces. But if, for example, there are food remains stuck to the ground, this material would no longer be the most suitable. Likewise, the sponge is used in mops, especially for those tiled or tiled floors.

Special features

To make a good choice, it is important to take into account the additional features that the mop has and that are favorable according to our needs. Therefore, making a comparison of mops turns out to be an elementary step towards a successful purchase.

Here is a summary of those special features you should pay attention to.

The durability of the mop is important, not only depends on its quality, but also on its frequency of use and the typical dirt it cleans. For example, if it is used several times a day or only from time to time; and if you normally clean grease or just dust.

Weight and head are also significant when choosing a mop, especially for people who need to be careful with their backs and knees. Another key point is the size, which will depend on the extension of the surfaces to be cleaned. In general, brands manufacture large and small to adequately cover the needs of different users.

One of the additional features that is added most frequently in the different mops on the market is that the handle or stick is telescopic, so that it is adaptable to different heights and thus provides comfort to those who use it.

Regarding the bucket, characteristics can also be mentioned, such as, for example, whether or not it has wheels; or if it has a system to dispose of dirty water so that the user does not have contact with it. Also, if the handle is ergonomic and facilitates its transfer, among others.

Frequently asked questions


Q1: Who invented the mop?

The mop was invented by the Spanish Manuel Jalón Corominas (1925 – 2011) who in life was an aeronautical engineer, officer of the Spanish Air Force, inventor and businessman. His invention is inspired by a device that he observed at the Chanute Air Base in Illinois, United States, with which the operators cleaned the floor of the hangars.

He came to create several models of floor washers, as he called them at first, both for domestic and industrial use, which were patented in 1957 and to market them he created the company Manufacturas Rodex, SA It was not long before this invention became popular under the name of mop, as we know it today.

Q2: When was the mop invented?

The mop was invented in 1956 and was patented in 1957. This invention by the Spanish Manuel Jalón Corominas came to solve how uncomfortable it was to clean floors at that time. Said cleaning was carried out with a cloth and a bucket of water with bleach, kneeling directly on the floor and rubbing vigorously with the hands to remove the dirt. This position and effort affected the health of the spine, knees and hands of many women.

With the appearance of the mop, scrubbing began standing up throughout Spain. The first models were made of metal and over time they began to be made of plastic, which reduced costs and promoted their popularization and export to many countries.

Q3: Where to store the broom and mop?

To keep household cleaning items organized, it is advisable to have a cupboard. The idea is to avoid placing the broom and mop behind the door, or next to the refrigerator; where they often get in the way.

In this sense, it is about allocating a space to store everything from cloths and products in general to the vacuum cleaner, the broom and the mop. For this, the cabinet must contain a narrow section with enough height so that the brooms and mops can be stored without inconvenience.

Experts advise that the cabinet be placed in the kitchen or in the bathroom, in such a way that they are close at hand, or failing that, in the garage or in a storage room, as long as they are easily accessible.


Q4: How to clean the mop?

If you want to clean the mop, you can easily do it with ingredients available at home. First, soak the mop fibers in the bucket with a mixture of warm water and detergent and, if you prefer, add a little bleach. Then, wearing gloves, rub very well, rinse and drain several times.

Then soak the mop in the bucket with a mixture of warm water, 1 ½ cups of vinegar and the juice of 3 lemons for about 3 hours. Finally, rinse, drain and if possible put it to dry where it receives the sun’s rays. Your mop will be clean and deodorized.

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