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Motion Detectors – Buying and Comparison Guide in 2022

Motion detectors offer you security at home or business, so buying several of them to protect people and material goods is a good idea. One of the detectors that we recommend is the Garza Power, which offers two outstanding technologies, infrared and microwave, the first detects changes in energy and movements, the second electromagnetic waves. On the other hand, there is the KKmoon PIR, which works with PIR technology, that is, through infrared technology, in addition, it has a range between 50 and 100 meters, so it will serve for large homes or offices.

Opinions on the best motion detectors

There are many motion detectors on the market, so we have done the homework of reviewing the most outstanding models on the Internet and explaining them in this section. Therefore, perhaps in this list you will find the best motion detector.

Motion detector for light

Heron Power

It is a motion detector for light with different features that attract the attention of users. For example, it has advanced technologies such as infrared and microwave, this means that, in addition to detecting changes in temperature and moving energy sources such as people, it also offers reception of magnetic waves, even through obstacles.

This product could answer the question of which is the best motion detector, as it provides security to users and offers ease of installation, being able to be mounted on the wall, either indoors or outdoors.

It also has the facility to connect it to external lights, so that they turn on when the sensor detects any movement. This means that the detector will serve to save energy, since there is no need to turn the lighting on and off manually.

If you are looking for the best motion detector of the moment, the most important thing is that you review options such as the Garza Power, a product with features that have satisfied various buyers on the Internet.


Technologies: It detects movements through infrared and microwave technologies, so it is quite effective.

Wall: This model is special to mount on the wall, due to its design and the detection angle, 180 °.

Robustness: It has IP44 certification, so it can withstand rain, sun and various external factors, so it is a durable detector.

Distance: Covers a distance range of 12 meters, which is favorable for most houses.


Adjustments: The buttons to adjust the light level and the time it stays on are behind the detector, which makes it a bit awkward to use.

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Antopy SK-701K-DC

This could be one of the best motion detectors of 2022 as you can adjust the sensitivity level and it offers a 360° detection range. In addition, it is a product that you can install on the roof of your company or home, so that you protect your belongings.

It is a motion detector for light, so you can adapt it to a complete system of lamps that turn on and notify you when someone passes through the place where it is installed, garage, basement, corridor, staircase, etc. In addition to this, this detector is capable of capturing movements between 2 and 10 meters away, which is sufficient for spaces of various sizes.

It has a microwave sensor capable of detecting movements through electromagnetic waves. Therefore, it crosses obstacles to capture the signals, being very efficient in workshops where there are tools and objects.

Perhaps this is the answer to which is the best brand of motion detectors, since Antopy offers various good quality electronic products. Below you have the pros and cons of one of their models.


Angle: It has a detection angle of 360 °, so that you will protect the spaces of your company or home more effectively.

Range: It has a wide detection range, between 2 and 10 meters away.

Ceiling: According to the manufacturer, its design is special for mounting on ceilings.

Resistance: This product is resistant to dust, wind, fog, snow and extreme temperatures.


Technology: It lacks infrared technology, so it may be less effective than other detectors.

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wireless motion detector

KKmoon PIR

It is an elegant white detector model useful for installing in offices, homes and other places that you want to protect with a motion sensor.

This wireless motion detector has a 7 V 400 mAh lithium battery, which according to some users, offers a long life. In addition, the product features a detection degree of 110°/60°. It even covers a range of 7 to 10 meters away, so you can use it in various places such as factories, homes, offices, etc.

On the other hand, we mention that it has a red LED indicator to report low voltage, so you know when to change the battery. In addition to this, it sends the detection signal 50 or 100 meters away, that is, the information for the receiver, so you can place it far from the device without any problem. Of course, in the open air, without obstacles, otherwise the distance range may decrease.

To know which motion detector to buy, you have to review various options on the market, for example, this model could answer your questions. Below, we present its most outstanding pros and cons.


Frequency: It works with sensors or alarms whose working frequency is 433 MHz.

Wireless: It does not need complex connection or cables, but it sends the detection signals wirelessly.

Assembly: It is very easy to install, since the package includes the support for its respective assembly.


Battery: The battery it comes with is not rechargeable, so you will have to buy another one when it runs out of power.

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motion detector with alarm

Sebson Doorbell

Perhaps it is the best price-quality motion detector of the moment, since it has an alarm with sound and, probably, its acquisition will not leave your pocket empty. This means that you can use it at the entrance of your business, home or office without any problem, so that you are informed about when someone enters these places.

In addition, this motion detector with alarm has a range of 8 meters and an angle of 60 °. Of course, both things in open places, without obstacles. In this way it is widely used as a passage detector, capturing the movements of people and large animals that enter stores, houses, factories, etc.

If you pass in front of the detector, the alarm will be activated and a chime will sound twice. Instead, when you are in front of the sensor for more than 30 seconds, the alarm will sound for 15 seconds continuously.

Before looking for the cheapest motion detectors, what you should do is review the advantages and disadvantages of each model, like this one from Sebson.


Detection: It is capable of detecting the passage of people, large animals or vehicles.

Range: It has a range of up to 8 meters and the detection angle is 60 °.

Ergonomics: The sensor housing can be rotated up to 360 °, so it will be easily adjusted according to the user’s needs.


Sound: It does not offer a very high volume to install it in very large or outdoor sites.

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outdoor motion detector

Infrared Sebsons

It is an adjustable outdoor motion detector, since it has the possibility of adjusting to the direction you want, since the sensor is flexible. That is, it can move 40° up and down and 100° sideways. This advantage means that you can mount this detector almost anywhere in your home or business.

In addition to this, it should be noted that it comes with infrared technology, so that it detects movements of people without problems. Due to its design, you can even install it outdoors, as it is IP44 certified.

On the other hand, we mention that, although it is not one of the cheapest, its price is still accessible to users in general. In addition, according to some buyers, this is the best motion detector of the moment, because it has a range of 12 meters and its angle is 180 °, enough to protect your assets in houses, factories, workshops, etc.

To discover which detector to buy, you should review the positive and negative characteristics of each product. Therefore, review the following section, in which we will show you the most outstanding qualities of this motion detector.


Distance: It is capable of detecting movement at a distance of 12 meters.

Angle: Being installed on the wall at a height of 1.8 and 2.5 meters, it offers an angle of 180 °.

Technology: It works through an infrared sensor, so it detects changes in energy and movements of people.


Instructions: According to some buyers, the installation guide is not very clear.

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Orbis Motion Detector

Orbis OB132312

The Orbis motion detector has several important features for this type of device. It has IP45 certification, being useful outdoors, because it withstands dust and rain without any inconvenience. In addition, with this product you can choose the place of capture, since the head where the sensor is located can be rotated by 180 °. In this way, you can adjust it correctly to the place where you are going to use it.

In addition to this, it is possible to configure its sensitivity level, since you will not always need the same requirements, since that will depend on the place where you mount the detector.

On the other hand, thanks to its design, this motion detector offers a fairly wide angle, 240 °, so that its effectiveness is greater. It also comes with a function to adjust the capture area, that is, you can limit the area where you want the sensor to work.

There are different models of detectors today, but this one may meet your expectations. Next, we present some of its characteristics, so that you can compare them with your needs or requirements.


Sensitivity: The detector provides the function of setting the light sensitivity.

Timer: Offers the option to adjust the time during which the lights will be on once a movement is detected.

Angle: It has an angle of 240 °, so it can be placed on smooth walls or corners without affecting its effectiveness in detecting movements.


Price: It has a higher cost than other detectors, but this is because its brand has a recognized track record.

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Recessed motion detector

Pop SM-008

Sometimes the best solution when you don’t know which product of this type to buy is a built-in motion detector, because aesthetically it decorates a little more than other models. This is because it goes inside the wall or ceiling, as if it were part of the decoration of the place where you mount it.

In addition to this, it should be noted that it has an angle of 360 °, so that it covers a wide detection space. Likewise, its sensor is capable of capturing signals up to 8 meters away, being useful for stairs, basements, garages, offices, etc. It even offers flexibility in terms of ignition time, between 10 seconds and 15 minutes. The latter will help for various needs of some users, for example, if they want to use the detector with alarms, electronic equipment, LED bulbs, among other things.

On the other hand, we mentioned that you can mount it in places with a height of 2.2m to 4m. Thanks to this it will be possible to use it in different types of companies or homes.   

When we talk about the best built-in motion detectors, perhaps this model is the most outstanding, as it has a simple but elegant design. In addition, it has other qualities that we present below.


Versatility: It can be used to turn on electronic devices or activate lights by detecting movement of people. For example, to automatically turn on the light when someone goes down the stairs or enters the basement.

Angle: It offers a 360-degree detection angle, which is useful for places of different shapes such as rooms, offices, corridors, etc. 

Power: It works with bulbs from 500 to 800 W, so it is a product with low power consumption. 


Certification: It is only suitable for indoors, since its certification is IP20, however, most buyers are satisfied with its operation.

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Guide to buying a motion detector

When choosing one of these devices, the first thing you should do is review the features that a quality product should have. Therefore, we present a practical guide to buying the best motion detector. Perhaps by reading it you can find the product you need for your home or business.

Shopping guide


This feature is one of the most important when you are making a comparison of motion detectors, since the effectiveness of the product will largely depend on it.

Some detectors work with infrared sensors, which are activated when they detect the presence of energy sources. That is why when a person passes in front of the sensor the detector is activated, since human beings serve as the energy source for this type of infrared technology.

Many people buy detectors with this type of sensor to protect their businesses, workshops, garages and many other things, since their effectiveness in capturing movements is quite high. However, there is also another technology that is widely used in these products, for example, microwave technology, which is based on signal capture through electromagnetic waves.

Detectors that use microwave sensors are very effective in places where there are obstacles, as the waves pass through them, so they capture the movements of people even in places where there are things such as tools, ornaments, furniture, etc.

It should be noted that, due to the variety of products on the market, there are some that have both infrared and microwave technology at the same time, so you will have many options to choose from.


Before asking how much a certain motion detector costs, it is best to review this feature, since it is the angle of capture through which the detection efficiency will be greater.

Detectors generally cover an angle of 60° to 360°. By this we mean the space that the sensor reaches once installed on the ceiling or wall. It is like when you take a photograph, but the vision that the camera has in this case will be that of the sensor. Simply put, the greater the angle of the sensor, the better the effectiveness of the detector.

Sensor Flexibility

Sometimes, depending on the detector model you choose, the flexibility of the sensor varies. There are products of this type whose sensors can be rotated up, down or sideways. For this reason, some people easily select the detection site, that is, they limit the activity of the sensor, either infrared or microwave.

For example, flexible sensors can be swiveled toward room doors, the start of a hallway, or anywhere else users want to focus motion capture.


Although it is important to think about which detector is the cheapest, you should review all these features first. The range is one of them, since not all detectors cover the same distance.

This aspect can vary according to each model, some detectors offer 8 meters of distance, others 10 and even 12, so you can choose the product that best suits the place where you plan to mount it. If you want to install a detector with an alarm outside your home or business to protect your assets, it is best if it offers more than 10 meters of range, especially if the place is large.

On the other hand, if the place is small, perhaps a detector that reaches 8 meters will be enough for you.

ignition time

If, for example, you are going to install the detector in the area of ​​the stairs, so that when you walk through them the lights turn on automatically, the lighting time plays a very important role. To do this, almost all detectors have a rotary button that offers time adjustment, usually between 10 seconds and 15 minutes.

This means that if you want the lighting on the stairs to turn on for only 10 seconds, you simply need to adjust the button.


The installation of this type of product may vary depending on where you need to use it, for example, garden, garage, corridor, living room, office, etc. In other words, if you want to mount a detector outdoors, you should know if it meets the appropriate certification such as IP44 or IP45. Detectors that have one of these two certifications withstand dust and rain.

On the other hand, detectors that have a lower certification such as IP20 are only suitable for mounting in closed places, that is, indoors, where water does not fall on them.

In addition to this, we can mention ceiling or wall mounting, as this varies depending on the place where you are going to install it and the product model. If it is a recessed detector, it is best to install it on the ceiling, since these look better there, in addition, they offer a greater detection angle in that position.

Other models are special to install on the wall, for example, the wireless models, since they have a special detection angle for that position.  

Frequently asked questions

Q1: How to install a motion detector for light?

Installation of this device is usually easy. Remember that before starting you must cut off the electricity to work, avoiding any type of risk. Also, it is important that you make this known to the people who live at home, for example, you can leave a note, in this way you will be alerting and nobody will accidentally turn up the current. On the other hand, the detector has three wires of black or brown, blue and red. The first is the line or phase, the second neutral and the third trip or return.

The device must be connected to neutral and phase so that the internal circuit that causes the light to turn on is activated. To do this, it is necessary to open the sensor and insert the cables. Once connected, we close it and mount it in the place we want, for example, wall or ceiling.

Q2: How to bypass a motion detector?

Generally, motion detectors capture heat signals in motion through infrared technology, in addition, they do this task within a certain space. In this way, the first thing you must do to circumvent the motion detector is to identify the area that the infrared sensor is capturing, especially look for the blind spots of the device.

Later, by being clear about the areas that the detector is not covering, you will be able to circumvent it. Perhaps you have done this before in a video game, so good luck with this task. Of course, not all detectors have blind spots, so we can’t guarantee that you can do this with any model. 

Q3: How to disable a motion detector?

There are two ways to do it. The first is by disabling the switch operation and the second by removing the sensor. In the first case, you must find a ladder to access the lights, then look for the switch that is usually located at the bottom of the device and turn it to the off function.

Secondly, to remove the sensor it is necessary to turn off the source that supplies the electrical energy in the place. Then, with a clamp, turn and loosen the security screws and uncover the detector, in this way you can remove the power cables, deactivating the device completely. Subsequently, reconnect the electrical supply of the place, at this moment the detector will no longer be working.

Q4: How to make a homemade motion detector?

To make a motion detector you will need the following materials: 1 NE-555 Integrated Circuit, 1 5.6k Resistor, 1 Photoresistor, 1 3v Laser, 1 Phenolic Plate or PCB, 1 9v Battery and its connector and 1 Buzzer or Buzzer. 

The first thing you should do is identify the circuit slot, which is on the left side, then count the legs it has, which are eight; the one below the slot is number 1, then 2, 3, 4 and the ones above 5, 6, 7 and 8. In 8 and 6 we place the resistance, then we solder one of the legs of this to any of the circuit.

Next, we take the buzzer and observe a plus symbol which means that it is positive, we solder the negative leg to the number 3 of the circuit, with a wire we join the number 8 to 4 and, later, we solder the positive connection of the buzzer to the wire. Later, we solder the red cable of the 9 V connector to the wire and the negative to pin number 1. Finally, we have the detector ready, we just need to insert the battery and do the test.   

Q5: How to fix a motion detector?

One of the faults that this device presents is being left on for a long time, resulting in a considerable expense in the billing of electrical energy. The first thing you should do is disconnect the power supply for 30 minutes, after this time connect it again and observe the light, to check if it is still on. If it shuts down in a few seconds, the device just needed to be restarted to get back to normal.

On the other hand, some detectors have performance problems because the sensor is not facing the right way. This is because some of these devices have a flexible sensor that can be moved in the direction you want to capture the signal. Sometimes this task has not been performed correctly yet, making it difficult for the infrared sensor to receive heat or movements.

However, if after reviewing these aspects the device continues to fail, we recommend that you request technical assistance from a specialist in motion detectors.

How to use a motion detector

A motion detector is constantly used to improve the energy consumption of different lighting, air conditioning and ventilation systems both in the office and at home. Likewise, another use that is given to a motion detector is as a security measure, since they detect in real time any movement that may occur within the coverage area. Among the best known detectors we have the microwave or infrared PIR.

microwave motion detectors

They are specially designed to be used on glass, walls and ceilings. If you want to install a detector, but nobody can see it, this may be the option you are looking for, since it can be hidden, since microwave technology crosses obstacles.

In addition, by combining it with an LED lamp you will be saving energy by 60%, since the light will turn on or off automatically when it detects movement. 

Passive PIR detectors

They are the simplest within the category, these are characterized by perceiving the temperature of both the space around them and human beings. As these detectors cannot see through one or more objects, their useful range is mainly for passageways such as store doors, corridors or stairs. It is recommended to place them at a more or less considerable distance from heat sources, otherwise they will activate or work incorrectly.

outdoor detectors

These can be used outside a company or house whose purpose is to detect the presence of an intruder. Since they are used for open spaces surrounded by birds, cats, dogs and vegetation, they have a filter system to prevent false shooting and are made of materials resistant to climate change. It is worth mentioning that they are also used to illuminate company spaces. This is quite favorable, since it allows energy savings and, consequently, the company will not pay high bills for excessive electricity consumption.

It should be noted that the use of a motion detector varies depending on the type, need, budget and space you want to protect. In addition, these devices can be connected to a surveillance camera and it will only be activated when the detector detects movement, resulting in being more efficient.

The use of motion detectors on doors

The detectors can also be used at the main doors or entrances of clothing stores, restaurants, factories, etc. When a door opens or someone walks through the store entrance, the device will detect the movement and alert you. To do this, it is best to connect the detector to a security alarm that emits a beep.

In addition to this, if you have a motion detector with an alarm included, you will save a good amount of money. Depending on the model of the detector, you can mount it in the upper central part of the entrance, so that it captures the movements of even large animals.

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