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Cloth – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis

Cleaning lovers know that the cloth is a fundamental tool for cleaning different surfaces in the home, such as the kitchen, cabinets, bathrooms, countertops, etc. If you are interested in buying a quality cloth, on Amazon you can find many brands and models, to choose the one that best suits your grooming needs. Such is the case of the AmazonBasics CW190423G model, a pack that offers 3 units of cloths made of microfiber, non-abrasive and can be used alone or with cleaning products. Another interesting cloth is the Vileda 143585, made of micro PVA in blue, suitable for cleaning any surface and can be machine washed without losing its properties. 

The 9 Best Cloths – Opinions 2019

The cloths are usually great allies in cleaning the home, because they are made of good quality materials, highly resistant and serve to keep any surface clean without much effort. Below, we present a selection of 9 cloths, which have been considered the best on the market according to user ratings, so that you can get a better idea of ​​which one to choose for your home.

microfiber cloth 

1. AmazonBasics Ultra Thick Microfiber Cloth 3-Pack

If you are looking for a microfiber cloth, this AmazonBasics model is appropriate for you. It is a pack of 3 units of cloths with a practical size, since each one has dimensions of approximately 40.61 cm wide by 61 cm long and are made of good quality microfiber, which is why many users consider that this could be the best rag you can find on the market.

With these cloths you can clean the dirt using chemical products or without them, as they have the advantage of not being abrasive, so they do not damage the paint or the surface finishes. In addition, they are very soft and can absorb up to 8 times their weight of 358 grams. 

On the other hand, you should know that these AmazonBasics cloths are reusable and can be washed in the washing machine without problems, which allows them to be used many times without losing their absorbency.

To obtain good cleaning results in your home, we recommend this option from AmazonBasics, which, thanks to its effectiveness and good absorption properties, is considered by many to be the best cloth at the moment.


Microfiber: Its good quality microfiber fabric offers the property of being reusable to perform different cleaning tasks.

Washing: It can be easily washed in the washing machine, since it does not lose its properties.

Absorption: It is designed to offer great absorption and to trap dust particles, dirt and other elements effectively.


Color: This pack comes with all the cloths in yellow, so you must be careful if you plan to use them to clean different rooms and not confuse them.

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2. Zollner Set of 24 microfiber cloths 32×32 cm

This 24-piece set is made with top quality microfibers in a proportion of 80% polyester and 20% polyamide, being very useful for cleaning different surfaces, both inside the home and outdoors, since they do not leave lint. no traces or stains, which is why many think they are the best cloths of 2019. 

Another remarkable advantage of this microfiber cloth is that you can use it only with water, although if you prefer you can use a detergent or chemical product, but thanks to its absorption and cleaning capacity you will notice that it will not be necessary to use them, because with a little water, this cloth is able to trap dust and remove stains without much effort.

So you can use these cleaning cloths for the bathroom, in the kitchen, to clean your car or your motorcycle, you can even use it in the office to clean all the furniture.

If you are wondering which cloth to buy to clean your home, we recommend you review the pros and cons of this Zollner model, which includes 24 pieces of different colors.


Softness: The cloths of this model have the quality of being extra soft and do not damage the surfaces when passing them over them.

Weight: These cloths have a higher weight of 270 g/m², which allows them to be very absorbent and suitable for drying different surfaces. 

Washing: These cloths have the property of being able to be washed in the washing machine up to 60ºC, and you can even dry them in the dryer without problems.


Size: Its size of 32 x 32 cm could be small if it is required for large cleaning tasks, but it is an adequate size for cleaning the home. 

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Cloth Vileda

3. Vileda 143585 Micro Pva Cloth 5 Pack

Do you want to know which is the best cloth? We recommend this model from the famous Vileda brand, because it is made with high-quality Pva Micro, a material that absorbs liquids efficiently without leaving traces of mist, stains or lint, being an appropriate alternative to be used as a cloth. glass cleaner on glass surfaces, glass windows or other delicate areas of the house.

This model has a professional size of 38 x 35 cm in diameter, which allows it to cover a larger cleaning surface indoors or outdoors. In addition, it can be used with cleaning products or with water to clean any room.

Another advantage of this Vileda cloth is that in addition to cleaning, it polishes surfaces in a single pass and has a great absorption capacity. So you can use it to clean mirrors, tiles, washable surfaces, to dry and polish the car, etc.

Vileda is a company that produces a wide variety of cloths for cleaning different surfaces and for various uses, so it has a place as the best cloth brand in our selection.


Material: This cloth is made with PVAmicro, a microfiber that has a great absorption and cleaning capacity.

Crystals: This cloth can be used to clean crystals, windows, delicate areas, tiles, etc., because it does not damage surfaces, nor does it leave traces of steam or stains.

Reusable: This model can be used hundreds of times, as it can be easily washed in the washing machine and does not lose its properties.


Cost: It is the most expensive of our selection, so it probably does not fit many budgets, but it has good qualities and great cleaning capacity.

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4. Vileda Set of 8 Microfiber cloths

Having cloths at home is always necessary, because at some point you will need to clean something and, at that moment, one of these products can help you. For this reason, Vileda offers a set of 8 multicolored cloths so that you can allocate a different one to each surface. When washing them in the machine, you should only separate them by color to prevent them from fading.

The cloths are made of 100% microfiber, a material that stands out for its quality and resistance to constant use. Being heavyweight, it is possible to absorb and clean even the most difficult dirt without the need to use chemicals. In addition, their dimensions of 30 x 30 cm make them easy to handle.

The good thing about these cloths is that they are also versatile. No matter what surface needs cleaning, you will be able to use them. They have been manufactured to adapt to materials such as glass, wood, marble and ceramics, for example.

With microfiber and the ability to remove up to 99% of dirt, these Vileda cloths could be what you need in your home.


Set: With this purchase you will receive a set of 8 units, so you always have one on hand. Also, they have different colors.

Washable: After using the cloths, you can simply wash them in the machine to reuse them whenever you need.

Versatile: So you can take care of cleaning various surfaces in your home, these cloths can be used on marble, wood, ceramics, glass and other materials.


Drying: It is possible that, after wetting the cloths, they may take some time to dry. Which can be a drawback for some people.

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Ballerina Cloth

5. Ballerina The Original 3 Multipurpose Cloths 

This is the traditional Ballerina cloth, which you can use to clean your home comfortably, because it has a great absorption capacity and is highly resistant, thanks to the fact that its composition has been renewed with firmly bound synthetic and cellulose fibers, so that last longer.

This pack includes 3 yellow cloths with a suitable size to be able to clean different surfaces, since you would have a kitchen cloth, another for the bathroom and you would use the third one to clean furniture or shelves, but this pack also has a fairly good price eye-catching, which is why we consider it to be the best price-quality cloth in this selection.

Another advantage of this cloth is that it can be used dry or if you prefer you can use it wet, with any cleaning chemical. Its texture is very soft and it has great manageability. 

If you still don’t know what cloth to buy to keep your home clean, this model from the Ballerina brand can be a good option, thanks to its absorption capacity. Know its pros and cons.


Pack: This model includes 3 cleaning cloths that you can use in different applications to maintain hygiene in your home.

Absorption: Compared to the Ballerina of yesteryear, this model offers 10% more absorption than its predecessors.

Washing: This cloth can be washed without problems in the washing machine at a temperature of 60ºC, to maintain its hygiene.


Smell: So that the cloth does not acquire a bad smell, it is necessary to wash it constantly, to avoid the proliferation of bacteria and germs.

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ecological cloth

6. Bambaw Reusable Multi-Purpose Cloths Eco-Friendly Kitchen Roll

Are you interested in knowing which is the best cloth? This model of ecological cloth could be what you are looking for, since it comes in a presentation of a roll of cloth napkins made with bamboo fiber, which can be washed and reused many times. The manufacturer even considers that this roll of napkins can last as long as 65 rolls of conventional kitchen paper.

A great advantage of this product is that thanks to the consistency of bamboo, it has very good resistance and absorption, and is also a natural antibacterial. Additionally, it is multipurpose because it can be used on different surfaces, whether steel, wood, granite or ceramic, it even serves to remove dirt from glass.

This product is respectful with the environment, since its elaboration comes from a sustainable source of bamboo plantations, which contributes to the reduction of tree deforestation.

These Bambaw napkins are soft, can be used on different surfaces and are reusable, which is why many consider that this model could be the best cloth of the moment.


Ecological: This bamboo model has been manufactured through renewable and sustainable sources, so it is ecological and respectful with the environment.

Multi- Purpose: Can be used on wood, steel, plastic, granite, ceramic or glass surfaces for more effective cleaning.

Durable: This cloth napkin roll can last 65 times longer compared to conventional paper napkin rolls.


Napkins: These are not the paper napkins you are used to. It is a type of cloth that is used to clean multiple objects at home.

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Non-woven fabric cloth

7. Jebblas Roll of 200Pcs Multipurpose Non-Woven Non-Stick Fabric

If you need 200 cloths at home, it will not be necessary to make several purchases to obtain them, because with this Jebblas set you can have two rolls of 100 units each. In this way, you can simply unroll the product and remove the cloth you need at the time.

Although they may look like single-use cloths, they can be reused until they wear out. In fact, each of them can be used up to 20 times, approximately. This is because the fabric used in its manufacture is resistant to frequent use and, in addition, it also has the quality of being non-stick. These two characteristics allow them to clean various surfaces effectively.

Using these cloths you can do the daily cleaning of your home, including cleaning your bathroom, kitchen, dishes, among other things. Best of all, the wipes won’t leave a residue like some paper towels, giving you more efficiency and convenience.

At the time of acquiring this offer you can forget about buying more cloths in a while, because this purchase provides effective and quality products that facilitate cleaning.


Non- stick: Because these cloths do not allow dirt to adhere, it will be easier to leave them as new after use.

Quantity: By buying this offer you can take 2 rolls of 100 units each, so that your cloths last for a long time.

Reusable: Each cloth can be used approximately 20 times, offering good performance.


Absorption: These cloths could have a better absorption power, to provide a greater opportunity to clean spills with ease.

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yellow cloth

8. Professional Mical Super absorbent multipurpose cloth 10 units

This yellow cloth from the Mical Professional brand stands out for its high degree of absorption, thanks to its composition of viscose with polypropylene, being suitable for cleaning different surfaces in the home, without leaving traces of lint or scratches on the finishes.

This product comes in a presentation of 10 cloth units, which is very useful to use in cleaning different areas of the house, and can be classified as the best price-quality cloth. 

Additionally, due to their manufacturing materials, these cloths can be easily washed in the washing machine to keep them disinfected and to be able to use them many times.

Regarding its size, we can highlight that each cloth of this brand has a dimension of 38 x 40 cm, a sufficient size to clean different surfaces without problems. In addition, it offers great absorption and can be used with water or cleaning chemicals.

Still can’t decide which cloth to buy? This Professional Mical model can be very useful in cleaning your home, learn more about its features and benefits.


Composition: These cloths have a composition of viscose and polypropylene in their manufacture, which makes them very resistant and reusable.

Presentation: This model comes in a presentation of 10 units of cloths, which results in great savings in terms of buying cleaning cloths.

Size: Each cloth has dimensions of 38 x 40 cm, a suitable size to effectively clean any surface.


Washing: To avoid the proliferation of bacteria and a bad smell in the cloth, it must be washed frequently to disinfect it.

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Spontex Cloth

9. Spontex Microfibre Küchenwunder 3D Microfibre Cloth

The Spontex cloth is designed as a microfiber sponge with a 3D core to offer greater absorption capacity, being suitable for easily cleaning and removing grease, as well as dirt from any surface, since it is one of the best cloths on the market. 2019, based on many opinions of satisfied users.

With this cloth you can wash, dry and wax your vehicle, as well as give it multiple uses in your home, because it is used to clean the kitchen, bathroom, living room, among other areas of the house. It is a towel that effectively absorbs liquids, so you can dry everything faster and more effectively.

It can also be easily washed at a temperature of up to 60°C, to be reused many times, without having to waste money buying new cloths, since thanks to its manufacturing materials it is a highly resistant product.

Spontex has positioned itself in the market as the best cloth brand, since it sells good quality products to facilitate cleaning at home. Know the pros and cons of one of its models.


Microfiber: This cloth is made with good quality microfiber that provides strength and durability to the product.

Texture: This model provides a smooth texture, which is suitable for cleaning different surfaces without leaving traces, stains or scratches.

Reusable: This cloth has the advantage of being reusable, so it can be conveniently washed in the washing machine to keep it clean and hygienic.



Price: It has a price that probably does not fit small budgets, but for its quality and absorption capacity it is worth the investment.

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Shopping guide 

After having studied each of the cloths that we have selected, reviewing its main characteristics, its benefits, as well as its negative points and, always thinking of helping you choose the product that best suits your needs, we consider that to make a purchase The most successful cloth requires that you know the most important aspects that must be taken into account before choosing any cloth, so in our guide to buying the best cloth we explain in greater detail the elements that you must analyze before making your investment.

types of wipes

When you make a comparison of cloths, you will realize that there are different types of this cleaning tool, which have been designed to carry out a professional job or are simply very useful for cleaning our home. In this sense, you will notice that professional cloths are suitable for cleaning various surfaces, they are multipurpose and are used in different rooms, whether in a hotel, in a restaurant, in a company or industry, even at home we always have a cloth of this category.

With the professional cloth you can clean sinks, pieces of tableware, countertops, shelves, furniture in general, tables, toilets, tiles, among other objects. They are even suitable for cleaning materials such as granite, steel, plastic, ceramic, chrome, etc.

On the other hand, there is a type of cloth that has a more determined and specific use, which by its nature cannot be used on any material or surface. This model is the one used as a window cleaner or to polish the car, dry fragile parts or clean delicate objects.

Materials and composition of the cloth

Another important aspect that we must consider when buying a cloth has to do with the materials used in its manufacture, as well as their composition, since the hardness and resistance of the product will depend on it, taking into account that it is a utensil that is reusable. So, if you are looking for a good and cheap cloth, you have to check what it is made of, to verify how much your investment costs in the long term. 

In general, the cloth is a cloth made of different fabrics with the ability to absorb liquids. This material is usually cotton or a combination of synthetic fibers and there are also microfiber cloths, in case you prefer more ecological products.

In this context, we can highlight that cotton cloths come in tubular formats and are made with fibers of this material, which can be obtained through recycling or not, they are softer and more resistant, although their absorption capacity is lower..

For their part, synthetic cloths have become the most common on the market and are made with elements such as polypropylene, polyester or viscose, combined with each other and with other fibers, their absorption capacity is efficient and they are the most spread among users.

Microfiber cloths are also effective in terms of absorbing liquids and their cleaning capacity, they are known for being more ecological, since they last a long time, they are washable and you can use them alone or with cleaning chemicals without losing their properties. This type of cloth can last up to 8 years with proper treatment and hygiene.


It is also necessary to consider the format of the cloth, as you will find on the market the typical cloth cut with a suitable size to be used comfortably at home or with a more professional appearance. They come in different sizes and are usually square or rectangular. Likewise, it should be noted that, in terms of their presentation, the cloths usually come in a pack of one unit or in packages that range between 3 and 24 units.

Another way in which this cleaning tool is usually presented is in the form of a roll, this type of presentation being more common in professional cloths. In this sense, it is important that you know, regarding this format, that the rolls are usually between 4 and 8 meters long in terms of baize fabric, its width varies depending on the brand and they usually come with some pre-cut to be used the amount needed to clean.

Last but not least, you should look for cloths that are reusable, easy to wash and dry, so that their durability is adequate. Most of these products can be washed in the washing machine at a temperature of up to 60ºC for greater user comfort.

Frequently asked questions 


Q1: How to use a kitchen cloth?

The cloth is an important cleaning tool in the kitchen, to remove traces of grease from the countertop, to dry the dishes or to clean all the furniture in general in the kitchen. But it is also very useful in other tasks, for example, to prevent the cutting board from moving using a damp cloth as a base; others use the damp cloth under the bowl to beat the eggs, to prevent the bowl from moving or turning while beating. 

Q2: How to clean the kitchen cloth?

The easiest way to clean the kitchen cloth is to submerge it in a container with water and bleach for a few minutes to eliminate any bacteria that may adhere to the fabric, rinsing afterwards with plenty of water. You can also wash it in the washing machine at a temperature above 40ºC to eliminate any source of infection from the cloth. 

Q3: How to wring out a cloth?

The most practical way to wring out a cloth is to lay it out on a flat surface to dry in the open air. Although you can also hang it from a rope so that it drains faster.

Q4: How to remove mildew from a cloth?

There are elements such as vinegar, baking soda, chlorine or bleach, which are very useful for removing mold from a cloth, it is advisable to apply a small amount of any of these elements in a container of water, insert the cloth and wait a reasonable time (it can be between 1 and 2 hours) and then rinse. If the mold stains do not go away, the process can be repeated. It is also very useful if you put this mixture with the cloth in a pot and place it on the stove for a few minutes, until it boils. Afterwards, it is recommended to rinse with water and let the cloth dry completely.

Q5: How often should the cloth be changed?

Thanks to the manufacturing materials of the cloths, which are usually made of washable fabrics, they can be reused many times, being convenient to wash them at least once a week. But it must be taken into account that cloths are a suitable habitat for the proliferation of bacteria, so it is advisable to change them at least every three months.

Q6: Which is better, cloth or microfiber cloth?

It depends on what you intend to use the cloth for. Currently there are many opinions that consider the microfiber cloth as the best, due to the quality of the fabric, the resistance and durability of its composition. It is also claimed that cleaning with microfiber cloths is much more efficient than with cotton cloths, because you can use less of the cleaning chemical.

In addition, their absorption capacity is higher compared to cotton ones, because they are capable of absorbing up to 7 times their weight, they clean surfaces without leaving traces of lint or fabric residue, they are light, hygienic and have a long useful life..

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Vileda Superbayeta multiusos de gran resistencia

Entre las opciones baratas de bayetas, que puedes encontrar en el mercado virtual de utensilios de limpieza, tenemos este modelo de Vileda. Es un paño confeccionado a base de fibras naturales tales como el algodón, la celulosa, polipropileno, entre otros, con una capa superior de tratamiento químico, que unido al grosor de la bayeta brinda una gran capacidad de absorción de líquidos.

El tratamiento que contiene esta bayeta Vileda es apropiado para estabilizar las fibras de la tela, creando una mejor resistencia a los químicos comunes de limpieza, tales como la lejía o las ceras, ya que no le afectan ni la destruyen, pudiendo ser usada en superficies difíciles. 

Por otro lado, para que esta bayeta sea duradera es necesario lavarla adecuadamente después de su uso, dejarla secar desplegada evitando la exposición directa de la luz solar, almacenando la tela en un lugar fresco y seco.

Este modelo de Videla es una de las bayetas más baratas de nuestra selección, pero ofrece una gran capacidad de absorción y resistencia, por lo que te invitamos a conocer sus ventajas y desventajas.


Absorción: Esta bayeta ha sido diseñada para absorber hasta 5 veces su peso, así como resistir el uso de químicos sin perder sus propiedades.

Materiales: Su confección es a base de fibras naturales con un tratamiento en la capa superior, aportándole mayor resistencia para soportar los químicos de limpieza.

Secado: Este modelo ofrece una gran capacidad de secado en diferentes superficies, incluso en las más difíciles.


Almacenamiento: El fabricante recomienda almacenar la bayeta en un lugar fresco y seco, evitando la exposición directa de la luz solar, para que dure más tiempo.

Gosear Rollo de 50Pcs multipropósito de tela no tejida

Otra opción de bayetas baratas que puedes encontrar en el mercado virtual es este modelo de la marca Gosear, ya que se trata de una bayeta de tela sin tejer que viene en un rollo de 50 piezas y que puedes utilizar para múltiples propósitos de limpieza en tu hogar, en el coche o en tu oficina, adaptando el tamaño del paño a tus necesidades.

Este modelo de toallas tiene una aplicación bastante amplia en cuanto a su utilidad, ya que lo puedes usar para limpiar tu cocina, la cerámica y grifería del baño, el suelo de tu casa, para secar pequeños derrames, incluso puedes usarlo en superficies delicadas, porque no deja rastros de pelusas, cumpliendo de forma eficaz con las necesidades de limpieza de tu hogar.

Por otro lado, este rollo de tela es más ecológico que las toallas de papel convencionales y puedes utilizar la bayeta con diferentes productos químicos de limpieza.

Este rollo multipropósito, además de ser uno de los más baratos del mercado, cuenta con 50 piezas con una buena capacidad de absorción. He aquí sus pros y contras.


Utilidad: Este modelo de bayetas de tela son útiles para diferentes tareas en el hogar, en la oficina o en el coche, ya que sirven para limpiar cualquier superficie.

Piezas: Viene en una presentación de un rollo de 50 piezas reutilizables que te durará más que las servilletas de papel convencionales.

Tamaño: Cada bayeta cuenta con un tamaño de 20 x 30 cm de diámetro y tienen una separación para cortar la tela con facilidad.


Grosor: Son ultrafinas en cuanto a su grosor, por lo que se recomienda para una mayor absorción usar las bayetas dobladas. 

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