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Nespresso Coffee Machine – Buying Guide, Opinions and Comparison in 2022

Enjoying your favorite coffee, with the roasted touch that you like the most, is really simple, since the coffee capsules allow us to place the precise concentration in each cup. Thus, preparing this energizing drink does not take too long and you are ready to start your activities. However, something that can be different is each model of coffee maker, which provides you with different advantages that are worth analyzing to choose the best one. For example, the Krups Citiz XN7605 model stands out for its 19 bars of pressure, to give your drinks a foamy texture. Or if you are looking for one with a special tank for milk, the De’Longhi Lattissima coffee maker could be the best alternative.

Opinions on the best Nespresso coffee machines

When it comes time to try to choose a coffee machine for Nespresso capsules, it may be that you get lost among so many options and are not sure which one to take home, so we have put together a selection of some models that have become the favorites of users, so that you can get to know them better and evaluate them.

Nespresso Krups coffee machine

Krups Citiz

If you are wondering which is the best value for money Nespresso coffee machine, you should know that this model competes in our comparison for this position, since it can provide you, among other qualities, an elegant design while balancing a compact size. This is a particularly welcome feature when you’re short on counter space in your kitchen or office. 

On the other hand, so that you can obtain drinks with that delicious creamy texture that is so attractive, this Nespresso Krups coffee machine has an integrated aeroccino, which is very good for those who enjoy drinks that combine milk among its ingredients, it is also characterized by its 19 bar pressure. Additionally, you may be interested to know that the model includes a welcome set with 16 coffee capsules with exclusive aromas for you to discover.

This may be the best Nespresso coffee machine of the moment, so we invite you to learn a little more about it in the following list of advantages and possible drawbacks. 


Programming: Since it has 2 memories that you can customize, it is easier to prepare coffee just the way you like it.

Capacity: Its 1-liter tank will allow you to prepare more than a couple of drinks without having to fill it again. 

Colors: You can choose this elegant model in various shades, according to the needs of your decoration and preferences.

Automatic: In case you do not turn off the coffee maker, it will automatically cut off the power supply, saving on your electricity consumption.


Lower tank: It may happen that the lower tray does not catch enough drink in case of spills, but this can be solved by taking care to place a cup of appropriate capacity.

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Nespresso Delonghi coffee machine

De’Longhi Lattissima

If you frequently enjoy drinks at home that include milk among its ingredients and you want to give it the smoothness of the foam, you could achieve it without much difficulty if you choose this Nespresso Delonghi coffee machine model, since its design has a special tank for this plugin. With this quality, you can prepare delicious drinks such as cappuccino, tea or coffee latte in just a few steps. In addition, by including a sensor in this tank, the model allows you to take advantage of every drop of milk placed in it.

If we talk about its design, it should be noted that it has been well valued in this aspect, since it has an elegant and modern appearance. While at the same time being compact. Now, if you want to know how many drinks you can make, you will be pleased to know that it has a 1 liter reservoir, so that is enough to get around 4-6 drinks.

Yes, when asking the question, what is the best Nespresso coffee machine? You have been inclined to respond with the name of this model, it is probably because it is the one for you. Below you can analyze its pros and cons.


One touch: This simple system will allow you to prepare different recipes with just the press of a few buttons. 

Cleaning: Since the milk container can be put in the dishwasher, it is very easy to keep it clean.

Quality: Its high-end finishes allow it to be a striking and decorative device.

Pressure: Its high-performance 19-bar pump may be enough to extract the flavor of each capsule, even those to prepare intense coffee.


Filling: If you want to prepare many drinks with milk consecutively, you must fill the tank with this ingredient in an amount proportional to the drinks. Which may be impractical for some users.

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Nespresso Inissia coffee machine

Krups Inissia

For those looking for a model that is easy to use, the Nespresso Inissia coffee machine is designed to meet this need, since it is enough to press a single button for the preparation process to be carried out. In addition, you can choose between espresso or lungo, so you will have the amount of drink you prefer without complications. On the other hand, its 19 bar pressure pump allows you to prepare a concentrated and aromatic coffee. 

Another feature that has been taken into account to design this model is that you probably feel so comfortable with it that you may want to take it with you. This will be very easy, as it has a top handle for comfortable transport. 

In addition, its compact dimensions make it a practical appliance, easy to place in a small space and with its modern style in vibrant tones, it could stand out in the environment. For all this, it well deserves to be among the best Nespresso coffee machines of 2022.

If, due to some user comments, which consider Krups to be the best brand of Nespresso coffee machines, you are interested in this model, here is more information.


Portable: Due to its compact, lightweight design and carrying handle, it is a model that you could even take with you if necessary.

Colours: You can choose this model in 2 colours, red and white, to match your preferences and decoration.

Energy saving: Its automatic shutdown system saves energy.

Thermoblock: Thanks to this system, you can get a hot coffee from the first drop.


Noise: It may not be the quietest coffee maker in the comparison, but it’s likely that because the coffee brews quickly it won’t be as uncomfortable.

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Coffee machine for Nespresso capsules

Krups Expert

We know that deciding which Nespresso coffee machine to buy is not an easy task, but if you are a coffee lover and demanding about its flavor and preparation, you will be pleased to discover this model, because it will allow you to adjust its use to create exclusive recipes. In addition, it is a modern device that will even allow you to connect the coffee maker to your mobile to make adjustments. So if you are about to buy a coffee machine for Nespresso capsules, but you are not convinced, this could be the best choice for you.

As far as its functions are concerned, it includes the possibility of choosing between a ristretto, lungo, Americano, espresso or simply hot water. In addition, you will not have to wait too long to prepare your coffee, since its heating technology allows it to be ready in just 25 seconds. Likewise, it should be noted that it has an original and sophisticated design, which is another point in favor of this interesting model.

Perhaps this is not one of the cheapest coffee machines, but due to the positive experience of users, it would be worth analyzing it in detail.


Bluetooth: Thanks to the fact that it has technology to connect in this way with your mobile or tablet, you can enjoy practical use from wherever you are.

Temperature: The model allows you to choose 3 types of temperature, a useful option for various drink recipes.

Pressure: Thanks to its pressure of 19 bars, it is considered a model suitable for extracting the flavor of your coffee effectively.

Auto Power Off: You can save energy with this useful feature that will turn off the device when it detects 9 minutes of inactivity.


Cost: You will probably find a more affordable cost model in our comparison, however, the qualities that make it special could compensate for this possible inconvenience.

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Nespresso mini coffee machine

Maison & White Portable

If you are looking for a cheap Nespresso coffee machine, be sure to check out this option that, among other advantages, offers you the possibility of enjoying your coffee wherever you decide, because it is a compact and portable model, which is also compatible with Nespresso capsules. Its size is just 21.5 x 7 cm, something that allows you to carry it even in your backpack or bag.

Another of the qualities that make it perhaps the best Nespresso coffee machine is its included filter, which is why it is defined as a very versatile gadget, since it also allows you to prepare your coffee from ground coffee, and even achieve a great espresso. Flavor and smell.

In addition, the way this Nespresso mini coffee machine is used is very simple, it does not need batteries or any connection to the electrical current and it is made from robust quality materials, so with proper care, it can last for a long time..

Below is a summary of the pros and cons of this coffee maker, which is one of the cheapest in our selection.


Portable: Due to its reduced size design, it is very easy to take this device wherever you decide.

Espresso: Its characteristics can allow the preparation of coffee even in its espresso mode, which could be of interest to you.

Aesthetics: Thanks to its design, it is not only efficient, but it is also a visually attractive device.

Versatile: Its filter and compatibility with capsules allow you to give it the use that best suits you in each situation.


Weight: Its weight of almost half a kilo may not make it the lightest device, but since it is made of robust materials, this could make up for it.

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Nespresso Pixie coffee machine

Krups Pixie

If you have heard a little about the Krups brand. You will probably be pleased to know that the Nespresso Pixie coffee machine is one of its most successful models on the market. It is an attractive model with a timeless and elegant design that will look great wherever you decide to place it, thanks to its combination of exterior materials that include metallic elements.

As far as its efficiency is concerned, you should know that it has a pressure of 19 bars, useful for achieving those concentrated and creamy espressos you want, while its Thermoblock technology will help ensure that the temperature is correct in each cup.

Also, if you like to experience new coffee flavors, you might be interested to know that this model includes a welcome set with exclusive aromas. So perhaps all these aspects will finally help you decide to buy a Nespresso coffee machine and enjoy its practicality on a day-to-day basis.

Now we present a summary of the most relevant of this model organized in a list of pros and cons.


Compact: Due to its small size, it is a model that you can keep on your countertop without causing inconvenience.

Use: Thanks to its one-touch system it is very easy to prepare your coffee.

Appearance: Its careful design makes this model very attractive, equipping your kitchen or office appropriately.

Alert: Since it includes an intelligent alert system, you can know when you should refill the tank.


Noise: Compared to other coffee machines, users mention that it is a model that could make a little more noise.

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Nespresso Essenza mini coffee maker

Krups Essenza Mini

Preparing your coffee in a simple way does not have to cost you too much money or effort, that is why we have included in our comparison an alternative that is one of the cheapest and with a good rating by users. We refer to the Nespresso Essenza coffee machine. 

Among the attributes that best characterize it is its compact size of 33 x 8.4 x 20.4 cm, dimensions that make it very easy to find a space in the home to always have it at hand. In addition, this Nespresso Essenza mini coffee machine is provided with an energy saving function, which consists of reducing its electricity consumption after 3 minutes of inactivity, which is complemented by an automatic shutdown when it is detected that it has reached 9 minutes of inactivity.. Likewise, it adds practicality by including a container for capsules that have already been used up to 9 capsules.

Then you will have the possibility to analyze with greater objectivity the best qualities and possible improvements of this model in the following list.


Compact: Because it offers small dimensions, it is a coffee maker that you can place in a small space.

Practical: Being easy to use, you won’t have to spend too much time going through the instruction manual to understand how to use it.

Efficient: Its pressure of 19 bars allows you to prepare drinks with a great aroma and flavor, something that is important in this type of device.

Cost: Due to its affordable cost, it can be an alternative to get a coffee maker without having to invest too much money.


Grill: Unlike other models, the lower grill does not tilt, which can be a small inconvenience.

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Guide to buying a Nespresso coffee machine

We know that when purchasing any device you want to get the best on the market, not only in qualities, but also in cost; In order for you to make the right purchase, we provide you with the following guide to buying the best Nespresso coffee machine, where we have gathered some of the features that you should not overlook when analyzing options.

Shopping guide


Nowadays, coffee makers are one of the appliances that are designed with the purpose of remaining placed on our kitchen counter throughout the day, which is why it is so important that their appearance is attractive. By fulfilling this quality, they can be an item that helps decorate the space with a touch of color or elegance. 

However, there is another aspect related to its design that should not be overlooked, and that is that its size must also be chosen in proportion to the dimensions of the space that we have available for this device. So you should have in mind where you are going to place it, even measure it, so that you do not find yourself with the surprise that you have exceeded yourself by purchasing a model that will be uncomfortable on a day-to-day basis.. Also, evaluate the number of people who will use it frequently, to determine if its capacity can meet your needs. Similarly, do not forget to evaluate the materials from which it is made. In this sense, what you could look for is that they are robust and easy to clean.

pressure bars

A point that we commonly read in the characteristics of a coffee maker is the number of bars of pressure that it can offer you, but sometimes we are not very clear about what this quality is for. To understand it, we must think that in order to extract its flavor and aroma from the coffee, it is better that the water passes through it very hot and quickly. This is especially important when you want to prepare a coffee with the characteristics of an expresso, which is short, intense and also creamy. In other words, with a small amount of water, it manages to concentrate all the flavor of the coffee.

So if you have a special preference for tasting this type of coffee, you should look for that coffee maker that, among other features, also offers a greater number of bars. In general, an average that could be considered sufficient is 15 bars, but you will probably find a good and cheap coffee machine capable of offering around 19 bars.


Preparing your drinks without involving an inconvenient job of cleaning later is also a point that we all want in a coffee maker. We invite you, when selecting a model for your comparison of Nespresso coffee machines, to also evaluate how much effort it takes to remove the anti-drip tray, the ease with which the water tank can be removed and if there is any other part that requires your attention each time you use the appliance. Thus, you will have an idea regarding the time you must invest to always keep it ready for its next use.

Practicality and use

At this point, we can find a wide variety of options on the market, they are available from those that despite being compatible with capsules, allow you to customize the coffee by deciding the amount of water manually.

In addition, they can highlight those that are completely automatic and that it is enough to press a button to carry out almost all the preparation work, and even those that you could program through your mobile phone from the comfort of your bed, so that at the time of get to the kitchen your drink is ready. Of course, this directly influences how much one model costs compared to another, but it could happen that you value your comfort more than the possibility of saving a few euros, so it is up to you to decide how automated your coffee maker should be. preference.

Finally, we will talk about ease of use. At this point, what we want to express is that nobody likes to face water tanks that are difficult to fill or put back in place, or that cleaning the appliance is too complex. For this reason, we invite you to review the user experience of those people who have tried the model that has been of interest to you. This way, you will have a better idea regarding their satisfaction at this point.

Frequently asked questions

Q1: How to clean a Nespresso coffee machine?

To achieve cleaning without damaging any components, what the manufacturers recommend is to use the special kit, but you can resort to the following basic method from time to time if you do not have such a kit. First, remove any capsules from the brewing reservoir and any empty capsules. Later, you will have to fill the container for the water, place a cup just like you do when you prepare coffee and allow the water to run until you have finished the tank.

Q2: How to open a Nespresso Krups coffee machine?

If for any specific reason you have to open your Krups coffee machine, the first thing you should do is remove the removable parts, such as the drip tray, the used capsule container and the water tank. Once you have achieved this, you should place your coffee maker horizontally, preferably lying on a soft cloth, to avoid any damage to its outer cover.

Perhaps the biggest challenge is removing the screws, since the shape of the head is special, but if you have a homemade tool with this figure, you will not have any difficulties. Once this is done, you will be able to remove the rest of the covers, always being very careful not to damage them. You can lever with some wooden clamp to remove them without deforming them.

Q3: How to make coffee in a Nespresso Delonghi coffee machine?

The basic way to prepare coffee in this type of coffee maker is by first placing a sufficient amount of water in the tank. Subsequently, proceed to turn on the coffee maker so that the heating process begins. Now, you must identify the place where the capsule is placed, insert it inside and close the lid. Once this is done, you need to verify that the power button has stopped flashing, indicating that it is ready to prepare the coffee and press it to start the process. Once the coffee has finished preparing, wait for the drops to stop falling and remove the cup, your coffee will be ready.

Q4: How to descale a Nespresso coffee machine

To carry out the process, have the special kit for this purpose at hand, remove any capsule from the tank and proceed to empty the content of the descaling sachet into the water tank. Later add clean water to fill it and place it back in its place, just as if you were going to prepare coffee. Now, you must activate the descaling mode of your model. Some models are activated by pressing the power button for 5 seconds, but you will need to verify this in the manual of your coffee maker.

Then, press the button to start the process and have a container on hand capable of capturing all the water that will come out. Repeat the procedure a second time, returning the water you have collected to the reservoir. Finally, fill the tank with clean water and allow the water to pass through twice. Deactivate the descaling mode and your coffee maker will be ready.

Q5: How can a Nespresso coffee machine be fixed?

Unless you have the technical preparation, a necessary quality to carry out this type of procedure, it is best that you contact the supplier, it may be possible to send your coffee maker to a specialized repair center that evaluates the problem and if it has solution.

Q6: How do you disassemble a Nespresso coffee machine?

To accomplish this task, you will need to have specific tools at hand, mainly screwdrivers for the type of special screws included in these coffee machines. Managing to remove these, the rest should not represent a major complication, it is only necessary to be careful not to exert too much force to remove the covers or you could break them.

How to use a Nespresso coffee machine

Nowadays, one of the easiest and most practical ways to prepare coffee is through a Nespresso machine. If you have one in your home, we invite you to read the following section, in which we offer you more information about what you should and should not do with this type of device, with the aim of making it last longer and achieve the drink you want without problems.

know your model

Although sometimes it can be tedious to review an instruction manual for any device, this is the best way to take advantage of all its advantages. For this reason, we recommend that if you have it at hand, do not rule out the opportunity to review it. You should especially look for the warnings included by its manufacturer, so it will be less likely that, by mistake, you will carry out an action that could lead to the deterioration of the device.

Avoid leaving the capsules in the coffee maker after use

One of the best recommendations you can follow to prevent deterioration of your coffee maker is simply to release the capsule after use so that it falls into the tank. This is due to the fact that by keeping it in this place, the heat to which the presser was subjected, the pressure and the temperature of the capsule, contribute to this piece reducing its estimated useful life. It is better that immediately after preparing your coffee, you release the capsule and release the presser.

Descale every so often

Even if you use clean water to prepare your coffee, it is normal for some traces of limescale to adhere to both the tank and the internal system of the Nespresso coffee machine with use. Over time, this can even alter the flavor of your coffee, as well as being a potential risk for the ducts to become clogged.

Before this problem occurs, it is best to resort to a very simple preventive action. You will only have to give your model a deep cleaning every so often, which will be determined depending on how often you use your model. In other words, if you manage to prepare more than 4 or 5 drinks a day on average, you will have to carry out the decalcification process bimonthly or quarterly, while if it is a question of one drink a day, perhaps you can postpone this task and do it twice a year.

Use the indicated products

One of the most frequent mistakes when cleaning Nespresso coffee machines is using ingredients that are not suitable for this task. Remember that these are delicate devices, and the type of materials that make them up, could be sensitive to certain types of acids, for this reason, it is not always a good idea to use, for example, vinegars, since the pH of this type of product could damage systems. It is better that you anticipate purchasing the indicated descaling kit, the results that you can obtain with this type of product are very good and it is specially formulated for your coffee maker.

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