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Neutral soaps – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis in 2022

The benefits of using a neutral soap go beyond caring for our skin, as they also contribute to caring for the environment, because its natural components do not contaminate the water as they are totally biodegradable. Currently, the offer of these products is very wide, but when making a comparison we find the Agrado Fresh Melon Gel, available in a 750 ml presentation and whose fragrance lasts after bathing. But, if you are looking for a neutral soap suitable for the hands, we recommend the 5 -liter DF Aloe Vera E-255A Purchasing, ideal for supplying dispensers in public and personal bathrooms.

Opinions on the best neutral soaps

With all the offers on the market in the category of neutral soaps, it is not easy to choose a specific one. For this reason, we want to help you with our selection of the best neutral soaps of 2022, based on their characteristics, ingredients and the opinion of other users that allow us to carry out an objective analysis of the products presented.

Neutral pH soap

Pleasure Fresh Melon Gel

If you are looking for a shower product that foams, leaves you with a pleasant fragrance and is a soap with a neutral pH, many users recommend this Agrado bath gel that has all the properties of melon to benefit your skin. 

Its use can be daily, since its natural ingredients moisturize the skin without affecting its pH. On the other hand, irritations are avoided, since it has been dermatologically tested to ensure its innocuousness, which is why some users consider it the best neutral soap.

The foaming action of this gel gives a feeling of freshness and cleanliness that can last all day. To use it, it is recommended to moisten the skin well, massage the entire body with the gel until abundant foam is obtained, and then rinse completely. 

Due to all its characteristics, this product is considered by some buyers as the best neutral soap of the moment, so we summarize its pros and cons below.


Composition: The neutral pH of this product, combined with natural ingredients, offers good skin care and hydration. 

Presentation: This product comes in a 750 ml plastic bottle that provides a good period of use, according to your hygienic habits. 

Fragrance: The smell of fresh melon is very pleasant, as well as natural and long-lasting, according to users.

Utility: This bath gel is suitable for daily use, you can also use it in the bathtub and for hand washing. 


Disinfectant: This product lacks disinfectant elements to complement its effectiveness in daily hygiene. 

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Balea Med Sensitive skin 500 ml

Many times we do not give importance to the products that we use for frequent washing of our hands, leaving this part of the body exposed to irritation or alteration of the natural acidity of the skin. So, if you want to know which is the best neutral soap designed for hand washing, we recommend this Balea Med product which, according to the manufacturer, is a soap-free washing lotion with a pH of 5.5.

The formula of this product is designed for sensitive skin, so its function is to preserve the level of acidity in the skin while deeply moisturizing it, thus increasing its flexibility. 

This lotion can well be considered a neutral pH soap that you can use to refill the soap dispenser in your private bathroom or in its presentation itself, because it is manageable. 

For those who do not know what neutral soap to buy for their hands, we recommend reviewing the summary information on this product separated into positive and negative aspects. 


Formula: This lotion avoids the traditional formula to use ingredients that do not alter the acidity of the skin, maintaining a pH of 5.5.

Packaging: It comes in a 500 ml twist-top bag that can be considered handy for refilling your soap dispenser. 

Benefits: This product moisturizes the most sensitive skin, cleanses the hands and does not cause irritation. 

Brand: Balea has specialized in making hygiene products for sensitive skin with moisturizing and protective formulas. 


Price: Some users consider that the product has a high price, but for the quantity of the product, it can last long enough before you need to buy another one. 

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Neutral liquid soap or

DF Aloe Vera E-255A

As the best value-for-money neutral soap, many users suggest this Compracleaning product, as it is a 5-liter hand gel that is suitable for supplying dispensers in common, public or high-traffic restrooms.

This liquid neutral soap has aloe vera in its composition, so the people who use it take advantage of all the properties of this plant to promote the moisturizing and health of the skin of the hands.

The cleaning power of this product and its mild fragrance are also characteristics that we must mention, in addition to its performance, representing a good investment for users. 

As for the presentation, this soap comes in a bottle with a security seal that prevents spills during shipment, and after opening the sealing gasket secures the product.  

If you are interested in this soap, do not miss reading the summary of its characteristics so that you can make an intelligent decision and invest your money well, as it is one of the cheapest in this selection. 


Aloe Vera: This soap has the moisturizing and protective properties of aloe vera to care for the skin of the hands.

Fragrance: When using this soap, the hands are left with a soft aroma. 

Savings: The 5-liter presentation of this product and its low cost favor savings on your family or business expenses. 

Formula: The neutral pH formula is suitable for people with sensitive skin, as it prevents irritation and the appearance of dermatitis.  


Label: Despite its biodegradable ingredients, this product lacks an eco-label. 

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Neutral Roberts R905437

Another recommended neutral liquid soap is this one from Neutro Roberts, a brand specializing in hygiene products for sensitive skin.

In the case of this soap, which is also one of the cheapest in our selection, we can mention that its formula does not contain parabens, but it does include natural glycerin, which works as an emollient with great action to moisturize the driest skin.

As for its presentation, it comes in a convenient 300 ml capacity bottle and a dispenser that allows you to regulate the amount of liquid so as not to waste the product during hygiene. 

This soap has been dermatologically tested to verify its harmlessness on the skin, in addition to having very positive evaluations by its users not only in Europe but in America as well, being one of the most popular products of this manufacturer. 

Due to its range of hygiene products for sensitive skin, Neutro Roberts is considered by many customers to be the best brand of neutral soaps, which is why we have listed the characteristics of this soap in particular, separating the pros from the cons. 


Hydration: This soap has natural glycerin to take advantage of its moisturizing properties and benefit dry and sensitive skin. 

Dispenser: The container includes a dispenser to avoid wasting soap and use only the necessary amount in each wash.

Utility: This soap has been dermatologically tested, so it is less likely to cause adverse reactions on sensitive skin.

Endorsement: The Neutro Roberts brand has specialized in neutral pH products and natural ingredients for skin care. So you have extensive experience.


Quantity: The 300 ml container may seem a bit expensive, however the dispenser favors the duration of the soap.

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Neutral soap for the face

Naturated En Provence Extra Pure XXL

Face care requires specialized products so as not to alter its pH or cause irritation, which is why Naturado’s neutral soap for the face is highly recommended by users and specialists.

The formula with vegetable glycerin and free of parabens is suitable for daily use, it also does not contain fragrances, so the most sensitive skin can benefit from this product. In addition, its use can be extended, being suitable as a shower soap in order to take advantage of its properties throughout the body.

For its part, the artisan production uses ingredients that come from organic farming, being a vegan product positively valued by all its buyers. 

Regarding the presentation, this soap comes in a 1-liter container with a dispenser that makes it easier to extract, so as not to waste the product and it can be used by the whole family.  

Now we summarize the characteristics of this soap so that you can make an easier comparison with the rest of the products that we suggest in this selection.


Elaboration: It is a soap made with the old cauldron technique under a quality process, using natural and organic ingredients.

Presentation: The 1 liter bottle makes it ideal for daily use as part of the hygiene routine of the whole family. 

Properties: It is indicated for sensitive skin because it gently cleanses thanks to its neutral pH, so as not to alter the acidity of the skin.

Certificates: Cosmebio and Ecocert are the certifications that support the organic origin of the product. 


Fragrance: Some users miss a fragrance in the soap. But, because it is an organic product, it dispenses with additive elements. 

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Neutral soap for tattoos

Al Skin Natural Cosmetic Tattoo Gel

Tattoo care depends largely on the products used to wash the skin, for this reason it is recommended to use a neutral soap for tattoos like this one from Al Skin Natural, which has been formulated to help with healing and hydration. of tattooed skin.

The healing capacity of this gel is determined by the microalgae Dunaliella Salina, which is widely used in cosmetics due to its antioxidant properties. In addition, the formula of this gel does not contain parabens, sulfates and other aggressive additives for the natural pH of the skin. 

This product is presented as a totally vegan soap and its 250 ml container is very comfortable to use at bath time. As for its appearance, it is a light brown gel with a pleasant fragrance, so you can use it daily during the first weeks of your tattoo to promote healing. 

Highlighting the main characteristics of this soap will help you discern if it is the product you need. So be sure to review the pros and cons that we present below. 


Purpose: The formula of this gel helps heal the skin with tattoos and keep it hydrated.

Ingredients: This product is vegan and does not contain parabens or sulfates, and its main component is the microalgae Dunaliella Salina that accelerates healing.

Packaging: The gel comes in a 250 ml presentation with a lid that facilitates its opening and dosage.

Assessment: Users who have used this neutral soap express very positive comments for its effectiveness, consistency and pleasant aroma. 


Cost: The value of this product is somewhat high, but its usefulness compensates for the investment.

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How to choose the best neutral soap?

Neutral soaps help care for and moisturize the skin, but to buy the right product it is necessary to know certain aspects, of which we have summarized in this guide to buy the best neutral soap, so that you can start using products natural for the care of your skin. 

Shopping guide


Although we are used to using soaps that we see in advertisements because they offer certain benefits or are made with certain ingredients, the reality is that the pH of these products is not neutral. For this reason, some end up drying out our skin or causing allergies in sensitive skin.

But, to understand what it is when we talk about pH, we must explain the concept of this term, understood as the unit that measures the alkalinity and the degree of acidity of a given substance. This unit is measured on a scale that goes from 0 for the maximum acidity to 14 for the maximum alkalinity.

In the case of human skin, the pH is 5.5, so it is recommended to use neutral soaps with this same level, which, although slightly acidic, offer benefits for skin care and hydration.


Currently, organic cosmetics has extended the use of natural ingredients to offer organic hygiene products that, in addition to caring for the skin, are biodegradable.

In this sense, when making a comparison of neutral soaps, vegan products are among the favorites of users who want to be sure that they do not use elements tested on animals in their hygiene. 

It is very important to check the list of ingredients of the soaps and how they are made to know their natural origin. Likewise, there are numerous products that have ecological certifications that account for their respectful formulas with the environment. 

It is worth mentioning that plants and essential oils are the main components in neutral soaps, with aloe vera being one of the favorites in the preparation of these hygiene products. For its part, some kinds of seaweed are also used in cosmetics to provide more properties to neutral soaps in their different presentations. 


People who do not take care of their skin generally use the same soap for the whole body, face and hand washing, unaware that there are areas where the type of skin deserves special care and products formulated specifically for these areas.

Consequently, you will be able to find cheap neutral soap specifically for the hands on the market, but also products to use all over the body, or just for the face, allowing you to satisfy the moisturizing needs of each part.

Similarly, specialized formulas for sensitive, dry or dermatitis skin are also very popular, since people who suffer from these conditions must be very careful when choosing a soap for their hygiene.

Likewise, there are soaps specially designed for the treatment of tattooed skin that help healing and proper moisturizing. In short, you can get a neutral soap for each of your needs, although this directly affects how much it costs, but they are worthwhile investments for the care of the largest organ of our body. 


Regarding this point, the neutral soap market also offers numerous options that adapt to the needs and budget of each user, being possible to obtain bar, cream or gel soap. 

Similarly, the packaging of the product can vary according to use and volume, since it is common to get presentations of 750 ml or 1 liter for use in the shower, also having dispensers to choose the correct amount for each application.

On the other hand, there are liquid soaps in presentations of 5 liters or more that are suitable for refilling dispensers in public restrooms. While there are other products, formulated for hands or for a specific use that come in smaller packages. 

So the choice of soap, with respect to the presentation, will depend on your evaluation of its value for money and whether or not it satisfies your real demand. 

Brand and valuation

To make an intelligent purchase of any product, it is always important to review the trajectory of the brand that manufactures them and the assessment that users have made of the product that interests you, as well as of the others that the manufacturer has in stock to know their quality. through opinions.

In the case of neutral soaps, it is always an advantage to opt for recognized brands or manufacturers. However, the rise of natural cosmetics and incipient manufacturers of totally organic products also make it a favorable investment to bet on neutral soaps that are coming onto the market and that have ecological certifications due to the harmlessness of their components and the positive properties for care. of the skin. 

Frequently asked questions

Q1: How to know if a soap is neutral?

Before buying the soap you can check with the seller or the manufacturer to find out what the pH of that product is. But, if you already have the soap at home, you can buy pH meter strips in specialized stores, whose operation lies in the change of color depending on the acidity or alkalinity of the product. To use it, you must moisten the soap that you want to test and rub the litmus strip on the surface, then it will change color and you must review the instructions to know what pH level it has according to the change in tonality on the strip. 

Q2: How to make a liquid neutral soap?

Thinking about taking advantage and saving, there is a way to make liquid soap using the remains of neutral bar soap that we sometimes have left at home. To do this you will need 1 liter of distilled water, grated soap residue so that they remain as shavings, two tablespoons of essential oils or dried herb extracts and one tablespoon of glycerin.

The procedure is very simple, you just have to put the distilled water in a bain-marie and when it is hot, add the soap shavings little by little while mixing with a plastic spoon. The remains of soap should be well dissolved and then the mixture is removed from the heat to add the glycerin without stopping stirring. Finally, essential oils or plant extracts are added, and it is allowed to cool well before packaging.

Q3: What is neutral soap used for on the face?

Neutral soap does not produce reactions on the skin, so its formula is indicated to deeply cleanse the face, as it inhibits the stimulation of the sebaceous glands. In addition, the glycerin in the neutral soap provides hydration to keep the skin moisturized and protected. 

Q4: What is neutral soap made of?

In general, neutral soaps can be made from animal feed, but with the ecofriendly trend, organic cosmetics have been opted for, so the use of essential oils from plants is currently more widespread for their preparation. Also, the use of dyes, artificial fragrances and other chemicals is dispensed with, so it does not cause skin allergies. 

Q5: What is the neutral pH of the soap?

The pH of the skin is 5.5, therefore neutral soaps have the same pH or at least a close one. For this reason, they do not incorporate chemical additives or artificial flavorings that can alter the natural barrier of the skin. 

Q6: How to make neutral soap?

One of the traditional techniques for making neutral soap is hot. To do this, you can use a Thermomix to make the mixture and a pot to simmer all the ingredients. 

It is recommended to take certain precautions for the use of caustic soda in the preparation, such as making the mixture in an open and ventilated place, in addition to wearing gloves. Now, the first thing you should do is dilute 105 grams of caustic soda in 250 ml of distilled water, mix well and very carefully, and then bring it to a simmer and add 720 grams of olive oil or recycled cooking oil. In this step you can use the thermomix or a mixer for exclusive use to mix the solution in the pot at very low speed, until you achieve a homogeneous consistency while cooking. You can also add flower petals, essential oils, oatmeal and natural flavorings to decorate and provide a pleasant fragrance to the soap, without forgetting to add 3 tablespoons of vegetable glycerin. 

Now, you must raise the heat and let the mixture cook, stirring every ten minutes for half an hour, then lower the heat and let it cook for another 30 minutes but covered and stirring several times. After this time, remove the lid from the pot, continue stirring and cook for another half hour. Then, you must take the mixture to the chosen molds and let them dry for 24 hours, so that a day later you will have your neutral soaps ready to use. 

Q7: Until when should I wash the baby’s clothes with neutral soap?

Most of the mothers consulted comment that they wash the baby’s clothes with neutral soap during the first three months, others do it only in the first month. But, this aspect will depend on the sensitivity of your baby’s skin, since you can try washing a couple of clothes with the rest of the family’s clothes and test if it generates any reaction or allergy. If the baby tolerates it well, then you can start washing her clothes like the other members of the family. 

Q8: What neutral soap is good for acne?

In the market there are different types of neutral soaps recommended for the treatment of acne, but it is best to have a dermatological evaluation and have a specialist tell you which is the best neutral soap to treat your type of acne, because even if it seems like a condition very common, there are different degrees of acne and they vary according to the type of skin, age, sex and genetic conditions, among other factors. 

How to use a neutral soap

When you decide to change your hygiene habits and buy biodegradable products for your personal care, it is very useful to learn how to use a neutral soap to know all the applications that you can give this functional product. Here we briefly explain how to use it. 

facial cleansing

Washing your face daily with the products indicated for your skin type will help keep your pores clean and inhibit the production of oil to prevent the appearance of blackheads. In this sense, neutral soap is very useful for removing oil from the skin, moisturizing it and helping to treat acne. To do this, it is recommended to moisten the soap and the skin, applying the product to the face with gentle movements, then you must make circular massages rubbing the soap. Finally, it should be rinsed with cold water to help close the pores.

avoid irritation

If your skin is very sensitive and quickly irritated, using neutral soap for your body hygiene will prevent the appearance of rosettes, itching and other allergic symptoms because it is a product that does not contain chemical additives that make it react. So daily, you can bathe with this soap following the instructions for use or bathing as usual. You should know that some neutral soaps foam less than the products we are used to, and this has no influence on their cleaning capacity, it is just a sample of the qualities of the oil used for the saponification process.

Hair care

Many people are unaware of the usefulness of neutral soap for dandruff and seborrhea problems on the scalp, and even if you don’t have any of these conditions, you can use this soap to wash your hair and control oil production. Likewise, it serves to maintain the color for longer in dyed hair and prevent hair loss. You just have to wash your hair as usual, replacing the chemical products with the neutral soap of your choice or one formulated especially for hair.


In the event that one or several members of the family suffer from allergies, it is recommended to wash the clothes for daily use with neutral soap, as well as the bedding and blankets. In this sense, many pediatricians recommend that babies’ clothes be washed only with neutral soap to avoid allergies in the delicate skin of the little one.

dermatitis treatment

Many times we use products such as detergents or dishwashers that can cause dermatitis on the hands or the whole body. For these cases, you can use neutral soap several times a day until the dermatitis subsides completely or until the specialist indicates it. Likewise, people who suffer from eczema and skin lesions or diseases such as psoriasis, can also take advantage of the benefits of neutral soap in their daily hygiene, including washing dishes, clothes and body.

tattoo care

For your new tattoos you need to maintain asepsis and delicate care to help the skin heal. In this case, you can use the neutral soap a couple of times a day during the first weeks of the tattoo, gently washing and rubbing the tattoo area with the soapy solution, then rinsing well and drying the skin with light movements.

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