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Nitrile Gloves – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis

The options available for latex, nitrile, vinyl, and neoprene gloves are wide-ranging and sometimes even confusing. However, the nitrile ones represent important advantages, especially for those people whose allergy to latex can cause very unpleasant reactions. With the Padgene 26002-A-ML gloves, your hands are protected with premium nitrile with a textured finish that ensures a firm, comfortable grip for a variety of tasks. The extra strength combined with the flexibility of the Gentle Touch 0513 gloves will allow the best performance and safety in hairdressing, hygiene, automotive activities and more.

The 9 Best Nitrile Gloves – Opinions 2022

The use of nitrile gloves stands out in various fields of industry ranging from automotive to medical. The options that we suggest provide specifications that seek the greatest comfort, resistance and protection for those who use them.

Blue nitrile gloves


1. Padgene Industrial Plastic Nitrile Disposable Gloves

Among the selection of the best nitrile gloves of 2022, Padgene products could not be left out. These blue nitrile gloves have high elasticity that ensures donning and use without the propensity to tear. Its elastic attribute plus its density give you a guarantee that your hands will not be left unprotected in full task. 

They have improved workability thanks to a slim, curved design that makes them suitable to be adjusted and used in both hands. In addition, a textured zone in the area of ​​the fingers facilitates the firmness of the grip even when they are wet. 

There are 100 pieces that the manufacturer recommends for use when protection is warranted when handling beauty, cleaning and food products. Similarly, they are very safe gloves for activities such as repairing parts or work in the industrial sector. 

The versatility and tactile sensitivity taken care of by Padgene position it as the best brand of nitrile gloves. These blues have more qualities to emphasize.


Sizes: They will be very comfortable in size M palms that measure between 85 and 105 mm and size L between 100 and 120mm. 

Elasticity: Their flexible and resistant elastic effect makes them withstand repeated kneading and stretching.

Allergies: The risk of allergic reactions is totally minimized, since they are free of latex and powder.

Certification: They have the SGS certification that guarantees compliance with sanitary standards for handling food. 


Sizes: The smallest size is M, so small hands that wear size S will have to find another option.

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2. Hizek 100 pieces blue gloves, without talcum powder

One of the main advantages that the best nitrile gloves offer is having a high level of sensitivity. This model is three times stronger than latex and vinyl, but maintains a very good feeling of touch thanks to its textured design on the fingers. 

There are 100 blue nitrile gloves that make 50 pairs resistant to abrasion, acids and alkalis, which makes them totally suitable for working with chemical experiments, painting, cleaning products and in medical laboratories. Similarly, unlike gloves made with other materials, these do not give off odors that prevent food handling. 

Although they are disposable, their nitrile rubber makes them difficult to break and their excellent elastic effect gives them great resistance to puncture damage or high stretching, allowing for long-term use when needed. 

In short, these and other good features make them one of the best alternatives on the market. 


Antiallergic: These are gloves free of talcum powder and latex, which are elements that could cause allergies. 

Sizes: Apart from offering the option of size S for small hands, the brand also offers the most common sizes M and L. 

Resistance: The superior resistance of their material is capable of keeping them intact, even against objects that could pierce. 


Use: In case of use to manipulate chemicals, the manufacturer warns that they should not be solutions with more than 50% acid concentration.

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Black nitrile gloves


3. Gentle Touch 0513 Nitrile Disposable Glove

These black nitrile gloves are manufactured by a multinational brand whose commitment to the development of individual worker protection products is its main objective. Its specialty has been to build a world dedicated to gloves in which it is able to provide the right type according to the needs of each area, whether they are reusable or disposable gloves. 

This model is intended, in particular, for medical use and food processing and handling. However, in hairdressing and DIY they can have great performance too. In addition to not containing latex among its manufacturing materials, its interior is free of dust, reducing the risk of allergic reactions. 

There are 100 units of size M gloves that will fit very well on the hand thanks to the flexibility of the nitrile. This material allows great adaptability and excellent precision.

Without a doubt, their qualities can position them as the best nitrile gloves of the moment for those who are allergic to latex. In addition, they are an option with more to offer. 


Design: These disposable gloves have an ambidextrous design, so they fit perfectly on either hand. 

Color: Its black color hides stains, which is good if it bothers you to see them when you apply dyes, for example.

Finishes: To ensure correct sensitivity and comfort, the fingers are textured and the cuffs have ribs. 


Non-sterile: These gloves are non-sterile, so for the medical part they have their limitations.

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4. Baipin Powder Free Disposable Black Nitrile Gloves

These black nitrile gloves are a purchase alternative with which you will feel that you did not waste your money. On the contrary, there are 50 pairs that meet the objective of protecting your hands when you are cleaning, handling products with chemical content, doing mechanical work and even gardening. 

In addition to their manufacturing material, a whole textured area on their fingers makes them, in the same way, suitable and ideal for direct contact and food preparation. The protection of these gloves will prevent your hands and nails from getting impregnated or smelling of those spices full of aromas that you only want in your meals.

The maximum size of this model is XL, but you can also get it in smaller sizes such as L and M that will fit very well without causing allergies thanks to the absence of dust. 

To decide on which nitrile gloves to buy that give you confidence in terms of quality, we will tell you more about the characteristics of this model. 


Versatility: Its uses are very varied and it does an excellent job when handling fatty foods or foods that leave a lot of smell. 

No allergies: It reduces the risk of allergies very effectively thanks to the fact that it does not have latex or powders.  

Ambidextrous: There are 100 gloves whose ambidextrous design allows you to take two from their box to form a pair without problem. 


Disposable: Despite its great resistance, it must be taken into account that this model has been designed to be discarded and not reused.

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Powder Free Nitrile Gloves


5. Maurer 15030634 Nitrile Disposable Gloves

Being totally sure about which are the best nitrile gloves that are offered in the market can be a difficult task. The manufacture and number of proposals with this material is increasing by recognized brands in the sector.

These powder-free nitrile gloves are part of the solution found by many people who, due to the characteristics of their work, must wear gloves, but are often allergic to elements such as latex and talcum powder.

In addition to the guarantee of a one hundred percent nitrile material, it is a CE CAT 1 approved product, which increases the reliability of your purchase. 

Its synthetic rubber is disposable and non-sterile, designed to be resistant and functional in light mechanical maintenance and cleaning work, in laboratories and in the industrial sector. This, as long as it is not about handling elements considered dangerous contaminants.    

Let’s learn more about the attributes that can make these gloves your best decision to acquire with full confidence.


Box: There are 100 units that are protected and presented in a dispenser box that allows you to touch only those that are needed. 

Design: Any blue glove you take out of the box will fit perfectly on both the left and right hand.

Waterproof: Your hands are protected from any contact or penetration of liquid when using them thanks to their waterproof feature. 


Thinness: Although they promise great resistance to tearing, the feeling when placing them may be that they are very thin and could break.

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6. SF Medical Products GmbH Clear Nitrile Gloves

Thanks to a composition free of allergenic proteins, this powder-free nitrile glove option offers minimization of the risk of unpleasant skin reactions.

In the same way, they are ideal and highly recommended gloves to be used in the general medicine, veterinary medicine, cosmetics, food and industry sectors. 

There are 200 pieces that fit very well to the hands to protect them up to the wrists with their rolled edge. They feel a reasonable thickness that protects while maintaining a good tactile feel that allows for an excellent level of dexterity for when performing other tasks around the home or workplace. 

In addition to a good price for this number of units, they are gloves that have the support of an international manufacturer that does not neglect the quality of its medical products. 

In addition to the advantageous properties of nitrile as a processing material, more positive qualities can be highlighted in this product. 


Protection: Beyond excellent resistance to most chemical products, its brand guarantees protection against infections. 

Adjustment: Its size M will fit very well and to the extent in either of the two hands thanks to its ambidextrous design. 

Resistance: These are gloves that offer resistance to chemical products such as acids and alkalis, as well as possible breakage. 


Single use: Despite their tear resistance, the manufacturer warns that these gloves have been designed for single use.

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Disposable nitrile gloves


7. Baban Nitrile Gloves

This is one of the best options in disposable nitrile gloves with hypoallergenic characteristics that can be found on the market. Its idea is to prevent allergies and not cause them by its use. Therefore, they do not contain latex, powder, phthalate, amino compounds or silicone oil among their ingredients.

The manufacturer has taken care of an advanced technology formula in its preparation that guarantees they feel very soft to the touch and be highly elastic to facilitate bending. They are ideal for the multiple activities that are carried out in the home from the kitchen to the grooming of pets.

These 100 white gloves come in three sizes to choose from and for which it will be enough to measure the palm of the hand for a correct selection. The S corresponds to 8 or less centimeters, the M for 9 cm and the L for 10 cm. 

Knowing additional attributes of these gloves will help you consider them as a great option to purchase. 


Certificates: Confidence in the purchase increases thanks to its FDA and SFDA food-grade certifications.

Thickness: Compared to the common thickness of 0.1mm of others, the thickness of these Baban gloves has been increased to 0.12mm for greater resistance.

Adjustment: Its design takes into account in detail the contour of the hand so that the adjustment to the palm and fingers is excellent and allows its comfortable use.


Reuse: The manufacturer warns that, despite their resistance, they are disposable gloves that must be replaced after use.

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Pink nitrile gloves


8. Pair JVL Nitrile Feel Multi-Purpose Gardening Gloves

Although their design has been thought for different purposes of use, the performance of these pink nitrile gloves in the garden is optimal. Gardening has a multiplicity of tasks that undoubtedly leave traces of smell and dirt on your hands when you don’t protect them with gloves when spreading compost, weeding or planting seeds.

So, in addition to evoking the beauty of flowers with their color, these medium-sized gloves give you the protection of nitrile to protect you from dirt and possible punctures by small thorns without leaving your hands feeling ventilated and fresh. 

In addition to allowing a comfortable grip that helps the effectiveness of movement in each task, they are among the best price-quality nitrile gloves that any woman can acquire to work safely in her orchards.       

Apart from being one of the cheapest glove alternatives, let’s go over the reasons to be recommended for garden-loving hands.


Fabric: On the back, they have an open fabric coated in nitrile that provides comfortable ventilation and breathability. 

Fit: The snug fit on your wrist fits great and leaves no room for dirt to get in. 

Multipurpose: Its fully grease and oil resistant palm allows you to carry out other tasks apart from gardening.


Quantity: Unlike other types of nitrile gloves that come in box quantities, this is a purchase of a single pair of gloves. 

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Long nitrile gloves


9. Ansell AlphaTec 58-330 Long Nitrile Work Gloves

This proposal for long nitrile gloves is the best when you are looking for advanced protection in both chemical and mechanical work. Its EN ISO 374-1:2016 and EN 374:2003 certifications certify that its materials and safety level have passed relevant penetration, permeation and degradation tests. 

For its part, the EN 388:2003 standard has been won by the protection against mechanical risks and the good performance they offer against abrasion, cutting, tearing and perforation. As if that were not enough, its EN ISO 374-5:2016 certificate confirms its protective barrier against microorganisms such as bacteria and fungi. 

In conclusion, there are 12 pairs of gloves that are certainly not among the cheapest, but whose superior level of protection makes them one of the safest alternatives in work situations that can be considered unavoidable risk. 

The excellent characteristics of these gloves do not end here, but they have much more to offer. 


Coating: These gloves are armored with a double layer nitrile coating against punctures and contact with harmful substances. 

Aquadri: They are equipped with Aquadri technology that controls moisture to feel comfortable without excessive perspiration. 

Sizes: You can choose your package of gloves in different sizes that go from the smallest to the largest with the numbering 7, 8, 9, 10 and 11.


Price: Given the purpose of their manufacture, they are gloves with a specific design that makes them have a high cost.

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Shopping guide 

Given the certain possibility of allergic reactions to latex for many people, this guide to buying the best nitrile gloves will guide you to consider the most important selection criteria to choose the ideal pair of gloves. Nitrile has become one of the most sought-after alternatives among synthetic gloves thanks to advantages such as reducing allergies and being very resistant.


The categorization of nitrile gloves is attributed to whether they are medical or industrial grade. The first type is also referred to as examination gloves and must be certified as having been adequately tested in order to be recommended for protection against bloodborne or environmental pathogens. This type of gloves should not be missing in hospitals, dental offices and laboratories.

Industrial grade nitrile gloves are suggested for solvents or hazardous liquid products, as well as tasks in the world of mechanics. In these, high performance is sought in such important aspects as chemical resistance and puncture support. They are generally used in the automotive, cleaning and food handling sectors. 

For this classification, you must be very attentive to the manufacturer’s suggestion of use, which is guided by the thickness of the gloves measured in thousandths of an inch. For industrial applications, the thicker ones are usually more beneficial and the thinner ones are like another skin that allows maximum sensitivity to the touch for other tasks. 


When comparing nitrile gloves, the design becomes relevant. If all the options have the advantages of this material, then the small details make one proposal different from another. 

For example, regardless of the thickness of the gloves, their resistance capacity is very high, and a thin one can have the same tensile strength and resistance as a thick one. However, a textured design on the fingertips will provide better grip in both dry and wet conditions. 

Look closely at the specification of their shape and for which hand they are intended. One of the best alternatives are ambidextrous gloves that fit very well to the contours of the fingers and palms of both the left and right hands. 

Although the standard colors are blue, black and white, there are brands that manufacture them in different and striking colors such as green, purple, pink and orange, among others. In industries where there are different manufacturing lines or procedures that require the use of gloves, it might be a good idea to purchase them in different colors to categorize and help distinguish processes. 


You can find single pair options, packs with dozens of pairs and even boxes containing 500 units. The number of gloves and whether they come in dispenser boxes or packs influence how much each presentation costs.

Also, you can read in their description if they are with or without powder. If you are not allergic, you can find in the powder ones a way for moisture to be absorbed for fresh hands. The dust-free ones minimize any possibility of allergic reaction and, in general, they are subjected to a chlorinated finish during their manufacturing process that guarantees the reduction of stickiness. 

Similarly, you cannot underestimate the importance of size and length. You find those that cover up to the wrist or reach the forearm. It is advisable that, if you really like a color or design and there is no availability in your size, do not buy it.

There is no doubt that a good fit in your hand is essential. Therefore, you must find between the measurements that go from size XS to XL. Even if you think you know your size, it doesn’t hurt to carefully read the centimeters of width of the palm suggested by the manufacturer for each size. 


The use that you will give it and the frequency with which you must do it will guide you to the search for an economical glove that does not give up quality performance in the context that is required. If the idea is to use gloves for food processing and handling, you should make sure that they specify to be food grade and powder free. Only then, they are safe for direct contact with food.  

For the protection of the hands when cures must be performed or help with hygiene to people or pets, certified nitrile gloves with protection barriers against microorganisms are the most indicated. 

In short, the type, design, form of presentation and the intended use are important determinants for the nitrile gloves that you are going to choose.

Frequently asked questions

Q1: How to use nitrile gloves? 

The first thing to keep in mind is that cleaning and drying your hands before and after using the gloves is paramount. Before using them because you don’t want to dirty or contaminate them and afterwards, since there is never 100% certainty that during use there has been no leak or tear.

When making sure you have chosen the correct size to achieve a good and comfortable fit, take one from the box or package, pass your hand through the opening and then adjust the fingers and palm by pulling it towards the wrist until it is covered. Thus, perform the same procedure with the second hand. 

To remove them, pinch the glove at the outer edge of its opening without touching your skin, hold it and pull down turning it inside out until you reach the end of the fingers. To save foresight, hold the glove you just removed with your other hand. Introducing two of the fingers already freed through the inside of the other glove, it is removed by turning it over. 

In this way, you only touch the inner part avoiding getting contaminated, dirty or stained depending on the use you have given them. After disposing of them in the corresponding garbage container, sanitize your hands again.


Q2: Where are nitrile gloves thrown away? 

If you use them at home, for your household waste management they should be thrown in the waste container. It is clear that there should be no confusion and that nitrile gloves do not correspond to the yellow container intended for plastic wrap, cans and brics. 

When they are used by the health personnel of a hospital or health center, whether or not they have been in contact with a patient with some type of infection, the disposal of these gloves is governed by the regional regulation for medical waste. If you are sure that a sick person was treated with them, there is a protocol by the Ministry of Health to throw them in the same plastic bag along with the other materials used for care.

Although the action of recycling nitrile gloves is still restricted to only a few sectors such as pharmaceuticals and laboratories, it is interesting to know that the first steps are being taken worldwide by some organizations such as TerraCycle to undertake glove recycling programs. of nitrile in Europe.

Q3: Which is better: vinyl or nitrile gloves? 

Although vinyl gloves are an indisputably cheaper alternative, you must honestly assess the risks of the task you are about to undertake. Both have in common that they are latex-free, so they represent a use with minimal propensity to develop allergic reactions. However, talking about protection is something else. 

Vinyl gloves are a good option for when tasks do not require high levels of protection and are short in time. They are widely used in the food industry. For its part, the high resistance to punctures and diversity of chemicals make nitrile ideal for providing protection in high-risk and long-term situations. 


Q4: What are black nitrile gloves used for? 

Although the true classification of nitrile gloves, in terms of protection, depends on their thickness and not on their color, a dark shade such as black can be very useful when used in automotive workshops, beauty salons or centers. of tattoos. However, it is just a matter of taste. 

The dissimulation of grease in mechanical jobs that involve cleaning pieces soaked with hydrocarbons and oils or stains from the application of dyes at home or in a beauty salon may be reasons for preferring the color black. Also, for tattoo artists, this tone is an ally so that their clients do not worry when they see blood stains.

Q5: How long can nitrile gloves be used? 

The decision on the continuation of the use of the same pair of nitrile gloves involves the consideration of both the manufacturer’s suggestion and the observation of their condition and the use that they have been given. 

Reusing them is the best way to take advantage of their useful life. Sometimes, it is not necessary to throw them away with a single use, unless they have been broken or you are aware that they were used to care for a person or pet with some type of infection. In this case, there can be no doubt about disposing of them immediately following the established protocols.

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