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Oil Radiators – Buying Guide and Comparison in 2022

Whether the winter season is approaching or you live in a cold place, you need to have a heating system in your home or office that protects you while taking care of your pocket. In these cases, the use of an oil radiator will bring many benefits to you and your family, since they are very comfortable and versatile devices, which can be easily moved from one space to another and, in turn, keep the heat for longer. time once turned off, helping you to have a low electric bill. Among the users’ favorites, the  Tristar KA-5103 model stands out, a 500-watt electric heater that features thermostat regulation and a compact size, making it convenient to take camping or place in small rooms. If, on the other hand, you prefer a model that offers a power of up to 2,500W, has an integrated thermostat and indicator light, we recommend the  De’Longhi Dragon TRD04-1025.

Opinions on the best oil radiators

Before choosing the best oil radiator on the market, you have to take a good look at some models and take into account several important features, such as: power or portability. For this reason, we want to help you by explaining the most relevant positive and negative characteristics of various models considered to be the best oil radiators of 2022.

small oil cooler

Tristar KA-5103

To heat small spaces, it is convenient to use a small oil radiator. Thus, this model from the manufacturer Tristar can be an attractive alternative. It is a team of compact properties of 23.5 x 13.5 x 38.5, which is available in white.

In addition, it is a portable option of 3 kilos that is equipped with a top handle to hold securely and ergonomically. With this equipment you can adjust the temperature and it has a protection system against heating to avoid accidents, as well as an anti-tilt mechanism. It works with a voltage of 230 and a power of 500 watts.

Among its advantages, it is economical and does not require an oil change, because thanks to the hermetic design the chances of leakage are reduced. On the other hand, it’s simple to operate, with a power indicator light and large, easy-to-press selection buttons to control options.

Portable options offer quality, price and a good heating system. Review the pros and cons of this model.


Safety: To ensure user protection, it has an anti-tip system and an overheating mechanism to prevent burns.

Design: It has a compact design that is available in white, being portable and lightweight.

Light: It has an indicator light that allows the user to know when the equipment is still on.

Power: It works with a maximum power of 500 watts, with the option of adjusting the thermostat.


Capacity: The model has a reduced heating capacity, being small and insufficient for large spaces.

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Delonghi oil cooler

De´Longhi Dragon TRD04-1025

This powerful electric radiator has a maximum heating power of up to 2500 watts that will help you enjoy a comfortable temperature in your room and thanks to its integrated thermostat you can maintain the desired heat level continuously.

The De’Longhi Dragon TRD04-1025 oil radiator includes a useful ventilation function that helps distribute heat evenly throughout the room. This model has a useful indicator light that helps you know when the device is working.

It is made of stainless steel and white plastic and includes a practical handle and four wheels that make it easy to move from one room to another. It measures approximately 52 x 16 x 65 centimeters and weighs 2.5 kilograms.

If you are still wondering which oil radiator to buy, then we recommend you take this model into account, since it offers great performance, as well as ease of transportation. 


Power:  This powerful model has a maximum heating power of 2,500 watts, which allows you to easily achieve a pleasant temperature in your room.

Thermostat:  Integrates a useful and practical thermostat that helps regulate and maintain the desired temperature in the room.

Ventilation:  Includes a versatile ventilation function, which helps you distribute heat evenly throughout your room.

Handle:  Thanks to its carrying handle and lower wheels, you can easily move this device throughout the room.


Odour:  A user affirms that this oil radiator emits an unpleasant odor at its maximum power, which does not disappear at any time.

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mini oil radiator

Thulos TH-RAC501

With a light weight of only 4 kilos, this model from the manufacturer Thulos stands out for having a compact design, being considered as an efficient mini oil radiator, to keep the temperature in the rooms comfortable. The manufacturer Thulos has provided the TH-RAC501 model with an elegant design, which is available in white and has dimensions of 12 cm by 32 cm.

To improve its transport, it has a portable structure that incorporates an ergonomic top handle. This radiator works with a maximum power of 500 watts and with five heating elements, with a sheet thickness of 0.5 mm.

In addition, it is equipped with a safety mechanism that turns off the equipment in case of overheating. Includes the option to regulate the thermostat, in a setting level. Its operation is simple and instinctive, since it is turned on through a switch and has an indicator light.

There are many alternatives that seem appropriate. However, it is convenient to thoroughly analyze the options. Meet the Thulos TH-RAC501.


Design: It has a design available in white with portable dimensions and an easy-to-grip handle.

Safety: It is equipped with an automatic shutdown mechanism in case of overheating.

Power: It has an easy-on switch that is accompanied by an indicator light.

Power: It works with a maximum power of 500 watts and an adjustable thermostat on one level.


Size: It is designed for small rooms, since its heating power is only sufficient for spaces of 7M 2.

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FM oil radiator


The FM RW-15 oil radiator is a practical model that allows you to select between three heat power levels of 600W, 900W and 1,500W, thanks to which you can enjoy an adjustable temperature to your liking. Also, it has a safety thermostat that helps you regulate the desired temperature, while keeping the electricity bill low.

This device has a rotary temperature and power control that allows you to set the desired level of heat. This model, located among the best electric oil radiators, is designed in white with black details, looking elegant in any room.

It has approximate dimensions of 16.5 x 68 x 41.5 centimeters and weighs about 8.56 kilograms. It has an input voltage of 230 volts and a frequency of 50 Hz. It includes a practical device to wind the cable so that it is not loose when it is not connected.

Given so many options and models that the current market offers, it is important to make a detailed comparison between the most important positive and negative functions of each product.


Cable winder:  Thanks to this practical device you can easily wind the power cable, so that you avoid any accident when the device is not connected.

Power : This model has an adjustable heating power at three levels of 600W, 900W and 1,500W suitable for setting a desired temperature.

Thermostat:  Thanks to the integrated thermostat you can regulate the desired temperature and maintain that level of heat in the environment.

Control:  Integrates a practical temperature control and rotary type functions.


Caloric level:  A user of this model notes that its negative point is the heat level, which is not enough to heat large rooms.

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Low consumption oil cooler

Cecotec big-V1704514

This model marketed under the Cecotec brand is usually listed as the best oil radiator among the user community for being functional, practical and economical.

Among its properties, it is a low-consumption oil radiator with an adjustable thermostat in three power levels, ranging from the eco alternative with a power of 800 watts, passing through the intermediate of 1200 watts, until reaching the maximum power of 2 thousand watts, giving the user the possibility of optimizing energy consumption and efficiency.

The manufacturer has endowed this model with an elegant design, available in black and with a structure made up of nine heat modules, as well as a system that facilitates cable storage.

On the other hand, it is equipped with a power indicator light and overheat protection to prevent damage. It is state-of-the-art and has Warm Space, Homogenic 360 and EasyGo technologies.

Cecotec big-V1704514 combines an elegant design with functional and technological properties to keep you warm.


Design: It has an elegant design available in black, with a nine-module structure and wheels that facilitate its transfer.

Technology: It is equipped with technology for the homogeneous and efficient distribution of heat.

Power: It has a maximum power of 2 thousand watts adjustable in three heat levels for greater efficiency and savings.

Security: It is equipped with an anti-tip system and automatic shutdown due to overheating to protect the rooms.


Drip: A user says that he had problems with oil dripping after placing the radiator at its maximum power.

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Other products

Aigostar Pangpang 33IEJ

When asked which is the best oil radiator, it is necessary to look carefully and first of all at the heating power and its thermostat. This model has a heating power of up to 2,300W and has three adjustable levels of 1,000W, 1,300W and 2,300W. Similarly, it includes a temperature control thanks to a thermostat, which allows you to select and maintain the desired temperature.

It integrates a useful light indicator with which you will be able to know if the device is working and when the desired temperature is reached, the indicator turns off as long as the environment maintains the same temperature. It also includes a safety switch, which automatically turns off the device if it is tilted more than 45 degrees.

Thanks to its four wheels with 360 degree rotation and its practical handle, you can easily move this device to any room. It has dimensions of 69 x 57 x 17 centimeters and weighs approximately 13.3 kilograms.

It is completely acceptable that we want to acquire the best oil radiator of the moment, so it is necessary to know in detail the main characteristics of each model and make a comparison between them. This device is one of the cheapest on the list and offers great caloric power.


Power: This model has a large variable heating power in three levels of 1,000W, 1,300W and 2,300W.

Thermostat: Thanks to its integrated thermostat you can select and maintain the desired temperature in the room.

Indicator: The indicator light stays on while the device reaches the desired temperature.

Safe: It integrates a safety switch that automatically turns off the device when it is tilted more than 45 degrees.


Consumption: A user comments critically that power consumption increases a lot with the use of this model.

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AEG RA 5520

The AEG RA 5520 seven-element oil radiator has a three-stage adjustable heat output of 600, 900 and 1500 watts. Thanks to the adjustable thermostat you can select and maintain the desired temperature, helping you keep your electricity bill low.

It integrates a useful security device that helps you protect the product against fire and has a practical housing that is used to wind the cable. Thanks to its four wheels you can easily move this model anywhere in your home or office.

This model measures 64 x 37.5 x 24.5 centimeters and weighs approximately 9 kilograms. It integrates a useful on and off switch. It uses a voltage of 220-240 volts. This radiator stands out for its modern design, optimal operation and safety.

AEG is considered the best brand of oil radiators by many users thanks to all the features it offers and the quality of its products. This model stands out for including a practical fully adjustable thermostat.


Thermostat: Thanks to the useful adjustable thermostat that integrates this versatile model, you can select and maintain the desired temperature.

Power: This model has three selectable power levels of 600W, 900W and 1,500W.

Safety: It integrates a practical safety device that protects the radiator against possible fires.

Cable : Includes a useful accommodation ideal for winding the cable, helping you to avoid having it loose on the ground.

Indicator: This model has an indicator light that helps you know when the device is working.


Handle: A user of this model comments online that it is difficult to move it, since the handle is uncomfortable to hold when the device is hot.

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Orbegozo RA 1500 E

This model is considered the best value for money oil cooler as it has good power, great functionality and one of the cheapest prices on the market. It has a calorific power of up to 1,500W, perfect for air conditioning your stay in a pleasant way.

The Orbegozo RA 1500 E oil radiator has a practical safety thermofuse with a temperature limiter that helps maintain the desired temperature while it is in operation and has a light indicator with which we can know if the device is in operation.

Similarly, the device integrates a useful high-pressure adjustable thermostat, which allows you to keep your electricity bill low. This radiator measures approximately 65.5 x 39 x 16 centimeters and weighs about 8.19 kilograms.

If you are already a little more determined with the product you need, it will be easier for you to make the right decision if you know its features in detail, which will be exposed in the following section.


Thermofuse: Integrates a practical safety thermofuse with limiter, which protects the device against fire caused by possible short circuits.

Power: This model has a heating power of 1,500W, ideal for air conditioning a room or an office easily.

Thermostat: The integrated high-pressure adjustable thermostat will help you maintain the desired temperature.

Transportable: It integrates four practical pivoting wheels and a carrying handle that will facilitate the transfer of the device from one place to another.


Cable: Several users comment on the network that the cable that integrates the device is much shorter than other similar models.

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Guide to buying an oil radiator

To keep homes warm during the cold days of winter, it is necessary to have a team that is responsible for heating the spaces. One of these are oil radiators, which are heated by electrical resistors to release heat. However, not all designs are high-end, so it is necessary to look for indicators of quality, performance, power and efficiency. To help you, we have prepared a guide to buying the best oil radiator, in which we explain the attributes that these pieces of equipment may have.

Shopping guide


Before making a hasty purchase, it is convenient that you can make an analysis and establish a comparison of oil radiators considering the design as one of the points to contrast. In the market, you will be able to get varied options in relation to design, from some small and classic radiators, to others of greater dimension, with stylized and modern models.

In the case of radiators, the design, although it is an aesthetic property, must be considered because it is a piece that will be integrated with the rest of the decoration. In this aspect, it is possible to select the color depending on the decoration. For this reason, many manufacturers present radiators in black or white, with innovative ceramic or aluminum structures and efficient functionality. The structure between one model and another usually varies according to the heat modules, since the more they have, the larger they are.


When it comes to equipment that produces heat to make rooms more comfortable and with a pleasant thermal sensation, safety must be taken into account. For this reason, beyond an oil radiator being good and economical, it is necessary that it be equipped with protection systems and safety mechanisms that make its use less risky. In the market you can get all kinds of radiators, but it is important that the alternative that is selected has a high security mechanism.

For example, it is recommended to select models that are equipped with automatic shutdown in case of overheating, as this function will prevent the operation of the equipment from being damaged, while protecting the rooms from possible accidents. Similarly, there are some models that are equipped with an anti-tip system, so that the equipment does not turn over and fall to the ground. Also, it is important that they have a hermetic structure so that there is no risk of leaks or oil drips.


If you want to know how much an oil radiator costs, it would be convenient if you could take a look at the maximum power that the equipment is capable of emitting. This is usually an indication of the quality, the level of heat that it is capable of providing to the rooms and the price. Manufacturers present to the market varied options in relation to power. In fact, the same brand can offer radiators with different powers that are adapted to different demands.

On the one hand, lower power radiators are suitable for small rooms, as these have a maximum operation of about 500 watts. Also, there are options with higher heat capacity that can emit a heat power of up to 2000 watts, these being suitable for gradually distributing heat.


Most of these equipments come equipped with a thermostat that allows them to be turned off and on. In addition, it serves to control the level of heat or the power output. According to the model of the radiator and the power available, through the thermostat it will be possible to regulate the level of intensity. Many of these teams usually have three levels that go from an ecological one with a lower power, through an intermediate power, until reaching the maximum of its heat capacity.

Depending on the level selected, there may be an efficient use of energy, due to the outside climate. In general, users start the heating process with the highest power, because there will not be a rapid temperature change, but a progressive one, and then go to a lower level that tends to be maintained for the rest of the use.


Depending on the size and weight, the portability of a radiator varies. There are some models that are designed to be carried from one room to another. For this reason, it is recommended that these units be equipped with multidirectional wheels that facilitate movement between rooms. Similarly, there are alternatives that have a space to store. However, if you are looking for a more compact option for travel, there are compact, small and lightweight computers that have handles for easy portability.

Frequently asked questions

Q1: Does the oil cooler burn?

Oil radiators are usually safe equipment because they do not have incandescent surfaces. Although they are designed to emit heat, the surface temperature of the structure does not cause burns, because the heat originates from the resistors. However, it is recommended, especially if you have children at home, to prevent them from coming into contact with the equipment.

Q2: How to clean an oil radiator?

Of the heating equipment for the home, oil radiators are usually the ones that require the least maintenance, in relation to cleaning. They do not generate ashes or waste and can be easily cleaned to remove any dust particles that may be in their structure. To do this, when the radiator is off, hold a damp cloth and pass it over the structure. To finish, you can dry the excess moisture and it will be ready.

Q3: Can I combine an oil radiator with a humidifier?

In fact, oil radiators are recommended as secondary or backup equipment for the main heating mechanism, so they can be combined with any other method, one of them being the humidifier. Some alternatives can even be found on the market that incorporate both modalities: oil radiator and humidification system in a single piece of equipment, to not only improve the temperature, but also the level of humidity in the space where it is placed.

Q4: Which is better, oil or electric radiator?

They are equipment with similar functions and two of the most demanded options among the user community because their installations are simple. However, electric radiators generate heat faster, but consume more electricity than oil radiators and emit more harmless heat. On the other hand, the oil ones, although they are slower, maintain the temperature for an additional time with the equipment turned off. This leads us to conclude that both devices are good and efficient, and it is the user’s decision to select one or the other.

Q5: How to repair an electric oil radiator?

Repairing an oil radiator will depend on the failure that occurs. If, for example, it is an oil leak, it is possible to solve it by applying a material that contains the leak. If it is the ignition switch, it can also be solved at home by lifting the radiator cap. However, if the failure that occurs is mechanical, it is best to consult the experts and request that a technician make a repair. Otherwise, instead of solving it, you can end up spoiling the operation of the radiator.

Q6: Why is my oil cooler making noise?

In general, oil radiators are silent equipment that, although they emit noises during their operation, these are not annoying, but rather faint. If what you hear is a small click, it is the sound that is produced by the contractions and expansions of the metal. Outside of this, it should not emit additional noise, so if yours makes loud sounds, you need to check its operation.

Q7: Why does my oil cooler smell bad?

Oil radiators should not generate bad odors during their activity. Although they work with oil, this does not burn inside, but only heats up. You could take a look at the equipment while it is on and see if there is smoke coming from any part of its structure. If so, it is convenient that you disconnect it and suspend its use immediately.

Q8: Which is better, an oil radiator or heat emitter?

The thermal emitters have heat accumulators, which store the energy and then distribute it gradually as the space loses temperature, being able to find it static or dynamic. On the other hand, oil radiators work with electrical resistance and are only connected, but the oil inside is heated and there is an efficient operation, so electricity is saved. Both teams are appropriate. However, the oil cooler may be a better option.

Q9: What uses less, an oil radiator or a butane stove?

In this case, several considerations must be analyzed that are related to efficiency, power, capacity to emit heat and initial cost. At first glance, a butane stove may be the most expensive alternative. The stoves have a high price, but consumption is efficient due to the heat they emit. On the other hand, oil radiators are cheaper, but they take time to heat spaces, with a slow process and they do not have the same efficiency in large spaces. So if efficiency is not analyzed, an oil radiator spends less.

Q10: Which is better, an oil radiator or an air conditioner?

They are different teams with different functions. Although there are models of air conditioners that have a heating function, they are not designed for that purpose, but to emit freshness and cold. For their part, oil radiators are manufactured to emit heat, making rooms and rooms warmer.

Therefore, an oil radiator is usually more efficient in terms of performance. However, in both cases the external temperature must be analyzed. If it is below five degrees, heat pumps will not be effective for heating due to their poor performance. If it is between five and seven degrees, an AA is appropriate.

Q11: What to do when the oil cooler does not work?

There can be several reasons why an oil cooler stops working. One is the time of use, as well as the lack of maintenance. In any case, it is convenient to review the mechanism. According to the brand, when the radiator is off and cold, you can remove the panel from the structure by removing a couple of screws, to expose the connections and thus check that they are correctly connected.

If after the verification it still shows faults, it is convenient that a specialist technician is in charge. In many cases, the best option is to buy new equipment, since it is cheaper than fixing the old one.  

How to use an oil radiator

To make the rooms and rooms of the home more comfortable on days of extreme cold, it is necessary to turn on the heating or activate the oil radiator, so that the heating process of the spaces begins progressively. Although they are equipment for everyday use, below we will give you some tips on how to use an oil radiator to make the most of its power and enjoy a better temperature.

check the equipment

First of all, it is necessary to check the equipment, take it out of the box and check its entire structure thoroughly for possible oil leaks or imperfections that could lead to a malfunction. For this, check the cable, panels and switches. When you’re done, place the radiator on a flat surface. If it has an instruction manual, read it and make sure it works regularly.

Select a site to connect

Next, it is necessary to select the space where the oil radiator will be placed. As this equipment does not require complex installations, it is only necessary to find a room open to other spaces and locate a point with an unoccupied power outlet to connect the radiator.

connect the oil cooler

Once you have selected the spot, bring the radiator to it, either by sliding or carrying it, but in any case, it is important that it remains stable. Place it in fr

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