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Oil Can – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis


An oil can is a container specially designed to pour oil, either as salad dressing, when cooking or for any utility you require. If you want to know some alternatives in oil cans, we recommend you first evaluate the LifeStyle Azzayt model. This oil can stands out for having a robust construction with durable materials, as well as an anti-drip system to prevent spills. Secondly, you may be interested in knowing the Tescoma 642773 oil can, a very practical model to place on the table thanks to its transparent design, a capacity of 500 milliliters and a nozzle to pour the oil safely.

The 8 Best Oilers – Opinions 2022


There are plenty of options in oil cans, which is why some buyers may feel a bit lost when choosing which one to buy, but don’t worry about it. Next, you will know some options in oil cans that offer different advantages and disadvantages for each situation:

Non-drip oiler


1. Lifestyle Azzayt Anti-Drip Oil Can

For some buyers, this LifeStyle model could be the best oil can, since it has a robust and durable construction made of stainless steel which, in turn, has a chrome finish that makes it look elegant and striking.

On the other hand, the LifeStyle non-drip oil can has a capacity of 500 milliliters so you can use it both in the kitchen and at the table and, if available, you could opt for the models with 750 milliliters or 1 liter capacity.

In this version, the oil can measures 11 x 22 x 12 centimeters and weighs approximately 281 grams and has a handle so you can easily hold it when pouring oil for cooking or dressing.

Likewise, it stands out that it includes a dosing nozzle so that when the bottle is turned over, only a small jet of oil can come out to help you properly control the amount added.

To be able to decide if it is the best oil bottle of the moment, you must know in depth all the possible details:


Design: This oil bottle model has an ergonomic, striking and practical design thanks to the inclusion of a handle.

Materials: It is made of stainless steel to avoid wear due to corrosion and to be able to wash it without worries.

Capacity: Its capacity is 500 milliliters, this being enough for use in the kitchen or at the table when eating.

Nozzle: Includes a dosing nozzle that will facilitate the pouring of the oil.



Tipping: Care must be taken when tilting the oiler to prevent its spout from coming off.

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2. Fari Olive Oil Dispenser Bottle 500 ML

Another good non-drip oil can be Fari’s. This particular offer includes two 500-milliliter oil cans so you can have one in your kitchen and one on your dining room table or pantry.

Both oilers are made of glass and have milliliter indicators with a minimum range of 30 milliliters. This could help you pour the right amount according to a recipe, for example.

Another remarkable aspect of these oil cans is their nozzle. It is made of stainless steel and has a safety cap to prevent oil from spilling. In addition, the outlet hole is small in size so that the bottle does not leak after pouring the oil and you do not have to worry about cleaning, which may lead this Fari offer to be among the best oilers of 2022.

Now, we will tell you what the positive and negative aspects of this model are so that you can decide if it suits you:


Set: If you purchase the Fari brand option, you will be able to enjoy two 500-milliliter oil cans so that you can use them as best suits you.

Design: The design is simple, but practical, since it incorporates a measurement scale in milliliters so that you can control the amount of oil used.

Materials: Both oilers are made of glass with a transparent finish, allowing you to see exactly how much oil they have.

Nozzle: Two nozzles with safety cap and metering design are included for easier handling.



Closure: The coupling of the lid and the oil can could be improved to prevent leaks.

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glass oil bottle


3. Tescoma Oil Bottle 500 ML Vitamino

From the Tescoma brand we present you an option in oil cans that has a modern and practical design, but simple at the same time, being compatible with today’s minimalist decoration style.

It has been made of first-class borosilicate glass, which guarantees high purity so that the oil you keep in the bottle is not contaminated by outside agents. Also, to this is added its funnel-type nozzle made of silicone, designed to facilitate the pouring of oil into pans, bowls and more, as well as a resistant plastic lid to seal your oil can with confidence.

On the other hand, the glass oil bottle has dimensions of 9.1 x 9.1 x 25.5 centimeters with a weight of 218 grams, so that you can easily accommodate it on your countertop and has the advantage of being transparent, for this For this reason, you can know exactly how much oil is left and thus refill when necessary.

Tescoma may become the best oil can brand on the market thanks to its simple, yet practical designs:


Design: The Tescoma oil can has an attractive and modern design that could become a good addition to your kitchen.

Capacity: The bottle has the capacity to store 500 milliliters of oil so that you have enough when cooking and dressing.

Materials: It is made of glass of good quality and resistance to be washed in the dishwasher.

Nozzle: Its funnel-type nozzle will serve to control the output of the oil by tilting the bottle.



Handle: It does not have a handle to help you hold it, which could add comfort.

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Oil and vinegar


4. Macosa Home SA81314 Oil and Vinegar

SA81314 could be one of the most practical products in this list, since it is in the category of oil and vinegar so you can get more for your money and get two containers to put those dressings.

Each bottle has dimensions of 5.5 x 5.5 x 14.7 centimeters and is made of glass with a metal dispenser cap. In addition to this, it is highlighted that the purchase also includes a support so that you can place both containers on it and move it more easily thanks to its bird-shaped handle.

This stand is made of iron, which is why it is reliable, robust and will have a long life for you to enjoy your oil and vinegar set. Due to this, the Macosa Home product could be the answer to which is the best oil can on the market, since it offers you practicality and ergonomics so that you can use the product both in your kitchen and at your table.

When you don’t know which oil can to buy, keep in mind the practicality and if you could give the product other uses:


Set: Macosa Home offers you a set of two containers so you can have vinegar and oil on hand when eating.

Materials: They are made of glass and have metal lids that make them resistant and durable.

Stand: A handy stand is included with space for both bottles so you can easily move them around.

Dispenser: The lids have dispenser openings to help you control the flow of oil or vinegar.



Kitchen: It may not be the right model for cooking given its capacity.

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spray oil

5. Rhodesy Spray Spray Olive Oil

If you need a spray oil can in your kitchen, you might as well consider the Rhodesy brand product. The product has a modern design and is equipped with a special lid equipped with a spray dosing system that works in conjunction with a tube that reaches the bottom of the oil can. So you can use all the content without problems.

It has dimensions of 18.5 x 9.4 x 5.1 centimeters and its weight is 281 grams, so you can easily hold it with one hand and press the button that will release the spray.

These types of models are usually very useful for pan cooking, since they avoid adding excess oil, applying only what is necessary to prevent some foods from sticking. In addition to this, the good quality materials and the reasonable purchase cost could make it the best value for money oil can, as it is also one of the cheapest products on this list.

If you don’t want to spend too much and want to get one of the cheapest, you can consider this option from Rhodesy:


Design: Its design is simple, but ergonomic, since the spray button is located right on the lid for easy access.

Materials: The oil can is made of transparent glass and its lid is made of stainless steel to prevent wear.

Indicators: It has painted quantity indicators in milliliters for a simpler and more accurate use.

Utility: Thanks to its spray function, you can use this oiler with lemon juice for salads, soy sauce for your sushi, among many other applications.



Capacity: Its 100-milliliter capacity may fall short for certain needs.

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stainless steel oil can


6. Ibili 705105 Arbequina oil bottle

Ibili has for you a different and striking oil can with its model 705105 Arbequina. This oil bottle stands out for having a vintage design that is complemented by an old-style painted label.

It has a height of 15.5 centimeters and an ergonomic structure, since it has a wide handle and an angled dispensing neck to pour the oil with ease. In addition, it stands out that it is a stainless steel oil can, so you will not have to worry at all about its wear or oxidation, since its treatment makes it resistant to these and, therefore, much more durable than other models.

On the other hand, cleaning it will be a simple job, since it is dishwasher safe, avoiding you having to worry about removing oil stains or the accumulation of grease that usually occurs in this type of kitchen tool.

If you want more details about this product, we invite you to take into account its pros and cons:


Design: The oil bottle has a classic vintage-style design for antique lovers.

Lid: Its lid is practical and has a small knob integrated so you can easily put it on and take it off.

Materials: The whole set is made of stainless steel, guaranteeing a long life and usefulness.

Maintenance: Its maintenance is simple thanks to its size and its compatibility with the dishwasher.



Transparency: Being made of steel, you will not be able to tell how much oil is left in it unless you remove the lid.

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old oil can


7. French Kitchen Collection Oil and Vinegar Set Antique Finish Steel

In case your interest is focused on acquiring a set to facilitate the seasoning of your meals, we recommend you evaluate the option offered by the French Kitchen Collection brand.

This offer includes two glass bottles of 330 milliliters each so that you can pour oil and vinegar into them, offering your guests what they need to season their dishes. In addition, they come in a metal stand with a wooden handle that makes them look elegant and makes them easy to use in general.

As for the design of the bottles, these are transparent so that you can see the content without problems and, in addition, they have a cork lid with a dispenser which could give the bottle that touch of an old oil can.

Cork is a very useful material to ensure the sealing of an oil can, so you won’t have to worry about accidental spills when using either.

To decide if this oil can is the one that suits you, you should first evaluate its advantages and disadvantages on time:


Set: The French Kitchen set offers you two bottles to put oil and vinegar with a total capacity of 330 milliliters each.

Materials: They are made of transparent glass, facilitating the visualization of the content.

Lid: The lids of both bottles have an integrated stainless steel dispenser to more easily serve the oil or vinegar.

Cork: To seal the bottles, the caps have a cork base that, in turn, also prevents spills.



Indicators: This set does not have indicators on its bottles to help you pour a specific amount.

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IBILI oil bottle

8. Ibili 700112 Oiler Stainless steel 18/10 1.2 LTS

If you have been interested in the models made of stainless steel, we invite you to discover the Ibili oil jug. Your product 700112 is made entirely of this material, guaranteeing a long useful life and resistance to daily use.

Specifically, the stainless steel used is 18/10, offering high resistance to oxidation and, in addition, giving the oil can the possibility of being washed automatically in a dishwasher.

On the other hand, the Ibili oil can has a capacity of 1.2 liters so that you have more than enough when cooking any food. It has dimensions of 25 x 17 x 12 centimeters, a weight of 299 grams and a sturdy handle so you can hold it with confidence when serving the oil.

In addition, you can enjoy a dosing neck that will help you better control the amount of oil that comes out of the container, so as not to overdo it when dressing a salad or greasing a frying pan.

Now, take into account everything that this oil can offer you, both good and bad, to make a successful purchase decision:


Design: Being an oil can with a unique structure, this model offers strength and durability.

Materials: It is made of 18/10 stainless steel with a chrome finish so that it looks good on your kitchen counter.

Capacity: It is large, since its capacity is 1.2 liters so you can cook whatever you want at ease.

Maintenance: It can be put in the dishwasher and you will forget about having to deal with traces of oil.



Welding: The welding finishes of the pieces may not be the most refined on the market, but they do not affect their performance.

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Shopping guide


You may feel a bit lost when reviewing an oil can comparison without having prior knowledge about this practical kitchen tool. Therefore, before just getting carried away by how much a certain model costs, we will give you the necessary information so that you can make the most of the money you are going to invest.

Product design

Since oil cans can be very practical tools both when eating and when cooking, you must carefully evaluate all their relevant aspects in order to acquire a model that is useful to you.

One of the most important features that we advise you to take into account is its design. In this important section details about the size and weight of the oil can, which will be crucial to determine its usefulness in the kitchen.

For example, you will not be able to place on the table at the time of eating an oil container that is too large or uncomfortable to handle, it would be better to opt for a compact size that has what is necessary to be able to be passed between guests without problems, as well as to be served with watch out.

In addition to this, we also recommend that you evaluate the style of the oil can of your interest so that you can ensure that you acquire a product that matches your crockery or other kitchen implements.

Manufacturing materials

Thanks to the variety of models, capacities and materials, it is possible to find one that is good and economical if you take into account what is indicated in this guide to buy the best oil can. Therefore, we indicate that, in terms of relevance, for some buyers the manufacturing materials are of the utmost importance.

In general, oil cans can be purchased made of all kinds of materials, from plastic to stainless steel, but we especially advise you to take into account the type of use that you are going to give the oil can.

Glass has the advantage of being mostly transparent, which would let you know how much oil is left in the container so you can fill it up before it runs out. However, the glass is usually delicate and a simple drop could kill your oil bottle.

Stainless steel models, on the other hand, are much more reliable and resistant. They are easy to clean and you will not have to worry about premature wear. However, you would be giving up the possibility of viewing the contents of the oil can.

In conclusion, everything will depend on your taste and utility, since you have a wide range of models to choose from.

oiler capacity

The capacity of the oil can is another aspect that should not be overlooked by any buyer. If you want to be able to fully enjoy the advantages of having an oil can, you need to consider how much of this liquid it can store and, like other features, we also recommend basing it on its usefulness.

A large oil can is usually much more useful when cooking, whether it is to add more oil to your stew or fry some French fries to accompany dinner. Meanwhile, for the table, a compact size model is usually more recommended, as it can be used comfortably in a small space and can be shared among all the guests.

useful components

Some models of oil cans may include extra mechanisms, components or accessories that facilitate their use, which is why we recommend you review in depth what exactly the oil can you are interested in buying offers you.

If you want to avoid spills when pouring the oil, you have available models with anti-drip lids, which are designed to prevent residual oil from remaining around the lid. This, in turn, prevents both dripping and spillage of the oil.

Likewise, you also have oil cans with dosing caps, which have an integrated mechanism that blocks the output of the oil to a certain extent, so you can more easily control the amount you pour.

Care and maintenance

Finally, take into account the care and maintenance required by your oil can. It is recommended that, if you use this tool on a regular basis, try to wash it at least once a week to prevent any residue from accumulating inside the container and damaging the oil.

In addition, this will prevent the fat from accumulating outside the oil can, which would create a film of particles and fat that will be much more difficult to remove later, apart from making it uncomfortable to use the oil can.

Frequently asked questions

Q1: How to use an oil can?

How to use a certain oil can will be determined by its model and type of lid if it has one. For example, the most common models are those that have nozzles to pour the oil. These are easy to use, since you only have to tilt them enough to let the oil run out. Also, by having thin nozzles, the quantity will be more easily controlled.

Other alternatives, such as non-drip oilers, may require a light shaking motion to release the oil, which is most useful when dressing a salad or general meal.

Q2: How to clean a glass oil can?

If your glass oil can has accumulated grease and dirt, there is a home method that can help you remove it more easily.

For this you will need hot water, half a cup of bleach, vinegar and newspaper. The first step is to mix the water with the lye in a heat-resistant container and put the oil can inside. Let it sit until the water cools completely, then rinse the inside with the mixture by shaking the container until you can remove as much as possible.

Then, take the newspaper and moisten it in the vinegar to clean the inside of the oil can. Go over all the edges and corners until you have removed any remaining stain and dirt. In case your oil can has a small mouth, you can also choose to pour the vinegar directly and shake it vigorously.

To finish, wash your oil can with running water and that’s it, it should be as good as new and ready to be loaded again.

Q3: How to remove the rancid smell from an oil can?

An alternative that you could use to remove a musty smell from an oil can is to give it a thorough cleaning and get rid of any old grease buildup that may be there.

You must first empty the oil can completely into a container. Remember not to throw it directly down the landfill to avoid contaminating fresh water. Then fill it with hot water and pour a tablespoon of rice. Close the oil bottle and start shaking it as hard as you can so that the rice acts as an exfoliant to remove any impurities inside. When finished, let it sit until it cools down.

The next step is to carefully empty the oil can using a colander so that the grains of rice do not clog the pipes. Refill it with water and add a little bleach. Shake it for a while and let it rest again to finish with a deep cleaning in the dishwasher or by hand with running water depending on the material used to make your oil can.

Q4: How to seal a kitchen oil can?

In case you have noticed that your kitchen oil can drips from the edge of its lid, it is probably not closed properly. Before trying to seal with any method, we advise you to check if the lid is correctly embedded in the sliders on the mouth of the oil can. If all is well, you can apply any of the following methods to seal more effectively.

One of the easiest is to take a piece of aluminum foil large enough to cover the mouth and part of the neck of the oil can. Make a small hole in the center and place the paper over the mouth of the oil can and then close it with the lid. Take care to keep the hole positioned in the center to allow the oil to escape. Check that you can pour the oil without spilling and everything is ready.

Another alternative could be to use Teflon tape. Buy a new roll to avoid oil contamination. Remove the lid and begin wrapping around the mouth of the oil can, then put the lid back on and check for any leaks.

Q5: How to paint an old oil can?

To paint an old oil can, you must first get rid of the old paint. You will need rubber gloves to protect your hands, a metal sponge, and rust neutralizer. Start by applying the neutralizer on the oil can to remove the remains with the metal sponge. This should leave the oil can clean so you can paint it however you like.

Make the design you want first in pencil on its surface and then paint it using the brushes and colors of your choice. If you want to keep the colors vivid longer, you can varnish the oil can and let it dry before using.

Q6: How to make a homemade oil can?

To make a homemade oil can, take a plastic container with a dropper lid and a pen. Take out the plastic tube inside that contains the ink and empty it by cutting the top end. Make sure that there is no trace of ink left and with a wire push the ball at the tip of the pen until it comes out.

Place the tube at the entrance of the pressure dropper to avoid spills, fill the container with oil and that’s it, you already have your homemade oil can.

Q7: Non-drip oiler, how does it work?

 Non-drip oilers work in conjunction with a spout that, unlike other models, is located with a cylindrical lock. This is responsible for preventing the oil from falling, thus keeping the oil container clean.

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