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Can Opener – Buying and Comparison Guide in 2022

There are different types of special utensils on the market to guarantee comfortable and safe use during the preparation of different recipes in your kitchen. Among them are the practical can openers, a product that stands out among many for the ease it offers you by being able to manipulate it to open foods that are supplied packaged in cans. If you are looking for a specific model, you could look at the Kenwood CO606, an electric can opener with 40w of power and energy classification A. You could also value the Nogent 3 Etoiles 8204030Z, a high-quality, corrosion-resistant utensil with handles made of plastic and made of steel.

Opinions on the best can openers

Opening your canned food easily does not have to be a problem for you, since there are special tools to carry out such an action, such as electric or manual can openers. These have always been very useful in the kitchen and that is why we have decided to create a list with the best options so that you can choose the can opener that is capable of satisfying your needs for each use. 

electric can opener

Kenwood CO606

If electric can openers are your thing, you should look at this option offered by the Kenwood brand, characterized by its beautiful design capable of fitting into your kitchen, matching the rest of the appliances available in it, as its structure is fully chromed and has some plastic details.

For its part, in terms of the structure of this model, it has dimensions of 14.2 x 24.6 x 14.2 centimeters, which is an electric can opener that is easy to transport from one place to another and to position without occupying much space.

It should be noted that this product works with a power of 40 watts, which is appropriate functionality in the case of a special appliance for opening cans. Likewise, its energy classification is type A. Best of all, we are talking about a multifunctional appliance as it also allows you to sharpen knives comfortably.

When buying a practical and functional can opener, you should consider each of the features offered by the model of your choice to determine if it is really what you are looking for.


Design: It is a chrome can opener with black plastic details, capable of fitting perfectly in the kitchen to look good.

Dimensions: The dimensions of this product are 14.2 x 24.6 x 14.2 centimeters, therefore, you can position the can opener anywhere without taking up much space.

Multifunction: In addition to working as a can opener, this model will allow you to easily sharpen your kitchen knives.


Plug: This can opener is supplied with the English type plug. Therefore, you must purchase an adapter to be able to use it easily.

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Moulinex DJJ152

Another electric can opener that is capable of providing a good level of quality with each use is the DJJ152 model from the Moulinex brand. A product that works with 50 watts of power to provide you with adequate operation during each use, in this way, you could open your canned food in a matter of seconds.

As for its design, this model is available in white and has dimensions of 28.4 x 15.6 x 14.8 centimeters, which means it is easy to position as it does not take up much space due to its small size. Also, its weight is 1.4 kilograms so transporting it from one place to another will not be a problem.

It should be noted that this can opener is made with quality materials, among which the robust and resistant plastic stands out, capable of guaranteeing you a product with a long useful life. In this way, you could avoid unnecessary expenses in the future.

If you are looking for a good electric can opener, we invite you to learn about every detail available in the model sponsored by Moulinex.


Color: This can opener is available in white, so it could easily match the rest of your appliances.

Dimensions: Both the dimensions and the weight of this can opener make it an easy product to position and transport from one place to another.

Power: With a power of 50 watts, this model is capable of operating comfortably to open a can in a matter of a few seconds.


Price: Although we have not found any complaints from users, it may be important for you to consider the fact that it is the most expensive model on our list.

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old can opener

Nogent 3 Etoiles 8204030Z

If you want to know which is the best can opener available on the market, we invite you to read a little about the 8204030Z model from the Nogent 3 Etoiles brand, an old-fashioned can opener that is very easy to use, whether right-handed or left-handed, to open canned products in a few seconds. without applying too much force.

As for its structure, this can opener is made of high quality steel and coated with chrome and nickel, in this way it could resist corrosion, offering you a long useful life.

On the other hand, its design has dimensions of 4.4 x 4.4 x 5.1 centimeters, and a light weight of 68 grams, which means easy use, transport and positioning of the product in your kitchen. Also, for a comfortable and safe grip, it has plastic-coated handles.

If the time has come to decide on a particular model and you don’t know which can opener to buy, you could consider each of the advantages that this product has to offer you.


Grip: This can opener is able to provide a soft and comfortable grip thanks to the plastic-coated handles.

Durability: It should be noted that it is made of resistant and durable steel, therefore, its constant use would not be a problem.

Anti-corrosive: Thanks to its nickel chrome coating, this can opener could resist corrosion.


Use: Some users comment that the use of this can opener at first seems a bit confusing, however once you learn the trick you will open your cans in no time.

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manual can opener

AiHom 3 in 1

Among the best can openers of 2022, the AiHom brand stands out with its 3-in-1 model, a product capable of giving you the ease of opening cans, uncovering bottles and, as if that were not enough, it is magnetic, so adhering to any metal surface can be very easy. Likewise, its ergonomic design is also very practical and functional, since it has comfortable handles that facilitate holding during the opening process, so that the task is simple.

As for the cutting edge of this model, it is made of long-lasting stainless steel and has a chrome finish, therefore, its use, in addition to being safe, guarantees an easy and fast cut. On the other hand, cleaning could be carried out in a simple way by using a little hot water to remove any type of dirt and that’s it. It would only be necessary to dry it to avoid bacteria and rust in its structure.

To acquire the best can opener of the moment, you must take into account each of the characteristics that a particular model can offer you in order to corroborate its level of practicality and functionality.


Cutting edge: The cutting edge of this can opener is made of stainless steel, which means long life and proper operation of the product.

Design: This can opener has very ergonomic and easy-to-grip handles to open cans and uncork bottles comfortably.

Cleaning: The cleaning of this product requires only the use of hot water to rinse its surface and always leave it in optimal conditions.


Positioning: As it is a product with a magnetized structure, when you stick it to the fridge, due to its weight, it tends to slide according to the comments of some users.

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industrial can opener

GOTOTOP Stainless steel

GOTOTOP has for you a model that could be the best can opener available on the market. A product for professional use designed to easily open those catering cans, so it may be the one for commercial kitchens.

It should be noted that it can easily open cans up to 34 centimeters high thanks to its elongated design with dimensions of 47 X 21 centimeters. Likewise, with respect to its manufacture, the structure of this model is made with highly durable and quality stainless steel.

Regarding its design, this can opener can be described as a removable fixing device that can not only be adjusted according to your requirements, but also can be disassembled to store it easily whenever you need to do so.

On the other hand, its use is very simple, since the handle of this industrial can opener can be freely raised to the height you need to open cans of different sizes.

GOTOTOP could be the best can opener brand available in the market, thanks to the quality it offers in each product, which could provide you with a long service life.


Dimensions: This can opener has dimensions of 47 X 21 centimeters, so you can easily open cans up to 34 centimeters high.

Design: The design of this can opener makes it a very practical product as it can be easily assembled and disassembled for convenient storage.

Use: The use of this can opener is very simple, thanks to the handle that it includes in its structure, since you will not have to apply too much force to open your cans.


Movement: Some type of fastening of the device is missing to prevent it from moving during the opening of the cans.

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butterfly can opener


There are those who prefer can openers with a much simpler system and design. That is why we are going to talk about this butterfly can opener, a product that is very easy to use thanks to its comfortable design that, although it may seem simple, is very practical.

With it, you could open the cans you want as quickly as you imagine, in addition, due to its dimensions of 16 x 11 x 4 centimeters and its weight of 150 grams, its transfer from one place to another and storage does not suppose any degree of difficulty.

It should be noted that in addition to being one of the cheapest models, it is made of metal, as is its cutting blade, therefore, it could offer you a long useful life as long as you use it accordingly. Likewise, it is available in white and provides an appropriate level of ergonomics for each use.

Among the cheapest can openers available on the market you can find this model which, in addition to being practical and functional, offers you a very simple and easy-to-use system.


Dimensions: This can opener has dimensions of 16 x 11 x 4 centimeters, so it could easily fit into any space in your kitchen.

Manufacturing: It is a can opener made of metal, capable of offering you a long useful life so that you avoid unnecessary expenses in the future.

Color: The can opener is white so it could match different utensils available in your kitchen easily.


Usage: For some users this can opener is confusing at first. However, after a little practice it will be easy to use it.

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ikea can opener

365+ Vardefull Ikea black

The presence of a can opener in the kitchen will always be essential, since it is common for many foods to be packaged in this way, for this reason we present you with a utensil that could be the best value for money can opener available in our list of recommendations, so you can know its advantages.

This ikea can opener is made of stainless steel, while the handle is made of synthetic rubber and ABS plastic, which guarantees a good grip before each use.

Likewise, it has a size of 20 centimeters, easy to manipulate in any situation, since it should be noted that it does not only work as a can opener but is also suitable for uncovering bottles.

For its part, in terms of the design of the can opener, it has been manufactured to offer you a level of ergonomics. Plus, it’s available in black for a sleek look.

Now let’s see a summary of the characteristics of this model, perhaps it is the can opener you need in your kitchen.


Materials: During the manufacture of this can opener, materials such as stainless steel, synthetic rubber and ABS plastic were used to provide you with a quality product.

Design: It is a model available in black with an ergonomic handle that provides an efficient grip for each use.

Size: The size of the can opener is 20 centimeters, therefore, you can easily store it in any available space in your kitchen.


Color: This can opener is only available in black, therefore, you will not have the opportunity to choose the one you like the most among several shades.

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Guide to buying a can opener

If you usually eat a lot of canned food at home, the most appropriate thing would be to have an appropriate kitchen utensil to open the cans easily. In this sense, buying a can opener would not be bad at all, so looking for an appropriate model to meet your needs should be paramount. In this way, we invite you to read our guide to buying the best can opener where you will find interesting information about the characteristics that you should take into account in order to enjoy the use of a quality product that can also satisfy your needs at home.

Shopping guide

type of can opener

When making a comparison of can openers available on the market, the first thing you should consider is the type of product you need to have at your disposal, since there are basically two types, manual and electric can openers.

In this sense, electric can openers represent a great level of ease when opening any type of can, so they usually do the job by themselves. However, these work with electricity and during a blackout they would be totally useless, unlike manual can openers that can be used whenever you like, and due to their more compact dimensions, it is even possible to transport them from one place to another without inconvenience. In this way, you could even take your manual can opener with you on a trip, especially when it comes to camping in the mountains, since the foods that are usually taken to these types of activities are generally canned.

For its part, between electric can openers and those of manual type there will always be a difference in costs, therefore, you should evaluate this characteristic carefully before deciding on one in particular.



When looking for a suitable electric can opener to use at home, you should take into account the power with which the model that most attracts your attention works, since it should be noted that the more power, the greater the functionality that a particular model will offer you. to open the cans easily and in a matter of seconds.

There are countless electric can openers on the market, so this characteristic will always vary according to the brand and model you are looking for, taking into account that some offer a power of 40 or 50 watts respectively to fulfill their function of more efficient way.



When choosing a good can opener available on the market, you should not only look at how much the model you like the most costs, but also the type of material that has been included in its manufacture.

In this sense, can openers are generally made of stainless steel or metal depending on the manufacturer. However, some have certain details available in plastic, which should be considered before the purchase to deduce if it really is a product that can guarantee a long useful life.


How you can hold the can opener in your hand is also important. It is for this reason that you should choose a model that is capable of guaranteeing you a good grip handle, considering that these are generally made of synthetic rubber and ABS plastic to provide you with a good useful life while being in perfect condition.

Also, in addition to the material with which the handle of the can opener is made, it can also be another important aspect to consider reviewing its ergonomics. Since it could offer you that you can hold it more or less comfortably when opening a can. Remember that the better the type of grip, the better each user experience will be.


In addition to getting a good and cheap can opener, it should give you the ease of positioning it comfortably in any space, as well as taking it from one place to another without assuming a considerable degree of difficulty. In this way, you would not have to overlook the size in which the model you would like to acquire is available.

Although some can openers are electric, these are not always available in exaggerated sizes, as there are also those that are compact in size, capable of guaranteeing efficient operation, and can even fit perfectly in your home kitchen.

On the other hand, as for handheld can openers, these always have small sizes, so you could even carry them with you in your purse or backpack without taking up much space.

Frequently asked questions


Q1: How to open a can without a can opener?

If you need to open a can and you don’t have a can opener at home, you could use a knife to do this. Thus, the first thing you should do is place the can on a very stable surface, such as a table available at home, then with the tip of the knife, press on the inner edge of the lid, holding it. in a vertical position but without tilting it. Make sure you are holding the handle of the knife properly and then, with your other hand, lightly tap the knife down so that the point of the knife properly pierces the can, then continue to carefully slide the knife until the lid is loose.


Q2: How to open a bottle without a can opener?

There are different ways to open a bottle without using a can opener. In this way, you could use a spoon and pry up the cap by first holding the bottle by the neck with your dominant hand, then place the edge of a metal spoon just below the cap and push on the handle down as if you were prying until said cover comes off.

You could also use scissors as a bottle opener, you would only have to place the blades in a V shape and just the point where they cross will be the right one to place under the bottle cap, and then push the handles down and make the movement pry until the lid comes off. Lastly you could try placing the cap of the bottle against some hard surface such as a counter, this way you would have to place the bottle at a 30 degree angle, then hit the cap with your hand just below it. so that it can easily come out.


Q3: What type of lever is a can opener?

It should be noted that there are three types or genres of levers that are classified according to the relative position of two application points such as resistance and power with respect to the fulcrum. In this sense, it should be noted that the can openers are part of the second degree levers, since the resistance is located right between the power and the fulcrum.


Q4: Who invented the can opener?

The first can opener that existed was invented by Ezra Warner, who considered that the existence of a tool of this type was necessary to facilitate the opening of some foods that were supplied in cans. However, for many people the use of this product is very dangerous due to its design where a large curved blade was the one that did all the work, therefore, they decided to leave it aside, until it was innovated again as soon as to the structure, functionality and practicality of the can opener.


Q5: What is the safest can opener?

Can openers are specifically designed to make it easy to remove the top lids from cans. These are made up of a metal mechanism that is made up of a blade, a knob and several gears. It should be noted that the first models were completely manual, however today there are electric ones, these being considered very practical and safe since they do all the work for you.

How to use a can opener

There are those who enjoy using the can opener to achieve the easy and safe removal of the lid of some canned food, which is why they seek to acquire a good model among so many available on the market, since even the operating mechanism is not always the same from one to the other. In this way, if you already have yours at home, you must give it an appropriate use, so that you can keep it for a long time, as well as avoid any type of incident.

Meet the can opener

Before starting to use your new can opener, you should know each of the components that make it up, taking into account that classic models generally have two long arms, used to hold the can opener, a special knob that will be the one you will use to remove the lid and, of course, an axle and a cutting wheel, which will be the one that removes the lid easily. In the case of electric can openers, it would be ideal if you could read the instruction manual to understand its operation, so that each use is the most comfortable and easy to carry out.

Wash the can opener before using it.

It will always be appropriate to wash the can opener before use to remove any type of residue that may have remained on the gear or the cutting blade. In this way, apply a little soap and water, rub and rinse. Don’t forget to dry completely with a tissue.

Use the manual can opener

To begin with the use of the can opener, you must first identify the edge that will facilitate the cutting of the lid. Afterwards, you will have to place the can on a completely stable surface, to avoid discomfort, since the idea of ​​using the can opener with the can in the air is not highly recommended, on the other hand, being it positioned on a good surface will allow you to enjoy better performance of this tool.

Now, open the tongs and fit the can opener on the can just as it should go, then position the cutting edge over the top of the lid and prepare the tool to start the cut by aligning the edge properly. In this way, proceed by pushing the can opener down to close the tongs and begin to turn the knob located on the outside of the utensil, as you turn it you will begin to notice how the lid begins to be carefully cut, until finally finishing the circle and be able to remove the cover completely.

Use the electric can opener

If your model is electric, you will need to lift the cutter head and place the can against the top back of the can opener so that the edge is between the wheel and the device that will be cutting. Next, you will have to press the cutter head just down, to start the tool. Do not worry about holding the can, since the magnet that electric can openers generally have will take care of holding it properly, so that the lid will be lifted without inconvenience.

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