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Outdoor stoves – Buying Guide and Comparison in 2022

If you want to heat your terrace, garden or any outdoor area of ​​your home, then a heating system is an alternative that you should consider. The models are varied and the feeding method of each one of them also, so you should carefully review the specifications of the products before deciding on one. FORCALI FHT-NL is an outdoor stove with intuitive operation, quick assembly and an easy-to-handle structure, due to its format and the incorporation of wheels in the base area. In addition, it is capable of working with both butane and propane gas and the ignition is through a practical piezoelectric. Another highly recommended product is the Blumfeldt Heat Guard, made of weather-resistant aluminum and with a telescopic design that will allow you to quickly adjust the height.



Opinions on the best outdoor heaters

The market offers you a wide range of outdoor stoves, so you will need to know how to choose according to your needs. In the following section, you will find the description of five highly positioned models.


This gas product from the FORCALI house has managed to position itself as the best outdoor stove due to its design with a resistant structure and efficient workforce. The equipment has been made of cold-touch stainless steel, it has a height of 2.22 meters and a weight of 18.4 kilograms, making it an easy-to-handle stove that you can place in any gazebo, terrace, porch, garden or open site.

In addition, it has a maximum power corresponding to 13 kilowatts, incorporates a burner with ignition by means of a piezoelectric mechanism, heats spaces of up to 25 square meters and works with butane or propane gas.

Among other specifications, we have the addition of a pair of wheels that improve mobility and a 24-month warranty.

With an attractive, safe and resistant design, this model is positioned in the main purchase lists, considered as the best outdoor stove of the moment. Learn about its pros and cons here.


Fuel: A particularity of this model is that it can be used with butane or propane gas, depending on your convenience.

Structure: The structure is suitable for being exposed to the elements, since it was made of stainless steel.

Power: The work force with which the device was equipped is 13 kilowatts, being suitable for heating up to 25 square meters.

Warranty: With the purchase, the manufacturer offers a 24-month warranty, which is quite favorable in case of breakdowns.


Noise: There are those who comment that when the pilot light is turned on, the noise generated is a bit annoying.

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Blumfeldt Heat Guard

Among the best outdoor heaters of 2022, you will find a model patented by Blumfeldt that will catch your attention just by looking at it, since it has a free-standing design, telescopic body and generates short infrared rays.

The structure is made of robust aluminum with IP55 splash protection treatment, height adjustable from 194 to 226 centimeters, weight of 16 kilograms and non-slip rubber base of 44.5 centimeters. It requires an electrical input of 220 to 240 volts to start it up, while the built-in remote control requires a CR 2450 battery with a long lifespan.

This heater has been provided with a pair of 1500 watt halogen lamps, individual reclining mechanism and focused heat propagation, at your convenience.

If you want to find out which is the best brand of outdoor stoves, you only have to review the pros and cons of the Blumfeldt Heat Guard Pro model.


Resistance: The aluminum used to manufacture the heater is robust and incorporates a treatment with IP55 protection against splashes.

Base: The base of the stove is made of aluminum and generates the necessary counterweight to prevent the structure from tipping over.

Remote control: For greater practicality, you can manage the heater remotely, since it incorporates a remote control with intuitive operation.

Height: The equipment has a telescopic tube that you can adjust to enjoy a height between 194 and 226 centimeters.


Instruction manual: The incorporated instruction manual does not have a translation into Spanish, being a possible limitation for its assembly.

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Tristar KA-5287

The best value for money outdoor stove according to buyers is this model with the Tristar quality seal, which has managed to stand out as one of the cheapest among infrared heaters.

It is a team provided with a work force of 2000 watts, a maximum electrical input of 240 volts and a regulating thermostat for the enjoyment of up to three heat levels. Its metal structure has been varnished with black professional paint, it incorporates IPX4 protection against dust and splashes, a heating screen with quartz glass, a non-slip base and a power cable with a length of two meters.

It is important to mention that the height is adjustable from 180 to 200 centimeters, while the weight does not exceed nine kilograms and the assembly is intuitive.

This model of outdoor stove is the one for those who want equipment with an elegant, resistant and powerful design in terms of heat generation, since it is also one of the cheapest.


Height: The height of the structure can be easily adjusted between 180 and 200 centimeters.

Power: The manufacturer provided for this model a high-end power corresponding to a maximum of 2000 watts.

Thermostat: The equipment incorporates a regulating thermostat, with which you can adjust the heat to three different levels.

Resistance: The structure of the stove is metallic and has an IPX4 protection treatment against dust and splashes.


Consumption: The electrical consumption of the equipment may be a bit high for some people.

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Blumfeldt Westeros

Perhaps selecting which is the best outdoor stove can become a somewhat cumbersome task, so we want to introduce you to this model developed by Blumfeldt, suitable for the garden or terrace area.

It is a practical and elegant fireplace, made of five-millimeter-thick stainless steel, resistant welds in each of the joints and paint coating with thermal protection, for greater durability.

The equipment weighs only 10 kilograms and has dimensions height – width of 130 x 45 centimeters. In said structure, a smoke outlet with a small roof, an open burning chamber for better monitoring of the flame and a lower compartment arranged to store the firewood is distributed from top to bottom.

If you have doubts about which outdoor stove to buy, then you should review the pros and cons of this model, characterized by having an attractive chimney-type design.


Dimensions: This stove has been designed with a height-width format of 130 x 45 centimeters, so it will not take up much space when installed.

Elaboration: The manufacturer used stainless steel with a thickness of five millimeters, thus offering great resistance and stability.

Weight: Its weight of only 10 kilograms will allow you to handle it quickly and comfortably.

Structure: The structure has a burning chamber, a compartment for storing firewood and a covered smoke outlet.


Instruction manual: This model does not incorporate an instruction manual with a Spanish translation, being a disadvantage for some people.

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HomCom ES842-0620731

This hanging model of outdoor stoves from the HomCom house has been designed to be used in the garden, terrace or any room in your home. Its design is elegant and it has a height, width, length format corresponding to 25 x 43 x 43 centimeters. Its assembly is intuitive, since it incorporates a 0.5 meter fastening chain, together with a pair of metal hooks.

In addition, the heater has a pair of halogen-type bulbs with power adjustable to a maximum of 2,000 watts, 0.5-watt LED lighting, an on/off switch and a 1.8-meter extension cord. As if that were not enough, it attaches a remote control to program the operation remotely, whose power depends on two AA alkaline batteries.

HomCom ES842-0620731 is a stove model that adapts to both interiors and exteriors. Its design is attractive, compact, light and easy to assemble. In addition, it incorporates a remote control.


Dimensions: The structure has favorable dimensions height, width, length of 25 x 43 x 43 centimeters.

Assembly: This stove is designed to be hung, thus incorporating a 0.5 meter metal chain and a pair of fastening hooks.

Power: The work force of the heater can be adjusted to 1,000 or 2,000 watts, depending on your needs.

Remote control: You will be able to use the equipment remotely due to the incorporation of a practical remote control.


Lighting: It is not recommended to use the LED light independently, as it is very poor.

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