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Outdoor Jacuzzis – Buying and Comparison Guide in 2022

Jacuzzis are one of the best acquisitions you can have in your home, as they are products that mix fun with relaxation. If you don’t have space inside your house, then perhaps you need one in your garden and, in these cases, there is nothing better than outdoor hot tubs. A product like the Bestway Lay-Z-Spa Miami, with its easy installation and ultra-resistant materials, can bring you hours of comfort. Another purchase alternative is Arebos Rome, which offers an easy-to-inflate structure, which can be used outdoors due to the resistance of the synthetic material used for its manufacture.

Opinions on the best outdoor hot tubs

There are many types of outdoor hot tubs and, if you don’t know which model to buy, here you can read various characteristics of different models so that you can choose the one that suits you best.

cheap outdoor hot tub

Bestway Lay-Z-Spa Miami

Bestway is a famous company when it comes to inflatable products, therefore it is considered the best brand of inflatable outdoor hot tubs by many people. This model, for example, is a cheap outdoor Jacuzzi that is characterized by having enough space for 4 people, offering durability and resistance due to its “Tritech” technology, which combines PVC with polyester. You won’t need any tools to install it, and when you’re done using it, you can put on the cover to protect it.

The product comes with 81 air jets and a “ChemConnect” water treatment system that will dispense enough chlorine to keep the pool clean. The digital control panel will allow you to set the temperature, water and air jets and other functions, all at a glance. The hot air system will be responsible for giving the water a good temperature and, when it reaches it, it will turn off automatically to give you the greatest safety.

Do you like classic design and easy use? Then this Bestway model could be the best alternative for your garden.


Cover: To prevent it from getting dirty when not in use, this hot tub comes with its sturdy black cover.

Chlorine: ChemConnect’s included treatment system will take care of distributing the chlorine and keeping the water clean.

Jets: To give you plenty of bubbles, this product comes with 81 air jets that will keep you relaxed.

Materials: Tritech technology gives this hot tub a very good resistance, so you can use it frequently without any problem.


Protector: This product does not have a protector for the floor, therefore, you must be careful when choosing a place for it.

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Alice’s Garden Inflatable

This is a cheap outdoor Jacuzzi, belonging to the purchase catalog of the well-known Alice’s Garden brand. The product has a spacious format, which offers a maximum capacity for six people. Its interior incorporates a non-slip floor, for greater comfort when sitting down to enjoy the heat provided by the water.

This jacuzzi is of the inflatable type, so its assembly is simple, as well as its storage, since it is only necessary to empty the structure and then release the valve cap to deflate, dry and fold it.

In addition, there is the programming of the functions offered, which can be done through a control knob with an ergonomic format. In this way, it is possible to adjust the filtration system, the generation of bubbles and the temperature of the water up to 40 °C. Also, heating can be delayed and, if desired, the person can lock the buttons.

Next, learn about some of the positive aspects of this jacuzzi, along with other less flattering ones.


Kit: A repair kit is incorporated in case the structure suffers an unexpected puncture.

Remote control: You will not have to get out of the water to be able to control all the functions of the jacuzzi remotely.

Cover: You can adjust the cover with the clip system, to keep the heat longer.

Bottom: Its non-slip bottom provides greater stability when sitting inside the Jacuzzi.


Connection cable: Some people comment that the connection cable is a bit short, so an extension must be used.

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Inflatable outdoor Jacuzzi

Rome Arebos

Arebos could be the best brand of outdoor hot tubs and, on this occasion, it presents a model with a round format, whose capacity includes 1000 liters of water. In addition, the structure is self-inflating, so it is an intuitive process that does not require tools. Similarly, the product includes a repair kit, a cover to maintain the heat of the water and a pair of bases that facilitate the mobility of the structure.

This inflatable outdoor hot tub incorporates a digital control panel, from which it is possible to program and monitor the water temperature, adjustable to a maximum of 42°C, all with the intention of offering a pleasant experience. 

Likewise, it is possible to control the filtering system, made up of a cartridge with a total of 80 sheets, capable of treating an average of 4000 square centimeters of the internal volume of the Jacuzzi. In addition, the output of the 130 integrated jets can be regulated and a standby mode can be set.

Here are the pros and cons of a spacious hot tub designed for indoor or outdoor use. 


Control panel: Its digital control panel allows an intuitive programming of the functions.

Buckles: The cover incorporates some buckles that allow it to be secured correctly to keep you warm for longer.

Repair set: You will have a set with patches to repair any puncture.

Bases: You will be able to move the jacuzzi comfortably, due to the pair of bases integrated into the purchase package.


Color: If you are looking for a hot tub with a vibrant color, you will be interested to know that this model is available only in a black tone.

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Intex 28404EX

With a beautiful cream color on the outside and a modern design, this inflatable outdoor hot tub can be perfect for your home, especially if you are looking for a product with a large water capacity and space for 4 people, as it can hold up to 795 liters of water and It has a size of 196 x 171 cm. It comes with 120 air outlets that will produce bubbles when in contact with water, with a total power of 800 W.

It is made of resistant laminated PVC to withstand frequent use and, in addition to that, it will be more durable, since the hot tub’s anti-lime system will prevent limescale deposits that can wear down the materials. It has a heating system with easy temperature adjustment to enjoy warm water and the control panel will let you configure everything to your liking. When you finish using the Jacuzzi, you can deflate it and store it in the bag for transport.

Do not wonder which is the best outdoor hot tub when you have this great product at your disposal and at an affordable price.


Air: The Jacuzzi comes with 120 air vents to produce plenty of bubbles to help you relax.

Bag: When you finish using the hot tub, you just have to deflate it and store it in the carrying bag with a handle and zipper.

Anti- limescale: With this product you can forget about limescale deposits, as the system will keep the water clean.


Drain: The drain cover fades easily and sometimes stains the floor of the hot tub. This is what some users have reported.

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Small outdoor hot tub

Tinksky LB14

If you are one of those people who do not enjoy sharing their moments of relaxation, then this small outdoor Jacuzzi can solve your problems, because, with dimensions of 120 x 50 x 45 cm on the inside, this product only has space for a single adult person relax. Its cost makes it considered the best value for money outdoor hot tub and, for this reason, many people have decided to purchase one. It is a fairly comfortable Jacuzzi, since both the backrest and the armrests are made of inflatable cushions to give you greater comfort.

Made of PVC, this Jacuzzi is perfect for anyone who is up to 175 cm tall and weighs a maximum of 100 kilograms. At the end of the bathroom, if you want to store the artifact, you can do so, as it is completely foldable. Also, when you want to use it again, you will only need to use the air pump included in the purchase.

Being one of the cheapest options on the market, this outdoor hot tub has managed to sell successfully for its positive features and excellent quality.


Pump: The air pump for the inflatable is included in the purchase.

Relaxation: Being an individual Jacuzzi, it is easier to completely relax when using it, since you will have your personal space.

Storage: If you want to store it when you finish using it, you just have to fold it and place it in any corner of your home.


Measurements: A disadvantage of this product is that if you are taller than 175 cm or weigh more than 100 kg, you will not be able to use it.

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Jianpanxia SPA 700L

This model is a good option for a moment of relaxation as a couple or with friends, since it has dimensions of 1.8 x 0.7 m, so it can accommodate 2 to 4 people. In addition, it has been made with PVC material and has an insulation cover for greater protection and durability.

This small outdoor hot tub features a 60W 12V filter pump to keep the water clean, as well as a 1500W heater that reaches a maximum temperature of 42°C. In addition, it incorporates a 720 W bubble jet pump for a relaxing effect. 

It includes a smart automatic inflation function, so you do not have to make any effort during assembly. It also includes a barometer, inflatable tube, combination lock, among other accessories that facilitate its use and increase the functionality of the product.

If you want to have a Jacuzzi in your garden but you don’t have much space, then you may be interested in this compact size model. Let’s review its pros and cons.


Size: It has a diameter of only 1.8 m on the outside and is 0.7 m high, so it does not take up much space.

Practicality: It is very easy to install, since it has an intelligent automatic inflation system.

Accessories: It includes a good number of accessories, among which an inflatable cover stands out to keep it in good condition and extend its useful life.


Weight: It is necessary to mention that the entire equipment has an approximate weight of 30 kg, so it is not very portable.

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Other products

Shachi C-MO069

This is a Jacuzzi with the Shatchi quality seal, whose structure offers adequate interior space for up to six people. For its part, the exterior has an aesthetic similar to wood, since the PVC coating has been engraved following this pattern.

On the other hand, there are the 138 jets arranged to offer a powerful air outlet, with the purpose of providing a hydromassage capable of releasing any accumulated tension after a long day of work.

Likewise, we can mention the external control panel, from which the water temperature is programmed at a maximum of 42°C, the generation of bubbles, the filtering system to improve the quality of the water and the timer, which favors savings. of energy. 

In addition, the manufacturer adds a cover that is completely attached to the mouth of the Jacuzzi, since it has some plastic clips that are easy to open and close securely.

This inflatable jacuzzi has a series of advantages and disadvantages, which you can review right away.


Jets: Its 138 jets provide a powerful massage that will allow you to relax your entire body.

Timer: Thanks to the timer it is possible to achieve significant energy savings.

Cover: The cover fits over the mouth of the Jacuzzi to prevent heat loss.

Panel: Its control panel provides quick programming, thanks to its ergonomic and identified buttons.


Capacity: Although it is indicated that the product is suitable for six people, this number could vary depending on the build of each one of them.

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Hikole Portable

This Jacuzzi is positioned among the cheapest in this list of recommended products. The structure has been built with laminated polyvinyl chloride, which gives the design resistance, a high level of rigidity and softness to the touch.

The interior of the Jacuzzi has a storage volume of 800 liters and a spacious surface, suitable for up to four people. The 120 jets provide an outlet of bubbles that will massage the body, eliminating accumulated tension and promoting good circulation.

Likewise, it is convenient to comment on the integrated control panel, which allows quick programming, not only of the water temperature, but also of the intensity of the flow of the nozzle system. In addition, the side handles are arranged for safe handling of the Jacuzzi when moving it from one place to another, while the cover helps maintain the heat of the water.

With this Jacuzzi you will get a powerful hydromassage, to release the accumulated tensions. Here, the details.


Storage: Its storage bag allows you to keep the hot tub protected from dust and scratches when it is deflated.

Accessories: You will enjoy a better user experience thanks to the attached accessories.

Control panel: The control panel provides simple and independent programming of each of the functions.

Resistant: You will not have to worry about the product deteriorating soon, due to the resistance of the laminated PVC used.


Bases: The incorporation of bases with bearings is missing to facilitate the movement of the Jacuzzi.

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Guide to buying an outdoor hot tub

Buying a Jacuzzi for your home is not very difficult to do, you just need to take into account what are the most important characteristics to make your choice. Here you can learn about some of the most important.

Shopping guide

size and place

Before making your guide to buying the best outdoor hot tub, ask yourself this: where do I want to put my hot tub? Do I want it to be for me or to share? Depending on the answers, you can search for the model that best suits you. The reason why it is so necessary is because outdoor hot tubs come in different sizes, shapes and not all of them are suitable for any place in your home.

A good and economical option will always be to acquire an individual Jacuzzi, since these models are characterized by being really welcoming for people, since they feel like a bathtub with hydromassage and bubbles, however, if you want to have a good time With your friends, it will always be better to buy a Jacuzzi with a minimum of 4 people so that you can meet and have fun with them. Despite not being the cheapest model, it is one of the most practical in terms of space.

There are other models for 2 people, ideal for spending romantic moments with your partner, and up to 6 or 8 people for large groups. Size will influence how much each product costs, but in the long run, making a good decision first will save you money later.

Some outdoor hot tubs come with the duality of being able to be used inside your home as well, therefore, if you are looking for versatility and practicality, these models may be perfect for you.


Like the measurements, the functions always vary from one Jacuzzi to another. In fact, when comparing outdoor hot tubs, you may find that some of them are more like entertainment centers than hot tubs. In addition to the most common aspects such as air jets for bubbles, water jets for hydromassage and relaxation, and temperature control for warm water, there are several features that can make your experience more complete and Enjoy your new hot tub to the fullest.

Some of the most modern models come with features such as built-in speakers that will allow you to connect to your mobile with Bluetooth and listen to your favorite music while you are in the Jacuzzi and others have LED lighting in the background and on the walls. In the most luxurious jacuzzis, you can count on functions such as aromatherapy that, by placing an essential oil of your choice, will cause the jacuzzi to distribute it so that you can smell the chosen fragrance.

If, beyond entertainment, you require more practical features that help you with cleaning, for example, certain features that will help you are the anti-limescale systems that some hot tubs have to prevent hard water residue from accumulating. Others have chlorine distribution systems to keep the water clean and of proper chemical composition.

Accessories and materials

Knowing what materials a hot tub is made of can save you from disappointment when you see that the product deteriorates quickly, as there are cheap models made of low-quality materials that could be damaged after a short time of use. Therefore, if you want to avoid this, pay attention to the elements used in the manufacture of your hot tub.

If you want an inflatable model, it is recommended that you choose those made with thick PVC, as this material is usually quite resistant, however, there are other hot tubs that are made with elements such as concrete or resin. The latter are usually more expensive than inflatables and, additionally, cannot be mobilized. In addition to that, in certain cases, the hot tubs come with borders and external design of other materials such as wood.

In addition to the materials, keep in mind the accessories included in your purchase, as these will make it easier to use your Jacuzzi and keep it in good condition. For example, something that should not be missing is a canvas cover, or other material, to keep the Jacuzzi covered and prevent the water from getting dirty.

Other recommended accessories for people who have inflatable hot tubs are mats and also transport bags. The former will protect the Jacuzzi from being directly on the ground and will prevent it from coming into contact with small stones or anything that could puncture the structure.

In addition to that, the transport bags will allow the mobilization of the jacuzzi when you finish using it. These can come as backpacks and briefcases, and with one of these, you can turn your hot tub into a portable product so that the fun goes with you and it’s also easier to store afterwards.

Frequently asked questions

Q1: What is an energy efficient outdoor hot tub?

All Jacuzzis require electrical consumption, due to the various functions that are included. The jets or bubbles of water, as well as their temperature, depend on pumps, jets and regulators that, in order to function, need electrical energy.

There are models with sizes and features that consume much more electricity than others, however, a jacuzzi with few places, without lights and with which an isothermal cover is used means relaxing hydromassages with low electricity consumption.

Q2: What is the electrical consumption of an outdoor Jacuzzi?

Although an average between 1.5 Kw/h and 4.5 Kw/h is estimated, the electricity consumption for the use of each Jacuzzi is different. This depends on various factors such as its size, the number of lights and seats it has, as well as the number of pumps it uses. The time of use also influences, since the longer you stay in the jacuzzi, the more electricity the heater will consume to stay active and keep the water at a high temperature.

Q3: What is better, an outdoor built-in hot tub or a freestanding one?

Embedding a Jacuzzi is making it a permanent part of the decoration of your terrace, patio or garden. A built-in Jacuzzi requires installation or construction by specialist personnel. However, the reason why many decide on it is because it is usually prettier and also lasts longer.

A free-standing hot tub, on the other hand, gives you the advantage of mounting or dismounting it very easily anywhere, no matter the time. The best thing is that it can be moved without problems, making it a portable hot tub.

Depending on what your tastes are, you can choose one of these. If you don’t mind spending a little more and you already have in mind where the Jacuzzi will be, then decide on one to fit. However, if you prefer one that can be moved and is cheaper, the best option for you will be a freestanding one.

Q4: How can I repair an inflatable outdoor hot tub?

The patches are the answer for the possible holes that are produced by puncturing. You must make sure that both the patches and the glue are PVC-based. You need a patch that is large enough to cover the entire area.

Both areas are cleaned and dried very well and glue is spread on the patch, which is then placed on the punctured area. Pressure is applied for a minute so that it adheres correctly and the repair will be effective.

Q5: Is there an outdoor Jacuzzi for 10 people?

The market offers Jacuzzis for 10 people or more and they are available under the names of Jacuzzi pool or giant Jacuzzi spa. These models are characterized by having dimensions larger than usual and exceed, most of the time, 3 meters in diameter. There are some with features both for outside the home and for complexes dedicated to offering relaxation and well-being with hydromassages.

Q6: Is it safe to buy a second-hand inflatable outdoor hot tub?

This is an excellent alternative when you want to spend less money. Inflatable hot tubs are easy to maintain, so second-hand inflatables are usually found in excellent condition.

A good tip is that, if you do not know the seller, then buy from leading sites in the online market that offer second-hand inflatables from recognized brands such as Bestway and Intex, among others. Otherwise, you can expose yourself to a scam like being sold a worn-out hot tub.

Q7: What is better, an inflatable outdoor hot tub or a built-in one?

Each one has its pros and cons. A built-in jacuzzi is made to your liking, resistant and durable over time. However, it is a construction that requires professional labor and that will remain immovable in the place where it is installed.

For its part, an inflatable hot tub is much cheaper and easy to change to the location you want. However, it is made of reinforced PVC or nylon material which does not make it exempt from punctures.

Most people opt for inflatables, therefore, it may also be the best alternative for you.

Q8: How does an outdoor saltwater hot tub work?

It works just like a freshwater one, with its pumps and hydromassage jets, only it has an additional saltwater system. This salt generator maintains its levels in the water by constantly breaking down and circulating as natural chlorine.

In addition to their continuous cleaning system, salt water Jacuzzis are increasingly in demand for their skin softening action and therapeutic effects on joint inflammation.

Q9: Is it possible to mount an outdoor buried Jacuzzi?

It’s perfectly possible, and one of the reasons why some buyers decide on one of these models is because an outdoor in-ground hot tub will resemble a swimming pool. It is important to understand that the place chosen will be invariable. Evaluating its location is important to maintain accessibility to the space, as well as a beautiful aesthetic. In this way, you will have a permanent relaxation spa outside the home.

Q10: Is a customized outdoor Jacuzzi worth it?

Of course it’s worth it, especially if the space you have is small, because if you don’t, you may buy a model that, in the end, doesn’t fit properly. Outdoor hot tubs come in different sizes and shapes, so building it to measure will allow optimization of space. We must take care of maximum accessibility and opportunity to decorate at ease.

Q11: What maintenance does an outdoor wooden Jacuzzi require?

The hardness and resistance of wood make it one of the preferred materials for cladding outdoor hot tubs. Taking care of its aesthetic appeal is to keep it protected with a good varnish or teak oil to neutralize the effects of the sun’s rays.

How to use an outdoor hot tub

Using a hot tub is not really that difficult, however, if you have never used one, you may need a little help at first and here you can learn how to use an outdoor hot tub. Using one of these artifacts not only depends on getting into it and relaxing, but also on the necessary precautions to take into account and cleaning recommendations to always keep it impeccable and make it last in good condition for a greater amount of time. weather.

Make sure you’re sober

Although this has nothing to do with the operation of the Jacuzzi, it is important because it is a security measure for the use that you will give it. Hot water with the pressure of the water jets and bubbles is very relaxing, so when mixed with a lot of alcohol or drugs, it can be the perfect formula to make you sleepy, which can cause drowning.

A glass or two of wine won’t hurt, but getting into the hot tub drunk is a poor decision that comes with many risks.

fill the hot tub

To use it, you must fill the Jacuzzi with water and, although it is not necessary that it reaches the top, it is imperative that the water exceeds the outlets of the air and water jets, otherwise it is possible that the security system of the Jacuzzi prevents the correct operation of the product.

Make sure you are completely clean

Before entering, wash off any dirt you may have to submerge yourself in the hot tub as clean as possible. This will not only prevent the product from getting dirty, but it will also prevent the hot tub filter from becoming overloaded with dirt and damaging it.

Set the temperature

The control panels included in modern hot tubs will allow you to configure various aspects of this product. There you can control the temperature of the water to obtain the degree you want to enjoy the jacuzzi. Some models have a safety system that, when the maximum temperature is reached, turns off and prevents the water from overheating.

Turn on the air jets

From the same panel you can turn on or off the air jets that produce bubbles and the hydromassage jets as well. So you can enjoy a complete experience in the jacuzzi.

Cover the hot tub or drain

When you finish using this product, you have two options: cover it or drain it. The first is the best alternative for when you use it for a short time and do not want to waste the water. If it’s clean, just cover it with a tarp to keep it from getting dirty.

If the water can no longer be reused or you simply want to get rid of it, then proceed to drain the Jacuzzi until it is completely dry.

Clean it up

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