The best pajamas for men

Pajamas for men – Opinions, Analysis and Buying Guide in 2022

At the time of falling asleep there are many factors that we must take into consideration to be able to rest comfortably all night, being the case of the conditioning of the room, having an ergonomic mattress and of course, having pajamas that adapt to our needs for cold or heat. A model with great versatility of uses is the Aibrou AMB00187_1, which due to its unicolor and modern design you can not only use it to rest but also to go for a walk or go to yoga. But if yours are the long sets of pants and t-shirt with a quite showy concept, you can take with you the Simpsons Print model.

Opinions on the best men’s pajamas on the market

Pajama models are usually varied both in terms of their design and the manufacturing textile, size format, washing method, among other aspects. So when reviewing the catalogs of the different brands you will find various options that you should review carefully to guarantee the success of the purchase. For this reason, we present several of the best men’s pajamas on the market.

Men’s pajamas for winter

Aibrou AMB00187_1

This model could well be the best men’s pajamas from the Aibrou house, which has managed to capture the attention of buyers due to its attractive and comfortable design. To make these winter men’s pajamas, 100% cotton textile material was used, but the body of the fiber is much more robust, to offer greater warmth during the cold days of the year. This fabric stands out for being hypoallergenic, having an adequate level of perspiration, pleasant to the touch and being suitable for washing without fear of deterioration.

The set consists of a long-sleeved T-shirt with a V-neck in gray. In the front area it incorporates three buttons with their respective buttonholes and on the left side you will find a patch pocket. For its part, the blue pants have a straight and loose cut, as well as side pockets and adjustment at the waist, by means of a fixed elastic and a pair of additional laces.

Having in your wardrobe a set that can be used to rest and take a walk during the winter is the ideal for those looking for the best men’s pajamas of the moment, so check out the details of this model.


Design: The set includes straight pants and a long-sleeved shirt in an attractive design.

Washing: The pajamas can be washed manually or placed in the laundry bag of the washing machine.

Textile: The fiber selected for its construction is 100% robust cotton to provide comfort.

Adjustment: You can easily adjust the pants by means of a pair of tie cords.


Size: Its size is looser than other models because the cut patterns are European.

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Hawthorne Long Sleeve

When the temperatures drop, nothing better, at bedtime, than having men’s pajamas for winter, like this Hawiton model made with 100% cotton fiber. For this reason, it is a pajama that, in addition to providing warmth at night, also provides comfort and softness.

It is a model that covers a large part of the body and has a classic style design. His T-shirt has a round neckline with long sleeves and his long pants have side pockets and an elastic drawstring at the waist. For this, you can also use it to be at home; either watching TV or reading the newspaper.

On the other hand, you can choose the model that best suits your build from a wide variety of sizes offered by the manufacturer. You can also select the color of the set according to your particular tastes, between shades of grey, black and dark blue.

This is a recommended pajamas to give to any man of good taste. Here is a summary of its highlights.


Design: It is a pajama made up of straight-cut trousers and a long-sleeved shirt, which provides a touch of class.

Warmth: Thanks to its high-quality cotton construction and its design, it is a model that provides comfort and warmth.

Variety: You can choose the most convenient size and the color of your preference among several available options.


Washing: According to the manufacturer’s recommendations, it is better to wash the garment by hand with cold water.

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funny mens pajamas

simpsons print

These funny men’s pajamas have been manufactured under a special Simpsons license, so it is a product with the highest quality standards, being one of the best men’s pajamas of 2022.

It is a two-piece set that offers you long pants and a short-sleeved T-shirt, made with a 7% polyester and 93% cotton textile combination. These materials were selected to offer you softness, resistance and adequate breathability.

The white pants have a sequential print with the image of a small pink donut, the silhouette of Homer eating another donut and the phrase “MMMM Virtual” in black. In addition, the garment has a moderately loose cut on the legs and an elastic band in the waist area. For its part, the white shirt has been printed with the face of Homer Simpson, the neck is round and the sleeves are gray.

If you are looking for a set to sleep with a fresh and fun design, the invitation is to analyze this model considered as representative of the best brand of pajamas for men.


Design: The pajamas consist of long pants and a short-sleeved shirt, being a suitable set to provide comfort.

Finishes: Both garments offer quality finishes in the seams, cuts and prints.

Textile: The textile used is composed of cotton and polyester fibers at 93 and 7% respectively.

Print: The shirt was printed with the face of Homer Simpson, while the pants incorporate a sequence of images and the phrase “MMMM Virtual”, which may be attractive to fans of the animated series.


Sizes: The size of the shirt may not coincide very exactly with that of the pants, according to some user’s opinion. But it is an isolated comment.

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Pokemon 3D Hood

If you are looking for a perfect gift for any Pokémon fan among funny men’s pajamas, this model could be a good option. It is a monkey-style pajama that provides warmth and comfort, so it is recommended for seasons such as autumn and winter. To do this, it is made with a fleece lining that copes with the cold, while its outer textile provides great softness to the touch.

Its design offers you a fun 3D hood alluding to the character, which also copes with the cold by providing protection for your neck and head. Likewise, it has a large front zipper that favors putting on and taking off without problems.

In addition, it is a model that offers versatility, since you can use it as pajamas to sleep warm; You can also wear it to rest at home, and it is even suitable for use at a costume party.

It is a fun and versatile pajama that you could take into account in your purchase decision. Here is a summary of its main features.


Utility: Thanks to its design, it is pajamas that you can wear to sleep or to have fun at a costume party.

Comfort: It is a one-piece model that provides comfort and warmth, since it has polyester and a very soft fleece lining.

Hood: It has a hood that, in addition to being attractive, also provides protection against the cold.


Capacity: Given its size and design, it could be a piece that needs extra space in your closet for storage.

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Original men’s pajamas

Peppa Pig Daddy Pig

It is not uncommon for children to be fans of the Peppa Pig series, so something original that parents can use, to be in tune with them, is pajamas from this animated series. However, details such as the quality of the garment and its comfort should not be neglected.

To meet all these requirements, these pajamas have the official license, so they offer good finishes. The top is made with 93% cotton fibers, combined with 7% polyester, which offers freshness and durability; while the pants are completely cotton.

Regarding the prints, the protagonist is daddy pig, with the legend “Awesome Daddy”. However, in the pants we can see an interesting contrast, given by the black color of the garment with the phrase “Daddy Pig” in white.

Funky men’s pajamas can have interesting prints, like this one from Daddy Pig. Analyze more of the product, to determine if it is the right one.


Comfort: The type of cut, added to the fiber composition of the pajamas, offer a very comfortable garment to walk around the house or rest at night.

Quality: The seams and prints denote quality, so the pajamas offer a good appearance and withstand use correctly.

Sizes: There are 5 size options allowed by the manufacturer, ranging from S to XXL. Thus, you can choose the most appropriate one.


Looseness: The fit is a bit large, so some people might prefer a size below their usual size.

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Men’s pajamas for summer

Aibrou Summer

The house Aibrou in this opportunity offers a quite fresh design that according to the buyers is the best value for money men’s pajamas and one of the cheapest. The t-shirt is unicolor with an “O” neck, it has a small front opening with three buttons and its sleeves are short. These qualities make us think that it has been designed to be one of the men’s pajamas for summer that could provide the freshness you are looking for in that season of the year.

In addition, it is made up of shorts in textile printed with squares in shades of gray and black. While at the same time, both garments were made with loose cuts in cotton textile, which is a hypoallergenic material, soft and capable of providing a high level of breathability. It is also a fiber with great resistance that you can wash manually or with the help of the washing machine.

On the other hand, if you are looking for cheap and versatile pajamas for men, it must be said that this is a good model, since it can be used to be at home, attend your yoga classes, golf games or simply to fall asleep with comfort.

During the summer it is important to wear fresh clothes, either to rest or to perform in our daily lives. This model meets these expectations, being also the cheapest.


Design: This is a short set of pants and a t-shirt, appropriate for those who seek this style.

Washing: You can wash the garments manually or put them in the washing machine.

Textile: The garments were made of 100% cotton, offering quality.

Aesthetics: The pants are printed in black and gray squares and the shirt is solid, being a visually pleasing design.


Hot: For some the textile is a bit thick and it can be a bit hot for summer.

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Kukuxumusu pajamas for men

Kukuxumusu Guns´n Roses

Kukuxumusu is a renowned Spanish brand that stands out in the market for designing t-shirts and pajamas with a humorous theme. In this case, among the kukuxumusu Pajamas for men available, this model stands out for providing an attractive design that emulates the iconic guitarist of the Rock band Guns’n Roses.

It is a modern two-piece set, made up of a long-sleeved gray t-shirt, with the print located on the front. The long pants, on the other hand, offer a checkered design with an elastic waist. Both pieces are made of 55% cotton and 45% polyester; materials that provide softness and warmth.

Thanks to its fabric and design, it is a pajama that you can wear not only to sleep comfortably, but also to be comfortable at home, to go out for a walk with your dog, watch TV or read the newspaper.

It is a pajama that could be suitable for any time of the year and that could be used by adult men or adolescents. Read its main features below.


Fabric: It is a model that offers you a polyester fabric combined with cotton fiber, which provides softness and resistance at the same time.

Pants: It has a classic straight-cut style pants, elastic waist and a checkered textile design, aspects that favor any user.

Versatility: You can use the set to sleep and also to perform other domestic activities.


Sizes: The inclusion of a size chart would be appreciated, in order to choose the most suitable size.

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How to choose the best pajamas for men?

Knowing how to select pajamas is a task that should not be taken lightly, since it is a garment that we will use during such an important moment as resting and falling asleep. Also, remember that there are designs aimed at satisfying your needs both in winter and in summer. Next, we leave you a guide to buy the best men’s pajamas, which will allow you to know the main indicators to assess when choosing the product.

Shopping guide

Textile fiber

The type of textile used to make the pajamas is a determining aspect when it comes to how much the set costs. The fabric mostly used by manufacturers is cotton, a 100% natural fiber, breathable, soft to the touch and hypoallergenic. You must keep in mind that this is a fairly cool material, so its use is aimed at the summer season. However, when combined with a percentage of polyester, which is a very popular synthetic and robust fabric, the result is a much warmer material.

Washing and drying method

The washing method that we give to our garments may vary depending on the textile with which they have been made, since not all fabrics are suitable to be exposed to the same type of detergent or level of heat.

It does not matter if it is an economical product or one with a high cost, you will have to be attentive when making the purchase and confirm if the garments are suitable for the washing machine or must be rinsed manually. In this sense, it is advisable to read the manufacturing label, since all these data of interest are detailed in it.

The theme of drying the pajamas is also important, being necessary to place the textiles in a ventilated place where they are not in direct contact with the sun’s rays, to prevent the colors from becoming dull. Finally, we have the ironing process, which is usually optional because some fabrics do not require heat to remove wrinkles.


The theme of design is fundamental in any comparison of pajamas for men, since the use that we can give to the garment will depend on it. The models are usually varied, highlighting among them both long and short sets.

The first thing you should take into consideration is the season of the year in which you intend to use the pajamas, because if it is summer, the ideal is a short and loose set of pants and t-shirt, which allows the correct circulation of air between our body and the textile when resting. But if what you want is to keep warm during the winter, we recommend long pajamas with cuffs and a round neck to be as covered as possible.

In general, both designs have an elastic waistband, which allows adaptation to any anatomy and some manufacturers attach a pair of laces for a better fit. Pockets are another element that you will frequently find in pajamas, especially in versatile use models, which you can not only use to sleep but also to go for a walk or attend your yoga classes. So you can always have your car keys, wallet or mobile at hand.


The pattern of the pajamas is an aspect that you cannot ignore, since it is a garment that must be frequently exposed to water and detergent in the washing cycles, which could quickly deteriorate the figures drawn on the textile. In this sense, you will have to verify the quality level of the technique applied by the manufacturer for the respective design.

There are several types of printing, such as that made with professional paint, which is absorbed by the fabric and offers a uniform finish, as well as others in which the design of the figure is more pronounced and remains in relief. The latter is mostly used for t-shirts.

It is important that you also make sure that the pigments used are free of toxic agents, thus avoiding the appearance of any type of allergy upon contact with the skin.

Frequently asked questions

Q1: How to fold men’s pajamas?

Select a flat surface and lay the shirt out on it so that the back area is facing you. Then, take the pants and fold them in half vertically, that is, you must join their right leg with the left to place it just above the shirt. Proceed to fold the sleeves as if they were hugging the pants, thus joining both pieces into one with a vertical format. To finish, take the upper end and fold it back at the chest of the garment. The remaining part where the pant legs are are going to be inserted through the neck of the shirt and you will have folded the pajamas in a single fairly compact piece that will not take up much space in the closet or suitcase.

Q2: How to make men’s pajamas?

To carry out the making of pajamas for men, the first thing you must have are the design patterns, which you can acquire directly from a portal specialized in cutting and sewing. The important thing is that these molds fit your measurements. You will also need a large piece of fabric, thread, sewing machine, scraper, paper, pins, colored chalk, scissors, elastic tape, and some buttons.

Plasma the patterns on paper, cut them out and hold them on the textile with the help of some pins. Then she cuts each of the parts of both the pants and the shirt and proceeds to join them with the help of the machine, trying to take care of each of the finishes.

Q3: What fabric is used to make men’s pajamas for winter?

The textile options for making garments for the winter season are varied, but not all of them are suitable for being in direct contact with our skin. When it comes to making pajamas for the cold months of the year, manufacturers usually use the quintessential natural fabric such as cotton, with a percentage of polyester fibers. Likewise, the nylon fabric stands out, which is light and has thermal properties.

Q4: How is a pajama for men different from one for women?

The most marked difference between men’s and women’s pajamas is found in the design of these garments, since women’s sets tend to have more details regarding decorative cuts or seams. Also, the colors of the textiles used for making and printing them tend to be more varied.

Q5: How to wash a men’s pajamas?

Washing men’s pajamas is a task that won’t take much of your time, since you only have to read the manufacturing label to know the care you must take with the textile. In this way, you can clean it manually by applying mild detergent. Then, wash with plenty of water, drain and hang outdoors in the shade until it dries completely. If supported by the model, you can carry out the process with the help of the washing machine.

Q6: What sizes are there for men’s pajamas?

Men’s pajamas are available in the usual sizes S, L, M, XL and XXL. However, there may be certain variations with respect to the measurements of each of them, since compared to the standard cut patterns, European manufacturers use much looser lines, while garments of Asian origin tend to be smaller.

Q7: How does a thermal men’s pajamas work?

The operation of the thermal men’s pajamas is very simple, since it is a set of pants – shirt made of a special material, with specific properties to trap the heat of our body, keep it between our skin and the textile fabric because their perspiration level is usually very low.

Q8: How is a winter men’s pajama set different from a summer one?

Men’s pajamas for the winter season are usually long sets and made of robust textile material such as polyester, in combination with a percentage of cotton fibers, which offer greater warmth against the cold characteristic of the season.

For their part, summer pajamas are made of a much lighter and more breathable fabric such as cotton, which gives the design freshness and softness to maintain a correct flow of air through the body when resting. In addition, these garments are usually short.

How to wear pajamas for men

Pajamas are garments that are very popular in the textile market. The models are usually varied, as are the manufacturing materials, so not all designs are suitable for the same season of the year or require the same washing method. Here are some simple steps.

check the garment

When you receive the purchase package, it is important that you unfold the garment carefully and first verify that the measurements of both the pants and the shirt are correctly adapted to your anatomy, since some sizes may be a little looser or narrower than the one used. usually due to variation in cutting patterns from each manufacturer. In the same way, it confirms that both garments are in perfect condition, that is, without tears, stains or damaged seams.

Check the manufacturing label

The label added to the garment has been placed so that when you read it you can familiarize yourself with the product, knowing in this way some interesting data such as the type of textile fiber with which it was made and the care you must take when washing it. In addition, you will know which detergent, bleach or softener is ideal for cleaning the fabric without damaging it.

Remember that not all fabrics are suitable for the same products or cycles of hot or cold water offered by the washing machine, so it may sometimes be necessary to wash manually. So once you have the pajamas in your hands, you should spend a few minutes of your time to read the label and thus prolong its useful life.

wash the pajamas

Washing pajamas is a simple process that you can carry out by incorporating the garments in the washing machine, using a measure of mild detergent, preferably one that does not contain bleach that can be aggressive with the fabrics. Likewise, it is important that you select a short washing program with a temperature below 50 ºC, so that in this way you can eliminate the mites that are generally found in our clothing. If you wish, you can also wash the set manually. In any of the cases, it is important that you let it dry in the open air but in the shade, to prevent the colors from becoming dull.

Dress your pajamas according to the season

Not all pajamas are suitable for the same time of year, so make sure you’re wearing an outfit that suits your immediate needs. Keep in mind that short outfits in breathable textiles like cotton or silk are ideal for summer, while long-cut designs in polyester or any other robust fiber will help keep you warm in winter.

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