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Bread Maker – Buying Guide, Opinions and Comparison in 2022

If you like to start the day with a delicious breakfast accompanied by fresh, soft and warm bread, a great alternative for your kitchen is to invest in a bread maker. With this appliance you don’t need to be an expert baker to prepare your homemade bread, as it is an automatic machine, safe, easy to use, with different bread preparation programs, among other functions. To choose the best bread maker, we have made an analysis of the different models that you can find on the market. In this sense, we recommend the Moulinex Home Baguette model, a breadmaker with 1650W of power, 16 automatic programs to prepare various types of bread, especially the delicious baguette, 2 blades to knead and includes a recipe book. On the other hand, we have a cheap bread maker such as the Princess 152006, an interesting option because it is fully automatic, with a digital timer, it has a capacity of 900 grams and 15 different programs.

Opinions on the best bread makers

We recommend that you review our selection of the best bread makers for 2022 below, so that you can choose the model that best suits your needs, since the time has come to give yourself the pleasure of having freshly baked bread every morning, for which we invite you to invest among the most outstanding bakeries by users based on their qualities and their value for money.

Moulinex breadmaker

Moulinex Home Baguette

Do you want to know which is the best breadmaker? We invite you to take a look at this Moulinex bread maker, because it has 16 different cooking programs to knead and bake any bread you fancy, especially the delicious baguettes.

As for the capacity of this bread maker, you should know that you can prepare loaves of up to 1.5 kg with it, because the bread maker bucket has a capacity for loaves of 750, 1,000 or 1,500 grams, depending on the size you want in your preparation.. 

In addition to being the best breadmaker brand on the market, Moulinex offers a product made with excellent quality materials that are non-toxic and non-stick. Here are the pros and cons of this model:


Capacity: An important point to note is that this bread maker has a capacity to bake loaves of up to 1.5 Kg and if you prefer you can make them smaller between 750 and 1,000 grams.

Versatility: In addition to the programs for making bread, with this breadmaker you can prepare different recipes such as pizza, jam, pasta, thanks to its 13 additional programs, following the steps of the included recipe book.

Power: This breadmaker has a high output power of 1,650W, so it provides great cooking efficiency.


Noisy: This bread maker is likely to be somewhat noisy in the kneading program, so some users recommend not using it at night.

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Princess Breadmaker

Princess 152006

Princess 152006 is one of the cheap bread makers in our selection, but it fully fulfills the function for which it was designed. In relation to its storage capacity, it can bake loaves between 680 and 900 grams, for which you can use its 15 cooking programs, as well as the program for baking gluten-free bread.

Also, it should be noted that this Princess bread maker is designed with a heat-resistant outer cover and protection against overheating. In addition, the mold has a non-stick coating, which is very easy to clean, since it has parts that are suitable for washing in the dishwasher.

Also, it has a programmable digital timer for up to 13 hours and is capable of keeping the bread warm for up to a maximum of 60 minutes after the cooking process. If you want to acquire one of the cheapest bread makers on the market, we invite you to learn more about its characteristics:


Accessories: This model has a lid with a viewing window, a dough hook, non-slip feet, a plastic casing, a water meter, among others.

Timer: It has a timer that allows you to set the cooking program you want up to 13 hours in advance, so you can go to sleep or work and have freshly baked bread when you return.

Pre- programmed settings: Thanks to the easy-to-use display of this model, you can choose the cooking program you prefer, since it has eight settings to cook different types of bread, as well as 3 quick settings. 


Language: A negative aspect of this model is that the programming buttons are in English and the instruction manual could be more explanatory, but you can find information on the Internet about its operation. 

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Unold breadmaker 

Unold Onyx 8695

This Unold model is a stainless steel bread maker with a maximum capacity of 1000 g and a power of 600W, it has 12 different cooking programs, highlighting the function of making gluten-free bread and you can set the cooking up to 13 hours in advance, so that some consider to be the best bread maker. 

The Unold bread maker also has a keep-warm option, an easy-to-use LCD screen and Soft Touch buttons. While on the other hand, it has a large window in the lid so you can see if your bread is ready to eat.

If you still haven’t decided which bread maker to buy, we can mention that this model has a very elegant and attractive design, with 12 preset cooking programs, so it will be very easy for you to prepare different types of bread. So take a look at its pros and cons: 


Design: This model has a very elegant design with a stainless steel cover with black details, which make it very attractive and durable.

Power: Its operation is quite effective thanks to its 600 watt power, so it is capable of baking bread in 60 minutes.

Functions: This model has 12 preset cooking programs, it is capable of keeping the bread warm for up to 60 minutes after it has been cooked.

Use: Its handling is very simple thanks to its LCD screen and its Soft Touch buttons.


Paddles: As a negative point, users point out that by having only one paddle to mix, the dough must be wet enough for kneading, because otherwise it might not mix well.

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homemade bread maker 

Imetec Zero Glu

If you are looking for a good quality home bread maker, where in addition to making bread you can prepare different gluten-free desserts, you should review the characteristics of Imetec’s Zero Glu, considered by many to be one of the best bread makers of 2022, thanks to the fact that it has 20 programs that you can use with all types of flour, including 7 intended for making gluten-free bread, 6 for diet bread and 7 programs for making traditional bread.

This machine includes three different molds to prepare the bread and is suitable for making traditional leavened bread and sourdough. In addition, it is automatic, because with it you can knead the flour, ferment the dough and bake, thanks to its programmable ignition function of up to 15 hours.

We recommend this model as the best bread maker of the moment, so you should review its most important positive and negative aspects:


Programming: This model stands out because it has 20 different programs for cooking bread, especially for making gluten-free preparations, since it is specifically designed for celiacs and those intolerant to gluten.

Molds: Includes three different molds to prepare crusty bread: sliced ​​bread, rolls and ciabatta, rolls and sliced ​​bread. In addition, there is a recipe book with gluten-free sweet and savory ideas from chef Marco Scaglione.

Power: With this breadmaker your breads will be ready quickly because it has a power of 920 W, which also allows it to knead different types of flour.


Instructions: Some users consider that the instructions for preparing the bread are not very clear, but you can help yourself by looking for explanations on the net.

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Aicok breadmaker 

Aicok 15 Programs

The Aicok bread maker has been designed with a stainless steel cover that makes it healthier compared to models made of plastic, being notable that it has a lid that allows viewing of the cooking level of the bread, non-stick coating and removable lid, which facilitates the cleaning process.

Its operation is based on 15 preset cooking programs that will allow you to prepare natural bread, French bread, soft bread, with yogurt, whole wheat, among others, just by selecting the corresponding function. In addition, its acquisition cost is quite affordable, which is why it is recommended by some users as the best value for money bread maker.

Additionally, you can choose the size of the bread between 3 options, which are 500, 750 or 1000 grams. But in addition, the machine offers you the possibility of selecting the color of the bread between light, medium and dark. To learn more about the features of one of the cheapest alternatives in this comparison, review the following pros and cons:


Timer: This model also includes a delay function for a time of 15 hours to prepare the bread in advance. It also has a function that allows the device to continue operating for 15 minutes in case of power failure.

Accessories: The Aicok bread maker includes among its accessories a measuring cup, dough hook, measuring spoon, removable ingredients dispenser, bread pan, kneading blade and a recipe book.

Preset programs: The system comes with 15 preset cooking programs that will allow you to make different types of bread according to your preferences.


Translation: Most of the negative reviews of this product have had to do with the Spanish translation of the instructions, which could be clearer.

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Panasonic Bread Maker 

Panasonic SD-ZB2512KXE

If you want to enjoy good homemade bread every day, you should invest in this Panasonic bread maker, because it has 33 pre-programmed cooking modes to prepare dough, bread, jams and compotes, it even gives you the option to select between 3 different levels in size. of the loaf of bread and the color of the crust, so that the bread is baked according to your tastes and preferences, being recommended by many customers as the best bread maker on the market.

This model has an intelligent system with a built-in temperature sensor, which allows it to be activated according to the bread baking program, so that it adjusts according to the ambient temperature. 

It also has a digital timer of up to 13 hours, so you can leave the bread programmed at night and it will be freshly baked in the morning. Keep in mind that Panosonic could be the best brand of bread makers, because it is an internationally recognized company. Know the advantages and disadvantages of one of its models:


Gluten-free bread: Among the preset programs, the mode for preparing gluten-free bread in an artisanal way is included, so that the intolerant and celiac can enjoy good freshly made bread.

Dispensers: This model incorporates intelligent ingredient dispensers that can supply the mixture with chopped dried fruits, nuts, raisins, yeast, cereals, etc.

Materials: This product is made with top quality, highly resistant and durable materials, combined with the best digital technology offered by this brand.


Price: This is the most expensive model in this selection, so it probably does not fit all budgets, but it is an investment that could be worth it.

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Accessories for bread maker

Recipes for bakery 

The art of making bread: More than 40 recipes to make with the bread maker

To simplify the work with the bread maker, it is convenient to buy a bread maker recipe book that will help you make your preparations efficiently, that is why we recommend the book The art of making bread: More than 40 recipes to make with the bread maker, written by passionate cook Cathy Ytak.

In a total of 64 pages, the author aims to show us how to make bread at home with a wide variety of recipes to choose from using a bread machine. She explains the technique of kneading and cooking with this device, all with the aim of learning how to make homemade bread and different delicious desserts.

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Guide to buying a bread maker

Before choosing any of the products that we have analyzed above, it is important that you consider the following tips found in our guide to buying the best bread maker, which will help you make the right decision based on the needs you have in your home with relation to the preparation of a good homemade bread.

Shopping guide

Types of bread maker programs

When we talk about bread makers, it is important to know that they differ according to the type of preset program they have, which is the main element in terms of versatility for preparing the bread of your choice; so you will see that the different programs are related to the bread making time, depending on the base of the mixture and the temperature.

In this sense, you will realize when you make a comparison of bread makers that the most common programs are for the preparation of wholemeal bread, white bread, sweet bread or French bread, among others. They also include a fast duty cycle, offering to bake a loaf in about an hour. 

Other models incorporate more advanced systems with a single cooking program, preparation with different types of flour, programs with longer fermentation times. They even have programs to make yogurt, desserts, jams, gluten-free foods, etc., but remember that the more programs and functions the breadmaker has, they will be a high indication of how much the product costs.

bread maker capacity

Another important detail is the capacity of the bread maker, because depending on it you will be able to produce a greater amount of bread according to your needs. It is advisable to choose the machine that manages to make more bread and that can satisfy the consumption of your family.

In general, the bread makers offer a size between 650 and 1500 grams of the loaf of bread, you can even find models that allow the baking of various sizes of bread, which could be a great advantage if you have a large family. 

Consider buying a product that has a capacity greater than that of daily consumption, because when you are already an expert in making bread, you will notice that the consumption of the family will increase.

Additional functions

Most of the automatic bread makers have different additional functions that make them more attractive to the consumer, who is looking for a good and economical machine that makes life easier, comfortable and practical for cooking. So, depending on the brand and model of these devices, it may include one or more extra functions.

In principle, almost all of them have an automated and digital control panel, with an LCD screen and the most advanced ones have Soft Touch buttons to choose the programs and adjust the functions. They offer a timer or delayed start, which allows you to set the operation of the device at a certain time, which in most cases is 13 hours, which is ideal when you go to work or go to sleep, leaving the dough ready so that when you wake up the bread is freshly made.

Some appliances allow you to choose the level of baking, depending on the browning color you prefer in the bread, everything will depend on whether you like it less or more crispy. Another function that these appliances usually bring is the maintenance of the heat of the bread after cooking, which is activated automatically after the bread is ready.

Among other additional functions, we can also mention the possibility of adding ingredients to the dough so that there is a uniform distribution of all the elements; and the internal memory function for those cases in which a voltage drop occurs.

Frequently asked questions 

Q1: How to make wholemeal bread in a bread maker? 

To make wholemeal bread in a breadmaker you need wholemeal flour, fresh yeast, strong flour, 1 teaspoon of salt, 300 ml of warm water and 2 teaspoons of olive oil. We incorporate the wet ingredients in the mold, starting with the olive oil, add the yeast in the warm water until it dissolves, then start adding the dry ingredients, incorporating the two types of flour and salt. Next, press the button according to the size of the bread, which in this case would be about 750 gr and activate the wholemeal bread program, which should last approximately 1 hour and 15 minutes.


Q2: How to make rye bread in a bread maker?

Rye bread has a high fiber content, but you have to know that rye flour is very different from spelled or wheat flour, because it absorbs more water and ferments faster. For these reasons, rye fails to develop gluten properly, requiring the use of strong flour to increase the volume of the dough, so if you prepare bread with only rye flour it will be very dense and dark, and it is advisable to mix the rye flour with other flours to make the bread more fluffy. So, use preferment, strong flour, wholemeal flour, water, salt to taste and yeast, add all the ingredients in the breadmaker mold, select the wholemeal bread cycle and activate the breadmaker.

Q3: Why doesn’t the bread rise in the bread maker?

One of the main reasons why bread made in the breadmaker does not rise is because the proportions of yeast and flour are not correct, there may be excess flour or lack of yeast. Another reason could be that the mixture lacks sugar or that the wheat flour is not of good quality. Keep in mind that sugar is important to activate the yeast, so if you omit adding sugar, the bread does not rise and it is not worth adding a sweetener, it is advisable to replace the sugar with honey. Also, it could be because the liquids of the mixture had a cold temperature or the selected program was not adequate and the dough did not have the necessary time to rise correctly.

Q4: How to make sourdough bread in a bread maker?

Firstly, we must add the sourdough, cold water, flour, salt and yeast to the baking pan of the breadmaker, insert the pan inside the breadmaker and select the highest kneading program. When the kneading cycle is finished, we remove the kneading paddles and the dough is placed properly, the bucket is reintroduced, the lid is closed and the dough is left to rest for approximately two hours. Once the dough reached double its volume, we select the baking cycle and let it cook.

Q5: How to make organic spelled bread in a bread maker?

If you want to make organic spelled bread in your breadmaker, you must buy all the necessary ingredients for the preparation, such as spelled flour, brown sugar, strong flour, salt, water, yeast and olive oil, and follow the recipe. Take into account the necessary amount of each ingredient so that the dough is perfect. Add the liquid ingredients in the mold, then add the flour, salt, sugar and finally the yeast. Finally, program the breadmaker, wait for the cooking time and depending on your preferences you can put it more or less toasted.

Q6: Why does the bread sink in the bread maker?

One of the causes that could cause the bread to sink is the excess of water or other liquids used in the mixture. Another reason is that the water had a very high temperature when it was added to the mold, which spoils the preparation. If you exceeded the amount of liquid, it is advisable to adjust the ingredients, both flour and liquid.

Q7: How to preserve the bread from the bread maker?

It is very easy to properly store bread maker bread, it is advisable to place it in a dry and cool place where the sun does not enter. Our grandmothers advised to store the bread in a paper or cloth bag, to maintain freshness and prevent it from hardening. Also, it could be stored in a wooden box, but the idea of ​​all these materials is to allow the bread to breathe properly and to retain moisture, so that it does not dry out.

Q8: How to make gluten-free bread in a bread maker?

Most bakeries have a program for making gluten-free bread, but it is important to observe some recommendations to obtain bread with the right consistency, since in principle, the kneading time for this type of bread is shorter. In the fermentation process it is recommended to leave more fermentation time, so that the dough has a better texture. Once the mixture has risen, do not knead it, so you must cancel this cycle in your bread maker or reduce it to a minimum. Keep in mind that prolonged baking will favor the internal humidity of the loaf of bread. Finally, activate the individualized program of the breadmaker for gluten-free bread.

How to use a bread maker

A bread maker is a very useful machine for our kitchen, because it will allow us to have fresh, freshly baked bread every day. It is easy to use and you can prepare any variety of breads and desserts for the whole family. In the next lines, we will give you some tips on how you can use your bread maker.


The first thing you should do when you receive your bread maker is to read the instruction manual so that you become familiar with the programs, so that you learn how it works. The recommendations for its cleaning and maintenance, explain some recipes and at the same time you know the parts of the bread maker.

In this sense, it is important to note that the bread machines include an internal container or mold, which is the place where the ingredients to prepare the bread will be introduced. These ingredients have a predetermined order for the correct kneading, it being advisable to add the liquids first and, later, the dry ingredients, such as flour, salt, sugar, yeast, among others.  

Mixing and kneading process

This machine works in several phases and depending on the chosen cycle, it will require several hours to generate the final product. Its first phase is the mixing of all the ingredients, which is done through a paddle that is responsible for stirring all the ingredients until they are completely integrated into a homogeneous mass, and then proceed to knead properly.

fermentation process

The bread maker has a timer that determines the reasonable time for the yeast to take care of fluffing the dough. To that end, the breadmaker will maintain the temperature required by the dough so that this rising process occurs according to the specifications that were previously programmed.

degassing process

After rising the dough, the machine performs a new process of kneading the dough, shorter and lighter than the previous one, with the purpose of degassing the dough and giving it the shape it will ultimately present. Once this process is finished, we must remove the shovels so that they do not stick to the bread, because otherwise we would be left with some parts of the bread with a hollow part, which will make the slicing process difficult.

baking process

In this final phase, the bread maker will heat our dough, until it is able to generate a spongy, toasted bread with good internal moisture and an incomparable flavor. It is recommended that at the end of the bread baking process, it is removed, left to rest on a rack for a certain time and after a few minutes you will have bread ready to eat.

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