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Paraffin stoves – Buying Guide and Comparison in 2022

The winter season is just around the corner and if you are cold you will know very well what it is to bury yourself under a pile of blankets and remain frozen to the fingers. Among the many options that the market offers us to heat our home in a pleasant way are the practical and functional paraffin stoves, which are used above all when you need a quick caloric intake and that cover very large rooms efficiently. Currently, there are many models available for all tastes, varying in design, power, tank and quality materials, among which the Tayosan 363 stands out., which has an electrical power of 3,000W and a practical CO2 sensor that keeps you protected in the event of an increase in safe levels. If you are looking for a stove with an autonomy of 18.2 hours and an ideal caloric range for areas of about 32 square meters, we recommend the Qlima Webber R 172 TC model.



Opinions on the best paraffin stoves

The use of a stove is an efficient and safe alternative if you need an air conditioner for your home. In order to choose the model that best suits your needs among the best paraffin stoves of 2022, it is advisable to know its positive and negative characteristics, as well as compare between the cheapest models offered by the market.

Tayosan 363

In order to acquire the best paraffin stove, it is important to know its functions and efficiency in detail, so that we are satisfied with the choice. This model has an electrical power of up to 3,000W, perfect for heating a large space in the home.

The Tayosan 363 can be considered the best stove, since it integrates a useful and durable wick that will keep the flame alive, achieving an ideal room temperature to enjoy the cold winter days. It also has a practical security system that analyzes the level of CO2 in the atmosphere, stopping the flow of gas in case of excess of the safe value.

This model has dimensions of 47 x 51 x 29.5 centimeters and an approximate weight of 8.9 kilograms. It is made of durable gray steel and uses four C-cell batteries.

If you are looking for the best paraffin stove of the moment, we recommend you take into account a series of important characteristics before making your choice, which we present below.


Chimney: This model has a long, thin chimney that helps the unburned hydrocarbon gases to be completely consumed.

Power: This paraffin stove has a power of up to 3,000W, very efficient to heat large spaces.

Sensor: Integrates a useful and practical sensor that analyzes the levels of CO2 in the atmosphere, stopping the flow of gas in the event of an increase in the permitted level.

Inflection: This model is made of heat-resistant materials that manage to avoid inflection and any bending caused by high temperatures.


Wick : A user notes that this stove stops lighting after a while because the wick does not absorb the kerosene correctly.

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Qlima Webber R 172 TC

The classic question that we ask ourselves in a competitive market is which is the best paraffin stove and to find out the answer, we recommend you take this practical model into account. The Qlima Webber R 172 TC paraffin heater has a power of 2,200W and can even be used without the need for cables or other exhaust systems, making it a very comfortable and versatile source of heat, capable of efficiently heating living spaces. 32 square meters.

This stove offers 99.9% energy efficiency thanks to the possibility of using it without electricity and its autonomy of 18.2 hours, which benefits you by generating a low electricity bill, allowing you to save a little more money, time that it has a capacity of 4.2 liters, giving you a longer operation.

Regarding security, this model stops its operation in case it receives a blow or in case the temperature exceeds the maximum level; in this way the internal system remains protected. It measures approximately 48 x 32 x 49.5 centimeters and weighs about 8.5 kilograms, which allows you to place it comfortably in your room.

It is highly recommended to also know which is the best brand of paraffin stoves, apart from the main functions, as it can help you make a better decision. Similarly, being aware of energy efficiency and autonomy is important, since it brings many benefits.


Efficiency: This paraffin stove has an energy efficiency of up to 99.9%, generating a low electricity bill thanks to the infrared radiation it emits.

Autonomy: You will not have problems using this model offline, since it has an autonomy of up to 18.2 hours.

Power: This versatile model has a power of up to 2,200 watts, generating a warm and pleasant atmosphere.

Area: With this paraffin stove you can perfectly air-condition areas of up to 32 square meters.


Noise: The noise level that reaches up to 35 dB could be pointed out as a small negative characteristic.

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Line Plus Essege U Tosai 360A-Ce

Ideal for air conditioning a large space, the Essege U Tosai 360A-Ce Plus Line kerosene-based paraffin stove has an electrical power of up to 3,000W with which you can enjoy a pleasant temperature in your home. This model integrates a fiberglass wick that guarantees its optimal operation.

With this model you can heat a maximum area of ​​120 cubic meters and a minimum space of 40 cubic meters. It has a 4-liter capacity tank thanks to which you can enjoy a warm environment for longer.

This paraffin stove offers an approximate autonomy of 13 hours. It integrates a useful security system that stops its operation in case of overturning or heat saturation in the atmosphere that helps you keep your family protected. It has dimensions of 50 x 47 x 31 centimeters and weighs about 10 kilograms.

If you are still wondering which paraffin stove to buy, we recommend you take our recommendations into account and pay attention to the details and most outstanding features of each model. This product draws attention for offering good power and performance quality, as well as for its good manufacturing and great coverage.


Power: This practical paraffin stove model uses a power of 3,000 watts per hour.

Wick: Thanks to the fiberglass wick included in this model, you can enjoy a perfectly live flame, as it absorbs kerosene excellently.

Coverage: The minimum surface recommended for heating is 40 cubic meters and the maximum reaches up to 120 cubic meters.

Consumption: The nominal fuel consumption generated by this paraffin stove is 250 gr/h or 0.3 l/h.

Safety: This model has an atmospheric and anti-tip safety system, thus protecting your family from possible accidents.


Weight: The high weight of this device of up to 10 kilograms can be noted as a negative characteristic.

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Tayosan SRE 4602

This powerful paraffin stove has a power of up to 4,600W, managing to optimally heat the environment where you are going to install it. It has a practical tank of up to 7.1 litres, so that you can enjoy the pleasant atmospheric temperature for longer. It integrates an electronic screen that allows you to select the required settings.

This practical and robust model integrates a useful timer for up to 24 hours, thus avoiding possible accidents by leaving it on indefinitely. It also includes a child safety and anti-tip system, which stops all operation in the event of the product falling.

Likewise, it integrates a very useful detection system for excess CO, CO2 and O2 in the atmosphere, stopping the operation of the stove instantly when it reaches dangerous levels for health. This model has an approximate size of 50 x 31 x 45.5 centimeters and weighs 13.6 kilograms.

Before choosing the model that you will take to your home or office, it is very important to look at various aspects such as safety, power, and the fuel capacity that the device allows.


Security : You can be calm with this model since it uses a child protection system, anti-tip in case it falls and monitor for excess toxic gases.

Power: The electrical power used by this model is 4,600W, with which you can enjoy a pleasant temperature in your home or office.

Capacity: Thanks to the large capacity of the tank of up to 7.1 liters you can relax without having to fill the stove every time.

Timer: With the useful timer of up to 24 hours you will not be in danger of leaving the stove on.


Price: It can be pointed out as a negative point that this paraffin stove has a higher cost than other similar models.

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Zibro RS-240

The Zibro RS-240 paraffin stove has a heating or power capacity of up to 2,400W, ideal for efficiently heating areas of 20 to 40 square meters. You will be able to carry out its assembly personally and without difficulties, since the product does not require evacuation, being very easy to install by any adult.

This is the best value for money paraffin stove, as it has a glass combustion chamber with a special deflector that improves infrared radiation while being one of the cheapest stoves on the market. It has an autonomous operation of up to 16 hours and its burner is simple combustion. It has a consumption of 0.25 l/h or 200 gr/h.

It integrates a fuel tank of up to 4 liters and its F-type wick is at an approximate height of 6.5 to 8.5 millimeters. The dimensions of this product are 42.8 x 29.5 x 45.3 centimeters and it weighs about 7.5 kilograms. For its ignition it uses four D4 batteries.

Paraffin stoves generate a high level of heat, therefore, it is very important to make sure that the manufacturing materials are resistant to high temperatures and that the heating power is within the range that its structure supports.


Materials: Integrates a high-quality glass combustion chamber with a deflector, improving infrared radiation.

Burner: This paraffin stove includes a type of resistant single combustion burner.

Power: Thanks to its great caloric power of up to 2,400W you can pleasantly heat your room.

Autonomy: With this practical model you can sleep peacefully thanks to its 16 hours of autonomy.


Smell: A user of this product comments as a negative point that it emits a slight smell of unburned fuel.

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