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Food Mill – Buying Guide and Comparison in 2022

Mashed potatoes are one of the most delicious and popular side dishes. Its soft and fluffy texture in the mouth is part of the reason for its frequent presence next to meat, chicken or an appetizing fish. However, when lumps are present or the consistency is too sticky, your dish turns from delight to nightmare. The Ram 261 will never allow this to happen. It is a very easy-to-use electric masher, capable of separating the skin from the pulp and achieving the best texture. The Ibili 765324, for its part, offers you 3 interchangeable discs for the fineness you want.

Opinions about the best food mills

Do not waste time searching on your own for the characteristics to find the ideal masher for your use in the kitchen. Learn here the pros and cons of the best options on the market to show off with delicious dishes that include potatoes, carrots and other vegetables or fruits. 

electric masher

Ram 261

Knowing that a delicious purée is one of the most requested accompaniments, the prestigious brand Ariete has added this spectacular electric food mill with 25W power to its range of household appliances. The measurements of 37 x 13.5 x 21 cm are the dimensions of one of the best food mills of 2022. It is a product that can be handled perfectly because it is so light and compact.

It is a masher with a careful and beautiful design that comes in two presentations. For a minimal variation in cost, you can choose the color combination white and red or white and lilac. Apart from the spatula, it has three discs of different sizes and a container that allows you to mash a large amount of potatoes. Each disk offers a different width in its perforations, so you can vary them to adapt the food mill to the vegetable you want to prepare and the thickness you want to obtain.

Certainly, it is not one of the cheapest alternatives, but it is a food mill that offers its user maximum quality in each of its characteristics.


Quality: Italian innovation supports its creation with a composite material that is highly resistant to heat and shock.

Functions: Not only is it a perfect shredder, it saves you work by being able to separate the pulp from the skin.

Assembly: Its parts are very easy to assemble and disassemble, as well as being fully suitable for washing in the dishwasher.


Switch: To activate the masher, you must activate the switch and leave your finger pressing it, since it is not fixed. 

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Haeger Vite Vite 

Preparing homemade puree is always a pleasant thing, although it is true that the time it takes can make the process a bit difficult. Luckily, thanks to the Haeger Vite Vite electric food mill, you will simplify the preparation of this delicious dish according to your preferences. 

We are talking about an electric model, obviously, with a 25-watt motor. It includes three cutting discs, with a fine, a medium and a thick finish, to adjust the texture you want to give to the dish. Once it’s started, all you have to do is place the potatoes and get the mashed potatoes already prepared without having to wait too long. 

And when you finish using it, all you have to do is disassemble the different elements of the product and clean them comfortably, leaving the masher ready until the next time you need it. A simple process that will not take you too long.

Save time and hassle when preparing a delicious homemade puree thanks to this electric model.


Discs : The three included discs make it easy to give the puree the texture you want: fine, medium or coarse.

Cleaning : Thanks to the quality of its materials, it is easy to clean the product after each use.

Detachable : The assembly and disassembly process is very simple, saving you complications when doing it.


Motor : The power of the motor is somewhat tight, so it is advisable not to overload the masher too much.

Support : The model does not have support feet, which give it a little more stability during use.

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manual masher

Ibili 765324

With so many electric mashers on offer, you might think that they have displaced manual ones. We tell you that the traditional ones are still very much in force and the model of this manual food mill will show you why. The shine of stainless steel not only allows it to stand out, but makes it more robust for shredding. Since it is a non-porous material, any food residue is prevented from building up or sticking.

It has a comfortable bowl, also in stainless steel, with a very spacious capacity of 24 cm in diameter. As a point in favor, in its lower part there are three folding legs to fix it on the pot. In this way, the food falls directly at the same time that you activate its rotating handle, preventing it from moving or falling. In addition, you can choose the degree of consistency you want to achieve in your puree by selecting the disc with the width of holes you want.

Turning and turning its handle will be the key to obtaining delicious purees, soups or sauces with the consistency that you choose.


Design: It is a food mill with an excellent finish and very well-supported pieces. It has a long handle where you can read your Ibili brand.

Knob: The green color of the knob stands out in the shine of the steel. In addition, it has a perfect size and ergonomics to move with your hand and not get tired.

Disks: With the exchange of their disks, you can achieve from very fine to really thick purees.


Tabs: Its leg-shaped tabs are very practical, however, they are not adjustable to all pot widths. 

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joseph joseph 20100

They are two pieces that meet dimensions of 9.4 x 9.1 x 26.5 and that work admirably together to mash potatoes, carrots, pears, as well as other vegetables and fruits. It is a manual masher that boasts a unique turning mechanism to produce more power and the potato passes through its holes with less effort. Its propeller system will surprise you by working perfectly with a pressure that is barely achieved by making an effort.

It will be enough to make sure that both the colored dot of its lid and that of the container coincide before starting to turn until both handles are together. You will immediately see your ingredient come out of the holes in short and very thin strips that will resemble the shape of rice. There will be no lumps, just smoothness on your palate. Its execution is so simple and fast that it is a recommended product for the home kitchen and also small restaurants.

Each complete turn with this masher will be a light puree, with an extraordinary texture that is far from a sticky or unpleasant sensation.


Size: It has a perfect size to be stored in your kitchen drawer or cabinet where you have your essential utensils.

Cleaning: Its stainless steel and nylon materials make it very easy to clean. Putting it under the tap will be enough to run the waste.

Easy operation: To activate, you just have to turn until the handles are joined and in the opposite direction to open and place more.


Texture: It is a food mill that does not have disks to vary the consistencies. Shredding will always be through its medium width holes.

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If you like to frequently prepare pureed vegetables and fruits, then finding the best value-for-money masher is necessary for you. The market is full of options, and this model stands out as one of the cheapest and most functional designs. Hassle-free, this masher just needs to be pressed on boiled potatoes, squash, tomatoes, bananas or fruit to make jams or baby food.

The crushing plate is wide and strong enough to achieve a perfect crushing. Its holes have a thick width that will allow you to crush all the foods you want quickly and accurately. 

Holding this masher by its handle is not uncomfortable at all given its ergonomic design. You’ll feel a smooth, easy-to-squeeze silicone that won’t slip from your hands. So gripping it firmly and applying pressure will result in delicious purées.

Deciding which masher to buy is definitely up to you, but the price and functionality of this model are great.


Resistance: The entire head and sides are made of resistant stainless steel with a mirror polished effect that enhances the shine of its silver color.

Hook: Its upper part ends in the form of a hook to hang it and thus save space.

Cleaning: It can be rinsed very easily under the tap. However, if you want to put it in your dishwasher, you can do that too.


Pressure: There is no way to achieve a delicious purée without firm and continuous pressure. This, perhaps, is somewhat uncomfortable for people who suffer from pain in their hands.

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Moulinex potato masher

Moulinex A40106

Moulinex food mills, as well as all the appliances of this brand, have always been a benchmark in the market. In this product you will see only stainless steel, except for the knob of its rotating tube and the decorations of its legs. With measurements of 9.5 x 21 x 30 cm, this is one of the best models to obtain a rich puree manually. It has three legs that can be folded or extended. When extended, it could be placed on pots that are up to 21 cm in diameter.

In addition to its legs, you can achieve its stability while you turn it by holding it by its long handle that shows the brand name. You will get an optimal result in your soup, compote or puree by choosing one of the two discs to achieve a fine or coarse grind. It is a model of the classic Moulinex range that achieves meals with an effectiveness and results that are not disappointing.

Although it is recognized for its effectiveness and presence in homes for generations, it can still be said that it is the best potato masher of the moment.


Brand: Without a doubt, it has the quality support of an internationally recognized brand with quality products.

Operation: A rotating mechanism with the resistance of stainless steel and operated by a comfortable knob made of robust material.

Discs: It comes with two discs to achieve grated and crushed vegetables and fruits with two different levels of fineness.


Edge: Its powerful stainless steel discs must be handled with care, especially when washing them, given how sharp they are. 

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Moulinex K1012014

This Moulinex food mill shows the highest quality with a product made of white plastic and stainless steel. It is one of the cheapest options you could find with the confidence of a prestigious brand and the efficiency of its mechanism. The rotation system and its grating discs are pieces that are made of stainless steel and are easily assembled inside the plastic part.

The effectiveness of the spin will be noticed as you turn its mechanism with your hand and see the ingredient fall smoothly and fluidly. To do so, there is a red knob to grab and turn the steel crank. The plastic bowl is a single piece with measurements of 26 x 33 x 11 cm. This container ends with a handle at one end and three legs with non-slip grooves at the bottom that help fix it.

Moulinex always stands out with its products and it is not surprising that many users consider it to be the best brand of food mills. This model is an example.


Material: The plastic makes it resistant and also very comfortable and practical in terms of weight.

Legs: The lower part of its legs has grooves to provide stability on the pot on which you decide to place it.

Price: It has a very good cost for the type of design it offers and the brand to which it belongs.


Cleaning: Its parts are dishwasher safe, except the discs. So these should be washed by hand with great care.

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Guide to buying a masher

If you think that all potato mashers only mash potatoes, we tell you that there are some with which you can even prepare delicious compotes for your baby. In this guide to buying the best food mill we will describe for you all the good features that it should have and should be considered before making your final selection.

Shopping guide


The options currently offered on the market include two types of food mills: manual and electric. Although it might be thought at once that the electric ones are more functional, the truth is that users have kept the manual ones valid over time. Despite being more traditional, you find in them characteristics that may be important to you, such as lower cost, a smaller size that makes them easier to store and handle, as well as a slower grinding technique that you can customize and make your own.

Of course, the technology always present to help in the rhythm of daily life has made its intervention with electric mashers. They are obviously faster. Additionally, as they do not require pressure from the user, they are good for people with arthritis or similar ailments. They can be electrically powered by cable or use batteries.


Both the type and design of the masher will have an impact on how much it costs. It is worth checking all the variety that is offered to you to make the best decision. Among the manual food mills, for example, you will find those of traditional design. These have a plate-shaped head with holes for mashing potatoes and other vegetables through the pressure exerted by holding a vertical handle. Others come with a bowl or basket with a rotating system with cranks. Also, there are others with a lid and a perforated container in which joining the handles means rotating, pressing and observing how the potato comes out as a puree.

Among the electrical ones you find parts that are assembled or not. They come with spatulas, blades and a variable number of disks that represent obtaining purées of different consistencies. They have different powers, they could vary between one or two speeds, in addition to a drive system with buttons that may require keeping them pressed or not.


Speaking of size is not only referring to the capacity in quantity of puree to prepare, but to find the ideal place to store it comfortably in your kitchen. There are small ones to be used at home and large ones that will work perfectly for the dynamics of a restaurant. Traditional manuals bring plates of various sizes and, in general, regardless of their dimensions, they come with a hook shape suggesting they be hung to save space.

Whether manual or electric, the difference in size of their bowls is also key to take into account when making the comparison of food mills. Apart from being a piece that you have to find a place for, some come with the fantastic utility of legs to fix them on pots of a specific diameter measurement. 


The materials with which a masher is made will affect its price and how cheap it can be. Between a metal, silicone or rubber handle, you have to evaluate between resistance or good grip due to non-slip characteristics. Stainless steel is the most recommended to talk about the blade and discs that some offer and not aluminum. The latter can be very weak under the pressure that must be exerted. Stainless steel is much stronger and more durable.

In fact, there are some professional-type mashers that are described as having 18/8 or 18/10 alloys that add to the strength of the steel with 18% chromium and 8 or 10% nickel which will also help against corrosion. Plastic is seen as the material for the frame and bowls of electric food mills, as their powerful motors do all the heavy lifting.


In this category of cookware, hand washing and dishwasher cleaning are almost equally used techniques. Of course it depends on the design. A traditional head and handle only masher takes just a few seconds under the tap.

On the other hand, one of parts, whether manual or electric, requires a more detailed wash so that no food residue is hidden. These mashers, in general, warn you in their instructions the type of washing recommended and describe if all the parts when disassembled are dishwasher safe or just some.  

Frequently asked questions

Q1: How to use a food mill?

The only difference in how to use a manual and an electric masher will be that one must be connected and the other not. Otherwise, the procedure is the same. In addition to the famous potatoes, you can choose the vegetables you like or your baby’s favorite fruit. Boil them until they soften. Depending on your model of potato masher, you may or may not have to remove the skin. Once boiled, cut them into pieces and place them in the container or bowl. Start mashing by pressing, turning or pressing the switch, if it is an electric masher.  

Q2: How is a food mill assembled? 

The assembly of parts of a food mill only occurs in those that come with baskets with rotating mechanisms and in electric ones. In the case of the crank, it comes fixed in a piece that is mounted or dismounted transversely. It is placed on a spring system that sinks to fit or disengage it in specially designed side holes. In electric ones, generally, the structure of the handle can be separated from the spatula with the blades, from the discs and the bowl.

Q3: How to make a homemade potato masher?

For a long time, the fork has been and still is a very practical way of mashing tasty potatoes to make a delicious puree. Other shapes used as homemade mashers can be a fine grater or a grid, but not parallel lines, but those shaped like squares.

All you have to do is boil the potatoes, cut them in half and let them cool a bit so you can handle them without burning yourself. Although if you have oven mitts, these work great. Place the grater or grater over the bowl and start grating the potato moving from end to end.

Q4: Which is better, a blender or a food mill?

There is no hesitation in this answer. If you are talking about a delicious purée, the potato masher is the right option. This allows the exact passage of starch to have a food with a smooth and non-sticky texture. Additionally, you should keep in mind that with the blender you should always remove the skin of the potatoes, tomatoes or other food first, since it only blends. Also, another important difference is that grinding with a mixer does not prevent air from passing into the food.

Q5: What to do if I don’t have a potato masher?

If you don’t have a potato masher and you feel like mashed potatoes or vegetables, you could use other options. Perhaps, these do not achieve such exact results, but you could solve for now. It is best to use a fine grater, grid in the form of squares or shred very quickly for a few seconds with a stick blender. Blenders or blenders, in addition to releasing all the starch, produce a rubbery texture.

Q6: How to clean the masher?

There is no general way to clean a masher, as their designs vary considerably. The one-piece stainless steel ones are very easy to clean with a little soap and water under the tap, since they have no place for residue to hide. For food mills with a greater number of plastic or stainless steel parts, you should follow the manufacturer’s recommendations.

There are models that allow dishwasher washing of all its parts or just some. In the case of containers, dishwasher cleaning can be more effective when they are placed with the flat surface facing down, so the soap and water will work where it is needed.

Q7: Which is better, an electric or a manual masher?

Well, each one has its advantages and disadvantages, so it becomes a decision of personal taste. If you are used to the manual, perhaps you will say that the result of an electric one does not seem the same to you. However, these have increasingly perfected the texture. With a manual one you have to force yourself, but you control the texture, as well as being cheaper. The electric one is indisputably faster, it implies less force in the pressure, but it is more expensive. So it is up to you to evaluate and decide what is best for your hands, in case of pain, and for your pocket.

Q8: What are the masher discs used for?

Basically, they work like the sieve through which the vegetable or fruit passes. They are pieces that come as a single element or additional accessories. There are models that come with just one, two or even three discs that you can exchange according to your taste in preparation. They are designed to give you the opportunity to choose the type of consistency you want to achieve in the grind, which can range from very fine to thicker.

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Estos productos solían encontrarse entre los más recomendados, pero ahora ya no están disponibles

Générique 26614 Moulinette

Buscar la opción ideal como el mejor pasapurés como regalo puede tener respuesta en este modelo. Es un pasapurés eléctrico que logrará que todos los amantes del puré lo tengan en su mesa de manera rápida y sin necesidad de ejercer mucha fuerza. Por lo tanto, es ideal para personas a las que les duelen sus manos al usar uno manual. Son 25W de potencia que, junto a afilados discos de acero inoxidable, logran el efecto deseado en unos pocos segundos.

Estos discos ofrecen que la verdura pueda ser procesada obteniendo de ella un puré de consistencia gruesa, mediana o muy fina. Todo dependerá de cómo te guste su preparación. El pasapurés está hecho de plástico color blanco y alcanza medidas de 40 x 51 x 34 cm. Estas dimensiones hacen fácil su almacenaje junto a su bol que permite de una manera cómoda triturar en su fondo tu verdura preferida.

Apenas verlo, te darás cuenta de la calidad de su material y construcción. Así que se perfila como una excelente compra en esta categoría.


Eléctrico: No tiene comparación el poco esfuerzo que exige usar este pasapurés en contraste con uno manual.

Discos: Son tres discos de acero inoxidable que logran la consistencia que tu escojas para los alimentos.

Bol: Viene con un amplio bol que te permite obtener de forma cómoda puré en cantidad para varias personas.


Sujeción: A diferencia de otros pasapurés, no cuenta con un sistema de sujeción de pestañas o patas largas para adaptarlo a diferentes recipientes. 


Entre tantas excelentes ofertas en el mercado, poder decidir cuál es el mejor pasapurés es una decisión un poco difícil. Sin embargo, las prestaciones que ofrecen los pasapurés eléctricos los mantienen como parte de los productos considerados por los usuarios como los más prácticos. Este modelo color blanco, por ejemplo, te brinda lo maravilloso de una preparación sin esfuerzo y muy corta en tiempo, ideal para tu hogar o restaurante.

La versión KREA PM160, en particular, tiene un bol de plástico cómodo y espacioso. Sus discos con hojas de acero inoxidable hacen el trabajo por ti. Permiten que el corte y rallado pueda ser fino, mediano o grande, así que puedes intercambiarlos para lograr deliciosos purés sin grumos, sopas y salsas. Puedes agarrarlo y manipularlo cómodamente gracias a su mango con forma ergonómica. Tiene una combinación de materiales que consiste en plástico para su estructura y acero inoxidable para los discos.

Al comprar este pasapurés, verás que la presentación con purés en tus comidas no recibirá otra cosa sino halagos.


Diseño: Ser de plástico y eléctrico le da características de mucha practicidad. Es ligero y no variará en potencia y fuerza mientras esté haciendo su trabajo.

Desmontable: El mecanismo de ensamblaje y desmontaje que trae para extraer sus piezas es muy sencillo y rápido.

Discos: El poder del acero inoxidable de sus discos hará el trabajo de triturar y lograr comidas tan deliciosas como un buen gazpacho.


Precio: Dada su categoría y prestaciones como pasapurés eléctrico, su precio se distancia considerablemente de los manuales. 

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