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Pastry Bag – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis

Baking is an art and, for that reason, pastry chefs need tools worthy of an artist. When it comes to decorating and filling desserts, pastry bags are usually the most sought-after products, as they facilitate this work and provide a neater result, adapted to the needs of each person. Those who want disposable sleeves can find options such as the Lacor 68939 model, a set that comes with 100 units of the best quality so you can use and discard. However, many others value durability more and prefer a model like the Lihao GB-AM-EU-0507, as it offers 3 silicone sleeves with different sizes to adapt to each preparation.

The 9 Best Pastry Bags – Opinions 2022

Among so many brands, materials, sizes and colors it can be difficult to choose the ideal pastry bag for you. However, to help you with this process, here you can find a list of the most outstanding options on the current market.

Disposable pastry bag

1. Lacor 68939 Disposable confectionery sleeve

When buying a pastry bag, many opt for professional alternatives to be able to do their job. However, a disposable piping bag can sometimes be the right choice. In this case, it is a set of 100 sleeves of 40 centimeters each, so that you always have one when you need it. The units come in a box with a top opening for convenient and easy removal.

Due to their versatility, they could be considered one of the best pastry bags of 2022, as they adapt to all types of nozzles. The sleeves are suitable for food use and can be used for different activities such as decorating, filling and even making cookies. However, the content inside the bag must not exceed 60°C.  

Moreover, each unit is made of quality plastic to prevent breakage and is transparent so you can see what’s inside. Therefore, they are considered strong sleeves, despite being disposable.

With this kit of Lacor you can enjoy several sleeves of good quality to make the best dishes and desserts.


Quantity: The set comes with 100 disposable sleeves so you always have one ready to use.

Versatile: Being compatible with any nozzle, the sleeves offer versatile and practical use.

Security: To offer you greater security, this product is completely suitable for food use.

Content: These sleeves can be filled with any food, either hot or cold, as long as it does not exceed 60°C.


Dimensions: The 40 centimeters of each sleeve make them smaller than other models, capable of using more content.

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2. Lictin Pastry Bags 

You will not need to look any further for the best price-quality pastry bag when you see this model. With this purchase, you will not only have a disposable pastry bag, because Lictin brings a set of 100 cheap pieces so you can get more for a lower cost. 

The size of each of them is 32.5 x 21.5 x 34.5 cm, so their dimensions are suitable for making different decorations and pastry preparations. When you’re done using them, you can throw them away so you don’t have to clean the sleeves.

These pieces come with a transparent design that makes it possible to view the content they have. In addition to that, being made of flexible, resistant polyethylene with a thickness of 60 microns, the sleeves will adapt to what you need without the risk of breaking and causing an accident. Finally, these sleeves are completely safe so you can always use them with peace of mind.

Among the offers of disposable sleeves, this is one of the best purchases you could make for its good price and quality.


Quantity: This set contains 100 pieces, so you will always have one available when you need it.

Material: The polyethylene of each unit is of the highest quality, which offers durability and flexibility to make the job easier.

Versatile: These bags can be used safely to make, fill or decorate different types of foods and desserts.


Size: The size of these sleeves could be considered small to handle large preparations, which can be inconvenient.

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Professional pastry bag

3. Lihao Reusable Silicone Pastry Bags

The most experienced cooks may need a professional pastry bag to make their creations and, luckily, this kit comes with 3 of them so you have the right one for each preparation. The length varies between 34, 40 and 46 centimeters, so you can use the one that is most convenient. 

To get quality, you won’t have to invest too much money, as it is one of the cheapest sets, considering its versatility and quality. These pastry bags, in addition to adapting to all types of preparations, come with nozzle couplers to be able to adapt to the different options offered by the market for these accessories. 

Each of these pieces comes in a beautiful turquoise color, plus they are easy to clean to keep them clean and retain their color. Lastly, because the sleeves are made of silicone, they are durable and do not interfere with the smell or taste of food.

The acquisition of this pastry bag kit will give you a simpler and faster preparation process for your favorite desserts.


Variety: With purchase, you will get 3 different sized sleeves to suit your needs in the kitchen.

Accessories: The nozzle couplers are some practical accessories included in the purchase that, usually, do not come in these sets.

Material: Silicone has no odor or taste and is also resistant and easy to clean. Therefore, it is the ideal material for sleeves.


Packaging: Each sleeve comes in a plastic package, which is not good for the environment and causes more waste in the home.

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4. FM Professional Pastry Bag Professional Pastry

Having a professional pastry bag at home can be the solution to stop discarding some lower quality models, therefore, with a single investment you can get a bag like this one from FM Professional, designed to be durable and resistant. 

This product, unlike others, is made of cotton to be more manageable and coated with polyurethane to offer greater strength and durability. This makes it easy to adapt to different preparations, whether sweet or salty.

The sleeve is about 50 centimeters in size, so it will let you fill it with a good amount of content. This will make it easier to decorate, fill or prepare food, since you will have enough mixture for several things. When you finish using it, you can wash it quickly and easily to use it again later. This should be done by hand and preferably with warm water.

If you are looking to choose the best brand of pastry bags, FM Professional deserves to be considered, as it is a company dedicated to the production of high-quality pastry materials.


Size: The dimensions give the opportunity to fill the manga with a large amount of content the first time to avoid having to do it constantly.

Material: The combination of cotton with polyurethane provides strength, durability and, above all, very good manageability.

Washable: Cotton makes this sleeve easy to wash as it absorbs water properly.


Color: Being white, this sleeve could get stained quickly and this can be inconvenient.

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silicone pastry bag

5. Eqlef Silicone Pastry Bag

It is good to always have a silicone pastry bag available to make all your preparations, but better than that is to have two of them. For that reason, Eqlef offers this set that comes with a pair of piping bags and six pastry tips so you have everything you need in the kitchen. 

The sleeves are made of silicone, while the nozzles have been made of stainless steel. In this way, both products will have excellent strength and durability. Thanks to the silicone, the sleeves are non-stick, non-toxic and odourless.

As for the dimensions, the sleeves measure 31 x 17 centimeters and the nozzles 1.6 x 1.6 x 3 centimeters. You will be able to fold and handle these products to your liking, as the silicone is soft and flexible to make your work easier. Assembling the bags with the nozzles is also easy, so you can soon start decorating and filling each of the desserts you want.

In this purchase it will be possible to find the best pastry bag of the moment, since the set brings high quality products.


Set: With the purchase of this kit, you will get a pair of piping bags and 6 nozzles to have everything in one place.

Materials: Silicone is a good material for the sleeves, while stainless steel makes the nozzles more durable.

Use: The use is simple due to its flexibility, but also due to its rough exterior that provides a better grip.


Coupling: Achieving coupling between the nozzles and the sleeves can take time, which is a drawback.

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Lékué pastry bag

6. Lékué Decomax Silicone Pastry Bag

A Lékué pastry bag is synonymous with quality, however, it can also refer to innovation. In this case, this bright green model comes in an interesting circular shape with a transparent section to see the content. 

The structure of the product makes it easier to handle and also makes it more difficult to have accidents. Because this sleeve is made from silicone, you can be sure of its optimal durability. In addition, this material gives it the necessary resistance to be washed in the dishwasher.

To complement the purchase, it comes with a set of 6 assorted nozzles that stand out for the same resistance as the sleeve. Thanks to this and its easy handling, the product can be adapted to decorate and fill different types of desserts without complications. On the other hand, due to the dimensions of 16 x 14 x 7.1 cm and its weight of just 177 grams, it will not be difficult to find a place for the sleeve.

This sleeve is not one of the cheapest on the market, however, its innovative design could be worth the price.


Size: Its small size facilitates its use and storage, as it adapts correctly to your hands and your kitchen.

Cleaning: When you finish with the sleeve, you can easily wash it in the dishwasher to leave it as good as new.

Set: To have everything in the same purchase, it comes with a set of 6 nozzles made of resistant material with different designs to provide variety.


Design: Despite being innovative, it might take people to get used to the design of this sleeve.

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Ibili pastry bag

7. Ibili 60045 Disposable Sleeve On Roll

Regardless of whether it is a disposable model, an Ibili pastry bag can help you prepare your desserts with excellent quality. In this case, the brand brings, for a very good price, a set of 10 units that you can throw away when you finish to avoid cleaning. 

The dimensions of each of these pieces provide a very good capacity. You will be able to see the content due to the transparent material. The best pastry bag should provide strength and easy handling, and for that reason, any of these bags would qualify because they offer these important qualities. By using the sleeves you will be able to squeeze them, fill them with considerable weight and attach them without worry, because the plastic with which they were made is strong. 

To finish, it is worth noting that these items can be used correctly with any mouthpiece, even if they do not belong to the Ibili product catalog.

In case you don’t know which pastry bag to buy, in this pack of pastry bags you will surely find the right one.


Set: With the purchase of this set you will get 10 disposable sleeves to always have one on hand for when necessary.

Disposable: Because they are disposable, you won’t have to clean any of these sleeves, just throw one out and start another.

Resistant: The plastic used in its manufacture provides resistance to withstand professional use and considerable weight.


Flexibility: These sleeves could be more flexible, which would make them a little easier to use and more practical.

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Wilton pastry bag

8. Wilton 2104-1 3 58 Disposable piping bags

Those who are looking for the best pastry bag will surely have thought of getting a Wilton pastry bag due to the fame of the brand. On this occasion, the company brings a set of 24 completely disposable sleeves for beginners and experts to save you cleaning, but resistant to accompany you throughout the decoration or preparation process. Before that, the brand will also help you, as it brings a manual to know how to cut and attach the nozzles.

These clear plastic sleeves are flexible so you can easily squeeze them, while their durability will prevent them from ripping or wearing out. 

The sleeves measure 12 inches, so they will fit the contents needed to decorate most desserts. In addition to that, each of them comes in a practical dispenser box so you can quickly extract them.

With the purchase of this kit you will not have to worry about getting more sleeves for some time, while enjoying each piece when making your desserts.


Box: The dispenser box makes it easy to remove each of the sleeves, while keeping them organized.

Manual: To make its use much easier, this purchase comes with a manual to know how to cut and attach the nozzles.

Material: The plastic used in these sleeves provides strength, flexibility and durability. These qualities are necessary in confectionery.


Size: The dimensions of the product are smaller than those of most pastry bags, which usually reach a minimum of 40 cm.

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Reusable pastry bag

9. SenPuSi Pastry Bags 

The best pastry bag is the one that allows you to decorate or fill your biscuits, cookies or even prepare other salty foods in the kitchen. For that reason, this brand has brought this set of 100 resistant pieces so that you always have a reusable piping bag on hand and can do what you want. 

Using food-grade plastic as the main material, these products provide safety and strength to prevent breakage, even if you apply force. In addition, its non-slip design allows a better grip to always have precise control, which will give you better results.

On the other hand, the transparent plastic allows to easily visualize and identify the content of the bag. Fortunately, these sleeves can be cut to fit any mouthpiece, giving you more freedom of use. In fact, it is possible to use the pieces with hot and cold food.

Safety, comfort and practicality are words that can be used to describe this set of brand products.


Grip: The non-slip grip on the sleeves will make it easier to maintain control of the sleeves for better results.

Materials: Food-grade plastic provides strength and safety. Even though the sleeves are disposable, they will be flexible and durable.

Adaptable: Each of these sleeves can be adapted to different types of nozzles so you can give your decorations the design you want.


Filling: Due to their small size, these sleeves are suitable for decorating, but they can be difficult to fill.

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Pastry bag accessories

Pastry bag nozzles

Wilton Nozzle Set 

Pastry bag nozzles are necessary to be able to use the bags in a more versatile way. Wilton, famous for its quality in pastry products, brings a small set of 3 stainless steel nozzles to provide the durability you deserve and 3 different designs to give a unique touch to your creations: star, flower and drop. 

Despite not being dishwasher safe, these pieces are easy to clean, so you’ll be able to keep them spotless with no hassle. Finally, by having small dimensions, these mouthpieces can be easily adapted to different sleeves, whether they are disposable or professional.

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Shopping guide

When talking about a cake, the sponge cake plays a very important role, as it is the tasty main structure. However, no one can deny that complementary touches with cream take cakes from ordinary to extraordinary. In addition, the cream is not only excellent to eat, but also to decorate and give an additional value to the cake. In order to achieve the perfect decorations and fillings, piping bags are needed, and to buy the right ones, it is recommended to follow certain parameters to make the best decision.


In a guide to buying the best pastry bag, different things must be taken into consideration, if what you want is to buy a product that serves what you have in mind and that helps you do everything effectively. However, one of the most important aspects to make the purchase of an ideal sleeve for you is the materials used in it. Choosing one model over another not only depends on how much each one costs, nor on its design, but on how it suits the work you are going to do.

For example, it is possible to purchase silicone and cotton sleeves, which are usually ideal for constant professional work that requires this type of material. However, disposable sleeves may be more effective for occasional jobs. Both reusable and single use are valuable and each has a purpose. If you want to make a one-time investment that will last a long time, then reusable ones are the ones for you, while if you want to always have a new sleeve on hand or use several colors at once, then disposable ones are usually the ones for you.

There can be differences in durability between the same materials, so look at the thickness of the sleeve and its flexibility. Products that adapt to your actions in a flexible way and, at the same time, offer firmness, are usually much more difficult to wear and tear.

To all this, be sure to add the adaptability that the sleeve has. Your best alternatives will be those that have a wide range of temperatures to work with, as this way you will have more freedom to use the product.


After choosing the ideal materials for you, then you can again make a comparison of piping bags under these parameters and start looking at other aspects. It is recommended that the second quality you look for in the sleeves is their versatility of use.

Depending on the size of the alternative and even the manufacturer’s brand, some sleeves may not be correct for coupling with certain nozzles, for example. In this case, you should verify that the mouthpieces you have or are going to buy can always be adapted to the sleeves. Using an incompatible nozzle could cause kitchen disasters, so it’s best not to try.

To prevent this from happening and to give yourself more opportunities to use sleeves, it’s a good idea to go for sets that offer multiple things in one purchase. There are packs that not only offer more than one sleeve, but each one has different dimensions to do different jobs. In addition to this, there are also options that come with both sleeves and mouthpieces, therefore, you will know that they are compatible products and you will be able to use everything as soon as you get home.

The inclusion of accessories and variety in each offer, in the long run, becomes a better purchase. This is because you will have made a single, one-time payment, you will have gotten everything you need to use the sleeves, and you won’t need to buy extras unless you want to.


Finally, it is already possible to pay attention looking for a good and economical option among your final alternatives. At this time, it is already necessary to look at other features that, although they do not affect its operation, do make everything more practical and comfortable.

An example of this is the non-slip coating that some sleeves have, making it possible for you to have better control over the drawings and letters you make on a dessert. In addition, by this time it is already worth noting whether the product will be easy to clean or whether it is disposable sleeves. Among the models currently on the market, there are some that can be washed in the dishwasher, while others require washing by hand.

Finally, a very practical detail that you could take into account is that of the dispenser box that usually accompanies the disposable sleeves. This simple additional accessory will facilitate the use of the sleeves exponentially, since you will be able to remove them without complications and, in addition, you will not have to find space for the rest of them.

Frequently asked questions

Q1: How to use the piping bag?

After choosing the nozzle that has your favorite design and attaching it correctly to the sleeve, you must proceed to fill it and, when this is ready, then it will be possible to start using it.

If you’re right-handed, then you won’t have a problem with the nozzles and you’ll be able to get started right away. Decide if you are going to write or do flat details, as this will affect the correct position of the sleeve. The first activity requires a 45° angle, while the second requires a 90° position. The first position is also ideal for decorating the edges. Always remember to start from left to right.

If you are left-handed, then you will need to follow the same process but with two exceptions: the details will need to be decorated from right to left, not counting the writing, and lastly, you will need to use left-handed mouthpieces.

Q2: How to roll croquettes with pastry bag?

When you have your mixture ready, you just have to place it inside a bag with a large nozzle and start. Place the plate with the egg under the sleeve to be able to bread the croquettes and squeeze the sleeve. You will see that a line of mixture comes out, which you must cut to the appropriate length with a knife to drop the piece into the container. Continue this way until you have no more dough left.

Q3: How to fill the piping bag?

To do this, you’ll need to hold the bag in one hand and fold it down to form a ruffle for better access to the bottom of the sleeve. Some also place the sleeve inside a glass for greater process control. Using a spatula, collect the cream you are going to use and begin to carefully fill the sleeve. Do not overdo it, because all the cream could come out when squeezing if this happens.

Wipe the spatula to remove excess, pulling up as you remove the spatula so the bag rises. After this, proceed to close the bag by pressing down gently so that the cream goes down completely and you can release the air from the sleeve. The latter is done by making gentle upward movements.

To finish, twist the upper part of the sleeve and press down again to let out a little cream along with the last air. Already after this step, you can close the sleeve.

Q4: How to improvise a pastry bag?

If you want to improvise a pastry bag, it is possible to make one using a plastic bottle, the size that suits you, and cut it in half.

In the mouth of the bottle you will have to insert an adapter to be able to install the chosen nozzle and you will be able to use the product as a sleeve. If you don’t do this, then the mix will automatically flow out of the mouth of the bottle, so you have no control over the flow of the mix.

These sleeves will lack flexibility, but they provide strength and get the job done. This can be a good improvisation when you don’t have any other materials on hand.

Q5: How to decorate a cake with a piping bag?

To decorate a cake, all you have to do is attach the nozzle that has the design you want, fill the bag and start giving free rein to your imagination on the cake. There are no rules when decorating, just your creativity.

Q6: How to assemble a pastry bag?

Although for beginners this may seem very difficult, with practice this process becomes easier and easier. The first thing to do is take the nozzle adapter and unscrew the ring, then drop the coupling base into the sleeve until you reach the tip. There, applying a little pressure, you should mark a point or a line on the bag, just below the thread of the screw.

Remove the base and proceed to cut the sleeve at the marked point. It is important that it be a precise and clean cut. After this, put the base back in position and push a little until it clicks into place.

On the base you will place the mouthpiece and, when finished, proceed to put the ring in the original place to give a firm coupling to the mouthpiece. You are now ready to use the sleeve.

Q7: How to make a pastry bag?

To create your own sleeve and save yourself when you don’t have one available, you need baking paper or a plastic bag. If you decide to use parchment paper, the first thing you should do is fold it along the longest side, forming a triangle. Having this shape, proceed to roll it up to form a cone, fixing the structure with another fold. 

If you don’t have a nozzle, then just fill the bag, cut off the tip and start working, but your result will probably be inaccurate. Therefore, it is preferable to cut the space needed to use an adapter and nozzle. For this, place the adapter inside the paper and press a little. There, seeing the adjustment ring, mark with a pencil or marker. On that mark you will have to cut and, in this way, the adapter will be correctly attached to the sleeve and will be ready to place the mouthpiece.

If you prefer to use a plastic bag, start by placing the adapter in one corner to measure and cut, following the process above. Fill the sleeve, and voila.

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