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Philips Vacuum Cleaner – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis

Vacuum cleaners are household appliances designed to simplify daily cleaning tasks at home, allowing you to remove dust or dirt accumulated on different surfaces, furniture or hard-to-reach spaces. The models are usually varied, as is the technology incorporated, so the ideal is to check several options. For example, the  Philips PowerPro Compact FC9330/09 is a vacuum cleaner with a telescopic tube, which captures even the finest dust effectively, due to the action of its cyclone system and anti-allergenic filter. Another purchase alternative is the Philips SmartPro Compact FC8774/01 model. It is an intelligent robot, which you can program through a remote control for daily cleaning.

The 9 Best Philips Vacuum Cleaners – Opinions 2022

The Philips line of vacuum cleaners has a wide variety of traditional models and others with cutting-edge technology, ready to help you optimize your home cleaning tasks. Next, you will be able to review nine highly positioned models, recommended among the best of this year.

Philips bagless vacuum cleaner

1. Philips PowerPro Compact FC9330/09 Vacuum cleaner with Cyclone system

This product is for many people the best Philips vacuum cleaner, since it offers efficient operation, an ergonomic handling design and a compact body, which can be stored in any closet without taking up much space. In addition, the appliance incorporates cyclonic technology, in which the generated air flow immediately separates the dirt, for optimal cleaning of any area of ​​the home.

Moreover, this Philips bagless vacuum cleaner has been provided with a convenient 1.5 liter storage tank, which can be easily emptied, preventing dirt from spreading around the room again.

Also, it is worth mentioning the power of 27 watts of the motor of this Philips fc9330 vacuum cleaner and the energy consumption of classification A, with a noise level of 79 decibels. Likewise, the bearing system arranged in the central module stands out, which improves the mobilization of the equipment and the TriActive telescopic pole with brush, for hard floors.

This could be the best Philips vacuum cleaner of the moment, whose advantages and disadvantages you can review below.


ActiveLock: With the ActiveLock mechanism you will get an easy coupling of the accessories in the telescopic tube of the equipment.

Tank: Its tank offers quick emptying, without the dust spreading around the room.

Allergy filter: You will eliminate pollen, lint and mites in a single pass, thanks to the built-in Allergy filter.

Bearings: The pair of bearings allow a practical mobilization of the structure, for an effective cleaning.


Noise: The level of noise generated could seem a bit intense, if you use the equipment in small spaces.

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2. Philips Beutelloser Staubsauger FC9555/09 Bagless Vacuum Cleaner

With this Philips bagless vacuum cleaner you can effectively remove the dust accumulated on different floors and textiles, achieving sanitization of up to 99.9%. In this way, it is possible to reduce respiratory allergies among the inhabitants of the home.

The equipment has a compact central unit, in which there is a 750-watt motor, powered by a cable that must be connected to an alternate power source. After being turned on at its maximum suction level, the device produces 76 decibels of sound, which does not represent noise that is harmful to the health of the human ear.

In addition, the vacuum cleaner has two bearings to slide it quickly around the room, while its ergonomic handle allows the structure to be lifted when climbing the stairs, for example. Likewise, there are the attached accessories, among which the nozzles for hard floors and joints stand out, a mini turbo brush and another one integrated into the grip area.

Here, more details about this Philips vacuum cleaner model that has stood out among the recommendations.


Tank: Its tank provides intuitive emptying. Also, it can be cleaned with a damp cloth.

Accessories: Thanks to the attached brushes and nozzles, you can clean hard floors and textiles from curtains or furniture.

Adjustable power: You can adjust the suction level at various levels, according to the needs of each surface.

Filter: The built-in filter traps 99.9% of dust, which is convenient for allergy sufferers.


Tube: The tube that the accessories fit into could be a bit stiff, hindering quick handling for some people.

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Philips robot vacuum cleaner

3. Philips SmartPro Compact Robot Vacuum Cleaner FC8774/01 

This is a cleaning robot with a compact and lightweight format, which resembles the shape of a disk, recommended among the best Philips vacuum cleaners of 2022. This is due to its optimal performance when removing dust particles accumulated on the floor during the day. a day.

With this Philips robot vacuum cleaner it is possible to achieve a safe and progressive movement on different surfaces, thanks to the bearing system attached to the base of the equipment. In this way, the appliance does not catch on the carpets. In addition, a stair detection sensor is incorporated, designed to avoid unexpected shocks during the journey.

On the other hand, this vacuum cleaner has been provided with a power of 12.8 volts, corresponding to the lithium-ion battery integrated into the cleaning unit. Said energy accumulator takes four hours to recharge and provides a long-lasting autonomy, corresponding to 130 minutes.

This is a product belonging to the Philips purchase catalog, considered the best brand of vacuum cleaners. Here, your details.


Autonomy: You will not have to worry about the vacuum cleaner unexpectedly stopping, thanks to its long autonomy.

Remote control: You can program the device remotely, thanks to the built-in remote.

Indicator: The device has a light indicator, so that you are aware of the filling of the bag.

Bearings: The robot’s bearings prevent it from getting caught on carpets.


Instruction manual: An instruction manual in Spanish is missing. In any case, you can access the official website to translate it.

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Philips handheld vacuum

4. Philips FC614X Energy Care Handheld Vacuum

Defining which is the best Philips vacuum cleaner could be a messy task, since all the models belonging to the purchase catalog of said brand have high quality standards. Proof of this is the present design, whose hand format offers comfortable and safe handling, thanks to its ergonomic handle, from which you can quickly access the power buttons and suction power adjustment.

On the other hand, this Philips handheld vacuum cleaner has a 0.5 liter tank with a quick emptying method. In addition, because the structure is made of translucent black polymer, you will be able to monitor the amount of accumulated dirt.

We cannot forget to refer to the work force of the device, corresponding to 100 watts, for optimal performance in each of the tasks, maintaining low energy consumption, as well as the integrated rechargeable lithium-ion battery.

Those who do not know which Philips vacuum cleaner to buy will be interested in this model for cleaning focused on furniture, rugs, countertops, among other spaces. Here, its pros and cons.


Grip: You will have an ergonomic handle, for a comfortable and safe grip.

Accessories: With the purchase, a nozzle for narrow areas and a brush are attached, which you can exchange at your convenience.

Efficiency: Its A++ classification label indicates low energy consumption.

Deposit: The deposit is easy to empty and you can monitor its filling, because it is transparent.


Autonomy: Its use is recommended for specific cleaning tasks, since the autonomy is less compared to larger models.

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Philips cordless vacuum cleaner

5. Philips FC6823/01 Speedpro Max Broom Handheld Upright Vacuum Cleaner

If you want to slide your cleaning broom through any area of ​​the home without any limitations, you will be interested in this cordless Philips vacuum cleaner, whose power supply is given by a 25.2-watt lithium-ion battery. In this way, you will achieve a maximum autonomy of 65 minutes or 21 minutes, if you program the equipment in “Turbo” mode. 

The structure of this device has a rectangular head with an efficient suction brush with 360° articulation, which allows dirt to be collected in any direction. In addition, this piece has been provided with an LED lighting system, designed to improve the visibility of dirt. 

For its part, the upper unit can be removed to enjoy a second vacuum cleaner, but this time manual. Also, highlights the removable tank for quick emptying and reusable filter, which you can wash under the tap to continue cleaning the home.

You immediately know the good aspects of this Philips vacuum cleaner, as well as the less favorable ones.


Design: You will have two pieces of equipment in one, by being able to separate the upper unit and convert it into a manual vacuum cleaner.

Lighting: An LED lighting system is incorporated into the structure to improve visibility under the furniture.

Brush: You can remove all the hair left by your pets, thanks to the special brush attached to the package.

Tank: The tank can be easily removed to be emptied, without fear of dust spreading around the room.


Autonomy: The 21 minutes of autonomy in turbo mode could be insufficient for deep cleaning.

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Philips broom vacuum cleaner

6. Philips PowerPro Aqua FC6405/01 Bagless vacuum cleaner

This Philips stick vacuum cleaner is ergonomically designed, for comfortable handling, while the detailed and well-kept finishes of the structure show the high level of quality of the design.

It is a functional cleaning equipment, with which you can suck up dust particles accumulated on surfaces, thanks to its TriActive brush and “Turbo” working mode. In addition, the device has been provided with a method for cleaning with water, since it incorporates a small removable reservoir of 0.2 liters and a pair of pads made of microfiber, arranged to scrub effectively and without leaving a trace.

On the other hand, we have the issue of the built-in battery, which is lithium ion and has a power of 18 volts. In addition, the energy accumulator provides a maximum autonomy of 40 minutes, and can be recharged in a period of time corresponding to five hours.

Here, the details of a Philips vacuum cleaner with vertical design and good market positioning.


Wireless: You can leave the messy handling caused by the power cable in the past, since this model is wireless.

Grip: In the upper part you have an ergonomic grip area, for total control of the structure when moving it.

Deposit: Its deposit provides a practical emptying, without fear of the dust falling back to the ground.

Use: You can vacuum hard floors or carpets without complication, since the device is equipped for these tasks.


Noise: The noise level of the device could be annoying for some people.

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Philips sled vacuum cleaner

7. Philips Performer Compact FC8373/09 Bag System Vacuum Cleaner 

If you are looking for a Philips sled vacuum cleaner, do not hesitate to add this model to your shopping list, as it offers efficient operation, in terms of suctioning dirt. Likewise, with this equipment you will enjoy comfortable handling, thanks to the ergonomics of the tube and the bearing system on the base, while storage is practical, due to its compact format that takes up little space.

Among other interesting aspects of this equipment considered among the cheapest, the incorporation of a TriActive brush stands out, whose function is to suck up fine dust particles and coarser dirt in a single pass. All this, thanks to the lateral air channels and front slots, arranged in the head. In addition, the built-in 900-watt, low-energy motor requires power via an AC cord.

This product has positive and negative aspects, which could be interesting.


TriActive brush: Thanks to this brush, you can get rid of fine dust and coarse dirt in the same pass.

Handling: Due to the built-in bearings, it is possible to move the structure from one space to another, without its weight causing discomfort.

Indicator: You will have a full bag light indicator, so you can empty it on time and avoid incidents.

Storage: You can store the vacuum cleaner in any closet without taking up much space, since its format is compact.


Suction: Multiple passes over certain spaces may be required due to the suction level of the equipment.

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Philips vacuum cleaner with bag

8. Philips PowerPro FC8244/09 Vacuum Cleaner with Tank Bag System

The elegant and stylish design of this equipment makes it recommended as the best value for money Philips vacuum cleaner, as it offers a resistant and light structure, made of soft-touch polymer and a telescopic aluminum tube.

This Philips vacuum cleaner with a bag has a central module with a compact format that is easy to handle, in which there is a powerful 900-watt motor with low energy consumption and a small panel arranged for turning on, off and controlling the speed levels of the process. Also, in said unit a compartment is incorporated for the placement of a dirt collection bag, whose volume of three liters is convenient for several cleaning sessions.

On the other hand, there is the adjustable telescopic tube, designed so that the person adopts its length according to the immediate needs of use, to easily access under a piece of furniture or the edge of the ceiling, for example.

Next, get to know the most relevant details of this Philips vacuum cleaner rated as one of the cheapest.


Telescopic tube: You can adjust the height of the tube according to your needs, for greater comfort when cleaning.

Cable: It is possible to move the equipment throughout the room without limitations, thanks to the length of the power cable.

Motor: Its powerful motor offers effective suction, without generating high energy consumption.

Noise: The equipment will go unnoticed after its start-up, because the noise generated is low.


Bag: Due to the use of disposable bags for collecting dirt, you will have to make a periodic investment to acquire them.

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Philips cordless vacuum cleaner

9. Philips Cordless Upright Vacuum Cleaner FC6725/01

Cordless vacuuming equipment is highly practical, as it can be moved around the room, without fear of the power cord disconnecting from the power source unexpectedly. In this sense, the present Philips cordless vacuum cleaner model is a good alternative, because it has been provided with a convenient 21.6-volt lithium-ion battery, which you can easily recharge.

The wiper blade has a modern design, made of a combination of polymer and aluminum. Added to this is a series of detailed finishes, which highlight the quality of the product. The head is rectangular and, on the front, it has an LED lighting system, designed so that the person has a correct view of the accumulated dirt in dark areas, such as under furniture. In addition, there is the 0.4 liter top tank with an easy-empty mechanism.

Let’s know more details about this vertical vacuum cleaner belonging to the Philips catalog.


Lighting: The light arranged in the head allows you to see the dirt under the furniture, for effective cleaning.

Grip: You will get a secure hold of the structure, thanks to the handle integrated into the cane.

Wireless: You will not have limitations to move the vacuum cleaner, since the equipment works with batteries.

Storage: Its broom-type design is easy to store, both vertically on the wall and horizontally on the ground.


Weight: The weight of the vacuum cleaner could make your hand tired when cleaning for a long time.

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Philips vacuum cleaner accessories

Philips vacuum cleaner bag

Patona SB 9503

This is a Philips vacuum cleaner bag that has been designed with five layers of fleece fabric filters, whose material is responsible for trapping dust and dirt particles more effectively than the traditional paper bags incorporated into this type of appliance.

This Philips vacuum cleaner accessory puts at your disposal a set of 10 filters with a standard format, so they are valid for various models, as they fit without any difficulty in the structure. In addition, it is a resistant and recyclable product, which you can dispose of without fear of generating a polluting source for the environment.

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Shopping guide

Selecting a Philips vacuum cleaner is a task that should not be rushed. Instead, you will need time to check the main quality indicators present in the models that have caught your attention. Next, you will find a guide to buy the best Philips vacuum cleaner.


The design of the cleaning equipment to be purchased is an aspect that cannot be overlooked in any comparison of Philips vacuum cleaners, since the efficiency in collecting dirt will depend on it.

For example, on the market we can find broom-type vacuum cleaners with a vertical format, which are suitable for moving on the floor and under furniture, due to the ergonomics of the head. Likewise, there are the two-in-one models that, in the upper part, incorporate a removable manual vacuuming module.

On the other hand, stand out the vacuum cleaners provided with a telescopic tube, whose head allows the adjustment of nozzles or brushes, while its central module incorporates bearings for easy movement.

Finally, there are the intelligent robots, whose disk structure can be programmed to go through the different rooms of the home on a daily basis, vacuuming dirt or washing up, depending on the engineering of their design. In addition, this type of device incorporates sensors to detect stairs and obstacles, avoiding unexpected overturning.


Whatever the model of the Philips vacuum cleaner selected, we must bear in mind that the equipment must have a special compartment for the collection of dust particles, lint, spider webs, crumbs and other dirt. This may be a feature that can influence how much the product costs.

Said storage space is usually made up of a synthetic tank, integrated into the body of the vacuum cleaner, while other models have an adjustment mechanism, which allows the compartment to be easily removed. In both cases, the recommendation is to verify that the tank can be emptied safely, that is, without running the risk of dust spreading throughout the room.

On the other hand, there are the vacuum cleaners that use disposable bags, whose containment capacity can be adequate for the execution of several cleaning cycles, before placing the respective replacement. These pieces usually have a standard format, so they are compatible with a large number of models. Likewise, they are made of recyclable material, with the purpose of reducing pollution.


Accessories are elements of great importance, whose incorporation we must verify when purchasing a product, since thanks to them it is possible to improve the user experience with said equipment.

In the case of Philips vacuum cleaners, they usually incorporate suction nozzles with different formats, which allow easy access to certain limited spaces. Such is the case of corners, ceiling edges, under furniture, among other areas.

Likewise, this type of cleaning device usually includes brushes with special bristles for hard floors, which allow deep dirt to be removed with a single pass, while other brushes are intended for use on carpets and upholstery fabrics. In this way, it is possible to get rid of animal hair.

Remember that no matter how good and cheap the chosen vacuum cleaner is, if it has not been provided with at least one accessory, then the purchase may not be as convenient as we think, since it will be necessary to purchase the nozzle or brush separately..

power supply

The power supply method of the Philips vacuum cleaner can vary, so it is possible to find corded models, which require to be connected to an alternate power source. There are also wireless devices, provided by a lithium ion battery, whose energy can be recharged as soon as it runs out.

In the first case, you must make sure that the cable is long enough so that you do not have limitations when moving around the room. Otherwise, you will have to make use of an extension.

For its part, in wireless devices it is convenient to know the autonomy time, which can vary from 9 to up to 130 minutes, depending on the design and the mode of work implemented. Also, check the loading time.

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