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Pool Cleaners – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis

Keeping a pool clean and suitable for the enjoyment of adults and children is not always an easy task, since it would require a great deal of effort and hours of work, if you do not have the tools that facilitate the task. Therefore, having a pool cleaner would be ideal. The Intex 28001 is practical for this, especially for above-ground pools. It is an automatic pressure-operated equipment, with a 7.5 m hose. Another recommended model is the Gre VCB10 Electric Vac, an easy-to-handle device, suitable for 60 square meter pools, also useful for corners and stairs.

The 9 Best Pool Robots – Opinions 2022

Those who have a swimming pool, whether built or removable, know the responsibility that comes with carrying out constant maintenance to prevent dirt from accumulating in any of its areas, before it becomes a source of infection. Carrying out this work involves investing long and strenuous hours, but with a pool cleaner it is easier and faster. If you want to have one of these teams, we recommend you choose between the 9 best pool robots.

Removable pool cleaner

1. Intex 28001 Robot for above ground pools

If you are looking for the best pool cleaner on the market, this model has attributes that qualify it as such. The Intex 28001 pool cleaner works like a robot with a hydraulic mechanism, capable of moving through all the deep areas of the pool, including the edges and corners, thanks to the pressure exerted by the water that flows through the hose, which drives it and facilitates movement on its four wheels.

It has cleaning brushes that rub over the surface and are responsible for loosening the dirt and debris embedded in the depths of the pool, to separate the larger debris and store it in its small tank, while the smaller ones are led to the outlet. of water.

Likewise, this detachable pool cleaner incorporates a hose that is just over 7 m long, to connect easily and safely to the pool’s water inlet.

The Intex 2800 model, according to several buyers, could be considered the best pool cleaner of the moment. To learn more about it, we present other advantages and disadvantages.


Capacity: It works with flow treatment plants between 6,056 and 13,248 litres/hour, which represents a good level of capacity.

Extension: It has a 7.5 m hose, the ideal length for most models of above-ground pools.

Resistance: It is made of high quality plastic, resistant to water and continuous use.

Easy cleaning: It has an easily removable tank to clean it and remove the residues.


Type of pool: This equipment can only be used in above ground or removable pools.

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Electric pool cleaners

2. Gre VCB10 Electric Vac Electric Pool Cleaner

The manufacturer Gre, a brand specialized in the design and production of electric pool cleaners, presents the VCB10 model, which remains one of the favorites among the lists of the best pool cleaners of 2022. 

With a power of 25 W and a suction capacity of up to 37 liters per hour, this equipment works independently with great efficiency inside in-ground pools of around 60 square meters. 

However, its use is not only limited to cleaning the bottom of these, but it is also suitable for cleaning the stairs and the most difficult corners of the home, completing its work in approximately one hour.

One of its main advantages is that it has a light and easy-to-handle structure, which makes it very comfortable to use. In addition, its handle can be exchanged, if a longer one is required, to reach the bottom in deeper pools.

There are many pool cleaners, but if you are looking for quality and performance, it is preferable to have the guarantee of the best possible brand of pool cleaners, something that Gre offers in this model. 


Battery: Its rechargeable lithium battery allows it to be used effectively for at least one hour.

Use: It does not require cables or connection to a sewage treatment plant, so its use is simple.

Variety: It is suitable for use in different types of pools, both buried and above ground.

Easy handling: It is a light weight tool, which favors handling it freely and comfortably.


Suction: Your suction capacity may be a bit limited to pick up larger debris.

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Manual pool cleaner

3. Products QP 500335C Butterfly Pool Cleaner

Those looking for a simple, good and low-cost pool cleaner can find a suitable option in the 500335C model, since this is presented as the best value for money pool cleaner, standing out among the cheap ones.

It is a manual, butterfly-type pool cleaner, equipped with brushes on the bottom and on the sides, which works with standard size hoses for swimming pools.

Its operation is very simple, because, being manual, it is only enough to guide it in the desired direction with a little pressure against the surfaces, to better rub the areas and remove the remains of dirt accumulated on the floor of the pool. 

Its slim design and light weight make it a comfortable tool to use, especially for reaching corners and other corners of pools that are often more difficult to clean. In addition, it can be used with different handles to reach a greater depth.

There are other high-powered equipment, but if you are looking for a small pool cleaner, one of the cheapest ones like this may suit you. Here are its pros and one con.


Light: Both the handle and its head are light, which makes it comfortable to handle.

Interchangeable handles: Can be used with different telescopic handles, for greater pressure and depth.

Side brushes: Side brushes make it easy to remove dirt from edges and grooves.

Assembly: Each of its parts is easily attached, so that assembly is simple.


Construction: Its plastic structure tends to be flimsy and not very resistant to sunlight.

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Robot pool cleaner

4. Hayward Tiger Shark QC Automatic Pool Cleaner

If, after reviewing some of the main alternatives, you still cannot determine which is the best pool cleaner that you should buy, take a look at the characteristics of the Hayward Tiger Shark QC model.

It is a powerful electronic pool cleaner robot, suitable both for reaching the bottom of the pools and for climbing through its walls and removing embedded dirt in every small space.

It is equipped with advanced technology, including an ASCL control microprocessor, an intelligent system that has the ability to perform a deep and efficient cleaning, depending on the size and shape of the pool in which it is used.

This innovative equipment has two cleaning modes: the first, in a complete cycle that takes three hours and the second in an economic cycle or Quick Clean, which completes the cleaning in approximately an hour and a half.

For those who have not yet decided which pool cleaner to buy among so many favorable options, we present other advantages and a negative point that this Hayward model presents.


Protection: It has an automatic system that protects the equipment against overvoltage.

Cleaning: It has filters that can be easily placed and removed for cleaning.

Length: It incorporates a cable that extends around 18 m, which represents a considerable distance. 

Power and voltage: It offers a convenient suction power of 17 m3/h, connected to a 220 voltage.


Filters: The process of cleaning the filters of this device may be a bit complicated to carry out.

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Hydraulic pool cleaner

5. Zodiac W70668 MX8 Hydraulic Pool Cleaner for Inground Pools

A feasible option for those looking for a hydraulic pool cleaner, although less cheap, is the Zodiac brand model W70668 MX8, which works directly connected to the pool skimmer. 

This equipment is equipped with the X Drive system, a mechanism that facilitates the navigation of the device in different directions throughout the length and width of in-ground or above-ground pools, regardless of their shape, bottom surface and depth.

This equipment is suitable for use in both liner, PVC or concrete lined pools, whether on flat areas or with slight to steep inclines, with approximate dimensions of 12 x 6 m.

Similarly, to complete a deeper and more efficient cleaning, the W70668 MX8 has a high-power turbine, driven by two propellers that exert greater suction force, capable of accumulating a large amount of debris of any kind. 

Among so many options available it can be difficult to choose the most appropriate one. For this reason, we show you other characteristics of this equipment that could determine your choice.


Functional: It is a complete piece of equipment, suitable for use in swimming pools of various shapes and on any type of coating.

Displacement: It has a navigation mechanism that allows it to rotate automatically. 

Storage: The waste is deposited in the pump pre-filter or in the skimmer basket.

Traction: It has a traction mechanism that keeps it stable while moving in any direction.


Walls: Although it is designed to climb walls, it may not progress correctly.

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Automatic pool cleaner

6. Dolphin Blue Maxi 40i Automatic Pool Cleaner Robot

Another of the most recommended alternatives for those who are looking for a powerful and efficient team is the Blue Max 40i. This automatic pool cleaner is capable of cleaning with great efficiency from the bottom of the pools to their walls and water lines, with a cleaning cycle that can extend from an hour and a half to less than three hours. 

This modern pool cleaner has thick and robust brushes, which are located in the front and rear of the structure, to provide a deeper cleaning over each area that the equipment moves through.

It has a large basket to store both small and larger and coarse waste, which can be easily and quickly accessed for emptying and cleaning, whenever necessary. It also incorporates a cable long enough to extend in pools up to 14 m.

Many pool cleaners offer similar features. However, this guarantees good performance, but it also has other properties that distinguish it from the rest. 


Remote control: It can be programmed and controlled from the mobile through the respective App.

Portable: It can be used on the transport car to move it to the required place with greater comfort.

Management: Its programming and management are done quickly and easily.

Mobility: You can move in different directions automatically, even on walls.


Price: Its cost can be high and, although the quality and technology of the equipment justify it, sometimes it does not work as expected.

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Battery pool cleaners

7. Poolwonder Manual pool cleaner for battery-powered pools

With a practical design and light weight, the Poolwonder V2 is another of the most recommended options for those looking for a battery-powered pool cleaner. It is a tool that, due to its size, coupled with its light weight, is comfortable to use.

This equipment works with a rechargeable lithium battery, whose charge is completed after approximately 3 hours. In addition, it has an indicator that allows you to observe the progress of the load, when it is connected to a power source. 

Also, by means of a flashing blue light, the Poolwonder V2 pool cleaner can warn when its battery is starting to run out. Similarly, this pool cleaner has a water sensor, so it is activated automatically when submerged in the pool. Unlike other equipment with similar features, this one does not need to be connected to a hose to perform its function.

You may get pool cleaners with the latest technology and great power, but this one is not far behind, as it fully fulfills the function for which it was manufactured. Below are other details of the V2 model.


Grip: It incorporates a strong and resistant aluminum handle of 1.86 cm in length. 

Capacity: Collects from dust and sand particles to leaves of different sizes.

Brushes: It has five brushes that complement each other for faster and more efficient cleaning.

Performance: It can complete its function in about an hour, so it’s fast.


Dust: Very fine particles may not stay in the bag and return to the water.

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Zodiac pool cleaner

8. Zodiac MX9 Hydraulic Pool Cleaner

If you are looking for a tool that can be used in pools whose extension area is close to 12 x 6 m, the MX9 is an alternative that you should evaluate.

Like other recent and similar versions of Zodiac pool cleaners, this one also works by means of a hydraulic mechanism that turns its two propellers, to increase the suction power and drive dirt and debris towards the mouth of the device.

Similarly, this new and useful tool is equipped with cyclonic technology, which rotates its brushes at full speed, to detach all residues and layers of dirt adhering to these areas from the surface of the bottom and the walls.

Likewise, the equipment has a preset navigation system that makes it move through each of the areas of the pool until it is completely covered, regardless of the depth, inclination of the bottom, shape or size.

If you can’t convince yourself after analyzing some of the best alternatives, here are some other features of this model that could affect your choice.


Multipurpose: It is an appropriate equipment to use both in inground pools with rigid walls and in above-ground pools.

Cleaning: It can clean effectively even at a low flow rate, making it a versatile piece of equipment.

Speed: This product has the advantage of moving at a speed of 8 m/min, so its range of action is favourable.

Weight: Despite its robust appearance, its head weighs just 3.2 kilos.


Climbs: On tiled walls it tends to slide and may not fully climb.

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Robot pool cleaners and walls

9. Poolaria Dolphin Formula 30 Pool Cleaner Robot 

If you want to keep all areas of your pool free of dirt and always ready to use at any time, without this representing extra exhaustion, Dolphin’s Formula 30 may be the solution you were looking for.

It is a complete piece of equipment, capable of carrying out a more exhaustive cleaning in all areas, since it performs the function of a robotic cleaner and pool walls, as well as in float lines, in pools with dimensions of up to 12 m in length. 

To do this, it is equipped with front and rear brushes that work together to make side sweeps and is reinforced with PVA rings, which provide stability and grip in any position.

This innovative tool integrates a waste storage basket with an Easy Clean system, for quick and easy cleaning, which also has two levels of filtration to separate the waste according to its size and texture.  

The Formula 30 stands out for its multiple features and advanced technology, qualities that make it a favorite. Here, a little more about this model.


Cleaning time: Performs optimal and effective cleaning in a two-hour cycle.

Navigation system: It has the Cleverclean scanning system, which allows you to calculate the dimensions of the pool. 

Cable: Its cable measures 18 m, an appropriate extension for 12 m pools, buried or removable.

Accessibility: Includes several filters for easy access when you want to empty and clean them.


Stability: It may get out of control in certain areas, but it manages to stabilize in a short time.

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Shopping guide

Deciding on a pool cleaner or robot can be difficult when multiple options of simple or more sophisticated equipment begin to appear, offering advantages that anyone would like to take advantage of. However, each model is different and its operating system as well. Therefore, before making a hasty choice, it is advisable that you take a short time to analyze the following guide to buying the best pool cleaner, where you can learn about some features that will help you make the best decision.

pool type

When choosing a pool cleaner, it is important to know some characteristics of the pool in which the equipment will be used. There are pool cleaners designed for either buried or removable pools, although there are also those that can be used in both types of pools. 

Some of this equipment has been designed to cover small or larger pools, so it is convenient to know the exact dimensions of the pool to choose a cleaner that has the capacity to cover the entire area. 

Another characteristic to consider, when making a pool cleaner comparison, is the type of coating, since not all pool cleaners act effectively on any surface. Similarly, the cleaner you choose should be according to the shape, depth and depth of your pool and, if you have steps, you should make sure that it is also useful for cleaning this area.

cleaning method

Even if a pool cleaner seems cheap to you, you should make sure that it fulfills its purpose and guarantees effective cleaning. It is important that the equipment not only reaches the bottom of the pool, but also has the ability to clean walls and can even reach the floating line. 

To do this, some automatic pool cleaners and robots have large and robust oscillating brushes, either on the sides or at the rear or front of the equipment. The most modern and technological ones have wheels and traction systems that make them move in any direction and maintain stability when climbing walls or slopes. 

In the same way, it is pertinent that the device has a deposit or waste storage basket of sufficient capacity, with filters to separate and keep the remains of dirt inside according to their size, while cleaning is completed.

Duration and capacity 

Some pool cleaners have a higher absorption capacity than others, while they perform their function in less time or take a little longer. These are features that could help you determine how powerful and effective the cleaner or robot would be in your pool. 

Some pool cleaners have more than one adjustable cleaning cycle that can go from one to three hours, so the user can choose the cycle that suits him best, according to the size of the pool and the degree of dirt it has. 

Similarly, there is equipment equipped with innovative navigation technology that is capable of performing a total scan of the area, in which they analyze the shape, depth and size of the pool, in order to recognize each area and go through them. without repeating the route. Others can be controlled remotely through an App.

operating mechanism

If you are wondering how much a pool cleaner costs, this may depend on its operating mechanism. The simplest and cheapest, which are manual, only require human effort to propel themselves and press against surfaces. 

Others, on the other hand, have a hydraulic mechanism and need to be connected to the skimmer, they are autonomous and very functional, as they move randomly between all areas of the pool on almost any type of surface, including walls and slight or steep slopes.. 

On the other hand, there are electric pool cleaners, which have a rechargeable lithium battery with a charge indicator. These are lightweight and serve both above ground and in ground pools. Automatic pool cleaners or robots, on the other hand, have advanced technology and their absorption capacity is greater, so they are more recommended for large and deep pools, but they can be more expensive. 


Some models of pool cleaners offer the facility to exchange their parts. There are manual equipment or others that work on battery, whose design is simpler, which offer the possibility of replacing the handle with a longer telescopic one, to use them in removable or construction pools with greater depth, without having to submerge in the water..

Frequently asked questions 

Q1: How to use a pool cleaner?

There are different types of pool cleaners and the correct way to use them depends on their working mechanism. However, there are some general recommendations that might be useful to most. Before starting to use the cleaner in the pool, it is necessary to realize that the water is stopped.

In this way, it will be possible to distinguish if there is dirt deep in the pool and prevent it from moving with movement. The best way to introduce the cleaner into the water is to do it vertically and clean from the deepest part to the other, in a straight line.

Q2: How to connect a detachable pool cleaner? 

To connect a detachable pool cleaner with skimmer, attach one end of the cleaner’s hose to the bottom of the sweeper and lower it into the water so that water flows through the hose. After this, the other end of the hose must be connected to the suction cover, in order to then put the equipment into operation.

With other simpler pool cleaners, it is only necessary to connect a hose to the device and submerge it in the pool. Once connected, the water tap must be opened so that it comes out with enough pressure to make the dirt flow towards the cleaner filter. 

Q3: How does the automatic pool cleaner work?

An automatic pool cleaner works through a programmed system that is powered by energy through a cable that activates the suction pump, made up of chambers that absorb and filter dirt.

This system is responsible for controlling both the equipment’s motors and the pump, through the propulsion of water jets. Once the cleaner is placed in the water, it performs two main functions: navigation on the surface through an intelligent system and cleaning with rotating brushes.

Q4: What pool cleaners can I use in pools with liners?

The most advisable thing is to use electric or manual pool cleaners, although, in the same way, there are hydraulic equipment recommended for this type of coating, since they have a traction mechanism that is properly attached to this surface, without damaging it. It is advisable to use a pool cleaner with side brushes whose bristles can be inserted between the lines to remove the dirt that accumulates in these spaces.

Q5: How to activate a pool cleaner?

In the case of a robotic or automatic pool cleaner, it must be connected to the wall outlet. At this time, the LED light indicating that the equipment is in standby mode should come on. Subsequently, the operation button must be pressed so that the pool cleaner starts its cleaning program. Some teams indicate if it is necessary to clean the filters before immersing them in the water. 

Q6: How to make a homemade pool cleaner?

To make a pool cleaner, you need a few pieces of hose of the desired length and two openings of plastic bottles of different sizes. Cut a hole in the top of the larger bottle so that the hose reducer you are going to use will fit into it. Then, insert the smaller bottle into the larger one, making sure that the two spouts fit.

After this, place a piece of hose inside the spout of the bottles. To use it, connect a hose to the reducer and lower it into the pool with the bottle spout facing up. At this end, you can place a sock that will serve as a filter. To finish, open the key and check its operation.

Q7: How to clean a pool cleaner filter?

Open the compartment where the equipment filters are located and carefully remove them. Then, put the filters in a container with water and shake them until they loosen the remains of dirt inside. In case they are full of larger debris, remove them and then rinse the filter with enough water.

Q8: Why is my pool cleaner not working? 

Some of the most common failures of this equipment are due to the accumulation of residues in the filters, which can cause the cleaner to lose power and absorption capacity. Its operation could also be interrupted when some of the connections to the pump or skimmer have not been made correctly.

Similarly, when there is air in the hoses or the equipment battery begins to run out. Some types of surface may also prevent the cleaner from moving properly.

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