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Portable Toilets – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis in 2022

Portable toilets are part of the fundamental equipment to go camping, so more than a luxury, they are a necessity. The models are usually varied both in aesthetics and the method of emptying, being necessary to carefully review the options to know which one suits you best. Thetford Porta Potti Qube 365 is a chemical toilet with an ergonomic, comfortable and resistant design, suitable for use by the whole family, due to the size of the seat and the 21-litre tank capacity. Another good option is BranQ 15.5 L, an ecological, compact, ergonomic and safe equipment that does not require any chemicals to work.

Opinions on the best portable toilets

Before buying a portable toilet, the ideal is to review in detail the options offered in the market to take with you a functional, aesthetically attractive, safe and easy-to-handle product. Here are the best portable toilets according to the main shopping lists.

portable chemical toilet

Thetford Porta Potti Qube 365

Thetford presents to the market what could be the best portable WC, designed to offer comfort, resistance and practicality when handled. It is a toilet with a structure of 41.4 x 38.3 x 42.7 centimeters and an approximate weight of four kilograms, this being an easy-to-handle format that will not take up much space when stored or transported. 

In addition, it is important to mention that the chair has been considered a standard size, offering great ergonomics for both the little ones in the house and for adults. Regarding the waste container, we have that it is of the family type, due to its collection volume for a maximum of 21 liters.

Likewise, this portable chemical toilet incorporates a piston pump for manual use and does not require any drainage system, since, instead of water, it uses special chemicals in charge of breaking up the waste from each evacuation and to neutralize odours.

Getting the best portable toilet of the moment is not an easy task due to the multiple designs on the market. However, this model has great attributes that you should evaluate.


Collection capacity: Due to its 21-litre collector, you can use the WC several times before emptying it.

Format: Its 41.4 x 38.3 x 42.7 centimeter format takes up little space when stored or transported.

Chair: The WC has a standard format chair, which adapts to adults and children.

Chemicals: You will not have to worry about bad odors, since it uses chemicals that break down waste.


Accessories: The incorporation of cleaning chemicals and special toilet paper is missing.

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Giganplast 3573900

This portable chemical toilet has a fairly simple unisex design in which quality finishes stand out that will be obvious in its structure, lid and chair. Inside, you will find the waste collection bucket, which is easy to remove and empty.

The product measures 38 x 36 x 41 centimeters and weighs 3.46 kilograms, so it is a device with a compact format that suggests practical handling, taking up little space when transporting it when traveling.

For the manufacture of this cheap portable chemical toilet, polyvinyl chloride PVC in gray was used, which gives the toilet the resistance and stability necessary to be used by children and adults.

Although this design has been designed to be used with chemical products that quickly disintegrate waste and neutralize bad odors, it is also true that you can use it with a plastic bag and some sawdust or sand.

Those who are looking for a simple and easy-to-handle WC cannot fail to review the positive and negative aspects of the following model.


Design: Its simple design incorporates a removable inner bucket and easy-open lid.

Manufacturing: When using the WC you will notice the stability provided by the PVC polymer used for its manufacture.

Format: You can transport or store it without problems, thanks to its compact format of 38 x 36 x 41 centimeters.

Use : The toilet can be used with chemicals or a plastic bag, adapting to your needs.


Flimsy: The structure is likely to be a bit flimsy if your body weight is high, so you need to check the specifications beforehand.

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portable toilet for camping

Branch 15.5 L

BranQ brings to the market this portable toilet for camping with a bucket-type design, a load of 120 kilograms, a handle and an easy-to-open lid, being an ideal design for all those who defend the environment, since it does not require chemicals to decompose the organic waste. 

Instead, you should place a plastic bag in the bucket with sawdust or kitty litter, neutralizing any bad odors. According to users, this is the best price-quality portable toilet and one of the cheapest products on this list, made of robust, resistant and certified polymer.

It is a portable toilet measuring 33 x 37 x 26 centimeters and with an interior capacity of 15.5 litres, which you can use in the garden, caravan, boat or take to any other field trip you wish. In this sense, this cheap portable toilet will take up little space, due to its compact body.

Among the cheapest models, this portable bucket-type prototype stands out, which any environmentally friendly camper could take advantage of.


Load capacity: The stability and resistance of the structure is capable of supporting a load of 120 kilograms without deteriorating.

Ecological: Its portable design does not require the use of chemicals that can deteriorate the environment.

Manufacturing: You should not worry about generating allergies when in contact with the structure, since it is a certified polymer.

Handle: The adjustment mechanism of the handle allows you to release it to place the toilet paper easily.


Design: Perhaps its design is not the most attractive, but its operation meets the expectations raised.

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Dometti c 972 

If you are looking for a portable toilet for camping, we invite you to review this Dometic model, valued by those who have purchased it as a great success, due to its ergonomic and attractive design.

The structure was made of ABS polymer, a thermoplastic of great resistance, soft to the touch and whose composition is free of contaminating agents, being quite convenient characteristics to guarantee the durability and stability of the product, as well as comfort and safety when handling it.

Regarding the format, the dimensions of 33.3 x 38.7 x 31.7 centimeters and a weight of no more than 5.4 kilograms stand out, specifications designed so that you can take the equipment with you on any trip without taking up much space in your the van.

We cannot fail to mention the extra long tube arranged for discharge and provided with an opening for ventilation, avoiding splashes. Likewise, the incorporation of an extra tank and a fixing set that improve the user experience stands out.

If you are looking for a portable toilet for a van, you should not think twice and check the specifications of this model patented by Dometic.


Assembly: With the purchase a fixing set is attached that will avoid you making an extra investment.

Manufacturing: You will enjoy a stable, resistant and comfortable equipment, thanks to its manufacture in ABS polymer.

Unloading: You can unload the WC without fear of splashing, since it incorporates an extra long tube with a ventilation opening.

Dimensions: Its dimensions of 33.3 x 38.7 x 31.7 centimeters will not take up much space in the van.


Instruction manual: The instructions may not be very precise, but the assembly is still intuitive.

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Other products 

Mobiclinic Arroyo 

Present on the market since 1985, the Mobiclinic company is a leader in the manufacture of hospital equipment. On this occasion, it incorporates a highly positioned product into the market, considered one of the best portable toilets of 2022.

It is a toilet chair aimed at people with little mobility or the disabled. Its design is robust, stable and comfortable, offering a stainless steel structure varnished with white paint, whose width, length, and height format is 54 x 53 x 61 centimeters.

Likewise, both the seat area and the removable waste container were built in robust polymer, so you will not have limitations when emptying and washing it. 

The backrest has a height-width format of 18 x 50 and the seat has been provided by an adjustment system, which you can vary from 41 to 51 centimeters in height. In addition, the padded armrests and non-slip bases that provide comfort and stability stand out.

By reviewing the pros and cons of this Mobiclinic house model, then you will know that getting the best portable toilet brand will not be a problem.


Bases: Its bases with non-slip rubbers will prevent any unexpected slipping.

Cleaning: Its removable waste container made of polymer allows quick cleaning. 

Adjustment: The structure has several adjustment points for height, adapting to different anatomies.

Design: It is a WC chair with an elegant, resistant and comfortable design.


Assembly: The assembly of the chair can be a bit confusing. However, if you pay attention to the instructions you will have no problems.

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Pro Plus 370412

If you are one of the people who is used to going on excursions, camping or hiking, then you will know the importance of having a portable toilet within your reach during your journeys.

ProPlus 370412 is a device with a robust and compact design, suitable for both the little ones in the house and for adults. This is due to the standard height of 33 centimeters of its seat, which adapts to any anatomy. 

Likewise, it is a fairly safe product, since the built-in inner bucket has an additional cover to the lid of the portable toilet. Thus, you will not have to worry about spills when transporting it.

In addition, said waste collector is made of polymer, as is the structure; It has a seven liter capacity and its handle makes it easy to hold when emptying it. Therefore, it is a team with good qualities that could answer your question of which is the best portable toilet.

If you still don’t know which portable toilet to buy, you should learn more about this design from the ProPlus house, whose features will capture your attention.


Seat: The equipment is suitable for children and adults, due to its chair height of 33 centimeters.

Inner bucket: The inner bucket incorporates an additional cover that prevents spills.

Manufacturing: The polymer used to manufacture the structure offers stability when sitting and ease of washing.

Handle: The addition of a handle to the collection bucket drastically improves emptying.


Dimensions: At first glance it may seem like a too compact toilet, but when used it is quite spacious.

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Note Comfort 053

If you want a portable WC chair with a discreet design that manages to go unnoticed in the room, consider purchasing this model from the Anota house. Its structure made of anticorrosive metal has been varnished in black and the seat, armrests and backrest are padded and upholstered in waterproof fabric. In addition, each of its four bases incorporates non-slip rubber, to avoid any incident when the person sits down or stands up.

On the other hand, we have the chair format, whose total width corresponds to 60 centimeters, while its 46 x 49 centimeter seat can be adjusted in height up to 63 centimeters, thus achieving greater adaptability to different anatomies.

We cannot fail to mention that this model has a removable urinal, as well as its double seat. Also, it offers a load level of 120 kilograms and is easily disassembled.

If you have a person with little mobility at home, this chair with urinal and discreet aesthetics would suit you, whose pros and cons we present to you below.


Load: The chair will be able to support a load of 120 kilograms due to its combination of resistant materials. 

Seat: Its double removable seat will make the urinal go unnoticed, so it appears to be just another chair in the room.

Urinal: The urinal area is easily removed for convenient emptying and washing.

Bases: Non-slip rubber is incorporated into the bases to prevent any type of involuntary displacement.


Wheels: The absence of wheels on the bases is one of the most important suggestions about this model.

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How to choose the best portable toilet?

Deciding on a specific portable toilet, although it seems easy, can be a complicated task, since each model has a series of attributes that are attractive. However, there are certain specific aspects to identify in order to choose the ideal model. Next, we leave you a guide to buy the best portable toilet.

Shopping guide

Waste discharge method

Selecting an economic model that is according to your needs would be the ideal for any buyer. However, there are many aspects to verify that we cannot ignore, such is the case of the download method incorporated into the product. In this sense, you should document yourself a little about the different types of portable toilets. 

For example, you can find bucket-type ecological equipment, which requires the incorporation of a resistant plastic bag in the waste container. Inside it, you should place sawdust or cat litter to neutralize bad odors. Thus, when emptying the WC you will only have to remove the bag and tie its mouth. Likewise, there is the portable toilet, which includes a removable inner bucket in which the organic matter is deposited directly, making it necessary to empty it in a conventional toilet.

On the other hand, there are the chemical toilets whose organic material is decomposed by the action of the well-known blue liquid placed in the respective collection bucket, and can be poured into the bathroom toilet. Finally, there are the models provided with an extractor tube, which suggest greater comfort, especially when fixing the WC on a trolley.

Manufacturing and charge level

Two unavoidable aspects when undertaking a comparison of portable toilets are the manufacturing materials and the load level offered by the structure, since the durability of the product depends on them.

The material par excellence for the realization of this type of equipment is polymer, because it gives the design stability, resistance and a pleasant soft touch. In addition, it is suitable for being exposed to the elements without deteriorating. However, you will need to check that its body is robust and, if possible, it is made of certified plastic. In this way, you will not have to worry about the release of polluting particles that cause allergies.

Regarding the load level, we have that it is closely related to the quality of the raw material. Always keep in mind that if it is a flimsy polymer, then it will deform under heavy load. In general, the models that we find on the market are designed for a maximum of 100 to 120 kilograms.

Format and transport

It is important that the selected portable toilet adapts to your needs of use. In this sense, it is interesting to remember that the market has a wide variety of portable toilets, designed to be placed in the van, in the garden, outside the tent and even inside them. For this reason, it is necessary to evaluate aspects such as the format, which after all will directly influence its placement, transfer and storage. In fact, this is an aspect that could also influence how much said product costs.

The ideal is to acquire a portable toilet with a standard height of 33 to 45 centimeters, which can be used by both the little ones in the house and by adults. Likewise, it is prudent to check the width – depth of the chair, trying as far as possible not to exceed 60 centimeters. This is a spacious measure so you can sit comfortably regardless of your build, but at the same time it is compact for the purpose of manipulating the structure. In this way, it will not take up much space when placing in different places or transporting during the trip.


The cleaning method of the purchased portable toilet will always be an aspect of great importance for any buyer, since it is a piece of equipment that will need periodic maintenance to keep it in optimal conditions. In this sense, the main thing would be to confirm what type of detergent is the right one to apply to the structure both inside and outside. 

Let us remember that many manufacturers of chemical toilets prohibit the use of bleach both in the waste container and in the tank area, since an unfavorable reaction could be generated after the combination of the particles of the blue and pink liquid and said disinfectant. 

Therefore, you should first consult the instruction manual. In any case, the important thing is that you rub a soft sponge over the toilet to remove dirt and remove excesses with plenty of water. Afterwards, make sure to dry all the parts well, avoiding the appearance of mold, bacteria and bad odours.

Frequently asked questions

Q1: How to clean a portable toilet?

Cleaning a portable toilet is a fairly simple procedure, which could be considered intuitive. Of course, the cleaning method may vary a bit, depending on the model you have purchased.

For example, you will find options with a fairly simple design of a single waste container, while others attach a removable bucket. Whatever the case, you will have to empty these collectors, removing the bag with sand or sawdust, which you must have previously placed before using the WC.

Then, you can proceed to wash the structure with soap and water, being necessary to use a soft sponge both inside and outside, to remove accumulated dirt, bacteria and bad odors. Remember to remove excess detergent with plenty of water and completely dry the WC before storing it. Thus, you will avoid the proliferation of mold and humidity, which gradually deteriorate the product.

Q2: How to make a portable toilet?

To make a portable toilet you will need a bucket of approximately five gallons, a toilet seat, a thick garbage bag, toilet paper and/or moist towels. Next, you must start its construction by removing the metal handle from the tube, being necessary to insert the roll of toilet paper into it and immediately adjust it again. Then, take the plastic bag and insert it into the bucket, bordering the mouth of the container with the upper part of the bag. Finish off your portable toilet by securing the toilet seat over that area.

Q3: Where to empty a portable toilet?

The emptying of the portable toilet will depend on the sanitary permits of the country in which you are located, since there are special places to dispose of this type of waste. However, the most normal thing is that you stop at a service station on the road and empty the container into a conventional toilet.

Q4: What products does a portable toilet use?

Toilets use two types of special chemicals. The first one is blue and is poured into the black water container to dispose of waste, while the pink product should be placed in the cistern area, thus neutralizing bad odours, eliminating bacteria and lime.

Q5: How to install a portable toilet?

To carry out the installation of a portable toilet, it is important that you first read the instruction manual, which will allow you to familiarize yourself with the parts and their correct coupling. In addition, you must take into consideration that there are several models, so the assembly can vary drastically.

As it is a portable equipment, you can place it in the van, inside or outside the camping tent or in a space that you want. If the structure has a support for toilet paper, you will have to place it in it, as well as you will have to adjust the chair and its respective lid. For their part, chemical toilets require you to pour the respective blue and pink liquids into both the cistern and the waste container.

How to use a chemical portable toilet

Using a portable toilet is usually a fairly simple process, as long as we are careful to follow the manufacturer’s instructions. In any case, before buying this type of equipment, it would not hurt to review a little the correct way to use a chemical portable toilet.

Check the content of the package

Every time we purchase a product, it is essential to check the contents of the package before starting the assembly, since we do not know if the pieces are in good condition or if any of them have not been incorporated. In this sense, chemical portable toilets are no exception. Therefore, you will have to carefully remove the packaging paper and confirm that the equipment does not have any type of deterioration that could interfere with its proper functioning.

You need to make sure that you incorporate the respective instruction manual and an adjustment set, both for the cover and the seat. Likewise, it verifies that some complementary elements have been attached, such as special toilet paper and chemical treatment liquids. Of course, if these have been offered with the purchase.

Read and evaluate the information in the instruction manual

Reading the instruction manual is a step that many users skip, but it is completely necessary to understand the correct operation of the product. Therefore, it is better to initially spend a few minutes to read and evaluate the information given by the manufacturer through the instruction manual. In this way, we will know how to assemble the WC, we will clarify any doubts about the correct use of chemicals and the appropriate places to empty the waste. Likewise, the cleaning method of the structure can be verified.

Pour the chemicals into the containers

You will have to pour the blue liquid mixed with water in equal parts into the black water container, while in the cistern you will have to place the pink liquid. Remember to check the quantities in the instruction manual.

Check fill indicator

It is important that you keep an eye on the filling indicator built into the structure of your WC, as this way you will know the exact moment to empty it.

Empty the waste tank

The emptying process is a task that you must carry out very carefully, because you will be handling chemical substances, so it is worth putting on a pair of gloves and, if you wish, a mask. Depending on the country you are in, there will be certain health regulations that apply to the emptying of this type of waste, and it is recommended that you verify this information with a park ranger. Likewise, you can pour them into a traditional toilet that you find along the way.

wash the toilet

Cleaning the WC is important to remove any type of residue and dirt accumulated due to outdoor use, requiring the use of a soft sponge and detergent. Remember to remove the excess with plenty of water and dry well before storing it.

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