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Potato Cutters – Buying Guide and Comparison in 2022


If you are one of the people who love potatoes in any of their versions, potato cutters could be your best ally in the kitchen; since they are practical and functional devices. For this reason, they are preferred by both expert cooks and housewives. Today we present you two of the best models that the market offers you; starting with the Fackelmann 45331, a versatile and efficient manual cutter equipped with a sharp stainless steel blade. Another good option is the Westmark 11802260, a safe, manageable model with three cutting blades.

Opinions on the best potato cutters


With so many brands and models on the market today, choosing a particular potato cutter could be a complicated task. Therefore, below you can find some of the best options available, with the idea that you find the cutter that best suits your culinary needs.

Potato cutter for tortilla

Fackelmann 45331

If you are looking for a potato cutter for tortillas, the Fackelmann 45331 cutter could meet all your expectations, since you will be able to cut thin and thick potatoes, according to your tastes and the best, without running the risk of taking your fingers during the process.

It is one of the cheap cutters on the market that also offers you great advantages, which is why many users consider this model to be the best value for money potato cutter. For this, it is equipped with a stainless steel blade, smooth and extra sharp; so you will not need to make great efforts to cut food.

Likewise, it offers you an easy adjustment to regulate the thickness of the cuts, from 1 to 6 mm. In addition, it has a finger protector, especially useful when it comes to small food remains, since it holds it firmly and without any risk.

Because it is a model that, in addition to all its features, is one of the cheapest, many consider it to be the best potato cutter of the moment. Keep reading more about this product.


Versatility: You will be able to cut not only potatoes, but also other foods such as onions, zucchini, carrots, aubergines, etc.

Ease of use: It has a handle that favors grip and a finger protector that prevents you from cutting yourself.

Adjustable blade: Its blade is adjustable in height, so you can regulate the cuts from 1 to 6 mm thick.


Blade Guard: Missing for storage, a guard for the sharp blade.

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potato chip cutter

Westmark 11802260

The best potato slicer is the one that allows quick and symmetrical cuts to be made with little effort to enjoy exquisite French fries. In this sense, the Westmark model is a potato chip cutter that offers optimal performance when performing this task at home.

It is a cutter that offers you 3 interchangeable and sharp grid-type cutting units; Made of stainless steel and resistant to continuous use. You can choose the thickness of the food that suits you best, between 9, 10 and 12 mm; so it is ideal for cutting various vegetables and fruits of semi-rigid consistency.

It is made of a durable and easy-to-clean ABS plastic casing. It also has a suction base that secures the cutter to any smooth surface, promoting stability and safety. In addition, in order to improve the user experience, it has a pressure lever that offers an ergonomic grip.

This potato cutter is a practical and functional alternative that allows you to easily prepare your favorite recipe, French fries. We invite you to read its pros and cons below.


Multipurpose: It has different cutting grids, which favors its use with fruits and vegetables.

Dimensions: Thanks to its dimensions of 24 x 10 x 11 cm, you can store it without taking up much space.

Non- slip: Its base has a suction mechanism that keeps the cutter fixed to a smooth surface.


Small grid: To obtain thinner potatoes, a grid with smaller cutting dimensions is missing.

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electric potato cutter

Moulinex Fresh Express

We know that it is not easy to find the best potato cutter with so many options available; however, this Moulinex Electric Potato Cutter is worth your consideration. It is a device that gives you versatility, efficiency, speed and a minimum of effort when cutting different foods.

It is a model with a power of 150W and multifunctional qualities, so it allows you to grate cheese and also cut and grate other foods such as aubergines, cucumbers, beets, carrots, apples, bread, chocolate and more. This is possible thanks to the fact that it has 3 cylinders equipped with sharp blades, which offer different cuts.

Its design also gives you a safety plus, since your fingers will not be in contact with the sharp blades. In addition, its operation is simple, you just need to put the food in its transparent tube, push and press a button to start it.

Since 1956 the French brand Moulinex has been present in the household appliance market, offering high quality products. For this, this could be the best brand of potato cutters. Learn a little more about this model.


Cutting cylinders: It offers you 3 stackable stainless steel cutting cylinders with 3 different functions.

Design: It is a modern model, with a red and white casing and cylinders in various attractive colors.

Storage: Thanks to its compact size and the cord storage function, it takes up little space in your kitchen.


Connection to the network: For its operation it needs to be connected to the electrical network, so you must have a power outlet nearby.

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potato chip cutter

LeKoch LS-1026

Potatoes are very versatile foods and among the variety of preparations that we can make, there are English fries. This recipe recommends very thin slices of potatoes, to then fry them at high temperatures and for this, you need a potato chip cutter like this Lekoch model. This manual device allows you to obtain strips of potatoes ranging from 1 to 9 mm thick and also to make julienne cuts from 4.5 to 9 mm, all with little effort and quickly.

It is equipped with a strong and sharp double-sided stainless steel blade; Likewise, it has a simple rotary button that easily regulates the thickness and type of cut, depending on the food and what you want to prepare. It also has a blade protector that prevents any accidental cuts on your fingers. In addition, it is made of resistant BPA-free plastic and is easy to clean.

If you want to enjoy homemade potato chips, without preservatives and without artificial ingredients, this culinary tool could be your great ally. Learn a little more about this cutter.


Finger protector: You will not have the risk of cutting your fingers, since it has a protector that holds the piece of food safely.

Rotary dial: It has a rotary button that allows you to choose the type of cut according to your needs.

Textured surface: Thanks to this feature, food slides smoothly and does not stick.


User manual: The user manual offered by the manufacturer comes in another language, so the instructions for use in Spanish are missing.

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manual potato cutter

KitchenCraft KCBB882

Among the best potato cutters of 2022, this Kitchen Craft model stands out among its peers, as it offers you high-quality materials, a compact design and optimal performance when cutting food; In addition, it has the support of a benchmark brand in the culinary field.

With dimensions of 24 x 10 x 12 cm and weighing only 299 g, this cutter is suitable for all kitchens, even those with limited space. It is a manual potato cutter that works with the push of its metal lever, so it is a safe model that keeps your fingers safe. Likewise, it has a suction mechanism that provides stability during use.

It also has two interchangeable cutting grids, made of stainless steel and that offer chips of potatoes or any other food with a thickness ranging from 1 to 1.3 cm.

If you still can’t decide which potato cutter to buy, which offers you efficiency and protects your hands from a cut, this model could be an excellent option. Review its pros and cons in detail.


Versatility: With this cutter you can work with different foods, such as carrots, apples, onions, potatoes and more.

Suction base: It has a non-slip base that favors safety and stability.

Ease of cleaning: It is an easy-to-clean device, since its cutting grids and pusher can be easily disassembled.


Large foods: When it comes to large potatoes, the cutter has turned out to be smaller than expected. However, you can cut them in half and use them without problems.

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professional potato cutter

sz5cgjmy Stainless steel

If you are used to preparing dinners at home for your friends or family, potatoes are a food that can get you out of trouble. For this reason, compared to the risk and work involved in using a knife to cut, the best alternative is to get a professional potato cutter like this product that we present to you.

It is a device for cutting food that allows you to use it intensively without suffering deterioration. To do this, it is made entirely of an aluminum alloy and stainless steel; so it offers long service life. Its dimensions are 27.5 x 16.5 x 48 cm and it weighs 2.7 kilos, which gives it stability and robustness.

In addition, it is equipped with three cutting blades that have blades with a caliber of 8, 10 and 12 mm, in order to obtain different sizes of potatoes or any other food.

To prepare large fries garnishes, you no longer have to spend long hours cutting, with this cutter you can do it quickly, efficiently and with little effort. Read its pros and cons below.


Materials: Its structure is made of an aluminum alloy and its blades are made of resistant stainless steel.

Cutting blades: It offers you three cutting grids to obtain the food cut in three sizes, according to your tastes.

Lever: It has an ergonomic lever, which allows you to exert pressure comfortably to achieve its goal.


Practicality: Because it requires the use of a screwdriver to exchange the cutting blades, this model has been impractical for some users.

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spiral potato cutter

Uten Twisted Potato

If you are bored with conventional French fries and are looking for a cutter that offers you a special style, this spiral potato cutter could give you successful results that will surprise everyone. To do this, it has a specially designed design to easily spirally cut various foods, such as potatoes, carrots or cucumbers.

It is a model that has a sharp blade and four inserts that hold the food firmly. Likewise, it is a resistant and durable cutter, since its entire structure and its blade are made of stainless steel. It is also easy to use, so it has a handle crank, which favors turning for cuts.

Its dimensions are 22.5 x 11.5 x 14 cm and a weight of 1,100 g, which favors its storage and handling. Plus, since it’s made of high-quality metal, it’s easy to clean.

If you like to host gatherings at home, this potato slicer might be just what you need to cater to your guests. If you want to know more about this model, know its pros and cons.


Utility: It is recommended for use at home and also at a professional level.

Rubber feet: It has 4 rubber feet, in order to provide stability during use.

Materials: It has stainless steel both in its blades and in its casing, which provides greater hygiene and durability.


Cutting options: Since it has a specific design for spiral potatoes, it does not offer other types of cuts such as julienne or cubes.

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Guide to buying a potato slicer

One of the favorite side dishes for most people is potatoes, since it is a versatile food and the favorite to accompany all your meals. Therefore, if you are looking for a tool to cut potatoes in various presentations, we present this guide to buying the best potato cutter. Here you can find information of interest so that your purchase is as successful as possible.

Shopping guide


A potato cutter is a practical and functional device, designed with the aim of avoiding the task of having to cut potatoes manually with a knife. Thanks to its design, specially thought for this purpose, the cuts are achieved with greater speed and precision; so we can have cut potatoes at any time of the day for our side dishes.

When making your comparison of potato cutters, we can establish that there are two types according to their functionality: manual and electric models; each with different features. In this sense and in a general way, we have the manual models usually intended for domestic use and the electric ones, manufactured with the professional field in mind.

Manual potato cutters are the great allies of the kitchen at home, especially when it comes to preparing dinner for the whole family or when we have guests at home, since they allow you to cut several potatoes in a short time. They are manageable devices, which provide ease of use and efficiency.

Electric models are the most suitable for a professional environment and some require some skill to handle. For this reason, if you have a business related to the hotel industry, the best option is to look for an electric model with an industrial design, which provides you with large quantities of cut potatoes without much effort.


The dimensions of the device is one of the most important aspects that you should consider before making your purchase. Given such a variety of sizes, it is best to analyze your needs and the space in your kitchen. In this sense, if you have a small kitchen, the best option is to get a compact size potato cutter, which allows you to store it easily and takes up little space on your countertop.

If, on the other hand, you have a large house and you have a large kitchen with enough space, regardless of how much it costs, you can invest in a larger potato cutter with more accessories, you can even get a manageable electric model, if necessary. what you prefer

Accessories and cutting types

Potato cutters are usually equipped with molds or accessories that favor the various types of cuts, depending on what you want to achieve with the potato, vegetable or fruit; so they include different blade designs. Because of this, you can achieve wavy, spiral, cubed, straight cut, sliced ​​potato cuts and more.

You should look at the number of blades it offers and how easy it is to change them. Likewise, some models have grids that allow smaller cuts, approximately between 8 to 12 millimeters. Due to the wide variety of cuts they offer, you can prepare potato omelette, baked potatoes, potato chips or French fries, also for stew or for a skewer with Russian salad.



When selecting a potato slicer, it is essential that the model has food-grade materials and that, at the same time, resist the passage of time. Stainless steel is the most used material par excellence when it comes to kitchenware, as it does not alter the flavor of food and does not rust.

In addition, stainless steel offers strength and ease of cleaning; That is why it is convenient to choose a cutter that mainly has blades made of this metal. As for its casing, most offer good quality ABS plastic and others have a metal structure; In any case, it is recommended that it provides durability and that it withstands intensive use.


The vast majority of these products generate a minimal risk of an accident, something that could happen when you use a conventional knife to make the cuts. For this reason, thinking about your protection and because it is a kitchen utensil with very sharp blades, it is essential that you choose a model that offers you the greatest possible safety.

In this sense, there are potato cutters that offer a protector for the blade, while others have a design in which you will not have any contact with the cutting blade. Likewise, you can find an economical model equipped with a non-slip suction base, which keeps the device fixed to the surface, ensuring stability.

Frequently asked questions


Q1: How to make a homemade potato cutter?

If you feel like eating French fries and you don’t have a cutter on hand, you can improvise and make one at home. To do this, you just need some materials and a little creativity.

First of all, you must get two sharp steel blades of equal size, it can be the blade of a knife cut in half. It is important that you make a slit in the two sheets, in order to attach them to each other forming an “X”.

Next, find 4 pieces of strong plastic, the same size as 2 sheets of steel, which will serve to build the sides of your homemade potato masher. Next, glue them together around the “X” and hold them firmly. Once the 4 sides are glued, you will have a tool to quickly cut the potatoes.

Q2: How to clean a potato slicer?

Potato slicers are usually easy to clean devices, you do not need to make great efforts to keep them in perfect condition. However, it is advisable to clean them every time you use them, in order to preserve their useful life for a longer time. In this sense, there are models with removable parts that facilitate cleaning, you just have to wash them one by one with dish soap and then rinse with plenty of water. It is important to dry them well, since if they are made of low-quality materials, moisture is likely to oxidize their cutting blades.

Q3: Can I use a potato slicer to cut other vegetables?

The best potato cutters have a design that includes several cutting blades or blades, so they can offer different types and thicknesses of cuts. For this reason, they are not only useful devices for cutting potatoes, but also offer optimal performance when it comes to semi-hard fruits and vegetables; That is why you can easily cut from foods such as apples, zucchini, carrots to onions, radishes and more.

Q4: How should I place the tortilla chip cutter?

There are countless recipes to prepare potato omelette. Some use potato slices, others recommend cubed cuts, and some recipes suggest small, thin pieces. However, the most common is to cut the potato into thin slices; so you should set the cutter to the minimum cut setting. That is, it allows you to obtain slices about 2 mm thick; the idea is to get the potato cooked quickly and get the best results.

Q5: Which is better, electric or manual potato cutter?

Both models offer great benefits in the culinary field. Most electric potato cutters are recommended for professional environments such as hotels or restaurants, as they offer power, speed and precision in the cuts; so they are appropriate to meet the demand of diners.

Manual cutters, on the other hand, are ideal for use at home, they are light, manageable and require minimal effort to cut potatoes for family or guests.

How to use a potato cutter

Nothing better than eating perfectly cut French fries, quickly and efficiently. However, we all know how tedious and even dangerous it can be to do this work manually; so it is essential to have a good potato cutter that makes the task easier. Therefore, we must learn to get the most out of it.

Carefully select and wash the potatoes

First of all, it is convenient that you select the best potatoes, those that have a smooth skin and without holes. Then, you must wash them in the tap in order to remove the remains of earth or dirt that they may have; You can also use a small kitchen brush to clean its skin well, in this way it will be easier to peel it using a potato peeler. Once washed and peeled, they will be ready to be cut by the cutter.

Analyze cutter parts

There are a wide variety of cutters on the market with different cutting mechanisms and with varied parts and features. For this reason, it is primarily recommended before proceeding to the respective assembly of the device, that you read and analyze the user manual that is usually included in the package; there you can find all the information you need to know about a given model. However, in order to improve the assembly experience, you should separate each of the pieces and preferably put them on a table or stable surface. In this way, it is easier to see each accessory and to assemble everything correctly, according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

Handle with care with the cutting blades

All potato cutters have one or more cutting blades or very sharp blades; therefore, they are accessories that you should handle with caution, since you could result in an accidental cut if you are not careful in handling them. For this reason, once again, we advise you to follow the instructions of each brand to the letter; especially in relation to the assembly and disassembly of the cutting blades.

Place the potato correctly in the appliance

Once the entire assembly process is complete, the cutter is ready for use and you can place the peeled and clean potato in its tray. It is advisable that the food does not exceed the dimensions of the tray, since if this happens, it could be very difficult to achieve the cut on the first try. For this reason, if you have large potatoes, it is best to cut them in half or make slices that are easier to cut with the cutter. In the case of mandolin-type models, you must use the finger protector and apply pressure to make the cuts.

don’t forget cleaning

In order to prolong its useful life, it is essential that you wash it carefully every time you use the potato slicer; some models admit to being taken to the dishwasher, for greater comfort. In any case, before washing it, you must disassemble each of its parts and eliminate the remains of food that could cause deterioration. Once the pieces have been washed, proceed to dry them and store them in a safe place and out of the reach of children.

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