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Rice Cooker – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis

Although it is not something often seen in European homes, the truth is that a rice cooker is something especially useful for lovers of this type of food. Especially considering that the different programs they offer allow you to get the rice boiled to the desired point, without the need for worries and keeping it warm if you program it in advance. Obviously, all this is possible as long as we buy a quality pot, such as the Yum Asia ‎YUM-EN06, which has a capacity of 0.63 liters, enough for 3 people, and multiple functions that will be useful for steaming vegetables. and other recipes. In addition, it has the option to keep the heat of the cooked rice. Also highlighted we find the Tristar RK-6112 pressure cooker, which has a thermostat system, has a non-stick coating that prevents food from sticking, while it includes a refractory ceramic inner pot that will be perfect for serving rice at the table, without the need to stain anything else.

The 4 Best Pots to Make Rice – Opinions 2022

Preparing rice can be a challenge, and if you don’t have the time to pay attention to it, it can be totally tedious, which is why having the best rice cooker has become a necessity for thousands of people.

If you are one of them, take a look below at a list of models where you will find the best value for money rice cookers on the market according to the opinions of netizens.

1. Yum Asia Mini Panda Rice Cooker with Ceramic Bowl

This small pot is a good option to prepare rice in a simple way and achieve good results. In addition, it has an advanced configuration, which allows you to adjust the temperature automatically to provide, in this way, 7 cooking phases that help improve the final texture and flavor of the rice.

On the other hand, its versatility stands out, since it is an intelligent auxiliary device for preparing baby food, baking cakes and also suitable for steaming vegetables. Thus, it becomes a versatile alternative in your kitchen, from which you will be able to get a lot of use out of it. 

Regarding its design, the model is made up of good quality pieces and it should be noted that its bowl has 5 layers of non-stick coating. Thus, peeling of this important piece is avoided and its useful life is extended. 

Below, you can read more information related to this interesting model.


Design: Its appearance is modern and on its digital panel you can see the active parameters in each use.

Delay start: Allows you to set the start of the cooking process with a difference of up to 24 hours, as well as keep the rice warm for up to the same period of time.

Accessories: Includes a measuring cup, spatula, ladle and steamer basket. Thus, you will have everything you need to use it comfortably.


Capacity: Although it is an efficient pot, it is a compact model that will only allow you to prepare a few portions of rice at a time.

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2. Tristar RK-6127 Rice Cooker Capacity 1.5 liters

If, on the other hand, you have a small family, you live alone and you don’t like wasting food, then the best rice cooker for you could be the Tristar RK-6112, since it has a capacity of up to 1.5 liters with dimensions of 27 x 27 x 27 cm, more than enough for any small family or even for a couple.

It has a power of 500 watts, so cooking rice does not take long. Likewise, this model includes two main functions: Cook / Cook and Warm / keep warm.

Users claim to be more than satisfied with this model, since after cooking the rice, it turns off automatically, preventing it from overcooking.

Best of all, the container is coated inside with Teflon, so you can forget about stuck or difficult to wash food. Finally, it should be mentioned that it also includes a spatula and a measuring cup, to facilitate the cooking process.

However, it should also be noted that this could be the best rice cooker for 30 euros, since it is one of the best options when purchasing a rice cooker. Despite this, we suggest you review the pros and cons that you will find below and, based on this, give us your opinion:


Material: Its casing is made of stainless steel, so you will know that you will have a durable kitchen utensil in your arsenal, not only due to its resistance, but also its quality.

Safety: If you are afraid that the pot will overheat, don’t worry, the pot comes with a safety system that prevents this model from overheating, thus avoiding unwanted accidents.

Function: Among the functions that this pot has, there is especially the automatic shutdown, that is, when the pot reaches the desired temperature, it will turn off automatically and prevent it from exceeding it. Also, if you want to keep food warm inside it, the Tristar RK-6112 will do it thanks to its warm function.

Lightweight: This pot only weighs 1.5 kilograms, so you can take it from one place to another if you wish, or even store it whenever you stop using it without this being a tedious task.


Capacity: This pot can only prepare up to 1.5 liters at a time, unlike other larger capacity models.

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3. Oster CKSTRC4723-050 0.6 Liter Rice Cooker

One of the smallest models on this list is the Oster CKSTRC4723-050, since its storage capacity is only 0.6 liters, however, even with this it is capable of cooking up to 6 cups of rice in one go.

Likewise, it has dimensions of 25 x 23 x 23 cm, so it will not take up much space in your kitchen. Best of all, it includes a power of 350 watts, which in its size is equivalent to a quick and smooth rice.

On the other hand, in addition to rice cooker, it also includes the steam option; With this option you can cook all kinds of vegetables and eat healthily without having to worry about a pot or buy a steamer.

Likewise, as if that were not enough, it has the “keep warm” option that is automatically activated at the end of cooking.

It is not a secret that Oster, with its long history in the world of cooking, has proven to be a great competitor for brands such as Tristar or Kenwood, however, the best brand of rice cookers must be decided by you and because of that, we We invite you to review the pros and cons of the Oster CKSTRC4723-050 model below:


Dimensions: Thanks to its measurements of 25 x 23 x 23 cm, this rice cooker will hardly take up space in your kitchen, thus being able to store it or keep it in any space you want without it becoming a hindrance.

Multifunction: On the other hand, the Oster CKSTRC4723-050 rice cooker not only has the cooking function but you can also steam cook all kinds of vegetables and much more with it, being able to categorize this model as a 2-in-1 device.

Function: Due to a special function that the pot has, you will be able to keep your food hot as long as you want without it overcooking, so your food will always be kept at a good temperature, being able to eat your preparations at any time as if they were freshly made


Capacity: Its main point against it is that due to its dimensions, it only has a capacity of 0.6 liters, being a bit limiting, and therefore it is not a recommended pot for large family groups.

Patience: On the other hand, according to the opinion of the users, a little patience is required to get the hang of the proper use of it and to know how to make the rice to the point.

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4. Bestron DRC500 Rice Cooker 400W

This rice cooker has a storage capacity of up to 1 litre, making it effective for small families, couples or even those who enjoy living alone.

Due to its dimensions of 24.5 x 24.2 x 21 cm, it is perfect for any small kitchen and will not take up much space.

On the other hand, it has two main functions, which are to cook and, of course, to keep food warm, so that you can get freshly cooked rice whenever you want.

Likewise, it has a power of 400 watts.

Among other points, it should be mentioned that it includes a transparent lid so you can monitor your preparation.

Finally, if you have not yet decided which rice cooker to buy, then do not rule out the Bestron DRC500 and review the pros and cons belonging to this model, which you will find below:


Dimensions: With its 24.5 x 24.2 x 21 cm, you can have it in any space in your kitchen and perform its functions.

Function: The pot has a system that will allow you to keep your rice warm even after it is ready, which will prevent it from getting cold without overcooking or burning it.

Power: This model has 400 W of power, so it will have just enough power to cook rice quickly.


Capacity: The pot only has the capacity to make 1 liter of food at a time, so it is more well designed for small families.

Material: The pot is made entirely of aluminum, so you must take the care required for its maintenance.

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Buying Guide – What is the best rice cooker on the market?

In times like the present, in which we have less and less time to cook, appliances such as rice cookers have become essential aids in the kitchen, allowing you to save time and even energy in your day-to-day life. So that you get it right in your next purchase, you have our guide to buy the best rice cooker that your home needs and that we now present to you.

The capacity

Since the rice cooker is nothing more than a pot specially prepared to cook rice, although it also has other uses, it is important to take into account its capacity. It is not the same to cook rice for a couple or a single person as it is for a family of several members. For this reason, you should include in your comparison of rice cookers those models that have the necessary surface and space to accommodate the needs of your home.

As a reference, the measurements present in the different models refer to raw rice, although once cooked, the rice doubles in size, so a model with a 0.5 liter capacity allows you to cook up to a liter of already cooked rice. and ready to use. Keep this in mind when making your choice.

The performance

Within the wide range of rice cookers there are different models for their operation. The principle of the same is common and is based on an internal pot that is heated by electrical resistances and is responsible for cooking the rice. However, it is important to know how you can manage this operation, since it can allow you many possibilities of use. For example, there are models that have a delayed start programmer that allows you to have the rice ready at the time you want, while other models offer you the possibility of keeping the rice warm for a while until you need it.

In other models you can even vary the way of cooking, slower or more powerful, for different preparations that require a certain amount of cooking. Even the cheapest rice cooker has some of these possibilities, so consider them before you buy.


Like any appliance designed for the kitchen and for preparing meals, cleaning is a fundamental element. The easier it is to clean your future rice cooker, the more time you can spend on other things.

For this reason and for its durability, it is important that the rice cooker you choose has non-stick construction on the part of the pot, which helps you maintain proper cleaning and also prevents the rice from sticking. For the interior, pots made of enameled material are recommended, although they can be fragile, or made of metallic material with a Teflon coating.

As for the outer surface, even when you consider how much it costs, it is convenient to choose metallic materials such as stainless steel, compared to plastic models. They’re probably not that cheap, but you’ll appreciate it when you get your rice cooker spotless with a simple damp cloth, instead of scrambling to clean the plastic.

How to use a rice cooker

This appliance is a good solution for cooking that food that is so common in your kitchen to perfection: rice. Using this product is extremely simple and friendly, even for those who are not gastronomic experts. The rice cooker has been designed to make our lives easier and save us that time that we never have left.

rice measurement

First of all, measure the amount of rice you are going to consume. In general, for each individual portion, calculate to have between 175 and 200 grams of rice. It is suggested to wash the rice, rinsing it several times under running water in a colander, ridding it of any undesirable residue. In addition, in this way, you eliminate excess starch – by breaking its molecules – and thus the rice is much looser.

Add the rice, water and salt

Next, add the rice to the pot (depending on the make and model, some come with a removable bowl). Each manufacturer warns about the maximum amount of rice that this kitchen helper is capable of cooking.

Then, according to the amount of rice to be prepared, measure and add the water (or chicken, meat or vegetable broth) at room temperature. Each type of rice requires a different amount of water, although the average ranges between 1.5 and 2 measures of water for each measure of rice. Proceed to season to taste (the most basic thing is to add salt and a splash of oil). Stir gently, taking care that no grains of rice remain adhering to the edges of the container.

Start the rice cooker

Cover the pot, choose between the cooking options (in those models that have them) and turn it on, pressing the power switch. From now on, your appliance will carry out all the work autonomously and, conveniently, it will notify you by emitting a sound when the rice is ready.

Usually the rice will maintain its temperature as long as the pot remains covered with the lid. Some manufacturers recommend letting the rice sit in the pot for a short period of time (10 to 15 minutes), before serving it directly on the plate or transferring it to a bowl.


Avoid removing the lid from the pot and stirring the rice once it has started cooking. This directly interferes with the process, with the possible effect that the rice is not loose and cooked to the precise point. This is one of the most outstanding advantages of this kitchen helper: it does not require your supervision after turning it on, as long as you follow the instructions.

Keep the equipment unplugged while not cooking on it. After use, wash the removable bowl with dishwashing liquid and wipe the cover gently with a damp cloth. Avoid paper towels that leave residue. You should thoroughly dry all kit components with a clean kitchen towel. Protect the rice cooker from dust and moisture, as they are natural enemies of all appliances.

The most popular brands

Rice cookers are the most practical way, today, to cook rice. This small appliance allows automatic control of temperature and cooking time. To help you choose the best model available on the web, we compare the characteristics of the Oster, Tristar and Cuisinart rice cooker brands.

John Oster Manufacturing Company was founded in 1924. It started in the market with the manufacture of razors and hair clippers. Although it was not until 1946 that the Oster company began to produce various household appliances.

Oster products are focused on the kitchen area, however, the brand has other domestic products such as fans, irons, ironing boards and grills. Oster products are distributed worldwide and are preferred by many users due to the quality and durability of their products, as well as how useful they are for preparing meals.

Oster rice cookers are a product that has recently had an increased demand. This appliance cooks rice to the perfect point, in addition to cooking different dishes such as stews, pasta and soup. The surface of the pot is non-stick or covered by Teflon, preventing the rice from burning or sticking to the surface of the pot.

All the components of the rice cooker are automatic, it is only necessary to start the cooking process and the appliance will regulate the temperature, the cooking time and the rest time, in which the rice is kept at a hot and constant temperature. The light indicators warn when the cooking time has finished and when it is in a resting state. Some products also have a stopwatch and sound alarms.

The Tristar company distributes its products in more than 30 countries and the demand for its products has increased in recent years. The company was founded in 1977 and has gained strength in the market thanks to low prices and high quality of products.

The Tristar product range is quite wide, with appliances for personal care, hair care, vacuum cleaners, sewing machines, steam cleaners and irons, as well as frying pans or food processors, among other items for the kitchen and home.

Among food preparation products, the brand’s rice cookers are well known, not to mention among the most affordable on the market. Its monochrome stainless steel designs give it greater durability and the insulated handles allow the bowl to be removed without causing burns. Most of the bowls are included with the measurements and have a capacity of up to one liter depending on the model.

The cooking temperature and time are automatically controlled by the rice cooker; when the rice is ready, the rice cooker goes into heating mode. These functions allow you to cook rice at the exact time and keep it tasty and hot for hours.

This American brand, currently belonging to the Conair corporation, was promoted in 1971 by Carl Sontheimer, who was the first American to introduce a food processor in the country.

Entering kitchen robots and grinders as its first products, today the brand distributes all kinds of appliances, such as: mixers and blenders, kitchen utensils, coffee makers, food processors, griddles and grills, extractors and toasters.

Cuisinart has its collection of recipe books available on its website and in the books included with kitchen appliances, where you can guide yourself to easily prepare all kinds of meals, juices and desserts. The Cuisinart product line also includes glassware and dinnerware.

Cuisinart Rice Cookers are made with nonstick materials for easy cleanup and are dishwasher safe. The chrome handles stay cool to the touch and after the rice is done cooking, it automatically goes into heating mode to preserve the temperature of the rice until serving time.

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These products used to be among the most recommended, but now they are no longer available

Kenwood CP658

Si tu familia es numerosa o te encanta hacer comida de más para guardarla en el refrigerador o en el congelador, entonces la Kenwood CP658 es perfecta para ti puesto que es capaz de preparar alimentos para hasta 8 personas en una sola vez al tener una capacidad de 6,5 litros.

Ha sido catalogada por muchos usuarios como la mejor olla arrocera del 2022 y es que puedes hacer todo lo que quieras en ella, y en grandes cantidades.

Hay que mencionar que posee unas medidas de 32 x 48 x 19,5 cm, por lo que hay que considerar su tamaño al momento de adquirirla.

Por otro lado,  consta de tres funciones principales: Temperatura baja, temperatura alta y la opción de “mantener caliente”; cabe acotar que este equipo no incluye temporizador, sin embargo, cuenta con termómetro y con una cazuela de terracota que puedes separar de la olla y servir en ella.

Ha sido catalogada por muchos de sus usuarios como la mejor olla arrocera del momento y por ello a continuación encontrarás una lista con los pros y contras de la misma, para que poseas mayor información sobre la Kenwood CP658:


Capacidad: Si cuentas con una familia numerosa, no debes preocuparte en caso de adquirir esta olla arrocera, y es que con este modelo podrás elaborar platos para toda tu familia gracias a que tiene la capacidad de contener hasta 6,5 litros a la vez, siendo una buena opción para grandes familias.

Temperatura: Uno de sus puntos a favor es que al contar con tres niveles de temperatura para cocción, ya sea alto, medio o bajo, podrás personalizarla al estatus de temperatura que deseas al momento de cocinar, esto te permitirá tener más opciones a la hora de preparar tus recetas.

Material: Otra de sus ventajas es que esta olla arrocera está hecha de acero inoxidable, lo que significa que su vida útil será prolongada y, por otra parte, se trata de un modelo con gran resistencia.

Termómetro: Es una olla arrocera que cuenta con termómetro, lo cual te permitirá saber exactamente a qué temperatura te encuentras cocinando. Esto es de mucha utilidad para recetas de gran complejidad.

Accesorios: Cuenta, además, con una cazuela de terracota, gracias a la cual podrás servir en ella lo que hayas preparado en la olla sin hacer un gasto adicional adquiriendo este elemento.


Temporizador: Un inconveniente es que no incluye temporizador, y por ello deberás estar pendiente del tiempo de cocción para que no se exceda o queme.

Tristar RK-6103

Este equipo fácilmente le hace la competencia al modelo anterior en cuanto a su tamaño y es que posee unas dimensiones de 23 x 22 x 19 cm, llegando a ser la más pequeña de la lista, contando también con una capacidad de hasta 0,6 litros.

Lo más simbólico de este equipo es que es una de las ollas arroceras más baratas del mercado, por lo que no solo es de las más pequeñas.

Por otro lado, hay que mencionar que incluye una potencia de 300 vatios, razón por la cual no es el modelo más potente, sin embargo, los usuarios alegan que cumple su función de forma idónea y para ellos, esto no simboliza ninguna clase de problemas.

Así mismo, esta arrocera incluye la función de apagado automático al momento en el que el arroz está totalmente cocido, evitando que el mismo se queme o se cocine demasiado. De hecho, el arroz quedará al mejor estilo oriental.

De igual forma, incluye una taza medidora y una cuchara que te facilitarán el proceso de cocción, junto con la cubeta interna extraíble, que podrás llevar a la mesa con arroz recién hecho.

Así mismo, si estás interesado en adquirir una de las arroceras más baratas, tal como lo es la Tristar RK-6103, pero deseas mayor información sobre la misma, te invitamos a echar un vistazo a sus pros y contras a continuación:


Función: Gracias a su función de apagado automático, la olla se apagará de forma inmediata en el momento en el que el arroz quede en su punto, de esta manera se evitará a toda costa que se sobrecocine el mismo o incluso que llegue a quemarse.

Accesorios: Además de la olla, incluye una taza medidora y una cuchara, las cuales te ayudarán con el proceso de cocción, todo esto en compañía de la cubeta interna, que es totalmente extraíble para que puedas servir la mesa desde la misma.

Seguridad: Lo mejor de todo es que cuenta con un exterior resistente al calor, lo que evitará quemaduras accidentales y por si fuera poco, la olla posee un sistema de seguridad en caso de sobrecalentamiento.


Tiempo: Según opiniones de usuarios, esta olla tarda más de lo deseado en la cocción del arroz, por ello sugerimos tomar este factor en consideración a la hora de su adquisición.

Capacidad: Hay que tener en cuenta que esta olla solo tiene capacidad para realizar 0,6 litros de arroz a la vez, siendo una cantidad un poco limitada en caso de familias numerosas.

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