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Programmable Cookers – Buying and Comparison Guide in 2022

Appliances are present in the market as a valuable offer to make our days more bearable moments in housework. Anyone who loves to cook but lives short of time to be home and prepare delicious meals for the family greatly appreciates programmable pots. For example, the Cecotec GM H is programmable for up to 24 hours and has a capacity of 6 liters, as well as a design with adjustable pressure. For its part, the Newcook 3D comes in a set with different accessories that will facilitate cooking and has a power that will make food preparation faster.

Opinions on the best programmable pots

Not having to be present to prepare a quality and tasty meal is fantastic. This is precisely what has made programmable pots one of the products with recognized growth in the market. Get to know the opinions about the smart pots most sought after by amateur and professional cooks.

GM programmable cooker

Cecotec GM H

In this GM programmable pot, you can have an efficient ally when cooking, since, among many other advantages, it has 16 menus that will allow you to quickly choose the correct programming for the preparation of your dishes.

Its large 6-liter capacity is suitable for families with several members and, at the end of the preparation, you don’t have to worry about cleaning, because its bowl has a non-stick coating that will reduce the time you spend on this task.

Among other outstanding technical aspects, we must mention its 5 pressure levels and the possibility of preparing dishes at a temperature of 50 to 200º C. Thus, you can use the pot for slow cooking processes and many other recipes. Also, you should know that it is programmable for up to 24 hours and includes an Eco mode, which helps you achieve the same results, but optimizing the use of electrical energy.

Before proceeding with the purchase, you should have as much information as possible regarding the model of your choice. Below is a summary.


Temperature range: Being a device that can cook at temperatures from 50 to 200 degrees, it is very versatile and adapts to countless recipes.

Delay start: You can add the ingredients and have the food ready when you return from work, for example, thanks to this function.

Security: Even if the electricity fails, its memory can retain the chosen programming. In addition, it has 15 security systems, so you can use the pressure cooker with confidence. 


Non- stick coating: You must be especially careful when handling this section of the pot, to avoid premature deterioration.

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programmable electric cooker

New Cook 3D

Among the most modern models you can find this Newcook 3D programmable electric pot, which comes with 1000W of power to be able to handle different preparations without any problem. The 6-liter capacity appliance has several pre-programmed recipes so you can cook, fry or bake whenever you want.

Thanks to its memory, you should not worry about a power failure, as it will resume cooking from the point where it left off. In addition, you will be able to control this device in a practical way due to its 24-hour programming, which will give you the opportunity to have your food ready at the indicated time, so as not to waste time. Meanwhile, the various pressure levels will allow you to customize the way food is cooked.

To provide you with greater comfort, this pot comes with 10 functions to choose the correct type of cooking in each case and several utensils to make various preparations. 

This pot has been designed to give you comfort when cooking, saving you time and effort so you can dedicate yourself to other activities.


Set: With your purchase you will not only get a pot, but several utensils that will make it easier for you to prepare meals.

Power: The 1000 W power of this device allows cooking to be fast, avoiding spending a lot of energy.

Capacity: Its 6 liters of capacity can be enough to prepare food for 12 people.


Instructions: The user manual of this product could be more clear, therefore, it might be difficult to understand the operation at first.

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Programmable cooker Newcook 

Newcook Silver NL585

A meal as freshly made even if it has been cooked for hours is one of the best features of this Newcook programmable pot. It is capable of keeping food hot and with a concentration of flavors for 24 hours. In addition to this, its unbeatable cost makes it the best price-quality programmable cooker that you can get among similar alternatives.

Other aspects that contribute to being considered the best programmable cooker have to do with its capacity and multifunctionality. There are 5 liters fully available to make the best cooking of soups, rice and stews. The forms of preparation can go through slow or fast cooking, as well as the possibility of the food being baked, fried or roasted. You can be present while you do other things in the kitchen or simply program its preconfigured menus so that it cooks automatically. Just choose the recipe, place the necessary ingredients, program and that’s it.

This pot is among the cheapest with top quality, but it still has a lot more to offer.


Accessories: Apart from its 5-liter bucket, this pot comes with a spatula, a ladle, a measuring cup, a steam accessory and its instruction and recipe manual.

Non- stick tray: Its surface is covered with one hundred percent non-stick material.

Multifunctional: It comes with a preset of 9 functions and 8 menus that will make you the best cook.

Price: It is one of the proven quality programmable cookers with one of the best prices on the market.


Language: Your digital screen comes with all the functions and menus in English. Make sure to read the instruction manual before using it for the first time. 

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Moulinex programmable cooker

Moulinex Maxichef Advance MK812121

You can manage this Moulinex programmable cooker through a fabulous digital control panel where there are 45 different cooking programs. Its screen displays one by one the type of food and the possible way to cook it. You can program by accepting the settings or adjust manually to customize cooking. Unlike other pots, it allows you to cook with its lid open to make the seasoning corrections you want.

Certainly, this pot is not among the cheapest products, but the unquestionable endorsement of its brand lets the buyer know that they will not be disappointed with its performance. Its 5 liter capacity is ideal for families of up to 4 people. Additionally, its compact dimensions make it perfectly storable in a small kitchen space. Take advantage of its intelligent programming with its fabulous spherical bowl and steam basket to make delicious recipes.

Moulinex could be considered the best brand for programmable pots and other great kitchen and home appliances.


Handle: The comfort of its design is achieved with its compact size and its swing type handle to transport it.

Energy efficiency: It’s A+, so it doesn’t even consume half the energy that a similar product does.

Non-stick: Its bowl is resistant and is covered with a very effective non-stick coating.

Dishwasher: One click and open to disassemble each of its parts and place them in your dishwasher.


Price: Its price is considerably far from the cost of other high-quality programmable pots.

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Other products

Cecotec GM H Deluxe

There are some people who, concerned about electricity consumption, decide not to buy new devices such as a programmable pot. However, there are also options for them, such as this Cecotec model. This pot with a non-stick bowl has an intelligent cooking system that adapts the preparation time to the amount of food, while its ECO system provides energy savings of up to 50%.

To offer you greater versatility, this device comes with 16 menus and 19 ways to cook, so you can prepare different recipes in one place. Similarly, it should be mentioned that it includes a 24-hour programming system that will let you have food ready when you need it.

If this were not enough, the pot comes with a scale to weigh all the food and has a maximum capacity of 6 liters, to be able to handle large portions of food. For its part, the lid will allow you to modify the pressure, avoiding splashes.

In case you value modernity and practicality in the same way, this programmable pot could become the ideal option for you.


Savings: Its ECO program will save electricity by 50% without compromising the final quality of the food.

Capacity: With this programmable pot you can take care of preparing a large amount of food, since it has a capacity of 6 liters.

Versatility: The 19 ways to cook will give you the opportunity to experiment more and prepare more food.


Price: The cost of this programmable pot is higher than that of most of the different alternatives on the market.

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Crock Pot CSC051X

Using a programmable pot does not have to be very difficult and this is demonstrated by this Crock-Pot model, manufactured with a practical design and with a control panel with large buttons, along with a small screen that shows the cooking time so that you do not you miss out on nothing.

With 4 cooking options and 8 different fast cooking functions, you can take care of preparing different foods in a short time and preserving their quality. In fact, some recipes will take less than 30 minutes, thanks to these functions that can reduce the total cooking time by up to 70%. 

On the other hand, an outstanding aspect of the pot is the fact that it manages to enhance the flavors of the food, preserving its nutritional values. And in terms of cleaning, this pot stands out because its 5-litre container can be placed in a dishwasher without any problem and, as it is non-stick, it does not retain dirt.

Easy to cook and easy to clean, this is this Crock-Pot programmable pot, which will surely be your next ally in the kitchen.


Quick cook: Quick cook functions allow you to save time, even by 70%. This will also save electrical energy.

Panel: The front panel of options has fairly large and intuitive buttons; In addition, its screen shows the numbers clearly.

Dishwasher: To clean this programmable pot you will only need to remove the container and place it in the dishwasher.


Capacity: Unlike some programmable pots that have a capacity of 6 liters or more, this model only has 5 liters.

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AmazonBasics MY-CS6004W-EU4

On the same Amazon page you can find in PDF the best recipes to cook in what could be the best programmable pot. This electric pressure cooker offers you, among other things, great security, since apart from important certifications, it has 10 mechanisms that have been tested and ensure safe cooking. Therefore, cooking in a pressure cooker will never be as reliable as with this one.

Its container has the measures marked internally to comply, without problem, with the quantities indicated. Knowing the programmable functions of this pressure cooker, you will see that you have 15 different menu alternatives where steam, heat and pressure are combined to soften the food and enhance its flavors. Closing its lid very tightly is its way of knowing that it is ready to begin the indicated programming. In fact, before believing that it is not working properly because it does not start, check that it is correctly placed and closed.

If you are still evaluating which programmable cooker to buy, this one promises to help you cook and keep your food at the ideal temperature.


AmazonBasics: This stock pot has the Amazon Trust Seal backing its great value for money.

Capacity: They are 5.5 liters that make it ideal to become the favorite appliance in your home. Gives perfect portions for a small family.

Safe use: It has CE, UL and ULC certifications that recognize the safety of electrical components and energy efficiency.


Panel: It is advisable to first familiarize yourself with each of the digital panel English terms for optimal operation.

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Accessories for programmable cooker

Programmable cooker recipes

The best Begorecipes for programmable pots

If you want to complement the purchase of your wonderful appliance with the best programmable pot recipes, this 107-page collection is ideal. It comes in Spanish and publishes those recipes that have been liked and have been widely accepted by the followers of Mrs. Begoña Granada.

Perhaps, your programmable pot did not come with a recipe booklet or the one that comes with it seems very simple to you. Well, with the Begorecetas you will be able to show off when cooking, since there is no way that your dishes will not turn out like those of this great cook. They are very well explained recipes, with illustrations and a font size large enough to be appreciated without any problem.

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Guide to buying a programmable cooker

The main mission of this guide to buying the best programmable cooker is to help you select the most suitable one for your home. It is impossible to act indifferent to the characteristics that you must take into account to decide to acquire one for the first time or replace the one you have in use. There are a wide variety of programmable pots available on the market, so we will try to make the important features of each one clear to you.

Shopping guide


The first thing to evaluate when making a comparison of programmable pots is their capacity. You must take into account both the number of members of your family that delight in your meals on a daily basis and the number of guests at the table that you usually have. The approximate number of portions that you can obtain from a preparation is given by the capacity in liters of the container. This is important, since sometimes there is a tendency to confuse the external size of the pot with its capacity.

When you open your programmable pot, you are met with a removable container that is where the food preparation takes place. This container or bucket could be aluminum, stainless steel or ceramic. The important thing at this point is its capacity in liters that could range from 2 to 10. For a person who lives alone, 2 liters are great, but not for a really large family group.

Control Panel

You will be able to take full advantage of its capacity and all its functions if you understand them clearly. All programmable pots have a control panel that tries to be as intuitive as possible. However, for this to be the case, it is important that you verify the language in which all its terms come or the possibility of changing the language that appears on its LCD screen. Another way to ensure clear instructions is if you have voice guidance in Spanish.

This control panel is the artifice to achieve this technological intelligence. It presents you, through digital pressing, buttons that are in charge of turning on, selecting the function or menu, customizing temperature, speed and timing.

cooking functions

The cooking functions are a key feature for the market to determine how much the programmable cooker costs. It could be 8, 10, 15 or you can find pots that offer up to 45 functions. Undoubtedly, this is one of the great benefits of this product. You can make different types of preparation in the same pot, even with some techniques that you do not use frequently.

These pots are prepared for various forms of cooking and usually come with very useful accessories. Check the functions offered by the model you plan to choose. Among these you can find boiling at low, medium or high pressure, baking, frying, frying, steaming or grilling, sautéing, poaching and even confit. Likewise, its programming ranges from making rice to preparing yogurt.


Looking for a programmable pot implies the desire to be able to have the most delicious food ready for lunch or dinner, even if you don’t have time to cook a few hours before. You will achieve this with the pot timer. Make sure the model you like brings it and offers you the possibility of programming 24 hours a day. 

This feature will allow you to place the ingredients in the pot with the seasoning you consider, choose the menu of your choice and then program the time you want it to start cooking to enjoy a meal with the flavor of what has just been made. You also have the option of choosing among those that have the option of timing a heat maintenance time after cooking is finished.


It is impossible that this feature does not transcend how good and economical your programmable pot can be. All aspects described above are great. However, they won’t do any good if you don’t feel confident that you can go to work and trust that your pressure cooker will start on its own according to the schedule, cook splendidly and that when you arrive you won’t find any accidents to regret in your kitchen or home.

Look in the description of that programmable pot that you liked about its safety certifications and its anti-risk mechanisms or systems. These typically include shutoffs, regulators, and controls for pressure, temperature, leaks, ventilation, and of course electrical protection. It is also up to you to verify the conditions of your plug, as well as the outlets where you are going to connect your pot.

Frequently asked questions

Q1: Which is better, a food processor or a programmable pot?

Well, both are very useful multifunctional equipment, so the decision should be based on how functional or practical each one could be for you. The kitchen robot is a device that, apart from cooking, has functions that no programmable pot handles, such as beating, grinding, grating, crushing or kneading.

However, it is not as compact or inexpensive as programmable pots. These, for their part, manage multiple cooking modes, in addition to the fantastic option of being programmed to cook even if you are not present.

Q2: How to make lentils in a programmable pot?

With this dish you must make use of two cooking modes that, depending on the model of pot, can be frying or grilling and legumes or pressure. Apart from having all the ingredients with which you want to combine your lentils, you must prepare them beforehand.

For example, chopped carrot, onion and garlic. First fry the carrot and onion with a little olive oil and add the garlic later. Add a cup of lentils and two of water or broth with sliced ​​sausages, bay leaf and salt. It will be enough to cover your pot, indicate about 25 minutes, start and that’s it.      

Q3: How to make yogurt in a programmable pot?

Homemade yogurts alone or combined with delicious jams are perfectly possible in a programmable pot. Place a liter of milk, 125 grams of yogurt and sugar to taste in the bucket and stir until you see that they are well mixed. Choose the yogurt function and indicate the time you want it ready.

If the pot does not have yogurt programming, heat the mixture very well by activating the iron menu. The mixture is placed in glass containers with lids. Boil two measures of water in the turbo option. Turn off the pot and place the containers inside, covering the pot. Let them sit in there for 10 hours.

Q4: How to clean a programmable pot?

Washing your programmable pot the first time before using it and after each use is absolutely necessary. Remember that to avoid damage to its material, you must proceed to wash it when it has cooled down. If there is any leftover cake or tortilla stuck, it is best to use its self-cleaning function with water and a little bicarbonate of soda.

Although it says that it is dishwasher safe, the risk of scratching the container or losing its non-stick properties is latent, so we recommend that you wash this piece by hand, at least. If you want to wash it all yourself, a soft sponge and neutral soap is convenient.

Q5: How to make fabada in a programmable pot?

To delight yourself with a delicious Asturian fabada, place 200 grams of fabes or white beans to soak about twelve hours before. When they are ready and drained, the preparation begins. With the stew function, boil 1 Asturian chorizo, 125 grams of bacon and a black pudding for 10 minutes. Get rid of that water and now place the beans, the chorizo, the bacon with a little salt and sweet paprika coffee.

Cover with a little water, cover the pot and choose turbo function for 25 minutes. When finished, depressurize and cook together with the black pudding for 10 more minutes in stew mode.

How to use a programmable pot

Whichever model you chose, knowing how it works correctly will allow you to benefit from all the advantages of this wonderful appliance. Artificial intelligence is at the service of the home and making the most of it will simplify your day-to-day in the kitchen.


One of the most favorable points of programmable pots is the possibility of cooking without the need for you to be present. If this is your purpose in buying it, your success on the menu and peace of mind when you leave your home depends largely on prior preparation. Although you have bought a pot with mechanisms that guarantee safety while food is cooking, it is extremely necessary that you make sure of other things on your own.

For example, choose a spacious and airy place to place and leave your pot to do all the steps on its own. Similarly, make sure that both the electrical connection of the pot and the plug in your kitchen are in optimal conditions. Another thing to prepare is all the ingredients you need. Select them and place the appropriate amount in the pot already washed, grated, crushed, chopped and, of course, seasoned.  


To program and use your pressure cooker, you need to go through its instruction manual and make sure you fully understand how its control panel works. Although they all look alike due to their category as an appliance, it does not mean that they work the same or that they describe the functions they achieve with the same terms.

If they are in English, see their translation and, if they are in Spanish, but you doubt how the dish will turn out under a certain way of cooking, you also need to know. If you won’t be home to cook, familiarize yourself with and take advantage of the cooking schedule ahead of time. It will be very useful to you. In the same way, if it has a pressure mode and you are going to cook with it, it is important to know about the valve settings and thus avoid any malfunction.


Extending the useful life of an appliance as important as this deserves your full attention. As a cleaning routine, there are three very effective procedures and, most importantly, they do not harm the surface of the container or the material of the lid. If the washing instructions for your programmable cooker say that it has removable parts and is dishwasher safe, then this is a convenient and practical option.

If it does not offer that alternative or you prefer to clean it under the tap, washing with warm water, soap and a soft sponge is the most recommended. If your pressure cooker has a self-cleaning function on its control panel, all you have to do is place a glass of water with two teaspoons of baking soda in the container and press the button. The time that the cleaning lasts is already preconfigured. There are those who use vinegar instead of baking soda.

» Review information from previous years

Cecotec GM model D

Sería imposible que no estuviera entre las mejores ollas programables del 2022. Esta olla programable GM modelo D ostenta ser la primera en incorporar la guía por voz para hacer del momento de cocinar el más práctico posible. Puede alcanzar hasta 180º C para lograr la mejor cocción de alimentos que deleitarán hasta 12 invitados a la mesa, gracias a su capacidad de 6 litros. Aparte de su recetario, cuentas con cientos de recetas en la web para la familia de ollas GM.  

Esta olla programable GM te permite planificar para cualquiera de las 24 horas un delicioso menú que estará listo a tiempo y se mantendrá caliente hasta su momento de servir. Aprovecha al máximo su alta capacidad en litros, al igual que los 9 tipos de cocción diferentes que puedes programar y monitorear en su sistema computarizado. Tanto los botones para pulsar y seleccionar como la pantalla LED tienen buen tamaño y están ubicados en un lado de la olla.

Conoce más de esta olla multifuncional con toda la calidad de elaboración española.


Innovación: Su tecnología inteligente resalta con la característica especial de guiado por voz.

Sistema GM Core: Analiza los ingredientes y su cantidad para un tiempo de cocción perfecto.

Accesorios: Como elementos complementarios tienes un cucharón, rejilla para hornear, cestillo para freír, un vaso medidor y recetas para lucirte.

Materiales: La calidad del plástico y el acero inoxidable con los que está elaborada la hacen altamente resistente y duradera.


Frituras: Freir directamente en la cubeta podría causar que los alimentos se peguen. Evítalo con el cestillo para lograr frituras crujientes.

New Chef 3D

Esta olla eléctrica programable está a la altura de los chefs más exigentes. Todo lo mejor de la cocina inteligente está reunido en ella, además de una capacidad de 6 litros que permite obtener numerosos platos. La olla programable NewChef 3D te permite preparar cualquier tipo de alimento bajo 10 tipos diferentes de cocción. Desde cocinar al baño María hasta hornear, seleccionando de la manera más cómoda en su pantalla digital.

Su sistema duopresión ofrece poder usarla con presión o sin ella. Además, su presurización logra alimentos más suaves y jugosos. Esta olla es capaz de determinar el tiempo que deben permanecer los alimentos cocinándose según la cantidad de ingredientes colocados. Adicionalmente, la potencia que logra reduce el tiempo de cocción haciendo platos deliciosamente bien cocidos en tan solo pocos minutos. Además de darle un brillo muy bonito y evitar quemados, su material lacado permite una fácil limpieza que no amerita lavavajillas.

Aparte de un precio muy competitivo, destaca por otras interesantes características.


Memoria: Ante cualquier falla eléctrica, seguirá las instrucciones dadas y retomará exactamente donde quedó.

Mantiene el calor: Es capaz de preservar el calor por 24 horas, así que nada de servir comidas frías.

Anti adherente: Su cubeta tiene superficie antiadherente, lo que permite cocinar con poco aceite y, después, limpiar fácilmente.

Bajo consumo eléctrico: Su potencia y rapidez en la cocción permiten un consumo eléctrico bastante bajo.

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